Angelic Summit 2020 - Openhand Speaker Involvement

Submitted by Open on Fri, 01/03/2020 - 06:24

Hi Everyone, I have to say there are plenty of times, just  like you I'm sure, when I don't feel much like an angel! Neverthelss, I've been asked to speak at January's 2020 online summit, which certainly has an otherworldy air to it and promises to be pretty interesting. Certainly there's a growing energetic resonance and upliftment going on within humanity, as summits like these resonate and reflect. You can access the event for free, and listen to different viewpoints concerning the shift of consciousness happening across our planet.

Here are details of when to listen in...

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Openhand New Year Message 2020 - Let's illuminate the Dark!

Submitted by Open on Wed, 01/01/2020 - 05:21

Greetings everyone. Welcome to 2020 The Sun Emoji
This feels very much like it's going to be a year of great transformation and infinite possibility. The veils are falling rapidly now as the two worlds reveal themselves. The heightening glitz and the glamour of the old are nothing but Emperor's new clothes. The real garment we're weaving together, the real parable, is that of our inexorable shift into the higher light of "5D" consciousness.

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