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Here's Openhand's long running inspiring spiritual videos thread. Enjoy...

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Thanks for sharing this again Marije. I actually see this as a 5D way of living. When all the cities, towns, buildings, roads, planes, cars etc etc have fallen away, then within the spirit light body, we become at-one with nature again. Seems like he's got a head start!

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The Celestine Prophecy is such an inspiring book and film for the Journey of Ascension. It's especially invaluable right at this time of the control drama in society, because you witness how to move beyond the drama so that you're transcending it - it's becoming less and less a part of your reality.

In looking for a clip I wanted to share, I came across the whole movie posted for free. Take on some quality time and drink in the inspiration...

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Thanks for the full movie download sharing Open . Its one of those books that moved me deeply at the very 

beginning of my " awakening path " back in 1998 - within the same period , i was invited to bath into the Us Southwest 

Mystical energies of Arizona & follow each sign presented on my path - felt Magical & Mystical . 

I am sure many will surely enjoy watching this movie again .... in the same vein as the " Peaceful warrior " . 


Interesting new series about the sun turning into a destructive force as a result of a polarity reversal..

Thank you for posting, Open, very inspiring, reminds me of the times when I did kickboxing and practiced some shadowboxing. Recently I've been walking, dancing and listening to some music to help wake ray 1 up. I could definitely add some shadowboxing. Possibly, meeting my ex-husband about a week ago whom I haven't seen for about a decade and who trained me in the past was 'not a coincidence' Smiling With Sweat Emoji

I am definitely feeling it 'moving' and beginning to express.

I've done plenty of martial arts in my time and trained with some amazing masters. But I've never come across someone with such will and focus as this lady. How might it stimulate the ray 1 warrior in you? Notice there's no sense of anger, yet free flowing precision, focus and commitment...

Hi Apollonius - awesome, yes indeed we can help the collective by helping ourselves.

I often consider it like a library - you work through something, write an 'energy book' about it, which someone else can then call on in the collective library when they need something resonating on what you've 'written'.

Let's keep it unfolding!

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Dear Megha, 

what a great gift to be able to feel into the ancestral line... and confronting as well I presume. This thread is stirring up my feelings of guilt towards my father as well as a dream brought to the surface last night. I can't do anything and as a matter of fact I should not do anything. 'Coincidentally' a friend of mine told me today she had visited some sort of reading and was told that  her father was there in spirit as well. She was told that she was helping him a lot right now. But she couldn't understand why. I told her about the conversation we are having here on the forum and things started to click in place for her. Somehow her father is benefitting from the inner work she does. And isn't the whole collective benefitting from the work we do? I feel more and more what I'm processing through is not really about me but more about collective issues being opened up so others can more easily step through if they so choose. The idea of what is me is blurring....i guess clarity will come later, it mostly does.

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Here's my favourite band of the moment, because out there in the world right now, we need a lot of Foo Fighting! Just breathe in the energy of these guys for a moment (if you can hold it!). There's an entirely different sense of the Torus - like a Hurricane blasting over you and sweeping you up...

Dear Open and Apollonius ,

I loved the movie. For me( at this point )it seemed to be about healing inherited hurt and pain.And how the soul of the father eventually is healed with the courage of the sons willingness to face his pain head on . 

I am reading a wonderful book called ' It didn't start with you '. Both the authors own story and the message of the book - investigating  ,reconciling,then accepting completely ones genetic heritage of emotional dysfunction resonate strongly with me at this point. His method is to write down words and to use Integrated family systems  which uses the power  of ones imagination to connect with ancestors and feel into then let go of issues being passed down . Thought I would share . At present I'm deeply in process again. I held a women's circle and was immediately drawn to the second chakra . 

Im planning to go for a walk in the forest soon to help me integrate what feels like urgent and severe pain in the left side of my body . 


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Hi Megha, thanks for that perspective on the movie....the father being healed because of the son's courage. In a way this is applicable in my own life right now. I feel it's no use trying to 'fix' or change family. It's more like that quote from that other great movie, Gladiator: 'what we do in this life echoes in eternity' by Marcus Aurelius I think. Somebody will pick it up, will resonate with the healing we do on ourselves. 

i hope your walk in the forest brought you some integration.



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Dear Apollonius ,

I just had to share this with you. Today I took a deep breath and felt I to all the pain I could. And then spontaneously I saw images of my father ,his parents . I saw and felt their pain . My Grandfather lost his brother in a boating accident ,my grandma was treated badly by her in-laws perhaps out of insecurity ,etc. I just felt like I connected with the all the human hurt and foibles and pain and anger of that line . And suddenly I could see why I had such guilt about my Dad ( I couldn't save him from the pain ! ) . I also may have been his Mom who died early . It wasn't a forced intellectual conversation . I think it came from me being willing to feel in to the pain of that part of my family and engage with it in a very physical way. The pain in my left side has decreased but not entirely gone away. I am feeling lighter and much more alive somehow . 

