Rise Eden Rise 2021 - Divine Being Activations

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Rise Eden Rise is Openhand's new body of work for the September to December 2021 season. It's all about activating your divine being and calling on that Higher Self energy to illuminate your life with better informed choices. As the 3D world goes increasingly crazy and the energy unravels more to 5D, how can we harness that through our beings right now?

Come join us...

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The new look "Ascension Exchanges" of a half day's interaction with the Openhand energies on zoom are going extraordinarily well - it's proving to be a great way of addressing the fundamentals of what's going on right now and bringing in energy to uplift our lives. It's augmented by the one-on-one, where a simple expressed meme of truth can be utterly transformative.

Today, I'm going to be using the example of the multi armed Buddha, of how you might manifest greater resource and possibility as the higher dimensional light infuses our reality...

For anyone interested, we have one lastminute place left on today's event. Here are the details...

It's a new style event in the Openhand Annual Program - regular "Ascension Exchanges" online with meditations, guidance and personal one-on-one to explore current challenges in your life and your 5D Ascension. Explore with Open and gain invaluable reflections.
Creating from a Multi Faceted Way of Being


It was a brief but very meaningful "Bright Blessings in Brighton" last weekend, with a wonderful group of souls gathered in the high vibe seaside town. Thanks to all who came and made it a special heartfelt connection. Much love out to you all!

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Such a wonderful, magical, sparkly day that was, Open... and a disarmingly potent one for me. Thank you!

And yes, such a tremendous connection between us all. Much love to you all and deep gratitude to you Open for bringing it all together in such a powerful way.


Weaving the Threads of 3 great new Events for 2022

I've been busy this last week weaving the threads of 3 exciting new events for the New Year 2022. I'm already buzzing with energy, excitement and adventure! Firstly there's a new 2022 Quantum Shift Retreat to kick start your New Year; followed by an advanced facilitator training conference to get some serious energy moving; and then, at the end of Jan, we've got the "Return of the Pleiadians" Retreat in the mountains of Mexico. It's going to be a high alchemy beginning to 2022 for sure. Here's what's in store. The events are already live and you can inquire or book just as soon as you feel to. Go on, knock your 2021 socks off!...

The 5D Ascension accelerates with the progressive emergence of a new 5D Human. The start of the New Year 2022 is the ideal opportunity to reset your spiritual compass and orientation. It's about clearing karmic density, opening to the higher dimensions and grounding your higher self here and now for successful and abundant living in the New Year.
Quantum Shift Your 2022!

The second in the series bringing the Openhand Facilitator Family together with ground breaking processes and practices. Karmic regressions, Star family connections and grounded facilitation. Advanced spiritual work on your own journey and craft your facilitation service too.
Earth Shattering Energy Activations

We're up in the remote mountains of Mexico for an inspirational retreat at the Pleiades Retreat Centre. Get away from the Matrix. Ignite your 5D being with ground breaking meditation and self-realisation. Delight in high vibe plant based food. Reclaim your divine destiny.
Meet your Galactic Family of Light


If you're based in the UK, there's a bright time lined up for Brighton this coming Sunday - a download of alchemical energy from the Benevolent Mission is available for sure. And quite simply, Brighton is a great high vibe place to visit. Don't miss out, these are alchemical times. Looking forwards to seeing you there...

We're terrestrial, feet on the ground, face-to-face, in the high vibe seaside town of Brighton UK, for an intensive one day Divine Being Activation. We'll amplify the energies quickly, connect up to the shift, process through karma and connect deeply into the core of your True Self.
Embodying Alchemical Soul Frequencies


As humanity begins to discover his higher dimensional self and the tremendous alchemical power of integrating that here and now, we've been looking at what it means to join the wider Galactic Family of Light (article today). The next rendition of our ground breaking work unfolds this weekend online for the EU, Africa, India and Australia. If that divine possibility resonates with you, here's where you can find the details...

Openhand's new body of work for the upcoming Academic Year 21/22, where we're deepening into the Divine Being that you are and untethering it from the karmic density that's been stirred up in the shift. It's time to come home to your fully multidimensional self.
Reclaim Your Destiny!


