Wounded Dragon and Gaia

This video is also of importance to this thread - an exploration of Gaia's Karma...

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Zac aka Sparkles, I know you made the universe smile with the new awaking. You have planted the seed of the wemales, now sit back and watch how the universe helps it grow. If anyone would like to help the universe, look with in yourself and the seeds are there,they are already planted, just need love and peace to grow.

Much love aka Sparkles



Horse! I must say, I do enjoy reading your words!


Is man and women just the vessel we are using in this life? I like Zac's name wemales. Just like Open said awesome dude or is it dudet. Myself I see things as they unfold in a way that if it is dealt with in an aggressive way, it is referred to as a masculine quality and if it is dealt with in a nurturing way, it is referred to as a feminine quality. I believe these qualities are with in all, I know they are in me. Lately I feel the feminine qualities very strong with in and have stopped assigning a title of man, women identity. Being one with someone to me is exactly what this word is {one}, not male or female. So,much Love to all the wemales out there and of course to the rest of the universe.



Hey Amber - I wasn't having a 'dig' in any way - words can be way too clumsy at times - like 'polarity' for example.

I think you expressed perfectly the sense of joy in being presented in these beautiful and different forms - like 'male' and 'female'. I'm not in any way suggesting somehow taking that away. I'm just bringing attention to the inclusiveness of other 'colours' in the rainbow too.

Open :smile:


Thanks heaps Open! Thats one beautiful compliment!
And Amber the difference is it! Unique to everyone, how amazing and special is that!
Words don't do it justice, for me hehe ;)


yeah fair enough

the choice to simplify and use terms like "polarity" and "opposites" does a poor job of representing the dynamics im attempting to express, i guess "complementary spectrums play out" or something could sum it up better..

i will explore the choice to write it

i maintain that when i engage with others, there is a huge story playing out and the "difference" is important.. there can be a different arrangement of my colours in response to someone elses colours and the stronger colours in someones rainbow at any point in time can sometimes have a response in me to have stronger or weaker colours in my rainbow ..sometimes that can show me my colours that can sometimes struggle to shine and i can explore that...sometimes i shine the opposite colours on the colour wheel stronger which is what i meant by polarities, sometimes its a harmonious spectrum that complements... amongst a bunch of other responses

yes it goes beyond this, but im trying to zone in and out to focus on the subject of the thread ..

its a interesting journey trying to express it!


The thing I absolutely love about your config Zac, is just how liberated and out-of-the-box it is. A soul like that just lights up the space.


Open *OK*


You nailed it open!
Soul I experience is free flowing, a surprise yo!! Not what's expected, I call it freedom.
For me its usually the opposite of the expected especially when this cultures concerned (oops). I just flow with it not matter where it takes me, cause its the soul and I sell that to noone. And in my experience it shatters these boundries, no drama!
Hears to the next surprise, who knows maybe we'll start a new gender haha how bout 'wemale'!


I'm a little bit out of this thread lately, and I have not seen the video either, so excuses if my comment relates to only the last few postings...

I briefly wanted to add that divine feminine or masculine is (to me) NOT simply about heightened states of woman(liness) and man(liness)... Yin and Yang (maybe better concepts to play with) are far more complex, I don't see how they could be squeezed into 3D boxes like that... No wonder so many of you feel tight in this thread...

To make it a bit clearer, in ancient Sanskrit texts when there's talk about the creation of this world and the primal separation of Shiva and Shakti energies: they are not at all clear whether Shiva is a man (God) or a woman (Goddess). These ideas were all piled upon those original concepts far later.

When (at the beginning of this thread) I started to talk about healing the feminine I did that in the hope that a discussion can start which could bring us closer to the liberating complexity of those original Yin / Yang creational energies playing in us all. This in itself would be healing since what in everyday life we call manly or womanly (however mildly I try to put this) are distortions of those original currents.

With love,


I think what happens is that people see polarity in things around them - 'this' and 'that', 'him' and 'her'. And because the majority then conform to that polarity, it seems the done thing to do, and so they then accept all manner of unconscious conditioning as a result.