I walk in the forest tomorrow - looking forward to that ! 

PS My dad's estranged sister contacted me today about selling off property that belongs to the family . 


Loved this one also. I love how it truthfully depicts the process of letting go and moving through grief. And that it might require different attempts...

I went to see the documentary Anthropocene today at a nearby film festival, which portrays the impact humans have made on the planet. Although beautifully shot, the documentary is quite confronting at the same time and it left me feeling sad, powerless and ashamed to be a human being.... It brought up feelings of just wanting to be dead, so as to stop my own footprint contributing to this destruction. Even living consciously within the system, I feel my mere existence on this planet still has a massive negative contribution, whether I like it or not.....

Not very uplifting thoughts, but if you have a chance to go and see this documentary, I would still recommend it nevertheless!

I'm daring you all, to strip off the garments of control,
to dissolve the baggage of need, of should do, of must do, of obligation,
of fitting in, to shatter the glass ceiling of limitation.
Just for one moment to be you, all you, and nothing but you.
And the rest, will simply take care of itself. Can you dare to be this free?....

As I was looking for a different binary beat this morning, this popped up. what came to mind was, what a prefect Pixies Wonderland. The last flower happened to be purple.

Hi Vimal and Jen,

Synchronistic topic indeed! I just wanted to chip in and say that I very much resonate with what you both shared. I also belong to the tribe of perfectionists aka. people who feel they are never good enough and hence very self-critical/judgemental. There is a lot more to share on this topic, but perhaps I wait until Jen's article, rather than to let this conversation unfold within the inspiring videos forum :). 



Hey jen,

Its great that it was synchronistic for you jen. Thanks for the kind words. Warms my heart :) Honestly i like to be acknowledged as being honest because of the self judgement in being inauthentic myself. I just felt to google perfectionism and clutter and this came up. It really resonated for me and was surprising to find that perfectionism actually creates clutter and disorder. I also relates with looking for the perfect decision to land which postpones the simple steps which creates inertia and makes the difference. I was also seeing maybe its not perfectionism im looking for but arrangement/managing/order/effortlessness/effectiveness etc. And perfectionism is a distortion of these qualities. I went ahead and did some of the simple things that i was postponing and felt really good about it. To me i think its the unrealistic expectation i have ,the feeling of not being good enough and what others think etc which is behind perfectionism. This is what i'm seeing most now and letting go of that feels very liberating - like a weight being lifted of my shoulders. I also resonated with her words how the okayness/acceptance of our imperfections empowers others to be vulnerable and be the same.

Its interesting im starting to see my reflections in this kid whom i have been 'teaching' for more than a year .His sister has autism and because of that his parents expects from him a great deal. And maybe because of this he tries so hard and get frustrated. And the very trying limits his authentic expression. I want to see him break free from this limitation and let go of my expectation and accept us both as exactly as we are! When i'm being empathic and compassionate to him i can be the same towards myself and remind myself to take it light and easy.

Vimal <3

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Hey there Vimal! 

I really enjoyed reading your sharing and recognize aspects of my journey within it as well. I could write a ton about this but will try to be concise =). 

Yes, it is really so helpful to see what's behind these energies...I can relate to a yearning for order, harmony and effectiveness. It's so encouraging to see these underlying qualities and inquire within how those might come forward. In a way, it seems this is the underlying movement of the Universe to finer expresssions of harmony.  I have seen how I may begin to orchestrate harmony or "best path forward" from a place of control or based on only rational thinking. This came forward really strongly last year when a powerful hurricane was heading for this area. I was so pulled in two directions that I couldn't move and just spun and spun in my mind - churning up panic and a cloud of dust around me. At some point it came to me that I had to just be in the indecision and feel all the fears that were surrounding the inability to move forward. In a moment of exhaustion from all the efforting, I became open to what next step might be given if I stop trying to figure it out and quite rapidly answers came ...through an email from a friend just posing a question that cut through all the dust and I found myself moving forward. 

Yes, these high expectations for oneself is one I recognize as well...recently I have been inquiring about all "the shoulds" I subconsciously carry around and the impact of this bag of's become clear to me that rather than questioning all these things I am to be/do/say/achieve, I have instead questioned my value based on my inability to meet these standards. And yes, I imagine this is a huge weight to feel released from Vimal...I too have watched this changing within me, just letting me BE ....such an expression of love. To touch the simplicity and the beauty of that acceptance just as we are AND at the same time continue to unfold more, face the fears, attachments etc. I, like you, am finding great lightness and courage in that. 

