DISCLOSURE: Intervention on Earth (Part 3): Breaking it Down

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Recently, the precarious situation for Humanity here on 3D Earth has greatly intensified. We're witnessing a wholesale attempt at takeover by an Opposing Consciousness acting behind the scenes, pulling the strings of power. Hitech distraction, sweeping control of business and banking, the bogus pandemic, systematic censorship, altogether strongly indicate the intention to control our planet, creating a synthetic reality with humanity enslaved within. It will not succeed. A new evolution on 5D Earth will liberate humanity and Gaia will reclaim the physical plane. This third part of the series is about how can we each be a part of that realignment...

Unwinding the matrix progressively

"The Matrix" is an iconic film of our time. But as many others, I also believe it to be a powerful metaphor - a divine message - to humanity during these times of great upheaval and thereby great opportunity...

We are indeed living in a matrix of energy: various frequencies of vibration, purposefully entwined to separate mankind from higher conscious awareness. Past life memories have been wiped and DNA progressively downgraded by a toxic onslaught to sense and sensibility. The only meaningful solution is evolution - elevation into a more highly divine form - something I've felt given to call "Divinicus".

I've been working behind the scenes as a part of a higher-dimensional team. It was realised that although perhaps desirable, the matrix could not be brought to a sudden end. It would risk catastrophe and chaos. The Opposing Consciousness alliance consisted of several inter-related species. If these could be progressively realigned with the source, then the matrix would unwind in a more manageable way. It had to proceed as a 'managed demolition'. I strongly believe we're now witnessing the early stages of this. It's why there's so much controlled desperation witnessed in the choices made by the powers-that-be. They're losing their grasp on power. It was the higher Annunaki Consciousness that began to realign first. Although able to operate through individual form, it is a highly advanced - collectivised - consciousness, able to bring manifesting power to bear as one, and act through people.

That's what made it so powerful. In my knowing, it had been disconnected from the source during the tumultuous Ascension of the Sirius Star system some 120 million years ago. Since that time, the Annunaki had been 'floating adrift' - disconnected from the Source - filling the void by creating and manipulating synthetic realities.

The power of unconditional love

Unconditional love wins the day! It's the only thing that can. But it has to be a deep empathic love. It has to be one that understands the plight of the sufferer. One that can hold the space, tolerate intense darkness, yet not judge. It has to be strong - forgiving yes - but not swerving from truth either. If you can stomach this darkness seeping through your pores and yet not flinch back, then you have the capacity to truly help: right in the midst of the distorting density, you may help OC connect a silver thread of light, all the way back to the Source.

This is what we helped them feel and thus how they realigned. The original controllers of the matrix are gone, in a malevolent sense. I now experience them predominantly helping, benign, although there may be misleading factions that still take time to come back into alignment (the Anshar have been one of those). It leaves predominantly the Black Snake consciousness, metaphored in the Biblical Garden of Eden story..

It's that fearful energy that doubts the natural benevolence of the universe and therefore seeks to control life. We've probably all felt it: it is one that distracts from the pain of disconnection from God through excessive consumption. You witness it now, rife across society, from the comfort food people eat, to sanitised aggression and the distractive gadgets people are 'entertained' by. It's one that tries to impose will. It is that which 'revels in physicality', shutting itself off from divine connectivity.

It's ultimate objective seems to be to swallow a swathe of humanity into a synethic metaverse of control which it can then take off planet ahead of the culimnating Event, which is the convergence of galactic, solar and earth pole-shift cycles that will cleanse the Earth in the 3D.
Discover more about The Event

I witness this Black Snake consciousness in the final acts of desperation as it recognises the window closing. Even so, it is not about us fighting it. Standing firmly in our truth yes, but not judging or creating negative polarity "us and them". It's about recognising this energy is a manifestation of our inner selves and working to heal that. We're beginning to unravel and as we do, the outer world begins to unravel too. The darkness is revealed in the light of awareness for everyone to see. That's why there's still such lightly-veiled-animosity present in world politics for example - it's about distracting and polarising people. So how can we best deal with that?

