5D Shift: No Quick Sprint, But a Marathon of Quantum Opportunity

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Things are changing quickly on the planet, the old 3D reality is terraforming. The controllers cling desperately to the reins as a new 3D/5D hybrid state takes shape. But there will be no quick fixes for them. If you've found yourself on the spiritual path in all of this, well done. Take a breather, and give yourself a pat on the back. But make it short. There's much work still to be done. This will be no quick sprint to the finishing line of the 5D Shift, but rather a 26-mile Marathon - one of Quantum Opportunity...
(updated 29/03/2024)

Breaking Through the 3D Mental Wall

The "Plandemonium" of recent times shocked many people awake, which was a great thing. But that was only the first part of the real game going on. It is the Shift that's terraforming the planet, which the controllers are reacting to, and trying desperately to lock down. Don't expect them to give up easily - they have their fat fingers in the financial pie, the global resource chains, and just about every other system in society. That's why I said in the book DIVINICUS that there will be many iterations of the control system before it ultimately bites the dust.

So if you've become tired, and at times exhausted, by all the shenanigans - that's understandable. But tiredness is not a cause to stop. "Surrender" does not mean simply to stop and give up - it's an invitation to see where the inner attachment (perhaps to peace and stillness) is. After the first half-mile of the marathon, your body hasn't yet accustomed to the magnitude, the mind is wanting it to finish soon. But if you have some experience of Marathons, you know that's the first barrier, the first wall, to break through. The resistance is mostly mental. It's a protection mechanism against the excesses of challenge, but also a limitation. It holds you back.

You are capable of more, much more.

The ego is constructed to protect itself, to keep you out of harms way. Which is tremendously limiting. Real living is about the revelation of You. Which means pushing into, through and past, these internal barriers.

Here's how to Breakthrough Mental, Emotional & Karmic Density

Time for a Change of Gear - A Quantum Leap

If you recognise the truth of what I'm saying thus far, then you're ready for a change of perspective, a change of gear.

We've achieved some things in the Shift thus far in society - there's been plenty of pushback and thus recalibrations by the Shadow. But it's a long game, a long winding road ahead. It's no time to rest on your laurels or slide comfortably back onto the sofa.

This is the time to dig in, to become intimate with the way things feel; to be illuminating and honest about the path that lies ahead. We have to equalise with it, so as to normalise in it. It's time to confront the mind, for these are only thoughts and perceptions - they too are humongous illusions. It's time for the first quantum leap in consciousness, that elevates us from the idea of the quick sprint, and instead settles us into the stride of the Marathon.

I recall building towards the Black Belt in martial arts. There were rigours and discipline, effort, training and conditioning. Piling as much power into each punch, willing on every sinew and muscle. But then after the Black Belt everything suddenly changed. The effort fell away. Instead of, "How fast can I move from point A to B?", instead there is, "How can I remove the space between point A and B?" As Neo discovers in the Matrix, there is no spoon!

Now you're working in quantum leaps. The mind, fear and pain, are merely pointers of where to turn into and work through, of what to transcend. And transcendence becomes the engine of transformation. You feel the heaviness, but now lean into it.

Sample this Openhand Bow for Breaking Through Density

The Resistance Becomes Your Friend

The resistance you feel out there actually becomes your friend. Whether it's mental, emotional, physical or karmic, get to know it, feel it, become intimate with it. That's when you realise... IT IS NOT YOU!!

And thus you get to know the You beyond the resistance, beyond the density and the tiredness. Your perception of the density is now ripe for change.

I recall breaking a house brick in the martial arts. When you strike the surface of the brick, the reverberration informs the mind that bricks are hard and hands break - it's '3D natural' to create what you expect. But if you've focussed beyond the brick and committed to that, then you don't stop at the brick's surface. Your consciousness tells you that you're going through, and informs the brick likewise. The seemingly impossible happens. The brick falls apart. There is no spoon!

The resistance becomes your friend. The path down which you travel. Then a wonderful juxtaposition takes place. Each barrier provides a new breakthrough, a new opening and expansion, a new gift of beingness. You now welcome the challenge as opportunity.

Here's More on Essential Transcendence

Time to Quantum Leap Your Consciousness

My friends the work has just begun. The shift is a complex unravelling mechanism and so no quick fix. The strands of intervention must be unravelled within, like some ancient Gordian knot. But here's the opportunity to shift perspective. Here's the possibility to discover something deeper about yourself - much deeper. Quantum Leaping Your Consciousness becomes possible when you're in the continual confrontation of the density - when you surrender to the Marathon. When you make it your friend.

You hit this point where you've broken through the wall, through several walls, and new gears of movement and expression kick in. You pick up your pace. You're moving with a new vigour, a new belief. You're no longer running, but flying!

