7 Ways to Manifest Greater Resources and Possibility in Earth's 5D Ascension

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We're passing through a key inflexion point in the Shift where a new vibrational world is progressively breaking through the denser layers of the old. At times you may get pulled into this old collapsing paradigm by your karma, but it's essential to quickly extract out again and go with the emergent light. Don't let the naysayers and gloomers befuddle you. There's an abundance of love, upliftment and material support in this emergent consciousness. Here's an essential exploration in how to focus.

Light separating from the dark

Anyone on the path would be forgiven for thinking how dark things seem to be around us right now. But actually, humanity has manifested the perfect landscape and reflection through which to gain ever greater spiritual realisation and strength - the "plandemonium" is the greatest encouragement to go within and find a different way of informing and illuminating your life. In a 3D world that has gone literally crazy, the invitation is to create and live from a new 5D possibility.

It would be easy to get sucked into a negative attitude about it all. But when we truly connect to higher consciousness by going inwards and then peeling away our distortions, then we open a space where higher truth can flood in. Once you release yourself from the struggle for some kind of 3D supremacy, then you notice the energy field shaping around you to furnish the resources necessary to fulfill your true mission here.

Take heart. Everything around us consists of a quantum soup of energy, connected by threads of consciousness. Previously this soup was dense and thick here in the 3D, with the higher light finding it hard to make headway. But now it is thinning, as the consciousness shifts into the higher vibration. Yes there are still plenty of lumps and 'goo', but if we keep trusting in the higher flow that we can feel in our hearts, then we'll start to draw manifesting energy to us, to support the shift into the higher paradigm. So keep moving, keep progressing as a being, keep expanding internally, then you'll be moving in exactly the right direction; you'll prosper greatly from the energetic shifts now commencing.

Supported by a higher dimensional 'Army' of benevolence

It is frequently said within the spiritual mainstream that 'our reality is shaped by our thoughts' and that if we could think positively, then we would change our world for the better. Plenty of approaches would have us envisage a new, more desirable reality that we might want. I'm reminded that there's always truth within the distortion. Yes, to me, there is a more desirable reality that we can manifest, but it is not one that comes from the lower mind. It is not one based on a subtle sense of lack. It is not one of material want and greed. It is a truly grand design that is already being shaped by the universe, one which serves all in it, not just the lucky few.

The earth is surrounded by a benevolent 'army' of higher dimensional beings, and angels, who're all working the field to make the Great 5D Shift as smooth as possible. It's an incredible feat: we have to move a severely outdated reality, with billions plugged into it, progressively to a much higher vibration, in a short period of time. It's being done as gently, but as firmly as possible, so as to hold the window open for the most number of souls. You can read the Openhand perspective on the mechanism for this shift here... The Process of Transformation of 3D to 5D Earth. One of the key things we're doing in the Openhand Work to support this shift, is reconnecting people with their soul families, holding the higher aligned vibration. At a soul level, it reminds you more who you are, and naturally brings you into alignment with the higher flow, as a way of living.

I often feel living here is like constantly passing through the eye of a needle: all around you are people living the old ways and telling you the direction of your heart is wrong, which tends to highlight any internal doubt, fear or disbelief - you have to work through these, trusting your heart knows the path, and opening out through any contractions. You have to work to trust that the universe is guiding you to the place and the circumstances that are perfect for your continued unfolding.

Passing through the Eye of the Needle

The metaphor of 'passing through the eye of the needle' can help us greatly in the day-to-day circumstances of our lives. We have to understand that we're currently living in two worlds, not one...

You could look at the circumstances of your life and see only the 3D, which includes the trials and tribulations just to 'make ends meet'. In which case, because the energy is now fast draining away, there will never be enough. If however you change your perspective to seeing all circumstance as a teaching to help embody a higher degree of consciousness, then you'll not only open up more, but channel the new creative energies through your being.

So the flow will draw you into your 'lessons', which if you don't avoid, will likely contract you down. You'll feel this emotionally in your relationships, mentally in your work, and physically in your general living circumstances. See these contractions as signposts on the path: you're heading in the right direction, you now have to work to let go and expand out through them.
Here's how...Breakthrough Subconscious Limitations

It's the continual confrontation of the tightening situations in your life, in your careers, your relationships and general living circumstances, then opening out through them that defines the path into the higher paradigm.

