The Transfiguration 2015 - the Rolling Journal

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Openhand's annual level 3 course "The Transfiguration" begins today, from our home base here in Glastonbury. It'll be the ninth year; it's packed full of transcendent experiences for our intrepid participants. And we'd like for you all in the community to join us here too - 'through the ether'. We're holding a consciousness space, for the higher flow to come through and help unravel. Distance is no object. So we'll involve you as much as possible, with parallel suggestions as to how you might work on your evolution in your own life. The 'omens' are good. Just yesterday, as we were preparing, I noticed this dragonfly on a leaf in our pond. It's clearly helping a dragonfly nymph out of its old skin. Now if that's not synchronicity, I don't know what is! Here are just a few photos of past courses to get you into the mood...

A big Hug after those intense "Diad" Processes After tears of joy or sadness, laughter was always just around the corner... Singing for joy, connecting with nature and balancing the chakras during this beautiful 'singing chakra meditation'... Another few layers lifted. An Openhand Angel at peace... "You've found that lovin feeling. Woah that loving feeling..." Singing in the woods on the earth spirit walk. Who can forget the deep vibes? And the pixies came to summon some extra energy! Time for intense processing in the wood... And after the processing has subsided, deeply relaxing in the hammock... Smiles from Lesley... Calling in the energy for the transformational sweat lodge... The Team hot tub - taking it easy of an evening... A couple of hobbits lapping up curry and sunshine... "Your focus needs more focus grasshopper"... "Is that a plane or a bird?" No, it's the group performing the Openhand Owl Movement... Who turned the lights out?... SoulMotion on the hill... Reach for the skies! Deep meditational contemplations in session... And the joys of sharing those deep inner discoveries... A playful (or should I say mischievous) bunch :)... The bodywork session in the meadow. Remember that deep consciousness bodywork done with presence and awareness can unleash and liberate the soul... Lesley always on hand for those magical fire ceremonies... The Warriors, ready for the Sweat Lodge... What better way to stir up an appetite? Who will ever forget Trinity's Conscious Kitchen... Lunch today was a delicious medley buffet of sun-dried tomato & ginger salad, raw sprouted sunflower seed pesto, curried chickpeas, sun-dried tomato tapenade, red pepper hummus and mint pea soup. Went down a treat... How we tucked in!... The delicious and healthy food helped all those deep contemplations: Caroline focused... Marjolyn letting go... Open with Joann unraveling and unwinding during a session today... After lots of unraveling Kim decides to contemplate with a hard earned cup of tea... Contemplating inner child identities today, what better place to go than to climb a tree and sit in the tree house. Well that's just what Martin did... Abi such a gorgeous being... These guys are ALWAYS laughing and smiling... See what I mean :) Music was never far away... With our very own backing group... Pennie on percussion... Jaq and Mike melodying... Myra delighting... Trinity busted - exposed from behind the lense... As always having a blast! And so the 9th party begins. Join us for more of those unforgettable magic moments...

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You are so absolutely hilarious - my sides often ache after reading your posts - 'for whom the bell tolls' - awesome!!! Thank you for the delight!



You heard the bell so no need for it to toll anymore! Thank you for sharing and inspiring us. Your example helps me to pay attention and attune more fully to the messages the Universe sends. Wishing you well as your adventure unfolds and you ascend ever higher into the heavens. Much love to you. <3

xxx Catherine


We have sold our house of 40 years, and some living arrangements are potentially unfolding. Through this process I’ve had some previously unconscious fears surface around finances.

The other day our smoke detector kept saying "Warning. Smoke detected" - it talks and sends alerts to my cell phone so it is quite 'dramatic'!! - and then the alarm would go off. This went on every 10 or 15 minutes for almost an hour. There was no smoke. It was a case of much ado about nothing – nothing to fear. Once I realized what it was telling me, the 'mal-functioning' smoke detector self-repaired.

Then a friend called in a panic about Greece, and the economy, and the wildfires in the west, worried that we will all be living on the streets etc. So much fear around.
My smoke detector episode helps to keep me in the understanding that there is nothing to fear.

The experiences of transfiguration are much bigger and more profound than a week can contain.

Thank you Openhand.


What a week we had! New insights keeps on unfolding and pieces of puzzle are just falling to their perfect places creating deeper understanding and clearing what ever has been occupying the space before on my way to profound unity and harmony. Process is very much still on and I love it! This week gave me so much more than I could have ever imagined for. Not only was I reconnected to my true self and true Home but I gained new family of Openhanders and sense of belonging in a way that I didn't know possible. I'm so grateful for Open for your dedication for us, the way you work leaves no stones unturned and I felt fully supported all the time during the retreat and still do even I'm back at home. So thank you. Thank you for Trinity for wonderful food and I'm so going to make that strawberry cake this weekend :) Thanks to all of you wonderful beings in the group, I got so much from all of you. And of course Oliver and Kim, thank you for holding my hand or giving me a push, whatever whenever was needed. You all are in my heart.
Big group hug xxx



My whole body has been missing Trinity's soulful food. I have cashews soaking to prepare this confection and I am trusting that this will turn out to be a 'top drawer' delight!!!
Love you all.