Realignment in our own Behaviours

This Black Snake energy forms the intertwining weave of society. Homo Sapiens is a hybrid species with this consciousness interwoven within our DNA. It can be unraveled and repaired, that's why evolution is so important to mankind.

If you can realign within your being, find the truth of who you really are, and express that the whole time, then the universe will have no choice but to manifest an appropriate vehicle for you. Yes, there is no greater power in the universe than the authentic expression of "I am". It has the power to change you, and positively influence the world around you.

It's all about reclaiming sovereignty of being and invoking the constant conscious choice, whatever the risk to the ego. Humanity has devolved the responsibility of choice to 'greater powers' for far too long. Whether it be a politician, religious leader, the company you buy from or even the corporation you work for, humanity has accepted programming to make choices that serve only the Intervention Agenda. People have denied for too long, the buried aspects of their own darkness and lack of personal sovereignty. Humanity has swept choice under the carpet of denial. Well now it is time for us each to take a clear look in the mirror, take back our responsibility for being, reclaim our power and evolve into the new human form. To me, it's all about DIVINICUS -
The Rise of the Divine Human.

We do it by walking the spiritual path; it's the constant conscious choice in every moment, responding to higher truth. But the crucial thing here is, that you make choices that are totally authentic to you. Not ones that you've witnessed in some spiritual leader and now wish to replicate. This simply creates the spiritual identity, which is divorced from the true depth of reality. It plays to the Black Snake consciousness.

The key is to realise in all distortion there is a hidden truth. Even the Black Snake, at it's core, demonstrates the willingness to dive headlong into the fullness of life. Not to deny or falsely renounce. If you can be totally swallowed up in the physicality of life - and yet still find yourself in it - then you send out a realigning beacon, even into the depths of the Intervention. It responds to your coherent, connected and aligned soul consciousness.

5 Key Approaches to Unwinding the Intervention

I've had the good fortune to work with wonderful people around the world, activating consciousness, finding this truth within themselves - their own truth - that which they process and realise for themselves. There are 5 key approaches I can recommend to accelerate the unraveling of Opposing Consciousness in your life...

1) Become as nothing: Opposing Consciousness wants you to either acquiesce to it or else fight it. Either builds emotional energy which it can drain. If you can accept the distorting influence, not shirk back, but instead be 'as nothing in it all' then the OC can have little affect on you.

2) Taking back your power: It then becomes possible to take back your power by softening into any internal contraction you feel, no matter what now happens in the world. You must then commit to the constant conscious choice - always coming from the soul, no matter what. This causes the deeper infusion of soul and the unleashing of authentic expression which then transforms the reality aroind you.

3) Confront karma: Many people have now begun to process out the intellectual and emotional reactions of ego. But we must go yet deeper still. There is ancient human karma to confront and release - that of the original Atlantean control system. Full engagement with what's taking place in the world will activate these old patterns, which we process by softening into and equalising with the reactivity. Allowing it to arise and expanding through the internal contractions. In so doing, we reclaim the hallowed space of pure presence.

4) Dealing with Implants: As unpleasant as it may seem, there are several levels of implant in bodily fields, which you get to notice over time as internal sensitivity increases. This is a fundamental part of the Homo Sapiens 'condition'. But once internal intimacy increases, and you can feel these distorting frequencies, you already have the power to remove them by willful intent.
Try this cutting edge meditation for removing Implants and Entities

5) Prepare for Ascension into 5D: By following the soul and peeling off karma you start to live interconnected and flowing 5D consciousness now. You're resurrecting all multidimensional vehicles of expression. You're unravalleing convoluted Homo Sapiens DNA and installing the higher consciousness of DIVINICUS. This prepares you for "Maya Samadhi" - the empowered shift into the spirit light body in the New Paradigm.
Explore more about the 5D Human

Reclaiming this beautiful planet

There is a veritable army of benevolence in the ether around the planet helping people to shift into the 5th Density ahead of the culminating Event. The Shift will happen whether or not the system surrenders - nothing and no one can stop it. Increasingly, natural events of monumental proportions will reclaim the surface of the earth.

