Raising Kundalini in the 5D Shift for Divine Connection & Empowerment

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Activation of kundalini is often described as the rise of energy from the root chakra, clearing and cleansing before reuniting with soul consciousness flowing from the source and in through the crown. This free flowing divine energy creates miracles and magic all around you, feels like interconnected joy of living, and unfolds a path of light under your very feet. We've entered a phase in the 5D Shift where Kundalini is strongly activating for people...

Forging of the Soul

Humanity has been isolated from free flowing kundalini for too long. Lack of trust, attachment in relationship situations, the need to control and manipulate, has created a limiting matrix of confinement, which has disconnected the majority from this essential elixir of life. And that's entirely okay - it's the karma of life itself. There's always truth at the heart of the distortion. In this case, manifesting a reality of exploration, energetic ties binding it together, but then experiencing how these can be limiting and confining.

It's all about the forging of soul. The natural Law of Attraction brings bodies together, for mutual growth and education. But life was never meant to be about fixed attachment. How can you experience being "The One" that you are, if you have a fixed relationship to the polarity of separation?

In other words, if you've already decided that you need another to make you feel whole and complete, then you've already established yourself as separate from the wholeness of The One. Activation of Kundalini brings you back into the universal fold. Sense of loss, or neediness, transforms into the joy of completeness.

Moving beyond intellectual and emotional Enlightenment

I'm blessed to be traveling out around the world meeting and working with people consciously on the spiritual path. It's a great joy to witness the incredible breakthroughs as people come home to the revelation of The One, inside of themselves. Right now, there's an acceleration of consciousness in the 5D Shift - life is unraveling itself from the karmic distortion of humanity's limiting past, and unleashing the vibrant possibility of the New 5D Paradigm. People are living and breathing this phenomenal new existence, right here, right now!

Importantly, it's not just about experiencing the peace of interconnectivity, because the risk is it leads only to an intellectual/emotional level of Enlightenment. You cannot aim for, and touch, the infinite peace of presence. Because in the moment "you" are aiming, you've already established the condition of separation from The One.

It must be about aligning with the flow of soul - the natural movement of kundalini. Because when you catch this wave inside of you, which is the sense of 'rightness' of the soul, then without even efforting, struggling or trying, the wave itself delivers you on the shores of The One inside. That's why it becomes essential to activate Kundalini.

6 Ways to Activate Kundalini

Here are 6 ways to activate your kundalini...

1) Meditation: clearly meditation is essential to help activate your kundalini. This should include chakra opening and attunement, plus breathing methods that stimulate both rising and descending kundalini, as the two flows interrelate - down from the crown and up from the base.
Openhand's Chakra attunement meditation to progressively stimulate Kundalini
2) Deep consciousness bodywork: full soul infusion through the body is essential to activate kundalini, and especially into the base chakra. Hence some kind of deep consciousness bodywork on a regular basis is essential. This could be practices such as Yoga, Tai Chi, power walking, rhythmic dance and even martial arts.
Experience Openhand's soulmotion on Openhand Events
3) Purification of your diet: purification of your diet in order to cleanse the lower self is also essential to raising kundalini. Undertake regular deep cleansing through juicing, dispense with processed food as much as possible, eat plenty of raw food and undertake regular or intermittent fasting.
Explore Openhand's conscious eating forum packed with support and advice
4) Cleanse toxic emotions: chakra attunement and deep breathing exercises can be applied to cleanse through the sacral chakra into the emotional body so as to release toxic energy from past and present relationships. Where relationships no longer serve, commit to letting them go. Set appropriate boundaries in relationships, maintaining your own sovereignty and what serves your own soul flow.
5) Detoxify the mind: work to break down judgments that cause closed loops of mental activity in the mind. Break down intentional programming on the web, through mobile phones and social media. Cleanse clutter from your physical life so as not to distract. Practice deep breathing through the solar plexus chakra.
Explore the Openhand Bow for cleansing the mind
6) Sacred Sexuality: where you remain sexually active, make sure your sexuality is sacred and sensual, bringing full consciousness and transcendence through the practice of trantra:
Containing Sexual Kundalini through Tantra, To then Manifest Creatively

Relating our Inner Experience to our Outer Lives

Activation of Kundalini is no easy ride and there is an essential pitfall to avoid. That is: trying to force the rising of consciousness before the lower chakras have been properly cleansed. This can lead to a disconnected, partially out-of-body, dreamlike state, which can take some considerable time to reintegrate. I witness a lot of spiritual teachers falling into this trap.

It's essential to recognise that to properly open, cleanse and attune a chakra, we must simultaneously work on how that centre of consciousness interrelates with our outside lives. We must allow the light of infusing kundalini consciousness to flow into the chakras progressively, witness the reflections on the outer, then work to align any distorted behaviourisms that are so revealed.