Hey Trinity,

How could we forget that wonderful delight? And now I'm remembering the strawberry icecream too - just the perfect treat after the sweatlodge.

And made all the more special since the strawberries were grown in your very own garden.

Much thanks for the delicious delights, Fiona


Ahhhh, you guys are super awesome. How wonderful to be a part of the family.


Wow, what a week, it just keeps going deeper and deeper.

Profound thanks Open and Openhand for the deep insight, clarity, encouragement, release and affirmations. Thanks for your support in allowing the old patterns and energies to fall away and hence allow space for my true self to emanate. What you create is truly miraculous!

Thank you Trinity for the awesome food, it was so nourishing and absolutely delicious. Thanks also for your beautiful smile and reassurances, and your divine bridge to the angelic realms (those moments after the lodge were very powerful for me).

Thank you Kim for your enthusiasm, passion and energy, you put so much into the week and I truly appreciate it. You have a great gift for organizing things and making things happen - brilliant. It was lovely to share with you.

Oliver, wow, your ability to work with the energy is amazing, what wonderful gifts you have. You are a fantastic facilitator and energy worker and I look forward to seeing your website soon :) Thank you!

Thank you to all the other participants, each of you brought gifts to me, whether it was a reflection of something I needed to see, a middle of the night walk to the Tor or a cup of peppermint tea. It was wonderful to share the cabin space with Grandmother Lodge in all her wisdom, compassion and fantastic sense of humour. With love and gratitude to each of you.

Thank you to Gaia, it was wonderful to feel her during the week. Thanks to Ilana, the supercat, who seemed to be tuning in to the energy and working with people in unique ways. Thanks for the ladybird larvae that appeared at two significant releasing points over the week. And of course the dragonflies. It was miraculous at the end of the week to watch one emerge from his old skin and come forth into the world anew - a pretty perfect synchronicity to complete the Transfiguration.

It's wonderful to read everyone's post, thanks to all those who were with us through the ether during the week too.

I now feel very light, open and trusting of right outcome. It feels like my perception of the world has altered and I feel more connected. I know that more will unfold in the days and weeks to come.

With immense gratitude, appreciation and love, Fiona


I am in transit home after an amazing week of exploration. I am grateful to all of you who went courageously into your stuff, shining the light of consciousness onto the uncounscious. It provided profound mirrors for me and it truely was an honor to support the process.
Yesterday I was rerouted on my bus because of a bad traffic jam and today the wheels are falling off my baggage, I can barely pull it anymore. Time to let it go:) Synchronicity speaks.
Much love to you all,


What an amazing week! Right into the density and out the other side. But it just keeps coming eh? Layer after layer of unfolding and processing.

Great to see many of my fellow course members posting. You are all an inspiration. We laughed and cried together. I will feel close to you all always after everything we experienced together.

And of course massive thanks to Open and Trinity, Kim and Oliver for all the loving support, space holding, facilitation and nurturing throughout the week. You're all stars!

So, back to daily life, but with a new outlook, purpose and sense of inner self. On we go!
Love to all


It was indeed a ride Margaret, and I too am grateful to all who were present in every way. Today I sensed the whisper of a fear that feels as old as time itself. In fact, it feels as though all fears are but an echo of this original fear. Last week set a lot into motion for all of us, and I feel great kinship with all who were present, supporting our mutual journey.
Thank you.


Wow. What a ride… deep into the darkness of the sub(un)conscious and back! Thank you all present physically and those who were holding the space for us through the ether. Big hug to Trinity for nurturing our bodies, to Open for being all-in and giving it all to us at every moment of the journey. Kim and Oliver, thank you for being our guardian angels and providing support in the moments of deep processing.

For me it’s been a profound spiritual voyage through the fear, disbelief and finally … joy. It was not what I expected, actually most of the experience was rather unexpected. Being more conscious now, I have committed to keeping my heart open no matter what experiences will unfold. I will go right through the pain and paralyzing distortion because I’m simply not afraid of it anymore. Also because I’ve been there and came out on the other side. And to me, the other side feels like… the moor… serene, ancient, alive… and Lisa Gerard “I am Free" is playing in the background ;-). So that is where I've arrived, how I transfigured. This is where I live from now.

As those who were there are aware, part of my adopted personality disappeared in the process and I’m happy to announce that the true self is slowly beginning to occupy the vacant space. :-)

I love you all so much! <3



Hey all you fantastic brothers and sisters,

Well, what a truly wondrous experience ... so much happened, so much processing and progressing, so much mutual support and love.

Deliberate conscious focussed personal evolution.

And I am Transfigured!
Life can never be the same again now.
Everything is more clear, more vivid and intense.
Practice is over.
Its the real thing from now on.
What a feeling!

