Plantary Shift of Consciousness: Becoming the Warrior in the Heart

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Make no mistake we are at an anvil in human history. The falsehoods enacted by states around the world in the name of the virus pandemic and the bogus control of populations are being called into account by the rising of sovereign consciousness. But much more needs to be done, and not by the leaders of our world, but by regular people - the likes of you and me, for there are millions of us, governed only by consent. A quasi facist/communist takeover seeks to spread its dark veil across the planet, which free and sovereign people are being invited to challenge.

It's deceptive. It's confusing. It appears even in the guise of democracy, enacting "regulations" for "the good of the whole". But when you go into your heart, no matter how confusing to the mind, you recognise it immediately as control. It is anything other than freedom, respect and love. This is what we must stand up against and express into, in order to expose and unravel.

The 100 Million Monkeys

In the last 10 years I've spent a lot of my time travelling the world connecting with people to help raise consciousness, and in so doing, I've witnessed at first hand, the escalation of the 'matrix', particularly through SMART technology in all the towns, cities and airports, in fact pretty much everywhere. It is clearly drawing the masses in at an ever escalating rate and it's supressing, pushing down on, human consciousness. Let's be clear, it is now abundantly obvious to those genuinely inquiring that the virus pandemic has been just the latest escapade within that control program rollout.

I've always felt and maintained there'd come a point where something has to give, something has to break the stranglehold of the dense energy. That this would happen by an escalating  number of people connecting to creator source, embodying their unique soul vibration then daring to step out and be them. This is what I mean by "eagle-eye focus" in 2021. The eagle flys above the storm, but when called to act, does so fiercely and fearlessly. I do believe we need to find this kind of energy in 2021 aswell as the soft and accepting side. For the soul seeks to fly beyond fear and control.

It's time for humanity to embody and unleash ALL the qualities of the soul, not just the acquiescent surrender aspect. Positive action is strengthening, and needs to, wherever escalation of control is happening and in whatever guise it is presented. I'm hearing, feeling and witnessing, from a growing number of people around the world that the soul is being forged in the crucible of great challenge. The 100 monkey effect is at the point of escalation into the millions.

What can you do to animate peaceful, but strong, sovereign soul energy in you?

Shattering the Illusion

I'm reminded of a great story from Illusions by Richard Bach...

Once there lived a village of creatures along the bottom of a great crystal river. The current of the river swept silently over them all -- young and old, rich and poor, good and evil -- the current going its own way, knowing only its own crystal self.

Each creature in its own manner clung tightly to the twigs and rocks of the river bottom, for clinging was their way of life, and resisting the current was what each had learned from birth.

But one creature said at last, "I am tired of clinging. Though I cannot see it with my eyes, I trust that the current knows where it is going. I shall let go, and let it take me where it will. Clinging, I shall die of boredom."

The other creatures laughed and said, "Fool! Let go, and that current you worship will throw you tumbled and smashed against the rocks, and you will die quicker than boredom!"

But the one heeded them not, and taking a breath did let go, and at once was tumbled and smashed by the current across the rocks.

Yet in time, as the creature refused to cling again, the current lifted him free from the bottom, and he was bruised and hurt no more.

And the creatures downstream, to whom he was a stranger, cried, "See a miracle! A creature like ourselves, yet he flies! See the messiah, come to save us all!"

And the one carried in the current said, "I am no more messiah than you. The river delights to lift us free, if only we dare let go. Our true work is this voyage, this adventure."

But they cried the more, "Savior!" all the while clinging to the rocks, and when they looked again he was gone, and they were left alone making legends of a savior.

Plenty of us as energy workers have been meditating on the infolding events and rippling aligning upwelling consciousness through the field. It's not directional, it's not about telling people what they should do. It's amplifying the natural toroidal flow and letting that do what it needs to. I do believe this is greatly contributing to the emergence of consciousness in terms of exposing the illusion and challenging the injustice of control. I do believe this is beginning to bear fruit with positive effect.

