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All this week, Openhand is up in the Mountains of Snowdonia with an intrepid group of souls all working to activate their Merkabah on the ground-breaking DIVINICUS retreat. How would you like to be involved? Come and join in with the daily Blog where I'll share insight and illumination with what to pay attention to and work on in daily life. It will be an absolute pleasure having you along. <<< Open 💎

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Divinicus was so powerful for me.  Cae Mabon is such a magical place.  It's hard to believe I'm back home, jet lagged and processing.  The throat issues I was experiencing during the retreat intensified including losing my voice the day after the retreat ended and it's still not back yet.  I'm sure it will take some time to integrate all the shifts and activations that took place.

And Pam - you can't make this up.  I also had an outdoor pipe burst and water gushing while I was gone.  Luckily, no damage to my house and with no wifi I didn't find out until after the retreat.   Fortunately a family member was here and able to get it repaired.

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Wow, Pam, Ann and Megha all with burst water pipes!!

I'm guessing that's the water main. I would say that's the key to the synchronicity - the "mains" pipe coming in.

Meaning: the pipe of the lower self wanting to expand and cleanse somewhat to receive more inflow. And yes, probably the emotional plain.

That would be my take on it!

Open 💦


Just a brief afternote on Divinicus. It seems that while I was at Cae Mabon the mains water pipe where it joins the supply to my house burst, apparently creating quite a gusher, which was impressive enough to have three vans out to fix it in hours! (a minor miracle in iteself). It also left cracks in the mortar on my front wall - the symbolism is not wasted on me. You couldn't make it up!😜


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Ladies ,

The pipe in my house burst and flooded the place last week as well until I got someone to fix it in the middle of the night.  I had forgotten ( karmic sludge etc ) until you fine folks mentioned it . I had a feeling it was to do with emotions being let free probably from karmic processing ( tonnes of that happening at my end ) 

Lots of love to everyone . 

We are clearly living through interesting times 





How do you find mere words to describe the transformative effect of Divinicus? I thought last year was powerful, but this year was a whole different level for me. It feels like so much has changed - I feel so ALIVE after finally accpeting my journey here and establishing my soul more firmly in my body. I can feel the differenece in my field and lots of energy has been moving since I got back. Yes, it was tough, but so magical and sooo worth it - I wouldn't change a moment, even the sweatlodge! I know it will take time to integrate and that's fine, but while it does I just wanted to thank Open, Joy and Thomas for their love, patience and support (not to mention Tilly's input). Open especially - I don't know how my life would have been without Openhand and Open's tireless work to guide, encourage and support us all in our journeys with infinite patience. I am awestruck by this amazing being who gives to us all so selflessly🙏💗




It was a fabulous conclusion to DIVINICUS 23: a marvellous gathering of dedicated and committed star souls, who dug deep, processed loads and came up shining. So much took place, it's impossible to capture in words. Although there are some key energy realisations and activations that are sure to ripple into the field, which I'll share the key elements of in due course.

In the meantime, here are our closing photos. Thanks so much to everyone tuning in through the ether - your presence and love were felt ♥️

Our final soulmotion session to "Every breath you take"...

Hugs all round (sending them out to you too!)...

Our exhuberant group photo (with Mathew fading into light!!)...


Yesterday on the DIVINICUS retreat, having done all the inner clearing work, it was high time to call in the Star Being Nations...

Indeed the connections were strong, with various supportive vibrations coming in to join us. In the Openhand Approach, it's all about working with them to activate soul frequencies - because in that way, your being ripples that transformative consciousness through this plane.

It was a powerful day for sure. The crew went out into the woods, the nearby lake and village, picking up "treasure" - signs and synchronicity pointing providing guidance, resonance and information as to the way forwards, both individually, and collectively at a planetary level.

Applying the Openhand Bow (from ancient Kriya Yoga) to soften inside and open up for connection...

Then it's down to journeying to pick up those Star Being freqeuncies...

Afterwards at the Fire relaxing...

Hannah and the crew hanging out...

