The Tenth Transfiguration!

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Woohoo! It's here. Openhand's tenth annual "Transfiguration" begins today, here on the Isle of Avalon, a very special earth portal into higher dimensions of consciousness. As ever we have a wonderful group of lovely people flying in from all around the world. And because Openhand is a virtual community, and because you can touch the energy from anywhere on the planet, we're extending an open hand of invitation for you to come and join us. We're running a rolling journal through the course, sharing insight into what we're doing, so you may explore in your own way too. So come and connect up to the energy by opening your heart and mind to the sense of the space and what we're doing. It's sure to activate shifts in your consciousness too. You are most welcome...

Here are just a few photos of past courses to get you into the mood...

A big Hug after those intense "Diad" Processes After tears of joy or sadness, laughter was always just around the corner... Singing for joy, connecting with nature and balancing the chakras during this beautiful 'singing chakra meditation'... Another few layers lifted. An Openhand Angel at peace... "You've found that lovin feeling. Woah that loving feeling..." Singing in the woods on the earth spirit walk. Who can forget the deep vibes? And the pixies came to summon some extra energy! Time for intense processing in the wood... And after the processing has subsided, deeply relaxing in the hammock... Smiles from Lesley... Calling in the energy for the transformational sweat lodge... The Team hot tub - taking it easy of an evening... A couple of hobbits lapping up curry and sunshine... "Your focus needs more focus grasshopper"... "Is that a plane or a bird?" No, it's the group performing the Openhand Owl Movement... Who turned the lights out?... SoulMotion on the hill... Reach for the skies! Deep meditational contemplations in session... And the joys of sharing those deep inner discoveries... The bodywork session in the meadow. Remember that deep consciousness bodywork done with presence and awareness can unleash and liberate the soul... Lesley always on hand for those magical fire ceremonies... The Warriors, ready for the Sweat Lodge... What better way to stir up an appetite? Who will ever forget Trinity's Conscious Kitchen... Lunch today was a delicious medley buffet of sun-dried tomato & ginger salad, raw sprouted sunflower seed pesto, curried chickpeas, sun-dried tomato tapenade, red pepper hummus and mint pea soup. Went down a treat... How we tucked in!... The delicious and healthy food helped all those deep contemplations: Caroline focused... Marjolyn letting go... Open with Joann unraveling and unwinding during a session today... After lots of unraveling Kim decides to contemplate with a hard earned cup of tea... Contemplating inner child identities today, what better place to go than to climb a tree and sit in the tree house. Well that's just what Martin did... Abi such a gorgeous being... These guys are ALWAYS laughing and smiling... See what I mean :) Music was never far away... With our very own backing group... Pennie on percussion... Myra delighting... Trinity busted - exposed from behind the lense... As always having a blast! And so the 10th party begins. Join us for more of those unforgettable magic moments...

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What a powerful and liberating experience. Deeply grateful! Truly Awesome and beyond words!
Feels like the cosmos is breathing and flowing along :-)
About to fly to Sydney. Look forward to write more after reaching there!
Sending heaps of love and gratitude.

Wish best wishes

~ zero


Hi folks,

What an amazingly deep and powerfully transformative week. I feel truly blessed to have been involved.

Thank you to each of you beautiful souls who courageously stepped forward. It was such a priviledge to connect and share with each and every one of you. Blessings for your onward journey, life will not be the same! *clapping*

Thank you Pennie and Rich for your wonderful support, it was lovely to share and "work" alongside you both. *biggrin*

Thank you Trinity for your truly divine conscious cuisine. It was always so delicious and full of love and nourishment, like a big comforting hug. Thank you for your support in many other ways too! *angel*

Open, words seem inadequate, the way you enable people to find their light and shine is.... PROFOUND! With huge heartfelt thanks (f)

I gained many insights and reflections during the week too and as for the sweat lodge - wow that was intense and beautiful!

With love and immense gratitude,



Beautiful, shiny faces! What an epic week it has been... Thank you for sharing here!

And that video you shared above....syncs me right up to the universal flow inside.... Totally uplifting and connecting...I appreciate that so much as I have felt up to my knees in muckiness. Thank you <3 Jen


We've had an absolutely cosmically wonderful week. What a group, what experiences. Way too much to share in words. But the energy is sure to ripple into and through the work for the year to come. Thanks so much to everyone for tuning in. You are deep in our hearts.

We'll leave you with some closing photos. Till next year...

September in the Jasmine Arc. Is that goodbye or hello?...

Vish, always a divine blessing...

Ann, with a closing smile...

Closing studio sharings...

Yihaah! What a group. What a gathering. Travel well till next time...


So lovely of you guys to tune in - thank you, it warms my heart *give_rose*

The final day of the Transfiguration was so very special for all. It's where we meditate and turn our attention to the twin flame experience. With an increased flow of kundalini, the energy builds inside, which creates the most stupendous mirrors in the outer world - the mirror to the Twin Flame inside yourself. If you turn your attention to the phenomenon, it feels like the universe is romancing you.

Here's the Openhand lead article on Soul mates and Twin Flames...

Why not take some time out and join in!

With love

Open :-)


Love it Jen*hugs my soul sister* Enjoy your journey

Open such beautiful sharings... Swells my heart feeling all through your pictures.
There are no words.. faces just glowing melts it all away!

Soul motion expressing through, moving the energy yet grounded. Light warriors dancing softly yet passionately


Ahhh yes Open! That they are...nice opportunity to just enjoy the fullness. Thank you <3
Enjoy! Jen


What a wonderful experience to be part of.

Making connections with all these courageous soul-seekers.
It has been inspiring, encouraging and just plain awesome to be there as people go through the work, each bravely facing and addressing their own 'stuff'.
And to observer the changes in people as the course developed.

Its been an honour, a pleasure, and a privilege.

Thanks to all you star-soul brothers and sisters.
And especially to Open and the team for asking me along.
(How can we get a smiley for namaste? *smile*)

Love always.


Thus far, everyone's done all the challenging, deep processing work, so plenty of time is given to the gentle activation of deep consciousness, letting it shine through with various Openhand meditations in movement and breathing.

One of the most powerful is what we call "assisted soulmotion". We apply the basic free flowing, deep consciousness movements, but in pairs. The partner supports and holds the movement by entraining with the energy. It means the mind can let go more and the natural rhythm takes you deep into the consciousness of the soul...

Vish and Chad unleashing the divine...

Suze getting in the swing...

This is what it feels like - manna from heaven!...


Great to feel you apart of this Jen :-)
Looking forward to seeing you here soon.

We have no idea what the flowers are - we just call them 'beautiful'!

Open *OK*


Can anyone tell me what those gorgeous flowers are up higher in the pics.. The red and yellow ones? Those are incredible!!!! Never seen anything like them before! <3


Oh you guys! I feel the deepest joy welling up thinking of you all and looking at these awesome pics! All your fiery spirit comes through and I feel right there with you - thank you for letting us take a peek into such special moments.

The last few days the word Ohana (family) keeps showing up and today it showed up for the third time next to the word Avalon... Felt connected to you all there seeing that. I must also be in a rush to come out there as I just realized that I booked my flight for an entire day earlier than I planned to (or booked a room for!) Timing has been funny lately... And everything seems to be happening earlier than anticipated.

Much love, Jen


my thoughts have been with you all this week. Every Openhand event is unique and different, and my own experience with the Transfiguration was profound and life changing. Open, your commentary of the ceremony's allowed me to feel part of the experience. Mark


Thanks for sharing the lovely photos, Open and Trinity. I'm partial to the photo of the chocolate shortbread! Although the one with Open and the holy horseshit is a close second. :)

Lots of love to everyone. Magnificent vibes and so inspiring to read! Makes me want to break into song with The Beach Boys, "Good, good, good, good vibrations..."

x Cathy


Yesterday was simply the most superlative day in all the courses we've done so far. Just like the food, it was beyond words.... but I'll give it a go.

It felt special right from the off, with the local sky deva creating for us superlative cloud formations, heaped with poignant messages. Unfortunately we were a bit too awestruck to get any photos - close your eyes, feel, and imagine the most uplifting shapes and patterns.

This launched us into the ancient Tibetan ceremony "The Agni Hotra", which has always moved my heart deeply. It's a fire ceremony with a loving chant, where participants burn rice to signify the burning away of the ego.

All of this was in preparation for our special Openhand version of the Native American sweat lodge, handed down to us several years ago in the most moving of ways. It's always a deeply magical experience, and this one being extra hot, pushed everyone to the limits. Such ceremony brings you right onto the blade edge of the moment, causes you to dig extra deep, and creates inner space for divine prayer to emerge and express.

Yesterday was absolutely superlative. The group were simply amazing, with heartfelt passion flooding the space, carrying you on the outstretched wings of the divine. You're held in the bosom of the earth, the intense heat takes into each and every cell. It's here where consciousness channels the light in. So when you emerge, it feels like stepping out of the old 3D reality and into the 5D.

Here are just a few snaps we managed to take between all the singing, dancing and ceremony...

Yours truly, firing up the Agni Hotra with Cosmic Cowpat and Holy Horseshit!...

Vish building the Sweat Lodge fire - all smiles...

Building the Sweat Lodge Fire...

Trin serenading...

Rich the fireman cranking up the passion...

Rhonda & Chad, contemplative as the fire burns...

Vish and Suze donning the 'war paint'!...

Step up all you warriors, step into the moment, make it count. Yihahhh!!!

We didn't get any photos of afterwards, we were all too in the moment. But this is kind of what it felt like...


They were simply beyond words........ *THUMBS UP*
(I snuck a second piece!)


Your comment " I'm really noticing the dis-trust and fear in so many people. People seem naturally distrusting generally"

Whoa! I am going through an experience that has completely taken me off guard...I am feeling this from someone and I have no idea why and the situation in a few days has totally unravelled and I am left completely lost as to how and why??? I do feel our external is a mirror to our internal consciousness and I accept that this is something I have created BUT in this case how this escalated this way I honestly have no idea??? so now I need to go quiet, meditate and ask for benevolence for some guidance of Why and How <3



I've been wide awake at night this past week, feeling the energy of Uranus, The Great Awakener, which sits in my 12th House of the Unconscious in my natal astrology chart. It's during the night when stuck energy often illuminates for me, more so than during the day when I'm distracted. Given the time difference between England and Canada, it feels like I'm tuning into the Openhand energy of the Transfiguration workshop when it's happening. Last night I was strongly feeling the energy of guilt at letting others down and how I have projected from there through numerous lifetimes. My heart felt about to burst and shatter. I've experienced a lot of physical pain in the heart chakra area these past few years as I continue to activate karma. Feeling guilt about letting others down feels like deep and bottomless Source pain and an ancient pattern associated with my star family, which feels like Pleiades, and how I failed to hold the light way back when to help dissolve the dark agenda of OC. I'm questioning the images and feelings I'm picking up, asking myself, "Can this be real?" I re-read the Openhand nine-step process and am doing my best to process that way, but I feel a lack of confidence in doing so. Onwards with the practice to confront, feel the pain, become the One in it, and replace the old neural pathways with joy juice and aligned patterns in the flow of Divine Benevolence.

P.S. Felt to add that synchronicity today reflects back that I am breaking up old neural pathways of behaviour. Along with guilt of failing others comes over-compensation, feeling overly responsible for and doing too much for others; then feeling unappreciated, resentful, and pissed off for over-extending my compassionate heart. I interrupted this pattern today by backing away from a situation that clearly mirrors back this distortion. And guess what, no one died! :)

x Cathy


Loving vibes from this humble being as you all travel and journey through the densities to embrace all that comes. Spending time today submerged within a healing alkaline hot spring near the arctic circle, I was thinking of all of you when a very playful squirrel started circling around, hoping courageously from large stone to stone. Just moving naturally and effortlessly, always moving towards a perceived structure trusting in the lightness of the physical to be supported as the next step was coming into view...the creative miracles are everywhere. Boundless energies untamed!
Thank you for all the courageous travels you are sharing
Much love


What an incredibly powerful day it was yesterday - digging deep into inner identity filters. It's not pretty or easy, regressing into all the challenges of growing up in society and the scars that people then carry around with them.

    The important thing is that it can all be healed!

Such suffering is an illusion, around which people build myths: ones that they then try to avoid by placating the pain in some way - by distraction or avoidance. But when you look squarely into the very heart of it, and express it outwards, you explode the myth that it is and reintegrate the lost fragments of 'soul gold' that were buried there. The sense of liberation is astounding.

    There is nothing like witnessing people courageously going into this, then breaking through and being liberated by it.

Once you've cleared a path through the 1st (physical), 2nd (emotional), 3rd (intellectual) inner planes, then it becomes possible to expand onto the 4th density plane - the plane of karma.

Today I'll be regressing the group on a deep journey of discovery - the human journey on this planet, baggage from which, everyone is carrying. They'll be witnessing the 'big picture' of the intervention, but also their individual stories in it. This is the subconscious 'source pain' which so influences people's lives, and limits them, without even knowing why.