However, to my mind, this needs to escalate now. There is yet much more to be done. We are far from out of the woods yet. I would encourage all to look within their hearts and ask, "what am I being invited to do now?"

Being Unapologetically YOU

It is not just about firing up the soul, it has to be forged in the crucible of daily living too. That will certainly mean being authentic in your relationships, being honest and true about how you really feel. The evidence of a fake pand-e-mic created to control and shape lives through a new industrial revolution is abound to anyone truly wishing to see. Human sovereignty is being challenged to emerge, step out and step up. For each one of us, simply daring to be themselves, in how we express to each other, this has a consequential rippling effect further afield.

We'll be in society, yes, and it'll require us to honour the truth of others, but that doesn't mean compromising your own soul. You don't have to agree with another to respect them. And neither do you need to supress yourself, for this is supression of your own soul - let's be clear, we do NOT attain 5D consciousness that way - it has to be liberated and expressed within you - here and now.

It will mean being creative in some way, expressive, and facilitating the emergence of light. A very positive transformation that's also happening in society right now is the generalised increasing acceptance of diversity - in culture, race and gender. So let's maximise that opening, fully embrace our uniqueness and dare to step out and express it.

It is truly remarkable how the embodiment of authentic soul frequency can have such a dramatic effect on our lives and life around us. But certainly don't be put off if many don't yet get it, or seem to. People may well express something on the surface at an ego level. When in fear, they may try to block or talk you down. Yet they'll also feel authentic soul expression, even if they don't acknowledge it. So be the embodiment of your sovereign soul, the loving and securely firm expression of that.

What I'm sensing is a global invitation arising right now, at this crucial juncture in history, that requires an invocation of True Self: a non acceptance of injustice, unfair control and repression, in whatever guise it presents, whether from government, the shadow powers or even people around you. It isn't aggressive nor oppressive, but strong and firm in its own right to be, exist and do.

Warriors in the Heart

The times are challenging for sure. But the spiritual warrior is forged in the crucible of great challenge. At heart we are all warriors in our own unique way, and never before in human history, has there been such a need, such a compulsion, for the aligned warrior spirit to arise.

So what is it that fires your passion?
How can you be more true to authentic expression?
What can you be creating in alignment with the divine as we shift to higher consciousness?

Right now, the Shift is calling for the Spiritual Warrior to courageously step up and step out. I'm NOT speaking of aggression, but the unfettered expression of true self. What is true for you? Honour it. Express it, for we know control when we smell it. We are the many, and the more of us that dare to be ourselves, the more stretched the shadow becomes until it dissipates.

In these challenging times, we're each being invited to become the Warrior in the Heart.

If you resonate with the Openhand energy, come explore our work within our Ascension Academy:
Openhand Ascension Academy


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16/10/2021: Why we must become Spiritual Warriors right now

There's no doubt about it, it's tough in the shift out there at these times. The density pulls on us in so many ways. Whether it be in family members going down the route of the synthetic agenda; whether it be at work where you're being confronted with the mandate; or most importantly, in your own home where there's the density of electrosmog and the toxicity of daily life. It's essential, you must have a daily process for breaking this all down and moving it on - you must be protecting your field and cleansing out what comes in and sticks.

Make no mistake, it's like being enaged in a war on consciousness, and for this reason, we must respond as warrirors, which needs to become a daily way of life. We need to put constant attention on what raises our vibration and cleanses our fields.

Here are 7 pointers to put your attention on...

1. Daily cleansing meditations. Like the Openhand Bow for example: Openhand Bow
2. Daily Intermittant fasting - this is increasingly becoming a must, especially with all of the toxicity of the jibjabbed society. We must cleanse the physical to prevent density building up... Daily Internmittant Fasting
3. We must also turn into karmic processes as they activate and not push them away for a more "convenient time". Now is the time!... Daily Karmic Processing
4. Explore what ways raise your vibration on a daily basis.... Top 10 Ways to Raise your Vibration
5. You must be cleansing and protecting your immediate vicinity... Where you live and especially when you go to sleep. Protect the boundaries with meditation and prayer
6. Be selective about the social media you use - is it simply for distraction? Develop the discipline to switch off if you're not actually gaining anything developmental from it
7. Plenty of daily connective meditations into your intuitive guidance and higher dimensional team. Make sure you're connected as much as possible, and tuned into guidance the whole time.

