The Purpose of Set-backs...4 Strategies to Quickly Bounce Back

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From time to time everyone is going to experience set-backs on the Spiritual Path. Maybe you put all your energy behind a particular project but it didn't work out; maybe you thought the flow was heading in a particular direction but it changed; maybe relationships didn't grow as you hoped they might. And so we hit this 'crunch moment', where the light of day reveals a new, hidden, truth. One that potentially floors you. But there's an important reason why such things happen. The point is, not how hard they hit us, but how we deal with them, and then get back up and get going again. There's a way to always take something positive...

Where light breaks into the darkness 'eddy currents' form

We live in a system of control that uses logic, resources and efforting to make particular outcomes happen. Since that system is based on predictability, and since it owns most of the logistical resources, then there is a general tendency for this logic to work (for now). Hence practically 7 billion people buy into it.

However a great consciousness shift has begun to take place on the Earth, meaning the old structures will increasingly break apart as a New 5D Paradigm emerges based more on trust and connection with the natural flow of the universe (living in 5D's how).

This process mirrors the greater macrocosmic one of light breaking into darkness. Where this happens, you get lots of grey areas, lots of eddy currents as the darkness resists the inflow of light. You might consider it like a stream flowing down a mountain which hits boulders, blockages and crevasses, that cause eddy currents to form. The flow has been temporarily retarded.

The flow reconstitutes itself, but in a different way

This is one key reason why set-backs will most certainly happen. You've connected up to the universal flow, you can feel that synchronistic magic guiding your thoughts and feelings. It all looks like it's going to stack up the way your intuition is speaking to you. But then 'crunch', the flow hits that eddy current, and the 'surfer is knocked off the board'. So it doesn't turn out the way guidance 'told you' it would. It can cause a serious dent in one's trust in the divine. How do you quickly bounce back from such situations?

You can do it by recognising one fundamental truth - that should the flow hit such a blockage, progressively more and more universal energy is directed into the blockage to unravel it. The flow reconstitutes itself in a different way. The invitation is to let go of the way it was in the past, and quickly pick up the threads of the new reality beginning to take shape.

Here are 4 interlinked strategies to quickly bounce back and pick up the new flow...

4 strategies to quickly bounce back from set-backs

1) The first thing is to realise that although we are meant to create things, situations and circumstances, they're more a reflection of what we're being, rather than needing a particular outcome itself. The purpose of the flow is to reveal you as the divine - unattached to anything in particular.

2) That said, fundamental expression of you as a soul, happens in the very things we commit to. And if we don't commit with gusto and passion, then we don't unveil those wonderful gifts of will, courage and creativity for example. So there's still a requirement to focus on the possible creations that present to us.

3) It's essential to realise there's always something to learn from such set-backs. Where do you get tight? Where do you lose the sense of the big, "Cosmic Self" and become the small, victimised identity? Where this happens, feel into and break through the limitation (in the way we've shared in the Openhand Breakthrough Approach).

4) Finally, and most important of all, as soon as you possibly can, unwind your tightness, expand out again and once more connect up, with that almighty statement... "show me!" You ask the universe to reveal where the flow is heading now. If you trust, soften and expand, the flow will build past the blockage and sweep you up with it once more.

Get back up, dust yourself off, and start creating again

I observe the above approach offers a most effective possibility of quickly dealing with such set-backs. You must get yourself back up, dust yourself off, work to find your trust and enthusiasm once more, then get right back on with the process of living and creating.

Anyone who was ever successful at anything, will tell you they had hard times to endure and work through. Nothing that was ever truly worth having, ever came easily.

I can practically guarantee, that if you can actually break through the challenge in this way, you will most definitely connect up to a new flow, harness that through your life, and start to create something positive again...

In loving support

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Hi Anatoly,

Of course, as you know, spirit is in all places.
And there you are, in the corporate world.
It's fortunate for those around you!


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I know this is not sexy talking about corporate world but that's where I find myself now. Dealing with the corporate world, I find that a lot can be learned about myself, the current situation and the coming Shift. It offers a great mirror to see where I get tight about a particular outcome and how to work through this. Ultimately, it is beyond my control to get a specific outcome. It feels like being in the war zone with blockages and eddy currents - perfect mirror of our 3D reality on Earth. At the same time, I see people holding on to the old ways, being overly protective, creating blockages and it feels like the structure is going to self implode on itself.

