How to Make the Best Choices in Life in Line with Your Soul

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How often do you find yourself trying to figure out what's the best choice? But what if at one level - that of the ego - choice is merely a complex illusion of conditioning? And beyond that, what if there's a way of aligning with your soul that then delivers the best choices possible? It's my observation in the Openhand work, when people break through the illusion of choice that the ego creates, and when they align with the soul's mainstream flow, life really takes off in the most magical of ways: you're blessed with miracles.

The ego is going to do exactly what it is going to do

I put it to you that when one is in the false self ego, choices are actually being made by a complex configuration of conditioned behaviour patterns - a conglomeration of fixed neural pathways in the brain - which work a bit like a computer: based on logic, but also with emotion and karmic filters thrown into the mix. My main point being...

That in any given situation, when you're in the ego, you are going to do exactly what you are going to do, and although other options and pathways may have been possible, based on your current configuration, it's highly inevitable you'd make the choice you did.

Understanding and accepting that something like this may be going on, when you think and feel into it, can bring with it an enormous amount of peace: it means you can start to let go of struggle. Work to accept that life simply 'happens' by your inner configuration of consciousness - that you manifest, and draw to yourself, exactly what you need at this current place on your journey - which is how The Law of Attraction truly works. When you do accept this, it then changes the focus as to where we might now need to look, in order to arrive at the best choice (defined as the most aligned one).

Regret and Awareness

Accepting that conditioned choices will happen anyway, can also bring with it enormous freedom from regret - about previous choices and pathways that you might have followed...

If you regret some of the twists and turns your life has taken, you could just simply drop all that right now - you were going to do exactly what you ended up doing. So how ever painful life's lessons might have been, you can simply let go of any sense of regret about what happened. It's a toxic emotion which is best to release. So close your eyes, meditate on them, visualise and see what took place, including who might have been involved. Realise you had no real choice, and completely drop the regret. Come completely into self acceptance through forgiveness, of self, and others.

Accepting the choices you made is important, and bringing awareness into them is vital... why?

It may appear in your life as if, at times, there's huge complexity - because your configuration of consciousness is complex and interacts with circumstances based on a complicated array of conditioning. However if you bring awareness into all the choices you daily make, then a lot of this complexity will start to naturally fall away, because the inner density that requires some external 'fix' starts to unravel. You find a natural pull to simplify your life.

Gain Openhand Facilitation Support in Simplifying Your Life for Better Soul Choices

Making the One True Choice of Life - in any given situation

I put it to you that the soul doesn't make choices as such, because it is not an identity, with an intention to do a particular thing, other than experience itself through the journey of life.

In the Openhand Approach, the one true choice that we can ever make, in any given situation, is to recognise the rightness of the soul, and then to align with it - in other words, to make the choice of your highest truth, which is always aligned with your soul.

The key is the feeling of 'rightness' - the soul simply flows from the source as a streaming river of consciousness that feels 'right', just as the river flowing down the mountain or the wind blowing through the trees. In this 'one moment of now', the flow can only be spontaneous, although there is consistency in the flow, as one moment shapes into another, and there is direction. This is because the whole of the Universe moves as one - so there can always be just one moment, yet with directional movement.

So the soul is a streaming flow of consciousness, without intention. It's just acting as an expression of being and this shapes the creative path. The most fulfilling, rewarding and authentic choice we can truly make, is to align with it!

Here's how to Fine Tune Your Spiritual Compass with Openway

Choices are an invitation to discover something deeper about yourself

In the Openhand Philosophy, the concept of a choice only really happens where there's confusion about what to do. If there was no internal confusion, the path (of higher self) would become obvious, without need of a choice (other than to align) - rightness simply unfolds and expresses itself in a particular direction.

The idea of 'Choice' happens where there is some internal convolution - some disharmony. It happens because the flow of the soul within, gets stuck in density, which then manifests alternate possibilities.

So in any difficult choice, you're hitting internal density. In which case, what's really being invited is how to liberate the soul. This happens by realising what expression of soul is now being invited - for example, whether strong and courageous, or soft and surrendering, open and flowing. Just expressing different qualities of soul within a 'choice' will greatly affect the outcome. If you understand the various qualities that the soul can express, then look for a new expression of beingness wanting to come through - and express that - then the choice of 'rightness' will make itself. In the events that Openhand runs, unleashing the qualities of your soul, always figures highly, because it's what defines a successful and fulfilled life of clarity.

Here is Openhand's view on the various qualities of the Soul

Unraveling the Soul from the Ego within Choices

To complicate things, in any given moment, you could have both the false self ego and the soul creating at the same time. Imagine it this way:

you have a toy aeroplane with an elastic band up the middle which connects to the propellor. You wind up the propellor, which builds twisted knots in the elastic band. When it's fully wound up, you throw the aeroplane into the air, upon which it flies, seemingly with directional purpose. But it is the unwinding of the knots that generates this directional purpose in how the plane flies.

So it is with the ego and soul. As you cease trying to make false self choices based on conditioning (because you're feeling the soul more strongly), then you're bringing awareness to your internal configuration of consciousness and why you do the things you do. Awareness challenges the old conditioning. And so the ego starts to unwind - just like the knots in the toy airplane. This provides energetic impetus forward and the soul takes to flight, expressing itself with grace, lightness and flow, just like the airplane. It gives wings to the soul.

