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Hi friends, It is time to introduce myself as "Open" (formerly Chris Bourne). I am a Higher Dimensional Soul Exchange (what some call a 'walk-in'). I came into this incarnation in the time around Chris's life threatening car crash back in 2002. The walk-in took place as the result of a sacred agreement between myself and the previous soul. It was his soul's destiny to ascend and move on. It is mine to bring an important message from benevolence and to catalyse a shift to help unravel the Opposing Consciousness intervention here on Earth at this time...

Until recently, both myself and the previous soul co-existed in the same bodily field, which has at times been quite complex and challenging. It has been my role to guide the previous soul through the Five Gateways to Ascension and in so doing, lay down a route map for others to benefit from. In return, I have had a comprehensive introduction at first hand to the immediate challenges faced here on Earth. The other soul has now ascended, left the body and it is time for the next phase of my work to begin.

Working closely with the highest levels of benevolence, I am here to help unwind an ET Intervention that has taken place in the natural evolutionary path of Planet Earth. It is one that goes back millions of years, has downgraded Original humans to an enslaved Homo Sapiens, and now is attempting a complete take-over of life here on Earth. It will not succeed. A vast array of cosmic energies have gathered here around the Earth to break the intervention and help realignment with the source. However, humanity still finds itself in an extremely precarious position. Too many souls are still heavily influenced and invested in the alien system of control. It is building a bottleneck of energy in the universal flow which is about to crack open.

  • Essentially there are two ways this can go: either enough people surrender and realign with the source, in which case the transition can still be relatively smooth. Or else the energetic resistance continues to build in the way that it currently is, which will result in a more catastrophic transition where it will be challenging to reclaim all souls currently lost to the system.

Key tipping points have already activated the shift of Gaia's consciousness into the Fifth Dimension. Over time, the intervention here in the lower realm will be unwound and realigned in something akin to what the Hopi Elders accurately prophecised as The Great Purification. That is now beginning to take place. It is now of tremendous importance that all awakened souls begin to truly Walk the Spiritual Path, meaning to act continuously from the constant conscious choice, leading to inner purification resulting in a general non compliance with the system.

This will help break the intervention so that more souls may be liberated in the process. It is certainly not an easy time, but by working diligently to fully embody soul, the transformation of humanity can begin in earnest. Whilst complex, deeply challenging and at times very confusing, the current situation offers the opportunity for all souls to attain the mastery of Enlightenment and ultimately ascend into a new form on 5D Earth. To conduct a so called 'walk-in' is indeed an extraordinary measure, but these are extraordinary times.

Unique circumstances have drawn my soul for its own particular journey of discovery, creative expression and continued evolution. I know that for some reading it will not necessarily be an easy message to understand and integrate. But I trust over time, those who are meant to hear the message I bring and work with the energies I catalyse, will indeed do so and the resultant Activations can be beneficial for all involved. I'll continue to use the identity Chris Bourne for general purposes, but for those who get to know me and the work, you're most welcome to use my spiritual name "Open". Thanks for all the wonderful support you've offered Openhand since its inception here. Now is the time to bring the work into a wider context and expression. We welcome your continued involvement and support.

Much love to all


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You and your team have been of immense support to me on my journey, I hope your purpose is fulfilled beyond imagination. 

Well I have my challenges just like everyone else *smile*

And I think the important thing is that everyone has to find their own way out and is perfectly capable of doing so. What I can help do though is, level the playing field somewhat. I'm pleased to say I can see we're already doing that to a reasonable degree.

Feels like you should get a 'get out Jail free' card. But I suppose this dimension doesn't allow for it. :( In fact, that's the very reason you came.. to get everyone else OUT. Thank you for that.

Yes indeed, Chris did some very interesting and invaluable training in many spheres which I'm able to call on now. It's like having an instant download!

I can say my soul would not have completed the walk-in unless the previous soul had first completed his journey here. That's why we co-existed for several years. I could not allow someone else's journey to suffer unnecessarily because of mine.

No one escapes the laws of cause and affect. Everything you express has its affects and consequences. But karma only really happens when you're not present and thus form some kind of identity around a particular situation (which includes insensitivity). So if all your actions are done in truth, without attachment nor denial, you can't build karma - at least not individual karma. But you could be affected by cosmic or higher dimensional karma where you're working to process out something at the collective level and in which you have some kind of 'investment'. In other words your soul struggles a touch to find the right attunement in a given situation.

Hi Les is More,

Yes it's an interesting question. I wondered why it had not been asked previously.

