There's No Stopping Gaia Now...5D Ascension Moves Through the Gears

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The underlying field is shifting in intensity now. You can see it reflected in the craziness at large in the world, with (some) leaders are challenged by events beyond their control. It often gets played out in the microcosym, sometimes with playground, bully-boy threats and tactics. The ego does this when it senses a loss of power. To me this is just the fizz and the froth, stirred up by great waves of energy, which are now being unleashed in Gaia's higher dimensional flow. It's vital we don't get blinded in the drama, distracted from the blindingly obvious. We must see that which we are not, and attune instead to that which we truly are...

Mother Earth is Saved!

Many people in the spiritual mainstream still speak of 'saving Mother Earth', that we must apply our energies to healing this great divine soul. I say to you...
"She is already saved!" She has now entered an irreversible event line, which will see the 3D cleansed of distorting density, and her magnificent 5D Higher Self Unleashed, in all her renewed splendor.

And there's nothing anyone, nor any 'geo-engineering' organisation, will be able to do to stop it.

Although understandable, it's still a degree naieve to think that such a starsoul, billions of years old, would somehow depend on the helping hand of humanity (or else be controlled by it) when he's been around mere nano seconds, in the great cosmic timescale. Yet there is a degree of truth in the misconception - Gaia is holding the space for enough souls to unwind themselves from the density, so that the shift may be as gentle, and all-encompassing as possible.
Here's a Perspective on the Shift from 3D to 5D Earth

Do not be distracted from the true Source

The important thing now, is that we recognise the underlying movement of energy, the intensity to which it has escalated - reflected in the insecurity shown by the controllers of society; then to progressively allow that energy to carry us internally, to break the bounds of the old consciousness - the anchoring ties - so that our very souls are set adrift, on the surging tide of the realigning flow. So what about the machinations and machismo shown by our world 'leadership' - what part does that play in the Great Shift? Nothing. Nada. Zilch. Zip. The only thing that it can really do is to distract - to make the drama and spectacle so loud and noisy, that you stop looking within, to where the real truth lies.

And this will always be a choice - YOUR choice. Your consciousness - YOUR soul - cannot be boxed and controlled by anyone, unless YOU allow it to be. Remember, the Great Shift is an internal one, determined by YOU alone.

Here's How to Follow Your Path of Light through the Accelerating 5D Shift

Forging of the Soul

That's not to say the internal shift isn't reflected into the outer world - of course it is. And it's in the interplay - the apparent reality of it - that we get to decide who we are, and thereby forge the soul. So it's not about disconnecting from the theatre, it's about playing your role in it, but then rather than creating a tepid soap opera drama, what great masterpiece are you given to manifest?

Who are you? How great can you really become? What is your soul truly wanting to express?

Right now, all possibilities are open, all landscapes taking shape, that you may forge who you truly are, in this great spectacle unfolding before, and around, us. Watch-out as the machinations of the powers-that-be become ever bolder. But do not fear this either - as spiritual people, we know only too well, that those who try to control, are only ever caught up in greater karmic knots themselves.

So do not be blinded by the drama, do not be hoodwinked into believing it is more important that it really is. Above all, whatever rocket-sized false flags they try to unfurl, do not be distracted from the one true source of authentic creation - your very own being, at the core of you.
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Rapid Shift into Higher Dimensional Consciousness

However, this doesn't mean that somehow you disconnect from the outer world - who would be deciding to do that? Is not the One intimately engaged, right up until the very end? Does not the gazelle give of its all, right up until the moment where the physical is truly lost?

This is where there is the maximum gain to be had. For thousands and millions of years, the change on our planet has been relatively gentle and progressive, apart that is, from occasional big shifts - 5 (mass extinctions) to be precise. Now your eyes will lay witness to one of the greatest transitions possible - the rapid shift into higher dimensional consciousness.