In relationships for example, as the energy naturally flows into the sacral chakra, we must work on releasing attachment of how we might need, or expect, someone else to be. Progressively, attachment to a fixed interrelational dynamic, transforms to the sensuality of allowance. We can empathically feel the connection to another, yet at the same time, don't require them to be a particular way to make us feel whole and complete. You feel through the emotional connection, but with awareness and focus, constantly bring the kundalini energy back inside yourself. In this similar way, we can work up through all the chakras, channeling soul consciousness into them through aligned spiritual practice, and then working to dissipate the distorting shadows upon the clear blue skies of our outer experience.

Kundalini Rising

Right now, we are on the cusp of phenomenal change. The consciousness of the old reality is steadily being unwound, and the bottled up energy contained within it, is being progressively released.

It offers an enormous potential to all evolving souls:
to embrace the vitality of change;
to infuse soul consciousness through your body and out into the world;
to create a life, totally interconnected with the majesty of the divine.

That possibility is open to every single one of us. It requires commitment, courage and trust. And as we summon these emboldening traits within us, we unleash the incredible potential of free flowing kundalini.

This is exactly the work we undertake at Openhand in the building energies of the Shift. If you feel inspired to begin your Ascension, then dive into our evolutionary work:

Openhand Ascension Academy

Bright Blessings

Open 💎

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I felt to update and repost this article today on Raising Kundalini in the 5D Shift for Divine Connection and Empowerment - scroll up. There's nothing more essential these days to build our spiritual energies to emerge out of the old densities that have been blocking life on the planet. There's a momentum building to escape the constricting density of the past. The pathways are open to all undertaking the work.

What are you experiencing currently in relation to what I'm expressing in the article?

Do share, and I'll gladly offer a point of view.

Open 💎

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Hi Open, I'm glad to receive this invitation to share. I was thinking about writing here something along the same topic I'm experiencing. I got really inspired by bretharianism and by one of the facilitator of the same - Elitome elamin. What really fascinated me was that he shares everything which is so in alignment with Openhand philosophy of progressive journey. It inspired in me a spark of commitment, discipline and purpose. I have been observing OMAD diet for the last one week and it's doing miracles to my body and this time it feels like it's going to stay as I can feel it as evolving into a lifestyle. My energy levels are over the roof with improved clarity and speed in self realisation process. What I have noticed that many of my old belief systems which was wound around it has begun to unwind like scarcity consciousness for example. I have a different world view about abundance and divine service. I have also learned through research and inquiry that one has to maintain this speed and energy through similar supportive practices like I'm cold plunging in the nearby stream almost daily and spending longer in meditation. Now it actually make sense, the dense food was supplement for the dense energy inside and I see it happen reverse also like the old destructive habits can reduce the energy levels! The journey feels like a playground where it's important to have the commitment yet have the flexibility and playfulness for it be sustaining. As some of the old habits are unwound I'm also feeling filled with universal love. 

I so relate with how much limiting can the mainstream spiritual practices can be and he Ra influence which you shared from La Palma. I had this experience yesterday. It's been a while I had phoned my father and I felt to do so yesterday. But it soon became apparent to me that he was deluding himself in a non duality bubble. I had this viscious attack from BS and Ra coming through the field which depleted my energy. But I also saw how I had opened up to it through my vulnerability and a blindspot which was needing him to see the truth which could be my need of acknowledgement. I worked with it and afterwards swam in the stream and within few seconds the feeling knowing of universal love coarsed through my body. I think the only way to break open any attachment whether in a relationship or habits is to truly feel this love inside. And to have the daily commitment to tune into it! 

I'm careful about the path of extremism where I used to either attach to the light or wallow in the denseness which I realise is both a sort of selfishness or self service. I think it's being replaced with divine Service which is serving without any conditions and just trusting in the universal magic because that's the most natural thing in the world. It puts me at ease.. 

I'm really grateful for the Openhand work which had assisted in the divine emergence especially in the recent years. 

Much love 

Vimal 💚🙏

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Hi Vimal - what a breath of fresh air you bring with your journey and commitment to spiritual practice. It's incredibly inspiring for the whole community 🙏

You said...

I have been observing OMAD diet for the last one week and it's doing miracles to my body and this time it feels like it's going to stay as I can feel it as evolving into a lifestyle. My energy levels are over the roof with improved clarity and speed in self realisation process. What I have noticed that many of my old belief systems which was wound around it has begun to unwind like scarcity consciousness for example. I have a different world view about abundance and divine service.

Yes, yes, yes!