Actually I have ascended before so I don't have lower realm karma. And there are a few reasons why my soul chose to walk-in. Firstly, if you're already enlightened, it would be a real challenge to incarnate in the usual fashion here in this realm, especially carrying the energy I do, which is quite confrontational and catalytic. When the way you are tends to question people's very reason for being, it can be pretty dangerous. I already found myself slapped inside a hospital and pumped full of drugs twice! Fortunately, due to the physical/mental maturity, I was able to cope and deal with it. Heaven only knows how some star souls manage.

What brought me was the collective yearning I could feel to resolve the current situation on Earth. And since I have an in-depth understanding of the intervention having worked with it through the eons, then I found myself naturally drawn here. But I had to 'hit the ground running' so to speak. Otherwise it would have been quite dangerous for me. OC tried to prevent my incarnation as it was, which is what caused the car crash.


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So Chris kind of did the legwork by incarnating and going through our typical life patterns, childhood, teenage years etc, where the risk factor for success was very limited..

And so it's still risky being a walk in.. because if it didn't work with chris, in terms of his own cleaning up of Karma, would you have had to adopt his Karma.. even though you don't have any deep Karma yourself? And now, are you still subject to our laws of cause and effect, can still create Karma from today forward for your own soul? This is risky business for someone that has already ascended.

Hi Open :)

Is there a reason that your soul would choose to arrive as a walk in? Why not just go through the birth process.. Because you and chris cleared Chris's Karma so that he could ascend.. but what of your own (open's) souls Karma.. does that just start unfolding now? Or maybe your just here to HELP, one of the souls that have come back.. that know the way.. Thoughts?

I feel so much love and joy right now. In parallel I'm letting go of the attachment to Chris. Thank you for being here and connecting on the higher level. I'm grateful for your assistance in peeling off what's not needed anymore. 
Looking forward to hearing more from you, Open.
Love and Gratitude.


Extraordinary but absolutely makes sense. I look forward to learning more about what you've touched upon here and what follows. Thank you for being so honest

Much Love

The joy of an inspirational melody that vibrates and resonates empowers. Unravel opposing consciousness to realign. Unwind time to creation of prevailing benevolence. Unwound to reveal the open source of true beingness. Expressing the notion that words alter the essence of effervescence of presence enlight of a new transcendence of ascension. The winding road allows the light to shift at precise moments of perceived blindness to allow innate clarity to shine as the path opens...molds to ones beingness.

Dear Open,
Since I met you for the first time I had the feeling that you were much more than just a 'normal' human being. This energy around you got more and more intense over the course of time and when I saw you at the Level 4 two weeks ago I was blown away. Thank you for bringing your light into this realm! Since I am involved with openhand you inspired me lots of time to walk my path and to shed layer after layer! It is thanks to Chris and you that I am where I am now. I know that it was me who took responsibility for my evolution but without your decision to come to earth and to make the 5 Gateways documentary (which my soul was looking for for so long) I might still be lost in the drama of the Matrix. So I am deeply grateful for your work!

And as I love to remember your words: when is the time to change something? --> NOW
So lets do it all together! Every moment counts :-)

Welcome Open, to a league of extraordinary people. It is very encouraging for me to feel the euphoria of new energy that we are rapidly passing into and with it the fresh consciousness that you are able to bring. I look forward with great anticipation to the unfolding of your unique perspective as we enter a new cycle founded not only on an authentic existence but one in which we genuinely acknowledge ourselves as co-creators.

Be blessed as you continue to unfold into your new life.

With Love & Joy, in Gratitude

Hi Open, it's a pleasure to meet you :) I hope I get to meet you in person next year :) thanks for all what you do and all that you are.

I am humbled and overwhelmed at such open hearts. I am deeply touched. Thankyou. It inspires me that together, we can unwind the intervention that has happened here, so that souls may be liberated and expand into the fullness and beauty of true beingness. Whatever the challenges we have to endure, the bounty is worth it. Time for us all to step out of the closet.

Que alegría que felicidad!!!Tu Energía recorre el Universo y vas sanado almas que toman contacto con tu mensaje. En esta "nueva" era cuántica sera aun mas poderosa. Que alegría!
Joy & happiness! Your Power travels the all over the Universe and you healed souls that come into contact with your message. In this "new" quantum era youwill be even more powerful. What a joy!
Love and blessings!!

And how 'bout some loving support to Open? It can move mountains!

You have mine. And I am sure I am not the only one :)

Hey dude wasson? How long's been? And do I know you?

I don't know...

