A parting of the waves for Open and Trinity

Submitted by Open on Sun, 12/18/2016 - 04:58

The path of the soul is one of continual unfolding, expression and evolutionary growth. In a universe of constant change, change is the only constant. And so souls that come together for joy, love and mutual exploration, will also, at some point, part company too. So it has come to pass for myself and Trinity. Having been a loyal and supportive partner to both me personally and to Openhand, the time has clearly now arrived for her to fully invest her energies in her own venture and see where the wave takes her. Parting will always be tinged with sadness where there has been such a wonderful connection. But also unleashed is great sense of adventure as the energies reintegrate and build in new directions. So it is for Openhand too...

The journey of the Soul

I was blessed once more to reconnect with Trinity in this lifetime, since we've traveled together before in past lives - we have been what you might call 'soulmates'. We've seen times of pure joy, love and ecstacy, but also ones of great hardship in the turbulent history of Gaia. On more than one occasion we've been separated in difficult circumstances.

So it is in the journey of the soul. For since, at the absolute level, where we are all One, we must finally come to the One alone. There must be complete internal integration and fulfillment. It means that even soulmates will never be eternally joined in partnership. Paths will diverge in order that wholeness of self expression can be manifest and experienced. I'm reminded that the love we have for another, remains eternally in our hearts.

I connected with Trinity again by 'chance' (!) at a pot luck buffet she was hosting some 11 years ago. Instantly we knew we'd traveled together before. And so began a beautiful reconnection where we reminded each other of core aspects of soul. For me, I've seen and activated a wonderful resonance of the divine feminine. For Trinity, it's been an empowerment of the divine masculine. So is the great joy and benefit of spending time in divine union that way. Each becomes more whole and complete in the beautiful reflections that are mirrored.

Of selfless service

And I feel a great debt of gratitude for everything Trinity has done for Openhand. She's selflessly supported and mirrored back many of the energies that are now embodied through the work. In the earlier years, she helped on the courses doing empathic energy clearance - never an easy job. And through her reflections, she helped me forge my own links into the angelic realms for example. It's greatly expanded my own empathic capability. Something which I've now blended into the catalytic energy of Openhand. It makes the work more accessible - more encompassing of the wide and diverse souls that now come to the work.

Trinity has also been of great practical support - first developing new media skills to capture the essence of Openhand through photograph, audio and video. It means we have a great library to share with the wider Openhand community, especially those who've not yet been able to make it to the work in person. And of course she's supported through her central passion - the conscious kitchen - making scrumptious, evolutionary, plant-based rejuvenating recipes that so many of us have enjoyed on the gatherings. What a treat!

This genius recipe talent of hers has been on the back-burner for quite some time. The demands of busy Openhand life have meant she's not been fully able thus far to invest the commensurate time and effort into her own life's passion. Although we both resisted it for a while, it became clearly evident in recent times that her path would best be served by focusing much more of her time in that direction.

The fullness of personal sovereignty

We were surprised and saddened at first when the synchroncities pointed to separate directions in our personal partnership too. But what that's meant, is that we're able to reclaim the fullness of personal sovereignty. Certainly for me, that's where my own energy has been strongly heading. It's been time for a while to take Openhand to a new level. I'm given to build a higher dimensional bridge, through which to connect wide and diverse energies, so as to reach out to as many souls as possible in this next phase of the Great 5D Shift. As that's begun to unfold, I've found it practically impossible to fully give into single soulmate partnership. My relationship now needs to be fully with the higher dimensional Openhand Team to fulfill its mission here in the years ahead.

  • So Trinity and myself have reached a crossroads. She will depart in due course and invest her energies fully into Trinity's Conscious Kitchen, which I'm glad to say, will continue to feature frequently on Openhand gatherings - yeah! I'm sure everyone in the Openhand community would love to wish her well and to support her awesome new venture - certainly if there are any retreat organisers out there, do inquire about her services, you will certainly not be disappointed! (Trinity's Conscious Kitchen).

