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Hi Everyone in the Openhand Community. Some of you will remember that I spent several months of last year living on the Volcanic Island of La Palma in the Canaries. From the first moment I stepped foot here, I knew I'd want to bring groups. The island is very high vibe indeed, and there's very little 'matrix' here. For me it was the perfect environment in which to realign the Openhand energies to better support the higher dimensional shift. And in now bringing groups here, it's great for people to realign their lives more accurately too. Our New Year Retreat 2018 begins today. I plan to be writing a regular blog, so do come join us through 'the ether', where distance is no object!...

Here's where you can join the La Palma New Year Retreat 2020...…

Other Worldly Energy

My heart was smitten by La Palma from the very first moment. It's a stunning volcanic island, which is sparsely populated, full of great vegetation, and with a marvellous climate the whole year round - it seldom gets too hot, nor too cold, and there's plenty of sunshine all year round. You can literally pick avocados, oranges, bananas, figs and other delights off the trees throughout the year. Above all, for me, the vibration is so high - it makes it much easier to connect into the higher densities. I've been here for three days now and not slept a wink - because I can feel every cell in my body vibrating! voltage emoji icon

La Palma has a stunning 'other worldly' energy... The Foliage of this place upholds the higher vibe - it's totally stunning... I just love the cacti... And of course the Palm Trees too... Plenty of time for great food and fun... Not forgetting boating with whales and dolphins, resting and paddling on the beaches!...

'Bucket-shop' tourists don't come here because the sand is black... still feels the supreme!

Higher Dimensional Bridge

An Openhand retreat or course is all about establishing a higher dimensional bridge. It's not as esoteric as it may seem. Personally I've worked exceptionally hard to clear the various densities of my own field - it means that I can feel, and connect into, many of the higher densities. That means you're able to resonate those frequencies within a particular space - in a meditation studio for example. The Sun Emoji

The resonance causes other people's higher dimensional fields to vibrate and for the soul to flow more freely, when sitting within that bridge. That's the essential purpose of the Openhand work. It activates internal karmic density so that it can be processed out, then integrates and unleashes soul - the activation of kundalini for example. And distance really is no particular restriction - providing you're able to get a sense of the vibe we're working with. You can literally tune into the group from wherever you are. So that's my invitation to you all reading this week. High Five Emoji

Taking some 'Down Time'

I'll keep you informed daily of the kinds of activities we will be conducting, and the general sense of the vibe. Do take some time in meditation. Do tune in via the internet, but also take some tech 'down time' (take the hint from "kitty" here at the Finca Aurora where we're staying!) Get a sense of what we're doing, go into stillness, and invite an open hearted connection through the ether. Then you're bound to get some upliftment from it. Thumbs Up Sign

I very much look forwards to connecting with you!

In loving support

Open Heart

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Hi Heather - it was an absolute delight working with you.

It's clear you had a "Samadhi" experience - I loved the down-to-earth way you described it.

Much love

Open Slightly Smiling


La Palma and the days since have totally changed my life. I thought Spiritual Awakening was amazing, I thought I knew who I was but I had no idea. The emotions are rising as I type this, I am so grateful for the magic that has become my everyday experience. During the early days of the La Palma course, which is my 4th Openhand course, I felt myself going deeper and deeper as though into a long tunnel with glowing edges and eventually arrived at a place where there was nothing but also everything and perfect peace.... I understand that this is the void and must be how the universe was before there was anything. I was totally awestruck by the experience and can feel it again as I sit here. As if this wasn't enough the next day Open asked what we could see and I could clearly see a conical mountain shrouded with mist and realised I was visiting a past life experience in which I was sacrificed for some religion...the karma had reappeared in my present life as the marriage I left last year which I remembered asking the universe about a few months ago and being told it was an experience of sacrifice...mind blowing. I wondered how stupid I was to allow myself to be taken up the mountain but walking in the Caldera on La Palma later in the week and seeing a mountain very similar I could feel that it was probably an honour ...until the reality struck!!   Since coming back to the UK I had a short convulsive experience on the Sunday morning of my birthday... what a present..the next day I felt quite strange and gradually realised that I had lost a whole load of childhood programming and didn't know who I was... very interesting and unusual but really care more daily goals, no drive pushing me...who would have thought a week in La Palma could be so amazing.... someone asked how I was yesterday and I said fantastic !!!  to their surprise..the energy and the meditations are amazing. Long live Openhand and La Palma.