08/10/2021 Openhand Journal Update

We have our second Ascension Exchanges coming up - tomorrow on October 9th, timed for EU to Africa, India and Australia. The last was a great success - the perfect formula for a connective, short but meaningful gathering; a chance to illuminate some of the patterns shifting the field through us, and then most importantly, exploring with you individually how it might be impacting the direct circumstances of your life.

The ethos...

It’s confused and confusing out there in society! But not if we can see the patterning of the flows of light through it and realise how it’s engaging the very process we’re currently triggered by. That’s where illumined reflections can be priceless to help the karmic penny drop. Ascension Exchanges with Open are a new offering in the Openhand Academy: a half day connection on zoom, with meditations to meet the moment, and one-on-one exchanges to illuminate your path. If you feel the pull, join me!

It's well attended but we can still squeeze in a couple more if you feel the pull to come. Here's where you can find all the details and book...

Openhand Ascension Exchanges, October 9th

See you there!

Open 🙏


25/09/2021 Openhand Journal Update

We've just completed another marvellous Divine Being Activation retreat, this time online, with people from the USA, Europe and India. As the climate of change ramps up across the planet, you can palpably feel the acceleration in the energy field, which encourages people to drop deep more readily and let go more deeply. It means powerful transformations are possible (for anyone wanting to get involved in the next string of upcoming events, check the Training Calendar at the Openhand Ascension Academy).

As I reminded the group during the closing ceremony, that how ever crazy it gets out there, how ever challenging, you always have at least one being completely on your side, that is there for you no matter what - your Twin Flame. Your Twin Flame is your divine compliment, the unmanifest aspect of you, but which speaks and reflects through signs, synchronicity and energy all around you. But as Betsy, the support facilitator at the event, reminded everyone: to unleash the Lotus on top of the pond, you have to dig amongst the weeds and mud at the bottom.

Your kundalini energy gets fragmented with attachment in the mud and weeds of life - in general living circumstances, in jobs and especially in relationships. You have to be prepared to dig through the weeds of these attachments, felt as inner tightness and conditioned programming, then to break them open to release active kundalini energy.

Thus released, the energy forms an activated cycle with the multidimensional landscape of your immediate environment. NOW your Twin Flame has the energy to dance around you. And most importantly, there's clarity of guidance and direction. It becomes much clearer the choices you need to make for your own highest good and your purpose here in the shift.

With this in mind, I felt to share a deeper insight into the Twin Flame phenomenon through the practice of trantra, to help all develop this tremendously alchemical, fulfilling and abundant dance with the divine. It's especially essential now, as the shift really hits the fan...

The Practice of Trantra to Experience Twin Flame in Daily Life

In loving support

Open 🙏



In follow-up to the tremendous experiences we had on retreat at Eden Rise, we've quickly added two Weekend Workshops to the Openhand Academy Program for the UK in November: 1 Day in the sunny seaside town of Brighton and 2 Days in our home town Glastonbury, the heart chakra of the planet. More terrestrial events will follow for 2022, but blended with the online gatherings which are proving tremendously successful too. As people said at Eden Rise, "They're different, you can hardly compare the two". Here's where we'll be...

We're terrestrial, feet on the ground, face-to-face, in the high vibe seaside town of Brighton UK, for an intensive one day Divine Being Activation. We'll amplify the energies quickly, connect up to the shift, process through karma and connect deeply into the core of your True Self.
Deepening into Your Sacred Ground of Being

We're in the heart chakra of the planet, the sacred Glstonbury, where the veils are thin and you're stepping into an alchemical portal of transformation. Applying ground-breaking Openhand processes to break through karmic blockages and unleash the majesty of your True Self.

See you there for smiles, hugs and enlightenment!

Open 🙏


It’s now four days after the closing ceremony, and only now am I slowly beginning to realise the magnitude, and significance, of the ineffable experience of the Divine Being Activation Retreat last week.

Following the retreat, I was blessed to share a couple of days in Dorset/Somerset, with someone I love dearly, and headed back to Yorkshire on Monday morning, to head back to my day job on Tuesday.

