Openhand's Top 10 Detox Tips

Having an effective detox regime that you can apply regularly, even daily, is utterly essential in today's toxic environment in society. It helps no end to raise your vibration and integrate soul consciousness. So here are Openhand's top 10 detox tips. Do be sure to share yours 😉

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Top 10 Detox Tips

1) Juicing fruit and veg: juicing is one of the most effective ways to get the body detoxing. Pick yourself up a good juicer, ideally a masticator one, and then enjoy the wonders of juicing these kinds of top detox foods: kale, carrots, cellery, beetroot, apples. You can mix in ginger to get an immune boost too.

2) Plenty of Fresh Water: drink plenty of fresh water, ideally from a spring and if necessary - bottled. Definitely avoid tap water. (you can mix some with lemon to get the detox going).

3) Intermittant Fasting: this is totally amazing for healing the body and releasing toxins. Eat only within a 6hr window every 24hrs, or ideally eat only once within 24hrs - one meal a day.

4) Eat plenty of raw food: make sure your diet  includes plenty of raw food because the enzymes are not destroyed through cooking. Consume veg such as kale, cellery, brocoli, beetroot, carrots, cauliflower, apples, pears, grapes, avocados.

5) Cut out Caffeine and Processed foods: for a given period of time, it's good to cut out caffeine or at least strictly confine it. Most processed foods are littered with toxic addatives, so ideally cut then out completely.

6) Detox heavy metals: society is awash with heavy metal toxins, which can leave you with brain fog and feeling depressed and heavy. Mix chlorella powder into a smoothie or with a salad dressing. Chop coriander onto your salad. Galic will help remove lead (aswell as parasites). And for a really deep detox, take some Bentonite clay stirred in a little water.

7) Sweating and Cold Plunge: if you can, take a regular sauna (although be careful about the cleanliness from spiked proteins!). Alternatively take yourself off for a brisk walk each day, or take a hot bath. Anything to get your body sweating on a regular basis. That will release plenty of toxins. It's also great to cold plunge afterwards or through cycles of sweat and cold to speed detox and cellular healing.

8) Tongue Scraping: get yourself a copper tongue scraper and each morning be sure to scrape your tongue before consuming anything. It's amazing how much you can release.

9) Deep pranic breathing and the Openhand Bow: deep breathing that animates the abdomen helps digestion and the release of toxicity. The Openhand Bow is brilliant in amplifying this effect. Also practice head stands (against a wall in the beginning!) to clear the endocrine system - showering for a couple of minutes in cold water whilst deep breathing helps clear the endocrine system well too.
Openhand Bow Video

10) Regulate your dompamine hits: dopamine is released constantly by the brain where you do things that give you some kind of stimulating fulfillment. A steady background level is good. Spikes are fine, but where you're constantly seeking fulfilment, through social media for example, you get increasingly less regular upliftment and more downgrading addiction. Regular meditation helps achieve a steady background state. Be clear that what you subject your consciousness to is high vibe, and encourages background calmness and progressive upliftment.
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What are Your Best Detox Methods?

 My list above are just the top 10 detox tips. Undoubtedly you have others. Do share - let's help each other forwards through the density of society. Bright blessings, Open 👍😉💙



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There was a beautiful sunny day and I was laying down outside enjoying the warmth of the sunshine. With my eyes closed I was dreaming but constantly hearing the noise of flying planes. While there is nothing new here, they are flying all the time, I opened my eyes and for the moment my heart flooded with sadness and frustration once again - mostly we were seeing this in the morning sky, after the night. Now they don't even hide it anymore and spray us right in the middle of the beautiful day... 

But I will not give up and not allow them to destroy my joy of the sunny warm days as well as my optimism and trusting my inner power. Rather I will do a detox of my physical body again and again. So I headed off to get fresh local organically grown vegetables for juicing. Hmmm, organically grown must mean all this natures goodness should be growing under an open sky at this time of the year. But with that spray from the sky it could mean it's not so organic anymore... That's why I prefer to have all washed and even considering washing veggies in the water with the splash of good quality organic apple cider vinegar which, as I found info some years ago, may help to remove (or at least to reduce) various chemicals like pesticides and maybe the heavy metals from the plants surface.

