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Here's Openhand's long running inspiring spiritual videos thread. Enjoy...

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I found this podcast quite inspirational and funny at the same time!  In fact, I feel like it complements quite well with Openhand approach and can be applied in the daily life.  Enjoy!…

BTW - I am talking this playshop with Jessica right now.  Performance coming up and feeling quite anxious.  Will see what happens Smiling With Sweat Emoji

With Love


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I thought to share this today - a compilation video of powerful life messages from Iconic rockstars. I would say that when someone truly steps into the expression of Self, that they must be having some deep explorations and revelations about life.

Here's a whole array of "stars" you'll recognise. I found myself moved especially by George Harrison, David Bowie and right at the end, Bob Dylan. What inspires you? What jumps out? Do share - I'd be intrigued...


Plenty of times the journey is not about giant leaps, but steadily chipping away until a breakthrough happens.
That's what I feel to remind everyone about from this poigant sharing...


I just watched a wonderful movie and felt to share it here.... "The Blueprint" on, it's given me hope for community in the future. The description begins with: "Planet earth 2040. There are two timelines co-existing simultaneously. One ruled by a New World Order A.I. uncivilization. The other a 5th dimensional luscious green world based on love and spirit." 

Because we've shared so much about this in your Openhand work, I was really excited to see the Iconic vision of this future world, and although it doesn't exactly fit into the 5th dimensional idea that I currently have (as in - I don't see how our physical bodies can actually 'go there'), the vision of community for the future is so close to how I dream it could be, and the way it is presented has made it feel so very possible, that I feel as if part of me is already living there. Such a comforting feeling, giving me hope for the future. It seems that, particularly right now, that is something we could all use and appreciate. 

The Iconic website is a paid membership, but they do offer 7 days free, so I would highly recommend that movie for a truly inspiring glimpse into what our future can be.

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30/12/20: Openhand Journal Update: Hi Janet - thanks for sharing "The Blueprint" - it'll be interested in watching the film for sure. I felt to share some pointers here on the possible Blueprint for the actual Earth Shift from 3D to 5D centred consciousness - where Gaia, as a soul, is shifting to 5D. Not "raising vibration of the 3D into 5D", which is impossible, since it would literally destroy the matter.

What we really need to be careful of is just how deceptive and distorting the Opposing Consciousness on earth right now is. How spiritual truths get distorted to create illusionary realties that the mind can more easily cope with. Or else seeding some "hope" for the future, whereas the True Self deals only in truth - how ever harsh that may appear to be. I find it useful to contemplate that as we sit here now, whole civilisations and planetary systems are being obliterated in the universal natural process of constant creation - AND, the One in you is eternal through it all. Grows through it all. Expresses through it all.

Let's take for example the concept of "Time-lines", which has become widespread in the spiritual mainstream in just a few years. Let me ask all this question: how can there be one moment of now, and at the same time, a "time-line" that tells you a particular sequence of events unfolding into the future?

The problem is, that it is close to a truth (from my perspective): that you can percieve a possible future beginning to land now. I call it "future-landing-now". But this is really more a current landing step in a particular direction. For example, the Galaxy (through the superwave), the solar system (through the Grand Solar Minimum) and the Earth (through the Pole Shift), have ALREADY set in play a particular step forwards. It just happens to be that this step is about 30 years in duration. In fact it's been moving that way for thousands of years - we're now very close to the focul point, meaning the possibility of other outcomes keeps narrowing to the probability of ONE outcome - the inevitable step that we fall into. A psychic, medium or Seer, is at best able to perceive that direction and the focul point. That's what we can call "future-landing- now".

Crucially, it is NOT a predicted time line. Or one time-line of multiple co-existing time-lines, which is another distortion you often hear.

"Time-lines" are a means by which an Opposing Consciousness creates a particular reality construct that it wants. It's done by getting a group of beings (humanity for example) to believe in a future possibility at a collective level (just as its doing right now in the pandemic). Once the conscious mind (and subconscious brain) believe in these possibilities, and at a collective level, they are quite likely to create that way - specfically, they're likely to create a bubble within the overall natural flow - which, to be clear, HAS NO INTENTION AT ALL. It is simply flowing as the Universal Torus.

If we look forwards into the shift that's curently unfolding, as future-landing-now, what we can very reasonably predict, and what such as the Hopi Elders have also seen (in future-landing-now) is a complete cleansing of 3D earth. If you explore the science of the galactic superwave, solar nova and pole shift all converging together, then this vision is highly aligned with the science and historical evidence (not to mention the now countless past-life-regressions that often appear in spiritual journeying). What I have seen, and was given to share (the purpose of my incarnation), is that no sophisticated life form in the 3D will survive the convergence of these massive processes.

