5D Shift: Dealing with the Influence of Ancient Entities in the Field

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Day by day the shift gathers a pace. And as we pass through the Inflexion Point, the crossroads between the old and the new paradigms, then the karmic construct gets increasingly challenged. Many layers of the matrix have been opened up and a river of light is fast gaining momentum through it. But at the same time, we're dredging the dregs at the bottom of the barrel. I witness it stirring some very virulent and ancient 'demonic' entities. Awareness is the key to overcoming these, by steeling our resolve, we can forge sovereign souls and drop deep into Samadhi. Find the eye of the storm, and the deceptive interference that's clinging on, will wash away in its own turbulence...

The Rejection of Light

Ancient mythology paints pictures of grotesque gargoyles and sirens leading the innocent astray. It's easy to pass off as glamorised fiction. However, there are what we might call 'damaged souls', that became disconnected from the divine flow, that by their own density, were ejected from the natural cycle of reincarnation. They now dwell in the density, preying on other souls that might susceptible to some kind of influence - one that is often based on neediness, lack of self worth, or judgmentalism. 

To best understand any such phenomenon, I find it always helps to take a top down perspective. At the big bang, the presence of The One exploded into flows of awareness - flows of light. Simultaneously there was a 'breathing out and back in again'. The flow back to Unity Consciousness created 'gravity' which caused layers of reality to condense into form. Unity Consciousness became the 'glue' holding the constructs together. 

In the dense outer layers, bottlenecks formed in the immense, rushing in-breath, back to the source, and the materiality coagulated. The light was depleted and compacted in the density. This in turn created a magnetic polarity, which then pulled in weaker souls that now animate the darkness. They're what we might refer to as "fallen angels", who now gain their strength from the divine disconnect. Weakness becomes a strength when you discover that by playing on the tethering bonds of the old reality construct, you can pull in all manner of energy from the susceptible.

What causes a soul to stay in such density? Why would they continually reject the light?

The Infinite Potential of Pure Presence

Having confronted many such entities in the field, they do come in varied forms, but I would say the commonality uniting them all, is their reluctance to accept the Void of Presence as the 'creator' of reality. It seems there's an expectation that some "God" created all of this, and then castigated them purposefully to the outer reaches of the density for some judgmental reason. It is the dynamic of many a spiritual myth.

Of course there was no intention to all of this, there was no original mind of God that purposefully created everything. If so, you'd have to ask where did that mind come from? What preceded it, and so on, and so on, ad infinitum. You can, however, form the entirety of the Universal Torus without intention, from the infinite potential of pure presence. When contemplated deeply, it became inevitable that such a form would take shape as the torsional energy breathed back to the source. Understanding and navigating the "Quantum Soup".

So what we now have, in the outer reaches of the Universe, are souls who believe they've been abandoned by an uncaring, judgmental or vengeful "God". An inherent feeling of unworthiness turns the finger of blame in on itself, to become self hatred and loathing. It's a deep pit that placates the pain by projecting the neediness out to other wayward souls and preying on their own externalised need of completeness and acceptance; whereas the answer will always lie in total surrender to the inner Void, where nothingness becomes everythingness. It's the expectation and need for there to be 'some thing', some protector, some father figure or great being to complete you, that banishes souls to the separation. Not that we shouldn't seek out an aligned reflection, the key is always to feel that within yourself.

What causes susceptibility?

I have encountered these entities in many forms. Here are just some of the ways they prey on people through their emotional pscyhe...

  • the need to be loved or for a source of external love
  • the need to belong within community
  • the need to be liked or cherished
  • the need for sexual or material pleasure
  • the need to control some aspect of reality
  • the need for an answer or a solution.

Let me be crystal clear, I'm not saying that these experiences shouldn't be enjoyed or at times even cherished. What I'm saying is that the problem arises where there's a NEED for them. Where we can't accept their effortless arising as a direct result of the natural pull back to the Void of Presence. It's the clinging on that creates the distortion, that then victimises souls through their neediness.