All Spiritual Warriors Now!

We must all become spiritual warriors now: empathic, compassionate and caring yes, but also courageous, willfull and disciplined. Let's not get lulled into half truths and compromising the soul. It's time to be all in!

Do check out today's featured article above for more inspiration...
Plantary Shift of Consciousness: Becoming the Warrior in the Heart

Wishing you all well in this Great Shift!

Open 🏄‍♀️



01/04/2021 Openhand Journal Update:

If ever there was a spiritual warrior out there, then surely David Icke would fit the bill - what a job he's done over the years, often single handed, to illuminate the shadowside that's controlling society. Many people may have questioned him and his viewpoints, but you have to hand it to him in being so accurate about the various machinations of what's gone on within this artificial "pandemic".

Today I've been invited up to his new media offices "Ickonic" to shoot some footage on my views about the Intervention that's been controlling society from the ether. It will be for a new documentary including footage from David Icke, Eric Von Daniken (best selling writer of "Chariots of the Gods") and the Zulu Sangorma Credo Mutwa, also famous for his views on reptilian energies in Africa and across the planet.

My main thrust will be to explain how what I believe has begun, is what is more widely known in the cosmos as the "harvest" - where souls are harvested by the malevolents to fit within a collectivised consciousness. And especially how the mechanisms of the shift are purposefully designed to help break this intervention down.

Check out the Ickonic Media Platform here... Ickonic

Individual Sovereignty

Last night we began by shooting some visual background footage with the film producer Christianne De Vylk at a tremendous stone circle location called "The Nine Ladies", up above near where the studio is located. It turned out to be a stunning evening with a tremendous higher dimensional connection. I don't have time to go into detail now before the day starts, but I'll leave you with this video overview of the site below.

What was fascinating was that just before we arrived at the site, we came across a stone which felt like it was to do with sovereignty. When we looked on the far side of it, there was a crown carved on the rear face. At the stone cricle was a tremendous higher dimensional energy wanting to ground - an ancient supportive motherly vibe that was most defintely encouraging indiviudal sovereignty. Phenomenal - I guess that will be a key theme for the documentary.

The Nine Ladies

Here's the wonderful stone circle described in a video from youtube...

It will be an interesting day!

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2017, sat at my computer and an email popped up to promote David's tour coming near me in 2018. Bought a ticket, my wife thought I had lost it. Asked why on earth do I want to see that man?

Well, I explained that I had no idea, that was the truth at the time. But I suppose I'd like to 

see if he's genuine or fake. 

Six months later I get an email the day before letting me know the location! Also that it's likely a demonstration would be outside!

His presentation was excellent and the message I got out of it was to hurry up and  wake up. I was expecting a sort of victim based bias, this man has been hammered by many over the years, still is. 

After a 5 hour stint on stage I was expecting a huge call to arms, to fight the good fight or a don't go down without a fight ending.  He said just love, care and look out for each other. If you do anything do it from the heart. Brilliant. 

The subject you, and he, are taking on is just so sensitive and the push back will be well, substantial. I'm looking forward to it though. 



If you resonate with my sharing above, about becoming a Warrior in the Heart through the shift, then do consider attending our Easter Quantum Shift Retreat next week - we're still accepting people onto it. Make no mistake, you will have to forge the soul through this density that we're travelling through. You can do it! Aswell as the surrender into the situation, it takes some commitment and will-power. We can help you find that...

We're travelling through unprecedented times, with life on the planet terraforming into a 3D/5D "new normal". It's utterly essential to Quantum Shift your consciousness accordingly and open internally for new energies to progressively come through. That way you can transform your life in all areas, from relationships to work and general living circumstances.
Let's break the bounds of new possibility!