Explore 5D Shift: "The Event", Galactic Superwave & 11:11 Synchronicity

Also, as you rightly point out, you do not "raise the vibration of the physical into 5D". That is complete nonsense. If you did somehow get 3D physicality vibrating at the frequency of 5D, it would explode. The physcial construct is designed for a wave of physical consciousness within the Universal Torus - nothing higher. Again it is another dupe of the Opposing Consciousness. Because what they'll try to do (as they've done before), is make some kind of shift in society, that they label as a "Golden Age" (as the UK Prime-minster was currenty talking about) to then persuade people that the shift has already happened - but actually in the 3D and according to their intentioned "Time-line". Or else for those who are spiritually expanded to a degree, take them out of body and into a 4D bubble - which is also rife in many spiritual mainstream teachings. The effect of both is that it stops people from working towards the true shift. They just accept the reality they're given.

Why is it only a relative handful of people can yet see through these illusions and deceptions?

It's mainly because we each see reality through veils and filters of ego (until the ego is processed out). For example: you're caused to contemplate the "complete cleansing of the 3D", but then fears for family, friends, of pain and suffering or of grief and loss, cloud ones vision. I should more accurately say: clouds the vision of The One in them. Because on the flip side of the coin of this destruction, is great construction. In fact in a universe of relativity, you cannot have one without the other. Reality constructs have to collapse in order for the energy of them to reconfigure into something new that is more harmonius and aligned.

Furthermore, it's through this great confrontation with "reality" that you really realise it's all an illusion! You actually realise this experientially. Through the process, at a consciousness level, you're continually letting go (of the need for a Time-line outcome for example) and in so doing, you're actually deciding - DEFINING - that you are a spiritual being. What's more, the "destruction" becomes a glorious liberation.

Meanwhile the ego battles with the often harsh truth of the Universe and so creates cosy half truths, or more acceptable "Time-lines" - more acceptable to the ego. And this is what defines the Opposing Consciousness - Opposing Consciousness is defined as "AVOIDING THE TRUTH". It's frequently where humanity gets these distorted truths from. The mind buys into them because they are more acceptable within the bounds of the subconscious fears imposed by their karma.

What I would also say is that I do see a period of time leading up to this concluding Event where there are indeed two streams of consciousness: in effect two worlds. There will be those who are ascended in 5D or living from a 5D state, whilst others are locked into the "Time-lIne" bubble created by the controllers within the 4th Industrial Revolution of the 3D (and 4D for those who've been duped in spiritual half-truths). But this will be short lived due to the convergence of these galactic, solar and earth pole shift sequences. And by the way, the Opposing Consciousness clearly knows about these cosmic destruction cycles upon us. It's clear that its own agenda is to take a portion of humanity (those who accept the time-line program) out into space to colonise other places. This "harvesting of souls" is a widespread process within the Universe. Something which benevolence is working tirelessly to unravel.

I've shared the Openhand view on the process of Transformation of 3D to 5D earth here...
The Process of Transformation from 3D to 5D Earth


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I see what you say and I resonate with it. I have read this over and over again over the last 18 months. Often I have rejected it in order to follow an easier path, a blind alley.

Open I hear what you say but only now am I able to digest and accept it, only because I'm further down my path than I was 18 months ago. Give me the same information two years ago and woah, stop the bus I'm off to the land of love and light thank you very much. Too painful, much to painful.  

Don't get me wrong I still get taken in by some snake oil peddling, that's so annoying.  What I'm trying to say is that this is such a huge leap for everyone, an unacceptable truth when in fact this is a blessed release. 

Please correct me if I'm wrong I won't mind a bit.



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I think you're right on point Keith. The truth hurts (and in doing so, heals).

It's actually why Openhand has not reached spiritual mainstream popularity - the views put forwards push too many buttons, that if most people were to entertain for any period of time would deeply challenge them. At the moment, the majority are not willing to go there. Although I do sense a time further forwards where plenty more will come to a similar viewpoint on the shift.


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Thank you so much, Open. 

