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Here's Openhand's long running inspiring spiritual videos thread. Enjoy...


I had vision of me and the earth holding hands and flying together into the light. I always felt like we were best friends and now this feeling is intensifying.

I was experiencing so much pain about what is going on with this planet and after this vision I finally feel peace. I know where we're going.

This video somehow made me feel that again. Almost as if the earth itself is talking to me. So beautiful.

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this is truly beautiful! thank you Yulia.
i deeply resonate with the hand movements of the woman in red...

and the music is one of my favourites from the film entitled and about the life of Bab Aziz (a sufi teacher not many know of...)

... and it might not have much with what touched you, but never mind: i've had sufi life memory fragments before and when i first heard the music and saw extracts of the film i went into a trance - basically...

i attach a little extract as a taster - maybe the whole film is not even worth watching but this you might like Yulia :-)
lovelove, R

Sorry for the Hun subtitles, but here's a couple of quotes from the extract above, not in order...

Isthar (the boy): "Bab Aziz, we will certainly loose our way in the desert."
Bab Aziz: "Isthar, those who are truely at peace with themselves can never loose their way."

At the movie's end, when Bab'Aziz undoes his turban and sits down in his own grave to await his death, a young man asks him why he is so calm. "Death is the end of everything" the young man cries out anxiously. Bathed in tranquility, Bab'Aziz patiently replies, "How can it be the end of everything when it doesn't have a beginning?"

And then he goes on:
“If the baby in the darkness of its mother’s womb were told: “Outside there is a world of life , with high mountains, great seas, undulating planes, beautiful gardens in blossom, a sky full of stars, and a blazing sun … And you, facing all these marvels, stay enclosed in this darkness …” The unborn child, knowing nothing about these marvels, would not believe any of these. Like us, when we are facing death. That’s why we’re afraid.
- But there can’t be light in death because it‘s the end of everything.
- How can death be end of something that doesn’t have a beginning? Hassan, my son, don’t be sad at my wedding night.
- Your wedding night?
- Yes. My marriage with eternity.”

The Poem of the Atoms goes like:
"O day, arise! The atoms are dancing.
Thanks to Him the universe is dancing.
The souls are dancing, overcome with ecstasy.
I'll whisper in your ear where their dance is taking them.
All the atoms in the air and in the desert Know well, they seem insane.
Every single atom, happy or miserable,
Becomes enamored of the sun,
of which nothing can be said."

I know that commercial of trucks might look a bit weird on this site, but I was very inspired by this one, because it carries a different vibe, a different message from what I'm used to sense in ads. This is the kind of commercial that says: we're moving some place else, to another way, another world. It has a touch of humanness and nature, there is stillness and peace in it, and it's just beautiful.

I was amazed when I saw it. I could immediately empathise with how he might be feeling as the trucks pulled apart. Whatever you may think, whether there's ego or not in testing oneself in this way, it would take enormous surrender to do something like it. I've never been that aligned with Van Damme's 'artistry', but I take my hat off to him on this one!

I've also never been a fan of his work. Here he is different. More mature, more humble, even somewhat broken (in a good way). In the early days you could feel the ego doing the splits. Now it's like a test of trust. At least this is what I am getting. It adds a lot to the ad :D

I saw this too, held my breath as I watched it. I switched off a little when I saw it was Van Damme, probably on account of his past advertising roles, and instead marvelled at the precision of the trucks (drivers) I that matrixy that I fell for the marketing so utterly as per the intended hook. ha ha

Ultimately for me it does feel very matrixy and ching ching, with over 13 million hits in 24 hours, I'm sure they are happy. On a personal level for Van Damme feels like he's reclaiming some of his artistic dignity previously lost.

Am I taking it and myself a bit too seriously perhaps :).
On a lighter note, something I'm likely to never forget watching.

Can't shake the feeling of a pure soul being surrounded by everything that is wrong with modern day society, corporate influence, advertising and corrupting the mind and whatnot. But here I am on youtube clicking the advertisement away and being glad to be able to listen to it through the internet. Modern day paradoxes I guess

We search for Him here and there
while looking right at Him.
Sitting by His side we ask,
"O Beloved, where is the Beloved?"
Enough with such questions! --
Let silence take you to the core of life.
All your talk is worthless
When compared to one whisper
of the Beloved.

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The connection of the two seems effortless. Their expression is powerful and their synergy is breathtaking. a stunning video..thank you for showing this today

Brilliant! I am hoping to lose a few things coming out there this summer but I think I am going to pick myself up one of these accents while I'm there.

It's a powerful video indeed Yulia - this mass extinction 'possibility' is becoming increasingly talked about by those ready to embrace it.

Life here cannot continue where the consciousness is so out of alignment. And it appears as if mankind has no collective will as yet to really do something about it. I think like him, that when faced with very survival, that may well offer the mirror to cause mankind to embrace his spiritual nature.

Time will tell.


PS - can you remember our sweat lodge? You certainly couldn't walk out of it!

This is so inspiring. I am really happy to see the new vibration coming through the media, sending people a message, showing them they have a choice...

Thanks for posting - wow he is so right on it sends shivers, wander where he is from? x

What a well of gems! I loved it

Quotes from the video:

"We spend the first year of a child's life teaching them to walk and talk and the rest of its life to shut up and sit down. There's something wrong there." - Neil deGrasse Tyson

"When you conduct science, this is the natural world that is the ultimate decider of what is true and what is not"

"I think that the greatest of people that have ever been in society, they were never versions of someone else, they were themselves"

"If everyone had the luxury of expressing the unique combination of their talents in this world, our society would be transformed overnight"

Amazing! And what I love most is that he looks like he's having fun, rather than performing or trying to impress anybody... Just look at this - the joy on his face, even when challenged. He's just so playful and free, something we all can be like if we choose to! Yey :D

ah, lovely.

