Giving Humanity and the Planet a 'Fighting' Chance

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The world is accelerating toward the cliff edge of catastrophic collapse. Excessive global consumption is destroying the biosphere, way beyond what can ultimately be sustainable. The curious fact is that so many people truly know this, in their heart of hearts, yet do nothing about it. But all life is interconnected, so the more such misalignment is disregarded, the stronger the realigning force builds to break the out-of-touch reality down. This realigning energy is then felt within the soul, and begins to impact people's lives anyway. Right now, there's a strong opinion in Britain to leave the European Union, which is a good thing in terms of realignment. Why is it of vital importance to all evolving people?...

Interconnected Industrial System

A controlling intervention - like a virus - has invaded the hearts and minds of man. The majority seek dominion and control, not just of their own lives, but the wider world and its resources, including other sentient life. Paradoxically, it is exactly this fear based control, which is causing greater insecurity - it's like a small child, grasping at a helium filled balloon, that doesn't want to be grasped.

  • The Earth was never meant to be controlled by Humanity!

Society has built an interconnected industrial system, that has plastered itself across the breadth of the planet, essentially controlled by large corporations. Judging by their actions, one can say it's about selling people life-styles, and in so doing, a small group of people are able to take power and the majority of wealth. Amongst this group, and this strategy, there is clearly little regard for the well-being of the people and the planet.

  • But thankfully there's an upsurge of consciousness, that wants to challenge this monopoly.

Returning Sovereignty to the People

What clearly needs to happen, is a breakdown of this globalised, centralised power - so that sovereignty may return to the people, living in more localised communities that support one another - communities that cherish their surroundings rather than plundering them for profit.

  • I have seen this vision in the realigning flow, coming from the underlying, collective consensus consciousness. I believe it would be in the best interests of everyone.

That's why I was celebrating back in July 2015 when the Greek people voted an outstanding "No!" to increased bailout funding to stay in the EU. Even though the people's vote was overruled anyway, it demonstrated, to me, an upsurge in collective consciousness by the people.

The upsurge in Consciousness is strengthening

And here in Britain now, we're building toward a popular vote (Guardian report) on leaving the EU. Were this to happen, it would very likely begin the unraveling of the entire centralised EU system. To me, this can only be a good thing - it's a step back towards more localised management of environments - away from globalised corporate autocracy.

  • There are many vested interests - of course big business wants to cobble the EU together, and it may well get its way in the short term.

However, the upsurge in consciousness is strengthening. Situations like this, where the collective consensus is welling up, are happening with increasing regularity. I believe it's indicative of the realigning flow gaining strength.

The Great Realignment of Life

Let's be clear, this Great Realignment of life, returning equity and justice to the consensus consciousness on Earth will happen.. It's just a case of when and how it happens. It can either happen through a catastrophic meltdown, or progressive alignment with the natural harmony of life. But the entirety of universal power causes such realignment to happen where there is such inequity and injustice - it is inevitable, irresistible.

  • So in my meditations, I harness what I feel to be the realigning flow within me - the underlying unity consciousness - then I allow it to flow out into the world. I certainly don't intend what it should do - that's simply control. I trust that it knows what is best for the consensus consciousness.

And I would encourage other people too - if you resonate - to do likewise. Just feel your connection to Unity Consciousness and breathe it through you.

Breathe life energy in; breathe realigning flow out

The physicality of the world may look dense, separate and resistant, but nevertheless, everything is configured of consciousness. And therefore only a shift in consciousness can truly change it. That's where you and I come in. Let's change the world for the better of all life. Breathe in life energy. Yessss. Breathe out realigning energy. Ahhhh.

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We have to work to consider what - of its own accord - is going on in the bigger picture?

I put it to you, that the universe exploded into being and unleashed flows of consciousness, like ripples on a pond (which people call the 'big-bang). In many places, unity consciousness gets stuck within the separation consciousness and identifies with it - identities are created. But these identities cause friction and disharmony - felt within us as pain, frustration, tightness, anger, worry, fear etc, etc, etc.

    I also put it to you, that the universe, of it's own natural accord, by it's own natural mechanism, is working to unravel that. The energies are working towards a balanced torus - harmony in all places, what some call 'nirvana'. It looks kind of like an apple, constantly vibrating and flowing - individual flows as souls move within it.

Here is a depiction of the torus with both the microcosym of a man (connecting through the chakars) into the macrocosym of the universal torus...

I put it to you that you will be most aligned, most in the flow, and most within internal harmony, when you're aligned with this macrocosym - it's an entirely natural movement back to the core - Ascension - which just feels 'right'.

What I observe, is that if there's any separation from this, an identity forms, which then hurts! But if that which is separate - ego - lets go and chooses to flow with the mainstream of one's soul, you ultimately come into alignment with the entirety, inside yourself. And it feels simply 'right'.

That's why the process Openhandway is perfectly designed to bring you into this alignment:

    It naturally causes that which is separate in you, to realign with the mainstream of your soul, and with that, the universal torus. And you can live that way in every single choice that you make, leading to nirvana within.