Clearing this is pure alchemy. Lives will never be the same again. The soul is liberated to flow more freely through the inner densities which then begins to manifest a more liberated and creative experience in the physical world.

    Let's dive full-on, all in!

If you wish to explore karma with us, here is a key to understanding it...

And here is one for processing it...

Of course you may wish to engage one of the Openhand Facilitators who are all skilled in guiding people through it....

Wishing you all well - thanks so much for joining us on this magical journey.




Hi Michelle

I've been watching it to. When I remembered it was a mirror, that seems to have softened a fair bit. Today I've been meeting people who initially feel a bit closed but then warm up when I interact with them. Perhaps because I'm being less judgmental/more trusting myself? I've been talking to walkers, garage attendents, there was even a potential 'run-in' with a car park security guard (don't ask!) which was totally diffused when I interacted with him! So I guess there's a mirror. Each time there's been initial coldness, then that's changed. I think boudnaries are really important, but also holding the space for the potential of a genuine interaction.



Tuning in, feeling lots coming up inviting unraveling.

Ben, you said you've been observing dis-trust - yes, that is one of the big ones coming into my awareness too, slap in the face actually, after initial feelings of shock and frustration at the sheer craziness and sadness of it all, feeling into the fear behind it, the need for control, the disconnection and then looking into myself for where I am not trusting, where I can alchemise healing within myself, it feels massive though... so much wrapped up in it... overwhelming at first... but gradually I am settling into the truth of it, starting to soften... to surrender and heal.

Wishing you all lots of support for the processing and appreciating the support in being able to share the journey.

With love Michelle xxx


Getting Down to it in the Studio...

Who turned the lights out?...

Suze still smiling...

Ishara - Boy that Juice tastes good!...

I can show you the way to the Gateway, but...

...You have to walk through it!

Vish celebrating that divine connection...

The Garden in full bloom - simply divine!


Well we've had a fabulous beginning to this week's annual "Transfiguration" course. Despite being pushed hard and into a lot of internal density, the sun came out yesterday and we ended the weekend with beaming smiles and happy hugs. It's always the way when you have the courage to break through.

This was the completion of the initial phase where the work breaks through surface level identity filters that shield people from the deeper truth of the moment - they're filters which people build up due to the conditioning of their lives.

Now we're able to go deeper in - to layers that have been compacted over the years of this life and previous ones too. This subconscious density impacts people negatively and prevents a full expansion into divine union. Hence the need to venture deeper inwards, uncover and unravel it. Such alchemy leads to a divine existence, interconnected with the natural flow.

Here's an article I wrote on integrating inner identities with some useful tips, advice and approaches which you can apply for your life situation...

Integrating Inner Identities as an 'Engine' for Evolution




Touching down again with y'all gathered for the Transfiguration workshop in Glastonbury. Open asks the question, "Who are you?" I'm feeling a strong pull these days to reclaim and express my personality which is part of who I am. Yes, I'm One with All That Is, but I'm also a unique spark of Divine Benevolence. The trick is to celebrate my uniqueness without identifying with it as my ego likes to do. Somehow along the way, I developed ambivalent feelings about my uniqueness so feel I have buried a lot of who I am. Synchronicity around the cosmic planets and their special energies speaks strongly to me. I'm immersed in an astrology course at present with a focus on planetary archetypes and the chakras. Along with that, I'm re-reading Open's 5 Gateways book since my astrology group doesn't go deeply enough and tends to stay too focused on the intellect (a good mirror for me). This exploration is giving me lots of insights into discovering lost soul bits of who I am. I'm keeping an eye open so I focus more on the feelings and don't get bogged down in the intellect through this exploration. I have an intuitive sense of how I express the energies of the planets in my life and in my relationships when I really feel into their placement and aspects in my astrology chart. This is taking me into a lot of uncomfortable feelings: mainly guilt and shame and how I judge myself on "failing" others. Guess that's why I embrace distraction at times to distance myself from the pain. It's inspiring to read about how all of you are diving deep down the rabbit hole to come out the other side into Absolute Presence without identifying with any of it. Down I go.

x Cathy


I love seeing all these snapshots and tuning in with you guys! We are so blessed to have these amazing connections with each other from all over the place! Personally, I am experiencing some bodily discomfort... slowing down and feeling through it and it's so supportive to connect with you all here. Heart full of love for you all. <3 Jen


Hey guys!
what beautiful photos - I'm tuning in to those shining lights!
Its interesting travelling at the moment, I'm really noticing the dis-trust and fear in so many people. People seem naturally distrusting generally. It seems to have heightened in the last few weeks I think. But it almost makes it more beautiful when I see a small child with open eyes and hands, or tune in here and see aligned people being themselves with open hearts. Keep shining through, souls connecting! The world needs that light!

with love



I'm tuning in through the ether with memories of last year - some sort of evil cackle seems appropriate here. Yet, it seems I'm going through my own stuff right now - being drawn out, coming together in a whirlwind of emotion.