'life is a mysetry to be lived, not a problem to be solved.'

The gorgeous images and gentle, soothing sounds of the piano and violin fill my heart with peace, wonder, and beauty. And I love this quote especially:

"There is surely nothing other than the single purpose of the present moment…" Yamamoto Tsunetomo

Thank you, Yulia. x Catherine

This, to me, is how it feels to be in the flow. It can be fast, it can be slow, it can take all kinds of forms or waves, but one thing is there - a sense of perfection and flawless connection.

Nothing to think about, nothing to attempt, but let a perfect movement come in the perfect moment. When it is there, everybody can feel it, and I feel that deep inside this is what we miss so much before we are out of the way enough to let this magnificence take place through us - be a part of this, a part of something that has no name or definition, but something we all know exists, deep in our hearts.

I believe there can be no internal peace as long as one cannot dance this perfect dance, in his own unique way. Not even as intended practice or a desired state, but as a way of being. This is when I feel my heart is at peace, and there is nothing in this or any other world that can take it away, dim it, interrupt, disturb or destroy it.

Yuki from Johan Planefeldt on Vimeo.

Beautifully inspiring. Thanks, Yulia. I live on a busy street with constant noises of traffic clatter, so finding serenity deep within the storm and chaos of the matrix, symbolized by the rattling train passing by, resonates strongly with me. Yukia's fluid watery movements, interspersed with powerful and firm "stand and hold" arm/fist pumps, feel like the perfect blend of divine masculine purpose and divine feminine surrender and acceptance. The perfect dance, the perfect way of being as you so aptly describe it. Peace, ahhhhhhh, yes. x Catherine

I don't know if it fits the Openhand philosophy or vibe, but it definitely stirred some stuff in me and moved me deeply.

Openhand's work comforts, encourages and helps a lot. And there are more and more people talking, sharing. This one really gave me strength to keep moving on.


Thanks for sharing the video Yulia and thank you to Openhand. It is only because of working with them that I am able to watch the video and recognize the truths he shared as well as the distortion a in his message.

Hey Kim

I do this all the time - see the truth and the distortions. In my perception and observation, there are distortions everywhere, in everything and absolutely everyone.
This is just how things are. Existence is build not upon the light, but the distortions of it, places where there are shadows, where it gets broken, reflected, etc. Experiences are all about that. And this is why there is no truth and no purity, just relative degree of harmony, and possible evolution of it in time.

There is no completeness in things, people, sensations, but still, one can feel complete within his incompleteness.

This is why I don't see a problem with people being distorted and being still inspired and learn from them. I see distortions in most evolved people I've met too. I also have a very high sensitivity to that, and to denial too :-) But I don't feel the need to fix all this anymore. I used to. Focus on the wrong stuff, rejecting, judging. What does that serve exactly? I just realize more and more that it doesn't. And what kind of purity can one look for in this place?

It is all a matter of perspective, I find.

I can look at Trin's comment, for example, and feel the distortions of it, or I can see the light, funny and bright side of it, or both. And add to it my own reflections of light and my distorted perceptions. Then reflections and realizations come... And it was just a small comment. In this way every little experience has the potential of this kind of unraveling.

And in all cases I will learn something about myself.

There is really no need for perfection and absolute purity in order to experience, communicate and grow. Quite on the opposite.

So all this is a gift, in whatever way we take it :-)

And just when the judgement of distortions we see goes, suddenly there is no "good and bad" anymore, just our own experience of it all.

Hi Yulia,

You said...

    "I do this all the time - see the truth and the distortions."

Yes, but unless we actually put our attention on the truth, focus and harness it, the tendency is to dissipate our energy and run around in a depleting fizz.


This is a song written by John Beltzer, a supporter of the Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary. He also compiled the video.

So beautiful <3... After a challenging day of working with dropping into what felt like very dense environments... This is like a soothing balm for the soul. Thank you!

This heartwarming and uplifting video came into my FB newsfeed today. Mr. Rogers' beautiful, compassionate, loving presence touches my soul so deeply and brings tears to my eyes. His spirit calls out to be shared here in this Openhand neighbourhood. x Catherine

Thanks for sharing Catherine,

That was awesome, I was very touched by the second half. Just what I needed...

Love, Fiona

A friend posted this 8-minute, TED talk video by Meggan Watterson on Facebook today. It's about bringing women into the divine equation. Because we most certainly have been left out in this matrix. I am so moved by her words. Perhaps her video will touch you, as well.

x Catherine

"Seven years in the making, UNITY is a new documentary that explores humanity’s hopeful transformation from living by killing into living by loving. It is a unique film about compassion for all beings or all “expressions of life...."

This video will inspire you to hold strong to who you are and express your uniqueness. (Source YouTube).
One of the most liberating things you can do for yourself is not to take anything that happens to you in life personally. We can be so chained to and desperate for the approval of others, that we alter who we are, and allow our wellbeing and happiness to be knocked off centre when a person in our life rejects us or gives us the disapproving eye.
Letting go of results and watch...

Enjoy !

Hi Yulia - welcome back to Openhand - good to 'see' you. *OK*

You've picked a very enigmatic way to greet us again - amazing.
I always experienced the universe as an in-breath and an out-breath simultaneously.

The video is (for me) also fascinating because it seems to imply (toward the end) the decay of form. Interesting that the makers tied chromosomes into it. I see the engineering of Homo Sapiens' chromosomes causing a lot of the degeneration happening to humanity today. So maybe this theme somehow found it's way in there.

I guess it reveals you've been on a fair old journey too?!

Deeply intriguing!

Open :-)