To all my fellow participants ... you rocked!
What a fantastic group of souls you are!
I'll always cherish the memory of this time together, and look forward to more time together as we continue our journeys downriver.
We're always together.
I love you all.

Many many thanks to Open, Trinity, Oliver and Kim for your guidance, commitment and support, for giving your time, your knowledge and experience, and your hearts to us for those few precious days.
I love you all.

Open, the way you go about these things is simply stunning ... always clear, consistent and focussed, with such sensitivity to needs of each individual, and of each moment.
You are a giant.
I salute you, sir!

Thanks to all those Openhanders that have posted above ... amazing to feel your interest and your love, and to read your feelings and thoughts.
I love you all.

Let's be it, brothers and sisters, let's be it!


What a truly magical transfiguration gathering that was. I am still touched by the courage and commitment people from all over the world showed to go deep into their stuff. For me this is when true magic happens. It happens when you allow it to arise from inside without being held back by all these identities that are afraid for whatever reason. It is so inspiring to witness people confront that what is holding them back and transcend. I feel like I learned so much. Thank you all! I wouldn't have happened without you!

with love


As always, I'm asked about the music I play on the courses. Anyone whose been, will know just how emotive and important the tracks are. They're intuitive and pick themselves at the right time. I certainly can't remember them all, and unfortunately, neither where most of the them originally came from. But I can certainly remember tracks from these albums below featured...

Lex Van Someren... "Gold"
Gold - Best of 1993 - 2011

Chants from ISIS
Chants from Isis by Nhanda Devi

Chloe Goodchild... Fierce Wisdom
Fierce Wisdom Album

Interstellar Sound track
Interstellar (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Deuter... Garden of the Gods
Garden of the Gods Album

I see fire...
I See Fire - Ed Sheeran


The fox began the usual tan colour, but then aged well!


A fox statue! Wow, Jen what eagle eyes you have! Never even occurred to me that it could be a statue... I thought for sure it was someone's white dog holding the space :-)


Oh wow Trin! That's really cool! In the pic it looks absolutely alive and seems to be looking at us in the pic! Beautiful =)


These pictures are wonderful! I love how Open honored the elders and the tradition of laying the stones in a good way, listening to where the stones wanted/needed to go.

Don't think that is a fox, Jenny :-) Although that would be cool to have a spirit fox there!



When I arrived for this Transfiguration event just over a week ago, I knew I had a pretty deep journey in front of me. I can honestly say that I travelled to a depth of my being that I had no idea even existed. Open and Trinity, I offer you both my heartfelt thanks for guiding, for nourishing, for gently correcting and for leading me into the unknown. I have been fascinated at how I seem to be looking at my surroundings now with different eyes! This journey is but a start but I feel that I have tools now at my disposal to 'go deeper still'.

I also want to acknowledge how much I appreciated the effort both the Facilitators put in for us. Oliver in particular seemed to be able to gently reach out and support me as I struggled with yet another issue and then just touch the right spot!

I felt so honoured to be able to share this week with such a wonderful group of folks. Thank you all.


Another unbelievable retreat. I am very grateful to Open, Trinity, Kim & Oliver. Thank you for your support and shining your light. I spent time on my flight home to Canada reflecting on my connection to each one of my fellow Openhanders that participated. Thank you, it was a pleasure spending time with you and sharing a great experience. <3

Nice to see you on here Paul :)

Sky <3 (Maureen)


To all you brave surfers of the Transfiguration wave 2015, I take my hat off to you all. What a very special and memorable experience. I hold a special place for you in my heart.

Here's the group photo. If you hadn't guessed it, we're all surfing. Yes, I know I look a bit casual - I'm long boarding!

What a fabulous course and fabulous group


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I was moved to comment on this great photo. If there was ever a way to describe a lifetime in it's entirety, surfing would be the closest example I could ever think of. The struggle to find alignment with a power much larger than ourselves, and even when we are finally riding the wave, which is massive and fast, having intense focus so as to not fall off. It's all about aligning with the powerful flow of that which is around us.


That was the week that was!
Huge gratitude from the core of my being to everyone who participated, physically or etherically! Fear faced and dissolved is a very en-lightening and de-lightful experience that is defying words.
I can only come up with "Thank you!"


Hi Paul,
It was so nice to connect with you on the course and great to see you here. Keep allowing and shining the light on the darkness. The only way out is through!
Wishing you well on your journey.

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Thanks Cynthia,
Great to partner with you to.

Kim thank you,
It was lovely to meet and connect with you also,take care.