I felt so moved when I returned home, that I cancelled my contract for the rest of the week as I realised I needed to be still, reflect, walk in nature, and journal. Knowing, that I didn’t end the retreat last Saturday, but begin an incredible journey of growth that Openhand is a beautiful fit for.

It’s the first meditation retreat I’ve ever been to, and my first exposure to the Openhand community. Not only did Open himself make me feel incredibly welcomed as soon as I arrived, but the beautiful souls I met who were also attending very quickly felt like wonderful friends I’ve known for years. Wow. True soul food.

I laughed, I cried, saw the light, felt the darkness and everything in between which was magical. I simply cannot wait to return, thank you everyone 💖🙏


12/11/2021 Openhand Journal Rise Eden Rise

It was so very special to be back on terrestrial retreat - as plenty said, it's so lovely to look in someone's eyes again and give them a hug! Don't get me wrong, the online retreats are amazing too. As everyone said, you can't really compare them - they're different! We connected, we danced, we ate (how we ate!), we hugged, smiled, played music and deeply connected with Gaia. I can tell you the energy was so strong, it was literally humming. It literally felt as if we'd connected into the quantum field of the space and we're moving it like waves, that then rippled far and wide. I can tell you this is something we're going to be working on in other countries around the world in the years ahead. I keep saying the shift is gathering pace - the feeling of the resonating quantum field, connecting into an activated Stargate was very palpable. And the transformations in the group we're simply wonderful to behold.

Thankyou from the heart to everyone tuning in, both who attended and from far afield - we are literally shifting the consciousness of the planet. It's magical!

Here are some of the final photos (with hopefully a video to follow)...

Who will forget our powerful tripple bow session - takes it to a whole new level...

Staring deep into someone's eyes and seeing the Universe...

Reach for the stars!...

"Andy, I think you need a little work on the crown chakra!"...

Dance, dance, dance!...

Hugs, hugs, hugs!...

Dinner, Dinner Dinner!...

Cake, Cake, Cake!...

Sing, Sing, Sing with Matt King Cole...

Smile, Smile, Smile!...

It was just so wonderful there are no words
Heart melting, soul stirring, life changing
It will stay with me a long time to come
Deep vibes of love to everyone
Open ♥️🙏

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We had a magical week in Eden Rise! I feel so excited and honoured having a chance to be part of this group. Yet today I'm still floating in a feeling that I was away from this planet Earth dancing somewhere in the ether with most beautiful souls.

I will remember with every Openhand Bow going forwards that sense of a powerful Openhand's "invisible hand" as if holding me firmly by the neck and pushing down into the depths of density asking from one to ten how much do we want to change our being and our life Thinking. That was incredibly powerful!

I find myself again and again repeating that words are not my way of expression and this morning while contemplating words to write the feedback this old video from Mylene Farmer emerged from my memory - it is precisely reflecting how do I see and experience the work, that of my own and of the group, on every Openhand retreat. It also speaks to me about the connection with the twin flame - once experienced it cannot be lost or disappear but may be dimmed by engagements in 3D...

Thank you from all my heart Open, two brilliant facilitators Matthew and Joy and all fellow travelers in the group 🧡 I bow to you all Praying Emoji


With all my stellar love

Asya 💜


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This week was an incredible experience. It was beautifully organised and supported by Mathew, Joy and Tilly. I didn't know food could taste as good as it did. Blessings to the Dartmoor Larder caterers who awakened taste buds I never knew I possessed. It almost seems like a dream now, the powerful meditations, the moments spent in silent stillness. I could talk about the manifestations of source energy forever and Open was captivating in the depth of his understanding of our spiritual journey. I cried, I laughed, I have shifted significantly and felt new depths of love and compassion. Thank you openhand for delivering on an epic level. I shall return! 


11/09/2021 Openhand Journal Update

Our final full day here at Eden Rise was simply fabulous. We've entered extremely poignant times in society and the shift, where increasingly people who are challenging its 'defunctness' inside themselves are detaching and coming more into the quantum field - that which precedes crystallisation into the manifest. So now you're becoming the master of your reality and not the victim of it.

It's a fascinating place to be. You feel less and less physical. Your orientation of consciousness changes. You're tuning into subtle perceptions and nuances which now inform your reality. You start to weave and create by this new inner attentiveness.

