5D Ascension: The Pleiadians and the Toroidal Flow

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The Openhand Facilitator Conference begins this week in Avebury, where just a short while ago, a wonderful crop circle appeared amongst the ancient stone circles, just out from the centre of the village. When you look at the image below, it speaks strongly of the Toroidal Flow, but what in particular might it be telling us right now about the 5D Ascension as we work to unwind from the synthetic shadowstate agenda?

Authentic Crop-circles - an Interdimensional Communication

At first I was a little dubious about whether the crop circle was real. From the image it looks very simple and people have become quite skilled at faking them. Even the Guardian newspaper has been instructing people how to make them, with planks and rope, but really to me this is none other than a purposeful distraction (The Guardian is funded by the G@tes Foundation!), to discredit these tremendous interdimensional communication tools - the authentic ones that is.

Why do I believe this one is indeed authentic?...

You could imagine that the standard hexagon and the 6 spiral arms might be reasonably okay to mimic, assuming you had a team of people, the time, the tools and the light to do it - without being seen of course, at a place which is quite close to the village itself, where plenty of people often walk. But on entering the circle, what drew my attention most, was the small lines interconnecting each spiral arm. You can make them out faintly in the image.

What's fascinating is that they're so slim it would be impossible for a human to pass down them, carefully bending down to neatly enfold the crops (they're not flattened with boards as the Guardian article suggests, but carefully enfolded and interwoven). But even if this was possible, you'd need to do it once the outer spiral arms were already in place - the challenge to this logic being that at each end of the line, the crops are enfolded UNDERNEATH the spiral arms; meaning they had to be done BEFORE the arms had been constructed. It made it incredulous to think that the circle was faked.

The realisation caused me to dive deeper into what might the crop circle be telling us?

The Flower of Life

Immediately the sense of the Toroidal Flow came to mind - the spiral mechanism that creates and holds the universe, plus all sentient life, in place. It's what drives the flower of life pictoral dynamic - a scared geometry passed down by the ancients.

Understanding the Metphysics of the Toroidal Flow

My sense is that to get the full understanding of the crop circle message, is to consider it physically from above, but that the image is geometrically inverted - so you're looking upwards through it. What you'll see is an ascending anti clockwise spiral. It's like you're travelling through the earth into higher dimensions.

So why the hexagon?

The Pleiadians shift gears into 6D

This is a question I offered up to the Benevolent Team in the ether supporting our shift. Firstly the connection came with a sense of joy. I realised I was connecting with Pleiadian energy - they were involved in the crop circle creation. When I connected with the group, it felt like they were coming from the 6th density, whereas previously I'd felt them more in the 5th. However, what I was shown, is that this higher dimensional shift by this particular group was a means of accelerating the earth's Toroidal flow - to really amp up the human awakening. Thus the smaller lines in the crop circle represent the torsional pulling effect on the lower densities.

For those tuning in, it became clear this "pulling effect" of the increased impetus is going to impact us in very earthly ways...

1). There's a separation going on right now in society, with plenty going the path of the synthetic pandemic agenda. At some level, karmically, that is their choice. But those that are knowingly on an ascending pathway must be clear to maintain healthy boundaries in our lives. Compassionately of course, and with as much care as possible. But that is not to deny our own destiny.

2). As the vibration of the asending energy rises, then you're going to feel it challenge the old 3D construct you've lived and created. It's going to invite change, most likely in your living or working circumstances. It's crucial not to resist this change, not to fight it. Let the flow help you break apart the bonds of the old reality. Something new is calling you from across the divide.

3). Be clear to create more from the weaving flow of signs and synchronicity. What do signs and numerology inform you? What sacred geometry do you observe around you? What is nature illuminating and informing you?

5D Ascension and the Simple Joy of Living

What's wonderful about the Pleiadian energy is it's a joyful, light hearted playfulness that defines it - think Dolphin energy. Chris Matin from the band Coldplay (amongst others) embodies this energy so well. It might be a challenge to consider how we might live with joy when so many around us are living in fear and control. But my friends, that's exactly the point. To counteract fear and control is to express love and joy. Amongst all these challenges around us, what makes your heart sing? What simple things light up your life?