I am struggling to find the words I need to share how I am feeling ... the last few weeks have been cold and dark here, in many ways, and my struggles with the Opposing Consciousness have been rather epic. Many times I've actually given up and given in, simply trying to remember to stay aware and keep exploring the experience, as unpleasant as it is. Your words have brought such beautiful light and lightness to my being, how can I thank you enough for that? There's a miraculous sense of 'remembering' that comes, and I think: 'Oh yes, how could I have forgotten?' I can't explain it any more than that, I hope you understand...

I feel the truth of the coming cleansing and it feels like blessed relief to me. Since the first time you spoke of the Galactic Superwave and all the events that are on their way, my reaction has always been: 'finally, it's over.' I have no deeper understanding or explanation, and I don't even feel like I need it. But then... the reality of my day to day life overtakes that feeling pretty quickly, and well.. my mind and my heart can't agree on how it is all going to unfold. 

Regarding the movie, The Blueprint, I found it helpful because I have difficulty imagining my life, and the lives of my loved ones, between the now and the 'then' of the Event. My husband and I are looking for land much farther north from where we are now, away from the city. It seems the only future that I can (comfortably) imagine would be centred around creating or becoming part of a small, self sufficient community built around similar values. And The Blueprint provides a 'blueprint' (oddly enough, lol) for the lifestyle I envision (obviously it would be have to be much different in my part of the world) but the ideas and concepts provide a possible and believable way to live in peace for the next couple of decades - where Life in every form is treasured and 'do no harm' is the core of the community.

Because, as much as I welcome what's coming, I still have to get through today and (probably) tomorrow and there lies the dilemma and the constant challenge, living in this world now dominated by Opposing Consciousness - but then it always has been, hasn't it? At least now we are seeing it and meeting it face to face, with whatever strength we find in that moment. 

Sorry, Open.. this is a much longer reply than I planned, :) Really, all I wanted to say was... Thank you!

With much love, Janet


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No worries janet - I admire the continuing inquiry and search for truth The Sun EmojiThumbs Up SignPraying Emoji

In the book DIVINICUS, I spoke of "Islands in the Storm" where conscious groups would gather together so as to be able to better support each other as the shift gathers to the Event. I witness that actually happening now. And I believe the Plandemonium will only accelerate that. So do follow your heart's pull and it will surely take you where you need to be to get the experience you need to have. Remember always, the end goal is Ascension, and therefore it's about confronting all the ties and inner attachments that bind to this physical reality.

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26/12/20: Journal Update: So how is your festive break going? Realised yourself as a maverick misfit once again? Join the club! So here's some fresh air of inspiration, sent to me by Openhander Diane (thanks Diane Heart), which I felt to share with you all. What ever family situation you find yourself in, remember who you are, where you're from, and what you're here to do. Blessings to all at this festive time...

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Thanks so much for sharing this Open, exactly what I needed to get me through this difficult 'festive' time. Such a wonderful video, so full of truth and deep meaning - the words and the images have reminded me how connected we all are at a time when I have never felt more isolated. Many thanks, with much love, Janet


The Celestine Prophecy is such an inspiring book and film for the Journey of Ascension. It's especially invaluable right at this time of the control drama in society, because you witness how to move beyond the drama so that you're transcending it - it's becoming less and less a part of your reality.

In looking for a clip I wanted to share, I came across the whole movie posted for free. Take on some quality time and drink in the inspiration...

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Thanks for the full movie download sharing Open . Its one of those books that moved me deeply at the very 

beginning of my " awakening path " back in 1998 - within the same period , i was invited to bath into the Us Southwest 

Mystical energies of Arizona & follow each sign presented on my path - felt Magical & Mystical . 

I am sure many will surely enjoy watching this movie again .... in the same vein as the " Peaceful warrior " . 



Interesting new series about the sun turning into a destructive force as a result of a polarity reversal..


Thank you for posting, Open, very inspiring, reminds me of the times when I did kickboxing and practiced some shadowboxing. Recently I've been walking, dancing and listening to some music to help wake ray 1 up. I could definitely add some shadowboxing. Possibly, meeting my ex-husband about a week ago whom I haven't seen for about a decade and who trained me in the past was 'not a coincidence' Smiling With Sweat Emoji

I am definitely feeling it 'moving' and beginning to express.


I've done plenty of martial arts in my time and trained with some amazing masters. But I've never come across someone with such will and focus as this lady. How might it stimulate the ray 1 warrior in you? Notice there's no sense of anger, yet free flowing precision, focus and commitment...


Hi Apollonius - awesome, yes indeed we can help the collective by helping ourselves.

I often consider it like a library - you work through something, write an 'energy book' about it, which someone else can then call on in the collective library when they need something resonating on what you've 'written'.

