The right food for me and others

Hello everyone,

I'm pretty new to the whole meditation and eating the right stuff to achieve a healthy mind as well as body, the question I have is this...

Could someone direct me to a list of the right foods I should be eating or is it the usual fresh fruit and veg ? I'm sure you experienced ones have more to say on this but as a newbie I would love to get as much help as possible.

I'd also like to thank Chris and Trinity for all their work, I feel honoured to be able to be a part of it.


Reese Anderson



Hello, everybody

I am selectively copying my post from fb...

Basically it is saying that if most of our DNA is that of primates (and very similar to that of chimps in particular), why then we eat so differently? Here:

"Funny. We (humans) and chimps have a rather similar DNA. I quote:

"ScienceDaily (Oct. 13, 2006) — Most of the big differences between human and chimpanzee DNA lie in regions that do not code for genes, according to a new study. Instead, they may contain DNA sequences that control how gene-coding regions are activated and read..."

"The differences between chimps and humans are not in our proteins, but in how we use them," said Katherine Pollard, assistant professor at the UC Davis Genome Center and the Department of Statistics.

There is a theory that our DNA is basically built on the DNA of primates (earth's inhabitants, they obviously feel very comfy here) aaand of some other DNA, who knows where it is coming from.

But then, if so, why is our lifestyle so different from let's say chimps?...


But the most interesting thing to look at is actually our diet. And I have found an interesting article on this topic:…

Highly amusing, but also... some food for thought :D"

Anyway, my diet is definitely gradually heading towards the chimps' chart with years.

I went raw with lots of greens, then went back to just vegan, then back to raw and I must say that the difference is striking, just overwhelming, in both how I feel physically, mentally, and my connection with the earth is strengthening after just a week of raw diet, sensitivity and alignment, well, in all possible aspects.

Even the processing is going much lighter, I feel the energy is moving much more easy and smooth.

Maybe it's individual, and even I am not strict (like I eat organic eggs when I feel so) and only ~80-90% raw, plus if I really feel like, I allow myself to deviate here and there.

It really feels to me that eating is something immediate and should not incorporate some long and complicated procedures, except of finding, picking and peeling. So while I am a big fan of chef food and making art of it, on the deep level it's just... clear and simple, very minimalistic. And I get the hint that I am being brought there... (don't know what will happen afterwards).

I think one of the things we need to realise is that whilst we may have much in common with primates, there's also 95% of our DNA that has yet to be decoded.

One of the key unexplored aspects which seems to be activating right now, is the ancient reptilian within us too. It's our legacy from the dinosaurs. I feel my digestive system like a coiled dragon right now. It's awesome. It has an incredible intuitive capacity to it and psychic sensitivity. It can pick out the right foods for itself.

I'm feeling this reconnection as a possibility for everyone who goes deeply into their food motivations. If we can really work to overcome eating based purely on taste and desire, then we'll find a new guidance mechanism kicks in which starts to heal the inner 'dragon' and thereby unleashing a new invigoration, aliveness and empowerment.

My own dietary habits are changing to accommodate this. Whilst I may have previously had a lighter 'primate diet' based on fruits, now I'm feeling directed in addition to proteins such as lentils and beans. Plus bee pollen and eggs (free range of course).

I've also found that Jasmin green tea is really excellent to heal and invigorate the colon (a tip given by an Openhander in Berlin whose exploring this whole arena right now).

Sure :D

I believe that eventually it is not some decision: this is the right way to eat (just like it's not a decision what is the right way to be), as the balance is changing moment by moment.

But I also believe that withdrawal from the old ways (and addictions) and basic purification can be necessary (at least I feel it is for me) before one gets to this level of sensitivity and intuition, especially for those who still live within the Matrix in polluted, noisy and tempting environments under constant social pressure and influence. Only seeing all those cakes already changes my body chemistry (I begin to feel all kinds of things).

I know I am addicted and that I use food to distract myself and to hide behind this activity from anything that scares me, hurts me or just from boredom. My digestive system is a mess and has no sensitivity at all after all the torment I caused it during recent couple of months. So step by step :)

On the long term, like I said, I don't know what will happen afterwards.

In general what feels the most natural thing for me is the flexitarianism. After all the key to even basic survival is sensitivity to the moment and fast adaptation.

This is why I tend to clarify to people that I am NOT vegan, frutarian, vegetarian or whatever. I say that at the moment it so happens that I don't eat this or that.

And also, it might reflect the part we are integrating at the moment and influencing the physical demands and behavior (like you're saying).

I found this article interesting, because it reflected my own process now. Maybe I am invited to connect to the monkey in me at the moment? :D

Almost a year later... hhhh

I've been exploring this whole food thing for years, and recently did some experiments, changing, eliminating and then introducing back foods and seeing what it does. Also, my sensitivity increased, so I could feel better what my intuition tells me and then I was seeing what is happening if I don't follow it, but rather chose to follow my appetite, cravings and ideas about how I should eat.

