Return of the Pleiadians and Earth Energies Reconciliation

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Contrary to popular belief, Homo Sapiens did not descend naturally from the Apes! Anyone who doubts this might like to explore how the chromosome count mysteriously contracted from 48 to 46 and then propagated throughout the entire human species when such a 'mutation' would have been an evolutionary disadvantage. There are countless other reasons that point to some blend of extra terrestrial genetics. Like the 223 genes that appear nowhere else on Earth's tree of life. In my knowing, Pleiadian consciousness was integrated to seed the original humans. It's vital for all making the 5D Shift, to integrate potential karmic past life convolutions...

Convoluted Earth History

Yes I know my sharing is going to appear pretty 'out there' to some. But maybe before directly hitting the back button, you might persist a while on the exploration, because it's not the actual facts of the past that matter - it's how they influence your current reality that does. That's what you carry forwards and need to work with. So I suggest maintaining an open mind and simply see how my sharing resonates at least in part. What do you feel?

Planet Earth has suffered a controlling Interdimensional Intervention that goes back millions of years - an energy that tried to usurp the trajectory of the planet. There's plenty of evidence that ET DNA found its way here through 'panspermia' - the propagation of life through the universe via meteors. The 'raptor consciousness' - that of greedy consumption - spread its virulent tentacles first during the age of the dinosaurs, until it was obliterated by a meteor. Gaia's need to unravel growing disharmony sent out a beacon - a primal scream - for realignment. In a Universe of synchronistic interconnectivity, nothing happens by chance!

But that wasn't the end of the raptor story. The consciousness itself 'hung around' in the ether and spawned many new evolutionary forms, eventually infecting the very consciousness and DNA vibration of man (just look at the level of conspicuous consumption which is now spiraling out of control). To benevolence a solution was necessary. Higher dimensional consciousness needed to be integrated as a bridge back to the divine so that mankind wouldn't completely lose himself in the density. And it was also necessary to work to create a thread of connection for the 'raptors' (which some call the 'reptilian entities'), all the way back to the source.

The Mission of the Pleiadians

The Pleiadians were tasked to share their DNA (through the ether via light vibration) and to ground higher consciousness here. It was far from an easy birthing. Original seedings struggled in the dense atmosphere and following an early intervention by the raptor consciousness were all but wiped out. I have personally met many Pleiadian starsouls here who can recall 'being ambushed interdimensionally' in this plane as they arrived and struggling to survive in the density. But eventually the seeding experiment worked. And since those early times, a rare old battle has continued in the very consciousness of man between the higher light and the lower consciousness trying to control the Earth.

The denser vibrational raptor consciousness had all but won, leading to a desperate decline of the Earth and her biosphere as she's been raped and plundered. But recent shifts of consciousness - like the major realignment of 2012 - have ensured that the higher dimensional consciousness of man is once more in the ascendance, at least for some. Since that time, I've personally experienced countless realignments and unravellings in the field. It is these that are directly facilitating the acceleration of Gaia's Great 5D Shift. This is not some fixed timeline, it is more an event line, which must be followed in order to facilitate the most gentle and compassionate of shifts possible - without the matrix literally being torn apart (we need to avoid such potential anarchy at all costs).

There are countless starsouls here from different constellations both working on the side of the light and those on the dark. But you don't fight the dark. That simply creates more darkness. As much as practically possible, reconciliation needs to happen and reconnection to the light, so that wayward - fallen - souls may also rise once more. Here's where humanity comes in.

Reconciliation - withing yourself!

Right at this moment I am experiencing the yearning for reconciliation especially between the Pleiadians and those of the raptor consciousness. To some, it will likely seem an impossible task. But many will be buoyed by the incredible opportunity. One of light, etheric, joyful, playful, connected and trusting consciousness (think "dolphin" energy) with that of a violent, aggressive, controlling consumptive consciousness (think "crocodile" energy).

How do you reconcile the two?