Understanding "Possession"

Such neediness can lead to various levels of possession. Many of these entities are ancient, with exceptionally developed, deceptive techniques designed to fill the non acceptance of the Void. They will come into the psyche on a subtle sense of lack. I've often witnessed them masquerading through "love and light". It's the clever projection that "love is all there is", so when people touch some level of blissed out unity acceptance, they stop inquiring into a deeper uniqueness and personal sovereignty - the ability to stand in the Void alone, from which self love perpetuates, needing no particular external reflection.

They will definitely enter where there's judgmentalism or a sense of victim mentality - where there's a perception that reality is being "done to you". A soul will always manifest the direct reflection of their own beingness. Nothing is ever done to you. But this projection is prevalent in society right now, and it will draw in such entities that then prey on the self-loathing energy. It's how they maintain their strength.

Such possession can be a challenging nut to crack, because it embeds itself as a part of the psyche, which then becomes invisible. A person may become popular, loveable and glamourised. The sense of completeness is gained through the fulfilment of community. The question we must always ask ourselves is, "Do I need this?" "Can I live without it?" Not that community is wrong of course, friendship is a wonderful experience to behold. Again, it's the neediness of it that generates the susceptibility. 

However tough the 'nut' is, it can however be cracked! It just requires a complete commitment to profound self honesty. It's the completeness of nothingness wherein the answer lies. It's being prepared to continually surrender into the Void of Nothingness - not needing an answer or some quick fix, not needing to be loved, liked, respected or cherished. The paradox is that true completeness can only arise from the nothingness - which is the everythingness.
This Breakthrough Breathing Meditation can Lead to Presence

Coming into "Samadhi"

This continual surrender leads to "Samadhi". You come home to the inner Void of the Universe. Whereupon you realise the completeness of nothing. All need falls away. And with that any resistant entity. It can no longer cling to you or possess the psyche. If it continues to do so, then the possibility is that it will become increassingly enlightened by the experience and let go anyway.

The challenge of Samadhi is the arising of soul from it. The nothingness must persist within the activity and expression of beingness. So the soul must be allowed to flow, but at the same time, with a keen 'eye' on attachment within the expression. Then Samadhi will persist as the eye through the storm to which nothing can cling. It is essential therefore to attune your inner compass to complete acceptance of the Void, and allowing the authentic flow of soul to resolve out any distortion. 
Consider the Openhand Process "Openway" for attuning your personal Spiritual Compass.

Dredging the Bottom of the Barrel and Coming up in Light

We have reached the point where these ancient entities are now being exposed. I witness it sending them into a tizz. I see projection and subtle judgment quite rife. I see souls being influenced by the clinging neediness. AND AT THE SAME TIME, I witness a tremendous commitment arising to soul sovereignty - to the urge for self completeness within the Void of Presence. It is heart warming and greatly inspiring. The fraternity of light gathers strength. Let us come together in our uniqueness and reflect the experience of Samadhi back to one another. 

Let us be compassionate to the wayward, to help them realign, but not weak and pulled in by any emotional projection or victim mentality. Let's reflect the strength that comes from not needing any particular thing. Above all, let's seize the tremendous opportunity facing us in the shift, to forge the soul through the firey crucible of change.

They say it gets darkest just before the dawn. The emergence of these ancient entities is therefore a good thing. We are dredging the bottom of the barrel, and the light is pouring through the darkness. Steel your resolve. Steel your soul. Tie yourself to the mast of completeness as we traverse the stormy waters. It will become the mastery of you.

Sample this ground breaking meditation for removing Implants and Enitites

In loving support,

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Greetings Rayko - yes, a couple of things will be important there: 1) be mindful of what you allow in your consciousness 2) make sure you switch off the matrix well before going to bed and just completely relax mind and body as you go into sleep.

Nice to see you.

Open Praying Emoji


Yea, I just went to Singapore and thing that I loved in the city was the lack of adverts in the metro.

Upon now thinking about it, there appears to be something that extracts energy from me every time I see a pretty a girl... And you know about 50% of the adverts in the Hong Kong Metro have adverts about becoming pretty or something, but basically they always have a really pretty girl saying "buy this product and you will have this beautiful skin"... Soo now I think I liked the absence of Metro adverts because it gave this entity less visual material which it could use to extract energy from me...


Also I have issues with sleeping in the morning simply due to having morning glory, and I know there is some entities leaking energy which somehow annoys me and makes me restless, so I can't sleep properly... I think the body has its daily cycles and they like to extract energy around 06:30 in the morning....


But yea, when reading this article I kept thinking about really old ancients... They must be really old!


And thanks dude! Now I will try my best to be aware of these issues when walking around places with adverts and stuff!




Hi everyone - I felt to raise this topic again today, about ancient entities in the field and their effect on consciousness. All the while the shift is accelerating and so the density at the bottom of the barrel is being dredged up. We're constantly hearing from people who're experiencing the phenomenon of entities and implants in their field. It's high time we brought light to this, rather than gingerly pushing it back under the 'too inconvenient' rug!

Once we have a non-dramatic framework for inquiry, we can normalise and equalise with the energy. It's when we're NOT reacting NOR denying that we can truly deal with it. The light of awareness dissolves and releases the unconsciousness. For those interested in the topic at this time, or else feel you're being effected by this intervention in some way, I'd suggest you reflect on the article above and sample the meditation. And do feel free to ask for a reflection here. I will gladly support.

Wishing you all well - let the light of consciousness bring deep centred peace!

Open Praying Emoji


Everytime I watch this clip it brings me to tears. Such a powerful scene helps me confront the tightness. Thankyou for posting it!

Love to all.



Thanks for your insight. I resonate deeply with the way you have described this, and will continue to try to tune into the person/soul to keep reflecting the light back to them, not the distortion. 



Hi Tasha, and anyone else tuning in, just to be clear what "entities" are to begin with: you might use the term 'entity' where the soul is embodied in some kind of energy vehicle. So a human being may also be considered an 'entity', where in this case, the soul is embodied in a physical vehicle, one that you can see, hear and touch. But there are other vehicles that a soul can be encased within - an energy vessel for example, just at a higher (or lower) frequency. You can't necessarily see or hear them, but that doesn't mean they aren't there. We live on a small planet, in a small solar system, of a small galaxy teaming with solar systems, in a Universe teaming with galaxies, one that arrays in multiple dimensions. So really it's pretty unimaginable that there wouldn't be other lifeforms pervading the field. Plenty of us are able to 'see' them, or more appropriately, intuit and sense them, especially by the trail of effects they leave.

Can such an entity work within the group field of a family or even a community? Yes. No question.

I've witnessed may occurances such as that you describe Tasha. Where a parasitic entity 'jumps' from host to host. Where it then exacerbates the energy fields of those it touches, so as to release energy, which it then assimilates. They can be highly deceptive - especially these ancient ones - it's clear they can read your energy field and push the buttons that get people attached and emotive. I've seen them able to drain the energy of whole groups that way.

But there are ways to deal with them, as I described in my article. Firstly it's about ownership, integrity and sovereignty in your own field. So taking ownership of everything you express and working to find the most aligned expression. If you spot your own triggers - it doesn't matter who triggered them - work on them internally to let go of them. That way, the entities have nowhere to attach. And in this way, an entity may be seen as having a positive effect - they bring attention to our unconscious blind spots.

Finally, when I'm working with a group, where I witness an entity having an effect on someone, I always work to see the person (and their soul) as separate from the entity itself. So I work to connect and resonate the light within the soul. It is tricky though, because you do have to confront the triggers with them aswell... "why are you acting like this or that?" It's encouraging the other to see their own triggers so they might let them go. Meanwhile working to resonate the soul.

It's not easy, no. But if you're having this kind of awareness to the situation, then you'll be able to find the path through it. Just keep trusting in the light of benevolence - it will show the way.


Open Praying Emoji



Thanks so much to Open and everyone else for this extremely important thread. I have a question concerning these kinds of entities, and would appreciate any input. My question is: Can they simultaneously effect more than one person, like in a family for example? It feels like there is a destructive energy present in my husband and his father, that maybe is being dealt with over multiple lifetimes, perhaps. It feels like more than just conditioned behavior. With each of them, it is like "a switch flips," and then watch out because things are going to get weird. It could be outwardly destructive (like breaking or hurting things), or calmly destructive (which can be the scarier of the two, because it feels a little bit "psycho."



The last few days have been a great time to lift the veil and I’m really glad we are having this conversation here. Thank you, Open for initiating the topic. I feel it’s changing something in the field right now, building a momentum, perhaps. And that is why I’m posting again, tonight…


Ultimately when the veil is lifted and the awareness is shone we can see “the man behind the curtain” and all that trickery that we bought into. It’s not to dismiss the manipulative skills of the interfering beings, but to take some of that energy back and look soberly at some of our self-demeaning thinking/acting patterns:


  • Looking for external solutions, love, fulfillment, validation
  • Disconnecting from the body and nature (the technology is often set up to capture our attention and pull us into a synthetic, predictable world)
  • Placing the authority on the outside, such as seeking to take on beliefs of a guru or wanting someone else to save me

I’m not trying to sound preachy. Believe me, these are points I keep watching for, every single day. Perhaps with the exception of the last one, as I have an aversion to authority, which is in itself a possible string to manipulate me, so in a way I am working on the authority issue too, yes.



Open, this stood out for me:

My general point is, that we might not wish to lift the lid on these kind of topics in the beginning. But if we have the courage to do so, then the light of awareness will wash away the disharmony over time, and unwind the apparent power of those entities that bind the old consciousness together for their own agenda.

The real commodity here is consciousness, our consciousness that is being bent (with our permission) to the others’ agenda. Something tells me to be careful again with the “them” and “us” labeling as ultimately, it all plays out as it supposed to. I just want to encourage the readers and myself to continue stepping out of the victim way of thinking and for just a moment at the time feeling into who we really truly are. The truth of our origin is out there, behind that veil. It is a commitment, but it’s so incredibly worth it!!






Hi Upsidedownwoman, yes I think you're right - that the emergence of these entities is increasing, and has been doing so for several years. Although I do feel this is a new (deeper) phase recently. Let's be crystal clear though, these entities were ALREADY embedded within the deepest layers - it's just that they're being revealed now. 

I can recall the sense of the matrix when I first began exploring back in 2002 - it felt like a kind of sterilised lock down. So the density was bound into day-to-day living. Consider the torture of 65 billion creatures being systematically slaughtered year on year in the industrial food chain - it's heavily sanitised as generally acceptable, and yet the degree of disharmony infusing the field as a result, is almost beyond comprehension. I see that society just has had a very effective way of managing the systemised trauma - people would feel the pain, if they weren't constantly being externally distracted, or else their internal senses dampened through the systemised toxin of what masquerades as 'food'. Likewise the effect of excessive consumption was not yet fully visible within climate change - at least it was a long way from the observable effects right now.

So it was a very santised, controlled exploitation. The entities and energy behind it were well buried in the very bedrock of the system itself. There, but not visible.

Since that earlier time, various layers have been peeled off. And people's awareness is expanding in concert. Now the deepest levels of this disharmony are being exposed for all to see. Although perhaps the majority still wouldn't associate the source as being ancient entities in the field and their exploitation of it. Yes there will be a polarisation - the inflexion point of which I've spoken - where groups will try to solidify in the old status quo. Like what's visibly happened in US politics. 

The lid is definitely lifting though. Look at the Harvey Weinstein revelations, which are merely the tip of the (film industry) iceberg. These too, to my mind, are reflections of the institutionalised trauma and abuse that is prevalent at the deepest layers of the field, which are now bubbling to the surface. 

Crucially it is awareness that will shatter the grip this ancient energy has had. To this point, it's all been swept under the 'too inconvenient rug'. People were too afraid to confront it. But just look at what's now happening in terms of the empowerment of women in response to the Weinstein revelations, for example. I imagine the reflections are causing many, in all walks of life, to begin 'agitating' for the return of rightful aligned empowerment. This all supports the shift to a higher consciousness.