The Return of the Pleiadians and Earth Energies Reconciliation

All this week we're conducting the Openhand Facilitator Conference amongst the stone circles,sacred site and crop circles of the ancient Avebury. You can be sure we'll be having plenty of adventure and fun. And we'd love to share the sense of this with you all through our ongoing journal, which will contain blogs, vlogs, images and music. Let's see if we can experience some joy in life, connect with the Pleiadian energy, and get the ascending Toroidal Flow really spinning!

To conclude here's a video from a previous Openhand Facilitator Event in Avebury...

Joyful blessings to all!

Open πŸ¬πŸ™

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24/07/2021 Journal Update

Once the bridge had been formed with the Annunaki in our ealier work, a deeper sense of trust, empathy and respect prevailed. It was then that I became aware (through their consciousness) that there would be some ancient technology of theirs to remove that was buried somehwere in the surrounding energy field at the 4D level. The sense of Silbury Hill came pretty much immediately to mind - an ancient man made pudding shaped hill, which has always seemed to represent a bell-weather in the balance of the energies in this important earth portal...

So this is where the group ventured early yesterday morning. I'm not given to share too much about what took place in this medium, but essential we did indeed locate a 'buried' technology at this location and then worked to remove it. It was not at all easy. During the process, what came into awareness was that the technology (implant) was interconnected with all of the main sites around it. Which is most definitely why its been difficult to maintain any kind of high energetic balance to lightwork in the area. It has always seemed to return to the dampened and repressed state.

I reflected upon the fact that in recent times a crop circle appeared just next to Silbury Hill, which we actually ended up inlcuding in the 5GATEWAYS film. However it wasn't until yesterday that I understood the significance in relation to the buried technology. It's now clear to me the crop circle was depiciting this...

The question remained how to remove it when it seemed so resistant and embedded? It was with this inquiry that suddenly a video clip from the film "Hurt Locker" sprang to mind, which initiated much clarity on the issue...

The technology was interconnected to the other sites through energetic "wires". With this awareness it became able to lift the main implant by pulling the wires connecting into the surrounding areas - they all shifted. The wires could them be cut and the technology handed back to the Annunaki. There then sprang the question of why they simply couldn't have done the work themselves? The response that came to me was that over the aeons since the original implant, the connections and "wires" had become much more complex and convoluted. They'd also been interferred with by the Black Snake energy in the lower dimensions. So it needed grounded and earthed people as a means of connecting down into that density.

Once we'd "pulled up" these implants, with much benevolent interdimensional support I might add, you could feel the whole energy of the surrounduing area lift - it was pheomenal to experience - we had clearing storms, thunder and rain last night. It still wasn't the end of the story though - there was more clearing of the Black Snake energy to be done at a related interconnected site, and then an interesting assemblence began to gather of star groups around the area - kind of like a convention or "round table". We'll see what settles.

The journey is full of intrigue for sure!

Blessings to all tuning in.

Open πŸ™

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I feel to add at this point that although we'd talked about support from the Pleiadians in the intro to this ongoing Facilitator Journal, we're receiving emmense guidance, illumination and energetic support from the Arcturians and Andromedans in the area - much respect, love and gratitude your way!

Open πŸ‘ŒπŸ’™πŸ––

23/07/2021 Journal Update Annunaki & Anshar

It's pretty much impossible to put into words exactly what is going on here at the Facilitator Conference in Avebury, UK. Between us in the group, with the rich diversity of star-soul frequencies, we've opened a wide, deep and expansive "pipe" into the surrounding field, through which all manner of transmissions are happening with the various ET groups connecting into the Shift situation.

Yesterday, highly synchronistically, the ickonic crew released the 4th promo for their new "Divine Intervention" documentary, where I felt given to talk about how the Annunaki had led the hybridisation of humanity during the time of Atlantis. I expressed how, following a benevolent mission back at the galactic alignment of 2012, they had been confronted, regressed back to their ancient Sirian karma, healed (to some degree), and then helped to elevate vibration out of the Intervention - it became a marked gear change in the opening up of the field. The Annunaki became more benign. It was at that point I lost track of them, that is, until yesterday. Meanwhile, I'd had a concern that a group called the "Anshar" who have appeared on the planetary scene here since then, and who seemed to be distant cousins of the Annunaki, might simply be a new iteration of them - that they still might have some design for the future of humanity. Well known whistleblower Corey Goode has spoken of them as expressing themselves as a 'future timeline' of humanity - a future "evolution".

This has always concerned me greatly: that humanity was simply being set-up to be harvested into another deception. Yesterday the Anshar came through to the Facilitator Group here aswell as the Annunaki. What transpired was an interrelational dialogue, where one member of the group was channeling the Annunaki and another the Anshar. I was dialoguing with them whilst providing a bridge to the higher dimensional Openhand team.

The Annunaki expressed that they were working to now support the shift of humanity, which felt accurate and honest, although still slightly misguided in how exactly - still a risk of 'healing' but without self-realisation and therefore a risk of the loss of human sovereignty to a 'greater power'. Still it was clear there was a heart-felt benevolent intention to support - particularly as a means of healing their own intervention karma. I invited them to support the emergence of individual human sovereignty which you could feel resonated amongst them.

They also wanted it known that the Anshar were not the next evolution of them, but a lower realised offshoot. I also inquired about the term "Anu". I'd experienced back in 2012 an embracing of that new name for their group after their shift out of the intervention situation. What this particular group expressed was that indeed some have embraced the new name, however this particular group wished to retain their previous historical root as Annunaki - there was a feeling of sovereignty about that.

The Anshar, on the other hand, came across as a collectivised consciousness centering around one particular leader being. It was clear through their expression that there was a fair degree of arrogance in respect to humanity, hence their belief that to direction and coerce was acceptable - they came across with a superior aire. This was confronted through me as a distortion of truth - whilst they may have a deep and sophisticated knowledge of field energy work, that truth is plain and simple yet all powerful. They considered themselves to "be above", whereas I pointed out that the lowliest blade of grass upon which we walk, is pure, evolved, completely whole, and expressing the wisdom of the truth. That truth cannot be owned, but is effortlessly and simply expressed through all life: from the blade of grass to the tree.

It was fascinating to witness the effect of this exchange. The meme was indeed recognised as truth within the collectivised consciousness, which then went viral and quickly shattered the coherency of the collective, just like shattering a glass ceiling. The Anshar broke apart, broke down, and went deep into grief processing - the central leader tried to hold them together, but there was a clearly expressed push-back against his continuance. The facilitator group here did a sterling job of holding the Anshar in that healing process and bringing them back to the creator source - it was a stunning experience to be a part of and witness.

This is bound to have reveberrating, rippling and liberational effects through the shift situation on the planet. I felt it important to share the snapshot with you all in the wider Openhand community.

Much love to all - these are profound times of deep evolutionary change

Open πŸ™

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ItΒ΄s wonderful to be distantly part of this gathering, and just feel some connections in the ether. Thanks especially for your last update in details - it felt like IΒ΄ve been waiting for something and this one - hits the core for me. Sharing more under the thread of Β΄Sirius shiftΒ΄, I am just leaving here with best wishes for last days of your gathering.

 Blessings to all.

One of the facilitators here in Avebury had an intense and phenomenal experience of settling into the Galactic Core yesterday. What do I mean exactly? The Gallactic core is the centre of our galaxy around which all life in this part of the Universe rotates around. It's an intense gravitational field. It holds a construct in place around which life can crystallise in relativity in order for experience to happen. The Galactic Core is also the destroyer of constructs, for when that balance of that karma breaks down and that particular reality becomes unstable (as we're witnessing here in societyon Earth right now), then the energetic fragments of the reality will be drawn into the galactic core and broken down - "composted". A highly advanced spiritual facilitator will become able to hold the galactic core within them, which then breaks down distortion in the person they're working with. It also channels implants and entities in the person's field away.

What I witnessed yesterday was beautifully profound. As identity was breaking down within the facilitator, wave upon wave of deep gravitational force was pulsating through them - I instantly recognised the galactic core sitting reflected in front of me. I do believe it's what the Mayans referred to as Xibalba - the Underworld portal. It's because it is the "destroyer of life" - but much better understood as the destroyer of distortion.

When you become able to embody the galactic core within you, then your facilitation takes a quantum leap in possibility and effectiveness. You bringing unfathomable gravitational force to the unravelling of karmic density and processing of implants and entities - they're drawn out of the client's field and through you whereupon they're broken down through the galactic core. That more facilitators are becoming able to connect with and embody this is going to be highly catalytic within the ongoing shift.