Thank you again Open,Trinity,Kim and Oliver as well as my fellow course participants for such a powerful and transformative week.
I feel "awesomely ok" with.....well everything.
Having just experienced the most painful and challenging time of my life these past 18 months,it has fuled a misson of personnel transformation,with a singular purpose,that I have found only pain can motavate.
I have found the Openhand approach truly powerful, unapologetically honest and loving.You truly get out what you put in and I am going to "enjoy" jumping into more pain,discomfort and distortion and see where this rabbit hole takes me ( although unlike Alice I will NOT be wearing a dress.....hopefuly )


Joanne, Michelle, Jean-Michelle, Jen, Tigger! Your comments are much appreciated. Tigger, whenever I read your beautiful posts, it feels as though I'm reading poetry. You are, indeed, poetry in motion. Remember that song? Jen, when I read your subject line "mixture of abandonment and exhilaration," a wave of resonance swept through me. My pivotal experiences in my childhood and teenage years were ones of abandonment and betrayal -- carried down through the eons and repeated over and over again. As I'm releasing this ancient, conditioned habit pattern, experiences and blessings of pure joy and sublime connection to All That Is fill my heart as I find the light through the pain. Your hearts full of love love shine forth. Trinity, your wonderful photos welcome us warmly each day into the energy. Thank you. Open, you forever Da Man. It's so magically catalytic and exhilarating to feel the powerful energy from all of you magnificent souls gathered together in Glastonbury. Much love to everyone here, there, and everywhere. xxx Catherine


Divinely inspired photos! I am not having any profound experiences as others relate but it's always more subtle with me. This morning I awoke in the wee hours and put on one of Trinity's meditations and drifted off again. Later when I awoke again I tuned in and had such a strong felt sense of being there on the shores of Avalon in the gardens with all of you. Heartfelt love and deep gratitude to this community. xo Joann


Just a brief update today - yesterday was the most magical day so far. It was the Sacred Sweat Lodge Day, which you may catch a glimpse of in the photo. What a very special ceremony it is. The build up is spent with a combination of meditations and Tibetan ceremonies, the sense of letting go of the past life - false self. Going into the Womb of the Earth then having it rebirth you as a new being. There's absolutely nothing like it! I'm failing on words to describe. So if it intrigues you, you'll just have to come along next year and take part!


Some musical inspiration....the words to this song arose tonight and I felt such a warm sense of support... Ahhhhh ... Sharing with you all lovelies here! Jen


Hi guys... Still following along as well and enjoying all of everyone's beautiful sharings! Wow! Catherine, Jean-Michel and Tigger I just love the way you all explore and share in such an honest way. Truly amazing to witness your journeys and the individual way that you each express them.

The most recent pics are just gorgeous!!!! Thank you!!

So I am confronting just pure blah feeling as I sit in a sense of being left to fend for myself. Its a sense of having to go on and on and sending out a signal but no one is receiving it. It's like that.. There is no one coming and you have to just get on with it.
My husband plays the part of the one who always has to go somewhere and I feel the urge to blame him for it all, but I know it's here for me... To find the okness inside with apparently being alone with no help and having to "make it"... It's some survival mode or more like going forward all by myself... There is so much anger around it and a deep sense of abandonment...not full acceptance of not having a "team" or a partnership, just me. Just being wih it all and it helps to read all your posts here as I can relate.

At the same time I am experiencing this huge breaking through of the sense of pending physical harm. Today I took my kids to a local water park and went flying head first down a super fast slide aboard a thin blue raft. I felt myself tighten up and hold my breath as I descended and then right in the midst of the tunnel I opened up and there was just an experience and it was pure play and exhilaration. A real opening to the possibilities of physical experience... Just awesome!!


I have been following Open's daily postings on what everyone is working on in the Transfiguration, and doing my part...after the lovely ah-ha of recognizing the karmic Separation, I focused on the child/teenager. I didn't really want to but with the help of some dragonflies and the tell-tale scat of a black bear I went in...what came up was Need for Approval and then a kind of movie "this is your life": events, moments I had forgotten and buried; even an old childhood mantra: "in time this will mean nothing, in time this won't hurt". In every flashback there was the yearning for Approval. I didn't cry, I just felt yucky. It was while I was mucking stalls that evening that I made the connection of Separation leading to the need for Approval.

The next day I read Open's words: The Intervention. Now I have read those words many times from Open's books, but when I read those words that day, I became as tight as a tick. It happened in nano seconds. And the anger that sprung up was intense. I kept reminding myself to surrender, and that would last a minute, and bam, right back into anger. I walked in the fields trying to release it, my meditations which normally are wondrous were unsettling and unclear. I felt trapped in a body coffin of anger and rage. Who is this person? By the time sunset came, I felt like I was living in heavy, icky slime (the kind of slime from food processing as it goes into extrusion). And then a hummingbird appeared; I heard him before I saw him, the tell-tale sound of those whirring wings. And I knew then that a breakthrough was coming. Just realizing that, helped start to loosen the casings of anger.

In the synchronicity of all that is, the following morning, I went into meditation asking for help. I was led by a fox to a snow cave where an old being (who morphed back and forth from male to female form) and was dressed as a Tibetan sat at the back of the cave in front of a fire. He/She invited me to gift my childhood feelings into the fire; he/she invited me to pour my anger into the fire. So I did, and it was easy, effortless, freeing. And then we danced and I could now make out cave symbols on the walls and as I focused on that, everything suddenly changed, and I was among sandstone and statues of giant heads were falling, temple columns were falling. Just as quickly I was back in the snow cave and the fox lead me out into the mountain winds.