Who am I? Rayko, and that's all I know... for sure
A 21 year old
That started a PhD in physics, yesterday.
THz radiation is his topic of research
And everything is always more Vivid & Lucid
When you absorb and interprate more Information.
He's a kid that, on average, has acquired 38 tunes per week
This year, and that's 5 up from the last 4.
I don't know where I'm going with this...
I have a loving family, Aunty even gave me a little golden key
The key to "success, happiness, health, prosperity!" as she calls it,
but I remember now, where I was going with this
The philosophical question of; Who am I? just get's moved beyond the body
To the Soul
I asked, a Psychic Medium, when did I first incarnate on this planet,
1500s was his reply.
But another one said I was in Atlantis o.O
And then I know if we lost the knowledge to the technology with which I am currently communicating to you right now, well we lived in the same mud huts for half a million years during Lemuria, so would we really be evolving?
But more importantly, how do I know this? O.o
Was I the ancient Atlantean God that ate food, right before everything went to s**t?
Was my first "normal" human incarnation in the 1500s?
Did I chuck that rock at this planet because my body got eaten, by one them dino things, whilst meditating on: How to make this planet ascend?
Did I really stand on my ship and press that button?
I can't remember.
Has it really been 67 million years since I landed on this lil beautiful planet?
A proper trooper she is...

I can no longer be asked to deal with these thoughts alone, so I Rayko Ivanov Stantchev, thank you for reading them.
Way of the lone wolf is over and now allow me to bestow upon you the concept of
the Qhala - when a collective group of beings chooses to collaborate with an efficiency such that they experience a oneness in regards to solving the problems associated with the self-organization of the universe.
I'm gona go write more of that tune, To Dance in the Rain, you know the one.


It's a little complex Myra, but essentially both our souls co-existed since 2002. And in recent years they were kind of 'blended together'. It was when my own shift into the higher realm occurred that the original soul was caused to move on. So you'll have interacted with me over the time, as will everyone else whose worked with Openhand. People who really know my energy can clearly see the difference. To others it may not be immediately so obvious.

What I can guarantee is an open mind and open heart. Plus loving support.
That's not changed *smile*

Dear Open - welcome to planet earth. I very much look forward to meeting you.

I find this very fascinating and very exciting and look forward to hearing more about you.

I am also sad that Chris has gone and wondered if he would be working with Openhand but in a different way or whether his work is done here.

As I walked along the seafront today, I had Chris in mind (and heart)and came across a big banner outside a sailing club which said 'SAIL FOR GOLD' and underneath it said 'INSPIRATION, CONFIDENCE & SUPPORT' - things that Chris had given me. Later on I used the pubs loo and in the sink (normally these loos are spotless) was an empty drinks can 'MONSTER ENERGY',it said on the outside. Some of you may remember I came across one of those cans in the sixth senses walk on level 2.

with much love Myra x

This wonderful news does not surprise me as I used to wonder how you got to be so knowing and brilliantly so!
I regret I was not able to meet you in New York last September. There was so much going on at the time. And yet I felt your presence here.
This has made my day! This is indeed a time for openness. Thank you for showing us the way in this as in many other ways.
Namaste ~~ with love and blessings ~~~
In gratitude always ~~~

Non Compliance With The System is a big, spiritual one. The choir of angels have been singing so loud on this one that I went back and began reading once more on Satyagraha - soul force. Not mass marching to the sea for the harvesting of salt so much but just the practice and the miracle of soul force in these times and for the reasons you have outlined.


Hi Open and Thank you for being here!


Dear Open,
Following your revelation, I feel like something I was expecting (and was at some level aware of) has been fully revealed. Just this morning I was lying down meditating and my mantra was 'open'. I think I now understand why for the past few weeks, day by day, I have been tuning into the Openhand website expectantly waiting for something. Now I realise why! How incredible that, from your direct guidance of Chris' ascension, you have been able to share that experience with this community to guide us. Thank you for choosing to be with us now.
With love, Bethan

What a joy to read your exciting sharing Open, and to have experienced you stepping fully into your authenticity whilst at Cae Mabon. A wonderful example to us all! Thank you my dear inspiring friend your brave vulnerability speaks to me on such a personal level.

Love Jaq

And all the roads we have to walk are winding,
and all the lights that light the way are blinding,
there are many things that I would like to say to you, but I don't know how...

Just absorbing at this point of perceived openness, awaiting as the benevolent catalyst transpires.Thank you Open for sharing through it all so eloquently and to Lesley's curiosity about the "newbies" and to all the palpable energy being exchanged amongst all on this thread. The liberation of souls is....far beyond words

Yes Open, and I reckon none of us have been perfectly
nimble. Some of our dancing was more like the bumps in a game of Dodgems. But hey, we're all still here!