These are my observations:

1. Legumes and/or grains (whole rice, including whole rice pasta, spelt, etc) caused several problems: bloating, irritable bowel, acidity and pains in my stomach, soar muscles, constant herpes outbreaks, mucous, fatigue, heaviness and numbness, decrease in flexibility and increase in tightness in my hips, lower back and pains in my legs and arms. In addition, a lump in my throat has become much tighter and I couldn't release the tightness as efficiently and easily as without incorporating this combination. The most striking part is that I felt it was much harder to get into the body, almost impossible to go below solar plexus, as the belly and all the lower part felt very dense, it felt ill. Also, I observed increased anxiety, noise, excitation and predatory impulses.

2. Potatoes - very tasty!, but obviously acid producing and I felt similar effects to sugar - dryness, dizziness, reduced vision, excitation and then 'dropping down'.

3. Cooked foods in general (including vegetables) - I couldn't ignore the difference. After two weeks on 100% raw I added 1 cooked meal a day for two other weeks and documented the changes. I saw a change after about 4 days. In my interpretation, it looked like the body and the mind were much more noisy, as if I could almost hear a sound ttttttttt, something like that. I found it much harder to center and relax, became irritable and constantly tired. I again began to have problems with acidity and depression. My sensitivity decreased a lot and I felt a big difference during meditations, everything got stuck and I had problems with breathing as smoothly as during raw weeks.

4. Oil. I've been brought to look at this one for months. I could recognize the resistance and stretching the time from the past, when I didn't want to let the dairy go. But I just was bombarded by info, coming from the most unexpected places - less oily stuff, less oily stuff... until, finally I ran into a great book, called 80 10 10, which touches on so many points I myself wrote in my diaries.

For instance, it talks about eating foods the way nature created them, without manipulating, like turning into oil, cooking, drying, etc.

During recent months I was looking a lot on my diet at the moment and many things felt not right, like I could feel this anxious craving, some unquiet predatory impulse towards certain foods, like nuts, coconut oils and creams, sweets that are not fruits, spices (a lot of them), a lot of salt, etc. And I just felt something... something was not right.

I contemplated on what would feel more natural, more aligned, and for almost a year already I am repeatedly receiving this message of "simple, natural, minimalistic"...

So when I began to read the book, I just immediately felt it, the resonance, the penny dropping and the puzzle clicking. It all made sense.

So, this book is confirming my intuitions concerning the following points. He puts it a bit differently, but I am saying here my own reflections and contemplations:

1. Anything that was manipulated and the natural structure of which was changed, is not a natural product.

2. Cooked food is just not good for my body. And as hard it is to accept it, I just have to let go. The effect is immediate and at this point this kind of toxication has a very destructive effect on me, both physically, mentally and spiritually, which is ok, but it just feels that it is just not necessary to make life tougher for me. Another thing that has become obvious is this: unlike raw food, cooked food suppresses emotional and energetic release. Raw food, on the other hand, helps to deal with even most intense floods in a much better way. Instead of putting the lid on a boiling pot and waiting until it will explode, it helps to infuse the lightness to help to actually deal with the issues and not suppress them.
Also, I now feel a bit silly. Because I thought cooked food helps ground, but my conclusion is the opposite. With cooked food the body gets denser and it makes it much harder to ground :S Quite a surprise.

2. Oils, even cold-pressed are not a raw product, as they have been manipulated and their natural structure was destroyed, part of the constituents removed. It includes coconut oil.

3. In general, I admit, finally, that oily foods are addictive for me. I never crave a banana, I just want to eat it and to enjoy its taste. But I do crave avocados, nuts and coconuts. Usually cravings are a symptom of addiction, so I am now going through some cold turkey HAHA! Joyously! :D

4. The surprising piece of info was so obvious that I couldn't believe I ignored it for so long. Nuts sold in stores are not raw, but dehydrated and often sulfited to prevent mold. In short, it's kaka :( The funny thing is that during my 3-4 last visits to the store, cashews looked really deformed, like dried and I really had to force myself not to buy it and to follow the feeling that something is wrong. That was hard. And here we go... Sigh.

5. Imported food is far from what it naturally was until it reaches the shops.

6. I have been ignoring my body for years, ignoring its signalling system. It is just funny! the body just knows what it wants to eat, but its voice can't be heard under the noises of craving, habits, fears and rules, all those habits and conditioning, not to mention social pressure.

7. Spices, salt and gourmet trend. Only during last month I began to see and admit that I am after excitation. There are tastes that are generating this excitation response. The food as it is not enough, not good enough, so I add more salt and more spices, more oil, nuts,which make me even less sensitive and open to sample the natural and original taste of foods. And all those complex combinations, when I already can't tell, taste of what am I feeling now? I can't feel the cucumber, the pepper, the tomato, I just feel an unrecognisable mixture of something. I always avoided onions and garlic, and always felt like they are 'killing' the rest of the flavors, even in small amounts, and the smell is rather repelling, so why eat it? So I minimized it to sicknesses and use it as a medicine for the last two years, in a raw form I mean.