My general point is, that we might not wish to lift the lid on these kind of topics in the beginning. But if we have the courage to do so, then the light of awareness will wash away the disharmony over time, and unwind the apparent power of those entities that bind the old consciousness together for their own agenda.


Open Praying Emoji


I think itś very timely.  doesn t matter if it is popular or not...in fact...  Seems to me that the proximity to the difficult issues can directly be measured by the amount of fear, resistance, and opposition.  It is natural to block out the perception of these energies because they are terrifying, to accept that as part of this dimension.   then , if one accepts such forces exist, then one also has to accept the role of the human in the equation.  or the responsibility maybe is the better word.


My comment was, that the influence of negative energies had radically increased since sometime in 2016, and more interesting, it attracts certain people, in droves, that you would never expect to engage in negativity, but they are even delighted to cause as much distractio)or harm, if they can,  and this is becoming more widespread, attacking any buddha, or for that matter, anyone,  if they can.  Could you comment on this, perhaps thatś only my perception of this trend.   At the same time, another sector of the population is moving quickly in the other direction, and a self selecting polarization is happening, to the point where, many of us have commented that it is exhausting just going out on simple errands. 

W always have enjoyed your writings, although I come at this from a totally different direction. 




You're right on the button about the entity subject Margaret - indeed OK Hand Sign

What they're able to do is create glamourised fearful imagery, anxiety and excessive emotion by working into people's fields. But really that's all! It's what it then causes a person to do to themselves that's the issue - what the fear itself causes.

When you go right into the heart of the fear, and whatever that might mean, then I find it fairly easily dispatches or realigns them. The key is to work through the self-deceiving internal loops. 

Suppression becomes a magnet too, yes, I agree. I witness that a great deal in spiritual mainstream. Someone may be efforting to maintain a certain stability on the surface, look very calm and peaceful, yet underneath there's a great deal being repressed. Usually though, with profound self honesty, the soul will speak through repressed micro-expressions - jitters and jolts for example.

A careful balance is needed. It's all about allowing the expression so as to explode the myth, but then not letting surface 'fizz' distract from the more subtle inner vibrations, which are the karmic anchors where an entity might attach. 

I was working with someone only yesterday. We sensed the presence of such an ancient entity. It was lodging within some subconscious blindspot. By working in a sauna, alternating hot and cold, turning up the internal intensity, meant that the soul could be infused through the blindspot so that the energy was released.

I'm aware people might be fearful of such material. But as I said in the lead article, awareness is the key. Profound honesty explodes the illusion every time!

Open Praying Emoji



This is an important topic and one that may induce some fear… but it doesn’t have to! I like your take on it, Open. When we think of the ‘demonic presences’ a-matter-of-factly, as I felt you did in your article and posts, the awareness around the topic increases and we may be able to drop great chunk of the fear. The entities dwell in the murkiness, dread, guilt, paranoia, fear, self-destructive beliefs.


Open said:

So awareness is always the key to dissolving the intervention - awareness from the place of non self judgment. Allowing expression to happen, but then bringing aligned behaviour into it. This means there's nothing for such an entity to lock into. It has to leave ones field.


Being aware of the inner landscape (without fixating on it too much) is a really good advice. I find that fostering self knowledge and being aware of the possibility of the interference (without the dread or paranoia) makes a big difference. Also, suppressed emotions seem to make me more susceptible to interferences, as these things are always riding on something, the more unconscious the better (for them). I guess, if I’m leaking energy, something will eventually show up to feed on it. In my case the key energies that these entities try riding on are guilt and self-loathing. Both are major themes... gosh, getting to the bottom of this is a major excavation. Many times I found myself at the emotional bottom, just riding it out. This life is a true ride, no kidding!


As I’m writing this now, it’s becoming really clear: getting entrenched in the them-versus-us thinking may not be the best way to go about it neither… You talked about coming into the awareness from the place of non self-judgement. I'd like to expand on it adding that coming at it from the place of a general non-judgement, where we don't judge "the other side" neither, is really powerful. I realize you meant that too, but really wanted to highlight it.  Ultimately, I feel that balanced approach, without demonizing or dismissal is the way to go for me at this point. 