Let's keep it unfolding!

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Dear Megha, 

what a great gift to be able to feel into the ancestral line... and confronting as well I presume. This thread is stirring up my feelings of guilt towards my father as well as a dream brought to the surface last night. I can't do anything and as a matter of fact I should not do anything. 'Coincidentally' a friend of mine told me today she had visited some sort of reading and was told that  her father was there in spirit as well. She was told that she was helping him a lot right now. But she couldn't understand why. I told her about the conversation we are having here on the forum and things started to click in place for her. Somehow her father is benefitting from the inner work she does. And isn't the whole collective benefitting from the work we do? I feel more and more what I'm processing through is not really about me but more about collective issues being opened up so others can more easily step through if they so choose. The idea of what is me is blurring....i guess clarity will come later, it mostly does.

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Here's my favourite band of the moment, because out there in the world right now, we need a lot of Foo Fighting! Just breathe in the energy of these guys for a moment (if you can hold it!). There's an entirely different sense of the Torus - like a Hurricane blasting over you and sweeping you up...


I found this a pretty amazing video. But when I watched it, the couple dissolved away. All I could see was the energy of two Twin Flames dancing as the universal Torus...


Dear Open and Apollonius ,

I loved the movie. For me( at this point )it seemed to be about healing inherited hurt and pain.And how the soul of the father eventually is healed with the courage of the sons willingness to face his pain head on . 

I am reading a wonderful book called ' It didn't start with you '. Both the authors own story and the message of the book - investigating  ,reconciling,then accepting completely ones genetic heritage of emotional dysfunction resonate strongly with me at this point. His method is to write down words and to use Integrated family systems  which uses the power  of ones imagination to connect with ancestors and feel into then let go of issues being passed down . Thought I would share . At present I'm deeply in process again. I held a women's circle and was immediately drawn to the second chakra . 

Im planning to go for a walk in the forest soon to help me integrate what feels like urgent and severe pain in the left side of my body . 


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Hi Megha, thanks for that perspective on the movie....the father being healed because of the son's courage. In a way this is applicable in my own life right now. I feel it's no use trying to 'fix' or change family. It's more like that quote from that other great movie, Gladiator: 'what we do in this life echoes in eternity' by Marcus Aurelius I think. Somebody will pick it up, will resonate with the healing we do on ourselves. 

i hope your walk in the forest brought you some integration.



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Dear Apollonius ,

I just had to share this with you. Today I took a deep breath and felt I to all the pain I could. And then spontaneously I saw images of my father ,his parents . I saw and felt their pain . My Grandfather lost his brother in a boating accident ,my grandma was treated badly by her in-laws perhaps out of insecurity ,etc. I just felt like I connected with the all the human hurt and foibles and pain and anger of that line . And suddenly I could see why I had such guilt about my Dad ( I couldn't save him from the pain ! ) . I also may have been his Mom who died early . It wasn't a forced intellectual conversation . I think it came from me being willing to feel in to the pain of that part of my family and engage with it in a very physical way. The pain in my left side has decreased but not entirely gone away. I am feeling lighter and much more alive somehow . 

I walk in the forest tomorrow - looking forward to that ! 

PS My dad's estranged sister contacted me today about selling off property that belongs to the family . 



Loved this one also. I love how it truthfully depicts the process of letting go and moving through grief. And that it might require different attempts...


I'm daring you all, to strip off the garments of control,
to dissolve the baggage of need, of should do, of must do, of obligation,
of fitting in, to shatter the glass ceiling of limitation.
Just for one moment to be you, all you, and nothing but you.
And the rest, will simply take care of itself. Can you dare to be this free?....


As I was looking for a different binary beat this morning, this popped up. what came to mind was, what a prefect Pixies Wonderland. The last flower happened to be purple.


Hey jen,

Its great that it was synchronistic for you jen. Thanks for the kind words. Warms my heart :) Honestly i like to be acknowledged as being honest because of the self judgement in being inauthentic myself. I just felt to google perfectionism and clutter and this came up. It really resonated for me and was surprising to find that perfectionism actually creates clutter and disorder. I also relates with looking for the perfect decision to land which postpones the simple steps which creates inertia and makes the difference. I was also seeing maybe its not perfectionism im looking for but arrangement/managing/order/effortlessness/effectiveness etc. And perfectionism is a distortion of these qualities. I went ahead and did some of the simple things that i was postponing and felt really good about it. To me i think its the unrealistic expectation i have ,the feeling of not being good enough and what others think etc which is behind perfectionism. This is what i'm seeing most now and letting go of that feels very liberating - like a weight being lifted of my shoulders. I also resonated with her words how the okayness/acceptance of our imperfections empowers others to be vulnerable and be the same.