Remember that ultimately nothing is separate in the universe. All is interconnected through fields of energy. These various vibrations will be influencing every human in different blended measures (and other frequencies too). You can fight and override (the raptor consciousness for example), or you can drop that density inside yourself like the proverbial hot coals. But the light of the soul shines through all experiences. It is not simply about ditching. That just creates polarity inside yourself, which inadvertently separates you from the pure presence of The One.

Each frequency must be confronted and realigned with the sense of 'rightness' - reconnected to the source and harmonised within you. At the bottom of my article is a mini documentary on how you work with the raptor consciousness inside yourself. The realignment approach depicted in it, is fundamentally necessary right now, in order to facilitate a smooth transition into 5D consciousness. A reconciliation is necessary with the convoluted Earth energies of the past. Here's where the Pleiadian starsouls now need to step back in.

Return of the Pleiadians, Rise of the Divine Human

I know that many Pleiadian starsouls with whom I connect are currently finding it desperately challenging here in this density (there will be many feeling what I'm about to share, and don't even remember their original heritage - no matter, see what resonates). After eons of exile, a resurgence of Pleiadian souls is now gathering down through the densities toward the Earth, purposefully to reconnect with Pleiadian souls embodied here. I have personally experienced this in recent work around the world heritage area of Avebury in the UK, pretty much the centre of the world's crop circle phenomenon (yes, we're being communicated with by different groups through the geometrical symbology).

At the same time, the raptor consciousness is growing increasingly desperate, as it senses control is being lost. It's fighting tooth and claw through the ether, desperately trying to influence, grasping at last gasp straws (which is what we're witnessing in world politics and military interventions). But many are also ready for reconciliation. They sense the end is nigh, and that without realignment, oblivion through the galactic core awaits (as the old karmic reality into which they're bound is unraveled and peeled away - I've shared this in Divinicus: rise of the divine human).

Without understanding what the heck is going on, many will feel the heightened discord of denser lower vibrations and higher benevolent ones within their own being. That is assuming you haven't simply popped out of the denser vibrations and are distancing yourself in the higher ones - as is frequently the case. No, that's not the way to ultimately solve this problem. The only way out is through. We must get into the lower densities and behaviourisms - inside ourselves - and realign them (in ways explained in the video below).

Building Bridges with the Christ Consciousness

When you work with this internal realignment, you're sending out a vibration, a beacon, especially through those denser (controlling) frequencies of the field saying...

"You don't have to manipulate and control any longer. Control does not ultimately succeed in a universe moving to nirvana, which is balanced harmony in all places."

It's vitally important not to make the denser energies 'wrong'. Think teenager, and no matter how distorted they clearly are, even when they swear black is white, to make them wrong is to create division and polarity - the very opposite of what we're working to achieve. We must find much bigger hearts. We must be accepting that everyone has a truth that needs to be honoured. Build the bridge by accepting and honouring the other's reality before you share what you feel to be the higher truth - remembering that relativistic reality is always a perception. There is no absolute right and wrong. What I'm speaking of of course is the Christ Consciousness. It's a passionate energy that is unconditionally accepting of all, and then works to blend with the higher flow, traversing the 'Red Sea' of human karma before ascending into the Fifth Density.

Whilst I was in Avebury several times recently, working to help reconcile these misalignments of tribes, I felt huge waves of Christ Consciousness coming through me. It was a way of bridging the higher light of the Pleiadians with the lower density of the raptor. I could literally feel that taking place inside myself.

Working together, inside ourselves

I know what I'm saying will be misunderstood by many, laughed at by the still ignorant, but if merely an essence of what I'm saying resonates, then it may well provide you clues as to how to work with convolutant eddy currents of energy inside yourself...

  • Confront, integrate and realign the raptor consciousness in your lower chakras.
  • Feel the infusion of Christ Consciousness through the middle densities, especially the heart.
  • Breathe the higher consciousness down into the heart region and find reconciliation.
  • Send that realigning vibe out through the field to inspire as many others as possible.

I witness this process naturally beginning to occur. But these are early days yet, and more are needed to help accelerate the process by bringing attention to it. You don't necessarily have to understand completely or agree with my sharing. But if you do feel some of these convolutions of tightness of which I speak, then do allow my sharing to inspire you to work with them. In this way, I do believe you'll find a growing sense of integration and inner harmony within the tumultuous shifts going on. Work with it, inside yourself, and together we will succeed. Here's that video to help you...