As for Openhand, I will be drawing together a new inner team to support me in the work. Fiona Reilly - who has also been with Openhand for many years - will take over community management, helping the smooth flow around website administration and course bookings. And Rich Horn will become the new technology anchorman - he's highly skilled in web development, and the production of video and audio. So I'm sure I'll be exceptionally well supported. As Openhand now takes a gear change in energies, one of our very first tasks will be the redevelopment of our extensive web portal. We're going to be focusing 100% of our effort and energies into the Great 5D Shift. So watch out for that upcoming change. Thankyou to everyone in the community that has supported our partnership through the years. Your love has always been greatly felt and cherished.


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I'm sorry to hear that but I know that all will be well indeed!
Sending love for this transition! <3

I am also available to assist with the work if you need me! :)


I too feel so grateful to receive your sharing. It's so true what you say about the mundane and all the intricate connections that weave together through those rhythms. It's truly heartwarming to experience a conscious uncoupling in which you have honored your connection, your shared lives and been brought to a place of celebration of what is now unfolding. It touches me deeply and shows me that what I imagine is possible... An honest experience that goes beyond labels and roles and nostalgia and expectations.... A weaving of lives and a natural unweaving that serves all as it moves with the impulse of the Universe. My heart aches deeply in it all and also sees the supreme beauty, courage, trust, magic and rightness of it all. Thank you for letting us in to see this as it radiates out and touches our own experiences. With love. Jen


So very touching, thank you for sharing this most beautiful experience. I feel deeply honored to witness your heartfelt sharing. It feels multidimensional, I resonate with Steve's sentiment. The love transforms yet remains constant, as the petals fall a new bud begins to bloom, honoring the beautiful expressions of life it all it's grace



Your post Open had my toes curling, I could feel you...it seemed....The video had me grasping for breath...I am lost for words as I always am with your depended insightful sharing's...but this has reached and touched me on a level words cannot express...I feel a deep sense of Love and Gratitude <3 Namaste


Deep gratitude everyone for the wonderful loving support for our process. You are greatly felt, honoured and appreciated *give_rose*

I have to say I am literally bowled over by the bounteous benevolence of the universe. As I'm sure you'll all appreciate, this decoupling process has been one of the most challenging experiences for me and Trinity. The final realisation that we were to separate landed just a few weeks ago. Although it had been building to this over some time, nevertheless, when the final realisation dawned, it did come as a surprise and caused a great deal of sadness. Our lives have been intertwinned for some considerable time. When you begin to unravel those connections, through any sadness, there is also the counterbalance that much consciousness is unleashed and begins to flow into your life (probably that's why Shakespeare lamented that "parting is such sweet sorrow").

    When you separate with someone, you'll find the deepest challenges are often in all the little things - how you spent time together; favourite places you visited; eating together; the apparently 'mundane' daily chores. Each in itself you come to realise was a blessing - a very simple and humble way of connecting with someone you love. As you separate, the mundane suddenly takes on an entirely new light - a blessing you'll cherish forever in your heart.

I guess for many coming to such a conclusion, it is these apparently 'little things' that stop people actually moving forwards and separating. Compassion and nostalgia become barriers to the rightful progression of the path. But if you have the courage to progress, it's then that you witness the miraculousness of it all. Because with each inner shift, with each reclamation of energy, it's like veils fall from your eyes and the energy strengthens in a certain direction; energy which has been caught within the relationship is liberated, which now begins to build and manifest. The universe can now speak ever more strongly to you.

The process has led us to the point where we've just knowingly spent our final Christmas together as a family (myself, Trinity and her son Ocean). You'd be forgiven for thinking it must have been the most challenging affair - the festive period of course being a time when we come together to celebrate family and friendship. But because of the conscious nature in which we've approached our decoupling, by the time we got to that point, all sadness had been washed away, which can actually happen quickly when you fully honour and express the feelings, but allow them to flow through you without attachment.

    You have to recognise that you are not the feelings or emotions; that they do not define who you are. As in the Openhand Breakthrough Approach, you work to become as-one with them - upon which, you become "The One" through them. How can anyone be truly separate in this place? Paradoxically separation becomes an incredible opportunity to celebrate the divine miracle of the other. It is when you actualise this that sadness can truly fall away.