When I came out of meditation, feeling calm, and centered, I went to the Open website to read the next installment of the Transfiguration. And there was that video about fire...

Catherine's posting was yet another link in the chain: Separation leading to Need for Acceptance, all brought about by the Intervention, which I did nothing to prevent. I have no feelings or identity yet with anything I was "supposed" to do, but I know I did nothing. I stood back. I contributed to the Intervention with passivity.

Strangely, I don't feel guilty as much as I feel emboldened. Right the wrongs. Light a light. Be the fire.

This morning I was awoken before dawn by a tightness around my upper back and solar plexus. At first I thought it was a muscle strain, but when I explored it, I realized it wasn't muscle at all. Something was squeezing me tight. It felt like a burrowing between my shoulder blades into my solar plexus, and then wrapping itself around the whole area. It was not one of my snake allies. I stood up, stretched, shook my arms and upper body, crawled back into bed and said, "okay," exhaled, and wouldn't you know it, the energy began to let go and unravel itself from me. My first reaction was WOW, and then I couldn't help myself...I started to laugh. That dark coil of energy dissipated pretty quickly.

I have gotten so much out of everyone's postings on this thread, and the wonderful photos Trinity has posted. Thank you!




Hi Guys , thanks so much for bringing some pictures of the deep work going on there . I feel sometimes naturally transported into the gardens through the Ether . The invitation is really special . Fantastic capture of the Angel cloud Trinity . that's a stunning shot , what a beauty !!!
I love watching those pictures and all the radiant smiles ; the weather has really been perfect to support all the work done outdoors .
I admit , i truly miss being there with u all but the connection throug the Ether is absolutely fabulous .
This morning , while buying something in a second hand shop , Cyndi Lauper's song " True Colors " suddenly came on the radio . The song really resonnated strongly within - a beautiful reminder of the Soul's purpose to let shine all of our beauitful rainbow colors . Much love , Jean-Michel


although I am in the frantic activities of my final days in my corporate 'life', I have been making time to connect with the Transfiguration. I find even a minute here and there is worthwhile. I just looked at the latest pictures and felt a real pull in my heart. Thankyou. Mark


You're doing a great job Catherine - feels like you're tuning in well to the work that's going on here on the Transfiguration *OK*

The Transfiguration is all about the confrontation of your inner density; it's relinquishing the separated (judgmental) notion of light and dark; of absolute right and wrong; the internal reaction to the need for an outcome of the moment or for it to be a certain way.

What this inner purification process does, is unify lower with higher self until 'kundalini' activates. It is the reintegration and then rising of energy from within the bodymind to meet the downward flowing consciousness of the higher self which tends to then meet and join in the third eye. It's deeply profound when it happens - a major shift in one's perception of reality.

We're progressing through that really well here. And although it can take many years to truly release full kundalini, we've had some really strong movements so far from everyone here. And yesterday we were truly blessed with a full blown kundalini activation by one of the participants, who was shouting for joy, his body literally pulsating with universal life energy as it coursed through him. It was absolutely gorgeous to be a part of. And I can feel that happening for others in the group too. It's a very special experience.

The whole group is having a deeply special experience, which is quite hard to put into words - so I won't try! You'll just have to tune in and feel it for yourself *give_rose*

Here's the Openhand article on Kundalini and how to activate it...
What is Kundalini and how to Activate it


Dear Catherine , i truly love the way u can express the way those older distrotions come up and how u deal with them . True spirit warrior in huge progression . I went also through very interesting child patterns and old karmic layers recently . . . still exploring and digging deeper and deeper until i touch the center of those pains / limitations . I had a very special day yesterday following an incredible night expansion . I was asked By Higher benevolence to bring back a girl that just decided to break a chain of control family patterns . She had never seen her borther since the age of 2 and found a way to reconnect to her borther , finally . As i know well her brother , he asked me to bring her back safely to his home . What astounded me with her is the clarity with which she could explain the situation she was in for years while i was driving . I suddenly , at a certain point , understood she had just started to break free from an old karma . . . and has now the opportunity to start building a new real life at 26 . I was of course very honored to be part of the whole experience and sharing . I kept a space wide opened for her to express anything she needed to express so that the energies could slowly soften . The other aspect that was amazing is when she told me : " i don't feel anything special against them , i just felt it was time for me to break free from that heavy pressure of living with control freaks " . Today i took her to the police station for some administrative papers to be cleared in order for her to reclaim ownership on her ID card , bank card , etc .... while i was waiting outside , suddenly , the Police sign standing over the entrance struck something deep within : the Police Logo has the shape of a Flame which has 2 branches - now that i am writing this , Twin Flame came to mind - amazing synchronicity . That very flame or fire that stands as the title of the song posted above by Open . I can truly feel that fire building up inside to go as deep within as it is possible , in every moment , every day ... leading to the fire of transcendence most probably . Much love to everybody , these times are truly thrilling .