Miraculous Manifestation - It's not just about letting go

Of course, great importance has been placed on the spiritual philosophy of letting go in order to align with the higher dimensional flow. Yes, I agree, it is necessary to let go of needing to control life, particularly here in the 3D - it's necessary to let go of the need for a particular outcome. But sometimes I observe this leads to a quasi-state of denial in some spiritual people - it's like they sometimes use it as an excuse not to do anything at all, because "everything is perfect". To me this is to confuse absolute and relative truths: in the absolute, yes, everything is perfect; however in the relative, within our lives and the Great 5D Shift, there is a higher harmony of existence that the soul is yearning for. To deny this is to deny our very reason for being. The Universe itself is constantly manifesting through creative expression. When we allow it to, when we open up to it, higher dimensional consciousness will manifest boundless opportunity through us. But again, here's where I find it a bit like 'passing through the eye of the needle'...

You feel the higher flow wanting to come through, yet still, all around you, it feels like a wall of resistance - there's every reason WHY NOT to align with that consciousness. Thought and feeling are highly creative in this higher vibration, so if we let the doubters and naysayers influence us, then sure enough, we'll find ourselves without the necessary power to bring the divine manifestation to fruition. We have to trust in the guidance we're receiving, then positively reach out, and step into, the new creation. You have to commit spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically.

If you grasp at the helium balloon, it will always be just out of reach. But you still have to step positively in the direction of your creative higher vision and reach out to meet the balloon in order to realise it.

Manifesting from Beingness

So the real key to being a positive force for change in the world is not trying to manifest some kind of creation by yourself that is separate from the natural flow - from the divine. It is to manifest your unique way of being by making space for it to arise naturally from within. When you do so, new possibilities and opportunities will unfold before you, together with the relevant resources to fulfill your mission.

Here are 7 ways you can maximise and harness this effect...

1) Stay open and light. Work internally to let go of the need for a particular outcome. Innovate through outdated behaviourisms that keep you locked in an old reality. Let your life take on more flexible spontaneity. Explore, inquire, be curious about possibility.

2) Let 'intention' surrender into attention - allowing your consciousness to be 'spiked' by spontaneous knowings and the heart-felt pull. Always respond to the intuitive impulse to act, then its beneficial effect will grow in your life.

3) Notice visions and thoughts landing about the direction to take, or the act of creation to embark upon, but always look for a new aspect of higher beingness - your highest truth - that is wanting to reveal itself as you follow this pathway.

4) Watch for your path being lit up by signs and synchronicity. Be prepared for this to also reveal negative patterning as it highlights your distortions (it may take you constantly into repetitive conditioned behaviours).

5) If you're unsure what you're being invited to do, ask "show me" of the universe then watch attentively. You'll be shown either a distortion to break through or an aspect of beingness to express - this dynamic leads to "Right Action" choices.

6) Maintain a positive mental attitude, even if you run into blockages; find an active way to breakthrough them; be prepared for the flow to then shift in direction - the stream can have many paths to the ocean.

7) Step positively forwards in the direction that the multidimensional landscape is revealing through signs and synchronicity. Step towards the visions or perception senses of the possibilities beginning to form. Express authentically into these possibilities and take action where you can feel the quantum field beginning to crystallise in that direction. Keep allowing the landscape to shape and change as it firms up around you.

Go in the Direction of Your Passion

The most fulfillment, success and abundance at a soul level, will be attained when you're aligned with your soul's passion in life, for it will be aligned with the natural movement of life. If you're not yet sure what that is, then explore what really interests you. What gets you out of bed in the morning?

Underneath all of the surface level desires and motivations, dreams, hopes and fears is something you yearn for in the depths of your soul. It's likely about the emergence of you as an authentic beingness, for this is completely fulfilling of itself, and then shapes life in the most miraculous and magical ways.

That's what Openhand's 5D Ascension Program is all about: it's providing a context, a landscape, of inquiry into the emergence of soul through the unfolding shift that's taking place all around us. How miraculous can your life become when you dare to let go of the old construct and become you, the real YOU?