If you resonate with my sharing, explore: Openhand's Advanced Spiritual Development Program

In loving support

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17/07/2021 Openhand Journal Update

It's utterly essential we keep it light as we sail through the density of transformation in this world. That's where calling on the lightness of our star soul groups is of paramount importance. They've done this all before, breaking down the intervention frequencies and helping realignments to happen in difficult and challenging circumstances. That's why I felt to share with you today Openhand's lead article on...

The Return of the Pleiadians and Earth Energies Reconciliation

Synchronistically Coldplay just released this mevellous video "Higher Power", with Chris Martin displaying a tremendous amount of Pleiadian joyful and child like curiosity and exhiberance as he travels through a broken dystopian world. Perfect. Absolutely perfect!...

It's an energy we'll be harnessing for sure during Avalon Rising: The World Ascension Summit

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For me, Jont with that tremendous playful innocence and vulnerability captures the Pleiadian energy so well...

Enjoy Jont perform at Avalon Rising 2021: The World Ascension Summit

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A regular ticket for Live Access to all aspects of the program and access to all recordings after the event. The price is £75 payable by debit or credit card and via PayPal...


Early Bird Option (before 1st Aug) £55

We like to reward those who've been loyal to Openhand and regularly tune into the work we do. Hence you can get the reduced price, early bird option by 1st August. The price is £55 payable by debit or credit card and via PayPal...


Accompanied £45 (each)

It's always more fun when we bring our friends along, plus you can reflect to each other afterwards. Get this special discount by booking for two at £45 each (your guest must be new to Openhand). Full price on booking £90 - be sure to send us the email of your us


Recordings £25

For those people who might not be available to attend the live event at the times provided, but may have access just to the recordings afterwards. Payment is by debit or credit card and via PayPal...



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Dear Open, 

I feel like sharing something I saw during meditation. Earlier in the week when meditating alone I felt like I was approached by blue beings. With the Openhand group yesterday, (feels like a lifetime ago!) I saw a group of blue children laughing and twittering amongst themselves emerge from a beautiful beach and then a blue being emerge from the sand as us mediattors sang and danes around her. I also saw how blue energies were dancing around the planet and saw the Earth's torus grow stronger.. Today as I was watch g a wildlife show, it talked about bioluminescence and how dolphins loved the colour blue. The image of frolicking dolphins felt like it completed the circle inside and out.

Felt like I need to say this and share with the group. 

Lots of Love, 


PS a lot of energy moved during the Livestream today too! 

Every single aspect of what was covered here resonates with me at an incredible level, I thank you for taking the time and having the volition to investigate and share crucial information that will enable all of us to trully unite and be that One consciousness we originated from. The way back to the Divine, I have experience great many things And shifts in polarity until I was able to see the two and how one couldn’t exist without the Other. Which has made me work on the Divine energies within myself and I understood that at doing so I will have also worked on that of the rest of creation. I also researched about the reptilian world and have actually not only made contact with that aspect of my being through experience but have successfully connected with the Christic energy while doing so and interacting with individuals who are predominantly acting on that energy and possible the source of the energy itself. Anyhow I thank you and send you my energy and thought you are awesome! 

This is 100% what I believe. However the problem is trusting you. There is so much literature on this it would be easy for a smart operator to put together a convincing argument and program. To protect myself I would never give money, personal information or spread the word that would take a personal convincing visitation. Being advanced in age and of little (earthly) importance why would an alien spend time with me. So if you're thinking I can be useful to you forget it, I need you to be useful to me. I need to cross to 5D. Thats it, thats all.

In reply to by Artsuig (not verified)

Greetings Artsuig,

I would suggest the real question is not whether you trust me, it's whether you trust yourself.

I'm not asking people blindly trust in me or what I'm saying. The central pillar of Openhand is providing merely a possibility - accurate enough that it may spark something in you or another. But the spark must be your own truth, that then gets expressed in your own way. Therefore the real question is if you can trust in yourself to rcognise your own truth, and if not, then explore what it feels like for you when you hear truth expressed that resonates as your own.

