Openhand Bow (guided meditation)

This is a guided audio meditation of the Openhand Bow, applied frequently on our courses, which has been developed from Kriya Yoga. It is designed to help you get deeply into inner tightness and density, to process it, unravel it, and let the soul infuse through for maximum transformation. It is deeply liberating and empowering. You can freely watch a visual demonstration of the bow in this Openhand Shift Video Diary here... "Transmutation".

  • Duration: 15 minutes for one bow, 30 minutes for three
  • To download the full meditation to your computer or MP3 Player, click here... PURCHASE NOW £5.00 (GBP) (approx US$6.50)
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I always used to enjoy reading Openhand posts.  I have purchased some meditations in the past , with difficulty, since it seems I'm closed out of downloading them because I have multiple devices!  In the past, I worked with someone who sent them to me a different way, so I could download them.  But, this last time - and I'm assuming again now, as I want so  much to download the Openhand Bow ( which I used to see, for free ) - the support team did nothing to help me in the same way I was helped in the past!  I've been doing energy work,and spiritual work for decades, yet they told me that I apparently wasn't "ready" for this information, since I was having trouble downloading it the way they sent it!   The example they sent me to help me download it, in no way matched what was appearing on my screen.  I tried telling them that, but ended up just being refunded, since they made no further effort to help me download it - unlike someone had in the past.   Is there any way someone can help me to purchase and DOWNLOAD this material?

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Hi Barbara,

Sometimes people have problems downloading the meditations on apple devices - is yours an apple?
If that's the case, we point to this page which explains how to download. I'm aware our webmaster shared this with you...

How to download our meditation Mp3 files to your iPhone, iPad or iPod

If this doesn't for some reason work, then we ALWAYS send the file via email through WeTransfer.

Best wishes

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Hello: "We" are ready, willing and able to bring the 5D Crystalline Grid to "life" in Brasil.


Our project is called Bio Dome.


We live under the dome on a small island off the coast of Sao Paulo Brazil.

Lets combine our life force energies.


In loving appreciation,


David the Indian

"We" are 1

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Olá, gostaria de saber mais a respeito.

Poderia enviar um e-mail?



Dear Open, 

I am having a very interesting experience in the 3D now that I am back ' home' after the profound experiences in South Africa. It's hard to describe but I feel like I'm in a dream. It's strange because I like to think I am very well grounded and I'm sure there is nothing very different noticeable on the outside. On the inside though my motivation for participating in my usual pursuits seems to have completely vanished. 

It's very sudden and strange, as if I am seeing through the illusion and yet am not entirely removed from it. Attachments to important people and circumstances seem to have just dropped.I don't know what to do with myself,like I have peeled a layer off and don't know who this new person is. 

The only place I feel purposeful at all is my little farm. Pulling out the vegetables from the Earth, washing them, preparing soups and salads and stir fry, that's all that seems to comfort me right now. In my meditation practice I feel like I experience waves of goose bumps. 

Am I doing something wrong? I am continuing to do intermittent fasting and am eating very light organic food. 



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That sounds entirely aligned to me Megha Thumbs Up Sign

I would suggest a conscious attention more on how to be, in any given moment. See how that makes more sense. Then look for the deeper meaning flow - align with that. It will likely make much more sense.

Sounds like a great shift!




My sense is that 12:12 is a good possibility to open a portal into the ether that you may receive essential end of year energy downloads, that can integrate during spiritual hibernation time. In which case, this Openhand Bow will greatly help the process. We often apply it at the Openhand Events, bending into density and softening through it, before then cleansing it away and as you rise, you're rising up into a greater openness and connectivity - you're opening a space for higher dimensional awareness to flood in.

You can see a demo of the bow in this video...


Hi Eduardo,

I missed your earlier post while travelling - apologies - it is a good question.

Let me ask, have you done the Bow? And when you do, do you feel it as stretching? Because really, as I explained more in the audio, you're actually bending into the tightness so as to maximise the feeling of it. That way it is intended to increase the focus on the distortion so you can get the sense of unwinding consciousness through any internal resistance.

It's kind of like pranic breathing - the breath becomes the carrier for consciousness, even though it is not the consciousness (of the soul).

Likewise, the Bow can amplify inner tightness, even though it might not touch the tightness directly itself. So it's role is to amplify the sense of the tightness - so it brings it more into focus.

Does this help?

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Hi Open,

now I see that the Bow isn't exactly a stretching, so that's why my question sounded a bit out of context Grinmacing

Anyway, I was referring to normal stretching, outside any form of meditation. I asked if the tension release that comes after stretching the body (e.g. legs, back, ribcage) is a way of unwinding consciousness. Because you know, after stretching I get that feeling of relaxation and presence in these tensed parts, just like in meditation!

Thanks again



sorry, I don't want to be annoying, but the answer to the question above is very important to me at the moment... I'm afraid I am wasting those precious opportunities of soul integration.

I know Open might be busy in the Openhand retreats, so if anyone knows the answer I'll be much appreciated.

Slightly SmilingPraying EmojiHeart


Hello Open,

after watching the demonstration of the bow in the Transmutation video, I stumbled upon this question:
how much efficient is stretching our body to dissipate distortion?

We all know stretching relaxes our body and is extremely beneficial to our health, but I have a feeling that it bypasses the process a bit... For example, I tend to feel tightness in the legs when I face a non-realized aspect. It kinda starts on the feet and spreads towards the sacrum. Then, I usually stretch my legs and the tensions easily dissipate.

Am I really unwinding those distortions so they won't show up again?
Maybe it's better to just sit with them, handle the discomfort and let the breathe do the work... what do you think?

Thank you,


Hi Open - I absolutely loved the Openhand bow. Thanks so much for sharing. Reminds of when i first learned pranayama breathing, i was surprised that a simple breathing could install so much expansiveness. I have also been doing breakthrough breathing consistently for a period of time now, so it helped greatly. 

Gratitude Heart



Hi Anatoly - thanks for the feedback Slightly SmilingSlightly Smiling

The Openhand Bow is meant to be applied in the generality of ALL living experience - so yes, infusing soul through life's situations such as tightness experienced in relationships and jobs etc. I find it opens up all manner of possibility!

With love

Open Thumbs Up SignThe Sun Emoji


Yet another great tool from Open!  At the moment, other than entities/implants, i don't feel like i have great challenges or tightness so was wondering if this meditation can also be used on potential situations that may cause some apprehension like losing a job, challenges in relationships or living circumstances.

Just wondering,