Feeling liberated and free in your 'choices'

What can we take from all this? How does it make life easier and more aligned?

It means that you don't have to beat yourself up about the choices! Simply do what you feel to do and then bring awareness to why you did it. If you feel tightness about the choice or sense of doubt or regret, ask: "What was I attached to?" "How did I need it to go a certain way?" Then challenge whether the attachment actually serves you. Does it serve you to be governed by fear and control? Does it serve you to be small?

All of these questions begin to bring you into the abode of The One, which needs nothing from any particular situation, and can readily accept that all situations arose from itself; that the only thing truly going on, is the expression of self - you are self-realising/self actualising through the events and circumstances of your particular flow. So relax, let go, unwind. Give wings to your soul and let it fly!

Plenty of people around the planet are diving into the bow wave of the Shift and riding it progressively to higher dimensional freedom. Intrigued? Want to capitalise? Then dive in and explore...

Openhand Ascension Portal

Bright blessings

Open đź’Ž

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Hey O, 

The timing of this article is spot on as I have been contemplating this very thing the last few days, struggling with regret somewhat! So thankyou for sharing this. I have alot to let go of! 

Big hugs




I felt to feature this article today about the concept of choice....

5D Shift: Exploring The Internal Process of Making an Aligned Choice
(scroll to top)

What goes on internally when you make a choice? Do you watch the process?

The ironic thing is that society and democracy is meant to be all about freedom. Yet most people are constantly making choices based on some form of addictive conditioning by society or else from fear and control. These aren't really choices at all, and lead to a lesser, constrictive lifestyle.

I put it to you that there comes a shift - a gateway - on the path where you realise there's only really one authentic choice you can make: which is to surrender into the soul, felt as a sense of rightness in the moment. The soul is more a stream of light, which flows naturally according to the consciousness landscape it is flowing through. And the soul comes through you as a sense of aligned expression, from which, Right Action naturally follows. The choice becomes obvious.

So I felt to instigate an inquiry on the nature of choice and the process of making them.

What happens for you? Feel free to share and I'll happily offer reflective feedback.

Open Praying Emoji


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I was just meditating on the contemplation of choices in my life, and this happens to be the feed in Openhand. Quite interesting! Yes, I do get that there is only one true choice we can make, which is whether to align with the soul or not. In my life, at the moment I'm getting some bottlenecks of confusion about whether to make this choice or that choice. And this is with seemingly simple things, whether to have breakfast or fast and meditate, whether to accept the invitation to go out with friends or not. These kinds of things. It's not easy as the soul gets confronted with different choices other people are making as well. Indeed, it helps to know that there is no need for regret; simply make the choice and bring awareness to why you made that particular choice.

We do say that the spiritual journey is straightforward. But I think at times, the path is not straightforward. Because it's easy to make misaligned choices.

This stood out from the article.

However, if you bring awareness into all the choices you daily make, then a lot of this complexity will start to naturally fall away, because the inner density that requires some external 'fix' starts to unravel. You find a natural pull to simplify your life.

Yes, some of the easy choices, are fixing the inner density. It's only because of an attachment to feeling a particular way, light instead of dense, creative and purposeful instead of tired. The choices arise when the entities in the field project imagery inviting me to particular behaviors, all the while I'm sitting in the center, not giving in to that. All they are providing is a temporary fix. But curiosity surpasses the need to fix it. I'm interested to know what the blind spot is through which they have come in. Through this exploration, I'm becoming aware of a subtle self-expectancy to be and feel a particular way and judgment that one state is better than the other. It's helping me to lose any expectations and simply drop into the place of observer. Great peace comes with that!

I think this is also what happens when so much energy is cooped up in a box, the human vehicle, which is expected to perform/behave a certain way. Finding aligned expression in such a complex place is a monumental task.

What greatly eases my journey is realizing, that life is not about feeling a particular way or creating any particular thing; it's more about learning. The way I'm feeling now is exactly what I need to learn something crucial about myself, so let's not be in such a hurry to fix it to have an alternate reality. Instead, there is a level of curiosity to explore what I'm being shown about myself here. And what needs to be created, if at all, will simply flow from the exploration and arising beingness. So trust is being invited to express itself through the bottlenecks.

Vimal Praying Emoji


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Hi Open,

If I remember well you said many times how the soul does not make choices but is drawn into circumstances. 

But I wonder if the soul also makes choices? 

I have had a few times where it appeared that a choice was made at a soul level. For example, one time when I had a few options with something, I dreamt being in a black space ⚫️  and the question arose: if you are offered this, will you take it? And someone spoke the answer: Yes! I couldn't see anyone just blackness. And the day after, I was indeed offered 'that' and agter some consideration I said yes. There was a choice. Perhaps an interplaay betwen higher and lower self? However, it felt deep.

I feel like there are times when souls, or the universe are re-writing the stars. Where something hasn't landed yet, but is in the making. The close possibilities, the landscape of the future, are to be 'decided'. And I think I am in that space right now where I need to keep the space open, dont rush into any decisions, as 'the soul(s) or the universe are making their decisions'. Or that the landscape, which involves different people hasn't landed yet.

Best wishes,





In reply to by Alexandros


Hi Alexandros - it's an intriguing question for sure: does the soul actually make choices? What part of us is actually doing that.

For me, the clues are always hidden within the words we choose. You said...

I have had a few times where it appeared that a choice was made at a soul level.

