Fusion of Higher into Lower Self...Openhand Experience

I had a powerful experience during the New Year retreat when we were doing Higher Self exercise. Open, you may remember that. While the song playing, i had very strong vibration came over me, felt like being under high voltage but not painful. The vibration was all around me and through me. I tried to touch my fingers but could not feel them in a physical way, just energy.
That was an incredible experience, something i didn't expect and remember the feeling.

Later, I had a similar experience during meditation. At that time, i felt some kind of energy that wanted to rise from base chakra (maybe sacred sexual energy ). It felt like i was entering unknown territory and had some apprehension. And that's when the strong vibration came over and the energy subsided.

Since then I could feel slight vibration in the body most of the day in the quite setting, during meditation or bedtime. It is the same kind of as on both occasions but much less intense. Especially at bedtime while lying on the back, I am not able to fall asleep. In fact, last night seemed like i didn't get much sleep because of that. Maybe, i will get more sleep today.

I am not sure what it all means but one work comes into - "fusion" (of Higher Self?) I will stay with it and see where it takes me. Any reflections on this would be welcomed!

With Love,

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So today, I am feeling a sharp pain in my right ear (especially if i turn my head to the left or up). Also, as i was eating out was feeling something in my chest and sense of sound and smell seem more expanded than usual. Sometimes, it feels like something in moving in the ear. I have been having the ear symptoms for a while now but not as sharp as today. It seems to get activated during Open's Breakthrough Breathing meditation and kundalini activation in base chakras (but not all the time). I have a feeling what it is but not sure how to proceed with it. Will stay with it and soften into it and see how it goes.

On with a journey,

You're welcome Open and Elaine. This is a great thread to provide each other with some insights and trust that we're actually doing alright. *yes3*

This is a powerful contribution Appollonius. Thankyou *OK*

To truly activate kundalini is not to distance oneself from the darkness we may have inside, but rather to integrate the aligned aspect of it - just as you're clearly doing.


Open *give_rose*

Hi Anatoly and Elaine, I can relate to your experience. A couple of months ago I experienced a huge rise in Kundalini energy. What followed was a huge battle between ego aspects and this breaking through of the energy. Especially at night I would, and sometimes still, experience this inner battle. I dreamed of my higher self and my lower self trusting each other more and more so that an integration could take place. But then I was shown a (as I remember correctly) a reptilian aspect which I also had to integrate instead of resisting it. The whole battle became so intense that physically i started to suffer developing a colon which hardened (and heart palps also). The energy isn't able to move through to the top of my head it stays stuck before my head. The last couple of days I'm learning more to accept the situation the way it is and letting go of any expectations. There's still anxiety to let go of the mind and trusting that when I fully surrender life will be more than okay. Yesterday the universe showed me a sign which said 'The Process' so now I know that's what it is and it will have to run its course though time and space. I know my higher self will create the perfect situation which will eventually jolt me out of my head.

Thankyou yes that makes sense now and the issue is very pertinent to this present moment . Working with the lovely Jane first session yesterday and it went deep very helpful. I feel am home and have safe support for the first time :)

Hi Elaine - greetings :-)

You've slightly misunderstood my views on starsoul energy. What I often refer to, is that whilst for a human soul the journey of integration is often 'upwards' through the dimensions, that for a starsoul is frequently the reverse: they are often already unfolded into the higher dimensions (largely), but need to fully ground their consciousness through the lower ones (often the reverse of the human soul journey).

That said, the flow of activated kundalini will be the same in both cases. What we're talking about is the varying processes in actually getting to that full kundalini activation. Activated kundalini is the constant flowing connection 'down' from the source, through one's being, and back again, like a fully connected electricity circuit when the on switch is thrown - make sense?

So clearly there's something blocking you in the sacral area - why would you become anxious about that full emotional aspect of being? The higher dimensional 'discussion' between our souls would suggest to me, that the realignment phase of spiritual evolution has been quite a challenge in past lives - potentially costly in relationship terms - although the 'cost' is always an illusion. I might ask what's happening in relationships right now?

I could suggest working with a facilitator and coming on one of the courses.

sending love

Open *give_rose*

Hello :) I have had very similar experience when attuning to higher guidance . A beautiful feeling growing in sacral area but eventually apprehension. Also left for months with a vibrating tingling feeling . Just have read the kundalini activation article and the comments and I also have experienced arrhythmia /palps that have no medical cause and I had in the past wondered if it was blocked kundalini flow . This bit confuses me - Open you suggest star souls kundalini flow is in a different direction? I am not sure how to unblock this perhaps there is a meditation that is helpful ? Or is this best done in attending a course or during a session ? Thankyou :) Elaine haha sorry about the sideways profile pic but it kind of depicts how I feel in finding your materials knocked sideways :)

Hi Open, thank you for your reflections. I appreciate them very much. Yes, it was the most amazing experience of Higher Self activation, strong and warm at the same time. I was moved to the core and it brought me to tears.

Trust is what i need to learn in the process. When i felt this amazing energy that wanted to rise, as i mentioned before it felt like coming to the uncharted territory and automatically some apprehension kicked in and constricted the flow. I know this is coming from my limited identities and ego conciseness. So I am working on it and softening into it as you mention in your Kundalini post.

I feel like for me at the moment the biggest challenge is the mental and intellectual realm where i identify mostly. And as you mention, the integration and softening has to be integrated into everyday life. However, I am committed to the process and will succeed (whatever that means).

I look forward to the upcoming Transfiguration course but not having any expectations. Just accept whatever comes. I understand that the process happens naturally and it is only ego that wants it to go certain way. I might as well be cooking or riding in the train when the integration process happens *clapping*

Thanks again for this great Openhand Energy and community.

Hi Anatoly - yes I recall your experiences on the NewYear Retreat well. I felt they were profoundly beautiful :-)

Essentially what's going on is the activation of Higher Self, felt as light vibration, which is then wanting to infuse down into the Lower Self - hence the tingling, expanding sensations in the meditations. But it also has to work in both ways, so the Lower Self must rise to meet the Higher.

Remember me explaining that the soul has been fragmented into the lower bodily vehicles? (which happens for pretty much all people).

And so we have to work consciously into and through the bodymind so as to integrate those lost fragments of "soul gold". This causes a rising flow, which is really the activation of Kundalini - see this article here...

What is Kundalini and How to Activate it?

The Openhand energies act as a bridge between worlds. During the workshops, multidimensional frequencies are activated and resonated through the space. These vibrations cause the higher activation in participants.

Open *OK*