Its interesting im starting to see my reflections in this kid whom i have been 'teaching' for more than a year .His sister has autism and because of that his parents expects from him a great deal. And maybe because of this he tries so hard and get frustrated. And the very trying limits his authentic expression. I want to see him break free from this limitation and let go of my expectation and accept us both as exactly as we are! When i'm being empathic and compassionate to him i can be the same towards myself and remind myself to take it light and easy.

Vimal <3

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Hey there Vimal! 

I really enjoyed reading your sharing and recognize aspects of my journey within it as well. I could write a ton about this but will try to be concise =). 

Yes, it is really so helpful to see what's behind these energies...I can relate to a yearning for order, harmony and effectiveness. It's so encouraging to see these underlying qualities and inquire within how those might come forward. In a way, it seems this is the underlying movement of the Universe to finer expresssions of harmony.  I have seen how I may begin to orchestrate harmony or "best path forward" from a place of control or based on only rational thinking. This came forward really strongly last year when a powerful hurricane was heading for this area. I was so pulled in two directions that I couldn't move and just spun and spun in my mind - churning up panic and a cloud of dust around me. At some point it came to me that I had to just be in the indecision and feel all the fears that were surrounding the inability to move forward. In a moment of exhaustion from all the efforting, I became open to what next step might be given if I stop trying to figure it out and quite rapidly answers came ...through an email from a friend just posing a question that cut through all the dust and I found myself moving forward. 

Yes, these high expectations for oneself is one I recognize as well...recently I have been inquiring about all "the shoulds" I subconsciously carry around and the impact of this bag of's become clear to me that rather than questioning all these things I am to be/do/say/achieve, I have instead questioned my value based on my inability to meet these standards. And yes, I imagine this is a huge weight to feel released from Vimal...I too have watched this changing within me, just letting me BE ....such an expression of love. To touch the simplicity and the beauty of that acceptance just as we are AND at the same time continue to unfold more, face the fears, attachments etc. I, like you, am finding great lightness and courage in that. 

I love what you shared about the child you are spending time with. What a beautiful mirror you have drawn...and yes, yes, yes, it's powerful to witness the magic of how it's all connected. <3 Thanks so much for your sharing! Jen


One of the best soul stirring speech i have ever seen on movies. Al pacino in the Scent of a women. 


Came across this video on tumblr today, and it's so sweet and heartwarming, I wanted to share it:

Yes, it's an ad, but it's also very lovely and oddly fitting.

Stupid invisible onions


Tried posting this under Openhand's inspiring music thread but another soundtrack keeps coming up so am posting here. This is a follow up to Open's post today on Facebook: "I work not to fix on things in the future. I keep them in perspective yes, but remember the landscape can, and will, change as you take a step into it. So I find it always pays to stay light of foot, and keep alternative possibilities in my periphery. Sending love, Open" I've been feeling heavy these past few days, heartsick about a loved one's pain and struggles; lots of grief, sorrow, and guilt coming up. I'm aware now I've been carrying those feelings into the future so Open's post is a good reminder to stay light of foot. Here's a delightful video/song that an Openhander posted on FB today that captures flowing like water, stepping lightly, open to joy amidst the heartache. Parov Sellar's All Night. Enjoy! x Cathy


This thread on the Openhand forum is called Inspiring Videos. Personally, I'm inspired big time by fun and humour especially when combined with spirituality. Just couldn't resist posting this wee bit 'o Scottish humour. Finlay Wilson is the cool dude who made the video. He is based in the UK and came to yoga after rehabilitating from surgery on his legs. He now uses his experience, knowledge, and sensitivity to work with people who have complex physical needs. Enjoy the light touch, guys! I sure did! :) Cathy


I am up to positive harmonising co-creation, constructive construction and constructive destruction... love, fun, play, nature, friends, lots of laughter, 'cuz jokes are all around hhh, as well as to facing the challenges upfront and blowing or aligning the infra-structures that don't work this way. What are you up to? :) Cheers


Glorious dance of light, music, and technology entitled "Pleiades" by Japanese dance troupe, Enra. Spirit breaking free! Exhilarating! Feels like what's going down with Openhanders these days! x Cathy