And I feel to share here the recipe of one drink that I was having for maybe three years every morning and truly believe in the power of its healing effect on my body. It is called the ultimate morning tonic and it has an immune boosting and detoxifying effect as it is packed with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds. I make it a warm drink but it may be cold as well.

For one cup of this magical drink I use 1 tsp (teaspoon) of turmeric powder (or can be grated fresh turmeric root), 1 tsp of ginger powder (or grated fresh ginger), a pinch of cinnamon, a pinch of cayenne pepper, juice of about 1/4 of lemon (or to taste), about 2 tsp to 1 tbsp (tablespoon) of organic apple cider vinegar (ACV) (or to taste), sweetener - I use maple syrup or coconut sugar, but other favourite sweetener, like honey for non-vegans, would work as well. I mix this all goodness till it becomes paste-like and add a warm water.

Then sit down and calmly enjoy it as a very first drink in the morning before any meals. I must say - it has a quite strong taste but anyone can amend it to their own pleasure by adding more water, for example. I personally like it strong, quite sharp because of cayenne pepper and ACV, it not only opens eyes in the morning but also greatly helps to stimulate the digestive system (ginger), has the anti-inflammatory properties (turmeric), cleansing properties (cayenne pepper). Also, lemon juice and ACV help to naturally decongest any mucus buildup and may be killing bacteria, balancing body's ph and it all helps to strengthen the immune system. I also believe it has strong detoxifying properties.


Let's keep the clear sky of our consciousness and the soulful lightness in the air! I wish everyone many beautiful days with no frustration, spiritual warriors, and would like to hear how you are doing if your body (physical or emotional or even mental) needs a detox. 

Much love HeartPraying Emoji



I'm revising these comments again as I'm making progress. I'm feeling more physical balance and lightness, also more centeredness and certainty. More one meal a day routines are making a big impact, more energy and clarity. I suppose everybody is different and I've found 3-4pm a better time to eat because I can easily resist snacking late evening. Surprisingly, I'm waking up dry as a bone more often, an indicator that I need to up the water intake. I wonder if anybody has experienced with ionised water.

Apparently the bodily PH is critical. I'm getting into the routine of drinking ginger, garlic and cinnamon tea with added lemon juice and at times apple cider vinegar. This seems to be balancing me out although it's taken time and what appears to be some rebounds. Sugar cravings are vanishing and I'm waiting for a decent coffee replacement to show up. Decaff seems to be an unhealthy compromise.

I'm interested in trying beetroot. raw and organic mixed in smoothies I presume. Apparently only certain fruits and vegs mix, ie, apples and carrots are universal mixers but mixing other fruits with vegs causes bloating. I wonder if anybody is knowledgeable on this?

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Hi Andy,

It sounds that you're making a good progress in a "nutritional ascension" Slightly Smiling Much resonance I find in your inquiry and can share my explorations in relation to that as I'm transitioning and refining my nutrition for many long years (ten, maybe more). The essential thing for me was to go through those changes gradually and smoothly, this helped to "hear" how my body is responding to every single experiment.

The water - I find this is very important how much of water I am drinking (not only the quality of it) and I am drinking a lot. To my believe drinking lots of water helps to flush out toxins from the body, particularly during the detox. 

I have tried using the ionised water and believe this is a good way to balance the PH. Though, as you say, everybody has a different body, this didn't work very well personally for me and I found through the usage of the alkaline (ionised) water that my body (supposedly) is alkaline enough. While the science says that alkaline water doesn't affect the acidity of stomach it looks like it was the case for me at that time (maybe something else, who knows, I am not running through doctors but trying to feel into my body what it says to me) and I am keen to blame on my low stomach acidity (medically tested). I would say the only way to find it out if that works for you is to try it. (Let me know personally, if you would like I have the ioniser - maybe you can borrow to see how it is for you). The other way to alkalise the body is by eating certain food, it's easy to make a research on that to find out which products have acid or alkaline effect. 

Using a lot of lemon juice and ACV is definitely a win but need to be careful as the acidity has an effect on the teeth (you know better, I guess Smliing). I am drinking such goodies using the straw to reduce that (sounds funny, not sure if that really works but I do).

Big topic with sugars - you mentioned cravings are vanishing though for me they were coming back again and again. Until I understood that I am fighting against myself and, of course, it is not going to work. Then it instantly landed that I need not to quit or limit the sweetness but to substitute the refined sugars containing food with the naturally sweet, preferably raw, products. Well, coffee is like my good friend - I don't make an enemy of it but, again, everybody is different. Have to say, it is important for me how it is prepared and what coffee it is (saying no to decaff and having as little from the coffee shops as possible).

Fruits, yes, to me it may cause bloating. For juicing I am using only green apples with veggies. Other fruit juiced separately or better used in smoothies (where there is no veg). They contain natural sugar that's why fruits are best to be eaten separately from all other food (same as dessert works best for me when having it before the meals, not after). If you don't like the taste of vegetables (like beetroot or celery) in juice the other "improver" of it is the lemon (and ginger). I am adding the root of ginger nearly to all my juice.

That's on my journey, if anyone would have any comment on what's been shared it is highly appreciated - it is never ending learning and finding better way to navigate through all changes.

With love 


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Hi Andy & Asya - this a great deepening of the detox inquiry going on here in this forum - thanks so much for contributing your experiences - they're invaluable for all venturing down that path 👍

It's definitely a case of progressive step-by-step changes with oodles of patience and persistence. Clearly, it's not a "diet" we try every now and then - but it becomes a way of life.

What we also need to realise is that the soul is wanting to express itself through consumption. So for example sweet foods like chocolate bring the sweet softness alive in the soul. Coffee does different things to different people, but mainly brings the sense of vibrancy. There are foods to relax with and others to stimulate creativity. The point being to harmonise with the soul aswell - not to override it through excessive discipline.

But there's another balance here too: I found that discipline took me into the realm of one-meal-a-day eating. It was hard work breaking down the inner attachments, especially the need for emotional fullness that food brings. But then when I experienced the enormous benefit to energy enhancement, vibration and aliveness, then I gain so much more from that initial application of discipline. It is definitely multi-layered.

So I encourage all to keep exploring, keep tweaking, keep innovating - there are masses to be gained 👌

Open 🙏

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Great thread, indeed. So inspiring to hear similar reflections on my process. For the last two weeks, I have been mostly having one meal a day and it is doing wonders. I usually start my day with a liver detox tea mixed with lemon juice/ACV, honey, and ginger. Cinnamon and pepper are good addition I think. After a few hours, I have a juice - mostly carrots, apples, beetroot, amla, cucumber, etc.

By midday around 2 pm I have lunch. But 3- 4 pm sounds like a great Idea Andy! For the midday meal, I have been having quinoa, green salad, and some curries often. In the morning if I engage in meditation, yoga and creative endeavors which can sustain me instead of breakfast!

Yesterday after having done some energy work and breaking through some layers, I felt like I deserved a break. So at night I watched a movie with some snacks to go with it. In the morning there was something sitting in my sacrum and I had to clear an entity from the field. So I think right now I'm working to find a balance - not to go on either side - not becoming rigid but enjoying the whole process. 

Vimal Raised Back Of HandPraying Emoji

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Just to be clear Vimal, and to all reading about detox, for it to truly be "fasting" and 1 meal aday, you must consume nothing that generates insulin in the body.

Anything that produces some kind of energy will generate insulin. So consuming fruit juices or lemon or honey etc will generate insulin and is not fasting. Likewise smoothies etc.