I am in male form. And there are countless aspects of that which I harness, enjoy and express. And I admire the divinely female form too. I especially honour that which appears different from me - it's what I cherish most, for it is often a reflection of that which is not incarnate in me - my Twin Flame. But I work not to be lulled into unconsciousness about the 'polarity'. Because the soul itself is not such a simple yin/yang dynamic. In the Openhand philosophy, the soul is a blend of (at least) 7 rays of consciousness - 7 qualities of being. And they blend together to form an harmonic - similar to a chord on a guitar.

When properly tuned, each harmonic in each person is totally unique, irrespective of the artificial classification of 'gender'. The challenge - and the opportunity - is to unleash the fullness of expression of all these qualities. I believe that's when true harmony, joy and fulfillment is found in life.

So you may present in female form, because a particular combination of your rays - in this incarnation - temporarily fits within that vehicle of expression. But even though your body is male or female shouldn't ultimately limit freedom of expression through all the frequnecies of your harmonic. Sometimes I feel sensitive, diplomatic and surrendering, at others I feel like the shiva too! And none of it is constrained by the physical. That's merely how I present in this physical density.

I've met many souls who may appear gentle and soft in the physical, yet who are raging catalysts in the higher densities (where it's all shaped from anyway!).

So I love and enjoy the male aspect of me, and the female aspect in my partner too. But I would be severely limiting myself if I allowed that 'box' to constrain the fullness of which I am capable.

Blessings to all you colourful, liberated and wonderful beings!

I see you.

Open *give_rose*


the video can be seen as redundant or used as fodder for relating

im choosing to relate from via little me - which i acknowledge is there and in my case, i feel to be compassionate, make friends with it rather than bypass it..

If i choose to relate from the flow..there is nothing to say, just isness, then an upwelling, a smile, a goldness, an impulse ...something a bit like "connect/interplay", a huge massive story that plays out in less than a second, a knowing, an understanding beyond what my mind can grasp...

but to relate that im gonna have to use some words... the language used in this place...

actually i can see something new reflected in that john wineland video, the flow getting distorted, owned, twisted on its journey through a tiny processing unit not ideal for the job..

the words that stand out for me in katies comment are "well dismantled" ..i get the notion that still leaves room for some bits that are still there..


I find it hard to comment on this - from one side of the fence it's interesting but from another it doesn't make sense. It's an interesting video but I don't see how these 'wants' can stick in the free flow of the soul. Do we need anything other than deeper internal connection. The shiva in me laughs at the idea of contemplating what a man wants - and what are women supposed to do with this information? Make sure they can play out every role in the bedroom - to keep their man from straying. is this a step towards liberation? If 'little me' is well dismantled it's likely that the conversation can't be entertained..imo X


Hey Amber
I can only speak of my experience and zac was a personality or as the word means a mask.
I am not a torus or a persona as many have said in the past I just 'am'.
I feel everyones position to me is valid even my own and I say again if someone said I was a man a couldnt help but laugh.


zac in response i say; i can expand/zone out to be the donut (torus) of experience experiencing itself. But to remain both the donut and the little amber simultaneously whilst being engaged in the games that humans involve themselves in, has value. I can focus on little amber and still experience the donut but its easier to talk in terms of little amber, not in donut terms...

and my experience is that is where people are talking from on this thread.

in general, here in this place:

when i relate with others, I'm aware at times that a part of me is representing/breathing life to an aspect of a polarity that is meeting and dancing with the opposite polarity. And that seems important, like its part of our job, to allow those polarities to meet/work together in some way. In this way humans can play out separation/unity consciousness in its various forms ...male/female ..dark/light.. scissors/paper ...the void/pressurized light... and maybe find some newness.

So when people are talking about what men want/ what women want, in my case it can also be read as "these two opposites are recognizing there is space for them to relate in a more useful/new way and that is being experienced through humans"

What i got from that john wineland video is to see clearly when information is dead or alive. In this case, to me, the information feels two dimensional... delivered an "owned" way ..strangled. The "relating strategies" are another layer added over a crumbly foundation. But really, the foundation needs to appreciated, demolished and the original energy behind it all needs to come through and lead the "relating" rather than "using knowledge to relate"

thats what i got from that video :D


If I said I am a man that would limit me to this life and this body.
Which I am not.
Im experiencing life as a man, but that is not me, haha I find that a funny concept.
What stood out for me in the video is the word 'want'
I agree with Alan Watts "theres two reasons why you cant know what you want:
1. You have it
2. You dont know yourself. You can never be the source of your own knowledge. Just as a knife cannot cut itself.
Thanks Alan ; )


What slightly concerns me is when we get down to saying 'men want this...' and 'women want...' etc etc. I consider that when we're truly awake, you can't pigeon-hole someone simply because of gender.