Ahh Catherine, may the wings of benevolence, lift us up and nurture us with light and strength as we walk the red road that is our path.

I feel you, my heart expands out to you, I love you xxx


Catherine, thank you for sharing your deeply moving experience. You're a true warrior!


I awoke early this morning and felt the anguish of an ancient pain with such depth that I could feel my heart break. I sensed that long ago in a faraway land, I existed as pure light and incarnated on planet earth to nix an intervention that would sever life from connection to Source. I was overcome with sorrow and tears for failing to hold the light as I had hoped to do. Instead, after incarnating, I was overcome with a sense of loss and separation from Source and felt utterly abandoned and betrayed by Divine Benevolence. I got lost in the 3D density and darkness. Yesterday I asked Divine Benevolence to show me why I have continued to batter my body over and over again in this lifetime. This morning I got my answer. As I felt myself consumed with sorrow and grief, I softened into the pain and breathed the light of my soul through it. I felt some ease, some letting go of the need to punish myself for the guilt I feel.

I am here once again to shine the light in the darkness during these tumultuous times as life in 3D comes to a close and we ascend to 5D. This time around I have the support of the Openhand community to help me sustain the courage to hold to my mission. I thank God for all of you.

Yesterday, I was dialoguing with Jean-Michel on Facebook who posted the above song "I see Fire" which I have on my iPod. I downloaded it last year when Open posted it on the forum after seeing the Hobbit film "The Desolation of Smaug." Jean-Michel and I commented about the Great Purification happening now and about to escalate here on planet earth. I awoke to see the song posted here. There are many forest fires burning out of control in British Columbia right now. A sign of the times and of my own inner purification, burning away my attachments and identities. The only way forwards to dissolve my fear is to keep breathing the light of my soul through the intense body pain and emotions I am feeling these days. I am weary. I get discouraged. I feel like I don't have the strength to keep going at times. But I continue anyway.

xxx Catherine


The universe is within! Which means you can access all states within, including essences of the past, and essences of future-landing-now. So I took the group into a deep meditative state, back to their origins in distant constellations. I brought them to Earth, and the magical time of "The Garden of Eden" as an Original Human - what an experience.

But then I also took them into the Intervention to experience their karma in relation to it, that they could feel through and process it. It's a heart rending but deeply healing journey.

Then I took them into future-landing-now. What could they see of events already beginning to shape on the Earth right now? Without exception, they could see with their own inner eyes, the desolation and destruction that is coming. It may be difficult to hear, but this is an immensely empowering and liberating action.

Most of you are here in strange, disharmonious and incongruent situations. You might feel cut off and isolated. Often you wonder why you are here, what's the purpose? But when you realise what is to come, and your personal mission in it -

    to shine the light for others through it

- then all begins to make sense. You find your reason for being here and all fear dissipates. Everything clicks into place.

    All realities come and go. No such relativistic experience is permanent. Let's embrace the shift, take courage, and shine the light through it. It will be the making of you.

So what do you see? We were all seeing fire. But like a Pheonix from the ashes, a glorious new reality forming from the decay of the old...

Astral journeying is done by a means of deeply relaxed, meditative state. Then your soul carries you to where you're meant to go, in order to see what you're meant to see. This Ascension Meditation is a great way to learn how to begin astral journeying. Give it a try...
Ascension Meditation


Hi Open,

Yes it feels that way to me as well. It's clear to me how the intervention and the experiences had at that time have created our over medicalized pregnancies, childbirth and practices with infants and children that are out of harmony and synthetically imposed. For me I can see that what I am experiencing now is stimulated by older karma playing out in this form to be felt and released. It's really quite beautiful the way the universe is constantly working to break down these distortions, clear it and find a higher harmony. With love, Jen


Hi Jen,

I get the sense your experience also has roots that go even further back - karmic ones - perhaps around intervention. It's fascinating how karma impacts people physically. One of the participants on the course had lost their sense of smell and taste several weeks back, and was clearly very concerned they'd gone for good. But of course it's all about becoming awesomely okay with these things by fully honouring them (as you have). For him, it caused a sense of isolation from the group, which was clearly karmic. But I've helped him regress into that feeling, which is progressively releasing the karma and now his senses are returning - it's wonderful!

Synchronistically today, I take the group deeply into past life karma. I'll be taking them on an astral journey, beginning where they came from, and journeying into the intervention. We'll be seeing how humanity's DNA has been affected - feeling into that, working with the soul's resistances and retractions from it. Softening in and then clearing.

In the new 5GATEWAYS book, I offer a new 9 step approach for dealing with karma. In the meantime, for everyone reading, here's an insight into the Openhand approach to karma...