Go for it. Make your life truly miraculous!

In loving support

Open 💎🙏

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20/03/2023 Essential Shift Update

Many are already speaking of an impending banking crisis to "worry about" - but worry risks manifesting only your fears. Yes, the controllers will continue to try to chaperone society in the direction of their agenda - toward central bank digital currencies, for example. But there are literally tonnes of emergent light breaking through in the field right now, major transformations of the old karma are unfolding day by day. So I can confidently GUARANTEE you the controllers will NOT have it their way.

Remember, it's all about focus and attention. If you celebrate your life with the divine every single day, if you meditate and anchor the higher light where you live and as you move through the world, then you become an abundant channel for this new creative possibility. You're positively WEAVING the new fabric. No one can tell you exactly how this will succeed and in what form - just that it will. Believe in that. Anchor that and you will surely experience it.

That's why I felt to draw attention to this lead article by Openhand today...

7 Ways to Manifest Greater Resources and Possibility in Earth's 5D Ascension

There's a new world of opportunity out there. Let's be sure to harness it!

Open 💎




18/02/2022 Openhand Journal Update

I felt it essential to feature this article (above) again today...
7 Ways to Manifest Greater Resources and Possibility in the Great 5D Shift (scroll to top)

I notice that there's plenty of people anxious about the future and therefore clinging to the tried and tested, the comfortable way things are and have been. This is "poverty consciousness!" If you succumb to the fear of moving forwards, if you believe you don't have sufficient resources because of the uncertainty of the world right now, then this sense of lack is what you'll manifest on the outside.

There are oodles of resources in the world! Society has become extremely successful at extracting them to the detriment of the planet and the old reality. AND AT THE SAME TIME, there's everything right about recycling and reusing the resources that are already manifest. It's about taking that energy and using it in a new way. How will you do that?

First of all its about focussing on beingness and working through fear to 'invest' in the next grandest version of yourself. If you truly commit to this unravelling unwinding process, that brings you into alignment with the natural flow of the Universe - everything now begins to shape differently around you. But you do have to be prepared to step into the unknown, into the uncertainty.

So I share my 7 tips above, for manifesting greater success in the shift. I wish you well in that endeavour. Do comment if you'd like more clarity on what I'm reflecting.

In loving support

Open Heart



Hi Vimal - nice to see you The Sun Emoji

Yes it's a challenge when those around you are still plugged in. But history reveals that there are always those who can change the group dynamic if they're prepared to stand out to some degree. You have a beautifully colourful and loving energy. I'd say keep working at letting it shine through, no matter what. The time for procrastination is fast diappearing now. The window for the shift will only be open so long - and so we have to commit to the path. You can do it. And as you do, you'll be amazed at how you can bring others along with you.

Much love

Open Thumbs Up Sign


Something I'm dealing with as well.

When im with kids in the institutions, I see two different states - either I succumb to the control, the expectation placed on me. I call it the survivalist attitude. And I dont enjoy the class anymore because the more subtle vibration like the connection with kids, laughter, love and joy gets buried under the need to make it in life. But sometimes I'm completely myself there, confidently connecting with everyone, my unique authentic vibrations come through. There is less fear of mistakes, less control and more vulnerability and creativity. <An unusual spider just walked right into my smartphone while typing. I wonder what that means!>

It's especially tough because I know I'm the only one with this attitude. Everyone else, just does what they have always done with the supposed excuse of ' we are only doing this for the benifit of kids'. There is some truth in this, I know but not all. Where I feel the truth is that I can easily get driven around by the kids as I question my own inauthenticity. And if not I would lose my mind there. So it's a thin line. I see for what it really is, an institution of control, me, the kids, teachers and parents all placed in it playing our part. I feel in my heart, it's not where we are supposed to belong, but here we are walking though out stuff and finding the light through it all, me and them. Maybe theres a better way, but not yet. 