Open *give_rose*


Is there a point of rejecting the identity, the attachment to outcome and all the other "pesky" visitors? If not allowed and held, wouldn't they stand in a way of the flow until looked after?


Yes, there comes a point, when you realise there is no point.
Therefore, who is here to resist what naturally wants to happen?
Who is here not to be an active part in that?
It's only an identity that denies the freeflow of the One.

Open *OK*


And the point of contemplating the future is?
What if really all there is is the length and depth and fullness of the present with a cliff into nothing all around it?
Everything else is distorted identity, judgement, attachment to outcome, needing to control and shape reality?
Thank you for this gift of the conversations on the park bench.
Oh the attachment to being right!
I'm feeling it now. Here. I'm hanging onto an overhanging branch so there a place to measure from,
To Avoid free flowing, free falling in the flow of the present.
To come from the the void, from presence, from breathing in life energy and out realigning energy
Just that?
Tbh I reckon it's easier to bring down the matrix! ;) ;) ;)


Hey Apollonius and Open.

Thanks guys for providing the big picture point of view. It helped me expand today as I was a bit contracted. This discussion turned out to be so fascinating! You asked some stirring questions and I would really like to understand deeper the process of DNA change. My body feels different lately and I wonder if some changes on the genetic level started to occur or perhaps you were talking about new people being born with a realigned DNA. How much land do we allow to be arable? How many of us should remain? Wouldn't it all regulate naturally if we all just gave up control (which is most likely not going to happen, but may be interesting to consider at least).

Open, you said all other life blends with the consensus reality, but I’m tripping on the carnivorous animals. How is that aligned? Also, I’m noticing that when in the states of heightened awareness I eat less and I even hardly breathe, so perhaps at the higher level of evolution we wouldn’t have to worry about farming at all?

Apollonius, you mention the old world disappearing from you as you change. I’m noticing that too (if I understand you correctly). I just came back from a trip and the old home world feels different, like the rules it runs on changed. I know I shifted quite a bit, so yeah, it all makes sense.

My visit with the off the grid community left me with recurring questions “how much is enough?”, "do I really need this?" and I’ve noticed my needs in regards to stuff I own went rapidly down.

You also asked:
“Will homo sapiens create its own reality and will DIVINICUS create his? In my opinion when two huge collectives coexist in the same reality but are totally diverging in consciousness a split will occur and each will create their own playing field, densit or planet.”

Interesting. I wonder too what’s going to happen when the Divinicus folks reach the critical mass on earth. How many would be the critical mass? Doesn't it work a bit like gravity? The more are on the D side the stronger the pull for others to cross.

Right now the polarity is splitting us apart and fast. I was sitting on a park bench this afternoon, staring at the horizon and some chemtrails when this lady approached. She said: “Nice day, perhaps even too nice. It must be the global warming. The world will continue to degenerate as long as the Chineese don’t do something.” I asked her if she felt she could do something about it and she felt there was nothing. Then she said “I feel there is global shift happening in the world now. We’re heading towards a catastrophe”. I told her I felt the same. Then she asked what I was up to and I said I’m currently not working and just enjoy myself doing things I like. She said “you must keep yourself occupied then”. I answered, “au contraire, I’m just sitting here staring at the horizon, that’s all.” And then she turned around and left. And I wondered which direction will her consciousness go? I also wondered what will happen with me.



Thanks Margaret for you tip about this community in Canada. Right now, though, I feel my place is here in the city of Eindhoven, The Netherlands. I used to flee away from this city every now and then because the city-consciousness was becoming just too much for me to handle. But as I unplugged myself from the matrix more and more it became easier to live here and occasional visits to nature will do the job right now. I haven't really figured out yet if there's a need for people to move out of cities who have chosen to be committed to their spiritual evolution. I myself feel one shouldn't make that decision too soon because oftentimes it's just the ego wanting to run away from the 'negative' energies. I believe we sometimes need that grumpy neighbour to cheer us up, that overload of noise to realise we're absolutely silent inside and those chemtrails to remind us of our immortality as conscious beings. And besides that, I feel less and less fear about certain energies because they start to resonate with me and not the other way around!

So as I'm becoming closer and closer to my enlightenment (Divinicus?) the old world seems to disappear from me. And with me millions of people are energetically leaving the old world but also millions might never do. As we are collectively creating the surface we walk on, together with Gaia, one might wonder if in the future there's going to be still one humanity walking on one earth. Will homo sapiens create its own reality and will DIVINICUS create his? In my opinion when two huge collectives coexist in the same reality but are totally diverging in consciousness a split will occur and each will create their own playing field, density or planet. I cannot foresee if there will be a meld with the already existing new earth (5th dimensional) or that two earth will be created and a split occurs. But if I feel into it I can feel the gap widening; you're either evolving or you don't. No middle ground there it appears. I know your stance on this Open but I'm contemplating different scenario's here because it resonates with me right now. But that might all have changed in a year or so when new insights appear. Or it might not, we''ll see.