In this, I'd say, it's clear you still see yourself as separate from the soul. Whereas, when you've fully peeled off the ego, you become the soul - you realise you are that (put more accurately - the soul flowing from the Source).

That's when you realise the soul is simply flowing.

Questions only arise where the soul hits some kind of inquiry it cannot full figure - it slows down and fragments into the question, which is where ego and identity create. But where this has been broken down, and the soul fully integrated through the experience, then it can simply flow through those experiences. The 'choices' are obvious - they're expressions and movements. It feels like you don't have to make a choice - the path is clear.

Open đź’Ž

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Dear Openhand,

This dialogue reflects a transmutation I've (And who may that be?!) just had, whereby i'm having a course of Atmanology Sessions. It all seemed to revolve around some material recalling experiences the consciousness had during a spiritual emergency years ago. The Soul obviously hadn't integrated these experiences, which relate to recent explorations, and is the reason the Soul was having these explorations. The spiritual emergence was traumatic, the ego was completely ignorant spiritually. It involved a lengthy catatonic state whereby the brainwaves flat lined and the consciousness went into a dark abyss. A kaleidoscope of extremely intense phenomena occurred over the course of several weeks. The Self recovered and integrates back into the now realised cosmic dream field as Soul. Then, last year, the Soul was delving into some Buddhist Tantric practices called Tummo. Part of the practice involves guided meditations  of the journey of the consciousness during the death experience, which are said to involve three stages of  immersion into complete darkness with the felt sense of the cessation of various bodily drops and winds (excuse me). This is to ready the Soul for a desirable transition upon death. I realised that this must've been what these inner journeys were during that traumatic spiritual expansion. They may have been the Soul recalling previous death experiences and future training. There was a sense that the Self was neither dead nor alive, and at the time I thought I was actually in a bardo-state, even though the body was evidently still alive. Now i'm used to that sense and put it down to resonating with timeless-eternity, thinking nothing more about it. However, further integrating this material has allowed a deeper sense of God within the essence of the being, guiding the Soul vessel in the phenomenal dream field. This has liberated the Soul from the desire to liberate, or to go anywhere in particular at body-death, especially back to Source where it already is. Sometimes, I refer to myself as a third party, or even as this one, to remain as unidentified as the true reality is. Currently, I feel the cycling up to another shift, hence the release of some energy through talking. It's amusing seeing the reflections, all riding the same wave I see.

With loving-kindness


In reply to by Starsky (not verified)


This is a very powerful development in your process Starsky - I encourage all to read.

What (to me) you're describing is the dissolution of the false self identity. And then coming into the Void of Presence - as the source of existence and being. The soul then flows naturally from this state. It's a 'Transfigured' state in Openhand terminology.

Now there comes the next integration - forging the soul through multidimensionality. So that the presence can remain through all situations and circumstances.

You might ask, "who is forging the soul at this point?"

That's where a contemplation of the nature of the 7-rays becomes important. It is not an identity forging, but bringing attention to the Ray 3 - what's real and authentic now?

The question alone then works to unravel through any encountered resistance or density.

It's then that "you", an aspect of soul, takes full ownership of your journey and your path.

The "you" returns, but it is a different "you".

At some point you may come to realise, "you are being the soul - your soul - 'this soul'".

Then you can be present, but fully integrated through all situations and circumstances.

Open đź’Ž

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Hi Open, 

I’ve absolutely found the journey now about being ever more authentic in the moment, being true to the Self, which is a joy to unfold. I have been given one focal point, one mission, one objective, one directive, although it’s completely illusory at the level of Source. On the Soul level, the archetypal hero’s journey is the quest for the most precious jewel of the Holy Ascension Crown. Through all the lifetimes and journeying, the highs and the lows, it has discovered, nectar of immortality itself, Loving-Kindness. It has a Buddhist overtone in relation to Christ’s Divine Love, and suggests a slightly more outer directed focus with how to relate in the phenomenal plane. Wisdom, higher intelligence, truth, fulfilment, complete unification with God, they are all facets of the Souls unique expression of this Loving-Kindness Jewel. Unfolding this realisation. That’s all I’ve been asked. It’s a very beautiful task.



12/09/2023 Journal Update - Imperative to follow the Soul

It's extremely mixed up and topsy-turvy out there in society and the field. Even if the fakestream tries to present "business as usual" it clearly isn't.  Plenty go along with the narrative, plenty are dazed and confused. That's why it's utterly essential to know and feel the soul in all the choices we make on a day-to-day basis. Hence my sharing and encouragement in the lead article today...

How to Make the Best Choices in Life in Line with Your Soul

Here's a sense of that which I caught in this Openhand video...


Hi Vimal,

Another powerful experience indeed - wonderful that you followed the inquiry. It's never about the outcome, whether the dog lives or dies, whether you get infected or not (what happens if you were to get run over by a bus tomorrow?). It's always the statement we make about ourselves right now, in this moment.

If you knew the end of the world was coming tomorrow, would you still plant that apple tree today?

PS - the apple tree is a metaphor for the forging of the soul, where no moment is ever too late!

Open Praying Emoji


Ah, the old "coffee one"! Most people who know me know I also love a coffee break - the Universe has created a short one (just one shot) as I sit here at Heathrow heading out to Brussels. Caffeine is a big one to kick, like processed sugar and alcohol - all the consciousness shifting/interfering drugs that slip like white noise into the background. Hence I would strongly suggest a good period of purification lasting months or even years without any of them - to be sure you've broken the cravings. After which, why not partake if its carefully regulated...