I felt to repost this article again today...
7 Ways to Manifest Greater Resources and Possibility in the Great 5D Shift (scroll to the top)

When we switch over to the path of the soul, it always comes with a process of unravelling the old reality construct we've built. And this will surely mean letting plenty of things go - jobs, possessions and rooted living circumstances. Sometimes people will find themselves short of resources. But often this is a test of things like self-worth, which is of course beyond our appreciation of money. And we also need to realise that the field is a flow - energy comes in, but only properly flows if we let it out again - not hanging onto it.

It's also essential to say, that when you look out into society, we are awash with resources! However, what we also need to be really clear of, is that the way of manifesting those resources for what you're given to do is now changing. The old ways of succeeding in the matrix are progressively unravelling and breaking down. And as the new 5D consciousness emerges, you're going to find it actually easier to manifest, providing that is, you stay in the consistent mainstream of your soul - the Universe will resource the authentic activity of the soul.

To cut a long story short, it 'pays' to be in the flow!

So do check out my article above. And let's explore together if you have any queries or sharings...


Open HeartPraying Emoji


I get the being. That is clear it is not about doing anymore. However, manifesting money from sitting around in nature hasn't happened yet. And we still live in the 3D world. This is the biggest problem I'm having in 3D/5D awakening. I've dropped everything and I am being which is doing absolutely nothing. Nothing resonates except nature. Still have 3D bills to pay.


Hi Cathy,

I see you. And what a warrior you are. this reality we "soul's " face is tricky at best. I love how you put forth the wisdom that honours your soul as your path on folds under each step u take. 

You said, "I feel my passion to manifest social justice for others is about being just and true to who I am as a unique expression of the divine. These days, I am witnessing expressions in the outer world of how I'm not being true and just to myself. I'm being invited to empower myself and transcend beyond. I used to think that everything would easily and magically fall into place if I acted on what felt right and aligned. Instead, I'm being led down a path of experiences where I've disempowered myself. This journey to wholeness is hard." 

Cathy for what this reflection is showing me is; 1) things do "come" easily, easily is a descriptive word just like magically. 2) everyone's path is unique to one's self. Trying to see it before it time is just the Ego Fxxken with your identity. 3) this path of experiences of disempowerment, for sure, sounds like the Ego's work. The words I read here are from a very empowered soul. 4) This journey of wholeness is hard, well, this word "hard" is another one of an array of words used by the Ego to prevent soul from awareness. For my soul believes that all soul are whole. This path or journey to source for all souls is the way to a new beginning. 

There is no burning out, for souls eternal flame can not go out. It will only get brighter when it joins other souls on their way to source.

Cathy we are all in Harmony with source even when we do not feel it. Remember the poem Foot Steps.

Have no idea where this came from nor a need to know why. 

We are all that is. LOVE

Much much Love


P.S. , Cathy this is for the music in you, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PSoOFn3wQV4&nbsp;


P.S.S.  Awesome article Open Thank you for being 



After receiving your newsletter today, I felt to add a few comments in this thread. Since stepping up and out to act on my passion and what feels aligned and near and dear to my heart, I am indeed manifesting more resources: financial, people-wise, angelic, and cosmic! But it's not easy by any means. This great adventure is taking me into those places where I have disempowered myself and excluded 'moi' as a unique spark of the divine with gifts to offer than no-one else can. I have had countless experiences in my life where my voice was suppressed, ignored, and disrespected. During those times I would often retreat into myself and bury my feelings of anger, sadness, fear, rejection, and abandonment. Cloistering myself in victimhood. Feeling defeated.

I am, once again, manifesting similar experiences although to a lesser degree so I'm aware I have released some of the distortion but still need to go deeper. Yesterday, I asked Divine Benevolence to show me the way forward as I was about to pull a Tarot Card since I was feeling discouraged and felt like escaping to a monastery or nunnery (egads! why am I not over that one?!). So I pulled a card called Commencement, which is an aspect of the Emperor Archetype. My inner emperor is a do-er and go-getter, so I felt inspired to blaze on. I have a strong manifesting inner drive and am naturally inclined to act. I am also gifted with the ability to process information, connect the dots holistically, and 'vision' the way forwards in a lightening fast manner. That can't be easy for those who don't have this ability. Some feel threatened and want to shut me down. There's a fine balance between expressing a blend of ray 1 warrior energies and ray 4 diplomat energies. That is part of my learning now. I don't always get it right. Also, when to surrender and when to not accept what's going down. That's a tricky one because it can lead to simply giving up when the going gets tough when I'm actually being invited to find the courage to stay the path. When does one walk away? When does one keep going? The Universe is always speaking to me in signs and synchronicity so I know I am not alone. I just need to pay attention to how it's speaking to me and and to trust what's being invited. How to be. How to act.

