The Great Realignment (part 1): The New Paradigm

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There's plenty of talk in spiritual circles currently about the "New Paradigm": what that is; how to access it; how is it going to unfold? The views are often strongly contrasting. I sense it's because there's understandably still a lot of fear and desire - desire of a particular reality or fear of another. When we completely let go, then we'll truly feel the real juice of life, and especially how it wants to flow. "Realignment" is what inspires the actions emanating from the core of the soul - realignment for all life. In other words, unraveling density and allowing the divine to take over. Now is the time to embrace this driving force of life, because a "Great Realignment" is gathering strength here on Earth...

Catalytic Effect

People expanded into highly dimensions will likely be feeling the unwinding effect of the Universe arising through them. It's that energy that is drawn into the disharmony of life, works to unravel it and unleash the 'strings' of consciousness thus facilitating a realignment of the energy, so a new, more harmonious reality may take shape. I know it's this which drew me here, in these phenomenal times of profound change.

I've never felt that affect more strongly than I am doing right now. Society is just like a dam in the universal flow, and where that resistance to the natural harmony of life is most strong, then by default, you draw the strongest realigning energy. It's simple physics.

Lot's of people have woken up, swept the sleep from tired eyes and felt the wonders of interconnectivity. But this is only the first step. As yet, it seems to me a relatively small percentage are actually walking the path of this realignment in every choice they make. And because of this, a separated identity is often still running the show. Perhaps a 'nicer' identity, a more spiritually correct one yes, but often identity nevertheless. And so all kinds of spurious possibilities about the way forwards are imagined. It's fine, this is going to happen, just as long as we keep challenging the illusions and keep asking ourselves "what is really real?"

What is really real?

I've heard some spiritual leaders creating wonderous visions of utopia. Particularly 'resource based' ones, where the resources of the Earth are equally shared amongst all humans. It's one where so called free energy is used 'cleanly' to support the world's population and none are in hunger or need... "We will all shift together", is often expressed.

Advanced technology is often quoted as the mechanism for building this New Paradigm. In terms of getting there, the thinking goes something like this: we're currently consuming the resources of 1.5 Earths. If we can get rid of the controlling powers within society that are raping the Earth for profit, reduce consumption by using advanced, 'clean' technology to just what the Earth can reasonably produce, and share it equally amongst all people, then we'll have achieved our utopic, resource-based system.

Have you ever managed an organic garden? One that takes into interest all life that appears there? Like for example the slugs and the bugs, the ants and the aphids, to mention but a few of the so called 'pests'. Of course in a balanced eco-system, there is a self supporting food chain of which these (and zillions of others) are all a cherished part. My point is this...

On this planet, you need a balanced eco-system the way nature designed it, where all life is honoured, not just one form of it.

The constant gardener

So when heavy rains in the UK make your food growing garden an ideal world for the slugs, then if allowed to their own devices, there's not much lettuce left for we humans! Sad it may be, but this is entirely natural. Let's remind ourselves, the way we humans currently live is hardly natural at all. In my knowing, humans began as forager gatherers, nomadic, moving from place to place as the landscape provided. If drought meant there was no fruit in a particular region, they'd move on. That was the way of human life, the way nature designed it (until an Interdimensional Intervention disrupted the balance).

So when science and spirituality calculates we need 1.5 Earths to support the entire population, in a sense this may be true, but in another I believe it is very blinkered, because it doesn't take into account the land and resources needed by all other life simply to sustain the natural balance here.

In my knowing from higher mind, I sense humanity would need at least 10 Earths across which to spread in order to re-attain this harmony once more. You'd need many fruitful acres just to provide sustenance for one human family; that is when living in a truly balanced way with nature, without controlling or shaping. I believe that's what's so often over-looked by those considering the New Paradigm. I sense a degree of naivety of how the balanced system is meant to be.

Now I'm not saying we shouldn't harness 'free energy' and advanced 'clean' technology. And I would definitely encourage the natural movement, felt in the heart, of developing self sustaining communities. But I don't see these as the end in themselves. Instead I see these approaches as a means to an end - evolutionary Ascension into a higher paradigm of being.