See you there!

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Hi Open, Thru the last month observing what I could I found the MSM was if anything leaning to the BLM movement ... & then many corporations jumped in too,all the Tech Companies including Apple pledging $100 Million.. very benevolent becoming so philanthropic almost over night. Now the Seattle Movement has grown huge legs & there seems so minute coverage from the Controllers mouthpiece(MSM) .. I’m curious about this. Has something gone off script somewhat. I’m hoping this movement is organic & is a ‘People Power’movement. But also watching with some curiosity what comes next in this misplaced piece to the planned puzzle. Spiritual Leaders confused..I certainly am,

In reply to by Adrian (not verified)


Hi Adrian - yes, for sure, lots of spiritual leaders confused out there about what's going on.

This is where we have to feel it rather than think it. The shadow state is certainly trying to confuse things and many stories are also channeled (by them) through 'whistleblowers' to the spiritual mainstream.

Consider it this way...

There's a genuine rebellion of consciousness which the controllers are concerned about. So they apply various strategies: (1) misguide it with funding and then violence (2) steer press coverage to their narrative (3) 'leak' insider stories to the spiritual mainstream groups that the rebellion is actually a cover for the deep state agenda. So especially with point 3, the spiritual uprising defeats itself because it ceases to give energy to the rebellion and even talks about it in negative terms.

Actually what I do believe - feel - is happening is a widespread uprising but in many different guises and directions, which is the reflection of different sovereign soul groups and characteristics. Now that's definitely worth giving energy to!

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For me the story that's unfolding in Seattle, a place that I've felt guided to do Openhand work for some years, continues to be incredibly inspiring for the growing rebellion of consciousness - the emergence of soul sovereignty. I've been somewhat surprised of late, that various well known spiritual leaders have labeled it a mere charade, paid for by the shadow state, and designed purely to create antagonism that can lead to militarised take-over. Yes I concur that this may also be happening in plenty of areas to misdirect and confuse, but I also see that there are real people who have risen out of the recent Black Lives Matter protests, and as I predicted, it's now flowering into a wider movement for social justice. It may well face some kind of state crack down, but each day it persists, the stronger it is appearing to get. In amongst the confusion and misdirection, from the shadow state, and even the spiritual mianstream, I have to say for me at least, here is a real story that warms the heart. May it ripple peacefully ever further afield. And the stronger it grows, the more difficult it's going to be to supress. So let's not allow conspiracy theories and speculation talk us out of an awakening - let's give it a chance to thrive in its own right before simply writing it off...


The people's movement in Seattle that's created an autonmous zone is highly significant. Despite attempts by the system to label it as anarchistic, the majority of alternative sites show it being a peaceful demonstration. Whether it can sustain (as an autonomous zone) is highly unlikely, and it's highly possible it will be used to exert greater attemtps at authoritarian control. But what it does show to me, is the depth of feeling for justice and equality by the people and that they're prepared to risk all for their sovereignty. Only time can tell how it will unfold...


Here is an important video which joins the dots very well in terms of where society's controllers are heading - or at least trying to head - in reshaping the "New Norm". It's a pretty bleak and sobering watch (in my view), but important in order to be clear what the Ascending Group needs to be wary of and unravel from.

The Hopi spelled it out incredibly well on their prophecy stone: that there would be two clear directions for humanity - either that of increased technology leading to an abrupt deadend,  or harmonious reconnection and alignment with the natural rhythms of Gaia.

What you see in the film is the Transhumanistic Agenda, that of the ET Intervention behind all of this. It's marrying man with machine to enhance their number in a collectivised consciousness. What we've witnessed in the pandemic, is a clear movement towards this "harvesting".

The way things are shaping at this time, my sense is that you're getting a divergence of souls - "the divergents" - who will reject the program, aswell as plenty who will sleep walk into accepting it. It's essential that we stay alert and aware of unfolding developments so that the program doesn't restrict the liberties and free movement for us all.