You got all my respect. A true peaceful Soul Warrior indeed! And I must say, You truly raised the temperature regarding my upcoming visit to level five in September!!! I'm ready, and will enjoy the ride wherever it takes me.

I also felt the tingles in my body, can I say I have felt honoured to part of the Openhand community and look forward to growing with you all. You are indeed an amazing anchor for the light! Much Love Ruthxx

Dear Open,

Though I have not met you in person, this site, your presence and this community as a whole has become a foundation of love and support. When I read or watch the offerings here there is no resistance within me - there is just trust and receptivity - it just feels clear. I feel immense gratitude for being here...thank you!! Jenny

Yes you've been there all the way Lesley. And yes, dealing with the integration has been very much like a dance. I don't mind saying there was quite a lot of 'stepping on toes' though - so to speak!

Dear Open,

Welcome to a more unencumbered presence on the physical plane!..... and if you give me a moment, I'll just fasten my seatbelt ready for the next nine years!

Thanks for being here.

Hi All,

Well what another cosmic shift in Openhand! Maybe this is where the work really starts!

I wonder what any newbies feel on reading this blog, could be a bit mind-blowing?!

Having travelled with Openhand since early days, I've got kind of used to accepting things of "cosmic" proportions in two ways: on the one hand as a cosmic happening and on the other hand as an everyday integration. ( Just as things often feel both "out there" and "normal" as one learns to walk the path.)

I feel very blessed to have known Chris Bourne, and send heartfelt thanks to him for his part in such amazing Divine service. Having witnessed many of the challenges around him passing through the 5 Gateways and also witnessed the energy of Open dancing around Chris's soul and through Chris's bodymind, I can really realise what a challenge it has been. It's like I've lived through something that was lots of bits of a jig saw which sort of hung together but which I now see really clearly as the bigger picture they were part of.


Dear Open, what an amazing transition you have experienced. Sending you love and I look forward to meeting soon. Mark

Dearest Open,

I felt no surprise at all at your sharing! What a powerful example of a truly authentic expression of who you are! It is inspiring and gives me a much greater sense of purpose in finding that expression of my own soul. I am excited to witness and hopefully share in the unfolding of the Openhand work in the future.
Much love, Irene

Well I'm so thrilled with the love and support I feel folks.
I can tell you it's not been an easy journey to share and explain in this way.

I've been involved in other similar situations deep in the past where the message was equally difficult and frequently ignored, rejected or far worse. I can tell you I've been in a few 'scrapes' in my time!

Still, the one thing I've discovered that travels with me to this day, is that there is nothing to surpass the authentic expression of who you are. That's what it's all about. Once that flows, all else flows.

Much love to everyone


Greetings Open. Wow, that's sent shivers throughout my whole being. I feel so excited right now, a complete turnaround from the stuck, stagnant, sad start to the day I had. With love, Amy x

As I read this I got shivers in the back of my head and felt the cosmic higher dimensionary shift. I also saw ‘’Open’’ had emerged fully and saw a passing through of another gateway of the former soul Chris Bourne completely. It must feel different for you in this dense realm.

How challenging walk ins could be , as remnants of the old struggles, a little bit like a caterpillar becoming a butterfly……. Truly a transformation.

Am I right by understanding ‘’Open’’ is a separate soul , a cosmic traveller from Chris Bourne (who is also a cosmic traveller of Open), who emerged with your original soul and now the former has ascended and Open has a new level of work to do ? Or might one say he is in a sense a ‘future self’ of the very same soul in service to assist humanity during this 5 th dimensional shift ? Can be quite confusing to get the head around!.

Thank-you for your service Open ! There is very much a feeling of not being confined to space and time in your planetary and individual shift/clearing work- a feeling of being very much in the spirit soul source open space. Glad for the unfolding of the Openhand work to the next level…..


Welcome. We had a very powerful meeting of souls here last night as you are aware. I am honored to have been involved at a remote level, however minor. I must admit I am in a state of mixed reaction here. Not surprising. Familiar. You know me, just another "reluctant intuit." These times never cease to amaze me. We are ready to begin again...


Hi Open

Its a pleasure and an honour to know you.
I know it might seem pretty 'cosmic' to people even if they are familiar with the work. Personally I noticed an unmistakeable shift in your energy, when the other soul 'left'. I felt that you were a different 'person', which you are. I could but imagine how confusing it must've been at times to contend with being or working with both energies over that time.

Thankyou for your commitment and resolve, your compassion, and for unfolding that incredible depth of beingness in this place! It feels of such important and profound value at this time.