Open Praying Emoji

Hi Yulia - thanks for sharing your experiences with reptilian energy that is active to varying degrees in all people - what I call 'raptor consciousness'. I would encourage all to read about your experiences - there's lots to be gained from them.

I just felt to amplify also that there are very positive aspects to this energy, and it is not to be pushed away, but rather realigned within. So for example, it has great courage, will power and tenacity. It is tremendously resilient and can pick you up in the deepest of challenges when you've been knocked down. It has termendous team ethos and is fiercely faithful to its team. So some positive qualities to be embodied too. And in so doing, this helps raptor entities in the field realign too - you give them a reason to evolve.

I've found they can become realigned metaphysical dragon energy!

People tuning in will be forgiven for thinking I including this next clip as a joke. I didn't. There's much truth in parody...

In my exploration one of the features of the reptilian energy is unconsciousness and 'blindness', which in my view is one of the reasons it is so 'successful' with humanity - when you're unconscious you just consume, damage, hurt, destroy blindly, oblivious to any responsibility or causality, and that's it. Personally, when I went through the experience of it I agreed to lose 'consciousness' and walk blind. Looking for the way in the 'dark' and allowing this energy to play out in my life in all its distortions and experiencing what it does I eventually made my way to trigger and bring the worst out of it within me and around me. Two things were found in the climax:

1. The negative feelings for it and the need to get rid of it, kill it, which happened in the past, I mean who wouldn't want to just erase it once seeing it for what it is? Even if it means to damage or kill oneself to get rid of it (who remembers Ripley and the alien in Alien 3?) We also see expressions of it in dealing with insects, viruses and cancer.

2. Realisation of the source of it, which is the same as for all of us, empathy and eventual heart- and body- (important) opening to contain and balance it in its peak 'performance'.

So it doesn't surprise me that lighter forms were brought to counter-act the energy and level the field as much as possible and that you recommend non-judgmental heart engagement when working with this energy. It takes a lot of empathy and unconditional love and ability to tolerate pain to be able to take it in, get fully immersed in it, allow it to consume and then unravel out of it. I'd add that opening the body itself to it is important for me. It can be nice to accept things in the heart, but actually feeling it and its impact in the body, in the physicality, allowing the energy into the body and do things to the body is a different thing. So I had to do this without consciousness as such, disconnected from 'higher' centers, to really go into it and be it as it is, which is cut off, purely by following the appearing pieces in the puzzle and just trying things in the dark, getting consumed, attacked, 'infected', 'bitten' and 'hit' by this energy. Here my past experience with martial arts helped. I know how to 'absorb'. Maybe I went too far. Maybe I went as far as needed, but eventually it blew me to little pieces haha But then isn't it what it does? Just consumes and blows everything eventually... even the things it 'loves' or depend on...

After coming out of the unconscious part of it many gifts await though. This consciousness, once it becomes conscious, has amazing properties. I experience things such as:

increased sense of groundedness and embodiment

new degree of directness and honesty

in-the-body, down to earth rather than heart-to-heart connection with animals and nature - feeling denser vibrations that were not felt and seen before

totally new sensation of spontaneity - when instinctual meets the spiritual

Mixed with other expressions it gives a much more clear and powered action

a different kind of courage and fearlessness - fast and furious

ability to be open with more 'dense' expressions, experiences and energies

ability to explore sexuality and sensuality in a more 'honest' way, without avoidance, shame and shyness

a deep realisation that there is light and truth even in the 'darkest' energies and expressions

better boundaries - raptor consciousness tends to cross boundaries, including those vital to it, so there is an improved ability to set those, important

the sacred side of anger, aggression and 'negative' emotions and being able to integrate them into the 'system' as a part of the 'concert' - these can dance very nicely when supported by other aspects