I felt to share with the wider community to inspire and encourage that although things look complex, challenged and unstable on the surface of society right now, tremendous galactic resolving forces are coming into play to support the Great Realignment

I also felt to share this Openhand video about the onset of the Galactic Superwave. It's clear that in an approximate 12,000 year cycle, the Galactic Core also sends out a catalytic pulse that accelerates the breakdown of karmic constructs - it's like a lance piercing a distorted reality bubble...

Blessings to all

Open πŸ™

22/07/2021 Openhand Journal Update

We're having a marvellous and deeply alchemical time here at the Avebury Facilitator School, and also beaming it live across zoom to people around the world - USA, Mexico, Africa and India - it's definitely all inclusive! Yesterday a powerful process kicked off in the group that took me somewhat by surprise. Suddenly several of the empathic women took on the various challenged energies of the locality and began processing it through them in a very dramatic way. What was fascinating was how they all suddenly triggered together and how each expressed a different facet of a complex unravelling dynamic. We were connecting into different compacted layers of the field, processing grief, trauma and also shame - this was the Opposing Consciousness in different guises that had become intensely aware of the deception it had locked humanity into.

We also connected into the wave of regret - the energy of people worldwide who were silently regretitng taking the jabby. That indeed was an interesting and surprising revelation that's bound to have a positive unravelling effect in the ongoing pandemic measures - we shall see.

It took us all morning to process the energies through. It was like the group had collectively become a key to unlock the energy field, and at a planetary level, particularly since Avebury represents an important global gateway. It was then that I realised this fantastic crop circle below had just appeared south of where we're working. See what you make of it. To me, the key and lock metaphor stands out a mile!...

These are highly alchemical and globally transformative times for sure!
Good to have you tune in folks πŸ‘Œ

Open πŸ™

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Hi Open,

How exciting regarding that crop circle and the energy processing going on there.  The crop circle sure does look like a key and lock.  Regarding the jabby and regret...I know here in the states they said about a million or so people got the first jabby and then never got the 2nd one.  I suspect they may be done with it.

It would be so fantastic to see the scamdemic stuff come to an end and for people to start coming together instead of all the separation and darkness.

Thank you for sharing!  Much love to you,  Praying EmojiHeart



21/07/2021 Openhand Journal Update

We wasted no time at all here on the Facilitator Gathering in Avebury - people diving straight into deeply embedded karma and working with each other to process it through.

At the core of Openhand facilitation is a process we call "SEER". It has the capacity to take people deeply through the inner layers very quickly, and right into karma - the reason we incarnated here.Here's a brief insight, bearing in mind that although it appears simple, it is not at all easy! 

The "S" stands for Set-up and Situation: facilitators establish an energetic space - a field of clear consciousness - in which to work. This has many considerations including reducing clutter and electromagnetic smog. It's about opening a bridge into higher dimensions, connecting with benevolent forces to work with you. Then it's about embracing the client in this space - embracing them within your own field. This in itself begins to resonate authentic beingness and activate subconscious blockages such as karma. Within this protective and energetically nurturing space, the facilitator will then ascertain from the client what they feel the session is meant to be about - bearing in mind, this can change through the initial meditation itself.

The first "E" stands for Exploration and Entrainment: through the use of skillful intuitive questioning, the facilitator helps the client explore their situation - what is arising in their life as challenging and to be worked with? The facilitator is trained to look for 'spiking' words that naturally emerge - words that spike in the field. For example: worthlessness, loneliness, fear, worry, sense of lack, neediness, responsibility or obligation. The approach is to then 'entrain' to this energy. Which means to give attention to it and activate what's underlying it - the karmic source pain which limits people's reality and creates the circumstances of their lives.

The second "E" stands for Expression and Empowerment: the facilitator encourages the client to express outwards the feeling of the source pain that their touching - that which is subverting their life situation. By fully expressing this pain, means you can become as-One with it. Instead of rejecting it and creating inner polarity (which is the cause of suffering), we completely embrace the pain by honouring it. There comes a crucial point where you - as the One - can then step through the pain and into presence. Here comes the empowerment part - because as presence you don't need the pain to go away. You can totally accept it. Here's the beauty of it - in that place, you reintegrate lost fragments of soul that were holding in place that eddy current of pain. The pain has no more anchor in consciousness. Upon which, you can work with the infusing soul to wash the pain away. The karma disappears! Instead of being disempowered by subconscious limitation, now the soul is empowered and the client can authentically create an entirely new narrative in their lives. It happens effortlessly as an arising flow through them. It's literally breath-taking to behold!