I guess i might as enjoy the show being in the front row seat. Plus, in all of this i can still be myself and see where i get tight about the unknown and maybe how i express myself. I do have to be careful not to be too caught up in this as it easily happens for me.   It gets a bit cloudy in the mental plane - a challenging place for me. The only way I can be truly committed to is a flow of my soul and when it comes fully into the view - there is no no stopping Me.




I felt to post this one again today, as a reminder to us all, it's not that when we get on the spiritual path everything will be 'love and light', smelling of roses all the time! There most definitely will be set-backs. The real question is not will they happen, but how to deal with them when they do.

So do check out the article again today if you need a reminder, and do share your experiences of breaking through set-backs - it's a great inspiration to others.


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I totally resonate with this article but would add that taking a well deserved break to relax and unwind is totally appropriate sometimes especially after an intense setback. Just coming back from La Palma intense retreat and facilitator course, in the plane writing this after chilling out with  a can ice cold bear ... oh Yeah! 

Not sure if this is appropriate to express here, but what the heck!  I think we all went through some intense times during the courses.  Open, I feel like you also deserve a well deserved rest to lay back, harmonize so to feel flow strongly again.  You probably already doing it. I don't think openhand community will fall apart if you hibernate for a bit, it will only gain.  OK... maybe i should stop at this :) Just how i feel and some reflection.

Seashell - the sound of the Ocean is there all the time.

With Love and Support,

AnatolySunglasses cool emoji


It seems to be the flow is particularly interested in breaking down my mind. Last time i went to travel , i lost my smartphone about at the end of my journey. I was mostly reasoning out the steps prior to that. I see now that it was a part of my mind i lost with the phone. The journey suddenly became more spontaneous ,joyous and seemed to reflect more of me.

The flow is again inviting to travel though for a shorter while. Im tied to obligation and i wish i hadnt. But the pull is generating a lot of doubt and confusion since the mind is unable to make any decision. As Lia said its like asking a computer to cook for us. It goes crazy! Ive changed my plan a couple of times now since it seemed not to work after a lot of careful 'planning'. It also created disappointment because im attached to the outcome. Simple choices becomes difficult and there is less trust in this space. Im taking the mind into stillness with patience which seems to help a lot. If i persist this confusion dissolves naturally and there is more clarity after. More of Openhand philosophy comes into the picture. The flow now seems to reflect right action supported by synchronicity. So in-short confusion doubt and disappointment are actually nice since it makes me less ignorant. But it feels such only after its gone. So i persist!

Kudos Openhanders



Your post makes me smile. Thanks, Cynthia. Too tired to give a shit about outcomes, basically :)


On reading Open's above comments to Rayko, I realize I'm feeling too worn out and exhausted to effort any longer to try to control outcomes. Control is a complete illusion anyway. Feels like I'm slip-sliding into vulnerability, open to come what may. Bring on the magic. Maybe I'll morph into a blackbird and fly skywards with you, Rayko, broken wings 'n all. :)



Hi Rayko...

    "Trust, I guess I don't like it because it leaves one vulnerable to being disapointed."

There's lots to look at in this inquiry. Being disappointed about something would strongly suggest an investment in a particular outcome - if we can unwind the need for anything to go a certain way, then disappointment fades away.

And to me, vulnerability is the place where magic happens - and absolute vulnerability is where absolute magic happens. By being prepared to bear oneself down into the infinite possibility of the moment - which means you can't predict a certain outcome completely - then you open into this hallowed place. But yes, it does require an inordinate amount of surrender. But that's when it all takes off.




Trust, I guess I don't like it because it leaves one vulnerable to being disapointed. And it is in our lowest lows that we are most open to change. (last sentence is from Avatar: The ledend of Kora). I think I just don't wanna change, but I actually do.... Something in the big outside world clicked yesterday, and I broke my water bottle

I would say the universe is changing. I do not know how either or into what.
The observable world is always reflective of the inner world. I know if I don't cross the road now, in due time there will be another opening in between the cars. Just hope I take it :/

And thanks for the reply dude!