We have to realise that in order to progress deeply, it's going to initially feel like sacrifice - it's hard fasting an cold plunging in the beginning. But the gains on the other side can be nothing short of miraculous. And that powerful commitment is surely one way to break down the inertia of Ra energies.

Keep right on going!

Open 💎


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These are tremendous reflection Open. It adds more value and meaning to my process and motivated me further. One thing I have noticed that when we change people struggles to match up with the new vibration until it becomes the new norm but I know here I get the right reflection. 

You are absolutely right, fasting is really difficult. But a key that I got in the recent times is to see it as a process and part of a larger picture. I had no idea that bretharianism could be a path and ordinary people could just live on light. It doesn't matter whether we are eating or not, we are already light beings and takes major part of our energy from the source. This is the foundation and food only come after that. So the belief that if you don't eat, you will die belongs to the old paradigm and it is out of the window! Another thing I wanted to add was the importance of taking slow progressive steps and to still see that we are on the path if we fall back. For example I had a lot to eat yesterday with pastries and hot chocolate because I just felt like it. But the process didnt stop and I'm back to one meal today. Ofcourse if we waiver too much to the other side, it would have repercussion on the body and energy. Ultimately it is the knowing that, it is only worthwhile to be in the higher paradigm and experience the universal love. 

Vimal 🙏

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Hi Vimal - I admire your inspiration and enthusiasm. 👍

You said this...

So the belief that if you don't eat, you will die belongs to the old paradigm and it is out of the window!

Yes, and no! It's necessary to understand that there needs to be progressive inner purification, over many years, to move into this state safely. Where the vibration is still low, then it's not possible to assimilate energy from the field through the endocrine system - in which case, not eating could lead to death. But where it's done in a progressive manner, with meditation, and a gradual transition of the diet as we've described, then it does become possible to live on light alone.

Some advocate merely 21 days of fasting to move into the breatharian state. But I think this is dangerous and can lead to all manner of physical and psychological problems. But where you feel the natural yearning of the soul, and move naturally toward this state, then it's an amazing experience to behold - quite miraculous.

Well wishes

Open 💎

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Hi Open, I'm glad you pointed it out. I know it can be dangerous and there has been adverse cases where people attempted to do it within 21 days so. That's why it's important to see it as a life time process. I expressed it as a possibility for evolving souls who is already doing the inner purification.

For me, I think one meal a day is comfortable because of the inner purification work I had done over the years especially through the OH work. Yes the yearning is there, but I dont feel the necessary to push myself towards completely living on light alone because it has to be natural and not forced. This state helps me comfortably to be in the higher vibration and yet enjoy the pleasures of food! Thanks again for your encouragement. 

Vimal 🙏

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Arriving on La Palma last week I waited at the airport café for my 2 fellow travelers to the retreat center. My eye was caught by  a text written on the side of the café: Unleash the Unexpected. And so it was. After an incredibly beautiful, heartwarming and also devastating week I took a bus back to the capital which was spiralling its way endlessly down to the sea. How synchronistic that this winding road brought me back to the clearing of lower  chakra's and to the waters of surrender.

A process of activation of Kundalini kicked off strongly after settling in the hotel and my first reaction was to run and hide, on an ego level I felt devastated and overpowered. However by feeling that I was not the body or the ego I managed to surrender through the heart, be vulnerable and naked. Endless waves of emotions of sadness, fear, control and manipulation, thought loops and patterns, flashes of visions kept me awake.  In the quieter times I started writing to keep sane. While transitting through 2 airports the next day the process went on and was even getting more intense. Synchronicities everywhere. Fear was a big theme. The fear of the inmense powers that can be unleashed, fear of losing relationships, fear of the unknown, fear of being controlled etc.

Surrendering through the heart made me trust in what was enfolding. I have become so much more aware of the power I have, which is also scary when used unconsciously. Manipulative thoughts of please be gentle on me, not that please etc.  I had to surrender more and more.

Eventually yesterday I had to stop driving my car to finish of a process of fear of losing a relationship. The song Flowers from Miley Cirus kicked of at the car radio and I could unleash a big , heavy harness. There was a big silence in the air on a soul level it was very liberating.  

A next big process started building, relations with my children it was scary and I couldn’t fully go there I noticed. Immediately after that I felt exhausted and felt the Ra energy coming on and strange energies moved into my belly, bloating up. Fear of letting go of the children was the weak spot through which lower energies could creep in and left me with a feeling of powerlessness. I will find the fuel to stir up my fire again to confront the next layers.