The "R" stands for "Right Action". As you become the One through the karma, then you reclaim the lost nugget of 'soul gold' that was buried there. At this point, people will be feeling the sense of a new aspect of soul coming through. This is utterly essential to authentic transformation. We're working then to help the partner express this new aspect of themselves so that it comes strongly through. They embody the new aspect of soul. Following which, we'll help them intuit what aligned actions to take in daily living. Old neural pathways which caused the previous limiting behaviourisms now progressively dissolve because the anchoring source karma which formed the roots have gone. It means more aligned and authentic behaviours can naturally come through. Hence people shape a more harmonious life aligned with the core of their soul.

It leads to successful and fulfilling living.


PS - for anyone interested in becoming a spiritual facilitator with Openhand...
Openhand Spiritual Facilitator Program

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20/07/21 Journal Update

Everyone arrived safely here in Avebury yesterday after their journies - we had three courageous souls come from the USA and Canada and they sailed through like a dream - well supported by angelic energies πŸ˜‡ We're feeling a great sense of alchemy and adventure, ready to ride the flow πŸ„β€β™€οΈ

Last night we began our work of connecting up to the energy fields and calling in the various starsoul groups that might want to work with us and provide some illumination of the current state of play in the field itself, in response to the ongoing shift through the various measures of the pandemic. They're two sides of the same coin, so will appear together.

I invite everyone to pay close attention to signs and numerology, as it will be speaking strongly. The number "69" for example is appearing a lot. For me it's a bridging energy - higher dimensions wanting to connect down to lower, so making yourself as relaxed and open as possible to receive the influx. That's surely what we'll be doing!

So I invite all to check out Openhand's lead article on interpreting signs and synchronicity. And whatever is coming up in your life, do share it here - I'll gladly offer some reflective support....

5D Consciousness: How Best to Interpret Signs and Synchronicity

Bright blessings to all

Open πŸ™

Hi Open,

I went to check out the link,  Return of the Pleiadians and Earth Energy Reconciliation and it says it's been deleted.  I really enjoyed the rest of the article though. 

On #3 you wrote:  Be clear to create more from signs, synchronicity, numerology, sacred geometry etc... 

While free-wheeling along the Oregon coast yesterday the number 333 stood out to me.  I'm curious how or what do I create with this?  Still learning about all this and find it fascinating and exciting  I do see 11:11 a lot too.  I also realized not long ago that the numerology of all the home addresses I've lived at, including the current one, breaks down to a 4.  Lot of 4's in my homes.  What should I be creating from so many of these?  Many times I feel an upwelling of something wanting to express but not sure exactly what at this point... something artistic.

Thank you Praying EmojiHeart



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Hi Sherri - the link is fixed now πŸ‘Œ

In terms of interpreting synchronicity, the best thing rather than struggling to interpret them (which closes the awareness down), simply hold the inquiry and ask, "show me". Over time you'll get a sense of what they're about and how they're informing your life. The number 4 for example often relates to karma - meaning karma might well be active when you see it. It alerts you to the fact you have something to work through currently.

Here's Openhand's lead article on interpreting signs and synchronicity.

5D Consciousness: How Best to Interpret Signs and Synchronicity

Open πŸ™

You may have heard about the "Fire the Grid" movement, the compelling story of Kelly Yates, whose drowned son was saved and healed by Light Beings. She was then encouraged (overtly influenced?) to get people en mass to "download their energy" into the earth grid in 2007. It was massively successful in coordinating people. But to me, something didn't feel quite right about it, I felt there was some Opposing Consciousness dupe going on about people being manipulated to give away their energy into a harvested field. As I was exploring the material for this article above (5D Ascension: The Pleiadians and the Toroidal Flow), I heard about the Fire the Grid 2, which happens today at 11:11. Initially I was once more sceptical because of the previous experience. However, this time what they're sharing completely tallys with my crop circle Pleiadian connection, and the hexagons - and this time, it's all about simply expressing your joy!

So I asked the Benevolent Team what's going on here? I was clearly shown that there had been a "turn around" - this is indeed now a benevolent action, with no harvesting energy going on by the Opposing Consciousness. The sense of it feels aligned to me, which greatly warms my heart - maybe you feel to partake?...

Fire The Grid 2

Open πŸ™