Let Each Day in the Shift Start with a New Possibility

So don't pray for the finishing line any time soon. This is a Marathon, (of about 30 years according to the Galactic/Solar/Pole Shift convergences) and we're only a couple of years in. So change your perspective. This is not about the quick fix, the quick resolution. And it's definitely NOT about settling comfortably into a new normal, LOL!

Once you accept that and normalise with it, everything becomes okay, fine, acceptable - possible.

Let each day be a new opportunity, a new possibility, a new quantum leap. The only game going on is self-realisation, the progressive realisation of the True Self. It's the only game in town. So let go of the idea of a quick sprint to the finishing line. It's time for a quantum leap in possibility that helps you run each mile better, smoother, faster, with less resistance and effort.

Time to get your marathon legs on, with passion and commitment...

It's high time to Quantum Leap our Consciousness - to master how to really break through and let go of internal density; to open the gateways of higher dimensional opportunity and possibility. So if you resonate, explore the advanced spiritual work of Openhand:

Openhand Ascension Portal

In loving support

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29/03/2024 Openhand Journal Update

How are you doing in the shift out there Openhanders?

I wrote this piece above (scroll up) when we were through the first lockdown in 2020 - seems a long time ago now, right?! I believe people on the path have discovered volumes from it. Most of all, not to expect a quick fix!!

One of the understandable syndromes people slip into when they discover the path, is the thinking that you'll arrive at some plateau where everything is hunky-dory ever after. I find myself often in the unenviable place to have to burst that bubble!

But really the point is that all we need do is change perspective. There is no end goal. There is no heavenly plateau. There's the constant invitation to evolve and grow. Yes, you can find rest and solace in this. You can settle back into the eye of the storm, into the absolute. Here is the peace. But it's peace within the movement or else you end up denying the soul and the peace at the centre suddenly evaporates.

So when you get tired or worn out at times, yet the path seems to urge you on, reflect on the points I'm making in the article. When the mind doesn't own the tiredness or the resistance, you develop a different relationship with it - you see it as an opportunity.

One day you look back and see the marvellous benefit - you've grown. It was all about the revelation of you!!

Bright blessings everyone

Open 💙🙏


Hey O, what a spot on article wow!

I have seen very clearly that there are so many old thought patterns of wanting to reach a new norm, get to the end, to arrive and rest on one's laurels lol! 

Alot of fears have been surfacing for me thick n fast, as one is faced it pulls on another just like a magician pulling an endless line of handkies out of the sleeve! 

I am being challenged to work the pain and move through it and not baulk!

A picture came to me just today of being in labour, with each contraction breathing through it, not resisting the pain but surrendering to it, resting then moving to embrace  the next one.

It was a marathon birthing my 4 kids, so I am encouraged that I can do it! 

Thanks again for a challenging encouraging article. 

Here's to the marathon and a new friend!

Much love n big hugs

Erin đź’™






26/08/2021 Openhand Journal Update

I wrote this article almost a year ago, when we were 10 months into the plandemonium. I spoke of not expecting a quick sprint to break the agenda down. There is a great deal of push back going on around the world, which is great to see, even if it doesn't make the mainstream. As energy workers we must trust in the work we're doing in the field - I certainly believe this is what's causing the opening. Have faith and belief in what you're doing because it is having a great effect on the surface. The contollers are steadily losing the plot and having to escalate new dramas of distraction - the Biden Afghan debacle for example. I have the belief that it will all topple, just like the Berlin Wall. Won't that be a day of celebration!

So when the going gets tough, dig in and surrender deeper.
Work on your daily practice of deepening and let this carry you through in the tough times.
I'm going to be sharing soon on how the star gates are opening - due to our work.
We're having a tremdnously transformational effect on the field.

Do be inspired by my article, the feeling sense of it, and the videos today. Keep developing your practice and keep digging through - it's all entirely worth it!...


5D Shift: No Quick Sprint, But a Marathon of Quantum Opportunity

Open 🙏


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It seems to be pretty tough in Australia what's going on right now, with lunatic lockdown measures being imposed. I ran an impromptu zoom gathering for a number of Openhanders in Sydney just 10 days ago. They were holding up well, despite the craziness. This video below shows you the kind of lunacy that's happening there. Don't worry I say, the state has gone way to far, I believe the people will wake up and push back in ever growing numbers...


05/04/21: Openhand Journal Update: I find myself keep saying it, but nevertheless it is true: we're at a pivotal point in mankind's history. And I've very much felt like we're in a crucial window right now as we move into Easter. It feels like there's a crucial opening in the field that a swathe of people are stepping into. That's utterly essential to roll back the bogus pandemic measures enough to roll back some of our God given freedoms. Here in Britain they're setting the wheels in motion for the dreaded 'health passport'. Will it succeed? There's already masses of resistance - which hopefully will become a welcome spanner in the works. That's why it's essential to keep opening up our consciousness and channeling the light which just wants to express freedom.