So, we have a tremendous power here, by working with the distortions that cause those leaks. I don’t mean to trivialize the trickiness of the interferences and the effort/perseverance required to move beyond the distortions. I guess what I’m trying to say is that ultimately our spiritual sovereignty is our right and a natural state and all else feels secondary.





All love, support and credit to you for persevering through B - I witness just how challenging these karmic situations can be.

What you said here stood out for me...

I had labelled sexuality and rape as being the same thing

Wow, my heart goes out to you. I've witnessed more of this dynamic than I wish to mention. Often for someone who has been victimised in this way, it becomes all too easy for the finger of blame to unconsciously turn inwards, which can easily then turn to self-loathing. This inadvertently draws more of the same energy.

I find it does help to look at the big picture. We have no control over the movement of the Universe. At that level, in a physical way, the Universe is 'doing things to us'. But surrender to the Universe does not mean giving up soul sovereignty and empowerment - that's where the confusion can set in at a soul level.

So if we can work to accept the infinite power and working of the Universe, BUT AT THE SAME TIME, manage our response to it, then we become the masters of all circumstance because we are not owned by any of it.

You are not to blame for what happens to you. Life is happening all by itself. Entire solar systems are being obliterated - raped - through black-holes on a constant basis. BUT by acknowledging that we are not to blame for this coming our way, means we can surrender through it and burst the illusion of the separation. Within us, the relative surrenders into the absolute. 

I know this may sound a degree esoteric. But through surrender to the pain, means that you can channel the soul through any experience, which then becomes absolute empowerment. Because the situation can't own you anymore. That's why regression into, and through, such situations is the way to lasting healing from them.

In the Openhand Approach, we apply this 9 step healing process for dealing with karmic source pain

My heart goes out to you.

Open Heart


Thanks Open for this article, it helps. Also thanks Anatoly for your courage. I find it hard to find a way of holding episodes of abuse that happened when I was a child. It's really hard to accept that I created it then not go into self-loathing, but there are pockets of break through. My sexuality is my weakest link because I had labelled sexuality and rape as being the same thing then threw the key away. I know sexuality is a really innocent part of being human and really beautiful at that. 

I've been noticing that my yearning for sovereignity is dependent upon my self-worth and when that diminishes it seems more of a luxury and at other times it's the reason I'm alive now


As I said in my lead article, I recognise this isn't the most popular of subjects! However, as a result of bringing focused and aligned awareness to a real phenomenon active in the field, I can feel a huge cleansing going on. I felt many of these ancient energies being released. They most definitely have been lurking in unconscious layers. If you find yourself ever being depleted energetically, or steered off course, then be sure you're bringing focused awareness throughout your field - the light of aligned consciousness washes them away. That will most definitely bode well for the shift. It is most necessary and welcome.


Open Praying Emoji


Hi Anatoly, firstly it's brave and courageous that you bring awareness to the issue of sexual entities. I understand having spoken to you that what's happening is unconscious sexual release at night, which then leaves you tired and depleted.

Yes, there are 'demonic entities' in the field that prey on the activation and release of sexual energy. In mythology the female version is called the "Succubus" and the male the "Incubus". Whilst they have definitely been glamorised and demonised in the myths, there are definitely entities with similar characteristics to the mythology - I have personally encountered them in the field.

As always, the key to dealing with such intervention is awareness. And profound self honesty that it is actually taking place. Because the key weakness upon which they can enter and temporarily 'possess' is through self judgment and taboo. This can often begin from an early age as a youngster comes into puberty, where sometimes obsessive compulsive behaviour can activate, especially so with the ready availability of internet pornography.

The likelihood is that susceptibility arises from past life karma. It is the subconscious density that then attracts the entity. Either excessive misaligned sexual expression, or else the suppressive renunciation, both can lead to such susceptibility. So awareness is always the key to dissolving the intervention - awareness from the place of non self judgment. Allowing expression to happen, but then bringing aligned behaviour into it. This means there's nothing for such an entity to lock into. It has to leave ones field.