The mirrors will thus get ever stronger as the old reality unwinds itself. Here is the opportunity then - the potential for rapid spiritual growth within yourself. Surrender. Let go into the strengthening flow of evolutionary change. Your soul will speak, ever louder, until it's primal scream becomes undeniable. Go with it. Express into it. Unleash it. And this could just become the most miraculous shift of your existence.

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In loving support

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I have no idea where the day went the other day. One minute it was 9am the next time I looked it was 5.17 pm.

Now I have noticed say 20 or 40 minute segments whizzing by but wow most of the day. How does this happen? 

I felt to repost this today - about Gaia moving through the gears. I can feel that happening strongly right now, in terms of climate and weather patterns - storms, floods and fires. We have the ongoing Plandemonium, yes, but nothiing will withstand the realigning movement of Gaia. Personally, as the controllers plan ever more ridiculous measures, I find it reassuring that ultimately, we are all in the hands of Gaia - and she'll do what's best for us and the planet.

I've been camping on Dartmoor where you get an amazing sense of the longevity, power and sheer majesty of Gaia. Here's some great video footage to capture the sense of it....

Thanks for keeping us in the picture Anatoly. It's quite shocking the acreage of fire there in Siberia. Wow!

It's a similar story unfolding in Alaska too, where heatwaves and lightening are igniting widespread wild fires too....

There is not much coverage of this in mass media but there are more than 2 millions hectares of forests burning in Siberia including the permafrost areas.


The latest crop circle reminds me of the funnel shaped portals that are very real to me in the present times. I'm feeling more of a one way movement in it, kind of like a tornado. I was going to share something on a forum here few days ago and this circle reminded me of it:

Recently while in meditation I feel like I'm at a very busy airport. I see lots of beings, snippets of energies, spirits, you name it, requiring transit. There is tons and tons of energy wanting to move in the field of our reality. No wonder many sensitive people feel tired or thrown off balance these days.  So it felt natural to begin building funnel-like temporary portals or bridges for them to go back to the Source, if they choose to do so. Sometimes they choose not to, but they don't belong here anymore neither. Those ones seem to be wanting to be sent to their point of origin in their own space/timeline/dimension. Back to the intention that created them maybe? Perhaps that intention is changing and creating a different reality of now? I do not know. What I do know however is to create temporary transit points for those energies. Sometimes I create a bridge through the vibration of my throat chakra for beings to cross to the other (blue light) dimension. There are so many kinds of energies currently unwinding, and so many are ready to move on. Sometimes they travel as groups, or as single entities of a variety of shape and form, some seem to be representing a certain emotion or a bundled up kind of experience, sometimes there are just remains/fragments of some old energies that left long ago. There are beautiful beings of light that are helping out to sort those energies out and support their transition. I feel my role is to just create the points of transit and announce they are available. I was actually wondering why would they need a human to assist? Perhaps because we have the 3D grounding presence? Anyways, when it happens it feels effortless and straight forward and natural.

Interesting thing about creating these portals is that to do so I need to be strongly anchored both on earth and in some other dimension, somewhere far (light blue light).

Has anyone else experienced or is aware of this? 


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Hi Margaret,

A few of my experiences include more lucid dreaming and blurring with waking life. . Did I have this conversation or not?  Also 'seeing' people and animals out of the corner of my eye, in a flash. Then when I turn to look, they are gone.  Some days experience joy in the simplest of things, other days overwhelmed with earthly responsibilities and heavy energies. I sequester to my little room to nap, meditate or just sit and stare out the window in efforts to calm down. Baby steps. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

In reply to by Beau (not verified)

Hi Beau,

Very interesting experiences. That blurring of the dream with the waking life is also familiar to me.
I also get a sense that the reality is so malleable, almost like all tangible objects are made out of liquid and respond to the thought. 
There is nowhere to go, nothing really to achieve, just experience. I feel when the judgement fully resolves, every experience, even the heavy energies out there will feel like a tickle awakening a sense of curiosity. 
Either way, grounding helps a lot to not be pulled by the energetic currents that still seem to influence us.

Thank you for sharing your experience.