I recall a funny incident once whilst waiting in a long queue for a cup of coffee. I was having a deep contemplation on why I enjoyed it so much. I realised that it was much more than the taste. That what the coffee did for a brief period of time was switch off the pain receptors in the body. In so doing, there was a quick expansion of consciousness, an immediate higher vibration and speed (the effect is greatly heightened the more you've purified).

But in the contemplation I realised that this state must already be within. As with any drug, they only open a pathway into that state. Therefore one must be able to attain that state anyway, without the drug, and then without any of the after effects.

As I was realising this, I felt myself expanding even before I'd had the coffee.

And when it was my turn and I'd arrived at the counter, the lady asked me, "what will you have?"
To which the words flowed, "nothing thanks!" and I turned and walked away, as she stood there open mouthed.

It was a hilarious and poigant experience.
That said, I still enjoy a good cup of coffee every few days.

Sounds like you were very much in the flow Alex.

Open OK Hand Sign



I like to share something I did today in response to this article. There was a dog lying near to my home, wounded and infected. Yesterday when I saw him, I paid little attention. But that same day I saw a friend of mine who I know is a dog lover. Then it came to me maybe I'm supposed to do something about it. I had compassion but distorted with obligation. I have little experience with dogs and I was afraid to go near it and when I asked the universe no choice came. And I secretly hoped someone else would do the job maybe an authority. Its a classic thing to shoulder our responsibility to someone else. I was distressed by this sense of obligation but I couldn't simply let it go either. At this point I was simply remembering that it's not about saving the dog, or not doing something about. But it's the feelings I'm going through which is important. Thus I had a little gap in my experience to breath and soften the distress. I asked for help, one of my friend laughed at me for trying to save an infected street dog. Another one was not available. But I couldn't let it go. After a while my family arrived and my brother started preaching about all the dangers and consequences that I might have to suffer. At this point, it became something personal and I wanted to rebel against the injustice, the non cooperation. This warrior energy came with some courage and I did it alone and took him to the hospital where he had some primary care. After a while the people for animals came to rescue and I handed him to them. I know he wouldn't probably make it as his condition was worse. Even pfa said I should have left him alone to die. In logical terms what I did would seem like a mistake. But I know there isn't such a thing. It's all an opportunity to experience and feel and integrate. And I can rest peacefully knowing that it wasn't all but maybe it meant something in his sufferring. And I was happy that I was able to rise over the projections and judgements. And I had some interesting synchronicties. One of which is that I missed my OP token but I surprisingly met a family relative who took me directly to the doctor which had not been possible if she wasn't there!



Wow Jen this is a powerful unfolding - we touch so much when we really delve into those seemingly miniscule blind spots!

It's clear you've touched a karmic past life, possibly from some kind of control system that's removed individual motivation - Sirius perhaps?

The great thing is you're processing deep into it. I'd suggest exploring into the true sense of surrender - the feeling of openness and what that's like.

Do share as it unfolds for you.

Sending love

Open HeartPraying Emoji



Deep thanks for your reflections Eduardo and Open,

Eduardo -  It was nice to see you reflecting back to me part of what I had realized...that I was fighting the not knowing.

Sense of rightness seems to disappear, as does any sense of support or guidance, in these moments when I perceive a need to rush an answer.  The more I find it unavailable, the more I spin mentally. 

As I regressed myself into this feeling of being pressured to respond with a decision, a lot comes up...everything sinks into my solar plexus and feels like there is a fist squeezing my diaphragm.  I feel cut off and without any guidance or support - I notice there is a rushing sense of anger - around the sense that someone should be telling me what to do. It feels like I am spinning like a flat disk. I resign myself to not being able to decide and let things happen on their own - though I don't feel this is an aligned surrender - it's more a giving up. I notice that there is an underlying sense, very subtle, that when I need support or guidance I will not have it. That causes my arms to feel heavy  and squeezed in toward the center and a general sense of dropping - like falling down. 

It seems like there is a resistance to connecting to willful internally motivated action and it goes into anger projected towards external sources. There is still a sort of helplessness and seeking for assistance that comes up and cuts me off from connecting to my higher self.  I will keep exploring this and see where it goes. 

Much love and gratitude for the reflections. Praying EmojiStar Emoji Jen



Hi Jen, the line that jumps out of your sharing to me is at the beginning...

"What I am struggling with is the sense of pressure to move in a direction or not to within a time constraint"

Personally I would regress into what that sense of pressure does on the inside, and what arising energy it might block out. Another thing you seem to have been working with is the spontaneity of higher mind. This could easily be blocked out by any attached sense of pressure to have to do something.

Open Praying Emoji


Hi, Jen

I don't know if I can really help you, but the feelings of indecision might come from certain expectations to make such decision. If you keep surrendering and observing yourself, the feeling of rightness will be progressively integrated and eventually become second nature. I'm not saying it's easy, btw, especially when we're with other people and the mind begins its annoying chatter.

Open recently posted something related in the facebook page, which says: "Sometimes you won't know what to do. That's okay, don't force it. The resolution unfolds out of the processed feelings of being in unresolution."

It's worth remembering that working on the right expression of the decisions is equally important. Because there is no separation between 'what you do' and 'how you do it'. The right expression of the decisions will keep leading you to new decisions, because in a universal perspective there is just a continuum of expression.