Great conversation everyone :-)

Apollonius you said...

    "If you break away from a system doesn't mean you're automatically unplugged from the energetic matrix. I'm just curious how this will unfold. For example: will people start living off the grid but still, energetically, be fighting the system? If so, how long will their new communities stay afloat?"

It's a great question, because yes, there are many layers. Often when people speak in blogs of being 'awakened to the system', that's not necessarily spiritually awakened. Then there are levels of awakening and trust, it's not an 'on/off' thing. So people have to unplug overtime, progressively, in stages.

Of course as they unplug, at each new level, the new realisations create a new consensus reality. But these can't be fixed. They must keep evolving right into the new paradigm. Why is that necessary?

Living off-grid, in my observation, is not the end goal, but merely a stepping stone. I observe you get to that (off-grid) realisation, then start to contemplate:

    "Well, is it even right to calve out our bit of the earth in this way?"
    "What about everyone else?"
    "Is it even right to control the earth through farming?"
    "How many people should the earth support in this way? Who decides?"
    "How much space should we 'allow' to the natural eco-systems?"

Because it's Gaia that should regulate the Earth - she was given that responsibility - based on her level of evolution. She represents the foundation flow of this consensus reality. All other life on the planet blends with that, living from what is naturally provided....except Homo Sapiens.

    Homo Sapiens has been purposefully configured - hybridised - to fit within a system that has been designed to change the entire energetic configuration of the earth. It's an external 'intervention' - an energetic virus.

Homo Sapiens is an integral part of that system. As you take the system away, ultimately, there's no choice, you must take Homo Sapiens away aswell.

It's a huge realisation. That's why the shift must ultimately come with a new evolution of being (what I call DIVINICUS). The deeper into yourself you explore, and how that interrelates with the natural energy fields of the authentic planet, the more I believe this conclusion becomes obvious.

As soul infuses deeply through your being, you steadily realise the mismatch of frequencies - inside yourself. The old Homo Sapiens DNA must change. A soul of one particular frequency cannot ultimately live in a body with such mismatch. The Being must evolve - and it will. Some already are!




Hey, Apollonius. I see that going back and forth internally and in the "outside world" too. People seem to want to taste some of the freedom, but not 100%. There are new lifestyles coming up in the North America, like the "Ecologist" or the "Conscious Businessman". It seems the matrix is trying to contain the new need for freedom. It is very interesting to watch.

And I'm curious too how it will all unfold. I've visited an off the grid community in western Canada this summer and found it fascinating. They've been doing it for 2 generations now. Yes, they still use gas and some other matrix supplies, live in self built ecological houses but the mindset is disconnected from the matrix. They mainly don't care about the system and only oppose it if it encroaches on their freedoms, like opposing logging efforts. So, there is no undercurrent of fighting against something, just free living surrounded by likeminded people and creating their own culture and collaborating with the indigenous tribes. Let me know if you are interested in experiencing it, as they are always looking for woofers.



I also feel a sense of increased polarisation within me Margaret. I recognise strongly the two persons inside me and the difficulty to maintain the controlling one. My body-mind complex has increasingly more difficulty coping with the controller in charge. Like the planet, ultimately, something has got to give.

I understand what you are saying Margaret that people who find true freedom will turn away but what i meant was that I witness people and sometimes whole countries breaking away from the shackles only to find out that their new found freedom isn't actually freedom. What they are lacking is the willingness to see that they are responsible for what they create.If you break away from a system doesn't mean you're automatically unplugged from the energetic matrix. I'm just curious how this will unfold. For example: will people start living off the grid but still, energetically, be fighting the system? If so, how long will their new communities stay afloat? Just pondering here...


This is so inspiring... what's new for me is that I feel no anxiety about the catastrophic collapse anymore. I'm at that cliff and ready to jump at this very moment. Ready to commit myself fully to this new world that's been calling me. I also sense increasing polarization within my being as well as the world. The more control wants to be injected, the greater the force to pull away and be free. It feels like the control is actually strengthening the surge for freedom. I also feel two persons within me now and the free one wants to express more lately.

Open, you said:
So in my meditations, I harness what I feel to be the realigning flow within me - the underlying unity consciousness - then I allow it to flow out into the world. I certainly don't intend what it should do - that's simply control.

Thank you for this. I have already been doing it, but now I'll be doing it with greater awareness. I feel it's actually happening as I'm writing this. There is this swelling of compassion and a sense of being one with all radiating from my being (mainly heart).

Alpollonius, you said:

The question comes to mind: if people turn away from these systems of control, will they understand the meaning of true freedom and what it entails?

It seems to me it may be the other way around... the people who understand the true freedom will turn away from the system of control as a consequence of that understanding.
Hugs to all.



Yes it seems that these two energies are colliding more and more: one wanting control and centralisation and the other wanting diversification and freedom. The question comes to mind: if people turn away from these systems of control, will they understand the meaning of true freedom and what it entails? We''ll see...


Nice n simple n easily done
;) !
Thank you.