How can I say that with such confidence?

Firstly because I saw prophetic visions at my incarnation that are all coming to pass - I know it as my destiny and purpose to share the perspective from the Benevolent Mission. But this is backed up by the science of the galactic superwave aswell, and also past life regressions where people experienced similar during the culmination of Atlantis during the last cycle 12,000 years ago.

When you deal with your fear of this tumultuous transition, then it is replaced with the sense of great liberation and adventure. We cannot now fix the old fabric of the old construct - it no longer serves the collective. It must be unwound and reconstituted in the higher paradigm. This is what's begun to unfold right and we must take every opportunity in daily life to prepare for it.


Rise of the Divine Human

Birthing is frequently a challenging process. Humanity has its karma of the aeons to confront and unwind. That's what manifested this Intervention in the first place. But if you wish to attain mastery - as I believe the soul in each of us does - then pray not for an easy life. Pray instead for the courage, wisdom, commitment, unswerving passion and unconditional love to endure a challenging one. This is the opportunity that is now presenting itself to every single one of us.

Excessive consumption defines the raptor consciousness that is in our DNA. Fear, doubt, distrust - when running uncontrollably rampant - create a fear based reality that tries to control the natural uncertainty of the universe. It cannot succeed. It will not succeed. And we can accelerate its unraveling in each and every choice we now make. We can either continue to acquiesce to that fear based mentality, or we can open our hearts to unconditional trust in the universe and thus have the natural flow of love coursing through our veins instead.

You become what you express. When we confront the blind spots within in ourselves, when we make higher truth choices that we can feel in our hearts then we embody soul. This light ripples through us and radiates out into the field. It is this non-compliance with the intervention that sends a clear message to Opposing Consciousness...

"This is where I stand. This is the love that truly feeds my soul. Disconnection from the source is no way to live. I am a truly divine being."

When you send such a beacon out, when you believe it in all your heart - exactly because you've confronted your darkness and peeled it away - then there is nothing that can stop this realigning flow. I believe humanity was gifted this opportunity to help the Opposing Consciousness unwind and realign. And every single one of us has the power to amplify this effect. Ultimately, it will lead to a new human, DIVINICUS, in a new 5D paradigm of consciousness.

If you resonate with my sharing, consider getting involved in our work:
Openhand Ascension Academy

In loving support
Open 💙

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I wrote this Intervention on Earth series back in 2013, with minor updates since - it's simply amazing how much of this is now coming to the light of awareness in the increasingly crazy and desperate measures of the shadow side. I still witness much confusion however in the alternative and spiritual mainstream. There will be no "fixing the system", trying to make it somehow right. It's an ancient karmic construct that is well past its sell-by-date and now unravelling. We must look inwards for the answers and upwards into higher consciousness. We must now prepare daily for the ultimate shift to come. That's definitely what Openhand is committed to in our work with people.

Bright blessings

Open 💙


Hello Open. Thank you again for your in depth response to my first question. You mention that humanity has an inner code that when activated was designed to overcome the intervention. I'm sure its probably in your Divinicus book but unfortunately I have lost your eBook. I would like to know more about this inner code. Thank you kindly ☺


Hi Neisha,

Great to connect with you :-)

It is true that OC has contaminated the earth, and the earth's natural vibration. And also they have distracted people from the higher self by creating false bubbles of illusionary light. Here's an article with more detail on how this deception happens and how to deal with it...Deception on the Spiritual Path

Here are two of the main sections about what makes people susceptible and how to overcome it....

What makes people susceptible?