Eduardo The Sun Face Emoji


Hi All! I am exploring things around the experience of choosing vs the experience of aligning with soul and allowing that to determine direction etc. What I am struggling with is the sense of pressure to move in a direction or not to within a time constraint. It seems like I keep creating the feeling of being in indecision yet it doesn't seem like it's ok to stay there. My sense of it is that yes, there needs to be an okness with the not knowing and patience to let it land, however, I see through multiple places in my experience that there is an internal pattern of letting things happen passively... holding the tension of indecision long enough for options to close down or for someone else to pull out of the dynamic. I know it has been reflected to me multiple times that the ray 1 - more active decisive energy may be invited...however, I don't feel that...I feel just neutral and containing, waiting, staying and this is reflected back to me. 

Yesterday I took these feelings and experiences out on a walk and just allowed them all to be here and witness what arises. I was drawn to sit by the river and just observe. What drew my attention were suspended leaves...hanging by webs or spanish moss. The curious piece about it was that internally what came to me was how the leaves were having a particular (and what I perceived as a beautiful) experience of the wind, and its impacts, that would have been unavailable if not for the thing holding them. They were in suspension, somewhere between the world they knew on the tree and the one that gravity is pulling them toward. In the midst of this revelation, a man and his child came riding by on the trail and the man yelled to the child "WAIT" in a loud and clear voice as he jogged past me chasing his child. 

So I find this all very curious ...I see myself in the suspended leaf and the experience I am having of in-between ness...I am ok with it until things arise that ask me which way is the wind going to take you? When I look at how I felt in relation to the leaf...I saw it as a unique and beautiful experience - yet potentially limited.  I wonder what I am stuck on and why I am holding myself in this place of suspension...feels good to put this out here to illuminate it more for myself and perhaps life will show me more of what is going on. 

Ahh and some things are coming together after a jog in the twilight (how fitting!)...I wonder what might happen if in the moment that I feel it's not ok to stay in suspension, I didn't try to figure it out or give an answer but really got completely ok with the suspended state...even if that means others have to move forward without me. And the challenge in that is then to keep some attention on it and see when something comes (and maybe nothing will come?)

Thanks for the space to share!! <3 Jen


Thanks for sharing Ma Praying Emoji

My heart goes out to you Heart. It sounds like a self-worth issue was created at an early age - it's extremely widespread. The feeling of never feeling good enough (for example), then gets channeled into feeling complete through eating. Or else drawing attention. The good thing is that you know it, and can see it. It's essential therefore to realise it's not your fault and not to beat yourself up about it. But of course you realise the need to realign the bevhaviour.

I'd say bringing increased awareness into what you're eating and how will greatly help - transforming the sense of meal time into something sacred. Synchronistically, I was feeling to write a forum thread on that, which I've posted here today...

9 Ways to Improve Your Diet and Eat Less by Making it Sacred

In loving support

Open HeartPraying Emoji

PS - when I posted, I see I missed out the "s" of sometimes. It felt synchronistic - make eating more "om" like!


Hi Open, reading this article made me realize why if I know how we should feed our body, and most of the time I do it, why I sometimes can not resist to eat something that I know it is going to make me feel bad afterwards. Eventhough I am eating something healthy, I want more and can't resist continue eating after the right portion. Why my ego wins in that precise moment? Well, when I was a child, my parents a lot of times made me feel that my brother was first, and it bothered me to never win the attention. I was not in control then, and now I am still not in control when I choose something wrong. My ego is in control. Now he can win. My realization now is that my ego is still bothered by that and now wants to win the battle of food.  I wanted my true self to win, and that is why afterwards I felt bad. Now I know. There are no batlles when one needs to make a choice. We only have to ask the true self, what do you want to experience? 


That means a lot to me! This is all new to me and sharing has helped me immensely!


Hi Tracy - I simply want to thank you for something I can’t really quantify. It just seems like every time you post here, regardless of the content, it along with the resulting discussion always catalyzes something in me. I greatly admire and am totally in awe of the strength of your vulnerability. 

With you,




That's brilliant Tracy.

I do believe when you deeply explore it, you'll realise the complex illusion of choice - that life, as the soul, can flow when unhindered by the ego. But that does take some commitment and time to unwind. So in the meantime, there tends to be a mixture of both going on. You can switch to the flow of the soul, but then find yourself contracting into the various conditioned fitlters that create choice. No problem with that - we just need to work through them.

I find life is truly amazing when it's just simply flowing and clicking in.

Wishing you well

Open Praying Emoji


WOw! Blown away! I'm going to have to read this several times to let this sink in. I feel I'm on the edge of this. It is a very strange feeling indeed. I'm not planning and plotting out my life and steps and 5 or 10 year plans. I've dropped it all and I am just now feeling pretty good in this void- this space where I feel like things are unfolding to me. No manifesting, no affirmations or work is involved. It's already done. No burning bush! Just a subtle flow of energy. Just getting used to this "new" way of being takes some mastering. I'm not fighting it, I'm not questioning it. I'm letting it unfold. Simple but not alwasy easy! Thank you for this!


Hey everyone, how are you doing in this ever unfolding great shift of consciousness? How are things affecting you and your life right now?