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Yes, plasma is a good way of describing it. It's this fluid intelligence/consciousness everything is made out of it seems. It feels quite playful to me as this awareness is landing within me so powerfully these days. I think this playfulness radiates from the sense of tremendous safety when that knowing hits me. The absence of fear brings about so much joy and love. They've always been there, just obscured by the fears. How simple.

Greetings to all on the virtual retreat!


Wow! What a beautiful video. I watched it over and over again. The shape reminds me of a radiance of a crystal. Feels powerful and peaceful at the same time. Thanks!


Hi Everyone - it's crop circle season in the UK - I plan to be visiting the area around Avebury next week, so as to explore some of them. In the meantime, here's some video footage of an amazing one that's just appeared.

Take a look at the intricate patterns of 5 sided and 3 sided shapes. It's astounding how these just simply appear, out of literally nowhere. Not all are authentic, people do try to create some, but always you can tell, because there's a fraction of the complexity. And when you visit an authentic one, you experience a couple of key things: (1) how carefully and perfectly the crops are folded over and intertwined so as not to damage them (2) there are always tremendous movements of energy around them.

These are definitely communications from higher dimensional consciousness. To me, this one below, is encouraging the shift into 5D, through a progressive journey of integrating 3D soul fragments. Check it out, what does it say to you?

(courtesy of with profound thanks)

I felt to post this article again today, especially on the news coming out of the arctic - that it is currently some 30 degrees centigrade above it's seasonal winter temperature, bringing it up above freezing. Personally I think there's still a huge amount of denial and non-confrontation in the spiritual mainstream as to what's really going on here. The shift in the climate is now accelerating at an unprecedented rate. I do wonder when the mainstream will catch up to what's really going on. Or even if it will at all.

I encourage all to engage with the truth. This is utterly essential - the mind and fixed mental concepts of the conditioned nature of reality need to be softened so as to allow shift energies to transform the inner landscape. No amount of projecting love and light will help. We must come quickly into a direct confrontation of the truth of what's going on. Only this can facilitate the internal shift of consciousness necessary.

If my sharing activates any fear, then it's an invitation to get right into it. There is no fear in a self-realised being. So fear points the way as to what now needs to be worked with. There is no more time to waste. The time is now.

Hi Cathy...

    "Time to heed the call of the wild and run with the wolves"

Yes indeed!
And btw, I love the Charles Bukowski poem - a favourite.

Open *OK*


Your post blew me away because it is so magically synchronous. Those very words to Dylan Thomas's poem "Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night" have been floating through my head for the past few weeks:

"Rage, rage against the dying of the light."

Clearly, an invitation from the Universe to get to it. And now your post. Hello!

I couldn't get through Anthony Hopkins' rendition without weeping profusely for the loss of the light here in 3D, my own included, and for my inability to express my anger about the rapid collapse of life here with all its attendant suffering that I find so excruciating to witness, fathom, and absorb. I feel like I'm in a bad dream.

You said:

"The mirrors will thus get ever stronger as the old reality unwinds itself. Here is the opportunity then - the potential for rapid spiritual growth within yourself. Surrender. Let go into the strengthening flow of evolutionary change. Your soul will speak, ever louder, until it's primal scream becomes undeniable. Go with it. Express into it. Unleash it. And this could just become the most miraculous shift of your existence..."

How can I possibly go gently into that good night unless I fully honour the fiery passion of my soul while I'm still alive, eyes blazing like meteors, words forked with lightening, as Dylan Thomas says so eloquently? How can I go gently into that good night unless I find the courage to scream out my rage and find the light beyond all the madness, oppression, inequity, and horror of being human? Time to heed the call of the wild and run with the wolves to help me do that!

It feels like the right place to attach a video of a few profoundly moving poems by Charles Bukowski that inspire me to go all the way, as he says.

Trinity and Lia, many thanks for sharing your experiences and perspectives. In doing so, you help me to more fully accept being human and to continually let go of 3D.


Cathy Charles Bukowski: