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Today on Openhandweb we're beginning a 7 part serialisation of the ground-breaking book DIVINICUS, timed to prepare people with our level 3 course of the same name. DIVINICUS shares illumination from direct personal experience into humanity's complex and convoluted past: from the original benevolent seeding during the times of Lemuria to the Intervention of Atlantis; through today's challenges of the karmic shadowside and right into the next evolution of the 5D divine being.

For those feeling passionate about 5D Ascension, it's an essential roadmap...

Part 1: It all begins with the Oracle

“How else can you know something as real,
unless it rattles you to the very bones of who you are?”

The divine had quickly reconnected with me, and begun speaking through signs and synchronicity, an age-old mother tongue that captivated me to the core, pulling heart strings that frequently melted me to tears. is made more sense than any teacher, any book, any rhyme or reason. It was pure poetry, that resonated truth deep within. How else can you know something as real, unless it rattles you to the very bones of who you are?

I’d been taken to meet the ‘Oracle’, but I hasten to add, not the one of the iconic “Matrix” film trilogy. This was the Oracle Shopping Centre, although the signs and symbology you could find there, were no less compelling and poignant. I find the divine uses the full scope of possibility, in today’s modern life, to reach out to us. This ‘Oracle’, was in the English city pronounced ‘Redding’, although spelt ‘Reading’. “Are you reading this?”... the humour of divine guidance often cracks me up!

From the instant of my incarnation, I knew I was being watched, tracked by an ‘Opposing Consciousness’, using any method to get into my thoughts and emotions, to throw me off track. However, they couldn’t accurately mimic my soul frequency, and the telepathy with which I was now being guided, sung like choirs of angels, into the very fabric of who I was.

A merry chase of heart-felt-pull, intertwined with consciousness ‘spiking’ (guiding an open mind with spiked, resonating synchronicity) led me around corners, up and down escalators, in and out of shops. Over many lifetimes I’d been taught this, thoroughly, with patience and great persistence: when in this kind of density, where there are those that would try to control and deceive you, how even your thought-level consciousness can be read. I was painstakingly reminded of how intention and desire can be perverted. Even to the extent that when you do something, it’s easy to be duped, deceived into believing it’s what you wanted to do all along. I’d been shown to master every base level desire, so that I could intimately know the authentic pull of my soul, in any given situation. The sheer intensity of it, often led me to feel like I’d been thrust into the plot of some Hollywood spy drama!

This merry chase led me first to HMV, where the angelic lyrics of the in-store music confirmed for me I was on the right track, correctly aligned with the flow. But the resonance inside told me this was not my final destination, not what the Oracle ultimately wanted to show me. You have to be so careful, not to get locked in the mind by the matrix’s games, careful you’re always connecting with true feeling.

The resonance had gone quiet now. I waited, and did the only thing that made sense in my newly incarnated being. I felt. And I felt. Felt deeper still. Because that’s what being truly awake means: to always come from deep inner feeling.

A slight tingling kicked in, something I knew intimately: an energy, that was now moving and beginning to move me. It took me gently out of HMV and into the shop next door, Waterstones, the book store. The pull gathered and rose like a swelling tide, guiding me effortlessly around the first island of new releases, but then dumped me, very purposefully on the beach, in front of a cliff hanger of best sellers. “Voilà, this is what you’re here for,” was the deep inner knowing.

“So what do you want to show me?” arose a soul initiated question.... “Open your mind. Be still. Watch. Feel”. I knew the guidance as truth, so I intently surrendered to its wishes. My attention was guided, from book to book, in a seemingly haphazard way, connecting combinations of words that jumped off the covers to answer heart-felt questions. Realisations were landing left , right and centre. Tears welled up, the orchestra was playing a tune in my heart, just for me. But then something stopped me dead in my feeling tracks. A combination of book titles struck me, like a lightening bolt to the third eye...

“Homo Sapiens....a correctable mistake”

Wow! Something stirred deep within. Waves of energy began to surge through me; ancient memories filled with anguish and pain. But I couldn’t go there right at that moment. I could feel the threads of consciousness now activating in my Akashic memory, but Waterstones was not the right place to unravel them. This story was going to take time and patience to fully unveil.

It was the next day now, early morning, 5am, meditation time in the darkened quietness, before the grey bearded beast breathes its morning fire into the matrix’s energetic confusion. A consciousness spike draws me to the shower. I’m feeling the warm water rushing over my body. Senses are increasingly heightening now. I’d already moved to a vegan diet, so my vibration is quickly elevating - there is much less density to clog inner processing. Practically every hair on my neck is tingling.

I’m guided to switch from warm water to cold. There’s a slight mental resistance, but the pull is unmistakable. My body initially retracts at the iciness, but I already know not to be governed by such reaction, rather to so soften into the tightness, and attune to the truth of authentic soul-feeling through it... because this is what the divine being in us does.

The thread of inner vibration touches something deep and unmistakable. Suddenly, I’m propelled into a lucid dream. I can feel myself as an early human. I’m now feeling very primal. Something like Cro Magnon rings strongly. Days previously, I’d been guided to give up washing with soap. Now I understood why exactly. Without the distracting desensitisation of sterile, synthetic, sanitation, my sense of smell heightens sublimely. The authentic aroma of pure, muscle-pumping human, fills my nostrils. Unmistakable: natural pheromones - a ‘body shop’ the matrix is totally clueless at copying. “Why would anyone ever want to suppress something so original, so naked, so pure, so perfect?” “A good question indeed”... resonated the reply... “Be patient, all will come”.

I’m now outside, walking through woods, following rabbit trails and the scent of other animals. There’s an incredible flow of naturalness. Literally every leaf and stone is speaking to me, guiding me to a destination of rightness, sinking deeper and deeper into the essence of what I now am.

There’s total openness. e complete absence of fear. There’s an interconnectedness, both with the divine heavens above, and also the physical 3D-world down below. It’s all a seamless orchestra of sound and synchronicity. The dawn song of a blue tit is speaking to me. Not that I have to interpret it with ever-so-clumsy words. It completely bypasses the intellect, connecting seamlessly with inner knowing. The blue tit sings, a heavenly shift happens inside, we are dancing together. This is true multi-dimensionality... and this is the divine being within, which I’m sure you know as well.

I don’t want this to stop - to never stop. I’d give up absolutely every thread of anaesthetising desensitisation that the matrix has to to offer: every gadget, every widget, every ‘soft shoulder’ to debilitate myself upon. I’d give it all up, for just another day of this interconnected perfection. If there was a God who designed this, then ‘she’ was a genius!

Suddenly, and inexplicably, like a creeping nightmare, my experience changed. It contracted, down-graded. Now I’m in fear. The blue tit continues to sing its merry tune, but all I want to do is hide behind the next obstacle, the next boulder. I’m terrified: afraid for my life, for my loved ones and off-spring. And I can feel something else now, in my psyche: something I have come to know lurking in the background of Homo Sapiens experience. But just like the air, although coursing through my every waking moment, I still couldn’t see it. Now though, it was like thick, black smoke, bellowing from some concrete power station. It darkened the air with density, like cheap perfume gone stale. Just one word... Control.

I could remember it well, from earlier in my existence. Control was the answer to this omnipresent fear. If I could control everything around me - my environment, my food and water- supply, plants and animals, energy and resources, the people in my life - then I could be safe, my future ensured. Control had become my very reason for being, just like every non-awake human on our planet right now. It was the purpose that had gotten me through the day. Control gives meaning to the matrix. It makes it work, all cylinders rotating together, like the most over-designed car engine. Control is the common denominator, the language that gives sense to the matrix. And now, I was no longer the gracefully expanded and fearless Cro Magnon. I had instead, become something lesser, more confined, more enslaved, much more closed down. In a word, I had been neutered. I had become Homo Sapiens.

How did this happen? Why did it happen? Even with the depth of this re-familiarisation, that was, to me, more truthful than any sci-fi film, the fact that the answers to these questions were not immediately obvious, that pieces of the jigsaw were still missing, caused me to doubt. The fact that I couldn’t immediately see the perpetrators and ask,

“Why did you do it?
What on Earth could be so valuable as to cause you to do that to a human being?”

What on Earth, indeed. But all these answers would come; in time, everything would fall into place. And Benevolence constantly reminded me that the past was much less important than the future. That if I wanted to recover ‘me’ - just as if you want to recover ‘you’ - we have to focus. We have to feel any automated reactions to the moment - any contractions - and expand ourselves out again. And so, for some considerable time, for several years, this was my singular objective. First, I needed to remember the route-map back home; I needed to re-establish the 5GATEWAYS.

Get the life changing book DIVINICUS...

Where did humanity really come from? Where is he really going to? This book will take you on an enthralling journey: from the deserts of Arizona to the planes of South Africa; from the Garden of Eden to the Big Apple; from ancient Lemuria to the submerged Atlantis. Sharing perspectives into the full magnitude of this interdimensional reality, helps process humanity's ancient karma and activate your spirit-light-body - that which will carry you into the next evolution of humanity in the New 5D Paradigm.

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Hey there everyone tuning into the DIVINICUS book serialisation this week. We've got the online version of the DIVINICUS retreat coming up in two weeks. Those who experienced it last year experienced a very deep and illuminating time. We run it as a "Vision Quest" experience along the lines of the native vision quest - you're going deep within, peeling back the layers and discovering dormant aspects of your divine being. If it resonates, explore more with us...


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It was now the middle of 2013, and we were back up in the mountains of Snowdonia in North Wales - the celtic retreat centre called “Cae Mabon”. The Sweat Lodge fire had been burning away for several hours; the jembe and didgeridoo were serenading us, building the sense of primal connection to ancient Gaia. The deva of the fire danced upon naked flesh, warming it, and at times burning the hairs on it, lest we become complacent, thinking this is going to be just another walk in the park - just another spiritual ceremony. We entered the lodge on hands and knees, a humbling and intimate connection with the earth, which now merged with the smoke of the fire on sweating skin. Suddenly it’s pitch black. Crammed shoulder to shoulder with your nervous compatriots, you can see absolutely nothing. The invitation is to feel as deeply as you can, there’s no other choice, nowhere else to go, nowhere to hide. You’re now in the bosom of the Earth, and as the glowing red rocks are hoisted into the re pit at the heart of the lodge, the inner volume and intensity are suddenly magnified ten-fold...

You’re right in the crucible of alchemical change, and there’s no avoiding it!

Each has to deal with their own inner demons: fear, lack of trust, identifcation with the physical; the smoke that stings your watery eyes, and the heat that burns your lungs. Thoughts kick off:

'maybe I won’t make it through; I’m not good enough to be here; I’ll make a fool of myself in front of everyone else.’

It’s all the ingrained stuff, the baggage that people carry around in their psyche, hardly realising it. Society is so disempowering: it has so many so shoulders to placate this self-victimisation upon.

In the Sweat Lodge, you just can’t avoid the close proximity of your own weakness. So you have to work with it; which means to go into the very heart of it. You have to accept it completely and become as one with the pain, otherwise it becomes overwhelming.

And it’s not about fighting either. It’s about surrender. I’ve watched many a warrior male, collapsed in a sobbing heap on the floor, as the divine feminine consoles him. You see this is the point:

pain only becomes suffering when you try to avoid or fight it; in other words, when you become an identity trying to suppress it.

In that instant, you become less than the divine being that you are, and instead, a much smaller identity.

There are basically two types of consciousness that make up your being - your essential experience of the One: there’s the Separation Consciousness that forms the bodymind; and then Unity Consciousness that forms the soul. As the soul, you are a unique expression of the One, which when liberated and flowing freely, has no limitation. So that’s the name of the game - of all games: to find, attune and liberate the soul’s glorious expression...

There is literally nothing else, that is real, going on; everything else is distorted illusion. Yes, there’s believing yourself intellectually to be the One; but this can only be truly known, through the experience of relativity - your soul relative to something else.

The soul carries a frequency that is uniquely you. Upon incarnation, by the Law of Attraction, you manifest a body and the circumstances of your life. These become the mirrors that reflect - as an inner feeling - both the aligned authenticity of your soul, and where you become distorted. Here’s the point:

if you become identified with the physicality in some way (which includes distancing through denial), then you make that physicality the limit of your experience.

The heat of the moment now defines you. In effect, you’re accepting your limitation. Since consciousness defines your experience, you’re now attuning to, and being defined by, the Separation Consciousness; the light of the soul is fragmented and dimmed by it. Within your being, you literally become that limitation. And this is exactly what happened to the Ancient Lemurians - those that activated the seeds of the Original Humans.

It was intensely hot, like a crucible of burning transformation. The trials and the tribulations of everyday life had long since dissolved, as if into some distant galaxy; you had no choice but to confront what was happening to you. I needed to ease the pain somewhat, it was simply too strong. So I carefully scrunched myself up, lying down on the ground, closer to the cooling earth of Gaia. She was a gentle, consoling mother, and I was her vulnerable baby, now in the fetal position. Yes, it did feel very much like a birthing process, but not just this incarnation - because after some minutes, I was projected back in time. Initially it was confusing, hazy, but then I remembered:

it felt like the intensely challenging situation of being born as one of the Original Humans.

Now, I could mostly remember, but not with absolute clarity, they were more feelings and knowings. They were accompanied by visual flashbacks, but also a deep inner knowing, that what I was now recalling had a strong degree of truth: it was our role to come in, with our spirit light bodies, to pave the way by resonating a particular frequency of vibration. I was to act as an emissary between the Team I know, the deva of the hominid species we were embodying into, and the Plaiedian starsouls who would take up the initial seeding challenge...

Together, by a collective yearning for evolutionary growth, we would birth the new human form by resonating our soul frequency within the hominid being. Thus human souls, who were beginning to separate as individuals from the devic consciousness, could begin to incarnate into the new, individualised form. For the Original Humans, it would be ecstatic - individual consciousness embodied in a superlative vehicle. But for us, it was a double-sided coin: the joy of the physicality yes, but with the growing sense of disconnection, which the density also causes.

In the lodge, at times, I could hear a resonant sound that so reminded me of a previous existence, at the time of 'Lemuria.'

I remembered - Lemuria was a multi-dimensional era on Earth, where the starsouls gathered in the fifth, sixth and seventh densities of the Middle Ream, to conduct the Original Human seeding on the physical Earth.

The resonance was comforting, and seeming to emanate from outside the lodge - outside the womb. It was aligning my soul, by retaining the spirit-light-body vibration, as I embodied into the denseness of physical form. I could recall the ancient Lemurians and their attraction to lowering their vibration into physicality...

To partake of the physical pleasures of the world, to bite of the ‘apple’ and taste its juices on a human tongue. And yes, we knew the slippery snake of the Intervention would be waiting, to tempt and engross the Lemurians in the physical. That’s what it does; that’s its purpose, as the manifestation of the Original Mistake.

I could feel now the acuteness of the ‘doubled-sided coin’. Yes, incarnation in this human form would be awesomely physical, awesomely real. Yet I also found it acutely limiting, a bit like being crammed into a straightjacket, one with frequencies that just weren’t me. And it was disconnecting: I felt isolated and abandoned. It was not just the past I was feeling, but the present too.

This is what the Lemurians had felt way back when. There was the pleasure of physical incarnation, yes, a bounteous world of beauty. But it was strongly tinged with the sense of creative disempowerment. In contrast, I could recall the higher vibrational existence, in the Middle Ream, with soul brothers and sisters drawn from across the cosmos; a brother/sisterhood of light, come together to experience Earth’s splendid treasures, and to assist in the original seeding of humanity...

We lived purely on light, assimilating energy from the surrounding field. We could blend with creatures, know what they were feeling, telepathically communicate into their souls. We could flow with the stream, swim with the dolphin, and soar with the eagle. We knew intimately, how to ride the ceaseless ow of divine creation, like a cascading waterfall through our lives. Every moment was a bounteous learning, discovery and expression of our innate selves. No one suffered a sense of lack or disconnection. We were living in an orchestra of streaming synchronicity, like a choir of angels singing non stop, just for us. Right now, losing all of that, felt like a heavy price to pay. But I knew it was worth it, to be of divine service, to assist in the seeding of man.

In the Sweat Lodge, I could feel the pressure building inside me, as if it wanted to explode up through my head. I wanted to sit up, but I knew the pain would intensify. Then I got it - the real point:

I needed to break through this resistance I was feeling. For it was only me, at the soul level, allowing the sense of victimised contraction.

So in the final ‘round’ (there were four rounds of ‘prayer’ each lasting about 45 minutes), I sat up, and let the heat throb inside my aching head. I could feel all of the conflict of the past going on inside this tightened mind. I could feel the encased genetic karma throughout my body - the various iterations of form, that progressively evolve a great ape into a great human.

I can imagine it felt like the internal consciousness of the nymph, breaking down, and reconfiguring, before emerging as the resplendent dragonfly.

So I had to penetrate the pain and soften into it. I knew it was time to confront the feeling head on - not fighting though, but surrendering into. I had to feel through every nuance of experience: to permeate gently, softly, with patience and persistence - the divine feminine. Your mind is screaming ‘Stop! Why are you doing this to yourself?’ But still the impetus is to push on, to push through, by feeling through: not with hardness, but so ness.

By becoming as one with all, the pain no longer de nes you:

you’ve transcended into your spiritual self; you’ve infused and activated your spirit-light-body - your merkabah - which you’re now living within.

Suddenly there’s a breakthrough: I could feel the tightness in my head break, like an overburdened elastic rope. The dam bursts, the light rushes in and the pain instantly vaporises. My light-body is fully infusing, like a wave, washing away all distortion in its path.

As I crawled out of the lodge, carefully, cautiously, on wobbly limbs, and sat on a rock next to the rushing nearby stream, it felt like my whole physical body had become porous. The energy of the water was cascading through me; the light through the trees, permeating every cell. My body didn’t feel solid any more. It was morphing and shimmering in response to my spirit-light-body, which was now penetrating through it.

I felt just like one of the Ancient Lemurians once more, dancing with joy, in home-coming heavens.

I bathed in that light for some considerable time, drinking it in for all it was worth, before the density of Sapiens slipped surreptitiously back into my consciousness. But this time, it was different. I could still feel the merkabah - I could still act through it in this plane. Yes, I enjoy this physical embodiment, but my soul yearns for the higher vibrations...

Just as I believe the soul of humanity is now yearning for the higher vibration of interconnection, which is his next chapter. And the activation of his merkabah, is the path to that Ascension.