I imagine there will come plenty of times when you find yourself with a difficult choice to make. That's why I felt to repost this article above... 5D Shift: Exploring The Internal Process of Making an Aligned Choice
(scroll to the top)

If you find yourself in this kind of position right now, reflect on an essential aspect of Openhand Philosophy: that when faced with a difficult choice, it's what the indecision and uncertainty brings up within which is really the point of it. What tightness does it activate? Perhaps it's tightness in the head, trying to figure out what choice to make. Perhaps you're seeing through old veils and filters that then skew the situation - either looking through rose tinted spectacles or else see negativity in something where it doesn't really exist. So the key thing is to explore into the tightness or judgment the choice is activating. Feel deeply into it and process through - especially where things are onconvenient or you feel you have to make the choice right now. Perhaps you don't. And as you unwind out, then the pathway creates all by itself. I'm not saying this is easy. I know at times it is not. But the point of the choice in the first place is to expose the density. So work through, unwind, let go. And sure enough the light of your soul will start to flood into that contraction and start to illuminate the path through the darkness. Have courage. Have faith in yourself and your greater part of the Universe. It will work out!

In loving support

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Hi Open,

A wonderful article. For me, a possibility has presented itself on my landscape, that feels like a huge change, a complete turn around of my life (again!) and I've been asking the Unvierse to show me the right outcome. I'm very grateful to have been guided now to read this article :)

This in particular stood out "the one true choice that we can ever make, in any given situation, is to recognise the rightness of the soul, and then to align with it". I have been very aware of this today and so your article was a beautiful affirmation. For me, it feels to be about the energy and exploration for now and when the time comes a direction forward may become clear. In the meantime, there is an invitation to be patient, surrender, enjoy the process and learn along the way.

It's also been useful to be reminded through the discussion that it is always about self realization. Thanks Jen and Kim <3

With thanks, Fiona


Hi Ann,

Such a brave sharing and experience. Yes it's tough, I know. And yes, just buying the ticket was a powerful step in itself. So in the days ahead, keep working through whatever tightness comes up - there will likely be many layers, with different essences to them - work through each that presents.

This line stood out strongly...

    "everyone in my family is an adult"

Yes, that's entirely the point!

I've seen solid advice out there that says leave. Why would one not? What reason not to go? Unless someone literally can't leave that could potentially protect.

We'll all with you Ann - keep working through. I know it's tough, but these times come along because they offer the maximum opportunity for internal growth in the choices you're invited to make.

Sending bundles of love and support

Open <3


This post is such a mirror for me. I'm also trying to decide whether or not to evacuate from the hurricane. I have been feeling the urge to go but I have one child at school in south Florida and one in north Florida. I was trying to plan how to get everyone together and to a safe place. Interstates kept getting more congested, gas scarce, hotels booking up, and my son's university was putting off the decision of closing or not. Then the question of where to go because hurricanes can shift and I could evacuate my family to someplace unsafe. All this time my spouse stayed absorbed in work and seemed to be ignoring the whole situation. And all this time I was assuming once I figured out the logistics we would evacuate as a family.

Thursday I decided the best decision was to fly to stay with relatives. The feedback I got back was shocking. For various reasons everyone in my family was refusing to leave. The internal conflict became immense. The pull to go and the guilt of going by myself and leaving everyone else here became too much. I felt like I would be abandoning my children in a time of potential danger when I have been trying to protect them since before they were born. Up until then I was able to stay relatively calm, now the anxiety was overwhelming. The guilt of putting my needs ahead of my family has been an issue I have been working with for a long time so it's really not a surprise that it's showing up in a big way now.

On Friday I made a huge personal decision and decided that everyone in my family is an adult and while I have to respect their decision not to leave, I need to do what's best for me. But I was second guessing myself and feeling very conflicted. That's when I felt the pull to check this forum. Reading this thread brought me to a place of clarity and I booked my flight. I can't get out until Sunday which may be too late. And even if I can leave there is still the big step of actually getting on the plane while leaving my family here.

Open when you said Remember - what is this really all about?
Self realisation - which is easily forgotten in such intense situations as this.

I have been knowing that but for me it's like a person in the beginning stages of dementia. They know it's happening but aren't able to prevent it. All the work I've done on myself helped until I got to the place of having to leave my children behind. Then it all fell apart.

Open you also said Maybe the storm won't hit, BUT THAT IS NOT THE POINT.
The point is, what does the possibility cause you to express?

That comment gave me my huge ah ha moment. This is the first time (maybe ever) I have been able to put my desires/needs ahead of my family. A huge step for me. Maybe it will be too big of a step for me to get on the plane even if it is still able to leave. I am able to be ok with myself even if I can't get on the plane because just buying the ticket is more than I've ever been able to do. I may have a lot of second guessing moments between now and Sunday in all of this but I guess that is part of my process at this point.

Much love and gratitude,


Feeling you Jen from the place we are side by side.
Do you Remember We felt the same energy enter the studio?
from that place.
I feel to say come from there.
That's the eye of the storm.
Consign the mind thoughts to their useful place - serving from the solar plexus -
Feel from there and let right action arise
And then act. Let mind then support logistics.
By your side
Much Love
J x


Hey Eduardo - we have to be very careful of routines because that's where we easily become unconscious. What I work with is the ray 4 - which is about blending into different - lower - realities. So the ray 4 naturally respects the requirements - and limitations - of this physical reality. There can be beneficial patterns yes, but it's also important to keep deeply conscious in them - how do they want to change and evolve?