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Thank you Open for illuminating the Kundalini process and how that relates to the emergence of soul flow through karmic 'stuckness'. I have an issue around the balance of service, helping and supporting others around me, while at the same time being aware of when this tips over into a disempowering excess, of giving more than is needed and finding myself out of balance. There are some potential roots to this. My mothers tendency to be a good samaritan and help all and sundry to the best of her ability was doubtless fueled in part by her fervent catholicism, maybe in alignment with bible reading and deferrence to priests and nuns. Maybe those behaviours spilled into programmed behaviours, not heart felt, directed by authentic flow and hence disempowering. I wonder if a healthy dose of Ra energy, as a consequence, has at some point enwrapped me in a servile tendency, or its simply a genetic expression. There may be a hint of seeking external validation. The fear of judgement is thus distracted by an excess of service. When I feel into it, there is a genuine, powerful drive to protect, support and serve which extends to working with groups to form powerful, cohesive and coherent energy. But where this is my essence looking for expression or a karmic distortion is not completely clear to me. I expect that continuing the inner work will unravel and illuminate, but your comments would be welcome.

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Wondering about whether and how to serve others, that's just the ego-mind keeping you running in circles. That's what it does. That's all it does. It's a mechanism to keep the Soul away from God. That's it's function.

I just felt to express my view on karma. The word gets bandied about such a lot. I tend to view karma as a series of tests, only. A worldly obstacle course, if you will. All the events and situations of life are simply opportunities to come from either your shadow, or your evolved God-consciousness. Both impact the collective. Even the gifts in life, will you revel in them, abuse them, become complacent, or arrogant. When the over-investment in world affairs is minimised, including relationships, vocations, society, all of that, then the higher meaning of events becomes obvious, the veils will fall.

Self-realisation is the only real concern, it's the only thing going on. And as that happens, everything else will naturally fall into place, no effort. This quote on the tests of ascension never fails to galvanise me, it may be of use to somebody else on their journey.

And so 'there must be a complete letting go of all sentimentality, and nostalgia, and identification with anything you thought you were, ever, in the past, in order to be free to realise what is being asked of you now, here. And all of your answers, and all of your trophies, and all of your diplomas, and all of your pseudo-knowledge will not help you with this next question. Throw them all out.'

Know what this is about, what this is really all about!!

And you will never be left wondering.



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Although I do agree with you that society is too full of clutter,  I do not see it as black and white. Self realisation, clearing karma and family ties have to be done but are merely means so that  soul can come through stronger and cocreate 
Then  we need to create concepts , structures to materialize the flow, but whose are they ? Do we need to tear the old down and start rebuilding or is there another option ? Suppose we could start all over , who would do so and from where ? Are we creating from the divine source and how do we know ? 

Curious to know what is all about in your opinion.

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Hi Corine, I experience it as an emergence coming through in my own life. There is an internal transmutation of the 'darkness into the light', an inner purification will occur, which then manifests itself.into the field. Suddenly, it's all there already, and I know it's the new evolution. It reflects the newer version of me, and I it. The old stuff falls away. Both on a societal and individual level, it varies. It happens both gradually and suddenly, there are revolutions, catastrophies, natural disasters, that are sudden, then the smaller more subtle changes that constantly occur. There isn't really any intentioning here, there isn't really anybody here, so I know it's a natural manifestation of source. If you're wondering how to do something, or what to do, or what should be done, then it's not source, it's ego. The best strategy as an individual, is to create the right conditions, do whatever practices, as an end in themselves, and when you've let everything go, via an inner pacification process, whatever is meant to happen for you as an individual will happen, through grace.

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Purification on all levels is necessary for me. I noticed my mind and fantasy is going crazy on me sometimes. I did wonder how to distuinguish between mind and natural flow of source. However I am not a person who can sit on a mountain top and let it all flow. Maybe for a while to calm the senses. I will have to think about creating right conditions , I guess I have to step into the process.
I would also like to take up practising as a facilitator, no need for an outcome , just to  explore. That is less challenging I realise now  

Thanks for your valuable advice , I am always open for reflection  


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Thank you for sending ! I really appreciate this. I started watching but noticed that my mind is too full at the moment and I'll have to push the pause button and go slower. I am concentrating on grounding, finishing weeks at work before I leave there and have some processes going on. Oh yes and I will definitely have to buy new shoes :-) which will sound really classic, women buying new shoes, but I noticed that I need more natural soles to clear the energies.


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I feel to drop a note about where I am after a lot of processing, and sure more to come. Changes are going on, on all levels. Physically I am clearing a lot. At work I start to notice differences with collegues softening up, taking more time and processes are flowing more easily. On the mental plane I am in overdrive, that is why I felt to push the pause button , it was in need of a reparation. Yesterday felt like the end of the world was there for me and I didn't really expect to come up again.  I went through karmic process, relationship issues and thought I went psychotic. I also managed to soften and stay present and breathe although it was not easy. I feel shaky and vulnerable now, but also determined and clear. Honesty, soft surrender and steel trust are crucial for me.