Open :-)


Hey Amber,

Great question! Yes it was a mixture of repulsion and attraction! What I do feel drawn to is the passionate participation in the relating - regardless of what the words are, one would have to be paying attention to the other to notice the qualities and expressions of their partner and to say this works for me and this does not... I feel this part is very attractive.... Being clear about who one is (though continuously evolving as well) and having open communication.

Wow! Funny this dialogue about outer/inner experience... Recognizing the call to passionate participation and engagement in life, in the moment, within. Thanks Anber and of course Aunty Angel for the post.


I had a similar reaction, Jen. I felt a strong push back to some of his suggestions like "surrender" and "trusting and following someone anywhere".

Based on the men that John Wineland spoke to in order to find out what men want, I have to say that I am not sure they know what a sacred dance is...I say this because the old archetype is still strong in what they want from and with women.



That's interesting you say you feel drawn to the way he was expressing Jen

This is the second time I've come across that john wineland video in two days and gosh i experience the opposite - repulsion! Its not that I disagree with what hes saying, but something about the way he expresses just brings up a big NO in me.

im curious what draws you?


Thank you for sharing this Aunty Angel...I watched this a couple of times and felt very different things when I received this from different perspectives.

When perceiving with regard to external relating I experienced frustration and annoyance around "trusting and following someone anywhere" and "being less tough muddier and more sacred dance".... Some of this probably relates to an inner resistance to a fixed way of being based on gender. I also can say I did feel quite drawn to the way he was expressing, so some part of me does respond to what he was sharing even on an external relating level.

When I heard this through the internal experience of feminine/masculine it was more of a dance. I was contemplating recently how so many elements and moving perspectives swim through my awareness but to take any action it comes down to just one key.... What brings the deepest sense of rightness inside. I could relate with what he said in the film about "less".... It's the focusing of the possibilities into one that is expressed now..... That's how I experience it anyways =)


Yes and/but I'm contemplating the relationship of the divine bloke n bird within!
How often my feminine is like the fairy tale porridge pot of multitudinous alternatives n variations n feelings - endless metamorphosing creative ever in motion possibility. That's when I need the 'simple' masculine in my gut to bring forth right action.
And what a reminder from the masculine that it needs the complete surrender of the feminine not the feminine as a distorted, business-life imitation of the masculine. I invite us to watch it again and feel the internal dialogue so we bring vibrant life to both aspects in our being x


Much Truth Here!!! This needs to be watched more than once!!! I Love the dance of co-creative beauty that comes from my marriage. It has been a very humbling experience.


so simple... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0f_AoaV8ehc and then... the ordinariness of a presence process... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ncW_IR50cwU P.S.: In the presence process one notices things like (eg) how tree lower their branches during the night, like they rest in sleep ... a research conducted in my healing village Tihany, by the Lake Balaton in Hungary: https://www.newscientist.com/article/2088833-trees-seen-resting-branche…


so nice to hear from a man... wounds can be healed <3 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QFB_bUHhdvM&app=desktop


A friend posted this on Facebook today on Mother's Day. It uplifts my heart and soul so felt to post it here.

"Imagine a mother who believes she belongs in the world.
A mother who celebrates her own life. Who is glad to be alive.

Imagine a mother who celebrates the birth of her daughters. A mother who believes in the goodness of her daughters. Who nurtures their wisdom. Who cultivates their power.

Imagine a mother who celebrates the birth of her sons. A mother who believes in the goodness of her sons. Who nurtures their kindness. Who honors their tears.

Imagine a mother who turns toward herself with interest. A mother who acknowledges her own feelings and thoughts. Whose capacity to be available to her family deepens as she is available to herself.

Imagine a mother who is aware of her own needs and desires. A mother who meets them with tenderness and grace. Who enlists the support of respectful friends and chosen family.

Imagine a mother who lives in harmony with her heart. A mother who trusts her impulses to expand and contract. Who knows that everything changes in the fullness of time.

Imagine a mother who embodies her spirituality. A mother who honors her body as the sacred temple of the spirit of life. Who breathes deeply as a prayer of gratitude for life itself.