That's a great idea Ann!!...

To get a sense of how to work with the benevolent Star Being Nations and to quantum manifest in your life, check out this Openhand lead article...

Calling on Star Being Support to Lay Down Your Path of Light

Bright blessings to all

Open 💎


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And if you find yourself intrigued and inspired by the concept of working with the Star Being Nations, then explore Avalon Rising 23, the World Ascension Summit - we'll definitely be working to bring their energies into the summit. Discover more...

10th-16th July: Avalon Rising, World Ascension Summit, 4th-7th Aug: 4-Days, ZOOM
Join the ground-breaking event of our time, Openhand's unique World Ascension Summit, specifically crafted to illuminate the Shift we're going through and lay down your path of light into 5D Consciousness. Convening the Star Being Nations to connect a bridge of upliftment. With guided meditations, presentation and transcendent musical entertainment.
Unmissable Event of our Time.

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The music that spoke to us yesterday on the DIVINICUS retreat, as we worked to connect with the Star Being Nations, was this one by Lex Van Someren, who seems to channel the energy of Metraton through his voice. We're blessed that he'll be on Avalon Rising, our World Ascension Summit this year. It feels like it's going to be awesome!...


Yesterday was a very special day of DIVINICUS, the apex of the event, which we might call" death and rebirth" - death of the old self and the rebirth of the new.

It begins with the Openhand version of the ancient Tibetan "Agni Hotra" ceremony, burning "holy cow pat" from the Glastonbury Tor, the heart chakra of our planet and stimulating the heart-felt intention to burn away the old self.

The sacred Agni Hotra begins, which everyone chants to...

Being cleansed by the fire...

Carrying the energy of the Agni Hotra to the Sweat Lodge...

Honouring the wood as it will provide its spirit to the fitre...

The crew are going deep into the heart...

The fire begins, to heat rocks for the Lodge...

Apparantly the fire likes to be sung to!!...

And it likes to be serenaded...

Smudging the group as we enter...

Wait, have we all somehow got to fit in there? 🙃

It turned out to be a marvellous 3hr lodge, that pushed us all hard and really deep. We sung songs, shed many layers, shared my tears, but by the end of it, we're all surely more integrated, whole and looking forwards to a bright new future.

Bright blessings to all

Open 💎


Yesterday was a massive day here on DIVINICUS, as we regressed into several ancient strands of human karma, defining why we're facing the tumultuous transition that we are. We took people on a regressive journey, through the astral planes and gaining insight too from the Akashic Record. The souls here on the retreat have come from across the cosmos - different constellations and even different galaxies, but all with one common aim: to aid in the realignment of life on the planet in this great shift.

Here's a brief summary of what we experienced:

1) A number of the group recalled being tasked from the Pleiades and suffering great hardship on arrival here, due to the intensity of the atmospheric conditions, the density of the 3D, not to mention then being "Ambushed" by the reptilians who were already here - being "consumed" by them.
(discover more on the Pleiadian Reptilian Dynamic)

2) There were several who acutely experienced the catastrophic breakdown of the Sirius Shift, 120 million years ago. Only the elites escaped in their spacecraft, while others were devastated in the explosion. There were some who managed to escape, others who were shattered in the catastrophe.
(discover more about the nature of Sirius Karma)

3) We had people who recalled incarnating here in Lemurian times at the seeding of Original Humanity from 6 million to 1 million years ago. Incarnating into a dense physical body is extremely challenging for a high vibrational soul, and we've literally had one member of the group with their facial features distorting due to the karmic regression - fortunately Mathew is well able to handle it, and in return, experienced what it's like to be a Denisovan early human - wow, what an experience!
(Discover the Original Human story in the Book DIVINICUS)

4) There were those who regressed into the hybridisation of Original Humans to Homo Sapiens by the Annunaki at the time of Atlantis, which too was a massive healing experience for many of us.
(Check the Openhand Atantean Vlog from Egypt)