  • Lack of self honesty: this is born out of attachment to the need for an outcome (like to be successful or accepted). You can hear the quiet voice, but deny or ignore it.
  • Spiritual glamour: you may think you've processed out much of the ego. Yet an imposter of the soul can easily hide behind the mask of 'expressing joy and uniqueness', 'helping lots of people', 'healing the planet' or 'spreading love and light'. But is it truly selfless?
  • Lack of trust: not trusting in the flow of the universe and how cosmic consciousness unravels disharmony or injustice. So there might still a latent desire to try to 'take things into your own hands' rather than aligning with this cosmic unraveling.
  • Hidden desires: there's an authentic soulful yearning to fulfill divine service. But so often, 'imposters of the soul' hide within these desires, because you may not be fully satisfied with the void of emptiness - the abode of the absolute.
  • Insensitivity: especially in internet social networks, the spiritual journey risks becoming more an intellectual exchange of ideas - 'research' - rather than deep realisation. There's a looking for surface level satisfaction rather than the persistence of going deeper.
  • Lack of patience: the universe takes its time to unfold in its fullness. But society has conditioned humanity to quick and expedient fixes. Ever greater depths of patience help the soul to fully embody, which then shapes reality authentically.

How might you overcome Spiritual Deception?

  • Become the Void: first and foremost is to explore ones own being ever deeper until you touch the Void of infinite potential. When you find peace and contentment just the way things are, without need of change, then you become less susceptible to the glamour of a quick fix.
  • Test the soul: keep aligning with, attuning to, and testing the soul in every single moment. How does your soul speak to you? How do you recognise its vibration? But always keep testing this alignment against the question "is there a deep sense of 'rightness' with this behaviour or action?"
  • Tune into synchronicity: synchronicity is the objective mother tongue of the universe. If you accept totally that you are the creator of our own reality, then the mirror you manifest will surely tell you if you're going astray - if what you create causes inner tightness and subtle contraction.
  • Watch for repetitive patterns: if you're running a distortion (a conditioned behaviour), but you're being profoundly honest with yourself, then patterns of conditioned behaviours will manifest themselves. By the Law of Attraction you'll draw appropriate situations and circumstances to confront your limitations. Openly embrace these gifts.
  • Seek to move beyond self judgment: we all may mistakes! Non of us is perfect (at least not in an evolving being sense). So if you see that you've been caught in some kind of deception, self forgiveness and acceptance is key to mastering it.

I trust this helps.




Hello Open,
Thank you for your insightful articles on Opposing consciousness. They have helped me through struggling times. I would like to ask my first question on your forum!
In your articles on opposing consciousness you write that the solution to escaping OC is being connected to source and Gaia and in the same article you also write that OC causes the disconnection from source, Gaia
and higher self. May you go into detail on how to escape OC by connecting to Gaia and the source while OC is simultaneously trying to prevent that connection?
You also mentioned there is a code within us that has the ability to deactivate OC. You used the word "was" in this sentence. Is this indicating that the code was available but not available now?

Thank you so much for reading


Thanks for the support Mike and Cynthia.
It's a great help *OK*



Reading "integrating the relativistic experience" takes my breath away! Thank you Open, and thank you Barna for raising this issue!!


Hi Barna,

Nice to meet you on the course :-)

And thanks for sharing. I can certainly resonate with your point of view in many respects. I think the important thing to note is that we're all going to have differing perspectives from the place we're at on the path and that those perspectives can be (should be) open to change and evolution. I can assure you mine certainly is.

So firstly, I agree, I don't see a 'tragic accident' for humanity (as you put it) either. I see that this challenging situation on Earth goes right back to the 'early hours' of the universe as presence loses itself in the illusion of reality. It has then manifested all manner of convolutions as a result of the confusion. And souls have 'elected' to come here, experience the confusion, unravel themselves from it, and in so doing, unravel the convolution in the universe that these entities now represent. Many souls have come here knowing the hefty degree of challenge beforehand.

I also see that humanity has drawn this intervention to it because of its own karma. Which in particular was lack of trust in the divine and therefore needing to control existence - so it created it's own mirror of control (the intervention) where the only viable solution forwards is to regain trust.

However to me, "all is not love". This is quite a distortion which is often spoken of in spiritual circles - I think lots of people have taken this on without really considering what it means. I think it happens when people move out of the place of fear and separation to then experience the extraordinary benevolence of the universe. They see that fear is really an illusion but then attach to love instead: just as they are not the ego, but then attache to the soul, when really the soul is simply a flowing experience of who they really are - which is pure presence.

Where do these particular distortions come from? Briefly there is absolute and relative truth. The absolute is pure presence. Everything and nothing. Pure potential. Presence is notionally subdivided into form - relativity. It's like there is a dynamic equilibrium: between pure potential and relativistic experience; between non-existence and existence; between pure presence and being. Ultimately it is an illusion (although a very real illusion!) since pure presence exists in and through the relativity - through the multiplicity of form (that's the best way I can currently find to describe it).

Practically for the relativistic - manifest - universe to exist at all, where there is one experience, there has to be its polar opposite. You cannot know hot without the experience of cold nor pain in the absence of pleasure, light without dark. You cannot therefore know love without it's polar opposite, which to me is fear.

At my point on the path, the polarity of love and fear, dark and light have integrated almost completely into varying levels of harmony. The universe is arrayed in densities varying from very disharmonious (where humanity currently resides) to ever greater levels of harmony (close to the source). So for me the sense of love means coming into a greater sense of harmony. The sense of fear has become instead moving into greater states of disharmony.

And yes, you can never be truly disconnected from the source in an absolute sense. But that doesn't prevent a soul from experiencing the sense of separation and therefore the suffering that goes with that. It replicates the 'eddy current' of separation consciousness that presence lost itself in as the universe took form.

So I'd say there's an invitation to understand and integrate at a deeper level the difference between the perfection of the absolute and the relativistic experience which creates the sense of polarity. To accept this means that we can process out judgments such as 'light' and 'dark', 'good' and 'evil'. There is simply a relativistic experience, then the invitation to integrate and evolve.



Hi Open,

We have talked about this topic very briefly at the latest Five Gateways session in Budapest, but I would like to share my thoughts here as well as I find this matter somewhat confusing.

To summarize it very shortly, the way I read the above is that we were very living in happiness and harmony, when some kind of unexpected outer intervention pushed us, poor ignorant humans into darkness and slavery.
This sound very negatively to me and for me it is totally out of alingnment with the concept of 'all is one' and 'universal love and wisdom'.

What I think is the following, please let me know what you think about it.

The sense of darkness, struggle, disconnection is all a result of a higher plan, rather than a tragic accident. It is an experiential journey that we embarked upon by agreement to willingly experience separation so that we can experience the way back to one, having been agreed to everything we experience(d) at a higher level. Also, this is only an experience, we have never been, are, or will be truly disconnected from source, if we really were, we wouldn't exist.
From this point of view, what you call intervention is only something that served us so that we could experience this journey.

I wanted to share these thought because I find this a very powerful change of point of view.



A demolition managed by empathy, love and that silver thread of light connected to the Source. Thank you for writing this, working behind the scenes and walking the path of unwind and realign.


Hi Bruce, welcome to Openhandweb.

Yes I put a lot into these three articles and I sense a good deal has so far been overlooked. The one you've pulled out is a real gem.

In my direct knowing (and there's plenty of proof for), Homo Sapiens is a hybrid species. When you connect to the higher self and then really begin to integrate both higher and lower, you'll realise there's a mismatch. It's to do with the hybrid DNA and makes life very uncomfortable. But you can't feel it until you become really sensitive and until you're really sensitive, you don't unfold the full gifts of which we're capable.

The point is though, if we don't deny the lower aspect of self, we'll realise the amazing power of actually embodying higher soul into the lower self. Then we become incredibly empowered and able to catalyse shifts at a global level.

So if we can all start to master this, we'd influence world events in the most positive ways possible.