This Easter, a quantum shift is being ushered in and we're each invited to play an essential role. It's timed perfectly for Openhand's Easter Quantum Shift Retreat which will be taking place all week. For those not fortunate enough to be there, no worries, we'll ripple some light your way, an in the meantime I felt to refresh this recent sharing to inspire you...

5D Shift: No Quick Sprint, But a Marathon of Quantum Opportunity

Every single one of us is being called at this pivotal moment. It's high time to disengage from the distraction of the system. Go out into nature, connect with the energy of freedom and liberation; let it course through you. Sing, dance, let your spiritual genie out of the bottle. Let's ready ourselves with daily meditation. Open yourself up internally and then allow the infusion of consciousness to infuse your daily life and immediate steps forwards.

Do take time out to increase your daily meditations at this pivotal point. Feel into activating inner density and work it through to integrate soul and shine it forth. Plenty of you tuning in will know the Openhand Bow, developed from the ancient Kriya Yoga. Click on the link to sample the guided meditation, plus you can see a visual demonstration of the bow in this Openhand Shift Video Diary here... "Transmutation".

Do not sleep walk forwards from here (I know you won't!). There is much to be gained personally from personal development right now, but also to ripple energy further afield to strengthen the wider awakening - it's purpose is no less than to support all our freedoms and civil liberties. My encouragment is for us all to come together in the fields of consciousness, to each play our part and in so doing, know that we serve the greater good.

So let's walk boldy forwards from here. Let's open up and embody the growing influx of consciousness. Let's inspire and motivate each other with the great possibility of soul expression. Nothing can be more essential at this time. Never forget, we are the architects of the light...

Open Heart Praying Emoji



Dear Open,

This perspective of the matharon run seems very picturesque presentaiton of shared marathon journey. It feels like we are all running this path of ascension, yet mistery is to find my own unique expression.

Since discovering openhand energies at the beginning of this year I am immersing into them on different occasions. Illuminated perspective offered in your Divinicus book offered a view that was broad enough for my mind to integrate the nature of current transition on the planetary level. Integrating some part of your offerings into my daily-practices is opening a doorway to more intimately connect with 'benevolent energies supporting my human expression'.

For me it feels more, like your approach is offering an anchor and safe way into discovering the magnificence of 'multidimensionality'. What usually seems more astral journeys for fun are becoming an active expression of my being navigating the multitude of the shift. Situations like, opening the portals, clearing the energy fields, and especially anchoring other-dimensional energies through my vessel... are to surprise of my 'practical mind' becoming tangible expression of my being.

Currently I am navigating as to merge, the expression of my "higher and lower self". Not that they are seperated, yet at the moments it seems like two variois facets. Being close to establish the sustainence of my life, I am approaching the possibilty to basicaly shift completely off-grid as following the intensity of societal transformations is difficult to catch up with my appearence. And on the other hand I am seeking for ways how to convey the expression of my soul, so that it can directly meet with others.

Surrendering to the mistery of each day alone, it feels like tuning into the rhytms of my human heart. That's where I currently feel to counsciously channel the intensity of these Shift, that is just about to begin. As to make this marathon run more specific, it seems for me that following months will bring some massive transformations within the society. Rather than just questioning the narrative for me it feels like a possibility that some transcendental perspective might be offered. In order to make this shift more inclusive, how can we unify the shadow/light perspective by offering a more common way?

Also many thanks for your invitation to check in. Connected with societal journey, it seems that main topic for me is about transitioning from my 'personal mission of becoming the Self' into the transendental experience of every single day...

Sending much gratitude and joy...


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Dear Open,

Thankyou for the opportunity to share.
Before the lockdown when I came here to the new place I'm in, I was being hit right left and centre with challenges. I believe I have confronted a lot mostly about reclaiming soveigrenity and confidence.  But I guess,things have eased for me and I find myself settling into a comfortable zone. Since you have read my posts before,  you will recollect that I tend to do that. So I have been feeling this pull to challenge myself further.

 A few days ago I fell into the river with my phone in my pocket while trying to cross the stream. Needless to say my phone got damaged. The phone always represents the intellect for me, so I guess it means to trust more in the intuition than the intellect. That day I saw one of the comment in the OHweb to let go into the centre stream of life. I wasn't thinking about this but I played a song in one of the school meeting - the song from Moana where she is craving to go to the water but the intellect holds her back in the island. A friend of mine reflected to me, that if I'm stuck in an island. I could resonate with the truth in what she was saying but at the same time I feel the answer is to purify by beingness and look for greater challenges and uncertainty at where I'm. I find myself procrastinating that too. If I'm to look for other place and opportunity theres a big hurdle which I will have to pass - to let go of any attachment to where I'm as this is a beautiful place and I wonder if I will be able to find something similar. And I have only been here for a very short duration. 