I learned a lot in the heaviest night of my life. Now first is to breathe, to soften, to ask for help, stay in connection. Big hugs for the Openhand Community, I could not have done it without you !



thank you for this blog, it is indeed helpful.

My Kundalini has activated end of April this year, so Im gonig through the cleansing process for nearly 2 months now. In the beginning it was very difficult and I purged all sorts of traumas and emotions. Now it is better, I had also hypnosis therapy for my chronic insomnia (suffering for 5+ years) since March and recently trance healing which has eased up some of the blockages.

Now I feel kind of loss, because I am not purging same as before, even though when I am meditating for 1 hour. I dont know how to released the energies anymore. I try to feel the pain or attune with the sensation that is stuck and then I ask what this feeling is or I ask to release. But nothing. They seem to be stuck at my head area, solar plexus and I am sure that my heart hasnt fully open yet because I cant feel much in my heart anymore. It feels like my energies are all over but the remaining traumas and blockages are not released and still stuck.

Also the problem is, my insomnia is still bad, especially during work days. While meditation I also ask for help to heal the traumas that cause my insomnia or at least show me why I cant sleep. But again nothing.

On top of that, I am more sensitive towards negative energies and my symptoms are getting worst in the office. I have tried aura showers, visualising a protective white light around me..but it isnt helping much and I experience alot of pressure, shortage of breath, heaviness in my chest and pain in my head area. Luckily I have manifested a new job but its not starting until Jan next year. I still need to work for approx 3 months before I have enough savings and can then quit (need money cant quit earlier) but I dont know how to go through work until then with my insomnia and painful symptoms of Kundalini cleansing process. Also I am not even sure whether I am doing the right thing as I want to avoid being stuck in the cleansing process for years. Been doing alot of meditation, osho meditation, yoga, exercise, avoid alocohol and other toxins....but still I feel sort of loss.

Best wishes to all that is going through similiar process. Cookie

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Hi Cookie,

My heart goes out to you that you're facing some integration challenges with rising Kundalini ♥️

First, let me say, I don't believe that you've had a full Kundalini activation, only partial. If there was full activation then the Higher Self would be integrated into the Lower Self and you'd feel interconnected with the flow of life.

What I sense happening is that there's an imbalance in focus towards clearing density and blockages. This is absolutely necessary, yes. However, it must come as the effect of walking the path of the soul. The emphasis in any given day, must be on tuning into the soul and following it. This is certainly not just meditation. In fact meditation is only a means of opening to the soul. But then we must get to know how it's wanting to express through us in any given moment.

How does it want to express in relationships for example? Or with colleagues at work? How does it connect with nature? How does it guide you through regular life? Where do your choices for action now come from? How do you as a being relate and respond to synchronicity?

It's about shifting emphasis to the path of the soul at any given moment. And it's definitely NOT about waiting for the convenient circumstances - quitting the job for example. Because we need to be able to express from the soul in ALL situations and circumstances, through ALL densities.

If you learn how to tune in and express from the Soul, then it will integrate through all the inner layers and the internal blockages will steadily dissipate as a result.

I would advocate watching Openhand's film 5GATEWAYS and getting a copy of the book....

Here's where you can get the book, which is packed with tools, tips and advice about how to walk the path of the soul...


Bright blessings

Open 💎



Hi Open! 
I was just asking the universe to help me.. I put forth my arms and cried I need help pls help.. while I read this post I saw the help universe has sent. Thank you. My challenges are attachment, dependency, self doubt and judgements. I surely can feel the surge and movement of energy through my spine and chills I am experiencing throughout my body. 
To my dismay, am struggling hard to address my distortions.. getting very painful. All the while I realise what I am up to but the pain, the suffering just won’t go.. 



In reply to by Janhavi


I head you Janhavi and reach out to you from the heart ❤️

And know this: the pain IS your healing. It's here where identification happens and therefore suffering.

Don't wish for the pain to go away, but feel deeply into it and become as one with it. Work to totally accept it. Then you will uncover the attachment at the heart of it. Then you'll find peace within it. At which point, the pain will either leave or transform. Either way, you will have transcended it.

There with you.

Open 🙏


Hi Open,

during the marvelous DIVINICUS Retreat I felt a cleansing and opening of the third eye and crown chakra, so as to make way for kundalini rising up further into higher dimensions. Where there was a feeling of distortion around the head before, I was quite pleased to feel the gentle pulsing in these areas, much as you have described the feeling of authentic energy becoming active, during the retreat.