Deer has come into my cards a good degree recently, especially leading up to this retreat. I reflect upon what might deer be telling us? It's super sensitive and alive, incredibly tuned into its environment. It seems to dart in an out of the 3D as and when is necessary. It engages but then is gone - to me this is the sense of coming increasingly from the DreamState.

Our retreat concludes today, on the anniversary of 911. It was totally unplanned but it seems a very fitting conclusion. To me 911 reflects the bankruptsy of the current system in which we live and the requirement to break free of it, as it progressively collapses in the years ahead. Let your soul progressively emerge from the density - a new way of living and being awaits us - is right there, right now!

If my sharing of the quantum space, The Dreamtime, intrigues you then do review the Openhand lead article on it...

Living in the "DreamTime" of Joyful Multidimensionality

And do be watching out today for whatever creatures may pop up in your environment to provide some clues as to how to more deeply access the quantum field...

Open HeartPraying Emoji

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lately seeing certain numbers pertaining to a recent difficult but necessary past. i see now it was universe checking in to see how i'd react, how i'd choose this time. i chose wrong again and was redirected. yesterday waiting for bus i made the right choice: where i am on my journey, i must let the past go and walk alone for now. as soon as this decision was made a fella was walking up doing his checks of the building where i work and he brought my attention to a rainbow which had seemingly appeared out of nowhere and that i might have missed as i had my head down facing a different direction. when i pointed it out to him he even said " maybe it's a sign..." so it felt like confirmation of making right choice. i used to be in this sort of dream state all the time when i was younger but i let myself get trapped. luckily i see now this "incarceration" is absolutely necessary even though often it gets very difficult. wouldn't motivate me if it wasn't though so i'm glad of it. feels like something's beginning to stir in me... 

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Hi Open & All,

I have just returned from a week in the beautiful North Norfolk countryside and just wanted to share what happened to me on the day you were speaking about the deer. 

I didn't feel like leaving village I was staying in that day, I had some energetic lightheadedness/dizziness and didn't want to drive anywhere, but I did feel a pull to visit an overgrown pond at the edge of the village (a favourite spot). I sat on a bench by the pond for more than half an hour in an 'eyes open' meditative state, actually almost incapable of thought, but enjoying the peace within and without. Suddenly a beautiful muntjack deer emerged from the hedgerow just 20 feet away. It was very shy and cautious about crossing the deserted road and actually looked me straight in the eye, but I was so still within and without that it didn't register me as a threat and continued cautiously on it's way to presumably drink at the pond (it's very overgrown so I couldn't see). It was absolutely exquisite, a beautiful glossy mahogany, utterly perfect in every way, in fact it felt like I was seeing it in HD, much more clearly than 'normal' sight. I was utterly awestruck at it's beauty and lack of fear of me, who it must at least have scented. It truly made my week and brought tears of gratitude to my eyes at being so honoured with it's trust and when I read your post I knew I had to share the joy of this encounterPraying Emoji

Pam Heart

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That's a beautiful encounter you share Pam - I can energetically feel how moved you were by it.
My recent encounters with Deer have moved me to the core aswell.
The aliveness and alertness, the sensitvity, being tuned in and connected, darting in and out of the 3D as necessary.

Thanks for sharing

Open 🙏


10/09/2021 Rise Eden Rise Update

Yesterday here at Eden Rise we've been looking at how you make conscious choices in life? Also dealing with feelings of regret about the choices you have made. One thing to realise is that whatever happened to you needed to happen - that your configuration of consciousness at that point made the choices it did and needed to - it was inevitable and couldn't have happened any other way. Or at least other circumstances could have been created, but essentially the outcome would have been the same. Why? Because by the Law of Attraction, the space-time-continuum bends around your configuration of consciousness.

Of course some people have realised this and therefore try to intentionally reshape their consciousness so as to pull in a more desirable reality. But from what place is this really coming from? I'd say from a sense of lack and non acceptance. The One in you can accept all things and situations - because learning happens followed by the revelation of soul. So to make more aligned choices is to accept what you've created but then inquire why? What attachment or fear was there that needed to create the situation the way you did?

Explore into it, feel the attachment and work to let it go.