Generally herbal teas are fine outside of the 1 meal time, but to get the true benefit, the rest of the time must be completely clear or just water.

Open 🙏


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Thankyou for this little extra push which I needed to hear I think. I have been having juices, tea and fruits and conveniently calling it 1 meal a day. Lol. 

What you said sounds full on! But I wish to try it for a few days just to see how my body responds to it now. I have been processing some karma recently, so I think it will help with that.

One thing to make sure is not to over eat during the eating window which will leave us tired and lethargic after the meal. The mind tends to think, we need to consume a lot during the eating window. But this can be detrimental to the process. 

Vimal 🙏

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Thank you Asya for such a comprehensive reply. Also Open and Vimal for expanding on the subject.

I may just borrow that ioniser if you're not presently using it. I am using daily lemon and ginger and ACV drinks to alkalise. 

It's a chicken and egg thing. Did the increasing sense of soul connection drive the dietary changes or the other way around or was it a dance of both elements? My sugar cravings ( late evening) seem to have vanished. I just stopped thinking about those foods. It just happened.

Sort of how, in January 2021 I had my last glass of wine then never since felt the inclination to have another. I wonder if these dietary and other habits just fall away as linked Karma is resolved? Maybe in setting a conscious decision to change, the supportive mental process eventually lands in the subconscious. 

Also interesting is how much of an impact it makes if you go backwards. Some processed and sweet food earlier and I'm cross-eyed, my head is spinning and I already feel hung over. But that experience quickly shows me the contrast and encourages me to keep going forward.

Beetroot is hovering out there for me like an unknown. I've always taken it in very small quantities rarely. I just found it strange. But beetroot gets a very good press and I will give it a whirl. 

The intermittent fasting seems to be key. My body seems to know in the morning whether it will be a one or two meal day. I'm thinking on two meal days within 6 hours, maybe a nutrient dense smoothie then veg with some beans/pulses. Fruit should be eaten earlier (I understand), so maybe mainly fruit with some veg smoothie first, then the beans/pulse/veg later? Maybe some days, a fruit smoothie then a veg smoothie.




The endocrine system is a complex network of glands and organs. It uses hormones to control and coordinate your body's metabolism, energy level, reproduction, growth and development, and response to injury, stress, and mood. It's essential that we detox and keep the processes circulating freely.

Most importantly, where you're wanting to infuse higher light, the lower self must be a purified vessel so that soul energy can readily infuse through. A clearly functioning endocrine system will facilitate this.

I felt to highlight from my top detox tips above some basic methods of cleansing the endocrine system:

1. Application of hot and cold therapy: when you have a hot shower in the morning but then a couple of minutes of cold at the end, together with strong deep breathing (Wim Hof method!), then the shivering, contracting effect of the muscles and core, causes the endocrine system to detox.
2. When drying yourself after the cold shower, make sure you draw the towel upwards on your body, especially the back.
3. Deep pranic breathing, together with the Openhand Bow, especially in the morning before food, will help get the endocrine system detoxing
4. Practice the yogi headstand regularly through the week (against a wall in the beginning!).

If you can suggest any other methods of detoxing the endocrine system, do comment below...

Open 🙏😉

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First time I'm trying the hot and cold shower method. Pheww.. I spend a few minutes in the cold shower in bliss. A good practice to cleanse the system. I used Kapalabhati pranayama from Hatha yoga instead of Wim Hoff but I'm sure both have it's benifits. Later some synchros that the BS is being turned into the white serpent! 


I'd love to share that my favourite detox method is juicing - it does the great job for the body very gently and it's so tasty. There are many great vegetables for that but most of all I love the beetroot which has fantastic detoxing, blood purifying properties. It tastes very well when juiced together with apples (I'm using green apples for juicing as these have lowest sugar).  Also, to my knowing, parsley and coriander are powerful removers of the heavy metals. Though it is not easy to juice herbs and greens with the regular (centrifugal) juicer, but the slow juicer (masticating) does this perfectly - this is the best ever investment in my "healthy kitchen".