Get the life changing book DIVINICUS...

Where did humanity really come from? Where is he really going to? This book will take you on an enthralling journey: from the deserts of Arizona to the planes of South Africa; from the Garden of Eden to the Big Apple; from ancient Lemuria to the submerged Atlantis. Sharing perspectives into the full magnitude of this interdimensional reality, helps process humanity's ancient karma and activate your spirit-light-body - that which will carry you into the next evolution of humanity in the New 5D Paradigm.

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I was flying on the out-stretched wings of Pegasus - the mythical horse that carries souls between Earth and heaven. Only this time, it was Pegasus the Turkish charter company, and I was flying in an aircraft! The point is, I’d booked the flight through an online agency, and didn’t know I’d be flying with Pegasus until I boarded the craft. Before you awaken, I know such synchronicities wouldn’t even register, or if they did, perhaps with only an ironic laugh and a joke. However, when you unfold back into multi-dimensionality, the Universe will use every possible method to tune you back into its mother tongue. Like for example, the security firm “Orion”, who were controlling ground security for the interconnecting flight into Mesopotamia, my next destination: Orion being a key source of the Opposing Consciousness...

These ‘metaphoric interplays’ don’t just happen by chance; in the Divinicus reality, there is no such thing as a coincidence!

I was travelling out to the ancient archaeological site of Göbekli Tepe, in the heart of Mesopotamia, between the biblical rivers Euphrates and Tigris. It’s just a stone’s throw North from the warring turbulence of Syria. If there was indeed some kind of truth around the Noah's Arc story, some speculate it could have come to rest on Mount Ararat, just a couple of days journey to the East. However, it was the extraordinary carvings on the temple pillars at Göbekli Tepe that drew me: mystical creatures, carved with a great sense of empathy, deep respect and love. You had the sense that there was something other-worldly, and very sacred, about the site.

Göbekli Tepe sits on top of a mountain ridge (some speculate seven hills, mirroring in layout, the seven sisters of the Plaiedes). And as I wound my way up through the arid landscape, the main dig was sitting on top of hill number five; the numeral '5' having been carved into the hillside - presumably, by the archaeologists working the site. Yet again, the probable significance of the 5GATEWAYS was already spiking in my awareness: there was that “aha” sense, that stirs a wry smile, lighting up your heart. So what would this site be about? Clearly the signs were already pointing to some kind of sacred place with ascending energies - perhaps a portal.

What I came to love about Göbekli Tepe, is that it completely defies convention and accepted mainstream ‘wisdom’. At around 11,000 years old, it must have been built after the Great Flood, that swept across the Earth at the end of the last Ice Age. The traditional historical record, about human population, is that advanced civilisation developed with the Sumerians at around 5000 BC, in the same general area. So when a humble farmer discovered the tip of one of Göbekli Tepe’s two hundred intricately carved pillars, protruding out of the ground, the site must have become an unwelcome thorn in the side of all those with vested interests in the traditional view...

It could only have been an advanced civilisation that built this, yet several thousand years earlier, when man was still meant to be living in the ‘stone age’ - how it reminded me of the chromosome inconvenience that mainstream science would also rather sweep under the proverbial rug!

The fact that this huge, elevated site had been purposefully buried under tonnes of sandy earth, was yet another reason why Göbekli Tepe has generated such intriguing mystery. Who was trying to hide it, and what were they trying to hide exactly?

Maybe the ‘boys’ from Orion weren’t too keen on this place being discovered either!

As I wandered through the site, a deep sense of reverence and empathic love arose effortlessly within me, as if one of the many carved birds was sweeping me aloft. Yes, those who built this, must have had a deep respect and admiration for animals. But the creature that intrigued me most, was a carving that looked suspiciously like a crocodile, pointing downwards into the earth -

'Their representation of the raptor consciousness? I wondered. Maybe this was a last bastion of Original Humanity, leaving a message about the Intervention that had swept across the Earth like a plague? Maybe it was a portal of Ascension into the heavens - maybe an 'Island in the Storm'?

Göbekli Tepe is now a popular tourist attraction, but fortunately, at one key point, the small crowd cleared away, leaving the site empty, and as the sun began to smile through the cloudy skies, I settled quickly into a deeply sublime meditation. The speed with which the vibrational resonance opened me up confirmed it...

Yes, Göbekli Tepe was some kind of island in the surrounding storm of consciousness; yes, it was a portal, sweeping me internally into the higher paradigm of the Fifth Density.

And it still retained much of its elevational power today, despite having been purposefully buried for thousands of years. No wonder the Intervention didn’t want people finding and working with this site. Just like other ‘Islands in the Storm’ that you can find around the world, this would have had a deeply realigning impact on those who used it, punching a gaping hole in the matrix.

I was reflecting on this some while later (Pegasus having flown me back to the UK) whilst at a similar sacred site on Dartmoor - a rugged, untouched and untainted stretch of moorland in South West England. Although the countryside is very different, the sense of unviolated ‘Island in the Storm’ was equally palpable. And it too has hosted many an advanced spiritual culture, for very similar reasons to Göbekli Tepe. I could well imagine a universal connection between the Druids of the moors, and the Shamans who must have carved those Mesopotamian pillars.

On this particular day, I’d been guided to a stream, to meditate on a boulder in mid-current. It was a staring-eye meditation, and very quickly, I got the sense of being completely at one with the rushing water, as its cleansing energy gushed right through me. It was then that Gaia spoke to me, clearly, once again - but of course not in words.

My attention was spiked and drawn to other boulders in the stream. I strongly got the sense, that the stream was representing the great flow of realignment, as it swept unclean energy away. But what was the significance of the boulders?...

All around the world, as the Great Realignment strips away the old reality, there will appear ‘Islands’ - multi-dimensional places - to where consciously tuned in people would be drawn and, as much as possible, protected from the worst of the realigning deluge to come. Those with the emerging Divinicus consciousness, would help establish community groups, and use the remaining time to assist as many as possible to shift into the higher paradigm. These Islands in the Storm would be as ‘arks’ for humanity’s Ascension.

Get the life changing book DIVINICUS...

Where did humanity really come from? Where is he really going to? This book will take you on an enthralling journey: from the deserts of Arizona to the planes of South Africa; from the Garden of Eden to the Big Apple; from ancient Lemuria to the submerged Atlantis. Sharing perspectives into the full magnitude of this interdimensional reality, helps process humanity's ancient karma and activate your spirit-light-body - that which will carry you into the next evolution of humanity in the New 5D Paradigm.

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Here's some fascinating video insight into the mysteries of Goblekli Tepe by the alternative researcher Graham Hancock who wrote the wonderful "Fingerprints of the Gods" book. He speculates on the great flood that destroyed Atlantis and the remnants of the civilisation that then went on to re-establish society immediately after - that Goblekli Tepe is one such site...


A heart-felt pull had drawn me out into the deserts of Arizona. I’d always resonated with the message of the Hopi Elders. They’d spoken of “The Great Purification”, as they’d termed it. What exactly did that mean? As my shaman friend, Ken, and I approached the ancient Hopi settlement of Oraibi, the oldest settlement in America, it was already dusk. We’d driven several hours across wide open plains, a vast untouched landscape, punctuated now and again by the most majestic of mountains. The landscape was speaking to us. As the clouds danced across the heavens, the feeling was other- worldly, transcendent, Ascensionary.

We made first for the Hopi Prophecy Stone, a depiction of how the elders thought mankind’s tenure here on Earth was going. The carving depicts (amongst other things), two possible paths for mankind: one, that of ever increasing technology, leading to sudden oblivion; the other, natural realignment with nature, leading to a renewed life in a renewed world. They spoke of nine signs that would signal the beginning of the Great Purification, the final one being the return of the Blue Star Kachina (a Kachina is what I would interpret as a ‘deva’ - a cosmic soul that unites a particular species or group consciousness). Some believe all nine signs have already been fulfilled; the ninth being the falling to Earth of the space station Skylab in 1979, which looked blue as it came into the atmosphere.

When I heard about this incident, I instantly felt something twinge strongly inside: a deeper meaning, a deeper synchronous message. What spoke to me was 'the falling of the skies'. 'What did that mean?' I wondered. I was reminded of the images I'd seen during my car-crash-incarnation. I sensed some major reconfiguration in our atmosphere taking place, which would radically change the biosphere of our planet. The Hopi spoke of fire. Perhaps it would be 'fire from the sky?' At the time I didn't know, but I knew that if it was important, I'd be shown exactly what it meant, somewhere further down the path.

That night, as we le the stone, for some particular reason we took the wrong dirt track, ending up lost in the middle of the desert, forced to retrace our steps. I was reminded that no mistake is ever a mistake, unless you fail to learn by it. And the Universe will sometimes play games with you, because it ‘wants’ you to step beyond the ego to get some important message or other. So our diverted wanderings in the darkness, through the desert, meant that in exactly the right place, at exactly the right time, a meteor - with shades of blue in it - streaked across the night sky and came down directly in front of us, way off in the distance.

It was one of those divine messages that quickens your pulse and races your breathing. You don’t debate truth as some intellectual pontification: I find this the least inspiring trait of Sapiens...

When the Universe grabs you by the balls however, and asks: “are you getting this one?”, you certainly don’t want to deaden your feelings with some mind-led debate.

And just to be certain I was reading clearly, my trip to the States concluded in Santa Monica, meditating on the beach at dawn, my attention drawn to a brightly lit, morphing ferris wheel. The very last image in the sequence was a blue star. No, I didn’t need to engage in some tiresome debate with the intellect, this was the mother tongue of the Universe speaking loud and clear; there was not one shred of doubt in my being...

All nine signs were already complete and The Great Purification had begun.


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At the time of visiting the Prophecy Stone in Hopi Lands, I didn't understand what they meant by "The Blue Star Kachina" - it being the 9th sign indicating the Great Purification had begun. But I did know that it would lead to "the falling of the skies" - in some way, shape or fashion. It wasn't until I came across the work of Dr Paul LaViolet who'd been exploring the nature of Galactic Superwaves that the penny dropped in one of those Eurka moments. Dr LaViolet had been studying cosmic dust sediment in the Antarctic and Greenland Icesheets and discovered cyclical "pulses" from the galactic core that infuse our solar system every 12,000 years or so. These Galactic Superwaves blanket the sun with cosmic dust, take it into 3 days of darkness before then exploding in a Micronova Event. This to me is the meaning of the "falling of the skies" phraseology that had been gifted to me out of the ether. But my attention really spiked when he described the arrival of the Galactic Superwave as a "Blue Star" in the heavens - the "Blue Star Kachina" as the Hopi termed it (my whole body is shivering as I write!).

This is what prompted me to produce this Openhand Video to bring wider awareness to this critical subject of our times. Is any taking notice? Unfortunately (and by Opposing Consciousness design) people's attentions have been directed to the ongoing machinations of the pandemic. Next it will be the "alien invasions" either come to destroy humanity or save him. Then it will be about "going off planet" to keep the human race alive. When in fact what we really need to discover is our deepest spiritual selves - to stand long on this planet and allow the Great Purification to sweep away the old karmic construct. The whole process will reveal the bright new DIVINICUS, as a divine diamond, forged in the crucible of great transformation.


I flew into Egypt late December 2012, knowing that my trip would in some way coincide with the realignments going on around the solstice. But exactly what, and how, I did not know. Egypt of course, is a fascinating place, not just because of its antiquity and archaeology, but also because of the revolution in 2011. You could say it was at the anvil of a popular uprising across the Middle East. It’s no surprise, the region has always been an energetic convergence point throughout history: it was in this hot- bed bottleneck that Homo Sapiens stepped out of Africa; not to mention where Neanderthal met his demise. I couldn’t help but think the two events were linked: that much of the ethnic conflict in this region - the challenges, the complexities, the intolerances - were all karmic reflections stretching back into Sapiens prehistory, and the ‘marshalling’ of mankind.

It is the foreign currency of tourism that keeps modern-day Egypt afloat. Or at least it used to. The violence of the uprising, and the opportunistic influx of dogmatic religion, have made it a dark, dirty and dangerous place. I’m reminded that when you stir up the sediment at the bottom of the well of grief, the water is going to get distinctly muddy before it clears. Egypt is currently slip-sliding towards the very brink of the abyss. As tourist dollars dry up, there are precious few means for the people to scrape a meagre living, from the dusty and barren desert. Even the very attractions that lure people here, are falling into decay and disrepair. This, the foundation stone of modern civilisation, is a great mirror to all of society:

without exploitation of both the land and the people, the system does not work; and because excessive exploitation depletes the very source of the energy, something ultimately has to give.

Nowhere could you feel it more strongly than on the streets of Cairo. It had become a hotbed of revolutionary protest.

Appropriately, Benevolence had picked for me a beaten up hostel, a hair’s-breadth from the apex of Tahir Square, the centre of much of the unrest. “Thanks!” I inwardly projected. “You’re welcome. What better way to feel and empathise?” came the patient but firm response. I’d walked through war zones before, and this possessed all the latent chemistry to ignite another flaming tinder box: religious zealotry, poverty, frustration, anger, worthlessness, and hopelessness - all essential ingredients of the molotov cocktail. You could drink it in through the air, activating waves of anticipation and nervous expectation. There’s a need to tread very carefully indeed - “Just like walking on eggshells, Grasshopper!”

Somehow, I could feel the link to the pyramids, across the other side of the city, in Giza. It seemed those foundation blocks of modern society had been the source of this division: this control and manipulation, which could only be contained - sarcophagus like - for so long. At some point, no matter how heavy the cofin lid, the agitation of inequity and injustice would shatter it, and toss its broken pieces aside. It felt like what was beginning to happen here in Egypt, was a wider prophecy for modern day society.

Of course the Giza Plateau is visually stunning, that is, once you’ve traversed the festering decay of the broken communities on its doorstep. How the once mighty have fallen! They rightly say: ‘pride comes before a fall’, and pride would have played a considerable part in the construction of such megaliths. I can clearly recall, sitting near the temple of the Sphinx, at the entrance to the Giza Plateau, marvelling, as the busy throng of eager tourists wound their way up to the main attraction: the three pyramids sitting on top of the plateau. The Sphinx was clearly well placed, as the tourists passed reverently by. What an incredible beast to keep watch, to impress and persuade: what could it be saying I wondered?

As the thought wafted into my consciousness, like a stirring desert breeze, I was sitting side-on to the mysterious lion-shaped creature, with the wave of tourists winding upwards behind me. The Sphinx construction is nothing short of miraculous in human terms. It had been cut from the surrounding sandstone bedrock. Apparently, according to modern-day Egyptologists, it had been hewn out with very basic hand cutting tools. The ‘waste’ blocks so cut, were then positioned with rope and pulley, to form the Sphinx temple. Really?

The creators commonly used two hundred tonne blocks, cut with the finest precision, then lifted more than forty feet into the air, supposedly by block and tackle. Really? I find the idea simply incredible. It’s been shown that a team of twenty highly experienced personnel, working with the most advanced modern- day cranes, could not position the blocks in such a way. To me, it is practically certain, that only some form of advanced technology could have performed such a feat. Either early civilisations were much more sophisticated than the history books show, or else we can only speculate, that highly advanced, external ‘help’ must have mastered it. At some later point, surfing the internet and allowing resonant inner feeling to land, this particular penny dropped:

polarity - every atom possesses it. Reverse the polarity through the application of appropriate sound technology and you don’t have to lift a thing. Levitation can happen by reversing polarity within the molecules of the stone. The block is then repelled from the natural polarity of the Earth. It literally lifts itself!

You can just imagine the impact on the already mightily respectful Egyptian population: “Gods” - there would be no other appropriately reverent term. And so what about the Sphinx itself? What message might it convey? It would appear that the original form has been masked with a touch of reworking, by some slightly egotistical Pharaoh! What brings me to say this? Look from the side- on: is it really the face of modern man? It certainly isn’t: the lower jaw protrudes much too far forwards. Indeed, the proportions are more reminiscent of an early human, perhaps even Neanderthal.

Now that’s fascinating when you consider the symbology: the head of an early human on the body of a lion, adorned with the headdress of a cobra. As the endless weave of tourists continued to wind their way upwards behind me, my eyes narrowed, and I slipped back in time. What might the Sphinx have said to the local population as they passed respectfully by?... “We, your gods, have created you. From the humble hominid, we the Serpent People, have made you king of the Beasts.” And of course unsaid, but quietly implied: “We are your masters, bow to us, and we will bestow upon you the divinity you desire.” Why would they not make their way reverently up to the ‘Great Pyramids’?

I’d sat inside the second pyramid at the beginning of the day, to gain some reflective quietness, before the tourists arrived en masse, in their brightly coloured coaches. Unless you’re already half dead, the pyramids simply cannot fail to impress. They’re a stunning testament to incredible building skills, astounding mathematics, and deep cosmological knowledge. Those who built them, were no simple peasants. Far from it: the three main pyramids are aligned exactly with the four cardinal points (North, South, West, East); the proportion of the height to the perimeter of the base, is the exact same as that of the North Pole to the Earth’s equator. How, at the time, could they possibly have known these dimensions?

It gets even more impressive: inner measurements contain not only the mystical gure of pi, but also the speed of light (yes indeed!); and, according to impressive pioneering work by the alternative researcher Robert Bauval, the three pyramids are aligned exactly with the belt of the constellation Orion, as it was in 10,450 BC. This in itself is fascinating for two key reasons. Firstly, contrary to traditional Egyptology, the Sphinx itself was more likely built, not in 2,500 BC, but rather the 11th millennium BC, just after the end of the last Ice Age, as the flood waters receded. It’s been clearly shown in the weathering, which could only have happened through intense rain - exactly the conditions at the end of the Ice Age in the 11th millennium BC.

The second reason, is that in 10,450 BC, the constellation Orion would have been at its lowest point in the sky, in what’s known as “The Precession of the Equinoxes”. Clearly, this was another important milestone to the ancient Egyptians, and whoever guided them.

The pyramids would have been capped in gold, a super conductor of energy, and this is what activated in my awareness next. As I sat in the centre of the second pyramid, millions of tonnes of focussing rock directly above my head, I could feel two distinct effects happening: firstly, there was a low base frequency, which seemed to draw my lower soul vibration down into the earth; secondly, there was a higher frequency, which seemed to separate my higher self, drawing it upwards into the Fourth Density. The effect was probably only a mild ripple of what it would have been, with the gold keystone intact.

To knowingly understand what’s really going on, you’d have to be very sensitive to your energetic field; you’d also need an advanced degree of integration between your higher and lower self. In other words: you’d have to be either enlightened or pretty close to it. If, on the other hand, higher and lower self were not fully integrated, you wouldn’t notice the separating effect; a subtle shift into the higher frequencies would probably feel quite blissful. Plus, you’d activate various healing and psychic gifts - a window would be opened into the ‘heavens’ so to speak. Except this would not be integration with the higher densities - bringing them down inside yourself. It would only be an illusionary bubble, in the Fourth Density. Clever. Very clever indeed.

What about the various ‘star channels’? Cut with pinpoint accuracy, one in particular is directed perfectly down from the constellation Sirius, and another from Draco. Perhaps it was meant as a clue to where the Serpent People - the Annunaki - and others in their ‘alliance’ (a theme I’ll return to later) descended from? Maybe the pyramids were also meant as energy channels and as locating devices for inter-dimensional travel between the star systems?

As these questions and realisations landed, I had the strong urge just to leave. Being in the heart of the pyramid, encased under millions of tonnes of energy-harnessing stone, made me feel pretty unwell. It was like a more intense version of standing directly under an electricity pylon. So I gingerly edged my way back along the very small channels back towards the entrance. Unfortunately, by now, a long line of tourists were scurrying their noisy way, ant-like, through the tiny, claustrophobic corridors towards me. It delayed my exit, and with that, intensified the feeling in my solar plexus.

No doubt about it, I was very much relieved to get out and drink in some fresh air; to feel my field reharmonising, integrating and centring once more; to experience the tightened coils in my gut unwinding and unravelling. It was a welcome relief indeed. Yet, I could imagine that for those already pressurised by a society of control, the activated Fourth Density connection would feel pretty impressive: the frequencies radiating through the pyramid, might well heal the hybrid human body; but it's still a hybrid, with submerged, disempowering frequencies - just as billions are desensitised today, by excito-toxins and electrosmog.

One can only imagine - or regress into - the ceremonies that took place within the pyramids: what light might have been harnessed; what energy channelled through the gold capped apex? Certainly, it would have been enough to propel a soul up out of the body, and thereby out of the dehumanising pain. Thus, I can imagine, the Egyptian 'commoners' would have felt contrastingly quite expanded, and liberated, from their daily toils. Of course they’d be thankful and subservient to the ‘gods’ that had ‘helped’ them. Maybe they thought they’d been rendered divine by the process? It’s a theme I’d witness directly, at first hand, later in the journey.

You have to wonder at the enormity of it: just 13,000 years of technological ‘development’ later - practically the blink of Gaia’s eye - and yet the Serpent has almost complete control over society. Who would have dreamt it?

The Giza Plateau was overcast that day, with an almost reddish smog. But as I was leaving, just for a few minutes, the smog parted directly over the second pyramid, the one in which I’d been sitting; a space opened for a few welcome rays of sunlight. Indeed, it was a curiously shaped hole in the clouds: looking very much like the head of a snake.

Sensing I was about to be shown something important, my attention focussed keenly. As two smaller clouds drifted across the open gap, there was simply no mistaking it: now, with its two eyes staring down from the heavens, the synchronistic pattern in the sky, looked very much like the head of a cobra. My pulse quickened, and as I squinted to look closer, the head morphed into a spacecraft, from which shafts of light were beaming down towards the pyramid’s apex. Yes, it was my perception, but I’d certainly not created it in my mind. It was a higher-dimensional ‘conversation’:

in no uncertain terms, I’d been shown the head of the cobra - exactly what its purpose in society was - and, still, very much is.

The Team made it abundantly clear to me, that the time had come to unwind this unwelcome Intervention, to ‘strike off’ the head of the snake. The knowing was strong in my heart, that Benevolence was gathering to facilitate this. It was also clear from other experiences I’d had in Berlin, that at least some elements of the Opposing Consciousness alliance - the Annunaki, represented by the cobra’s head - were now ready and willing to leave. It seemed they had accepted their destiny to heal, evolve and realign with the Source. ‘But how would that be facilitated?’ I wondered. The Valley of the Kings, containing underground tombs of many of the Pharaohs - those who had so worshipped the Annunaki - beckoned strongly. It was in that direction, that the realigning flow directed me next....

Get the life changing book DIVINICUS...

Where did humanity really come from? Where is he really going to? This book will take you on an enthralling journey: from the deserts of Arizona to the planes of South Africa; from the Garden of Eden to the Big Apple; from ancient Lemuria to the submerged Atlantis. Sharing perspectives into the full magnitude of this interdimensional reality, helps process humanity's ancient karma and activate your spirit-light-body - that which will carry you into the next evolution of humanity in the New 5D Paradigm

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Highly synchronistically this video clip came to me just before posting my lastest DIVINICUS serialisation about the "Snake People" and Egypt - those who engineered modern Homo Sapiens (see above). The video is about humans with elongated heads that have been found in various places across the planet, from Peru to Malta to China. I have direct knowing of these kinds of incarnations from past personal experiences on Malta. They are hybridised DNA "elite" humans - created by the Annunaki to control civilisation.

What we need to be aware of, is the story that's now being presented: Just as the pandemic propaganda machine is in full swing to control human perceptions, so is the presentation of the Ancient Annunaki as Humanity's "Benevolent" seeding ancestors. I have the clear perception that they'll be re-presented further down the line as humanity's ET "saviours" as we approach the culmination of the Earth Shift - "saviours" as in relocating people off planet in what will actually be the culmination of the soul "harvest" - the further enslavement of human souls.

Notice in the video how the perception of the these ancient architects is being sugar-coated. Unfortunately this is widespread in the mainstream spiritual media. And why, whenever you get remotely close to the actual truth, your work is threatened and heavily censored. Let's be clear: intentional manipulation of human DNA to get the hybridised slave species Homo Sapiens was definitely NOT in human interests!

This is something we've explored in detail for the upcoming Ikonic Documentary: "Intervention and the Galactic Superwave", due out later this summer.

For now, here's the highly distorted (to my mind!) view of Homo Sapiens Ancient Ancestors. Be wary!...

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Dear Open ,

Points to note was how Gregg Braden and the Sarah lady seem to be reptilian. And how the scientist looking at the genetics is from Torus Tech (  14:45 min) . Maybe ,the video is showing us how the genetics of this species is being realigned . 



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What I noticed was how they're trying to bring forwards a picture of the Annunaki, Orions and Pleiadians in one ("happy") family that seeded humanity - blurring the truth so as to create a more acceptable past. But the truth will out. No matter what.

To be clear, in my knowing, the Pleiadians were tasked in the time of Lemuria to benevolently seed Original Humans, around 1-6 million years ago. This was inline with the natural way the soul of humanity was yearning to evolve. But then along came the intervention of Annunaki with the enslaved Orion Greys in tow, that together with the reptilians, formed an alliance which took control of the Original Human population and downgraded them to Homo Sapiens - against the natural harmony of life. This is what we're working to realign now.

Open 🙏

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I'd say that to come to peace with what's taken place in humanity's past and the down-grading hybridisation that's been orchestrated, is to understand and empathise with the Annunaki and why they did what they did - also why the Intervention continues to do what it does today. This is the perspective I worked to bring to the new documentary "Intervention and the Galactic Superwave" that Ikonic will be releasing in August.

Imagine time and time again your society being obliterated by catastrophe cycles that you've misinterpreted as a "vengeful God". Imagine your heart, your dreams and creations being torn apart every 12,000 years or so. Yet progressively you develop the technology to build an increasingly resilient society that can "ride the storm". If that society was all pulling in the same direction, like a super efficent ant colony, then you just might be able to ride the storm by going off planet for example. Hence the DNA changing virus, hence the collectivised propaganda, hence the space race etc etc. What they believe they're doing is creating a way to ride out these cycles. The problem being that you're creating and manipulating ever more in order to bring forth a very narrow view - one that is disconnected from the natural cycle of life, of death and rebirth. The former way (that of the Intervention), builds identity and limitation with physicality. The latter builds transcendence and therefore eternal life and freedom. The former makes you contract down in fear and control; the later helps you open up in joy, freedom and love. But at least we might be able to understand and empathise with why they did it.

Open 🙏


It was around 5pm, Friday evening, at my new home in Glastonbury. It was the end of January 2006, and the rent was due promptly on Monday morning. The trouble was, we didn’t have a bean to bless ourselves with, let alone the mountainous £700 cost of the rent. I’m sure you can empathise: even if you’ve not been there, it’s one of those classic situations that can make the Sapiens in you squirm, in this world of deadlines and debt. What could we do? I had to rediscover what walking the spiritual path truly meant: how a heart-felt pull can guide you, moment by moment, and just what authentic manifestation is really all about. To do it, I’d need to call on the Christ Consciousness and, who knows, maybe even JC himself!

Most people in society are so closed down, so inwardly suppressed, that tightness to the world’s broken promises, dreams and expectations gets inwardly compacted, like layers of silt at the bottom of a meandering stream. But when we let the light in, it stirs up the sediment, and reclaims the lost nuggets of soul gold, that have long been buried there. Each internal confrontation will come with a degree of challenge and pain, as the sediment activates and washes away. But the reintegration of those lost aspects of you, becomes totally sublime. I’m sure you’ve been there: waves of relief, remembrance and joy, remind you of that home-coming feeling; a familiar, accepting and totally natural sense of you. I ask you...what could be better?

As I’d discovered earlier on the path, in order to truly experience this as a way of life, a threshold has to be crossed - there has to be complete surrender to the divine. And for this to happen, a fundamental realisation has to be made). It is not one we can simply make with the mind. We may get a whisp of what ‘walking the spiritual path’ means beforehand. But to truly ‘get it’, we have to dive headlong into the raging torrent of life, with abandon, so that it literally takes your breath away.

As I sat wondering how to pay the rent, I was remembering this fundamental realisation: that whatever objectives, desires, ambitions or dreams we may have in the outer world, these are merely the effects of internal configurations of consciousness; they are merely mirrors to our inner self. If we spend our lives trying purposefully to shape the external world, according to some mind-led agenda, then the expectation will always fall short of the Universe’s authentic purpose for us. Or, worse still, our e orting might pull in the unwanted attention of Opposing Consciousness. A close connection with the Team a confirmed it for me...

There is but one purpose to every moment. Irrespective of what temporary objective you may be utterly engrossed in, there is always one underlying reason: everything is connected by threads of consciousness, One Self, seeking to experience itself through every soul. Each is a piece of a universal mosaic, and every moment configures perfectly around the purpose of self-realisation. Creation is there to reveal an aspect of truth, about yourself, to yourself. And there is absolutely nothing else going on. Ever!

As this remembrance settled once more, it turned the life into which I had incarnated, literally on its head, so I could shake out any remaining cobwebs. It meant I could approach each moment in a new way. There was no longer winning or losing. There was no right or wrong. ‘Black’ and ‘white’ had merged into the grey areas of life - the blind spots - for which I now had to take responsibility. Abandoning the inner inquiry of the moment, to a system of ideas, beliefs and blindfolded conditioning, would no longer suffice.

It was time, once more, to own the awesome sovereignty of the constant conscious choice.

This creative creature in the heart of all people, is what I’ve come to respect, admire and cherish as the “Christ Consciousness” - our own personal Messiah. It can light the grey areas of our inner world, illuminating the choices that need to be made. It is to move beyond judgment, for judgment only ever ties us to the old reality, just as outward-projected-blame only ever holds us down. By the Law of Attraction, we’ve drawn to ourselves every facet of our lives - the good, the bad and the ugly. is is so we can keep making those judgments, until we realise they no longer serve. And the only way to move through, is to accept the life we create.

The outer drama, no matter how challenging, we manifested because of our own inner darkness. So we must look into the mirror, observe ourselves honestly in the cold light of day, then figure out what judgement of life might have created the current experience we’re having.

And I’d say: we also need to expand our understanding of what ‘judgment’ really means. It’s not just about blaming or adversely criticising someone else. It’s also when we hold some kind of limiting opinion about life itself. It’s an internally fixed relationship to reality, around which we inadvertently create attached dramas - eddy currents of the Original Mistakes previously shared. So for example: “I’ve got an old injury in my neck which is an incredible pain (the Pain of Existence). If I exercise, it’s just going to make it worse, so I’d better not.” And so the injury is semi-permanently cemented in our consciousness, and therefore limits our experience by a fixed opinion of it. It’s just another example of an unconscious blind spot forming.

As I was carefully lowering myself into incarnation, I was experiencing both the joy and the pain, knowing I had to allow myself to experience the full depth of feeling: the immense joy of interconnectivity, but then feeling the suffering of another, as if it is your own. The sweet and the sour, often come hand in hand. By giving yourself intimately into every experience, without forming some limiting opinion of it, then you can feel more not less. You’re never restricted from life’s fullness.

When we can accept both the pleasure and the pain, without ownership or rejection, that’s when we’re beginning to taste the real juice of life. It’s another key signal that we’re evolving from Sapiens to Divinicus, and activation of the Christ Consciousness helps us do it.

The Christ Consciousness ignites in the heart when we can be totally accepting of the moment. And synchronistically, at this point, I started encountering people following the Christian path. It soon illuminated for me the perverse paradox of the Christian religion:

“I am the way, the truth and the light, no one comes to the father but through me.”

I cannot believe, for one moment, that any being as evolved as Jesus - one truly carrying the Christ Consciousness - would have said that. For in itself, it is a gross judgment, not only of the path, which has thus been rendered as a singular way, but of anyone else not walking a Christian path. Which, in itself, is just not, well, Christian!

I pondered if somehow it was a mistranslation? And then a synchronous ‘chance’ encounter, yielded another interpretation:

‘I am’ IS the way to the truth and the light. No one comes to the father but through the ‘I am’.

Now this I found interesting, because it would bring Christianity right into line with Buddhism, for example (and no doubt countless other religions and spiritual practices). What it surely means is to look into the outer world and embrace the ‘I am’ within it - ‘I am that which I have created.’ It is only by such acceptance of reality, that you can slowly but surely, bit by bit, lose the sense of separation from all; lose the judgment that creates the small ‘I’. us we drop into the Void of non-identification, the place of in nite potential - the sense of presence that is the ‘father’ of all authentic experience. It was clear to me, that non-judgment must be the only way to become the ‘father’ - to truly become the One.

Neither does non-judgment mean the wishy washy acceptance of ‘anything goes’. It has to be so much more than an intellectual idea of letting go. I came to observe, frequently in spiritual circles, that some groups advocate ‘dropping the hot coals’ - but before they ever truly allowed themselves to feel the heat of the moment. So you become that which is attached to non-attachment. It’s like a fail-safe trip switch has been installed internally: “Oh that feels hot, that’s uncomfortable, better drop those hot coals instantly, so everything feels cool again.” I’d realised through my own previous ‘mistakes’, that this is not the way to true non-attachment. It leads, instead, to a life of denial.

I recall my very first firewalk: I’d been directed to focus intently on the far side and walk purposefully across the glowing red coals; I’d heard in other practices, you focus the mind on something like wet moss, for this is about mind over matter. What a disappointment! All that emotive, soul-stirring build up, and it was over in a ash - I hardly felt a thing. I resolved the time would be different:

the jembe so ened me deeply into the rhythm of the moment, my body gently rocking, a dance that guided me slowly out into the middle of the coals. Breath drew the intense heat of the re-deva up into my body, cleansing and burning away that which didn’t belong. And there, right in the middle of those burning red jewels, as I worked to transcend any inner retraction, a young shaman came to me from a reservation in Taos, New Mexico. I’d witnessed him earlier that year, performing a Native American corn dance. A bond had formed between us: “nothing to fear brother, dance with me and drink in the juice of life!”

This is what the so called ‘non-dualists’ out there are missing.

It’s another ‘mistake’ - a misunderstanding of the eastern teachings - which I started to encounter quite frequently. e Void of the Absolute - and the divine experience that flows from it - can only be experienced by so opening into the full flavour of the moment. ere can only ever be an experience at all, if there is relativity - there still has to be the sense of ‘this’ and ‘that’. So what I o en see going on, is a quasi-denial of the relativity, and in so doing, dropping into an isolated bubble of non-attachment: of intellectual Enlightenment.

It’s dropping the hot-coals just as soon as there’s a prickle of heat. us, they don’t truly feel the soul and the magical path of light that unfolds from it. You can only do this when you keep dropping truly into the Void of emptiness – of in nite potential. And since the Void is to be found in and through all things, you can only experience it by surrendering completely into all experience:

you have to feel, not just the early prickle, but the blazing heat of the moment so that you become totally one with it.

Then you simply fall into the Void, through the heat, and authentic experience arises from it. All of this was quickly falling back into my awareness, as my own resurrection unfolded. I knew it was the Christ Consciousness - the Messiah within - that can help unravel attachment, and align us with the natural ow - through this ‘crucifixion’ of life’s materiality.

And so it was, as I’d eased myself back into the ery heat of life, it le me one Friday evening at my new home in Glastonbury, unable to pay the rent: now see how easily you get owned by those beads of sweat, as they trickle down your forehead! Yes I could feel the inner contraction, that earlier down the path, would have been experienced as fear and flapping. But now, instead, I knew to feel the vestiges of fear and so enter into it, to feel through it. And if I truly did this, I’d open into the Void of in nite potential again; whereupon, something would arise – an expression of authentic beingness - that would light the way.

What I came to experience, time and again, is that if I surrendered to this natural directional impulse of life, then the Universe would always provide me a ‘vehicle’ through which to express (I’m using ‘vehicle’ here, in the widest possible sense of the word). There will always be some event, circumstance or experience, that would enable you to express an aspect of truth about yourself. What’s more, such authentically aligned expression would always be resourced by the Universe in some way. ere would always be the fuel for it. I think Paulo Coelho, in his wonderful book ‘The Alchemist’, phrased it:

“when you follow your heart, the Universe works for you”.

Based on countless experiences, I totally concur.

So I was sitting at the kitchen table, feeling the last vestiges of fear and using breath to help soften into it... “follow the thread of consciousness and the Universe will always nd you a vehicle through which to express.” Bingo! Why not sell my car? It was a bit of a button pusher: in this realm of density, a car, after all, does provide a sense of freedom...“freedom is a feeling you have inside.” Yes indeed! Of course I know that. So I let go of the physical need for freedom, upon which, I found myself expanding blissfully inside...

You see, this is the point: what’s going on in every moment of life, is a co-creative flow, that at a higher level, you’ve already subscribed to. And the purpose is what? Yes... “to reveal an aspect of truth about yourself to yourself.” So you’ve already subscribed to a higher learning vehicle, with others; which is some kind of abstract contemplation of the nature of reality. Within the new Divinicus design, there will be a flow of this energy, that interacts with your etheric bodily vehicles, to shape the external reality around you. In fact, Divinicus or not, you already are shaping your reality, just with the blockages and resistant eddy currents built in. As you are inside, so you manifest into the outer world.

This particular ‘vehicle’ of higher realisation, was the exploration of divine trust: of non-judgmental discernment; and also, the true nature of resource. This last one, for me, was particularly poignant. Often we may think we have no money to do ‘this’ or ‘that’, and yet we still own resources. As I steadily transitioned from my old life filled with material possessions, the stuff I didn’t need was traded for ‘energy’ that I did. The Team a confirmed it for me:

if you own something, then you have resources, you have energy, which can be ‘transmuted’ into some other form.

In this case, I needed money!

So I decided to sell the car. I say ‘decide’, but a choice didn’t need to be made. It simply became obvious:

committing to the path of self realisation means the choices simply make themselves. A path of light unfolds before you.

So the question landed, “how best shall I sell the car?” As I’d already encountered in this dense place, the mind wants to answer such questions quickly. As Sapiens, we’ve been conditioned in society to having to produce some instant answer. Being wishy washy is not something that gets rewarded in the matrix!

As with many people, the bodymind I came into, has a powerful, logical, and very active lower mind - it can be quite a slippery snake, frequently wanting to own the show. So my abstract higher contemplation, about the nature of resource, trusting the flow, and manifesting a ‘vehicle’ of expression, instantly became: “Let’s sell the car on the internet, where millions will see it.” is was the logical thing to do. It would offer the best opportunity of selling the car quickly, recognising that the rent was due in only three days.

First though, was the unglamorous side: I needed to wash the car, which nevertheless, I did with enthusiasm (after all, I was in the ow, the divine was creating with me). Next, was taking the photograph. Angling the lens and playing with the settings, the perfect shot presented itself, except just at that moment, a dark cloud passed overhead. I’d have to wait and try again. As the sky cleared, and I clicked the shot once more, once again, I was thwarted: the batteries ran out! Now normally in society, we don’t read any deeper significance to the flow of such events. The Sapiens in us would simply head o to the nearest store, where there are bound to be more batteries; especially in a world which has been configured purposefully for instant consumeristic gratification. I came to realise:

this is what Sapiens is designed for - it’s what he’s meant to do.

However, resisting any temptation to close down and accept some lower-life compromise, I could feel instead, the clearly recognisable, higher educational pattern of deeper significance beginning to kick in. I wasn’t supposed to photograph the car. The synchronicity was obvious, even if the reason and next possibility were not. How did that feel? Together with a degree of nervousness, it simply felt right. So I asked the question: “What would you have me do now?” And the feeling was unequivocal - I should get in the car and drive.

Again, Divinicus always has to watch for when the mind of Sapiens wants to take the driving wheel and own the ride. Remember: trust is the key to this healing process. So I’m driving down the road, and my mind is already guring out what it thinks I’m supposed to be doing next: “Yes, you’re meant to be going to your usual parking place, that’s obviously the direction in which you’re heading.” I’m sure you recognise this in yourself, at least sometimes - the mind adding two and two but getting five. Except this time, unusually, there was nothing free at my usual parking place... “That’s strange," I found myself thinking. Deeper significance was surely at play.

Once again, I needed to open the internal space, around which the lower mind always wants to contract with some overriding and premature solution. When we do this, the spontaneous knowing of higher mind can effortlessly kick back in...

It has to be effortless, otherwise like so , open petals at dusk time, it simply closes down.

This simple ‘knowing’ guided me to take the next left. Driving up an incline, a car pulled out in front of me, making a sudden u-turn in the middle of the road. My attention was drawn to the number plate, with JC as the last two letters. There was a very clear feeling to follow the car. I laughed to myself... “If JC wants to help me sell my car, well then I’m open!” Despite the joke, I was clearly receiving a powerful remembrance of the Christ Consciousness, and how to work with it:

how to keep opening into the heart; holding back the contractions of lower mind; and feeling one’s divine destiny.

So I followed JC back down the road, next right, past my house and then le into Glastonbury High Street. The heart-felt pull was unequivocal. And as I’m driving down the High Street, suddenly a car pulls out with its hazard lights blinking. It swerved between me and JC. Somehow, I just knew the parking space it vacated was for me. So without hesitation I pulled in. “What next” I thought?... “Easy. Park up, and put a price on it.”

It certainly wasn’t the solution lower mind was comfortable with. After all, this was Glastonbury High Street: a small town, where most people have not too much money, and you don’t sell cars e ortlessly in just a couple of days. Still, the guidance was unequivocal, and yet again, I found the will to hold back the instant assumptions and conclusions of the Sapiens mind. I found some paper, a pencil, and wrote down my phone number, together with the price of £700 – what I’d paid for the car a year earlier, and synchronistically what I now needed for the rent. I simply knew I was in the flow - these ‘coincidences’ don’t happen by chance. Now, feeling optimistic, I stuck the ‘For Sale’ sign in the windscreen and walked back home.

I didn’t have to wait long for a response. The very next morning, around 9am, I got a phone call... “I’ve seen your car for sale. Can I come over and chat about it?” “Sure! Come right over, we’re at No.9 just around the corner.” A few minutes later, a knock at the door announced his arrival. As the door swung open and our eyes connected, it was one of those ‘aha’ moments, like déjà vu. Each of us was able to look with total transparency, past the eyes, and deep into the soul. It was self evident: we had encountered each other in a past life. There was that unmistakable, deep sense of heart-felt connection. I could hear the pennies dropping, even as we began to speak...

It’s never about selling cars or any other kind of outcome. It’s always about how are you being now? What’s your highest expression of beingness? How easily might your soul be sold, because you’re focussed on some expected or needed outcome?

So an intense dialogue ensued for the next two hours. Many deep revelations and sharings took place. It was clearly one of those ‘sacred contracts’ that people speak of in spiritual circles: a destined exchange, designed to help each to unfurl something important. For me, it was all about watching subtle eagerness for lower mind to own the show; an ever-so-slight contracting down, believing that all parts of the puzzle had landed before they truly had. I was able to engage, but so en into this exposed contraction - a subtle one that I could clearly feel inside (It’s these blind spots that allow in the Intervention of Opposing Consciousness in some way. In this case: over-energising the logic function of the Sapiens mind).

Then, just as that constriction had unwound itself, the conversation came to an abrupt and synchronistic halt (as if I needed the reminder that the inner shapes the outer perfectly). We looked at each other for just a moment, which seemed to expand to eternity. Two souls had formed a mutually supporting feedback loop, that carried us experientially all the way back to the Source. Then suddenly, and in harmony, we both expressed together: “What about the car!” We laughed at the merry dance the divine had taken us upon.

What happened next was priceless. Precious. A sheer blessing. He reached inside his jacket, pulled out an envelope and slapped £700 down on the kitchen table... “I’ll take the car,” he confidently announced.“But don’t you want to test drive it and check it out?” I inquired. “No need, I trust you.” Amazing. Awesome. Tears welled up. Of course: we’d connected across time, travelled through life and death experiences together. The car had been a vehicle for our reconnection and deeper integration. It seemed right that we exchange. There was no need to deliberate. We could both simply feel it. ‘This is divine manifestation at its purest,’ I thought. ‘Why can’t it always be like this?’...

‘It can. As long as you keep lower mind open long enough, for the soul to flow through, to generate its mutually creative feedback loops, then miracles like this will simply happen all the time. Try and stop them!’

As the guy was leaving with the keys and registration document, I had one nal question: “What caused you to see the car in the first place?” I was fascinated at the heavenly play of the divine.“Oh yes, I was camping at a site the other side of the Tor. I’m feeling to live in Glastonbury. Your car was parked right outside the first estate agent I came to - And, I also needed a car!” When two or more people are reading from such a ‘divine script’ – the natural ordering flow – then you get poetry in motion.

It was an experience I would never forget, one that would carry me well, along the winding road ahead. Not to mention, I could now pay the rent!

So it was the inquisitive interplay of the Divinicus higher mind, that had facilitated this (almost) incredible sequence of events; followed by an activation of the ‘Christ Consciousness’, as a heart- felt pull. This often comes with the unravelling of any kind of fixed opinion about the moment, any kind of contraction, and too early focussing by the untrusting Sapiens mind.

What has this to do with the spiritual craze of ‘envisioning’, ‘intentioning’ and ‘manifesting’ the things you want?...

Zip. Zero. Zilch. Nada. Nothing! Yes, you may create something that way, because all is consciousness and connected by focussing threads; but it’ll be an illusionary construct, a false reality, that’ll surely leave you floundering in some side-tracked eddy current.

Of course, it’s ultimately fear-based – not trusting in the natural flow of life. I wonder, what could be better than the kind of miraculous flow I’ve described in my story? What do you feel when everything is guided for you and clicks magically into place like this? For me, there’s simply nothing to compare. It’s priceless:

as if the whole Universe is coming into alignment, just for you.