Now something fascinating happens: you realise that the distortion conceals a hidden gem of truth about yourself - a fragment of soul. Let's say for example you have resentment towards a leader male-type character, probably because the paternal figure in your formative years was over powering and controlling. So you gave over the paternal energy in yourself (which we all have) to that figure, thus creating a disempowering loop in yourself. Now you're drawing people (partners for example) like that to you, which in effect, you require to make yourself feel complete - the sense of trust or rock solid centredness or the provider that a father figure represents.

However with those characters you draw, there's also underlying unconscious resentment because at some level, you recognise you're giving your power away. In these situations you're unable to make free and conscious choices that align with your soul. So can you work into the resentment, recognise you co-created the dynamic, and now can you reclaim that aspect of soul consciousness (the paternal energy) that is your own? - the energy of strength, standling alone, like a rock, standing tall like a tree - taking responsibility to generate your own resources.

Reclaim the energy as a feeling sense, embody it, and then come forth from that place the next time you're in a similar situation. The resentment eases. You can now have aligned relationships with strong powerful male figures. Now you create a more aligned abundant reality for yourself and stop creating dysfunctional relationships.

This is how we approach the realignment and integration of soul at Openhand. Of course you've got to dig deep to break these disempowering loops. That's the benefit of coming on retreat - we apply ground-breaking meditation and deeply revelatory self-realisation processes to quickly get to the heart of the issue, unpack it, express it, let it go and realign through it. That's a key aspect of the work at the Openhand Ascension Academy...

Explore the work at the Openhand Ascension Academy

To look at all aspects of your life in this way, consider this Openhand seminal article on the subject...

The Soul's Purpose and the Seven Rays

Blessings to all

Open 🙏

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I'd say here's something all people exploring the Law of Attraction also need to consider: how you create situations from the shadowside that derail - but NOT simply ditching that for a more "desirable" reality - desirable to whom? Often only the ego!

I've explored it here in depth in video including some essential advice on how to confront and upack the shadow. You'll need a free Openhand Members account to watch it. Or alternatively, it is readily viewable on the Openhand Academy site, but you'll need to delve to find it - enjoy the journey!


Looks like the retreat is well underway and much energy moving! I can feel the stargate portals opening and it is just brilliant all the hard work everyone is doing at this level.   

It is so wonderful seeing my Openhand family members. Sending everyone much love and I am tuning in through the ether.


P.S. I am getting hungry just looking at all the foodie pics!

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Lovely to have you tune in Betsy.

What's been coming through is that the "Stargates are damaged, but activating and need some repair". As I mentioned in the recent livestream, it's clear the intervention has done its "best" to interfere with them. But the work energy workers and light workers across the planet is greatly helping. It's an awareness we'll certainly be working with in the Facilitator Group in the immediate months and years ahead - anything to help Gaia and the shift!

Much love

Open 🙏


09/09/2021 Openhand Journal Update: Rise Eden Rise

There are so many energies moving and unravellng here it's quite astounding. I would say it's because of the alchemical times in which we're travelling. Openhand has always worked to make sense of the interdmensional energies at play. I know at times some have considered it a bit too "out there", however there's a massive interrelation through the dimensions and anything we feel at a personal level is greatly influenced by energies, entites and beings in the ether - they play on people's throughts, feelings and emotions. Often these are not nearly all our own - you may have the initial trigger, but then the energies get amplified so as to create greater energetic comotion. So working to align these energies in the ether is a crucial part of the Openhand work so that people can have a much clearer space to look at their own honest inner feelings. That way we can align at a personal level.

Yesterday we got deep into the Breakthrough work of Openhand, which is all about activating and exploring into repressed inner density that derails our lives and plays out in limiting patterns of behviour. We explore in tthrough the trigger, "blow up" the expression and illuminate the attachment - either fear, unconsciousness, or a perceived need for some kind of outcome. Also resisting a particular outcome. It's deeply revelatory and transformative. I explain the Breakthrough Approach across on the Openhand Academy website together with reading material and meditations that you can download...

Breakthrough at the Openhand Academy

Here are some snapshots we caught from yesterday

Breakthrough by Past Life Regression...