At the beginning of the year, I spoke about the importance of Navigating with 2020 Vision - being clear about where your destiny lies. And as more of us chose the ascending pathway of freedom, you blaze a trail for others to follow. That's why it felt so important to introduce the World Ascension Summit Avalon Rising at this time too. We will rise out of this madness!

Folks, we can break this program, we ARE BREAKING THIS PROGRAM!...

In reply to by Open


This is indeed very alarming, esp with regards to accessing thoughts and emotions and utilizing a framework to limit both. 

If this becomes actualized, it will transform humanity into greys in a way, since physical death is eliminated for transhumans


Programming in conjunction with mind control will be extremely difficult to escape once in place esp for the uninitiated in the ways of the Soul, it’s unthinkable that souls will choose this method of self realization  


Soul expression is necessary now more than ever, People need to know what’s really going on to make informed choices, but many will hop on the chance to be “superhuman” to alleviate a reality perceived as dull or inglorious. 

I see more degeneracy resulting from this, esp in the higher levels, control on this format can only corrupt absolutely. I can never wrap my head around control over others instead of control of ONESELF


No time to slack! Peace and blessings to all 


Namaste 🙏🏽 

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Yes alarming considerations. But, everything is resolvable.

I don't see that a soul actually choses this 'harvested' reality. I think it's the absence of choice.

Also I've worked with several people who've regressed into past lives in transhuman form - married with machine. The soul can still find a way out and can realign by processing the karma.

So alarming, yes. But the light always finds a way to realign.

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Alexander the great,  the Roman empire,  the holy Roman empire,  royalty,  renaissance,  the banking system,  the industrial revolution,  so called modern living and now The Great Reset.

Will it work?  Not for long, these timelines of change are getting closer and closer. The end of the game has to be next.


You never know quite what to believe from the mainstream media these days - it pays to take each report with a bucket of salt! Or rather be really clear to feel what seems right in relation to what you can sense is the underlying flow of any given situation.

I've seen alternaitve media, like Democracy Now, swallowing the Virus Pandemic seemingly hook line and sinker, whilst right leaning mainstream news broadcasters like Fox actually challenging the lockdown logic. It's like you have to pick apart the truth from each various thread. Which is a challenge, but of course that too invites greater soul sovereignty - my advice is not to crystallise a view too quickly, but hold your inquiry open and feel it through.

Here's one I felt to share which supports my feeling (and what plenty of others are saying) that the uprising in the USA is being misdirected and agitated by various groups for different purposes. One thing definitely to be aware of, is how this is likely to be manipulated by blaming "anarchists" in order to impose increased militaristic control - definitely one key theme of the underlying shadow state agenda. I still feel the rise in strong but peaceful aligned consciousness cannot utlimately be thwarted...


The emergence of Self/Soul poses enormous risks in and of itself, as the powers that be clamp down hard. There is safety and wisdom in stealth sometimes. Tenacity in the face of opposition is admirable, esp in a society that rewards compliance.


 I am staying purposefully away from the external drama and chaos, choosing to hold my center, and not get sucked into derailing negative emotions that drain. I am still experiencing tremendous shifts and changes since the retreat.


There is such phenomenal power in living from Soul, no surprise the level of antagonism it endures from those encumbered by ego.  

Heart and Prayers for all 🙏🏽

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Wise words Mystique - yes, for some people it will be good to distance from the unfolding events to a degree. Some people are here to hold and ground higher dimensional aligned energy. But others are more catalytic in nature and are here to actively move the energy that's arising through the field. So each much apply themselves in a way that feels right - and being careful to note if it's the ego reacting or not - in one way or the other: either wanting to engage or wanting to distance. Something for us each to observe and explore.

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You’re absolutely right, it’s prudent to check the motivation behind our responses to current events.

I do believe I am of the former persuasion and in light of that, prefer to embody and ground aligned higher energy as much as I can, there will be a time when it is safe and wise to engage without the danger of becoming submerged. 

Like you said, each apply themselves where best suited and pulled by inner guidance. Deep respect for the work you and all catalysts do. 