Imagine a mother who values the women in her life. A mother who finds comfort in the company of women. Who sets aside time to replenish her woman-spirit.

Imagine yourself as this mother."

~Patricia Lynn Reilly



In re-reading this thread, I came across the article you posted above on "Why It's Crucial for Women to Heal the Mother Wound." Also note Open's comments on it. Very enlightening: lots of aha moments for me. I shared the article widely on social media since it's my feeling many women will benefit from it. As the author, Bethany Webster, says, it's a taboo subject that some won't be comfortable with. It has helped me to become more conscious of my conditioning. I appreciate you posting it. Thank you. Seems timely to repost the link with Mother's Day coming up tomorrow:


x Cathy


also, at some point in time it felt a little like the two hemispheres of my brain were "repelled" from one another and i experimented with intentionally allowing the two hemispheres of my brain meet one another.

somehow i found that if i bring my awareness to both hemispheres of my brain at the same time, in the middle, it feels like "making love" unity, and no more pressure on the outside.

m im aware we might be working at different depths, im not assuming my responses are of direct help, just related :)


Margaret - what an awesome ride you're having - just keep right on flowing with it. I know you will. And I'm sure that 'two of you' experience is indeed your Twin Flame - lovely *give_rose*

Amber, what a lovely way of expressing your experience. It's an incredible challenge to bridge into both world's as you do. You have an incredible light - so beneficial to people that you keep shining it through the density.


Open *OK*


i just wanted to share that i relate to feeling like there is two inside

i feel like there is a golden "human" or "earth" me as well as a "light being" me.

the gold one holds the light one and lets it be vulnerable

and the light one leads and provides the light that causes the radience of the gold that comes through my body.

i dont feel like i am just a "star soul" . i feel like i am both, star and earth.

and that feels better to me. i feel more effective in the world this way.

the earth is my human/goldeness mother

a light beyond starlight is where i came from

both are integral for being effective, in my case


Dear Friends.

Looking at what is happening to Gaia from the wider, cosmic perspective, presented in the video, opened up my consciousness. I can’t see well when I’m too zoomed in. I was very contracted around Gaia’s ascension and the “fate” of humanity and it was choking my energy very much. It seemed I witnessed this before and felt I had to resist and somehow stop it this time. I feel I understand what is happening enough now to drop some major attachments and flow with Gaia as we self realize together. There is no right nor wrong, just like there is nothing to forgive and no one needs to be saved. Open, you said:

“Those that are not ready will be helped out by the Angelic Realm.”

Thank you so much for these words! They helped me to let go even more. You see, I have very hard time and huge guilt about leaving others behind. I felt into it and how it was splitting me into two, literally... not seeing other way ... panic... innocent beings torn apart... horrible suffering... destruction... my heart hurts so much... nausea ... soften... open the door. My GOD, this is a surprise and it is some massive karma. I see it is one of the reasons I'm here now. It's not over, but I'm feeling much lighter...

My energy is flowing now and I feel my soul joining in with a larger current. There is a Long Tide swelling up in the ether. It is ancient and it is home. It's been humming within my being since my very beginning. It’s easier to connect to it now, because I am lighter. The Tide flows through me now and I am flowing through it. I feel other's consciousness within me and we permeate one another with recognition. I almost can’t take this much love!… We are like millions different colours of paint mixing together. My God, what a beautiful mix this is! How do I even explain this without the notion of separation? I do not have words, I’m afraid.

There is some “freaky” stuff that is happening to me and I want to share it with those who are reading this. You see, I promised myself to accept whatever “weird stuff” happens and I am doing my best, even though the thoughts about a brain tumour resurface from time to time. It will help me if I open up about it here, even if nobody resonates, so thank you very much for being here and hearing me and the energy of this forum feels very soothing to me now...
1. I feel there is another presence within my being, I am two in one now. I try to stay soft with the fact that I now speak “we” instead of “I” sometimes. It happens when I’m in that very connected-with-myself space. I’m very grateful for the people that witnessed it and respected this expression. It feels very natural when I say that and I do not feel a stranger within myself, or that I'm channelling other beings. It is me, except there are 2 of me. Perhaps it is the feminine and the masculine (twin flame) reunited?
2. In the last week I feel my brain physically stretching/bulging up, it seems to be pressing against the skull sometimes, which gives me headaches. Some neurological action is taking place and when I close my eyes, my eyeballs often move frantically in all directions.