Hey Steve - there will come a point when one realises that only the flow is ever going to completely fulfill your soul. And although it may seem sometimes like you're 'losing' (losing resources because you change flights), in the long run, by being aligned in the flow, you always attract exactly the resources you need.

In holding onto things, there will never be enough.
But when you genuinely give something out from the soul,
what you give, will always come back.

Open *OK*


Wow Open that is some intense and commitment to following the Flow! Changing a ticket 3 times and then pulling out of a line up to take your flight! Dang…having experienced the Airport intensity going to the Seattle retreat a few months back and making sure one does not miss a flight That takes a lot of ….well for lack of a better word FORTITUDE!

Thank-you once again for a real life experience that we can Integrate the work and guidance you provide <3


Omg that's very crazy - in a good way, of course. :)

What about actions that are linked to a daily routine? For example, brushing our teeths after each meal. It always feels right to me to do it, but maybe it's a conditioning!
When we fully attain the flow do our actions become totally diffent in each day or there's still some kind of routine?

Thank you


I recall being at an airport once, where whilst waiting for my plane, the flow clearly invited me to change my ticket - 3 times! I was unsure at first, but after each occasion, where I responded positively, the synchronistic 'applause' all around me was so strong it felt like a whole orchestra was playing just for me. I have no idea what might have happened with the other three flights, how my changes would have affected the flow - who knows, with such increased internal flexibility, maybe next time I'll avoid a crash?

Just a few weeks back, I was at a terminal, sitting waiting for a long queue at the gate to board, before taking my turn. But then a pull guided me to leave the queue and to follow a couple of people I felt an energetic connection to. Of course it didn't seem to fit in the 3D world of logic. Nevertheless, I went with the flow. As it turns out, unknown to me, my gate had been changed, and by following the people, I walked straight onto the right plane just as they were closing the door!

With these dramatic events that are now on the increase, we will be tested in the most powerful of ways - because here are the opportunities for maximum personal growth.

Open *OK*


For me, the challenge is to finding and staying in the eye of the storm no matter what may come. Because when you are outside of this place (i like to call it a black hole), even spiritual "stuff" becomes just another stuff that distracts but by spiritual/shadow identity. It is like these embedded neuron paths or conditioned behaviors click in and it doesn't matter where it is coming from the soul or otherwise. I feel like it takes deep awareness and a lot of letting go before i can truly stay in the presence of my Higher Self. I will keep working on it ...


Hi Kim & Jen - a dramatic situation unfolding indeed. I definitely had the sense of this a couple of years back when working in Florida - I think in the future it will only intensify.

Kim you said...

    "Now I watch as I second guess myself. Did I move too quickly. Was it right. Will the storm actually affect our area that much or will it go another way?"

Remember - what is this really all about?
Self realisation - which is easily forgotten in such intense situations as this.

Maybe the storm won't hit, BUT THAT IS NOT THE POINT.
The point is, what does the possibility cause you to express?
Maybe next time, direct and swift action would save your life - or save others. But how could you be best prepared if there was still tightness around the choices? How could you be flexible and spontaneous enough in the path of the next 'Hurricane'? (in what ever form that comes).

Or else maybe it's about being able to be patient, calm, cool and collected.

IT IS NEVER ABOUT THE OUTCOME - how often have we said this?

The 'right' choice - defined as that which best unleashes your soul, is to recognise a sense of arising 'rightness', to trust in that and go with it.
As you move with that flow, watch for any tightness of the ego trying to own it - like for example wondering if you made the right choice, which is a distortion. Make the choice, step into it, and work to dissolve any doubt or regret - the choice is made!

If you're unsure you did make a fully aligned choice, simply 'wipe the slate clean' inside and begin again. Open up, feel, ask "show me" - then pick up the next flow of rightness.

If you're learning and expanding as a soul, then you're succeeding.

Open *OK*


I am on the opposite side of the spectrum than you Jen, I believe. I was feeling to evacuate Florida with the storm coming. The signs seemed to support the feeling and within a couple hours I booked flights for me and my kids and flew out the next morning. Now I watch as I second guess myself. Did I move too quickly. Was it right. Will the storm actually affect our area that much or will it go another way. Did I pay too much to fly out. Should I have felt into it more.
Now in Colorado I am noticing that the impacts of the weather are everywhere. There is smoke in the air here due to several wildfires in the US. Over a million acres are burning right now. One thing I did see several times was emergency vehicles with lights and sirens on. I may not get it right and seems like I blow things up when I create but I feel a sense of urgency more than ever.
I don't know how to do it any better than how I feel to Be now. I can't decipher if it's coming from my soul or ego, probably a mix of both at times but I can only move forwards the best way I feel to. I Can appreciate that I was going to make my choice based on where I'm at times but it feels like I am constantly frustrated and wanting to do better. Like I am not bringing enough awareness into my choices and thus keep creating what I perceive to be the wrong. I guess that is working with regret. The article is helpful and I know it's is about expressing beingness within the choices. I am attached to getting it right, coming from my soul, but it's very hard to tell where it's coming from. Everything in my life right now feels like a big fat mess because of the choices I have made and perhaps it is because I am still unable to align with my soul enough.


Amazing article!