Now since I am back home I am confronted with a massive outbreak of hay fever, a seemingly allergic reaction to some local plants and pollen. I did not experience this these past many years in Africa, it didn't seem to apply there. Now I find this synchronistic as the constant sneezing feels quite heavy in the head and neck area. It wears me out physically, so I am not very active these days. My throat is sore, runny nose and itchy eyes, my forehead feels blocked and bloated, there is some slight pain on the left and right sides of the head.

When inquiring it feels like there is some kind of transformation going on in my head area, as if the whole region is being restructured and reconfigured - how do you feel about it? Seems like this serves to clarify the energies to make way for Kundalini to flow through all chakras unobstructed. I feel invited to soften through these physical reactions. Any reflection would be highly welcome. 🙏🏼

Much love,
Thomas 🍀


hello I am going through Kundalini. I’m not sure if it has a start and finish but I hope not because the whole thing is glorious, divine. I feel the energy there all the time and meditation is so easy and I know I am connected to God.  

But it’s a month old and I’ve been reading about dimensions. I don’t understand what they are. Could you please define 4,5 and above and how many are there. It would be really helpful to know where I’m at. 

Kindest regards 


In reply to by Margaret Morton (not verified)


Hi Marg,

Nice to connect with you - the kundalini activation sounds wonderful Thumbs Up Sign

Here at Openhand we prefer to talk more about densities rather than dimensions. A density being a frequency of existence, such as the 1st being the physical density. The 2nd is the emotional, the 3rd is the plane of the intellect and the 4th is that of karma, which feels expansive and timeless.

For an explanation of the higher dinesities beyond that, check out this Openhand article here...

Taking the Inner Journey to Higher Dimensions, 5D/6D/7D

Best wishes

Open Praying Emoji


Hi Megha - I very much salute the courage you have in sharing - clearly you're opening into divine multidimensional experiences Heart

It's not easy to share in a world where not so many would understand. But nevetheless, now is the time to step forth and express. The point being, the more you do, the more it becomes a fulfilling part of your reality. And clearly you're having a deeply beneficial impact on those around you.

Yes the Twin Flame experience can be bitter sweet in the beginning. Often because you want the intangible to become manifest - and it doesn't. Except the energy is constantly reflecting through one's surroundings. You have to master expressing it but then letting it go.

Great to have you tune in.

Much love

Open HeartPraying Emoji


When you first reposted the article ,I didn't resonate at all. And yet since yesterday I have been having a deep urge to share what is happening for me. I am feeling sharp twinges in the heart centre . And this has coincided very nicely with you posting the articles about the recent retreat. Every time you wrote ' Heart Chakra of the planet' ,it leapt out at me. 

I am dealing with deep feelings of grief related to my Mom on the one hand ,and deep feelings of being in touch with my Twin Flame on the other. With my Mom it is challenging to go past the layers of shame and guilt that are intertwined with love . Also repression which in me very much intercepts with her own. With my Twin Flame ,I am working to completely own and embody the lake of tenderness that I feel trigerred by someone else. Strangely enough ,this is also deeply challenging . 

Cumulatively ,I am feeling ALL of the points you mention about Kundalini activation. Increasingly and pressingly I am Feeling the dystopian nature of the 3D. I am also getting powerful insights about emotional resilience . 

My ' vision's is stronger or maybe I believe it more. I recently had the opportunity to do a sec education class for ladies that mentor adolescent girls in poor parts of the city. What was supposed to be a lecture series turned out to be a women's circle. We laughed and cried and I could feel their shame lift and their resolve to help and mentor these girls deepen. For me it felt fulfilling and deeply challenging and so much fun ! . At the start ,I made them centre into their bodies and I ' saw' helpers surround the circle . At the end when we repeated the centring breath ,a very large Indian Goddess came and gave me a Namatse in the centre of the circle. 

Today as I was assisting a preemie pass away ( he was very ill) ,I connected with my heart centre to the realm of angels . He manifested as a very handsome young man. Told me about a past life in which he had done some harm and was going through the grief of not being able to be with his parents. I took his permission to pull the plug and again there was lot of loving exchange . 

I post these a little bit for validation and because I am feeling like the ground is shifting below my feet . Something is coming . I am not sure what ,but I feel like it's big for me . And the heart twinges feel like mini heart attacks ! 

Lots of love ! 



Thank you Open for your feedback! I feel the intense anxiety around expressing myself is also related to the execution part. Would be interesting to see what unpacking this will bring Slightly Smiling Praying Emoji


hi Hannah,

Good to have you tune in Slightly Smiling

My sense is as you describe it - that the meeting initiated some past life karma, and what you describe resonates energetically. It doesn't matter too much the exact details, just to honour and express what you feel in the case that something like that actually did happen - and probably caused you to go out of body.