In general I manage to appear reasonably normal and my family and friends are not too concerned. They know that sometimes I just need to leave the room and be alone. Then, I just get out of the way, as well as I can, and let the energy flow through. The energy does things within my brain and heart. Sometimes it is uncomfortable, but softening helps.
Open, you asked “How can you be so constrained physically, and yet not be constrained as a soul?” I’m still pondering this. Before you wrote this, I had quite a few synchronicities telling me “go beyond the physical”. Now, it changed to “transcend and transmute”, so the answer evolves and I'd like to leave it open and continue this exploration.

I see there are others freeing themselves up from the guilt of not feeling Gaia is their Mother. It makes me happy to see us all dropping more preconceptions and attachments. How awesome you all are!

Open, big thanks to you for all your incredible work, for being here for us and helping us see. We see You.



It's an interesting question ChristiEl :-)

Certainly when I came here, Gaia had to be reminded of her higher vibration. She'd sunk into the density due to the intervention and had almost been cut off from it. To me, 2012 was the culmination of the reconnection and shift back into the higher consciousness - for which many were in supportive action.

No, we're not 'a step behind' - at least not those who've come here fully aware of what their role in that is. But yes, the mass human consciousness is retarding and lagging behind the shift at this time.

I trust that makes sense

Open <3


Hello Open and Openhanders!

Yet again the synchronicities are flying - this time around Gaia and ascension. So I'm puzzling something - both energetically and cognitively... I often hear about grounding into the core of the earth as a means of personal support, and even more recently about aligning our internal Schumann resonance to that of the highest Schumann resonance of the planet (which appears to vary around the globe) as a means of supporting both our ascension and Gaia's. There seems to be an assumption here that Gaia's resonance would be our highest option to attune to in terms of ascension.

I totally resonate with your assertion that "Gaia does not need this reality anymore. She is moving on." I also see how our great pockets of density and raptor consciousness are difficult for her. It feels like these elements are a heavy burden that she is moving to shake off. And often humans are mirroring that.

But the thing I'm getting is this, and your video about the co-creative exploration of karma by Gaia and all of us brought it in again, is that for so many of us who are "from somewhere else" - you, Open, and Trinity, and so many in the beautiful worlds of consciousness that are now open and radiating - our "Individual core resonance" (for lack of a better term) could potentially be higher than that of Gaia as she ascends. I perceive an idea that the earth is somehow always a step ahead of us in ascension, as a leader almost, but suddenly I find myself looking at that and thinking "the old order just doesn't necessarily apply!" Yes, in many cases, it feels like humanity is an anchor on her ascension, is still playing the role of "density only." But then there is the other side.

It feels like what some of us are called to is to remember, embody, and radiate the vibrations that are fully beyond where her resonance may be in order to support, guide, and transmute. Does this make sense?

I would love to hear your thoughts about this. When I feel into my heart I get a "yes/and" rather than a "yes/no/or." I get that a wide spectrum of energy is available on the planet, and Gaia's resonance, ever shifting and reverberating, is one of those vibrations. I think my mind got stuck on something I heard the other day - "we are always a step behind Gaia in ascension," and in this moment that doesn't ring as fully true. Thanks in advance!


I very much Appreciate and Resonate with Your words!!! I have Always felt no need of a mother or father even as a child. Thank You for Your sharing!!! I Too feel a strong pull to work with all life...Always have. I am Angry because we were sold a lie to "survive" in this world means to destroy it. I have always had an internal conflict because my mere existence on this planet is part of the problem. As a teenager I gave up on doing what is best for the planet because i thought my input was too small to matter. What a horrible lie i have created to live in this life!!! Now I have to sort it all out and change the direction of my life completely :) My recent almost 3 months of little to no work because of back trouble has given me a great opportunity!! Much Love an many Thanks to this Whole Community!!! Namaste Eddie


I call her Mother Earth: my carbon her carbon, my water her water, my ashes her ashes. Although she is not my home planet/star and she is not "my mother", I feel a deep connection with her that I really can't put into words. For some reason I cannot call her Gaia. I speak that name and I become very chilled and uncomfortable. It feels like a construct to me that hides her "true" name.