It means that we were able to spend Christmas day in loving joy and connection. Without intention, it became a spontaneous celebration of all that we'd experienced together over the previous 11 years. As we gave each other our gifts, it was so poignant to me, that each of us had discovered, and honoured in the other, their true passion for this life. To me, therefore, each gift felt like a parting one - a deeply soulful blessing for each of us forwards on the path. It was so very moving. And after our gift giving, we had a lovely walk in one of our favoured nature spots; followed by a stupendous Christmas dinner (of course!); music, dancing, singing, a toast of full-bodied organic wine, and finally a great movie favourite of the family.

    I know this may seem hard to believe, that a family could joyfully separate at such a connective time. But that's exactly how we experienced it. This becomes possible when you truly honour life as a journey of unfolding - where we honour and celebrate, but not hang onto, those that come into our lives; accepting that each can be unconditionally who they are, and how they feel to be in every moment, without unnatural tie or boundary.

And so now the three of us are completely bouyed by the excitement of the energy going forwards into 2017. We have a wonderful New Year Retreat to look forwards to. And we know for sure, that during which, exciting new energies will shape for us pointing the pathways forwards. I can feel there will be many new connections in 2017, both for Trinity's Conscious Kitchen and Openhand.

Finally, at times, it's felt incredibly curious sharing insights to a very personal process here on the web. But you are all a part of the wider Openhand family, and I can literally feel your energetic connections into it. So I know many of you will have felt the shift in your own way too. And so I feel a lot of compassion for you, because I know this news can't have been easy for many of you either. But I trust you can see, things are working out wonderfully well for the shift. I trust you can find full acceptance, peace and harmony in your heart, just as we most fortunately have managed to do.

In deep reverence and love to you all.



Aunty Angel I love how you've described the new chapters in Open and Trinity's lives...the flow flows...just that. The parting of the waves...What a ride I've had sharing the energies created by both of you. My heart aches for you as you reconfigure...the shattering can be so painful...I have complete trust in both of you following your flow. While we may no longer share in your coupled love the ripples of your shared love expand out into infinity changing the lives of thousands. Deep respect and love to both of you. ❤


Thank you both for real time living.
The flow flows. Just that.
With gratitude raining on the waters
And Love
And tears which flow too to the ocean.


There have been many words spoken Elequenty by many.

Thank-you for sharing and with the Special connection You both had it must be gut wrenching for Both of you. Words Cheapen sentiments in these times, You are both in My Heart.

Namaste <3



Hello Trinity and Open,

I've been coming to openhandweb.org for a year now. I was guided to this site and both of you, I know this in the depths of my soul. I have been assisted in my transition from both of you and the Openhand community. I was sad to see this post yet happy for you both as you continue on your personal journeys! Trinity you said it so well..

Rise Up People. I am just reflecting YOU! Listen to your heart. Listen to your soul. Above all else listen to the whispers (or the roar)... Be YOU and don't settle for anything less! What the world need right now is YOU!!!

Thank you both and may your journeys and exploration continue to bring reflection to us all!

Much love and gratitude!


Thank you both for all your generosity, your love, your humbleness, your humanness, your strength, your light, and your insight.
I am holding a space of love for you and envisioning the light trails of your ever ascending shooting stars.
Thank you with all my Open Heart,


I am resonating with your decision to separate, and the expectations and surrenders you verbalize. This afternoon I was in deep grief for a separation I have experienced over the past 4 years which has these past 6 months realized in a total breakdown in all communication. I have undergone intensive processing and still carry the pain of the loss. It comes and goes. Without the loss, I do not believe I would have allowed myself to experience Ascension ...not without him. So Benevolence took me to the other side of the Earth, separated us by distance and eventually by Ascension. While I would not trade the experience of Ascension and being within the 5th D more fully now, yet I do miss the companionship of deep and transparent sharing which I was certain would happen between he and I. It has not. So your message was actually something I needed to read. It was not anything I didn't already know, but I needed to have it come perhaps from the two of you plus the community in order to strengthen and support me, particularly in the grieving times which occurred this afternoon. I needed the reinforcement, the sharing opportunity, the companionship of two people who unknowingly have helped me tremendously. I don't sense any particular call except that of a Shaman but I really don't yet know what that even means for me yet, nor of what benefit I can be for a planet which is in its own deep sorrow. But tonight I am willing to be willing, and the negative energies are departing, having found no turmoil in which to feed upon within me tonight.