I also love the intermixing between this energy and the Sirian 'aesthetic', purist, polished and needy one. The raptor likes to 'spit' in the face of sophisticated, intellectual and sanitary Sirian and surely will try to step on it anytime, while the Sirian will despise and try to 'get rid' of all this aggressive, rude and underdeveloped cockroach energy asap. Now go make it work between them inside yourself. A cocktail to reckon with. If you work with the combo, you'll need a very high ability to contain polarities and contradictions. All this process definitely caused me a lot of suffering, being very sensitive and all. The curious part for me is that first I had to embrace it without understanding anything, the head was gone. And only then did I get to begin to 'see', feel and integrate. It is still happening and I still have more to accept, soften about, open to and 'die for'. This energy needs a lot of love and acceptance to soften and unravel. 

It is strange that usually, after working on a karmic and energetic planes I go back to childhood experiences and realise and process stuff on that level, more of the web is unravelled. So to me additional gift is new levels of unravelling and healing.


In reply to by someone

I think you are saying we are the One. Fighting is fighting ourselves. Forgiveness is the answer. Meeping faith the glue.

i know I wont get an answer but I sure wish I could.

In reply to by someone

Thanks for sharing, this helps me with my processing of this energy in my field. The blindness and unconscious aspect is pervasive in day to day human interaction. 

Many thanks 🙏🏽 

Hey Open, 

It feels good to be in the sunlight especially at this time of year not too hot!

 Im finding the sunlight within also. Its nice. Thanks for sharing the seal vid, i have forwarded it to quite a few others. 


Zee 🌳🐎

Hi Zee - great to see you 'popped up' again - what's it feel like back in the sunlight?! The Sun EmojiCall Me Hand

You said....

"let them be, and be my own flavour."


Open HeartPraying Emoji

Hey fellow travellers,

I too got lost down the rabbit hole for awhile. I learnt alot but then I had to pop out of it to the surface to breathe! It became a distraction.

I was trying to help others see it too but realized I just have to let them be, and be my own flavour. If they were curious I would share only if I felt it was auspicious.

Alot of this I dont understand with my mind but on another level it rings true, especially after reading Lloyd Pyes stuff! It just hit me wham!(and Divinicus)

Now Im learning to just go by feel, even the shitty stuff is a gateway to freedom for me. I dont run as much as I used to, Yay!

I have connected to others that feel so much like family, more than my blood family! Its so nice as it's taken quite awhile to happen. 

If anyone needs a 'feel good' encouraging thing to watch in the midst of this crazy matrix, I would recommend sussing out 'Listentoyourhorse' website. I suspect that this special herd of semi feral horses are what some might call star souls come in horse form to encourage and give wisdom. It has certainly catalyzed my growth and encouraged me greatly, as has this site. 

Thankyou fellow travellers for your sharings.




This post had deep meaning for me and spontaneous tears welled up, somewhat like feeling known and seen for the very first time. There are so many levels to this, Open, and I am so grateful that you offered it this way. I can't wait to participate in the Seattle Breakthrough event...there is much, so much to unfold....Thank you!

Yes! Seeing those raptor levels as teenagers or (often) smaller children, we are guiding them home from a more expanded consciousness. Depending on the situation we sometimes need a soft and accepting approach, and at other times a firm and boundaries approach. At times we need inner child work, and at other times the sabotaging energies need a very tough love of commanding them back to source.

I feel there is a collective of 258 (and growing) Pleiadians around me to assist in these processes of integration and empowerment. Many blessings

I LOVE your message, Open! Some wake up calls are softly whispered gentle nudges, some, like this, are louder empassioned proclamations; Come On! Wake Up! You don’t want to miss this! It is an exciting time to be alive. The threads of our universal, and multiversal oneness are being illumined. For a beautiful visual presentation to accompany awakening, I can recommend this new documentary from Patty Greer (no relation to Steven Greer).

This article comes as liberating to me. I’ve been working on understanding aggression and abuse for most of my life and I’ve felt cut off from the rest of the world and unsure of what I was doing. I appreciate your nonjudgmental approach because stigma has been a real distraction. Somehow, for me, you expressing it in this way has already brought some justice to it.