Open Praying Emoji


I see this article is not necessarily a popular read! But awareness is the key to overcoming such misaligned entities in the field. The description of "demonic entities" in the field is far from new or some extrovert fantasy. It is of course central to the story of the Buddha and his final Enlightenment sitting under the Bodhi Tree. Here is an overview of the story from the New World Encyclopedia....

In Buddhism, Mara is the demon who assaulted Gautama Buddha beneath the bodhi tree, using violence, sensory pleasure and mockery in an attempt to prevent the Buddha from attaining enlightenment. In Buddhist cosmology, Mara personifies unskillfulness, the "death" of the spiritual life. He is a tempter, distracting humans from practicing the Buddhist dharma through making the mundane seem alluring, or the negative seem positive. Buddhism utilizes the concept of Mara to represent and personify negative qualities found in the human ego and psyche. The stories associated with Mara remind Buddhists that such demonic forces can be tamed by controlling one's mind, cravings and attachments.

The stories presented are formulaic—Mara appears, tries, and fails to meddle with the affairs of Buddha or one of his disciples, and is rebuked. Most of the stories found in the Mara-Samyutta describe Mara's attacks on the Buddha while he is alone during meditation, though some also describe Mara's attempts to distract the Buddha's teaching. In every story Mara is foiled—the pattern continues in the Bhikkhuni-Samyutta, where clever Buddhist nuns are able to overcome Mara consistently. The final chapter of the Mara-Samyutta has Mara admit to his daughters he cannot overcome the Buddha and concede defeat, though later writings indicate he has not lost interest in harassing Buddha's converts. The eighth chapter of the second part of the Mara-Samyutta suggests that Mara is not an eternal being, but rather a position held by a succession of beings possessing severely evil karma. Some early Buddhists, however, rather than seeing Mara as a demonic, virtually all-powerful Lord of Evil, regarded him as more of a nuisance. Many episodes concerning his interactions with the Buddha and his disciples have a decidedly humorous air to them.

Mara is best known for his role in opposing Buddha prior to and during his enlightenment. Many Buddhist works recount this tale, and it is told in great detail in the Buddhacarita, written about 100 C.E. by the Buddhist writer Ashvagosha. As Buddha sits beneath the bodhi tree Mara is alerted to this impending enlightenment. As lord of death and sensual pleasure, Mara recognizes Buddha's success will mean an end to his reign. Though futile, he decides to make attempts at disturbing Buddha and preventing his enlightenment.

Mara attempts to tempt Buddha, both with promises of glory and pleasure, and then begins to warn of consequences for breaking away from the prince's religious and secular duties. Buddha easily rejects these, knowing they are meaningless. Mara uses force against Buddha, appearing as a hideous demon and sending an army of likewise revolting and terrible creatures, bent on the bodily destruction of Buddha. They launch a volley of arrows at Buddha, but as these projectiles approach they are transformed into flowers and fall harmlessly to the ground. Buddha invokes the earth goddess to wash away the demons in a flood—the earth goddess obliges. The daughters of Mara try to coerce and seduce Buddha, but he recognizes them as they are, and is not swayed from his goal. Finally Mara mocks Buddha, and tells him his work is for nothing, as there is no one there to recognize his achievement. Buddha responds that the earth will be his witness, and after touching the ground the earth trembles in agreement.



Thanks Open for bringing some light into the subject.  I know you would want to share more light into it so i will start with my own inquiry.

OK ... So this is going to be a bit delicate but what the hack.  It seems to be somewhat related to the article but not completely sure.  Occasionally, i get the unconscious release at night and i've had this issue for quite some time. haven't noticed any pattern to it but it i usually find myself lying on the stomach when that happens.  I have issues falling asleep on my back or sides but will keep working on it even if it means not getting some sleep.

So obviously there is some energy bleeding here and i get a feeling that some entities maybe feeding on that energy.  Not quite sure what to make of it but there are probably some convolutions at play here. So just shining some light into the dark recesses and would like to bring some alignment into the field.

Go and shine some light