5) We even had one of those Old Annunaki Groups connect into one of the group meditations to see what we were exploring. A great healing process took place of exploration and reconciliation, which involved connecting into one of the Annunaki groups that had already shifted consciousness and become a more evolved "Anu". One of the ancient Kings of the Annunaki, Enki, came into our consciousness and formed a bridge with the wayward Annunaki group. Again, it was a much necessary phenomenal healing experience.
(Discover more about the ancient Annunaki Architects)

All in all it was indeed a massive journey, with so many parts of the collective puzzle fitting together. It's utterly essential that more people embark on these regressive journies to process through this limting karma that humanity is holding. Although challenging, the healing, reintegration and expansion is incredible to experience.

See a few snapshots of the day below.

Bright blessings

Open 💎

PS - I explored the Ancient Annunaki history in the series Messengers on the Ickonic Platform. Here's the trailer...

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I was continuing to read a beautiful book last night about Anna, the grandmother of Jesus when a paragraph took me instantly to you all at Divinicus...

"You are already, in this present breath, in the midst of your personal and planetary ascension into Christ consciousness! What remains is for you to simply choose union and to allow your Creator to express through you, just as you are. And know this, in the same way that Hismariam asked her closest friends to ‘hold the space’ for her, so may your ascending path be supported and accelerated when two or more gather together. When a group of souls are focused in the present moment with the aligned intent to know that the desired outcome is already so, miracles occur easily and effortlessly."

Reading Open's blog each day has brought back so many wonderful memories of my own astounding journey of revelations at Divinicus 2022. This year I hold the space from a distance (with many others I'm sure) for you beautiful souls to experience many miracles!

Bright blessings

Alex xxx


Here on DIVINICUS 23 today we'll be getting into processing karma. Essentially we'll be applying the Openhand 9 step approach, with regression journeying encompassed within it. If you think you might have karma activating for you, here's the Openhand 9 step approach you might want to apply. If the approach resonates, do think about getting involved in our work (reach out to us)...

9 Step Spiritual Healing Process for dealing with Karma in our Ascension

Bright blessings

Open 💎

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Hello all,

I am clearly deeply processing with the Openhand community. In the midst of a rather colourful and dramatic 3 D landscape , I am also feeling into deep heart tightening and fear in root chakra . On deep equalising with the pain I felt into the experiences of slaves in Egypt that were being subject to what felt like shock therapy . It’s almost like energy is now perceived by me at the back of my heart as well. Like something has opened up. At a silly conference on End of life care coincidentally being given by another Megha  in my hospital, I had a feeling how I was effortlessly weaving energy and creating something new without any intent at all. 

And the other ( Annunaki )side of my being seemed to be prompting me to write this. Something about how in the “Heart” of the pyramids or the Kings’ chamber ,there is an energetic switch which drains energy from 3D Gaia into ?Ra energy ?  I am being shown something like an energy switch which can be flipped so that energy can flow back into her lower chakras. This energy switch was put into place to slow down Earth’s torus and needs to be flipped now. I tried to ,but” it needs a team” is what I was told. ( My heart chakra is burning as I write this ) . This is very similar to implants on a human beings person, draining energy. The pyramids and perhaps many other sites are ..implants at this point but can be flipped is what they are telling me rather insistently.

There is going to be a marked increase in energy and hence seismic activity but I am being told this needs to be done now in a graded manner. It is time . 

I am just writing this as I am getting it. I am aware this could be a wayward entity trying to mess up things but feels - powerful and benevolent to me and I had a powerful impulse to share as well . 

(As I was picking up my laptop to write this - I spotted a dead fly right next to my computer) 

Hope this helps you lovely folks on the retreat or speaks into what you are experiencing right now .

Warm regards 


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Hi Megha,

Thank you for this writing, it brings some illumination to the energies that were just present within our buddy group meeting.

I feel to respond to your sharing as I am just coming from this connection and it reflects many elements from your writing. I've been observing this dynamic of the implant being inserted in the human field in submissive setting and draining the energy into collectivized bubble that was to me clearly the Ra energy. And what happens, as the switch is flipped and the aligned energy can flow into lower chakras. Within our setting the reflection has been clearly offered to the controlling setting about acknowledging what's been holding the energy in place and invitation towards active surrender in the process.