Regarding "how easy it is to get lost in the intellect", well that's what I find beautiful about it (I'm doing a PhD in experimental physics atm). The parallels I see with getting lost in a forest: you chose to walk in there and bring about the visual landscape of a myriad of trees, woodpeckers & butterflies. Birds and worms, you walked in there and now might be lost and scared because you don't know where you are. Or you might be lost in there just because everything is beautiful. It's the same with the current scientific archives: you chose to read all them publications and now you might be annoyed that it doesn't answer your questions and doesn't know everything whilst being an endless maze of thoughts. It's like a forest: an endless maze of trees.

And I will also plead that you treat these scientific archives with respect; Buddhists have been saying how we are all energy and waves for 2 000 years, 20 years after science said the same thing we split the atom... I'm sitting here writing this knowing our technology of using lasers (light) to manipulate DNA is improving everyday.

If you ask for Science to catch up quicker with Spiritual understanding, it will happen quicker. Scienists are a collective that will heed the call of the collective. A cry for more HD screens, quicker internet, and more distractions was sent out and look us now.
The technology in this video is real:

Thanks for tuning in everyone. *OK*

Yes, Margaret, you are absolutely right - how easy it is to get lost in the intellect! For me science has clearly done this. In not allowing itself to expand out of the traditional descending from the Apes theory, it postulates all manner of possibilities for the shift from 48-46 chromosomes and even creates some science sexy names for it. But still the odds are ridiculously crazy for it happening. And there's no explanation at all for why humanity didn't successfully pass through 47 chromosomes to get there. This shift is not what makes us human, and yet we all have the 'mutation'. How did it propagate, why did it propagate when it's an evolutionary hurdle?

What it does do is create 'speciaition'. So if some purposeful changes to the genetics had been introduced - through the fourth density via sound or light for example - then by splicing these chromosomes together, you create a barrier between the new species and the stock - original - one. It effectively prevents successful cross-breeding and therefore ensures the hybridisation is not bred out over time. This is especially important if genetic weakness had been introduced - such as bone thickness and muscle strength at 50% of the original. How is that an evolutionary advantage at a time when (for humanity) the world was full of predators? There are countless such inconsistances, like why does the average creature have less than a 100 genetic disorders when the average human has several thousand of them? But the science is not necessary to know. Just to suspect that all is not as traditionally explained is enough to begin the feeling inquiry. This helps to begin to process the karma.

Helen you asked what did I mean by the Pleiadians 'being in exile'?

It was meant kind of metaphorically. The Pleiadians originally struggled here, in a hybridised human form. This original seeding came to an abrupt end. It created a good deal of karma. The star soul family essentially left - withdrew. Although others embodied into a later human form - into Homo Sapiens we see today. In my knowing there has been a kind of disconnect. As has happened for many other star souls living here. Some know they originated in other constellations but struggle to build the bridge back to that connection.

The connection is important because it helps remind star souls of dormant resonances within their own soul frequencies. When people come to the Openhand work, the consciousness we contain creates a bridge into these other constellations - people feel the reconnection with their star soul origins. It feels like coming home.

Right now, I've felt like being a bridge for the Pleiadians - as explained in the article. I feel their energies approaching more strongly again, down through the dimensions to connect with Pleiadian star souls here. And to support in the evolution of human consciousness.



Actually, I wonder if anybody will notice that the Pleiadians have arrived!

So much energy can be spent on the intellectual research, digging in scientific papers. Trying to prove or disprove a theory may even create an attachment and with it a degree of inflexibility, even dogma. I’m speaking from experience here as I found myself lost at the bottom of the rabbit hole few times, trying to understand years of scientific research. I realized that while the intellectual pursuit of truth is important, it is ultimately only based on the 5 senses, therefore limited and (to me) insufficient.


When we consider a new “wild” point of view (such as the one presented here by Open), we allow ourselves to expand beyond the usual frame of reference. And that's brilliant! When that occurs, it is beneficial to tune in to the other senses that are available to us.

I like what Open said:

“So I suggest maintaining an open mind and simply see how my sharing resonates at least in part. What do you feel?”