Thank you for being who and what you are to so many of us. I am eager to watch your new pathways unfold...perhaps finding a place for me in there as well.



My heart goes out to both Open and Trinty and wish for joy and happiness as they both continue their journies. The music video that Open shared was very appropriate for this occasion and others as well. Thank you for sharing, Open!



Dear Open and Trinity,

My heart goes out to you. Thank you for sharing the energy created by your union. It touched many hearts and changed many lives. Now, you are emanating courage and awakening a yearning to connect within. I find myself grateful for your gifts yet again. My support to you both remains unchanged.

It’s winter Solstice today. There will be more light with each coming day! You are both such a beautiful reflection of that light and I know you will shine brightly no matter what.

Namaste <3



Wherever you are, on your own or not, you've got to search for the hero inside yourself...

    "Sometimes the river flows but nothing breathes.
    A train arrives but never leaves.
    It's a shame.
    Oh life - like love that walks out of the door,
    Of being rich or being poor.
    Such a shame.

    But it's then, then that faith arrives
    To make you feel at least alive.
    And that's why you should keep on aiming high,
    Just seek yourself and you will shine.

    You've go to search for the hero inside yourself,
    Search for the secrets you hide.
    Search for the hero inside yourself
    Until you find the key to your life.
    In this life, long and hard though it may seem,
    Live it as you'd live a dream.
    Aim so high.

    Just keep the flame of truth burning bright.
    The missing treasure you must find
    because you and only you alone
    can build a bridge across the stream.
    Weave your spell in life's rich tapestry -
    Your passport to a feel supreme.

    You've go to search for the hero inside yourself,
    Search for the secrets you hide.
    Search for the hero inside yourself
    Until you find the key to your life."


Dear Open and Trinity, in the time I have been blessed to know you, you have always travelled your own paths, complimenting each other in the Openhand work. Now your paths go in another way because that is right for you. So lots of love and I hope to know you still going forward. Mark


Dear Open and Trinity,

Deep gratitude and love for you both <3. Trinity - I will miss you greatly here on the site and will absolutely continue to follow your endeavors as things unfold. much love, hugs and support for where things go next! Jen


Dear Open and Trinity,

Well... so much to say.
How can I sum up?

I feel such gratitude to you both for the inpiration and support your dedication and commitment has given to me.
Your work together has touched my life and my soul.
*clapping* *clapping*

I anticipate with excitement future developments, both with Openhand and the Conscious Kitchen.

I am honoured to be a part of it all.

Blessings both.
Love always.


Thanks for the lovely sentiment everyone.
It warms my heart.

Open *give_rose*


Dearest Open and Trinity,

The road that you have traveled together has many, many new lights glowing in windows, and doors - and hearts.... you have touched so many. We are profoundly changed with the gifts of your service together.

Trinity, it doesn't matter where on this glorious planet you end up, there isn't a day or two that goes by without one of your books, and your beautiful smile here on the breakfast bar in our kitchen. My appreciation for your inspiration in so many lives here through your beautiful food is ... beyond words. Your Angels know.

Open, thank you for bringing the Openhand message through this passionate website and for your dedication to assisting so many of us on the path into ourselves. There is no doubt you will always be divinely supported.

The music that you made in your beautiful dance together will resonate, reverberate, and continue to be heard throughout the Cosmos forever and ever. A heartfelt Namaste...

Much love to you both,
Jan and Geoff


So much love to you both, thank you for everything.



Dear Open and Trinity,

With blessings and gratitude to you both and every good wish for your onward journeys.

Trinity, I send you every blessing for your unfolding path, I will miss you at Openhand and delighted that you will continue to provide phenomenal, nourishing food on the courses. Your food and Trinity's Conscious Kitchen is always such a gift - thank you! May your inspirational light continue to shine and grow from strength to strength.