There was a spiritual meeting we had a week before where we discussed about fear and death. Though I usually shares my thoughts,  I found myself venting after - the understanding and realizations I could have shared. I was discussing this matter with the same friend, about a medium to express myself and synchronicity pointed it was aligned..

I believe what I'm really craving is the connection to the higher dimension that have been eluding me for a while. I'm really looking forward for the Sept 21 online event.

Vimal ❤️


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Hi Vimal,

It's always a pleasure to hear from you. Whatever the challenges, at the least, you're conscious of the inquiry Thumbs Up Sign

Always when I explore the possibility of some external shift, I contemplate what do I need to shift within?

Often I find the steps are not necessarily what I might have predicted - yet they connect together to open the pathway.

What do you think is being invited of you to explore within your beingness right now?

PS - looking forwards to seeing you at the online retreat in September

Open Praying Emoji

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Dear Open,

Yes, I do hear what you are saying. I also feel relieved from needing to make choices that I'm not yet ready to make. So I was asking this question - What internal change is being invited of me now. First I thought it must be more commitment int the journey. But today it got clarified with synchronicities which are to find more of my inner voice and space, take time out just for myself, and honor the unique feeling of being connected to myself. Interestingly when I do that the right connection which is meant to happen will indeed reach me. 

Vimal <3 


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Today I went for a hike after a long time and did the Openhand bow on the top of the hill. It was incredible! It made me realize how much I was trying to be available all the time and be included in everything, that I have forgotten my own sense of connection to the soul. The feeling of achievement, sense of purpose all came rushing back reminding me that , if I don't work to see that first in my own beingness then I won't be fulfilled no matter what I consume from the outside. 


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Hi Open

I finally saw your livestream from two weeks ago, and even though I couldn't catch it live it was still the most powerful for me. It was like you were speaking directly to me.

Lately the charade seems to have become ever more ridiculous. No matter what angle you take it just doesn't make sense. Even taking on the hat of a mainstream doctor this whole situation still doesn't seem founded on consensus science. They seem to be changing the science continously anyway

It's come to the point where it's just not possible to take it seriously anymore. There's nothing more to do but to smile and to realize that there IS no sensemaking out there. There is no point in engaging in trying to figure out "the truth" out there. The only thing that makes sense is to look within, to see what the drama triggers. Right now there seems to be some main parties engaged: The mainstream narrative conformists, who blindly trusts the WHO, the mainstream media, the politicans etc etc, never asking questions "You of course have to trust the health authorities". Another one is the spiritual mainstream, detaching from the drama, but also engaging in spiritual bypassing and black and white thinking "Trump is the problem. Q-phenomenon is dangerous". Yet another one the hardcore conspiracy theorists, finding a comfortable conspiracy narrative and identifying with that, swallowing hook, sink and line all the cointelpro put out there to ridicule those trying to think for themselves. "just lean back and wait for the good guys to fix the world". None of these seem to fit me well, which leaves me... well. I don't know. The point is the drama... just doesn't work anymore, though it's easy to play a role and adjust to the matrix when I have to (or do I really have to..). 

That's not to say that anything goes of course, and I do suspect there may be tough decisions to make ahead (though not so tough if one is coming from the right place). 

Thank you for all your perspectives. I do feel huge support in other people affiliated with Openhand these days. 

These are interesting times, and I do feel very grateful and excited to be alive :) 

Edit: Writing this post was actually very helpful for me, as I start to see how I often tend to put people into boxes, like the ones outlined above. This will of course prevent me from seeing another person at all. 

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Hi Nils,

You're right, very interesting time to be here and witness this "Drama"

Mind you according to W.H.O figures, out of 7 Billion, Eight hundred odd million people on the planet, 931 thousand have died of "The Virus", that is 0.0119 percent of the population!

Not much drama there,

Statistically i reckon you've got more chance of dying by choking on a mask! LOL

For me it's extremely interesting to watch this social experiment playing out and to watch what it brings up to work with. I'm feeling a need to be fluid, and" warrior like" at the moment, i feel to rise up and fight. Maybe i am lost in "The Drama" !!  Still even so, i think the odds are in my favour that i'll come through this pandemic without a cough.  Sunglasses cool emoji Praying Emoji

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Hi Nils - you expressed it perfectly...

It's come to the point where it's just not possible to take it seriously anymore. There's nothing more to do but to smile and to realize that there IS no sensemaking out there. There is no point in engaging in trying to figure out "the truth" out there. The only thing that makes sense is to look within, to see what the drama triggers.

Right on!

Open Thumbs Up Sign