A process Openhand has developed that we call "Diads" from Zen Diads - we're using deep reflective inquiry together with energy work that is amplified through the channel...

Once the energy is strongly moving, there is breakout, leading to breakthrough...

We must have found the best vegan chefs on the planet!...

Core, just look at that!
(Can't show you though as everyone was too busy tucking in. You'll just have to imagine it!)

Breakthrough at the Openhand Academy

Blessings to all in the community!
Open 🙏

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Here's a deep and poignant question I posed to everyone following some deep inner breakthrough work yesterday, which you can explore to.

Take yourself into stillness and explore possibly the love you might crave from others, or from a partner, or in family relationships but maybe it never fulfilled in the way of uncodntional love? So what if you just sit in the quiet stillness of your surroundings and feel deep self acceptance as an integral part of the Universe? Can you accept this might by all the love you'll ever get? Can you be awesomely okay with that?

It's a way to loving yourself.
When you love yourself,
you create the external reflections of that.

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Maybe it's because i've lost and am finally coming to terms with it; maybe it's because i'm older and am losing the desire for romantic love; maybe it's because i'm starting to see it was always more about getting the attention i never got as a child; and maybe it's because i've caught glimpses of what it's like to be in a higher place and the intense joy and freedom of it, but yeah, i'd be awesomely okay with it and can't wait till i get there!💜🙏

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Glad to hear good work is getting done. i have to laugh when you say some people think the Openhand work is "out there"; your "out there" makes way more sense to me than most of the BS the matrix tries to sell us! i'm, we all, are truly blessed to have found you. Wee tidbit: i discovered you through Trinity when i was following her FB page. BTW that fella in the last pic appears to share my passion for food lol! Wishing you all many healing and transcending breakthroughs! 💜💜💜🙏


08/09/2021 Rise Eden Rise - Update

I can't begin to tell you how amazing it is to be here on retreat once more, on the marvellous Dartmoor and in the sunshine. What I'd also not reckoned with was just how deep we would go and so quickly. Recent Openhand facilitator work has been about freeing up the stargates. Little did I'd consider that here we are on a stage 1 gathering and that's exactly what's going on! We're feeling the energy field at an ever deeper level and the people coming to the work are absolutely ready for that level of inquiry - both to activate their own journey and to support in the easing of Gaia's shift too. It's amazing to behold.

Here are some photos we caught from yesterday and then below some suggested meditations so you may join the process...

The work gets underway in our wonderfully spacious and energetic studio...

Mathew working the base frequencies...

Franco going deep into the heart...

Desi & Asya getting in the vibe...

The assisted self realisation and inquiry begins...

The Ascension Meditation...

Out for a sensory walk...

Some sensory chakra singing...

Now for some sensory sunshine!...

Followed by some well-earned scrumptious sensory flan!...

See you down the flow.

Much love to all

Open 🙏🌅

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If you'd like to follow the threads of the work we're doing, then take some time out to start building your Ascension Meditation practice. Here are two that we adapted for meditations yesterday to connect us into the field and the ascending shift. The first you can sample and then if you wish to download. The second you can listen to the whole meditation for free, but you'll need a members account to do so. Just click on the meditation and then on the link in the pop-up window...

"Breakthrough Breathing".
Meditation MP3 audio download

Here's Openhand's essential Breakthrough Breathing technique used on courses to attune sense of presence and the soul flowing through the bodymind.

Sample Here
£5.00 (GBP) (approx US$6.50) Buy Now!

A powerful audio meditation to help you let go and allow in the Ascension energies of higher consciousness. People have told us it's deeply releasing, catalytic and evolutionary. Enjoy!

  • Duration: 25 minutes
  • To download to your computer or MP3 Player...Buy Now! £3.00 (GBP) (approx US$4)
  • To listen to the full meditation online for free...Click Here
  • Check out our other Meditation Downloads here...Meditation Downloads Page


If you're intrigued by what we get involved with and the kind of work we do at the Openhand gatherings, maybe you'd like to come on an event? We've got both terrestrial and online events of all types and lengths, from just a 3hr Ascension Exchanges to full retreats. Here's where you can find out more...

The Events Calendar at the Openhand Academy