It was helpful for me to sum up the qualities of the Soul mentioned in this article and in the seven rays one. So here it is:

creativity ~ purposeful will ~ harmonises through right resolution ~ balance ~ strength ~ courage ~ surrendered acceptance ~ unconditional love ~ compassion ~ service ~ interprets authentic reality ~ realises abstract higher wisdom/pure knowing ~ understands beyond forms ~ evolution ~ universal flow attunement ~ self expression ~ devotion and commitment ~ direction ~ inspiration ~ positive radiation ~ spontaneous ~ synchronicity ~ openness ~ discipline ~ awareness


Openhand is out there with you Jen - you're in our hearts <3

Just one thing 'spiked' in what you said...

    "I know it's not about doing...but if it's about being then it comes down to slowing down, tuning in".

There are two ways of 'doing' things: one that comes from the mind, and one that comes from the flow, where being is fully expressed in the doing. Direct right action from the ray 1, is also being! The centre of the storm is absolutely still, yet from that place, it is doing very strongly - it is being a powerful expression of movement.

I observe in the spiritual mainstream there is still very much the confusion that 'being' means doing nothing!

In authentic, pure being, there is always still movement of some kind - is the Universe ever stationary? Wherever there is something phenomenal, where there is something manifest - such as thoughts, feelings and emotions for example - then there is always relativity, and from that, some kind of movement, even if subtle. The stationary part is the absolute pure presence that transcends all - attained through the eye of the storm.

So find the eye of the storm inside yourself. Personally I find it a very cool, calm, collected place, beyond any attachment to a particular action or resistance to one, beyond all emotion. There's no fear, just complete acceptance. Neither is it accepting anything goes. It could also accept strongly direct action.

In this place, the Universe will surely guide right action.
I know it's not easy to be in this place - you have to keep unwinding tightness into it - just as we've been doing all this time. But the mirror is now strong. And therefore the illusion can readily drop away.

I know you'll find the right course of action in your heart.

We're all with you.

Open *OK*

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Hi Open and thank you for the support. I am working with a lot of tightness right now...especially in my head and solar plexus.

You said:
"There are two ways of 'doing' things: one that comes from the mind, and one that comes from the flow, where being is fully expressed in the doing. Direct right action from the ray 1, is also being! The centre of the storm is absolutely still, yet from that place, it is doing very strongly - it is being a powerful expression of movement."

I felt strongly the movement forward and moved with that without any tightness and loads of support and what I see happening is an attachment to where I thought the flow was going and this began tightening things down inside.

Lower mind is getting overly involved in what is coming in because of fears and the vibe around me. Working with that now to unwind it as there is a part of me that wants to keep getting more information before I move forward - there are plenty of preferences of the false self arising.

ohhhh...seeing this is all giving me a peek into a big limitation I am working with which is "I don't want to do this by myself"

Once again - thank you!!

With love,


Well I find this very interesting how I am sitting in Florida right now with a massive hurricane approaching and all the models say "it doesn't look like she can decide which way she's going yet" ahhhhhh!!!! seriously it's the craziest mirror =). As this storm approached I had eerily strong synchronicities ...including a car coming barreling at me head on yesterday on a two way I felt strongly to get motivated and prepared to leave immediately ...and now I am in the position of I could stay or go - I am perfectly prepared for either path but unsure of the rightness of either as the course is changing and guidance feels like zilch. It looks like the support was to find the drive and focus to get everything together here for me, dog, kids, house and now it's just sitting in this unsureness what to unveil now within myself. I see there is a part of me that wants another adult to come with me to meet the road and all it's challenges right now (heavy traffic gridlocked as the southern part of state evacuates, lots of panic being posted online about gas and water running out, no places to stay)...the other adult (a girlfriend and her kids) is indecisive and swaying toward staying. I feel like I can't stay in this wishy washy zone...have packed a tent and booked a room North of here, have all I need and plan to leave at 5 am tomorrow if it feels right. I know it's not about doing...but if it's about being then it comes down to slowing down, tuning in...there is the pull between patience and direct action and the combination of the two. Also there is fear about getting stuck here. What a learning process this is! With love, Jen


i did have a situation at home where i lost my cool and i was very disapointed with this, i did however work my tools, i brought awareness to the experience, I was actually aware while in the process of losing my cool but i could not stop, it was too strong, felt bad a few days but did realize i needed to forgive myself and accept ME as i was, it shook me tho. i did have a few similiar situations after and my reaction was much more aligned i felt... this time my awareness assisted in calming me dowm through the Experience.

not sure if this is what it is but i will continue to Inquire and explore this internally and how my external events unfold.

Much thanks again


The first leak was before the festival - so probably it's more about what's happening in other, regular, aspects of life?

Open <3


I had a slow leak before going to a Spiritual/Consciousness festival, Kirtan bands and free flowing type of festival and the 2nd slow leak 3 days after?

During the Festival i felt good and i feel like i was able to tap into the energy by meditation a few times. actually walked a Crop circle they had and felt the energy, i medidtated inside the centre and felt the Energy and it was flowing and I felt connected....then as i walked in the Outer circle 1 full turn the ground started to hurt my bare feet, it felt dense, I medidtaed shortly on the outer crop circle and as i walked out of the circle my feet no longer hurt, i felt it was easy and I felt more connected. I dont know what this meant either but i was surprised by the experience as i was expecting nothing.

I will need to meditate and sit in silence and think and feel about your sugestion....Thank you.


Intuitively I'd say it likely means that your energy field is flat through some kind of attachment to some density - so potentially you're bleeding energy whilst working to catch the flow. If that resonates, what might you be attaching to? Is there any element of control going on?

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