Earth Realignment

There are many reasons why an Earth Realignment needs to happen, in my view will happen. Take for example world population growth that is exponentially growing by the hour. It took thousands of years for early humanity to grow to a manageable number of 900 million just prior to the Industrial Revolution in the early 1800s. Take a look at this graph to see what's happened since then. I find it literally jaw dropping... Courtesy of Wikipedia

This is not natural by any consideration!

This explosion in the population and inconsiderate consumption explains also the huge rate of dieing off of species on this planet. The usual background rate is around 10-100 species a year. According to the World Wild Life Fund and other respected sources, currently it is in excess of 100 per day (some are even quoting 200 species per day) - that's over 30,000 species per year! And according to the respected "Guardian" newspaper, due to carbon emissions, ocean acidification is happening at it's fastest for over 300 million years. We're in the fastest mass extinction ever seen on the planet, rapidly moving past the point of no return.

Interestingly I'm sure the 'powers-that-be' in society know this, have seen it too, because they have access to scientific data - the dramatic effects of this causality. It's clear to me, this is why they're using chemtrail geo-engineering and GMO crops to try to manage the decline of the Earth's biosphere. I'll hazard a guess it's why they're more concerned about the oil under the Ice Caps than the Ice on them. And why there's a reckless lack of concern over the dangerous effects of fracking for example.

I can also see the resistance to this Earth Realignment still very strong at all levels of society: from those still trying to control the surface of the earth, to those who've awakened and wish for an alternative reality. For different reasons, in my view, both are not truly appreciating what's really going on.

I believe this "Great Realignment is unavoidable. I can feel it with great clarity - as I said, I know it's why I'm here, I've seen it many times before. Waves of energy will, over time, peel away all resistant consciousness in its path. That's already happening, and building, you can already see its effects, but only when you peel back from your eyes what you'd like to see happen or else what you're afraid will.

This "Great Realignment" will require a great internal letting go. The surface of the Earth will become increasingly challenging to live upon. Escalating consumption by an exponentially escalating global population, supported by reckless geo-engineering agendas is causing a collapse in the Earth's biosphere, which Gaia will ultimately respond to. Even the wonderful eco-communities that are springing up, fired by unbridled compassion for all life, will be but a temporary (and vital) stepping stone into the higher paradigm - what I see as 'Arcs' for the Ascension. Is this not the undeniable trend that is already growing in strength? I see it clearing pretty much all of the surface, so that over a period of millions of years, balanced harmony of life can begin to emerge in the 3D once more.

Fear as a doorway to the Shift

People will no doubt accuse me of spreading fear by talking in this way, of bringing this perspective into the light. Some in spiritual circles have said it 'lowers their vibration'. Whilst I understand why people would think it, I invite all reading to consider this...

You cannot propagate fear where fear doesn't already exist. In a truly enlightened being, there's no fear of any situation or circumstance. When the self-realised soul, unbridled by fear, encounters a crossroads in the journey of life, one direction heading into the depths of hell, the other into dreamy heights of heaven, what defines the choice made, is the question "where can I learn most?"

Fear is caused only by lack of self realisation - lack of realisation by the soul of the One Self; that which is complete, whole, lacking nothing and in need of no particular outcome...

In my sincere view, no one will ascend from Earth into the higher 5D paradigm unless they are able to look into the jaws of their greatest fear and see only the inviolable completeness that they are at their core.

There are plenty who've gone into avoidance and denial, detachment from the true depth and majesty of life. Let that not happen to us! Yes, it is possible to 'raise our vibration' (temporarily) in all manner of meditation and spiritual practice. Yes, it is possible to simply drop the hot coals of attachment for a period of time. But unless we've really felt the heat of the coals, and moved beyond all identification with the separated self, then when we leave this body, the ballast of buried karma will simply bring you back into the lower densities once more. So let's be clear, you cannot spread fear where fear doesn't already exist. Often it's subtly denied within the inner recesses of ones being. You have to get into it, work with it, explore it, until the True Self in you bursts through and explodes the myth that it always ever was. In which case, there is absolutely nothing to fear!