There is sort of "mother pain" that came out strongly, also in deep resonance with Gaia. It feels to me it can be addressed on the individual level as of human being, on the field level within the planetary body of Gaia and especially within the "collective heart" of mankind. To me it binds into the core wound of not feeling/being good enough for One's children. That is to me also where the Annunaki has been acting upon, binding with the BS energy and creating this "drainage" towards collectivized bubble.

I feel to mention also the Hathors, that came to assist us in the unravelling within our connection. It feels they are creating some sort of compassionate bridge as more of the Soul is starting to come towards lower chakras.

It just felt important for me to share this reflection, as it seems that in this "background setting" of Divinicus retreat, keeps moving lots of things here as well.

Much gratitude & best wishesPraying Emoji



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Hi Megha (and Miha), thanks so much for sharing 👌

If you check through my snapshot of our massive regression journey yesterday, you'll see we had another splinter Annunaki group come into the meditations which we were able to connect up with Enki - so a realignment and healing took place.

We've also encountered area blockages here caused my distorted and malevolent spiritual practice - that control the energy of Gaia's Torus. So we'll be working to open that up too.

I can well imagine there is more to do with the pyramids, and of course many ancient sites. In the Facilitator work, we'll do as much as we can, both remotely, but also getting out on the ground where we can. Perhaps another Egyptian pilgrimage is called for!

Thanks both of you from the heart for your invaluable input.

Open ♥️

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Dear Openhand,

Please help.

I've started a new job which ticks so many boxes for me. But there is a person featuring who is a malicious character, slandering everybody. I find this difficult to witness and interact with. Firstly, there is the obvious thought that behind my back I am also being ridiculed. And secondly, it really lowers my vibe, it is diminishing of my kundalini. As I write this, my feeling is that I have to overcome this head on. That I've been running from this or that my whole life. My feeling is that I have to interact with this person until it no longer diminishes. Or there will be another, and another. I'm just worried it's going to get worse, and worse, until I'm totally depressed and have given up all faith in everything. Many years ago I was driven to a suicide attempt after spending too much time a round a nasty horrible being. I truly believe I was given another chance. That is what this kind of behaviour does to me. Please please advise.

Jeni! X

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Greetings Jeni - welcome to Openhand 🙏

I wonder if you've explored the approach that you, personally, manifest everything that is drawn to you for a reason? By the law of attraction, you pull people to activate your own karmic density. It's an invitation to take ownership and work it through.

With this in mind, when working with these kinds of situations, it's always important for me to feel the triggering/spiking words that jump out. So for example, this that you said does...

the obvious thought that behind my back I am also being ridiculed.

Why should it matter to you that others ridicule you "behind your back"? So what? Why do you need others to respect you?
It's something beyond your control, so why try to control it? Are you able to find respect for yourself?

You then said...

And secondly, it really lowers my vibe


No one lowers your vibe. It's your reaction to them that does. Because you're needing them to be a certain way to you.
Can you honour yourself? Can you find your own internal boundaries?

Finally you said...

Many years ago I was driven to a suicide attempt after spending too much time a round a nasty horrible being.

I feel really compassionate towards you. However, again, it's a huge invitation to take ownership... No one can "drive you to suicide" - it's your own choice to engage with them or not. I grant you, it may not feel that way. But this is where you've got to dig deep into your own karma and release the density that is drawing them - that which is making you feel like the victim.

If you think you can work with this approach of taking ownership, then reach out to us and we'll connect you up with a facilitator...
Reach Out to Tilly Bud

Love and best wishes

Open 🙏


It's going extremely well here at Divinicus 23. I just completed my hot cold plunging, first the wooded hot tub followed by full immersion in the stream - 3 rounds thereof. Wow, I can't tell you how energising that is - especially with the Dawn Chorus at 4:30am!! Pardon me if I didn't have my camera with me, so here's one Thomas took from Divinicus 22...

