Prospering from Vibrant New Energies in the Great 5D Earth Shift

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The gathering tides are progressively strengthening now in Earth's Great 5D Shift. I can feel an underlying ‘rip tide' having an enormous effect in the way we can create our lives, in our careers, relationships and general living circumstances. For those who continue to ignore the shift, life in the old reality construct will become increasingly challenged in the years ahead. Those who align themselves with it, however, will find the flow unleashes enormous potential for evolutionary growth and fulfilment in life. (updated March 2024)

Confronting Humanity’s Karmic Distortions

Right now, there's a huge influx of solar and cosmic energies irradiating the planet as we sail through the Shift in a high energy segment of the galaxy. At the time of writing, we're also climaxing to a sunspot maximum. It's going to be highly activational internally. It's essential to understand how to ride these energies within.

Humanity has been existing within a consensus reality construct, one that was necessary to explore particular karmic distortions that are coming to the fore and at a planetary level:

- That life is not about what we consume or create, rather it is the expression of soul, interconnected with the entirety of the universe, from which abundant living can flow.

- When you focus your life too strongly on the need for an outcome, you disconnect from life’s natural spontaneity, create a small “I” identity, like an island in the flow, which then gets battered as the rip tide steadily gathers to wash it away.

- In a reality construct of winner and looser, predator and prey, profit and loss, eventually all lose. It is only by respecting and honouring other sentient life, cherishing and mutually supporting, that true abundance is attained.

- That trying to control life and the flow, ultimately expresses lack of trust in the benevolence of the universe, which then manifests in strife, struggle and poverty consciousness that seldom feels like enough is enough.

The ‘antidote’ to all of these distortions, and the driving force to 5D consciousness, is learning to live in harmony with aligned sentient life - essentially nature and the sense of connectivity to the wider Universe. In so doing, picking up the underlying flow becomes entirely natural - it expresses through your soul, restoring peace, balance and sensual abundance with life. You ascend into ‘heaven’, wherever you physically find yourself. This is true living.

The strings that bind life together

Karmic distortions have drawn to the earth a controlling Interdimensional Intervention, which has created an enormous eddy current in the flow, which we might call “the matrix”. This Opposing Consciousness, which has consumed humanity within it, has sought to take dominion of the earth through exploitation and control of natural resources. It has become so “successful” in its conspicuous consumption, that it has now brought the old karmic reality, and with that the 3D biosphere, to the point of destruction. Humanity must now accelerate its evolution and ascendance from this outdated existence. It is fast becoming an essential imperative for all.

Everything is of interconnected threads of consciousness - a quantum soup, connected by "strings" of energy. The very idea may seem strange and superfluous inside a dense physical body, which makes us feel isolated from the rest of life; somehow impervious to the subtlety of the underlying shifts of consciousness. On the one hand, this ‘relativity’ renders the experience of life itself - you couldn’t taste the apple or feel a warm summer’s day without it. Yet when we become too heavily invested in this separation, that’s when we begin to close down to the interconnected flow, which has the best interests of all life at heart.

That’s when you become an island in the flow of consciousness, which for a while, seems somehow solid and secure, but since all is interconnected, the very foundations are then steadily whittled away by the gathering rip tide of consciousness. It pays to be in the flow!

Abundance in change and flow

Because the old karmic reality is unraveling itself, those who are still fixed into it, are feeling increasing anxiety in the world, with ever escalating attempts to control resources - the chief proponent of which, is the industrial military complex that underpins the old karmic reality construct. Ultimately this will be fruitless and amount to naught, as the riptide washes these resistant sandbanks steadily away - the sands of time slip mercilessly through grasping hands.

On the other side of the coin however, those that learn to progressively let go, will find increasing resource and support for their actions as the flow itself gathers more energy and momentum from the realigning strings of consciousness - from the growing rip tide itself. The truly exciting thing for the adventurous, is that you can harness ever more of this energy now, by embracing the natural universal engine of change.

This is a new phenomenon for many to grasp, and therefore worth considering deeply. The majority have come from a system of efforting, grasping, securing and then hanging on. This is deeply embedded in the psyche and neural pathways. They must be confronted and broken down to truly prosper, by feeling into and breaking through, the inner tightness they create. Essentially it is only tightness against the flow of the soul. This is what we must relinquish - it is this that binds people into the limitation of the old reality construct.

Here's How to Break Through Limiting Density

5 Practical Ways to live in the flow day-to-day

Essentially what it means in a practical sense, is that when you discover how to flow moment by moment with the soul, then unlimited resources come to your disposal - not more than you actually need, but definitely not less. And don’t try to unduly hold on to the resources, simply let them flow in and out. In which case, you will never go wanting and your manifestations will never lack the necessary support. Everything you need will come to you, as long as the empowerment of your soul is the aim, aligned with the compassionate movement of all sentient life.

Here’s how we can achieve this practically...

1) Work to become the witnesser of yourself, in all that you do.

2) Progressively switch from needing any particular outcome, to instead realising yourself through unwinding evolutionary growth: get to know the liberation of soul, felt as timelessness, expansiveness and joy.

3) Turn toward, and work into, any inner tightness that reveals itself in mind and body as you navigate the daily chessboard of life. Actually the tightness itself reveals the pathway, because the natural flow is highlighting all the inner resistances to it.

4) Identify the qualities of your own soul and pay maximum attention to these as the natural instigator of Right Action in your life. It’s an authentic sense of rightness with the choices that you make, from which a path of light begins to emerge.

5) Increasingly bathe in the joyful feedback loop of loving divine synchronicity. You’re coming home to yourself as a divine child of the universe. Celebrate with gratitude the benevolence that comes your way. You’re revealing to the universe you believe in its infinite abundance.

This approach to life is shared, encouraged and supported in the Openhand coursework.
Discover more...

Openhand Course Program of progressive development

The vibrancy of change: Innovate, Innovate, Innovate!

Like a rising breath of fresh air through the world, change is now gathering fast, as the flow strengthens. It’s invigorating, uplifting and liberating. But you have to progressively work past your distortions felt as inner tightness to realise this incredible opportunity through your life. Learn to let go. Work to build trust - not that some particular objective or dream will manifest, but that your soul will be progressively realised as a sense of joyful rightness, in the choices you make; the effect of which, is abundant manifestation.

Look at the patterns of your life - what is holding you back? What is restricting you in the way you create? The key word for this phase of the shift is ‘innovation’. Take what you’ve always done, find the parts that are beginning to fail, and innovate into something new, from a growing sense of rightness. This must begin in all the apparently ‘simple’ things: how you eat; what you consume; how you interact in relationships; what’s your underlying ‘objective’ for the moment?

To all those who can truly embrace the shift, those who work into their fears and confront them, who’re prepared to go out on a limb to fully reveal their True Self, will find themselves moving into a Golden Age of opportunity and spiritual growth. You’ll begin to transcend and leave behind the limiting physicality of life. Your soul will soar on the outstretched wings of the divine. In this great gathering shift, it's time to take to flight, my dear friends!

If you're ready to take to flight on your spiritual path, then come and get involved with the evolutionary work of Openhand...

Openhand Ascension Portal

In loving support

Open 💙🙏

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Hi Open,

I feel like I keep ascending and descending back, which is kinda discouraging. But I’m more familiar with the flow.

It's a state where I have less thoughts and I feel like I'm not exactly deciding my choices. I see them mentally first (sometimes it's just a subtle sense), then I act. And if I keep following it, it builds momentum.

Not being on the flow gives me a weird feeling now, and that horrible mental fog… I can't believe I lived like that for so many years!

I'm also realizing the amount of surrender that ascension requires. A LOT! My mind is addicted to creating stupid stories and attaching to negative events. I do feel more present than before, but I wish there was a way to really accelerate my growth or at least just make me keep going up the ladder. I feel as if in the past few days I lost a good portion of my progress :\

Thank you

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Hey there - good to hear from you. Yes, it will often feel like we're going backwards in the Shift, even if we're doing the work. Why?

I think it's easy to get the conception that the ascend is to feel progressively lighter and higher in vibe. However, to truly ascend is to pass THROUGH the density. So the soul will keep engaging the triggering attachments. It's a bit like imagining a hot air balloon - as it rises, it feels light, until that is, it pulls on the tethering holding it down.

You speak of the "mental fog". It's a common theme. Is that caused by too much screen time? Or could it be diet? Meat and dairy will cause brain fog for example. It would seem like there's an invitation for lower purification of the physical, mental and emotional vehicles.

Here's the Openhand Approach to raising vibration...

Bright blessings
<<< Open 💎


02/03/2024 Shift Update

I felt to share this article again today - how we can prosper from the new infusion of energies in the Great 5D Earth Shift (scroll to the top). I know some people are having a tough time out there. It's okay, what's needed is a shift in perspective. We have to change the scope with which we appreciate life - to let go of the judgments and conditioning that causes us to believe we need a particular outcome from the moment or can't accept what really wants to happen. For me it's all about getting in our flow state.

I've tallked often about this before. However, it's something that requires a great deal of investigation, contemplation, and application to master...

There is a pathway that will unfold before you if you can just allow things to flow. You do have to think laterally though and approach the moment more by looking at what is creating the stuckness - literally where do you feel it inside. Then work through these and let go. Soften right into the expandedness of the moment and feel the next step. Just take that one and now see how the landscape shifts and unfolds. The important thing is that you move forwards to another step, and another, and so on. Before you know it, you realise how the unwinding process is actually carrying you forwards. Then to maximise the effect, focus on amplifying authentic beingness - let this choose what next wants to happen. You'll be amazed at how the energy will work to come through you.

I encourage you to work on this Flow State and practice it from day to day. With that in mind, check out the Openhand video on it below. People have said it contains invaluable advice and support for creating from higher consciousness and creating 5D flow in your life.

Do let me know how you're getting on - I'd love to hear your feedback. 💙

In loving support

Open Praying Emoji


Hi Megha - I feel for you - right there with you Heart

When you have these big downloads, the best thing to really do is to surrender and simply let them happen - trust that they'll integrate in their own way at the right time.

So relax, take time out, and let it all flow in.

I shared some views on interpreting dreams in this forum thread here...
Do dreams have meanings or messages?


Dear Open ,

Not sure if this the right forum to ask this. I am experiencing what feels like an explosion of dreams . I am dreaming complex dreams rife with symbology ( not that I understand them yet) suddenly in the last couple of weeks. Actually it started just after Bruge. Previously ,I would have vague recollection ,but now I see them in Eastman-esque detail and to help me remember I gave started keeping a dream diary- mostly it's to get them out of my head so I stop getting caught up in the daily soap opera of my dreams 😄. Obviously something has changed for me . 

How can I best harness what seems to be a massive dose of information coming at me ? Also are other people feeling this exhausted.

Last night I was literally saving the life of this adult woman in a newborn ICU . She had terrible lungs ( I saw the X-ray !)  And I spent  the whole night trying to keep her alive. I think I managed because in the dream her friend was overcome with teary gratitude ( the lady didn't remember) . Also apparently it was not my shift at all either .😄. 

Interesting stuff . Do let me know which meditation would help me decode what other parts of me are saying . Seems a load of gibberish right now 😄😄. 

Cheers ! 



Speaking of continually passing through the eye of the needle here in 3D!

My partner and I were away on holiday recently at a charming, quiet, seaside town. Overall, it was a relaxing getaway, and I was able to get some much needed rest. However, amidst the idyllic mountain views and the soothing sound of waves lapping the seashore, I encountered a Soup Nazi! :)

I'm aware that I'm processing karmic, food addictions related to deprivation and starvation from past lives. As a result, I often feel anxious about food preparation and eating, in general. My mother loved to cook and bake, and she excelled at it. She expressed her love for her family through her cooking, so I learned to associate feeling loved with the traditional meals my mother made, far removed from vegan foods. Due to present and past life conditioning, I got into comfort eating big time. Transitioning to vegan eating these past few years has been enormously challenging, and my journey has taken me deeper and deeper into my distorted feelings of scarcity and lack.

Despite the challenges, however, I've made huge progress in eating more compassionately based on respect for all sentient life. Since joining the Openhand community, I've become conscious of the horrific animal cruelty associated with factory farming, so I long to live fully in peace and harmony with our animal friends. At first, I denied my addictions and forced myself to eat compassionately. No deviations. No excuses. No weaknesses allowed. Needless to say, that didn't work. At all. It just made me feel more tense and anxious. So now I'm more fully honouring and accepting how I feel as I gradually let go of my conditioning, realign and express relaxed right action based on respect for all sentient life. The cornerstone of 5D.

It helps to find a little humour to ease the tension. So there I was recently in a lovely, seaside restaurant ordering a meal without the cheese and dairy listed on the menu. Life in 3D can be a risky business! I had a compassionate server who was sensitive to my dietary preferences. The restaurant has an open counter to the kitchen, so I could hear the exchange between the server and the chef. She yelled, "Hold the cheese and butter!" The Soup Nazi bellowed back, "No substitutions!" I could feel the warrior in me arising to take on the world! Well, not quite! But you get the picture. My server had my back and stood firm. The Soup Nazi backed down. And I got my dairy free meal!

What a fascinating mirror I was given about fixed notions. There was the chef resisting the flow. And there I was doing the same. Feeling justifiably pissed, resisting the injustices and absurdities of life here in 3D. Tightly wound up. I'm still continuing to process all of this. And in doing so, I came across this hilarious clip from Seinfeld, which I'm attaching. The title? You guessed it. The Soup Nazi. Humour helps me to lighten up, infuse more soul, more light through my bodymind. Perhaps enough to pass through the eye of the 3D needle, once again, and expand beyond to 5D.

This clip might give some of you a few chuckles! As for me, I'm not about to get in line!

x Cathy


That's the key Richard - the pull back (to 3D) means there's still something to learn and evolve through - to integrate. The passage into the 5D is like continually passing through the eye of the needle!

Open *OK*


Loving the exploration everyone. WTF indeed! Sometimes I feel like I'm walking around with a permanent hand print on my forehead from all the slapping in disbelief.

At the moment I feel very much torn between 3D and 5D like one moment I'm drawn into the 5D riding that magical wave and the next I'm literally yanked down into the 3D. And I find it SO much easier to stay in the 5D when I'm just doing my thing and there aren't 3 people needing things from from me all at once. Yes, family time is often when I get sucked back to the 3D - so many needs, so much illusion.

And it's really hard to stay in the 5D when everyone around you is operating from 3D consciousness and the choices you make directly affect your family.

Deep breath, one step at a time. and TRUST. Blimey I find this one hard sometimes. To trust that everything is playing out as it should, no to just react.

Innovation is a huge key word here. Not just in what you do in business or community but in how you interact with people. I've found that when I'm operating from the 3D then this seems to be completely missing - there is an element of spontaneity to innovation, it's not just about finding a solution from what you already know, but going outside the box and digging deeper - and it seems to me that true innovation is ONLY accessible through the heart.

Trust and innovation, from the heart



Hi Aspasia - I especially liked this...
    "This still small voice (of the soul) is often accessible in my body because the body I find is a truth detector"

Yes indeed! We have to be 'listening' through all of the various bodily vehicles - because they all provide the guidance and information that builds the inner landscape.
    I appreciate its a difficult switch for people to make in this very dense 3D world - it's so tempting only to react to what we see at a 3D level - because its all so compelling. Just the simple fact of apparently needing money for example, causes inner consciousness to focus down, just on that one (intellectual existential) plane. But if we can keep softening this reactive focus (like the lens of the eye automatically reacting to light), then we open up more and more internally to the multi dimensional landscape, that we are, actually, existing in. It's then that we pick up the subtle flows much more, because those little vibrations that seem so out of place in the 3D, make every sense in a 5D world.

(for anyone interested, I wrote about the concept of the multidimenisonal landscape here... Unfolding into the multi-dimenisonal landscape Hence the need to build a huge amount of trust to be truly in 5D consciousness Namaste Open *OK*

In reply to by Open


Open, thank you for your supportive feedback.

Yes, I find that when there is even a bit of letting go of financial insecurity, support from the universe is manifesting itself. Like the other day, I was thinking how am I going to pay for this unexpected bill of £600 without forking out from my savings. Once I felt a release inside and a little voice saying ‘it will be fine’, I then got an email from the tax office that I was late doing my tax return and was fined £100. Having done the tax return, I got exactly the amount I needed back from them for the bill. These things have been happening to me often – and bigger ones.
Of course, it’s another ball game to take a huge leap to totally surrender and fully trust, even though there is evidence in my experience that ‘it works’. It didn’t used to be so difficult in the past. I have taken many risks in life and felt that I was guided. I think I had more trust in the past than I have now. I say this and at the same time I am going out on a limb at the end of the summer when I move away from where I currently live and drop – well, most of my work! Now that will be a challenge! I do feel very excited and at the same time I feel uncertain and insecure. But the thought of not doing it makes me unhappy. :) So, I will be putting ‘trust and surrender to the flow’ to the test, ha ha!

I very much liked your article on multidimensionality because I resonate with Einstein’s work and quantum physics. Also, with your take on past/present/ future and presence.
In my experience and line of work I perceive the past and the future as manifesting in the present. The ‘past’ through the memories we have including the constrictions that we hold and the ‘future’ through the expectations we have which are all mental habitual/conditioned constructs. So, we only inhabit if you like, the immediate present moment because the past and the future do not exist per se. It all exists in the now. The challenge for me is not the recognition and the living experience of this relationship; it’s the sustaining of a level of trust that is ruthless, so as to allow deeper opening to happen. So, I very much like the last two sections of your multidimensionality article – very encouraging.

Thanks again and have a good course.


Open, a motivating article about how trust to what is truthful inside is a way to innovation, to transformative freedom that is not self-centred and to discovering our own innate integrity that is responsive to all sentient beings.

In my experience there is a voice within that arises from stillness, it just appears itself. Sometimes I hear it, other times I don’t unless I meditate on the matter at hand. This still small voice is often accessible in my body because the body I find is a truth detector; it is already awake and has wisdom. So, trusting the spirit/divine/pure awareness/consciousness etc within with all the ‘wtfs’ as part of the process and as you say Apollonius "taking that big leap" :) Sounds like a good deal!


Thank you for this article, Open. Your insights have inspired me to shift my awareness.

These past few days, I've been contemplating how I've gotten lost in a misaligned flow at times when there were several 'come hither' signs and synchronicity at play around me. At those times, I knew what felt right deep in my heart. But I got caught up in fear about 'what ifs' and sometimes allowed others to lead me astray down the more logical and secure path. During those times, I gave my power away even as I felt my heart sink when doing so. At other times, I made the decision all by lonesome to go with the misaligned flow, separating myself from the call of the divine.

The word that has been coming through loud and clear since yesterday is:


When I trust what feels right in my heart and take the first step from there (I don't have the see the whole staircase), I'm aligning with the flow of the divine. I have trusted my heart many times, too. There's just no feeling like it. It felt like being uplifted on the wings of angels. Even when I had to dig deep to find the courage to keep going through thick and thin. It was all worth it. Because it simply felt right.

I'm not going to beat myself up for those times I didn't trust enough to follow what felt right and aligned deep within my heart. Because they gave me enough experiences to say in the here and now, "To hell with that!" :)

I want to give The Little Prince a big hug right about now. "It is only with the heart that one can see rightly."

x Cathy


You hit the nail on the head for me right now. I'm going exactly through the process you describe:

Opening authentically into the shift involves an ever deepening and BOUNDLESS trust... trust that when we let go and surrender completely in the heart, we'll be looked after and supported. We ARE!!! This is the nature of the 5D. And the shift to me involves, feeling the 5D through the 3D (no matter how 'messed up' and convoluted the 3D might appear at times)

I'm feeling 5D more and more through 3D but looking at my life through a 3D lens it seems pretty messed up. But it's not. I'm just getting ready for the big leap.

Thanks the both of you and synchronicity for these timely words! *biggrin*