Rise of the Divine Human

It is the current situation here on Earth, that has drawn many starsouls, carrying vibrations to activate and unravel the disharmony, to facilitate this Great Realignment of which I speak. I know it is why I am here. In truth there is nothing to fear from it. The worst would be the perpetuation of the status quo - an expansion of the synthetic reality that we're living in - no matter who is controlling or managing it.

As I write this, I feel we're on the cusp of a great change. I can feel the swell of a rising tide. It's perfectly timely, because more and more people are waking up and stepping forwards to carry the beacon of rising consciousness. It doesn't take that many of us to catalyse a shift. Just a relative handful, who are internally focused, peeling away our distortions and going deep into the field of consciousness. Together we can activate beacons of realignment, connecting with the higher dimensional flow and harnessing it for the mainstream to tune into.

Together we can can do it. It's time!

In loving support
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heart Today is the final day of the 5D Shift weekend here in Halifax, Nova Scotia.
One of the videos I played that moved people deeply was this one by Melissa Etheridge - I felt to share it with you today...

Namaste Open


The temptation to yield to the matrix, to yield to what is around me, to accept myself as just a part of 'whatever' and let ego/mind take charge is huge - almost overwhelming - and yet I sense that I've walked the path of yielding many times before and while it offers the perception of being easier, it is in fact not what really works for me. I am reminded of the Jehovah's Witness parent I dialogued with many years ago. I felt a pang of envy as, when I asked her a question about how we would be utilizing the theme of Christmas in the classroom she admitted that she did not have the answers, but would consult 'the book' and get back to me. I recall the sense of awe at being absolved of any sense of responsibility by allowing 'the book' to answer life's questions. How simple.
And yet of course, it is that simple, by listening to the inner guidance instead of reading a book - but there are times when just following the book sounds lovely.
But, as I said, I have a feeling I've done that many times before....


Great to hear from you Tong :-)

Yes indeed, it must be an active engagement in what's going on. I totally empathise with wanting to disconnect from the mainstream. Some will do that. But to truly change it is to dance with it, for only then can we bring the light into it.

Much love



Thank you for the insights and enlightenment Chris. I need to admit that I may have fell into one of the categories you talked about in your writing. With doubts of what's true from the information I get,what's real and real for whom, what's the purpose behind it, I have shut down myself from the major media for the last 5 years without caring of what's happening. I feel the world is changing and something isn't right about the environment, the politics, the wars, the nature, the way we treat animals and earth, but I felt powerless and helpless at the same time. I didn't know what I can do as an individual. As I just recently started getting to know/practicing Kundalini yoga and meditation, and actively started searching for spiritual guidance, I feel truly blessed to find this group and being part of it. In the process of connecting to my soul, I feel one thing through reading this article, that is, what I CAN do right now is to keep working on connecting to my soul and being my authentic self at every moment, and as it happens, I'd have clarity of what I can serve to help realign nature and earth to what it's suppose to be. I feel that when the light is shined on more of us, as more human beings start working on connecting to our souls(as how the nature and earth should be as well), we will be more conscious on our influence and impact to where we are living and what we can do to realign it.



Dear Open,

I have been wallowing in a little bit of heavy energy lately and I appreciate the reminder inherent in your message. As silly season is now in full swing it has been so easy for me to become trapped into the fear based emotions and even as one who has been consciously walking this "awakening" path for some time, I recognise that I am still susceptible to dropping into this "heavy" state. I remind myself that for those who are less awakened to this realignment, how difficult it must be and that instead of intolerance, the true depth of our compassion is what should show.

As Christmas approaches, the inevitable reminders to repent for the end is nigh, have made an annual return. Post-apocalyptic expectations of instant salvation long awaited, begin surfacing in the mass consciousness, and even I find myself hoping for a fast food approach to shift. While I recognise that we have the innate ability to shift into a new paradigm of conscious realignment, I know that there is a tremendous amount of work to be done by those of us who are able to contribute to this actively. The wisdom of your words inspires me to stop striving and soften into allowing.