Namaste and so much love... enough for everyone




Hi there

I just want to say thank you so much for such an important step in my journey. 

I loved it. The volcano, nature, the stars, the energy oh the ENERGY .I have a much better feeling of it,.

The dome and all the beauti experienced therein. I can still feel the buzz

A big thanks to  everyone involved, and to everyone who was there.

It was  amazing 

Thank you  love you all Nic




Thank you, Open, for a deeply inspiring week at the lovely La Palma. You truly embody spiritual work as opposed to religion. I am kind of a skeptic and quite allergic to dogmatic belief systems. However I found none of this sort during the sessions, just pure and powerful work on healing consciousness. Time to let go of my ruminations and start doing the work. I look forward to doing the guided Openhand-meditations on this site, though the resistance is still there. 

Thank you, Rich and Marije for being wonderful facilitators, always with a welcoming smile and words of wisdom. 

And of course a big thanks to the group. What openminded, smiling, pleasant, wise and present people... Deeply touching. I am grateful to you all for getting to know you, and hope and do believe we will meet again at some time. 

The retreat center was lovely with a great atmosphere, and the vegan food absolutely delicious. 

I will certainly attend more Openhand events, the one in Glastonbury is tempting. Obviously a part of me is drawn to the Openhand work and to the kind of people attending them and resonates with it.

I also got a deeper understanding of what the matrix really is at the excursion to La Caldera, and I experienced it brutally staying 3 nights at a tourist luxury hotel near Santa Cruz right after the retreat. I know in which world I truly belong. 

Until next time...


What did I wander into!


Open, I am absolutely blown away with your keen ability to feel, see and stir energy. The way you helped us integrate what was going on within was awesome. I’ve never yawned, peed, burped and farted so much in my life!


Marije and Rich, I’m in awe with your patient, peaceful presence and incredible skill at encouraging, opening and helping to integrate the wild energy.


In this non-judgmental atmosphere I felt seen, heard, understood, accepted and embraced. I have found my tribe! A warm and deep thank you to everyone for your love, magical hugs and easy laughter.


From my soul to yours with love,







How amazing it was to feel the energy of this island - essential and transformation.  And who better to harness this than the beautiful group of souls who gathered there.  

We went deep, we cried, we laughed and sung.  We explored both the inner and outer worlds which curiosity and courage (those narrow, winding, cliff edged roads).  In short, another deeply magical and profound Openhand retreat.  

Thank you to Open for hosting and working so hard both in the outer world and in the energetic field.  Take a well earned rest!  Thank you to my fellow facilitator Marije, my partner in crime and team mate (not to mention late night conversationalist).  And, a big thank you to all the other participants in this wonderful week.  Some great soul connections and reflections made - I look forward to meeting you all again down the line.  

Much love





As you said David, this could not have been a better representation of the "rainbow tribe".

I whole heartedly agree - a simply magical family.

And lovely to feel your love Colin. Touched my heart.

Open Heart



Seven days and a depth of heart felt love that I have never experienced before.  I arrived expecting to go deep and sort out ‘loads of stuff’ but in stead I realized that my heart was bursting with a deep love for everyone in that Round House.  It became apparent that I was not really there for me, I was there for others and as I gave, I received back from all.  My particular trademark is what I call my Belfast Hug and everyone partook!

However, as I released the need to hold my stuff, more came up and up and up and indeed I am continuing to just soften in and release as even more comes up…! 

The combination of just awesome clean energizing food from our German hosts,  a natural earth based energy the likes of which I am totally unaccustomed to and of course the sun made for a week of clearing, cleaning and recharging.

Heart felt thanks to Open for his sensitive guidance and leading, as always, and of course  Marije and Richard for holding us and our spaces and Aspasia for getting us all there. Finally, a deep thank you to my fellow participants for the love you all gave


After not attending openhand events some years, this felt so much like coming come. There could not have been a better representation of the "rainbow tribe" than this amazing group of souls, all so very different in their appearance and frequencies, all so very similar in their surrender and willingness to go deep, to be vulnerable, to break free.

For me personally this feels like a milestone on my path - time will tell. For sure I have never been able to allow karmic processes to take me so deep, it was quite an experience and surprise. I am deeply thankful to you all, for making this possible and holding this amazing space together.



What an incredible soul family reunion in the magical La Palma!  It was an honor to be part of this gathering. I am humbled by this experience.  The space here is magical and has so much energy.  It is like an amplifier - the distortions as well as the divine aspects allowing for quicker self-realization.  Very excited to stay a bit longer on the island to explore and grow!