Humanity Crossing the Karmic Plane



Just had to add a bit...the question arose of why I had braces the first time and I recalled that it was because of a baby tooth that at 28 had not yet fallen out and was getting loose and the adult tooth had to literally be pulled down. I realized this is aspects of childhood I had not let go of... That were not ready to let go and come into adulthood. Once I re-read my post I got the clear feeling that this was about nourishment as a child both on a physical level (feeding on a schedule, stretching feeding a with pacifiers) and on an emotional level. Looks like I am being invited to transcend the ways that food satisfies me emotionally.

Thanks for the space to share!!


HI GUYS! The juice looks amazing and vibrant - gotta love that beet juice color!! So great seeing familiar faces (Lorraine and Cynthia - so awesome to see you both and Cynthia what an awesome shot - can really feel your energy coming through in this pic!)

Recently I felt pulled to get my teeth straightened out...had upper braces years ago but that left the top out of alignment with the bottom...for whatever reason it felt like the time to go and get it all aligned top and bottom =) today I had these tray inserts put on my teeth...(different than traditional can pop them off and on and they fit to your teeth shape). This is bringing up a lot for me around control with food. Having this contraption in my mouth brings up a bit of panic inside like there is something stuck in my mouth and then there is this feeling like I can't eat whenever I want (I can if I take them out, eat, brush my teeth, clean the trays and put them back on!). I feel like I have to wait to eat and have to eat on a actually hurts inside....and it is connected to a sense of panic about not knowing when I may eat again. I see how food takes up a lot of space for me.. I am able to just be with the feeling of that without reacting and everytime it arises there is a melting into the sensation and letting it sort of dissolve. Lots going on here but that's enough to share =). What an opportunity!! Gotta love it!! =)

Thanks for keeping all your internationally located Openhand family in the loop.

Much love to you all!!


Well we've had a powerful time so far. Without giving too many secret surprises away (for future paticipants!), we have our unique way of breaking through false identity into deeper, repressed 'source pain'. And it's been really successful - everyone is getting into deep, subconscious layers.

Let's be clear, practically all people have suppressed, subconscious source pain that has collected through past lives and the formative early years of this life. Unintentionally you create all manner of coping mechanisms from comfort food, distraction, entertainment, alcohol, caffeine, nicotine etc etc. They're distractions from having to feel the subconscious impact of this trauma.

Even though deeply buried, it nevertheless has a profound impact on our live - you project this buried energy like a filter across all the circumstances of your lives: your careers, relationships and general behaviourisms. It shapes your reality without even knowing it.

Many practices try to 'paper over the cracks' by creating a surface level positive identity, based on more positive thinking, tripping out into bliss, or 'setting one's intention' to fulfill a dream or goals in life. To a degree this may seem to work for a while, but if the source pain hasn't been removed, then none of these things will ultimately endure. In any case, it is simply building more false sense of self and identity. None of these things are what you are.

So the Openhand Approach is to activate and regress into this source pain, to become as one with it, in which case, The One arises through you like a pheonix from the ashes. Then your soul is liberated to flow freely through you and acts authentically in the moment. It's creativity shapes a more positive and harmonious life. You don't have to effort to do this - it magically builds itself around you.

So today, we'll regress people into early childhood and teenager years to confront the filters of the inner child and teenager. In the new 5GATEWAYS book due out in September, it contains a more indepth look at this phenomenon including meditations to work with the filters and dissolve them from your life.

In the meantime, you could work on it yourself, by finding some quiet space and reflecting on what your childhood/teenager years were like and working to unravel any density that arises. I've outlined the approach in this article here...

Integrating Inner Identities

Have fun!



That's brilliant Tigger - a lovely synchronous experience.
Yes, lots of deep metamorphosis here - update to follow.

Open *give_rose*


Yesterday in synchronicity with Avalon, I headed out to the creek for karma deconstruction. Earlier that morning I had a moment of intense tightness when I couldn't find the dogs and went into this auto-pilot fear. I wanted to unravel that. As I walked by the barn, a dragonfly hovered in the air right in front of my eyes; making sure that I could see her. Dragonfly: the messenger of illusion and change.

I headed to the wildflower section of the big pasture: camomile, native grasses, blooming thistle. And then I saw them: scores of butterflies, maybe 100 or more. I have never seen so many at one time. Everywhere I looked there were butterflies and as they moved from flower to flower and took flight I felt the essence of being a flower myself, waiting for a butterfly to share the nectar.

Butterfly: the messenger of transformation. I stood among the wildflowers for a long time, and then noticed on one thistle head were four butterflies: one each in the four directions. I knew then there was some powerful spiritual alchemy going on around the world; an alignment. I started to unravel.

By the time I got to the creek, I felt the karma of lifetimes' experiences of separation. I wept, but I knew it wasn't fully released. I had only touched it. Last night I wept again while reading a book about the orcas in captivity: the separation of young whales from their families.

And then this morning when I walked out to the garden the first sunflower had opened its head...and then the big piece of the karma was revealed: the lifetimes spent disconnected from my soul: in a way "separated". Ah-ha.