I feel that I have just passed through an emotional test, albeit not with flying colours! Rather than chastising myself I congratulate myself that as "bad" as I was, I would once have been "worse". A shadow has lifted from me and I anticipate that the next challenge will allow me to transition with even more integrity. I trust that in good time, the critical mass will be surpassed and the higher paradigm of conscious existence will manifest for all those aligned with this different energy.

In love


Thanks for the support Martin.
And I look forwards greatly to you unfolding that role.

Open *OK*


I really share your view of the situation here on Earth Open. I feel I have my particular role to play in the unraveling and sense a deep satisfaction to be who I am and do what I do, no matter what.


An Openhander just directed my attention to this soul stirring video by Nick Vujicic, "Something More". It's awesomely inspiring and totally applicable here. Enjoy...


Thanks Open, Trinity and all who have lovingly commented. I believe the following two statements sum it up from my perspective.

"In truth there is nothing to fear from it. The worst would be the perpetuation of the status quo - an expansion of the synthetic reality that we're living in - no matter who is controlling or managing it."

As well...
"These gifts that we have are wide and far reaching. They will be the most superlative expression of you, revealed at the time most needed. And we must be careful NOT to pre-judge how the divine will work through us to provide the upliftment needed. It will come in many ways, shapes and forms."

A while back I realized I cannot fear the amount of "preparation" can really prepare me. Only by remaining devoted to walking the path of absolute self-honesty and surrendering to the highest power am I prepared. I constantly question whether I am truly being "real" and sometimes I think I am.....


Thank you Reka for this inspiring video. I have been thinking about how many of us human souls would not personally choose to destroy this planet or make extinct lots of other species.
But still we choose to incarnate, to experience things we otherwise would not.
To maintain relationships with the unseen, with nature, to feel pain as well as love.

For some reason us humans are so able to adapt, i felt that if someone would make me choose between not being reborn at all or to be born on a planet that is inherently toxic and hostile, i would still choose the experience of being alive and falling in love, having friends etc.

So what is that, we don't willingly choose to be born in these hybridized, badly adapted bodies on this planet that is destroyed faster than ever before, but we still do, in the billions.

There has to be something to it.
My personal feeling after being bombarded with news about global destruction by fracking, geoengineering and radiation had gone to a state of acceptance, like nicolas cage at the end of the movie knowing when he knew it was time to let his child leave.
When i watched Elizabeth i was reminded there is a lot more to humans, regardless of the external circumstances.
So thank you.


for whatever not entirely clear reason i remembered this famous TED Talk by Elizabeth Gilbert in relation to this thread, and the anguish of what it means to be sharing/passing on/chanelling/creatively processing all the (inner) truth. ... But also about how to face our fears about any topic (not only what she talks about here in specific). I highly recommend, she is funny, sharp, and she is humble, she separates internal chaff form wheat clearly, and inspires about how to stay open, yet grounded even in face of extreme situations...


I find myself trying to read between the lines of this particular sharing. For me it's what you are choosing not to say that speaks so loudly. The underlying vibratory tone truly pulsates out, through, and beyond.


Hi Reka, you said...

    "Without her (meaning Trinity), I am sure, this article, or part of it for sure, would not have been written in the same way or maybe not at all."

How astute you are!
Having the balancing energy has always been utterly priceless. I am blessed.


I would like to also acknowledge Trinity's soft but powerful contribution!
I'd express here my deep resonance with the feelings and thoughts that she brings (pours) into this picture too. Not only by her video in this thread but how her soulful commitment to pointing in the direction of right balance in our world through conscious communication, and empathy towards our fellow inhabitors on this planet. Without her, I am sure, this article, or part of it for sure, would not have been written in the same way or maybe not at all.

Back to the idea of RIGHT balance, if I may... and thanks to Trin's subtle energies for bringing in the idea...

The whole idea of (re)alignment is (to me) very feminine (i.e. yin energies in both gender)...

S.t.a.t.i.c. balance is a fallacy... A giant conspiracy to keep us feel we are continuously f*cking up and falling short... With an attitude like that this process we're discussing here will be very hard to go through.