But we're getting down to the work too. What identity filters might you be carrying?...

Once we've activated them by calling them forth in meditation, then we can soften into the pain body they create with deep consciousness soulmotion...

This is squirrel running down tree...

Finally there's letting the soul speak through with movement to emotive music...

And here was the track that got us all letting go and unwinding. Just think, all that tightness of identity you might have been living with and carrying around: whatever it was, in the end, "it doesn't even matter"...


We're digging deep here in Snowdonia on the DIVINICUS retreat. What's your way of processing through density when it comes up? What do you do when things trigger in your life? It's utterly essential to "turn into the problem" and feel it deep within so you can locate the source of the attachment. Then it's time to go to work in the "spiritual gym". That's exactly what we're doing here on retreat. What's coming up for you right now and what's the best way to process it? Here's the Openhand lead article on just that...

Developing Your Daily Practice for Processing Karma & Density


The Vision Quest deepens here in Sndownia amidst the brilliant sunshine. It's feeling very Lord-of-the-Ringish!

Even the Hobbits are getting down to it...

Pam, digging deep in the solar plexus...

Chad, in the technicolour dreamtime...

Teija, channeling the light

John, with an axe to grind!...

Digging deep into the density in the studio...


DIVINICUS 23 has begun in earnest with the Vision Quest phase. It's based on the First Nations approach of locating a space in nature and sitting in stillness to let the inner self cleanse out so that the soul can begin visioning through you. It gives you clear guidance of what's blocking in your life and what new creative flows want to come through. In the Openhand Approach, we combine it with meditative processing in the studio too.

Here are a few photos from the day and below how you might participate...

I may look chilled in the sunshine, but really I'm gearing up to take people deep (honest!)...

The facilitator team, Thomas and Joy, getting their "game faces" on...

The group heading down to the studio...

Some soul motion to get the soul infusing through the body...

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From time to time, and as often as possible, it's essential to take time out from your busy life and be in nature, in stillness, if only for a few hours. Then to reflect on the patterning of events in your life. So why don't you join us?

Take a few hours out, breathe into meditation, then from the witnesser perspective, regress - reflect - on the key patterns coming up in your life. Whether in relationships, your career or general living circumstances. Firstly, what gets triggered in you? Feel the tightness and then process through it applying the Breakthrough Approach. You'll find it's amazingly clarifying, and unleashes new energies into those situations.

And if you'd like help or guidance on what's coming up for you right now, do feel free to share here below and I'll gladly offer a reflection to work with.

Bright blessings

Open 💎

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Speaking of the warrior spirit, I felt drawn to share the latest video from a friend of mine who is currently embarking on a wild wild journey of running the whole length of Africa.

A truly inspiring soul who is breaking through all barriers to test the true limits of what one is capable of. Currently 2000km in, and still 13,000km to go. In the latest video he is hit with the biggest test so far (food poisoning) but still manages to persevere. He is the embodiment of grit and courage and although his expression is on the physical plane, to me it articulates the spiritual journey we are all facing, and offers me tremendous enthusiasm on my path to realising my authentic self. With the added reflection to move forward In the face of adversity; to welcome adversity in fact. For embracing our perceived trials and tribulations with a courageous spirit we are offered the grace presented behind the curtains of maya. 

“Do not go gentle into that good night,
Old age should burn and rave at close of day;
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.”


Everyone arrived safely last night for the beginning of DIVINICUS 23. The weather was stunning, the colours vibrant and the guests full of nervous excitement for the week...

For plenty of us, it's "long time no see!"

Look, the Star Beings have arrived too!

Eric provides an intro to the stunning Cae Mabon...

We get down to the work this morning. Join us by taking some time in stillness and tuning into the vibe of what we're doing.

If you're new to Openhand, we'll be diving deep into Breakthrough Breathing

Stay tuned for the deep inquiry. <<< Open 💎


So Openhanders, I'm intrigued, are you aware of the Merkabah activating yet for you? Do you get senses of the Higher Self infusing into daily life? Share your experiences of your journey right now and I'll happily offer some reflective illumination.