I love what you shared about the child you are spending time with. What a beautiful mirror you have drawn...and yes, yes, yes, it's powerful to witness the magic of how it's all connected. <3 Thanks so much for your sharing! Jen

Came across this video on tumblr today, and it's so sweet and heartwarming, I wanted to share it:

Yes, it's an ad, but it's also very lovely and oddly fitting.

Stupid invisible onions

Tried posting this under Openhand's inspiring music thread but another soundtrack keeps coming up so am posting here. This is a follow up to Open's post today on Facebook:

"I work not to fix on things in the future. I keep them in perspective yes, but remember the landscape can, and will, change as you take a step into it. So I find it always pays to stay light of foot, and keep alternative possibilities in my periphery. Sending love, Open"

I've been feeling heavy these past few days, heartsick about a loved one's pain and struggles; lots of grief, sorrow, and guilt coming up. I'm aware now I've been carrying those feelings into the future so Open's post is a good reminder to stay light of foot. Here's a delightful video/song that an Openhander posted on FB today that captures flowing like water, stepping lightly, open to joy amidst the heartache.

Parov Sellar's All Night. Enjoy! x Cathy

Watch this!

 'and f*ck anyone that tells you to suck it up to change the way you feel in order to heighten your vibration, to be at peace, when you most certainly feel like fire is blazing out of your belly'

This thread on the Openhand forum is called Inspiring Videos. Personally, I'm inspired big time by fun and humour especially when combined with spirituality. Just couldn't resist posting this wee bit 'o Scottish humour. Finlay Wilson is the cool dude who made the video. He is based in the UK and came to yoga after rehabilitating from surgery on his legs. He now uses his experience, knowledge, and sensitivity to work with people who have complex physical needs. Enjoy the light touch, guys! I sure did! :) Cathy

I am up to positive harmonising co-creation, constructive construction and constructive destruction... love, fun, play, nature, friends, lots of laughter, 'cuz jokes are all around hhh, as well as to facing the challenges upfront and blowing or aligning the infra-structures that don't work this way.

What are you up to? :)


Glorious dance of light, music, and technology entitled "Pleiades" by Japanese dance troupe, Enra. Spirit breaking free! Exhilarating! Feels like what's going down with Openhanders these days! x Cathy

Hi Amber,

Thanks for the heads up! After I found the movie fully sold out last week before I got my hands on a ticket, I went to see it this morning and it is was so worth it! So much ancient wisdom about our connection with the earth and nature packed in one movie! It made me wonder where we got lost as human beings, as much of this knowledge has been there, but many have chosen to ignore it....
I am sure the movie will become available with English, rather than Dutch subtitles, in the future and might start screening abroad (or perhaps online) as well, so keep an eye on the movie's website in the future. By the way, a medicine woman on an island in the Northern Territories is one of the people featured in the movie.

with love!

thanks heaps for posting the down to earth video Marye, ill definately be looking out for when this video screens in Aus.

ps: A little explosion of "rightness" hit me when i saw that your exploring this :D -yeah girl!!


This week a new documentary called 'Down to Earth' has been released in the Netherlands, and I am excited that there will be screenings around my corner this week. Not sure when it will be released internationally, but seems definitely something to watch out for!

"We felt an urge to break away, to break out of the system"

'Down to Earth is a thought-provoking cinematic experience of the ancient, earthly wisdom. It's taking us on an inner journey, reconnecting us with our source and the mutual path we are walking. From the heart of the Amazon, to the jungles of India, from the Australian outback to the Kalahari Dessert, from the Andes to the banks of Lake Superior, we meet one-to-one with the Earth Keepers. Humble, connected individuals are still connected to the Earth, the Elements and to the Other Worlds. They have retained a natural balance and live in harmony with All That Is. Having lived in hiding for centuries, the Keepers of the Earth see that now is the time to step forward and share their insights and wisdom with those who are ready to listen.'

You can watch the trailer here (worth watching!):

or visit the documentary's website:

Visual Artist, Alessia Fortuna, calls this exquisitely beautiful, harmonious blend of fractals, sounds, and colours, "Vibration of the Fifth Dimension." Deeply relaxing, peaceful, and uplifting, at least for me, and perhaps for some of you out there.

Peace, amigos.

x Cathy

I'm aware the poem "If" has been parodied by some and others focus on the distortions of Rudyard Kipling and that's okay. All I can say is that his poem, written for his son, touches my heart deeply every time I read it, and I have read it many times when experiencing major challenges and losses in my life, and it inspired me to keep going no matter what. These are challenging times. I am feeling my own fear and the fear of others, so I offer the recitation of "If" by Sir Michael Caine in the event it inspires others to take heart and pluck up their courage. The full poem is included below the link to the video. I read the poem as beyond gender. The poem reflects Victorian stoicism which I have been well steeped in although in another decade. Thankfully, I have learned to express my losses when it feels right to do so and to stay silent when that feels right.