I feel my passion to manifest social justice for others is about being just and true to who I am as a unique expression of the divine. These days, I am witnessing expressions in the outer world of how I'm not being true and just to myself. I'm being invited to empower myself and transcend beyond. I used to think that everything would easily and magically fall into place if I acted on what felt right and aligned. Instead, I'm being led down a path of experiences where I've disempowered myself. This journey to wholeness is hard. I'm giving myself lots of breaks so I don't burn out. I find the breakthrough, breathing meditation to be very helpful. I do feel peace and harmony when I'm doing it. And I do believe it will translate to more experiences of outer harmony as I go. I'm so grateful to have my soul family to turn to. Thank you Openhanders. Thank you, Open.

x Cathy


Thanks so much for the support everyone - I felt it was important to really consider 'stepping out' with our spirituality. Not hiding the light under a bushel!

Open *OK*


Thank you for the awesome article, Open. Truth! What a sublime feeling it is to act on what the heart loves, uplifted on the wings of angels, propelled by an army of benevolence, flowing with a sense of divine rightness, co-creating the miraculous!

Success and fulfillment truly stem from aligning with the passion of one's soul, what makes one feel fully alive, so completely present that time simply disappears.

These days my passion is supporting affordable housing initiatives. Lack of affordable housing is now a worldwide crisis. Homelessness is on the rise. Secure shelter is no longer a right. My daughter's generation is finding it harder and harder to find affordable housing. Some of her friends have been evicted so landlords can double the rents. I live in a housing cooperative where we own shares in the building. We have a diverse group of members with different income levels, colours, creeds, religions/no religions, sexual orientation, able bodied and disabled. We currently have government funding for those who need subsidies to manage housing charges, but future funding is uncertain, at present. So many are rising up and speaking out because of this. I'm on board. I am the Membership Director of my housing cooperative and am inundated with calls when units become available. I long to house everyone who needs a home. Will we all be refugees one day as the greed and exploitation of the wealthy continue to gouge the middle class and poor? Whatever may come, I'm committed to the new creations and innovations that want to flow. I'm all in physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually.

And as I'm caught up in acting on my passion, I am confronting all those inner contractions that want to expand out into the cosmos. Surrendering with trust and letting it be when that feels right. Standing my ground and asserting my warrior will when that feels right. Refining my ray 4 diplomatic skills to bring others together with a mighty force for change. Witnessing when my ego kicks in and I want to withdraw and feel offended, left out, banished, abandoned. Finding the light beyond my small self and getting back in the game. One for all and all for One.

My daughter and son's generation ridicule New Age followers and view them as a bunch of privileged folks -- often white and financially solvent -- who have distanced themselves from the grim reality that is unfolding before them in every societal sector. Ensconced in a bubble of bliss and denial. Very disillusioning for them.

Yes to being and doing. Yes to surrendering whilst honouring warrior will to act on what feels right and aligned.

x Cathy


A great article indeed Open. It is uplifting to know changes are happening and that there is such immense support for us all. I am re reading Breakthrough right now and am feeling it on a much deeper level this time around. Chris' story is SO inspiring! It is such an intense account of everything you have highlighted here, full of inspiration. The pain and suffering he endured, the will and surrender it takes to breakthrough, how he followed his passion and his soul continued not to take no for an answer. It is all encouraging more commitment, trust, surrender and letting go theough the challenges on my own journey. Thank you!


Fab article, Open.

Inspiring ideas and practical approaches to being what we are.

There's lots a various juicy nuggets in there to chew on.

The army of benevolence is very uplifting, indeed comforting in such dark times.

I particularly like your reference to acting in the relative.
This seems so important.
Its quite a paradox, as it is so illusory, yet we are in it for good solid soul-based reasons. And we have to act as well as be.


Love love,