Surely this is the true meaning of abundance? And all you really have to do, is open your heart and let it ow in.

To me, this was the real lesson of Jesus, who I believe embodied the Christ Consciousness admirably. Throughout his life, he demonstrated the utmost importance of making the higher choice, at whatever personal cost. Even to his crucifixion, Jesus wore his heart on his sleeve, saying...

‘This is the way to divinity. is is the way to Divinicus.’

I thanked him profusely for his re-acquaintance in this dense physical plane. In the journey that was drawing me ever deeper, the Messiah within, would prove utterly essential, in many a tight spot to follow.


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Open your mind for a moment, and contemplate the stark staring obvious:

We are the most evolved creature on the planet, yet without the iron lung the matrix provides, we are by far the least adapted to living on Earth – at least as nature designed it. Take away all of the things Sapiens has come to depend upon in society, unplug the life support for a moment, and many wouldn’t even make it through a few cold nights.

It struck me how amazing it is that Sapiens is so incompatible with the natural order of life on this planet; yet so challenged is he by the natural eco-systems that thrive here. He is so unnatural, and yet, has 97% the same DNA as a chimpanzee. No wonder the Darwinians assumed a straight evolutionary unfolding from apes to humans. And I agree, the Sapiens past must have quite a degree of common ancestry with the apes. However, one hurdle to the straightforward, path of natural selection, stands blatantly – like a sore thumb - in the way. This hurdle is carefully concealed at the heart of our cells, and although microscopic, the truth it reveals is immense - Earth shatteringly immense. What I’m speaking of, has the power not just to challenge the traditional science, but to unravel it. This ticking-time-bomb for the natural selection story, is carefully concealed within our chromosomes.

A metaphor of the ‘tree of life’ springs to mind: if genes represent the leaves of the metaphoric tree of human life, then chromosomes are the twigs that the leaves hang upon. Each cell within Homo Sapiens has 46 chromosomes, 23 matching pairs of twigs, one half from the mother, the other half from the father. All great apes and hominids, from which we’re supposed to have naturally evolved, have 48 chromosomes; yet we have only 46. Traditional Science explains this curiosity with the fairly flippant answer, that the 2nd and 3rd chromosomes in each of the paternal and maternal lineages must have become fused at some point during our ‘ascent’ from the apes. And indeed, under a microscope, it’s clear that these chromosomes have been fused. But how? “Spontaneous mutation” - the evolutionists strongly insist, as they push this unwelcome truth gingerly back under the evolutionary rug.

So I began to contemplate deeply, the likelihood of this lynch pin in the Darwinian story. My thinking went something like this: All humans have 46 chromosomes. In all of us, the 2nd and 3rd chromosomes are fused together, both in the paternal and maternal lineages. Yet here’s the crunch, that hit me as hard as a hammer:

this chromosome fusing is not what makes Sapiens human, and offers no natural evolutionary advantage, yet all humans have the mutation. How is that possible?

My journey through the plane of the intellect quickened. For the natural selection story to be true, it would mean that, somewhere in Sapiens ancestry - in some missing hominid link - the mutation would have to have occurred spontaneously, in the egg cells of one of their off-spring. It’s further complicated by the fact that this ‘shift ’ is not just one mutation, but two: the 2nd and 3rd chromosomes are fused in both the paternal and maternal lineages. Assuming they didn’t happen simultaneously - because that wouldn’t be step-by- step natural selection - then the Sapiens genome must have passed through a stage where all humans had 47 chromosomes - that is for the mainstream view to hold water. Yet we don’t see any history of successfully breeding humans with 47 chromosomes, only the double mutation of 46 that we see today.

And because you don’t find any Homo Sapiens with 48 chromosomes, then somehow, this very curious, very rare, and very complex mutation sequence, would never-the-less, had to have succeeded, even though it offers no natural evolutionary advantage.

Quite the contrary - in fact, the mutation is a natural evolutionary disadvantage: for successful breeding to happen at all, the chromosomes of two breeding parents must ‘line up’. Although sexual reproduction would not have been impossible between a ‘48er’ and ‘46er’, it’s been clearly shown, that when successful, such hybridisation tends to lead to miscarriages, genetic disorders and infertility; in a similar way to Down’s syndrome for example.

In other words:

the fitness for survival would have been extremely low.

Maybe then, some unnatural hybridisation - some intervention - is one of the key reasons why humanity is so highly evolved and yet is so unhealthy, with so many genetic disorders? Disorders - such as infertility - that would seem to be strongly on the increase. It occurred to me (and surely it must to you too) that this is not the measure of a successful and natural evolution.

However, because it's so prominent in the mainstream theory - so embedded within our conditioning - let's consider the natural selection possibility of this 'spontaneous mutation' (of the chromosomes) a while longer. At the outset, once you had a creature with the mutated 46 chromosomes (which seems completely unnatural in itself), there would have been only a 50:50 chance for the mutation to be passed onto the offspring when interbreeding with the 48er stock species - half would express the 48er configuration, likewise the 46er. And considering the 48er would have been the most genetically aligned and strong, over time, the likelihood is that the 46er mutation would have been mostly bred out. It begs the extremely inconvenient question:

so where are all the modern humans with 48 chromosomes?

For the mainstream natural selection view to be true, all modern humans must have descended with 46 chromosomes from one original being, despite being the weaker configuration. Unless that is, they’re arguing that the mutations happened in one breeding male, and one breeding female, in the same location and time - then the mutation would propagate. But think about it for a moment, the odds of this happening, are so incredibly low, as to make it practically impossible: two identical mutations, (that in themselves are extremely rare and difficult) happening in the same place and time, to one male and female egg, that then safely grew to maturity (in very unsafe times); that just happened to meet, reproduce and give birth to the entire human race. How likely is that?

But here’s the other crunch, the other flat-liner to the natural selection lifeline: for the mainstream view to be true, because you get no modern humans with 48 chromosomes, all others from the stock species must have then, by some ‘natural means’ died out, despite having the strongest genetic stock. And in case you’d somehow forgotten:

the chromosome mutation is not what makes Sapiens human and offers no natural evolutionary advantage whatsoever - in fact, it is an evolutionary disadvantage.

For the stronger species to just mysteriously vanish, is not natural evolution - it’s not natural selection. You could argue perhaps (as some mainstream scientists do), that during some cataclysmic global event, the evolving humans were thinned down to a small group - miraculously the group with this very unlikely mutation. And you could even argue that the dominant alpha male (who just happened to be the one with the mutation) impregnated all the breeding females in this one, very ‘blessed’ tribe. Of course the odds are thinning all the time. But even if theses events were remotely possible, this very fortunate alpha male with 46 chromosomes, would still have fathered offspring with 48.

This very inconvenient truth, doesn’t even end here. There are nine other - seemingly insurmountable - hurdles for the evolutionists to conquer. In nine other chromosomes, there’s been what’s termed an ‘inversion’. As I understand it, our chromosome ‘twig’ on the tree of life, has a top, a middle and a bottom. An inversion is where the middle, for some particular reason, breaks apart, rotates through 180 degrees and reconnects again. Curious. Very curious.

The evolutionists once more argue, that this happened by spontaneous mutation. But the argument still doesn’t escape the fact that there’s no natural evolutionary advantage - these inversions are a reproductive hurdle. Why is it then, that all humans - all Sapiens - have not just a few, but all nine of these identical inversions?

For the natural selection model to still hold any kind of water, these inversions had to happen sequentially - one at a time. And with each progressive inversion, there’s still the 50:50 chance that the previous chromosome configuration (without the mutation) would thrive - especially since it’s genetically more aligned. Yet there are no Homo Sapiens without all nine inversions. How, by natural selection, is that possible?

So let me spell out what is now – surely – entirely obvious: it is practically a mathematical certainty, that Homo Sapiens did not evolve - by natural selection - from the apes! The great ape genetics must have been used as the foundation stock for our species, yes, but for these ten ‘mutations’ to have happened at all, they had to be engineered that way. Yes, let me say it again, so that the energy and reality of it can land fully home:

for these ten ‘mutations’ to have happened at all, they had to have been engineered that way.

There’s no other viable explanation. These chromosome changes were engineered. And as this realisation dawned deeply in my awareness, it also, practically simultaneously, initiated the very obvious question... “Engineered by whom, how, and why?”

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In reply to by Open


When you consider the chromosome count, of how Homo Sapiens mysteriously lept from 48 chromosomes in Great Apes to 46 in Humans, it becomes a no-brainer that these weren't natural mutations. It's a minimum of 4 SIMULTANEOUS changes that happened all at once - 2 in a male and the same 2 in a female. But even then, the two new humans had to have been in the same time and place for all modern humans to then descend with 46 chromosomes. And it would have taken a great deal of engineering for the 2nd and 3rd chromosomes to mysteriously join - especially when you consider this is an evolutionary disadvantage because it causes infertility and genetic disorder.

The great alternative researcher Lloyd Pye described the odds of this chromosome "mutation" happening by chance as... simliar to a Tornado ripping through a scap heap and creating a 747 jet.

If you're intrigued, read more in the serialisation today (scroll above) and consider getting the book -
it is for sure a fascinating and illuminating inquiry!

Open 💙🙏