Yesterday I was out roaming in the woods with the dogs, and I came upon a very old eastern white pine tree (known to the Iroquois as The Peace Tree). She must have been 150 years old or more. Her roots were like fat pythons across the ground. I introduced myself, and asked to embrace her. When she gave permission, I wrapped my arms around her thick pine trunk and craned my head back to see her crown. She said, "We are Star Seekers always reaching for the lights in the sky." In that moment I realized that when I look up at the night sky, the Standing People (the trees) are looking up too. It is not just souls incarnated into human bodies that are connected to the stars, but other souls in other physical forms as well.



I just listened to the video above and I understand now so many things. I can "feel" her (Gaia) in this realm of ascension more than the commonly believed concept of her. I have had a hard time to digest that my being a woman and expressing that should "come together" with Mother earth, as I have been told so many times, as well as the various ways trying to divert me from expressing mySELF.

In the last year or so I have met so many people, most of them on the verge of seeing themselves as they are, walking on their path but just hesitating or being disoriented at the time of my meeting them. I suspected that I have the mission to provide them the possibility to walk further or deny their reality, it is not my business which one, but only showing them, offering the possibility by the means of energy and presence. As I take on their feelings, energetically speaking mirroring back by means of frequency, I can shine a higher vibration that they can take on or reject. I am still learning not to take rejection personally :-) , and realize that their vibration is not mine :-) .
That explains to me so much of my past.

I am grateful to all of you, my soul-friends :-) .


I felt to join in and say I'm with you guys on this one.
I've never felt Gaia also. I marvel at this place but that's all. I spend much more time looking up at the stars than down at the earth, I am connected up there. I have felt guilt at times by this but this was quickly washed away by a burning desire to follow nothing else, connect with nothing else than my inner self, a path of self realisation as an aspect of the one, which open has enabled me to accept, and because of that, experience it as the epic awesomeness it is.
The difference for me is I'm not ascending out (as ascension is explained in the video) I'm descending in as my role is with the energy of the matrix.
The same rule always applies though. Nothing else matters, nothing else compares than reconnecting with the soul/one. All these topics just lead us there in our own unique way. For this is the amazingness of the one (you, me, all of it) The experience of self reslisation through infinite perspectives.
We are all epic as!!!
ps. That was so cool watching that vid and being in an open seminar again.
Thanks for allowing me to join in and say this.
Love you guys with everything I am!!!!


Oh, I just "happened" to read your last comment, browsing the website, Open, and what a relief!! I had this feeling about Gaia, not being "my mother Earth" and had always guilt connected to it, not feeling this way. I know now why :-D. Vast amount of guilt was released just now, did you feel it? :-)

I tried to connect her during the past year, and had one meditation when I met her, and she embraced me. I then felt some sort of connection and warm welcome, and noticed some harmonic vibration in the energies. It was not like a "motherly" feeling, but respect and a recognition of something, I don't exactly know what. Now, thinking about it, it was the recognition of beauty and harmony she creates, of all the living creatures of this planet, the shapes, forms, colors and sounds.

I am here so I am contributing to the energy vibration of this planet on my own way.

Last night I stared upon the night sky, to a very bright star, and I was smiling, and today I got this message. Thank you :-)


Hey Katie & M (and all reading) I'm not at all surprised you don't feel Gaia as a 'mother' - clearly you're from other constellations and have soul family there. Although I'm not from this place either, at times I do feel a reflection of a 'mother' - but that's because she birthed the human body that I now find myself in. So it's more a historical issue, and only a slight essence. And a truly cosmic soul would find the notion of 'father' 'mother' and other similar fixed-essence relationships just way too limiting. So, M, of course you know you chose to be here. I would say the 'why?' is buried within this question you asked..."I do not know how to work with her and remain myself." In higher, authentic creation, it is not the answer that creates, but the question itself. The question leads to exploration for the purpose of evolutionary growth. How can you be so constrained physically, and yet not be constrained as a soul? And as to why Gaia created all of this, "why did she allow it to happen?" Because of her own karma and that of the consensus consciousness she's a part of. Although I do believe she's no processed that and has no need of this reality anymore. Which is why it's unwinding.... Namaste Open


Hi (((((((M)))))))

Just tuning in to meet you here. I understand your expression of this, I don't have any thing to say though - words aren't really coming forth. You said 'I am a creature of the Universe, I have no need for a mother or a father.' - I can only nod in agreement. I also don't connect to Gaia as a Mother, I just don't feel it that way. It's interesting that you have bought this up. I think Open can shed light on this :)


Dear Open and Friends,

Life in this physicality is both wonderful, through sensual experiences, and dreadful because of the built-in violence of nature and the humankind destroying its livelihood. Humans have been allowed to become a dangerous species. I understand the original mistake and the idea behind unwinding it, but it doesn’t make it easy to accept this status quo.