And again, simplicity... All these raw gourmet recipes seem like trying to keep the old world of abuse, pleasure and desire, and guise it as something right, aligned, natural, but it is not. And for me all this experience with food is totally symbolic of my inner deeper process. (I also got the message about it from Skyfall, where she talks about fighting in shadows, where you can't say anymore where is your friend and where it's an enemy).

8. And in general my question is like what is the natural way to eat? What earth would want for us, for me? And it was just there, clear. Local, seasonal, simple, whole food, no manipulations, no any kind of processing, no intervention.

Then I asked - but how will I get enough nutrients from the only foods that I feel I can eat and don't cause me any problems? And then I just laughed - I am still so conditioned.

I am so excited and so happy with this transition! Wow!!! I have tears in my eyes, and I just know that something is moving big time. I am relaxed, so relaxed, and at the same time so determined and passionate. A totally new way of being for me, beautiful!


Hi Yulia,

Your food eating exploration is inspirational! It's exactly this kind of inner questioning (without struggle) that yields ever greater internal sensitivity.

I recognise so many of your dietary questions in my own path. It too has taken me steadily and progressively to predominantly raw vegan. Plus being careful to feel and combine different food types: fats and sugars for example.

However I should also add, that whilst the path took me in this general direction, I crossed the threshold of a key internal barrier. It's where my sensitivity opened up to the different and often conflicting DNA configurations we each hold.

Particularly I found the balance of Lizard and Mammalian challenging. One goes for a much denser vibration that could even consume meat (although I don't), and the other is much more aligned to the higher pranic foods of fruit. So as the ancient Lizard DNA reactivated in me, coinciding with a deeper unfolding of the ancient warrior, it was a challenge to balance with the more etherial foods.

The substitute for not eating meat, was to allow some denser cooked foods. So I blend the two depending on how I'm feeling. Olives and Olive oil, hummus and chick peas especially help pacify the inner warrior. They help restore balance and peace.

I think many evolving people are quite challenged by this inner dynamic, often without knowing it. There comes with it a constant striving for right alignment and internal balance.

To me, it's why my soul yearns for a new evolution, a new paradigm and a new, more aligned bodily vehicle through which to express.

All in good time!

Found this really interesting. I haven't felt like eating much at all for months, I'm amazed how I'm still functioning sometimes. But recently my appetite has gone wild, I have had a clenched grasping feeling in my stomach awhile but it seems to have dispersed and I'm now craving dense foods - meat even. I'm confused - not much at the moment is fulfilling this hunger - and it's quite a burning hunger. I'll try some of the foods you suggested, any other denser but clean food ideas -appreciated. Thank you. Katie

Hi Katie,

I'd say you're experiencing exactly what I spoke about - the activation of some ancient 'lizard' DNA which we all have. Yes, incorporating denser foods should help. For example a snack of chick peas with olive oil, salt and lemon is quite fulfilling - I think you'll find the salt important too.

Lentils are good too, again with olive oil, salt and lemon.

You'll probably find there's a good degree of karma wrapped up in it too, so if you feel internally challenged, you've just got to feel it, process it and ride the storm until it eases - which it surely will.

Found this very helpful, thank you. The increased appetite has coincided with an energetic change. Can relate to many of the points above - especially in excercising the body in a different way. I feel to strengthen the body - unlike me :0

Some of the urges are taking me by surprise - I have this earthy feeling and want to feed the senses in a different way. I'm not sure whether to act upon some of the feeling that's arising. I haven't been in a close relationship for a few years and now suddenly I feel a pull towards that, hope that passes. I just cant see how I would be able to have an honest relationship with someone - I know about 5 people on the planet who seem to understand this process - any kind of relationship has not been on my radar at all until these recent days. But for example I was swimming this morning and a man was close and I had the urge to just smell him - he he (I didn't though). I'll just put it down to the lizard..?- but I don't want to deny anything. Also at times I have felt quite vulnerable throughout this process but feel stronger these days, like it's ok to just go out there and play. Everyday - something new! Just a bit confused at the moment.

This is unbelivable!

Since I started this 80 10 10 thing, my waste is all organic, apart from a couple of plastic bags.

No cans, no tins, no dairy-free 'milk' packages, which are unrecycable, btw, no boxes, no nothing.

I have only a few plastic bags coming from leafy greens.

Also washing dishes after oil-free fruits and veggies meals - demand just a little water and if I use just my 1 cup and a couple of my plates on my own - no soap needed at all.

I use electricity only for blending, which is nothing in comparison with ovens, electric stoves. I don't even use kettle anymore.

This is just amazing, absolutely wonderful and not only not hard, but a pleasure. And I gave up coconut stuff and nuts so easily. And I thought I can't live without hhhhh Such joy...

And it is unbelievable what you can do with just fruits and veggies. So even if I still miss some stuff, like milk, I do banana milk, blend and then dilute with water. I do zucchini cheese, and all kinds of amazing dressings and pates.
It appears that most of those 'fancy' vegan products are just not needed.