So take some quality time, regress right into it, and allow yourself to express. Remember, at the height of it, totally accept it as The One, then integrate through. If you feel it might be helpful to have a facilitator there, then it would be a good idea to call on one.

Wishing you well with the unfolding - every bout of karma always leads to a greater expansion!

Much love

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I felt like commenting on this when I read about the symptoms as I had an interesting experience yesterday (although I doubt it's related to kundalini, I do experience some of the other symptoms from time to time). I go to weekly group sessions where we share freely about our emotions and experiences and I'm always very nervous to go/express myself. When I share I feel myself going out of body a lot, so I did a grounding excersise before I went. I always feel a little shaking going on after the excersise, but this time it was very strong and didn't stop. I was shaking all morning, and it became worse during the session. Also a lot of grief surfaced as I very recently broke off my relationship and the sense of loss obviously played a big role there, but the shaking felt unrelated to that. In that moment my mind automatically linked it to my nervousness, but it was out of proportion. On my way there I even had the feeling I was going to my own execution (in the very literal sense, the gallows or guillotine or something). Today I can still feel the shakiness, though less, and I'm also feeling quite disoriented..!

Would love to get some reflections on this! 

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I felt to feature this article again today, because I witness a lot of people out there in the Shift beginning to go through Kundalini Activation....

The Acceleration of Kundalini in the 5D Shift
(scroll to the top)

Kundalini begins with the integration and infusion of soul. And then soul progressively rises from the base, through the chakras, and reconnects with soul from the higher self flowing down from higher dimensions. It cam lead to all manner of symptoms.

9 symptoms of Activating Kundalini

1) Rapid and daily mood swings, feeling euphoric one moment and depressed and heavy the next
2) Strong feelings of interconnectivity with nature
3) Uncontrollable spasms in the body
4) Decreased apetite
5) The sense of dysfunction in the 3D
6) Lucid and prophetic dreaming
7) Strong sexual urges
8) Activation of past life karma
9) Mystical, higher dimensional experiences

Since releasing the article, I've produced a new download meditation to support the activation of Kundalini, which you can sample at this link.

And also I published this Shift Diary a Short While ago to give greater insight...

What are you experiencing in relation to this right now? I'll happily share a reflection.

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I felt to feature this article again today... The Acceleration of Kundalini in the 5D Shift (scroll up)

I witness on the current World Tour that Kundalini is activating for plenty of people. It's a great sign that the Shift is accelerating for people. But it's not always and easy wave to ride. The progressive release of energy can cause all manner of challenging symptoms from body spasms, temporary disconnection, sexual urges and it can bring up painful karma. But that's all okay, providing people start to recognise what's taking place for them, that they're on the cusp of powerful spiritual Breakthrough and that they need to work through it.

Do feel free to inquire if you have symptoms you suspect might be activating Kundalini but are unsure of.

In loving support

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PS - we're doing a lot of such integrational work on the "Living the Shift" World Tour. Here are the remaining events...

5th-10th April 2019: "Living the Shift", SEATTLE/USA
The Shift into Higher 5D Consciousness is unfolding all around. How do You live it Right Now?
Develop your own internal Spiritual Compass and a Routemap to successfully navigate the daily challenges of life; expand into your Higher Dimensional Self, fully integrate it here and now. 5GATEWAYS has been helping thousands of people around the world join the "5D" Shift

18th-23rd April 2019: "Living the Shift", *Easter*, BRUGE/EU
The Shift into Higher 5D Consciousness is unfolding all around. How do You live it Right Now?
Develop your own internal Spiritual Compass and a Routemap to successfully navigate the daily challenges of life; expand into your Higher Dimensional Self, fully integrate it here and now. 5GATEWAYS has been helping thousands of people around the world join the "5D" Shift

10th-15th May 2019: "Living the Shift", DEVON/UK
The Shift into Higher 5D Consciousness is unfolding all around. How do You live it Right Now?
Develop your own internal Spiritual Compass and a Routemap to successfully navigate the daily challenges of life; expand into your Higher Dimensional Self, fully integrate it here and now. 5GATEWAYS has been helping thousands of people around the world join the "5D" Shift



Yes!  I see!  Not just spiritual practice, but aligned spiritual practice, and not practice such that there is a hope for an outcome which can build subtle doing identity.

Oh wow, yes!  I have had a few sizeable releases in the last few months, and hence that triggered subsequent realizations.  Well, what happened in the midst of the releasing of a lot of pent up energy was a bit of a worry of what those around me thought about it because it was intense.  --Not fully accepting and being ok with it all, which led me to think well maybe there is a more subtle and gentle way to go about it so as to not freak out my family.  I released a lot of energy that I related to my mother because I was looking to her for love, acceptance, safety, etc.  I was looking outside of myself.  The releasing happened over the course of a couple of weeks, lots of anger, turmoil, sadness; the main realizing release happened as my family sat at the kitchen table staring at me with their mouths a bit open in shock and awe as I deeply expressed the honest yet dense and illusioned energy.  So I subsequently thought that I should embrace better spiritual practices for a more gentle approach.  I see now what has transpired and I also am in the process of fully accepting it all.