With Love



Well the week went way too quickly! Words can hardly express the magic of the transformational energy we all felt. It's like everyone stepped out of the density, felt the expansive vibe of higher self, and then integrated a powerful sense of new authentic beingness - all in 7 days! The connections we made will never recede or be forgotten. And to you all joining in, we felt you, we sensed your magical consciousness. You hold a treasured space in the Openhand family too.

I simply can't find any more words, so here are some great photos from Marije to convey the last couple of days...

Some say orbs are souls in the ether. We certainly felt amazing sense of benevolence holding the group...

Heike feeling serene...

Rich and Jennaya, melting away some final karma...

Down in the Caldera (the Volcano) for the six senses walk...

Matt... "Well yours might taste good, but mine's a lemon!" 

Colin floating along on the incredible energy...

Heather... "I think, therefore I am!"

The caldera pulled energy over us like a big rolling blanket...

Heading off for the boat trip, with lunch on the fly...

Well it may look like a carrot, but really it's cosmic rocket fuel!...

Out on the ocean wave to greet the Whales and Dolphins....

And finally, the group, just wow!...

And finally finally, Maude presents a parting cake for our first LP retreat (with many more to come!)...

Sending big bundles of love to you all. See you down the flow!

Open Praying Emoji


Hi Margaret,

Your words mean so much - thankyou so much for sharing. Heart

I do sense there are some powerfully distractive energies flying around in the field right now. We just have ti keep working to infuse and integrate mainstream soul, then they must release and let go. That's definitely what we experienced on the retreat.

Sending love

Open Slightly Smiling


Hi Open,

A quick note from the snowy part of the world:

I just saw your post and it is quite synchronistic. I feel the retreat's energy made a powerful impact on my energy and the process I'm in.

My body is been trying to release some rather substantial attachments for the last 3 days. It's quite a ride and today my willpower buckled slightly under the magnitude of what wants to leave. Here is what's happening: My energy builds up, the distortion/attachment is retracting completely, literally gone, my energy flows back into me and feels great and all is clear, then the thought patterns are trying to establish the distortion again and I'm back to that old attachment, but my body can't tolerate its vibration anymore and reinitiates the energetic purging. 

The energy of your post and knowing that some lovely souls and dear friends have been doing just that, together with me, was really uplifting. The energy impact of this work never ceases to amaze me.

It is always felt: whatever you work through, honour (I always think of Colin when I say this word!), and release is always felt. Your shif is felt by the tiniest creature, by the teen who may be now lifting a blade to hurt her body, the man who lost everything. It is felt. Period. Never underestimate your impact in this shift! It matters so much.






The final couple of days here on the La Palma Retreat have all been about 'reclaiming kundalini' in our lives. What do I mean by that?

Imagine inside of you there is a loop of energy flowing down from the source, through your various bodily vehicles of expression (physical, emotional, mental, causal, higher mind, celestial, merkabah - check out this article here... Rise of the Divine Human), then back up to the source again. You could imagine it rather light an electricity mains in a house, circling through all the rooms.

Now in some of these 'rooms', the 'electricity' gets stuck in some 'old appliances', which might have some dodgy cabling. Now the electricity bleeds off into those appliances and diminishes the overall electrical flow. It means we're less empowered, free flowing and creative. Hence it's important to get into those various 'rooms' within and liberate the energy flowing there.

This can be done in meditation. First use the Breakthrough Breathing, (you might already know it as 'dolphin' or 'pranayama' breathing), which attunes the free flowing soul from the source. Then begin to contemplate, each in turn, the various aspects in your life from relationships to careers and past times. As you contemplate them one at a time, feel where you might be tightening down around them - where there might be attachment. Work to let go of the attachment. Once you feel you've managed to do that (at the level you're currently able to be conscious of), then feel the energy flowing back to the source inside of you.

Keep repeating this cycle, until you get the sense of the energy looping through your various bodily vehicles and coming back to you. This will help to progressively strengthen the flow of kundalini energy through you.

So that's what we've been primarily working with on this final chapter of the Retreat, so that people can bring more free flowing creative kundalini into their lives as they begin to contemplate the return to 'the matrix'.

You can read here more about Kundalini and How to Activate it.

Thanks for tuning in everyone. Your presence is joyfully felt!

Open Angel Halo


Breathtaking. I can feel the vibe across the ocean and it’s inspiring renewed commitment and positivity here. Thank you for sharing Open and thank you all so very much for your courage. 


Wow! These photos are truly amazing! Marije, stunning work!

I have definitely fallen in love with the transparent light, the open blue skies and of course Gaia's earthiness manifesting through the 'lady in the mountains' who is holding space for eveyone's rootedness and expansion. Jo and Colin look immersed and becoming one with their resting spaces - so lovely.

Heike's photo gave me a big smile! A queen of the higher planes indeed!

Rich and Jennaya's expressive combat in the sun burning off some karma felt very energising as Im sitting here in a cloudy, cold and overcast day typing this.  And the fruit just looks delicious!

The Sky Dragons shapeshifting into magnificent, snowy beams of light is just dreamlike! Nic and David are beautiful vessels and transmitters. I love how the same 'dragon light energy' is coming through the meditation dome, through the windows and fusing in with everybody.

Keep sailing with those dragons everyone through the inner and outer landscapes. x


Day 4 was our big processing day. Come open an inner doorway and join us...

It all begins with a very healthy and natural breakfast...

The light over the studio is unbelievable. Can you see the spirals of energy?

Rich calls everyone in... "The Bells, The Bells!"

Heike is determined to open her crown chakra!...

Getting down to it in our fantastic dome studio...

Toni and Nick going deep...

After going deep and internal, time to work off some of that karma...

Jo becoming at one with everything...

Down at the pool... "phew, this is hard work, I need a rest!"...

Meanwhile Colin grabs a crafty break...

Back at work, we're calling on the 'Sky Dragons' to initiate some light....

Just wow!...

"Isla Bonita" holds the energy for us. Can you see the lying down lady in the mountains!

We are all having just the most magical of times. Thankyou so much for tuning in.

Open Praying Emoji



So glad you're feeling the energy Michelle OK Hand Sign

Hi Everyone. It was a major day of deep processing and healing yesterday. The heightened consciousness of the work here was bringing people rapidly into their karma and the angelic bridge was bringing them through it quickly. So it was an amazing feeling of release and expansion. I'll be sharing some photos from the day stay tuned.

In the meantime, here is an article on Passing through the Karmic Plane through Past Life Regression



Open, the energy is blowing me away - beautiful.

I love the Cacti Gateways and the Orbs and the inspirational energies.

Thank you  and lots of love to all x


Hi Everyone - we are having such a fantastic time here on the New Year Retreat. The stunning backdrop and vibe is holding the energy well for people to be totally self accepting and go really deep. We're experiencing major breakthroughs, usually associated with the higher level courses. During the lunch break yesterday, I captured a sense of what we've been doing in the latest Shift Diary entitled "Soul Retrieval". If you're joining the retreat 'through the ether', see how it might inspire you to work today...


Open Praying Emoji


The work has begun in earnest here on the LP New Year retreat. Catch the vibe with the latest photos...

Our dome studio is an amazing place to work...

Joanne seeing her reflection...

Meanwhile Debbie catches some reflective rays...

Toni catching the vibe from the mountains...

"It's like this", "No it's like that." "Well I don't see a thing!"...

Those orbs following us around again...

Cacti? Or gateways!....

Always plenty of time for hugs in the processing...

Heather having lunch amongst the lemon groves...

"its a 'guy' thing!"....

Blessings to all tuning in!

Open Praying Emoji


I observe perhaps the greatest challenge to finding true inner peace, and connecting with the natural flow of life, is realising the true nature of the self. Not just at a mind level, but realising it experientially within. That's a big part of the work on Openhand events. That's what we're getting into right now on the La Palma retreat.

Asking the question "who are you?" is incredibly paradoxical. Those who've touched the enlightened state, often speak of the 'Void of Presence'. It's a placeless place of infinite potential that lies within. The paradox is that it is a non experience - which you could interpret through mind and feelings as 'awesome okayness'.

You have to penetrate through plenty of layers of identity and attachment to come into the Void. There will be plenty of resistances and even fear to touching that state - it can feel like a death, and even the complete loss of self. Various subtle layers of ego will resist and try to hold on. What's required is complete surrender through these layers of tightness. Ultimately it leads to "samadhi" - you're in infinite potential, pure presence before actualisation. It literally feels within as if no one is there. And you know you've come home to the ultimate truth of life.

That's not the end of the story though! Because from this state, energy of the soul flows - the unmanifest comes into the manifest and experience happens. The enlightened state is to be able to be in the experience and to hold it, whilst at the same time, be coming from this place of presence. 

There's the challenge, because as soon as the soul flows, until there is full self-realisation, it will likely attach in some way to the external drama - this pulls you out of the state of presence - the state of grace. 

The key is to recognise and accept that this (bouncing in and out of presence) might be happening to you, and that it has a huge impact on your life and what creates in it. Therefore working to find the inner balance and harmony, will manifest that externally in your life. So accept that attachments happen and that these cause discomfort and pain, but rather than trying to placate the discomfort by overriding it with something pleasurable (for example), it's better to work into the tightness and unwind it by realising the attachment doesn't serve - let go of the need for things to be a certain way, and instead accept the flow of life.

An example is being unwell - having a debilitating fever, as a friend of mine is currently experiencing. The mind often wants to cure and heal it, to get out of that unpleasantness and pain. But within it, there is much to be gained and learned about oneself. Pain in the body actually brings consciousness into your very cells, assuming you surrender into the experience. It's about becoming acutely aware of exactly what is going on but without judging the experience... "it's just and experience that is like 'this'". The discomfort can actually become pleasurable because it leads to a state of grace. When you can soften into the experience in this way, not only do you learn and integrate masses, but healing will happen fastest. Harmony restores the imbalance.

As you accept the flow of life, then you're coming back again to the mainstream of your soul, which progressively delivers you back into the state of presence - the state of grace. 

I find that when you can recognise the state of inner presence - the awesome okayness - then it helps greatly to always have a part of your attention turned inwardly toward it. A part of your soul becomes a lens by which to 'see' the state of non-experience, of infinite potential. Then you find yourself resting in this samadhi, from which the soul flows. You're fully engaging with life, but not attached to it.

In this state of "samadhi", you can experience both profound joy, and grief, but the experiences flow without defining you by them. Paradoxically, by letting go of the need for something to be a particular way, means you get MORE out of the experience not less - because you're constantly allowing yourself to come ever deeper into the experience.

That's what we're working with on the retreat today. I felt to share the video with you below, that conveys a sense of what I'm taking about and invite your own inner inquiry. Where are you at in relation to it?


Hello dear all,

It's wonderful to see the pictures and feel the energy (and 'hi', Open, Rich, Marije and David - it's great to see you all). And it's great to see you there, Heike, too... I've always felt that you would make a truly awesome facilitator! Enjoy the trip and all love. <3



Thanks everyone for tuning in - your love and your vibe is most definitely felt! Heart

The group all arrived safely on Saturday at the beautiful Finca Aurora. I have to pinch myself at how far and wide people have traveled to be here: Mozambique, Guatamala, Australia, America, Norway, Austria, Germany, Netherlands and the UK - what an international bunch you all are! And it's awesome that the group is 50:50 'guys and gals'. A great harmony of energies is forming quickly, everyone prepared to let the veils fall and just be themselves. Awesome!

Yesterday was a day trip our to familiarise with the culture and the vibe of the Island, prior to the main meditation work beginning today. We caught some snaps on the fly to share with you all, that you may tune in and feel it...

The Group was greeted by a stunning rainbow over the site as they arrived...just managed to catch it...

Facilitator Marije greeting Heike...

"Skyman" Rich, our other Openhand Facilitator (the light here is extraordinary!)...

Heike & Jennaya up at "El Time" for a tea break on the run. The orbs were out all day in force!...

"Lunch to Go" on the way up to the Volcano...

Always time for some pontification!

And always time for soulmotion too! (with Nick & Anatoly)...

Like I said, those orbs were following us everywhere (catch the purple one - a ray 7 orb)

Jo catching the clear air, incredible light, and amazing vibes...

Raven says to David... "This is My mountain, but you may visit!"

Stay tuned for daily updates. Do join the vibe!

Open OK Hand Sign


Hello from Austin!

Y'all have an amazing retreat, what a fabulous way to start 2018!! Rhonda and I are tuning in via the field :-))

September <3


Bliss to you all....  I will connect each day!  Thank you for your Lights!


Sending love and blessings to everyone who I had the immense pleasure of assisting their arrangements for this retreat through the digital etheric medium of :)

I'm looking forwards to reading about all the adventures and to seeing some of you friends on the facilitator course after.

Keep your sails full, high flowing and steady DolphinHappy cat emoji icon