    All know that the drop merges into the ocean,
    but few know that the ocean merges into the drop.
    Lao Tzu

Open *OK*

In reply to by Open


Yeah, the scientific evidence certainly supports that human DNA has been manipulated.

At this point in my journey I realize my consciousness is being suppressed. One of the many things that attracts me to Openhand is the discussion of this limitation and ways to escape the "mind prison" (embodying the higher self into the lower self). The "prison bars" being related to distorted DNA makes sense since physicality is the way we bring consciousness into the 3rd dimension, at least on a consensus reality level. The work of Bruce Lipton encourages me that the power of thought, embodying the soul, can override any DNA blueprint of limitation.

I'm sure I have much to learn yet. I will continue to read Openhand articles, re-read the 5 Gates book, watch the impressive videos and interact here on the web site.

Thanks Open for being...open.


"...when we make higher truth choices that we can feel in our hearts, then we embody soul."

This seems to be the key, and the process for me.

Thanks for writing such a no-holds-barred three part article telling it like it is.


Well thanks Jaq for the kind words.
It wasn't easy to write!


What an amazing article thank you Open, it cemented your views & sharing from last week! I really feel I get it now as a knowing, in fact rapter consciousness has been mirrored to me in a big way yesterday as my children 'integrated' back into my life. And a friend has just shared a massive US manipulation that I can see gave the perfect chance to explore being nothing right at the core of it, offering a thread of light for OC
Thanks for your incredible insight as always, it feels the bigger picture is really starting to shape into deep awareness for me. At times at least!
With love


Couldn't have put it better Troy (with regards to Syria).

As I said, humanity is on this knife edge as to which way it can now go (in terms of the greater repercussions). And despite the depth of the control by the OC, our consciousness can and will shape the path ahead. The more people that start taking responsibility and bringing their consciousness to bear in world situations like this, the easier it will be for us all.


Open *OK*


Positive sign today as the war lobby is looking for 'an out' of the intended bombing of Syria.This I really believe is due to the people's will of not wanting or believing the latest contrived conflict from our OC 'influenced' leaders.
So,for now,we have chosen the easier pathway on the road to our inevitable destiny of re-alignment.A long way to go indeed and the testing has only just began....and I think likely not concluded in our lifetime(this one anyway)But we are here to participate and in any way we can influence the pathway away from the hard way.... which in it's extreme would be the 6th mass extinction.

Thanks Open,this piece of the jigsaw is sometimes a difficult 1 for us all to grasp.


Thanks MB and yes, I agree - the longer the control system persists, the more challenging its going to be to help the majority.

It's also about the realignment of OC - so I sense there's a strong degree of patience from the higher realms.

And the end of the day, it's not so much a timeline here as an event line. Events have to happen and click into place for the actual path to be realised.



Thanks Open , for showing such a comprehensive picture of where we are and how we reached here.

This article sums up pretty much all the happenings and causes behind it. Incredible... Short of words to praise it.

Couple of questions, you talked about two possibilities for the society right now one is gentle way and other more chaotic. Do you think my thoughts around that gentle way doesn't help the current state of humanity and the way the people are brainwashed is a deviant thought ? I experience extreme slumber all around me and feel that an major awakening event can only break the slumber, otherwise most of the humanity will just perish in slumber. The delay of such natural events is only letting the matrix controlsystem to make the situation worse....and making the humanity suffering worse...may be a big event can awaken many... I am muddled on the path it is taking and timeline and how long it will go on. May be I am getting impatient.. Please throw some light

Also there was a search feature on the website which was very helpful but is not there any more. I was trying to get an article around transformation of pain.. As sometimes the thought of pain it can alll bring scares myself , and I found that article on transformation of pain helpful. Particulars the explanation of transforming the pain of child birth in that article was really supportive.

in India we touch the feet of somebody we respect or look up to, like of parents of teacher or of idols of gods. I feel like touching your feet sometimes.. Touching them through the ether.