Much Love,


If by Rudyard Kipling

"If you can keep your head when all about you
Are losing theirs and blaming it on you,
If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you,
But make allowance for their doubting too;
If you can wait and not be tired by waiting,
Or being lied about, don’t deal in lies,
Or being hated, don’t give way to hating,
And yet don’t look too good, nor talk too wise:

If you can dream—and not make dreams your master;
If you can think—and not make thoughts your aim;
If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster
And treat those two impostors just the same;
If you can bear to hear the truth you’ve spoken
Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools,
Or watch the things you gave your life to, broken,
And stoop and build ’em up with worn-out tools:

If you can make one heap of all your winnings
And risk it on one turn of pitch-and-toss,
And lose, and start again at your beginnings
And never breathe a word about your loss;
If you can force your heart and nerve and sinew
To serve your turn long after they are gone,
And so hold on when there is nothing in you
Except the Will which says to them: ‘Hold on!’

If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue,
Or walk with Kings—nor lose the common touch,
If neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you,
If all men count with you, but none too much;
If you can fill the unforgiving minute
With sixty seconds’ worth of distance run,
Yours is the Earth and everything that’s in it,
And—which is more—you’ll be a Man, my son!"

It's brilliant, I agree, and there is some alignment with the Openhand Approach - with a caveat. The "You" he's referring to, is the absolute presence - "The Seer", which is not manifest. But there is also a "You" which is manifest; it is the expression of the Seer. Which is the Soul and where the Soul gets bound up in the illusion - which causes depression (for example). here's the video...

The problem comes when we talk about simply "non-identifying". If "you" simply decide to drop the experience (of depression, for example) like "dropping the proverbial hot coals" (as spoken of in many mainstream spiritual texts and practices), then the risk is, you're creating an identity that is doing this. And the presence you access, is not presence at all, but simply a bubble of Unity Consciousness - it's what people often are connecting with when they say "you are love" or speak of being "love and light".

  • It's a common trap by the "shadow identity" I speak of in 5GATEWAYS. The shadow identity is not the same as the false self ego. It is much finer and subtler. It's an aspect of soul, which is not yet fully self-realised, yet knows how to behave like the mainstream of the soul - the self-realised aspect or "True Self". This shadow is the trickster and can be very difficult to 'smoke out'. I spoke about this in Gateway 4 on the pathway to Enlightenment - true Enlightenment.


The ultimate key to Enlightenment, is to be able to be in and through all things, including that which has made you depressed, and yet not be depressed by it - to be able to be in the fullness of the expression, not at all distanced from it. Especially it is to be able to find the truth in it, at the core of it. This may sound similar to what he was saying, but there is a vital difference that I pick up - a shadow identity speaking about it. Before dropping the depression, the key is to ask "Why am I depressed? What's causing it?" You see, within the depression, within that eddy current of consciousness, is a fragment of your soul which is stuck, for some reason. Why is it stuck? And if you simply say, "I am not depressed" and pop out of it, you don't reclaim that fragment of soul that was/is buried there.

  • I worked with you on this exact point Marye on the last 5GATEWAYS in Belgium. You were 'sitting on your stuff' and rejecting it. Which is why it wasn't truly processing. But on the last day, you did surrender into it, and began to express it outwards, which meant it was clearing, and so you were enlightening through it.


That's why here at Openhand, we encourage people to actively get into the eddy current - into the distortion. To fully own and express it out into your world. What happens then, is you 'normalise' in it. You accept it as okay without judging it or even needing it to go away. You become so as-One with the heat - that you become the heat. Then you are truly The One in it. What might be the truthful, aligned and authentic feeling at the core of depression? Take boredom for example - needing some kind of distraction or entertainment. Yet the soul, when aligned and self-realised (realising of The One), could sit timelessly without the need of any distraction at all. Pure beingness becomes pleasurable in its emptiness - as an experience. The soul pleasures itself in the nothingness. Or maybe someone gets depressed because of the Pain of Existence - not being able to turn off the experience of relativity. But instead of popping out into some illusionary, disconnected bubble, you go right into the heart of the distraction - the pain - until you become so as-One with it, you normalise in it. Then the illusion that holds you truly bursts. The noise of the universe will always be there. But You - as The One - don't need it to go away. The Pain of Existence bursts open as a distortion that was owning you. Even meditation and spiritual practices such as yoga can become a distraction from pure being. From pure acceptance and tolerance of experience - all experience. It's something to be careful of. This is when you become totally free. Truly free. You could be in any experience - even in the middle of a war zone - and you are totally okay, totally at-One. You'd accept the war zone was a necessary expression of light breaking through the darkness. You wouldn't resent it, nor need it to go away. This is true peace. Namaste Open