I also really appreciate this "you'll likely find that others are important as the flow of soul brings you into challenging density - like karma for example" - yes, this is what is happening and I appreciate you stating this as it helps clarify what is going on.  When you are swimming through the silt with confusion it can be difficult to discern what is happening, and then when you come here and read something like this for perspective, it is so helpful, it brings it all together!

Thanks for the info on the Breakthrough Breathing Meditation and suggestions on movement like soulmotion.

With gratitude,



Hi Shauna,

I'm pleased you resonate. It sounds like you're having an amazing inquiry smiley

Basically I would say that your practice must support what you feel your soul purpose is. And must constantly adapt, grow and evolve as your understanding of your particular configuration grows. It's important not to get fixated in the rigidity of s particular practice or approach. Because this only builds subtle 'doing' identity again. To me, it's all about attuning my at-one-ment with the Universe. That is me, and I am that. My purpose - as a soul - it to be an integral part of that, amplifying it for the greater whole.

But exactly how does the Universe move? If there's any separation in me, how does that feel, and how can I bring it more into alignment?

Firstly I notice the Universe has 3 basic qualities to it: (1) There is a sense of separation consciousness which creates relativistic experience - the bodymind for example. In various ways, this separation consciousness becomes tight and resistant, which feels uncomfortable. It feels like moving out of natural 'rightness'. So personally I do practices that confront any resistance or tightness and soften into them. (2) The first approach (softening into the tightness of separation), starts to unleash a flow within - a sense of aligned rightness - which the Openhand approach defines as "soul". When you're in this, it feels like where you're meant to be, who you naturally are. Being in the soul, creates the synchronistic flow of rightness in your life. (3) It is only the soul that can deliver you on the shores of The One inside of you - the true source to which all aligned action flows. This is the sense of being truly "home". It is the pure presence of complete acceptance. And so by aligning with soul, there is an allowance and noticing of this sense of presence wanting to consume you. Allow it to do that.

The Breakthrough Breathing Meditation is purposefully designed to attune these three qualities of experience. It's the first level of Openhand meditation, and is central to it. In doing the meditation, and relating it to outer experience, you'll likely find that others are important as the flow of soul brings you into challenging density - like karma for example. In the book 5GATEWAYS there are other key meditations to attune the chakras - where soul consciousness flows into the various layers of the bodymind. And also to facilitate the free flow of kundalini, which harmonises the flow through the lower self, connecting it seamlessly to higher self. And I would also advocate some kind of regular bodywork, like Openhand's soulmotion which intensifies the free flow of soul consciousness through the body. Yoga, tai chi and conscious dance can do the same thing. Or consciously walking in nature.

From the Openhand perspective, that's a generalised overview.

Open heart


Hello Open,

Thank you for this article, it has helped me understand more about what I am experiencing.  I asked for some clarity and voila you posted this article!

This especially caught my attention - "In relationships for example, as the energy naturally flows into the sacral chakra, we must work on releasing attachment of how we might need, or expect, someone else to be. Progressively, attachment to a fixed interrelational dynamic, transforms to the sensuality of allowance. We can empathically feel the connection to another, yet at the same time, don't require them to be a particular way to make us feel whole and complete. You feel through the emotional connection, but with awareness and focus, constantly bring the kundalini energy back inside yourself. In this similar way, we can work up through all the chakras, channeling soul consciousness into them through aligned spiritual practice, and then working to dissipate the distorting shadows upon the clear blue skies of our outer experience."

I am learning to release attachments, and not hope for something in particular.  Earlier today I went into a situation with more trust and neutrality, and observing both myself and others.  It was a new and different experience without the negative, judgemental energies.  It was very liberating.   

I would like to learn more about feeling through the emotional connection and bringing the kundalini energy back inside.  I am feeling and seeing signs to embrace more aligned spiritual practice.  Thus far, I have allowed things to flow spontaneously and don't really meditate formally, it might happen when I am reading here, or being outside.  But, I am curious about your guided meditations that you have listed.  Which ones do you recommend that I listen to at this time, for kundalini activation, chakras, entities, implants etc.?  Which ones will really help me feel into what to work through?  In the morning after waking up, and at night before I go to sleep?  (I have also reached out to one of the facilitators for more in depth help, and I would like to try some guided meditations in the meantime as well.)

Thank you very much for your books and website!  They have been very helpful on this journey!