Love and well wishes

Open 💎

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Hi Open, blessings and wishing you an alchemical week with the beautiful souls who have converged there. Thank you for the invitation to share. 

I wonder what's the difference between higher self infusion, Merkabah activation, twin flame connection and following the soul are. To me at this point, it all feels the same. But maybe there are some subtle differences? 

I feel I'm connected to my soul and higher self when I'm staying true to myself and expressing from that place at the same time honoring others. Today while I was going for an open mic session in a nearby cafe, I saw 6666 as the number plate on a car. Seems to point to this. I'm also receiving synchronicity around connecting to my twin flame outside of a fixed relationship and orienting myself towards that connection. I feel amazing when I honor that. But that's creating some conflicts externally in the relationship, but I feel that's necessary for a harmonious and aligned relating in the long term. I think it's also aligned and natural boundaries taking shape.I feel blessed that universe is helping me by configuring the exact situations to learn this. I think the last Divinicus retreat I attended helped me unlock a key in this dynamic. There are other enquiries which are relevant but this is what is coming through me at this point..

Vimal playing music

Thankyou and best wishes. 

Vimal 🙏

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Greetings Vimal - you asked...

I wonder what's the difference between higher self infusion, Merkabah activation, twin flame connection and following the soul are. To me at this point, it all feels the same. But maybe there are some subtle differences?

Actually the differences are pretty major.

In the Openhand Approach, the Twin Flame connection is that between the two polarities of the soul - The Twin Flame remaining close to the source as the other polarity of the soul Incarnates.

The Higher Self activates and then can be infused through concetrated attention. What this means is that the soul is infusing through the higher chakras into the various vehicles of the Higher Self: Higher Mind, Celestial Body and the Spirit Light Body. So the Higher Self is the embodied infusion of soul into those dimensional layers.

We can then speak of "infusing the Higher Self" into the Lower. Actually what happens is a progressive resonance between the various dimensional vehicles as they become active. We can say soul energy is first dripping in through the layers, until it is cascading in.

As this infusion becomes more intensive, then the Merkabah takes form - which is the combination of all the Lower Self and Higher Self vehicles working in unison.

Open 💎

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Dear Open and Vimal,

Great enquiry! Thank you both so much for the sharing. It’s something I have been contemplating myself recently. Feeling into the subtle bodies and their “boundaries” with each other… or rather the subtle changes in the quality of the energies, because, of course it’s a continuous stream of each individual’s unique expression of the one… I feel.

Much love to all and have a great week in the mountains. With you in spirit,

Ellen ✨💫🌸


So what's involved in activating the Human Merkabah? It's depicted as above as an upward facing diamond interrelating with a downward facing one. It's key at this point to say that's only a metaphor! Nevertheless, it's a good one.

The Lower Self is progressively purified: mental attachments and limiting judgments broken down; emotional reactivity has been realigned; the physical has been deeply cleansed and we've fully embodied the soul through it. It becomes a chalice to receive the cascading inflow of higher self energy. Through daily meditation with chakra attunement, our higher spiritual faculties are activated - the spirit light body for example. Now we're starting to receive Higher Self infusions and impulses THROUGH the Lower Self.

The reason it's so powerful is because you're able to able to live and function successfully in the 3D, but all the while, taking divine guidance from the higher self. It's perhaps that only thing that can truly thrive going forward through this tumultuous shift.

Open 💎


All this week Openhand is up in the mountains of Snowdonia with and intrepid retreat group of souls all working to activate their Merkabah. What's involved exactly? Why is it so important for the spiritual journey in the Shift? You can join us. Every day I'll be sharing insight and illumination with commentary, photos and video. I invite you to share what's happening for you on your journey right now and I'll reflect how this might relate to the Merkabah. Come join us and share in the amazing energy of Snowdonia.

Bright blessings <<< Open 💎