Hi Cathy, I am not much for writing, but I have to say I am moved every time I read what your heart has said here.

much love and gratitude


This afternoon I sat in the sun by the seaside reading Anthony Doerr's Pulitzer Prize winning novel, "All the Light We Cannot See" -- set in World War II France and Germany amidst the holocaust and the light that transcends the horror. I'm also deeply immersed in Viktor Frankl's inspiring life and book as per my post above. I'm reflecting on all of these threads. When I was kid in my early twenties, my first love was a Jewish boy. We were all set to marry until his mother put a kibosh on it because I was a Shiksa (Gentile) and because I had a physical disability. Throughout my life, I have been strongly drawn to watch any film or documentary on Nazi Germany worth watching. It occurs to me that maybe I have some traumatic karma to process around this historical period and that unraveling it might free my soul majorly. I'm continuing with coaching sessions with my Openhand facilitator and will see what unfolds. Thanks for the opportunity to record my stream of consciousness.


Thanks for this timely article on the purpose of setbacks, Open. It ignites my soul and helps fire up my warrior spirit to get back in the race. Frank Sinatra's lyrics to "That's Life" are running through my head. :)

Just as I was feeling truly bone weary, synchronicity delivered a powerfully inspiring replay special on Viktor Frankl this past Sunday via Canada's CBC Radio. I first read Viktor Frankl's "Man's Search for Meaning" in my twenties. It's impact on my life was huge. As many of you likely know, Frankl wrote the book in 1946 after surviving four concentration camps. His purpose was to inspire others to find meaning and courage in the face of suffering. During this special, many speak to how the book has uplifted and changed their lives, including Chris Martin of Coldplay. Frankl gives voice to the incredible endurance and indomitable spirit of the divine human and what we are capable of transcending. If appropriate here, this is the link to the podcast. Profoundly moving. If this calls out to you, listen and be inspired.

x Cathy…


Thanks for tuning in Rich, Cynthia, Erica & Rayko :-)

Rayko you said...

    "Trust is based on a true and false logic.... 1s and 0s"

Really? That sounds a bit, well, logical to me!

Can we agree that universe is flowing?
Can we agree that it has a direction, although one which is not always predictable?
So to me, trust is not a full-on or full-off thing. There builds a knowing in certain things....

- that the universe does have a flow
- that it's working to reveal who you are
- even if one path is thwarted, another will open up
- if I lose the flow, but then soften and accept it, I'll pick up another.

In these general things I've found trust.

Open *OK*


You said:It can cause a serious dent in one's trust in the divine. How do you quickly bounce back from such situations?

My answear is don't get back up. Trust is based on a true and false logic.... 1s and 0s

Plus when you put your trust on anything existent then you become needey towards that being or object. And that just creates a bit of irritability in the universe...
You don't wanna be needey towards the divine bruv.

So what more can I say about the 4 strategies;
1) Yea I can not add more regarding "the functioning of the Universe as is"
2) commit with gusto and passion, dedication and flexability,
When carrying out actions; to expend not a pennies worth of energy more than what Nature can spare. Minimizing the energy spent on carrying out actions, like when writing, don't add more than needed
3) Where do you lose the sense of the big, "Cosmic Self" and become the small, victimised identity?
When I think about it. Literally as an action, if I think about that then that is what happens.
4) "show me!" aaa but hold on, I gotta look to see. ¡Por supuesto! I'll look


Seeing so many reflections of what one is being feels to be the in the moment creation alone! As I recognize the impulse of will, feel the energy of it, often I find the cosmic self delving deeply into the energy whilst the more human emotional being remains in a more superficial sensing mode navigating the body through the 3D. So the blockage feels to be an invitation to keep feeling where the "new" threads of the emergence surfaces. A pattern I notice within myself is the memory of events in 3D don't seem to leave a lasting impression.
Many thanks for the continual support and encouragement! Breakthrough is a phenomenal process shared on so many levels!
Much love


Another great, and timely, post. It feels so good to pick back up, dust off, and start creating again. A great opportunity to realize that we are SOOO much more than an anticipated outcome, and to see how very wrong/restrictive it would have been. A very liberating feeling to fall into the new flow.
Thanks Open.