Feeling alone even though I'm surrounded by people. Trapped, not able to fully unleash myself. And frustrated at not being able to fully connect with those around me. We'll see how this week pans out, with the Transfiguration energies doing what they do.

Lovely to see all the participants immersing themselves - inspirational guys! And big shout out to Trinity, Open and all you facilitators for bringing all your unique energies and making the course so valuable.


Suse becoming at one with the earth...

Ann working deeply through the layers...

Life is a beach with Chad...

September in deep meditation...

Verity releasing energies through movement and stretching...

Going deep within, letting go of the old world...


The first part of the gathering is about going really deep into the moment. Without giving too much away (not wanting to spoil it for future courses!), it's about progressively taking away distraction, so that you're left in your own feelings. It brings up all manner of inner resistances - the safe, comfortable layers we put around ourselves which protect us from the awesome truth of the moment.

When people touch these boundaries, there's often resistance to them - a desire to take them away. The mind might become fuzzy or hazy, the body painful. There's boredom to penetrate (how can The One ever get bored?). You have to confront these boundaries and feel right into them.

If you can surrender enough, then you start to break through the limiting layers and start to expand out to greet the universe.

    I was talking to one of the group out in the garden early this morning, who was suffering a high degree of resistance and pain. The dawn chorus had recently begun. I could literally feel the sound of the birds connecting inside. And as I asked what they thought about the sound of the birds, a brave little robin landed right on the ground between us. It's these priceless little moments that come to you when you do penetrate and break through the resistance the ego has to the moment. Utterly priceless.

So what is it that pushes your buttons about reality? When you take away all the distractions, sit in solitude and stillness, what comes up for you? And how do you feel it?

The invitation is to feel into these contractions, become as one with them, then "break on through to the other side".

Have a great day


Open *OK*


Amy you said it best!! So great to see familiar faces...this is the only work or path that makes sense...hugs and courage to all and to our guiding angels...see you soon!! Much love. xo


My hands are tingling with the etheric hand holding. Such a lovely energy emanating from the photos past and present and such fond memories resurfaced. I feel blessed *HELLO*


Some early photos at the Gathering...

Suze smiling...

September & Vicci...

Pennie & Ishara...


Rich & Vish...

Rainbow watching...

Beautiful rainbows...

"Frog Medicine" of metamorphosis in the Garden...


"A jolt in the cosmos" - I love it! :-)

Yesterday evening was the gathering, with people arriving from all across the world. It's so amazing to meet people from widely varied cultural background and yet all connecting through the heart space - one soul family.

Today begins the journey, the process. It's best described as a continual internal confrontation. We set varied experiences that bring up internal resistance, density and blockages. We get people to become as-one with these by feeling into them and expressing them. How can the heat hold you if you become the heat?

It's through this intense inner inquiry that you find the One, in, and through, all experience. Who are you really?

The problem is the life in society is so distracting - it focuses your attention 'out there' - then conditions you to want and need things. You end up believing you must have them and become defined by them. It disconnects from the true divinity within.

By constantly bringing your attention inside and inquiring into what you're actually feeling, allowing that to be the source of your experience, progressively brings you back to the source inside.

So if you feel to join us, take as much time in stillness as possible today. Switch off the outer world and its distractions. Then feel into what comes up. Don't resist it, especially if it's unpleasant. Often these touch points are simply unconscious judgments people constantly make about the world which hold and suppress them. Spend some quality time going deep into your feelings, accepting them, becoming as-one with them, then find The One through them - the sense of presence.

Who are you really?


This brings tons of great memories from last year!!
:-) I'm thinking of wonderful friendships that began then and are still flourishing now. I'm also feeling into how much I've changed since. My goodness... the path can be really wonderful and full of surprises. :-D

This course is literally a jolt into the cosmos! It gives so much incredible momentum. I'm tuning in through the ether. Enjoy, everyone.



I'm touching down with you guys through the ether!

God bless us, everyone!

x Cathy