I mean we might have to redefine our concept of that and make a brave step towards continuous alignment (inner and outer)... I'd say a rigid idea of balance keeps us falsely "safe" (and maybe as a result, reluctant to change).

We are made for the ebb and flow. Personally, but as a species as well. How about letting ourselves be seduced by an idea of disequilibrium and giving ourselves something more true and real? Maybe even more earthy (or in earth's harmony)?

If we think of this transformation which (fear or not fear, i have no doubt in my heart about it) we'll all go through, we better not wait to fall off the tightrope. We might try to lose balance -- to a (not too comforty) degree; -- from time to time; -- at least as much as we are able to??

And/or we can fly as well. Out of safe balance. Free.


Thanks Mike. I feel it is so important that key aspects of this message gain traction so at least people can confront their fears in relation to it. It can be a tremendously liberating and cathartic process.

So I welcome the support - thanks *OK*


Thank you for your bravery and vulnerability, Open. I have been anticipating this article, and I whole-heartedly welcome your perspective.

Processing this information does bring up fear for me to process. I can't help my mind from wondering to what this will all look like when our karmas/actions finally reach our doorsteps.

It's obvious that we are well-past the tipping point, but only a small few are even paying enough attention to realize it. What will it take for people to come to the same conclusions? And what will they do when they're realized? What will unfold? ...scary thoughts for me. I don't like admitting it, but there's a sadness and hopelessness for humanity that makes me wonder what This is all for sometimes. I can somewhat conceptualize that it's for greater purposes/soul and planetary karmas/universal good... I know that on a deeper level, but, in the brink of processing the possibilities of your conclusions, it sucks! (lol) It just makes my heart hurt.


I appreciate this article regardless. You're doing wonderful work. Keep it up. :)


p.s. That's beautiful ^^ Rayko. Wow.


It's coming, you can see it in more and more people now, just different aspects of the same issue poping up in their heads; might just be how we are sold the image of the perfection we want, or the controlling of society by a few evil ones, or that clarity of mind is literally effortless, your thoughts create your feelings not the outside circumstances, my god the stars are beautiful and how the birds sing like the melody of my heart to yours. Ancient spirits gather now, Wake up, Wake up. Like every morning there's that point, oh here's now. Get up!

A vision of the universe now embarks upon us, the mass extinction; of ourselves. It sounds so poetic and unknowing,
Plasmons Quantizations and Quackery. Structure Form and Order, Aperiodicity and Love.

Don't Follow Me
You'll loose Your Path


It's hard to know how to respond to this. It makes me sick to the pit of my stomach. And it's a shining example of the sad ignorance of society. Bat droppings smelly? What a reflection!


Thanks for the support guys - it means a great deal to me :)

Yes Reka, you're so right about the feeling of shouldering such responsibility and working carefully through ones own inner distortions so that the message is delivered as clearly as possible without any loaded energy. I feel your love - thankyou.



Thank you. This is so strong and completely about now. Love the Ballast of Buried Karma for the potential it embodies. Big Hug from all those places where we learn most.


no comments as yet?!?!?!?
well, let me break the ice then...
i do stand by the Openhand message, however hard it might seem to digest... but it's not even a bitter pill though certainly medicine.
to me.

and to dear Open, thank you for talking about it. yes, standing by and support the process as a result of the "breaking news", is the only way. timing is crucial, personally as well as publicly of course. but i know how much consideration you've given already to this, how to best share what you in your heart know as true.

in my work i do have to face the doubts about sharing truth too, it is such a hard responsibility, to be able to say what is "written" (in the deepest logic and flow of a personal story) without saving them from going thru their own unravelling and confrontations...

we cannot/should not save anyone from his/her own fate, especially not from his/her mistakes (on reality even). we can say it and share it and let them sit with it or walk away.
and there always is a chance we are wrong. ;)

sorry to not really react to the content of the article, probably because i'd known it from you for quite some time, and what (to me) stuck out the most was the brave step you take about sharing in public too now.
love and support,