I am livid because I was forced to be a part of the treachery that is happening on this planet. Yes, I’m angry with Gaia for allowing this mess. How am I supposed to work myself into accepting this? Whose idea was it to send this warrior soul to earth and make her sit back powerlessly and watch the atrocities? Please do not tell me it was my idea, hhhhhh… My soul brings in the motion, the dynamic stillness, the manifestation. This energy does not like to be contained; it feels best when it is channeled, channeled into stillness as much as manifestation. It knows it needs to work with Gaia now, but my sapiens resistance is choking that flow.

Reka, you said: “Gravity is love”. I believe that too... You, me, Gaia, we are all made of the material created by the stars. Iron in our blood exists because of tremendous gravity forces within a dying star. Isn’t it a true labor of love, where a celestial being perishes to make US possible? We are in touch with the gravity forces from beyond this galaxy. The same can be said about the love streaming towards this planet. We are the dying stars looking back at ourselves in the night sky. I feel that every time I look up.

I am a creature of the Universe, I have no need for a mother or a father. I feel a strong pull to work with Gaia, but I see the ones working with her believe she is their mother. I believed to work with her I have to shape myself into that mold. I do not like shaping myself into molds as it fragments my energy. That is what I am resisting. I do not know how to work with her and remain myself. I feel now the knowing has already occurred, it hasn’t manifested itself yet in this density. This makes me calmer and I can breathe deeper. I know, many will not like nor understand where I’m coming from. I can be ok with that now.

I am puzzled looking for Gaia. It may sound silly for some, but I do not know where she begins. I connect well with the living beings, especially trees. Am I connecting with her through them? Perhaps I need to hang out with people who understand Gaia and feel into their energy exchange with her and learn from that? I think I’d like that very much.

I was angry with Gaia for allowing this mess. She is a powerful being, could she have prevented it? Or has she sacrificed herself knowing that someone has to endure this prolonged pain, otherwise the atrocities would recreate themselves somewhere else? Perhaps she volunteered for this role despite the pain she knew it would cause her?

There is also another issue: I feel a strong affection towards those that can’t keep up with Gaia and the fast-evolving ones. I am seeing this is as just another case of natural selection, survival of the fittest. This makes me contract because I feel all life is equal and not all beings have the same choice here. I feel I’d rather stay with the disadvantaged ones and honor their pain, because their pain is my pain and everyone deserves to be held. I want to serve as a last minute bridge/support and will hold hands of those that will not make it. I do not know what it means, perhaps I will become fragmented, it doest matter, this is what I see is coming.

I just thought that after we die, the molecules forming our bodies may become a part of a new star that will give a life to another beautiful planet. I would like that very much :-)




I just wanted to throw something in here: not only girls but boys are deeply wounded by the overpowering mother; not only boys but girls are wounded by the absence of the father.


There's so much to say about the dark (or darkened) face(s) of the feminine and I totally hear Margaret's voice in expressing the difficulties of getting "collegial" with a force that is incarnating us all into flesh and blood -- who does not have moments of utter torment about this at times?!!?

Part of the difficulty to work with the feminine lies exactly in it being kept in the dark, in the unknown, the unexpressed (just look at the list of psycho-spiritual issues listed up there in Open's/Amber's quote from Womb of Light).

So much has become distorted, misunderstood, misused in past thousands of years leading us towards this synthetic bliss fast food raptor culture.

Yet gravity is love (becoming a commonplace now but just consider). And in the end a great part of feminine spiritual task (in men and women) is about incarnating, anchoring life on Earth in alignment with Gaia and her other beings.

Especially when starsouls (whatever it means for any of us) are faced with these issues the pain of remembering a lighter, clearer, faster way of living, and self-expressing comes to the surface - yet the gift in all this density and gravitational direction, the gift of being connected with our earth star chakras, is in becoming an undistorted channel of unvictimised, unfearful, unselfish channel of creational, evolutionary energy: Love.