My juice for removing heavy metals is made of:

  • celery
  • cucumber
  • green apples
  • lemon
  • fennel bulb
  • parsley
  • coriander
  • may also add chlorella powder or liquid chlorophyll

My other exploration is the power of the intermittent fasting. Since I moved to the eating twice within 4-6 hours per day regime the energy level increased significantly, but in particular when I started experimenting with one-meal-a-day during the weekends. Somehow during the working days I need a bit more nutrients and I can have quite a small amount of food at once. So, experimenting with variations.

The other tip - I found that having the last meal of the day at no later than around 3pm is very beneficial - the body has enough time to complete all processes by the time we go to bed, then it is well prepared for the cleansing - detoxing cycle over the night. My body feels clean and light before the night and then shorter sleep is enough.

These are my essential "tricks" to rise the vibration, feel positive and uplifted most of the time, allowing navigate on the spiritual path easier and with more clarity, as well as connection to the higher dimensions. And all other tips named in the article above are blending very well into this. 

Photo: my top favourite cleansing-energising juice.

What is your favourite Soul-friendly detox, Openhanders?


With all my love



Wow, and having just read this and taken delivery of a nutribullet blender today.

And having Kale, carrots, celery and apple in the kitchen. My present cleansing drink is ginger ( gently stewed 10-15 mins) and half a lemon per drink. One big point, vitamins denature with heat. Vitamin C does best at room temperature, so let hot drinks cool before adding. Hot drinks can be exchanged between clean cups repeatedly, and the empty cup rinsed with cold water ( even faster using a bowl). So those in a hurry can cool hot liquid instantly. Apparently chilling fruit reduces vit C too. So, I don't put lemons in the fridge. I have yet to decide about other fruit and veg.

I get artic berry powder from Finland:…

This is cleanly grown and freeze dried. Adding a teaspoon to your drink greatly boosts the antioxidant hit. If purchased in bulk, it works out much cheaper than buying berries over here. Not ideal, but when you think of how difficult it is to get fresh, organic berries here and how expensive they are, it's a good deal.

Thats it for uncle Andy's detox tips now. thanks Open for your great advice.


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Free radicals get released in the bodily system due to toxicity and especially emf in society - from wifi, and mobile phones etc. Free radicals play havoc in your system and may be one of the key causes of cancer. Blueberries are a tremendous antioxidant - so definitely one to augment your detox regime with.

Broccoli, spinach, carrots and potatoes are all high in antioxidants, and so are artichokes, cabbage, asparagus, avocados, beetroot, radish, lettuce, sweet potatoes, squash, pumpkin, collard greens and kale

My personal favourite though as an antioxident is the superfood Maca - give it a whirl, it's amazing.

Thanks Andy 👍


I shared Openhand's top 10 detox tips in this forum above - by no means is that complete!

Do share your tips, as it's always essential for us to learn and develop.

Thankyou! ♥️

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Hey Everyone,

My smoothie recipe that has, and is, always evolving is as follows:

I have in the fridge big bottles of premade pine needle tea, ginger tea and dandelion tea which I add about a third cup to my smoothie bottle

I then add a sprig of raw broccoli, celery leaves,  2 org eggs, 1 chile, honey, lemon, hemp seeds, coconut cream, and half an avo whizz it all up and enjoy. 

I sometime add chorella or spiralina too if my bod wants it. Or other leafy greens and beets.

I take my acv separately with freshly chopped garlic in a little water before smoothie. 

I have been doing this for quite awhile and it feels good. 

I notice the difference when I don't have my smoothie. 

After that I have part 2 of brekky-pistacios, walnuts, sunflower seed, 1 brazil nut every other day and sultanas. 

I am open to any suggestions too! 

Thankyou for all the sharings as it's so helpful.

Much love