Warmly 🙏🏽


The emergence of higher dimensional consciousness is influencing and affecting EVERYONE right now. Even if that's not appreciated by the majority. The karmic injustices, misdirected control and suppression will be unwound in one way or another. Either people are able to find the resolutions of rightness as consciousness ascends, or there will be explosions. But there's just one underlying game emerging on the planet right now, and that is Ascension.


I hearing a widely varying spectrum of views in terms of what's bubbling up across our planet right now. It's challenging each to find their own truthful and aligned expression in it. That's not easy, because the external narratives by state or by media, are generally not rightfully configured to contain that energy, other than by force.

Let me be clear, I strongly maintain that it's the represssion of human consciousness that is systematic through many different guises across society which is the cause. It feels like human consciousness was restricted unjustly by the propogation of fear during the pandemic lockdown, that has been difficult for the majority to resolve through. But now the brutality we witnessed (to George Floyd) has triggered a more straightforward expression and release. Now this is being misdirected and (in my view) purposefully confused so as to take the pressure from the state.

I've always mantained that you cannot constrain aligned soul consciousness indefinitely. It will always bubble up and find a way... the "systemic anomally" that manifested as Neo in the brilliant Matrix series.

We stand at a pivotal point in human history,
and whatever smoke screens are plastered over the top,
I've no doubt, that ultimately, the truth of aligned soul will find a way.

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What puzzles me a bit about what is happening in the world, is that for weeks all the news seemed to be about was this VIR, but now the situation in the US seems to have fully taken over the headlines and the VIR seems to have been pushed to the background. Which makes me wonder if the media is now trying to redirect our attention to something else? Not sure for what purpose, but something just feels strange about it for me.

In reply to by Marye


Yes - I agree, I've noticed that myself.

I think you now have to look at the response in the US with the National Guard being called in. It's highly likely that it's all a part of the same campaign - now preparing populations for militarised control/surpression in the name of order and 'fairness' for people's property and businesses - that looks to be something like the way it is being shifted. But it's fluid right now so it'll take time to bring together the pieces of the puzzle.

I also think that sovereign consciousness is rising, which the shadow state realises, and so is trying to misdirect and confuse.

I still don't think they'll succeed though. Time will tell.

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Peaceful Protests are growing internationally showing solidarity with the killing of George Floyd. But clearly this is not just about the killing of one person - it's about systematic oppression and injustice that's endemic in society. To me, it's highly synchronistic that this should be happening on the back of the virus pandemic. Whatever the disinformation that the mainstream media continues to propagate, my sense is we're at a stage where human consciousness has had enough of being repressed and oppressed, in whatever guise that might be. Including bogus lockdown measures.

I can tell you that meditatiing on this all yesterday, and feeling into the field, it was intensely difficult the whole day just to contain the upwelling of the consciousness without it boiling over inside of me in some way. I can also say that it is able to be integrated and held. And that this sovereign strength is necessary for the emergence of a new emboldened human consciousness.


Sharing that powerful video.  Things have really heated up here in the States.  But I've seen many places where the police are now joining in with the protesters, sharing compassion, kneeling in solidarity.  When done from the heart, it softens the rage in others.

It's sad to see so much destruction going on, but thrilling to see people breaking free of the control system in huge ways.  It's been a long time coming.  People are starting to wake up.



And when the human soul rises, in an aligned authentic way, it cannot help to be recognised...

AND, let's not be fooled either, it's not all realigned with the light yet...

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Thanks for posting this one Open , 

Warms my heart to see , feel & hear how so many ( officers & some Officials as well ) are re-connectiing on 

another level of conscious connectivity . Fear , anxiety , division can be released much faster this way & create new co-create 

Communities around Usa , Europe , Asia & Globally . It wont be plain sailing of course , but the bedrock of Imposed Tyranny will

sure feel whats coming form the public & fragment itself in the months to come . 

That video , hopefully will be visioned by many more across the country . 

Appreciation for the work we do on the Big field out there .....

Namaste , Jean B