The conscious way in which yer paths are diverging is a reminder to us all to live our truth and follow the path of the soul, even if it causes pain and sadness along the way.

All the best to Openhand too, there will no doubt be powerful times ahead. I'm delighted to be involved.

Thank you both for the multitude of ways in which you have profoundly touched my life and the lives of so many others.

With deep love and appreciation, Fiona


From the deepest of my heart - to both of you. I wish you all the best in this and what is right for both of you is right for the rest of us. Still it´s mixed feelings in me with sadness, joy and gratitude. I wish you both fulfillment in whatever you do. You are my brother and my sister.
Thanks for whats been given, thanks for what is rising!
Much love to both of you.



Your departure from Openhand continues to resonate as I feel into the many ways your presence helped me to grow and evolve. And so I want to add further comments here in addition to what I posted above.

I was often blown away and deeply inspired by your discussions, insights, and comments on the Openhand forum. I felt your honesty and transparency. Always being you. Confronting others when you felt the need. Standing firmly in your truth. Yet always with a compassionate heart and no judgment. I can’t express in words how much you have helped me to shift into greater honesty and transparency and acceptance of who I am as a unique spark of the divine. But also, and this is hugely important for me, you helped me to honour when I connect or don’t connect with others. To honour the energy I pick up and trust it. It's not about rejecting others or about judgment. Rather, it's about responding to the energy of others in a way that feels right to me as a sensitive soul. In the past, I often tried to force connections when I didn't truly feel them, believing I wasn't being compassionate enough, then twisting myself in knots to 'save' the feelings of others, minimizing my own. It feels to me like it usually relates to past life karma when I don't relate to another. And that's alright as in, "I'm okay. You're okay." It doesn't make me right and another wrong. It just makes us different. The shift in honouring my feelings around this has generated much peace within.

I am so grateful we met in person at an Openhand workshop in Victoria. There you were strolling in the garden one day, offering me a chair to sit. So beautifully kind and compassionate. One of my favourite memories will always be sitting with you in the sunlit kitchen having a good chat, connecting soul to soul!

Much Love and Gratitude,



Open, Like Cathy so wisely said, there is joy and sadness in this post. Thank you for staying the course and carrying the light.

Much love


Trinity, you have touch my soul in so many ways. I know that your angelic presence's will always be with me and others that you have touched. Like Treebrother says,"Fare Thee Well on Your Travels, My Friend!!!"



Open, Words cannot express my gratitude for your selfless service to all sentient life. Thank You for being the one who stands up and calls out the bullshit in mainstream spirituality!!! Till We Meet Again, Namaste!!!


Trinity, in the short time I have known you you have mirrored to me powerful images of some of my blind spots. Namaste!!! Your Conscious Cuisine at the Seattle retreat was Astounding!!! Fare Thee Well on Your Travels, My Friend!!!


Trinity, i have been a huge fan of your work with openhand. Its disappointing i haven't yet had the chance to connect with you personally , maybe in the times ahead. I wish you a wonderful journey. Exciting times indeed!


Trinity and Open!

Wishing you both joy and fulfillment as you follow your own paths of light and embrace exciting, new adventures. I am deeply saddened to hear you are departing from Openhand, Trinity, but I'm truly joyful to hear about your full-tine commitment to conscious cuisine where your passion clearly lies! Thank you for continually inspiring me to keep going with compassionate eating. Your support has meant a great deal to me these past several years, not just with regard to compassionate eating, but with regard to my spiritual evolutionary journey, in general.

Deep gratitude to you both for mirroring back the importance of always going with personal sovereignty no matter what the cost. I'll miss you two as a couple, but I'll just have to get over it! :)

Trinity, I will miss your angelic energy and compassionate and empathic presence on Openhand. But I take heart in knowing we'll continue to connect in other ways.

Open, you 'da man with high placed connections! Best wishes with kicking Openhand up a few infinite notches or two, right on up to 5D. It's awesome to hear that Fiona and Rich will be part of the stellar team. Welcome, guys!

Much Love,