I can only imagine the amazing magic in Avalon this weekend!

And Catherine, from one ancient crone to another: I'm right with you, sister!



So inviting! I wish I was there as well! Catherine, the point is you're getting it :) We're all so blessed to have this community. Much gratitude to Openhand and all the "behind the scenes support." It really is a great time to be alive and awake!xoxo Joann


Last night I was feeling into some really ancient source pain and where it began and how I've carried it down through the eons to this lifetime. Egads, how far back do I go!? Really far it would seem! I did my best to surrender into the pain and let it go. Some went but much more to go. On a lighter note, today I heard myself say, "Duh! So how long does it take for you to get the point?! Enough all ready. You really, really don't need this anymore!" I'm feeling like an ancient old crone who is finally managing to figure it out!

xxx Catherine


Thanks Trinity. SO lovely to be able to tune in with you from way over here.
Hi Jen - don't we just wish we were there ???
Jan and Geoff


Beautiful photos! Love seeing these =) feel you all in my heart. I am fasting as well today and working with the internal resistance. Was just singing my heart out to some chants so perhaps tuning in with ya'll. thanks for sharing Trin!!! Much love to all of you beautiful souls. Jen


Open, thank you for extending the invitation. Wishing all of you a magical journey and life changing experiences. I will hold space here too. Mark


Yes the energy is absolutely lovely - and a fantastic group has gathered indeed. After that delicious home grown, strawberry no-cheeze cake, the guests are all happily settled in. But now the 'serious' work begins, as we move into an indeterminate period of silence and solitude. That's sure to push the buttons and get people right into any surface level identities.

That's the first level we must get through. It's where people tend to form fixed relationships with the world - judgments - held in the mind, emotional and physical bodies - "I am like this in relation to that. I do like this, and I don't like that". These kinds of judgments about reality, develop from an early age, forming filters inside, which people then project out into the world onto situations and relationships - the colourise how you see the world. And they are very limiting, because they block the free flowing spontaneity of the soul from coming through.

The Enlightened state (that each soul is naturally working towards), is to be as the 'blank canvas', in presence, totally accepting everything in the moment without rejection, resistance, automated reaction or ownership of. From this state of presence, the soul flows effortlessly, generating an authentic response, an act of beingness, unique to every moment.

    When you're in this state, everything is flowing wonderfully; you feel 'in the groove', you're striking the sweet spot of life itself; there's a rightness, and interconnectivity with all life; a fearlessness; total openness and liberation. Synchronistic magic happens all around you. Feelings of joy, compassion, surrender, courage and will arise effortlessly, shaping an integrated, aligned, focused and creative characteristic in the moment. You are being YOU - the real YOU.

To get to this place, can take lifetimes. But many have incarnated into this lifetime, already having confronted the nature of their ego, and are at a point ready to begin to break it down: souls have infused enough to sense the deeper meaning and purpose of life itself (rather than endlessly running around the not-so-merry-go-round).

People who come to Openhand are ready to make this breakthrough. And so intensive work like this can really accelerate the path in a big way.

So if you have time this weekend (make time!), take yourself off into your own space a while, by yourself, in silence. Even do some fasting - miss a couple of meals. Then just explore what comes up for you. Where do you get tight? Basically you're confronting what we call "The Pain of Existence" - it's the reaction of the ego to life itself.

To understand it deeper, and what you need to confront, I suggest this article...
Breaking through the Pain of Existence

Good explorations!



I am having the experience of feeling connected to it all even though I feel not being there is touching on feelings I have of being left behind. It's powerful to feel the distortion activating and at the same time feeling the truth. I actually just started a powerful set of sessions with a third party for me and my husband which are activating some old wounds...going into childhood and teenager experiences that create identities with perceived needs and places I have had difficulty crossing through. Perfect timing with the transfiguration =). I am enjoying the feeling of connection even with the physical distance.

I was following some synchronicity yesterday regarding the nine and what seems like an assault of some sort...perhaps it is the ongoing engagement with the dense energies of the matrix.

With you!


Jen, good noticing...9th is very powerful!! What a congregation of souls...thrilled to be able to connect this way. I don't even have to close my eyes to be there with all of you in the Openhand Space in the Gardens. The power of the Openhand "hotspots" all over the world is growing. What exciting times. xoxoxox Joann


What a lovely bunch of vibrant pictures from last year ; love it ! I could allready feel from yesterday the energy rising up for that amazing course . With the brand new completed Open Air meditation studio , it's gonna be owesome . Keep the great work guys , much love & support from Belgium .


Much love to all of you magnificent souls gathered in Glastonbury to go the whole nine yards. I'm feeling the magic and power and am with y'all in oneness of spirit.

xxx xxx xxx Catherine


I am so grateful to be able to join in and will be tuning in and being with you all in every way possible =).

The ninth one!! Wow! Sure to be powerful!

Love to you all gathered in Avalon <3<3<3 Jen