That’s it. It is not only about how many papers have been published for or against a theory. Scientific research is great, but how does this other point of view make us feel is a beginning of a different, deeper research.

To me, the inquiry is not about right/wrong or good/bad, but about bringing things to consciousness, becoming more aware of what we are aligning ourselves with. The paradigm controlled by the matrix seems to be about mis-information, illusion, dogma, paralysis, locking the consciousness in tight spaces. There is so much contradicting scientific proof in regards to the human evolution that it can be really disorienting for those of us without a Ph.D. in a related science domain. It is virtually impossible to navigate through this using just the intellect. What it might do to the eager researcher is sucking up of the attention, the awareness, followed by a temporary downgrading of the consciousness (again, speaking from experience).

I feel that in our raise from the matrix entrapment we need to be reminded of who we truly are. Perhaps when gently opening up to the theory of our origin, presented here, you, like me, will feel your own multidimensionality and how it’s been entrapped for ages. With that may come the uncovering of the identity of those attempting to manipulate your reality. Anything can really happen when you are holding a question.

Charlie, you said:
“I do not look for reasons to explain things much any more and believe that there are more things, I will not understand, than things I will understand and that is OK too.”

I’m 100% with you on that. Enjoy the mystery of the unknown. This is what we signed up for. Enjoy the ride!



Yea I didn't know what to call the subject line on this one: Sex, drugs and rock and roll, Pleadians and Reptilians.

So speaking with uni students, most are kind and sharing but everyone is soo heavily ingrained with the notion of "Sex, drugs and rock and roll". The porn industry on the internet has corrupted the sexuality of many teenage boys, and everyone just wants to party without earning it. That along with a vibrational entity that is clinging inside my head, spawned there by me smoking weed, are what was going through my mind when I read the bit about bringing together Pleadian and Reptilian energies together. I dunoo what this geezer is doing inside my head, but he feels really heavy when I get high....

Then regarding the interdementional ambush, I just got visions of charging head on against some vile looking entities and then fighing along side loads of angels. AAAh them days must have been fun! Don't worry I started choking when I wrote that last sentence, but I've decided to leave this and let you into my mind.
Because I don't know what is right or wrong, if your immune system stops killing things then you got HIV/AIDS.
I got a hollow soul filled with the shades of me and you, mesmerized I hide them tears and step a little closer, a little closer to the sweet magnolia plant. So let's rewind back to the days of when it was just Sunsets and flowers, blue skies and endless stars, take a deep breath and remember....
I feel like a cyborg, a cyborg inside the movie Warcraft (there's no cyborgs in it).
From light comes darkness, and from darkness light. Yea that was the punch line of the film.....
oh that and
No one can stand against the darkness alone, trust in your friends and do what must be done ;)

Regarding: "realign the raptor consciousness in your lower chakras", ravenous hunger in the sexual centers, spawned by my past porn addictions and now fuelled by every sexual advert you see along with every girl wearing an insane amount of make up and stupid high heels. But don't worry I started doing kegel exercises and they've helped with this issue! haa I totally recomend!

ps edit. Just found this quote "Fall shows us how beautiful it is to let things go." -Unknown.

Dear Open,

thank you very much for this article. It resonates very much with me. I've got a question, though. Could you explain this passage:
"After eons of exile, a resurgence of Pleiadian souls is now gathering down through the densities toward the Earth, purposefully to reconnect with Pleiadian souls embodied here."

What is meant by eons of exile? Who was exiled from where?
How will they appear, in 3D or higher dimensions? Will they embody, too? Through birth or walking in?
How is the reconnection to come about?

I hope you can give me an answer to these questions.


Thanks for that Charlie. My general point is that when chromosome 'anomalies' like this occur, the general evidence is that they lead to genetic disorder and high levels of infertility. For example when you cross a horse that has 64 chromosomes with a donkey that has 62, you get a mule with 63. But the mule is infertile - the only way to get a mule is cross-breeding a donkey with a horse.

This appears to be a generality in nature. Where it happens, it's always proved to be an evolutionary disadvantage to the species. So my general point within humans was that when you consider all the changes needed to get from 48 to 46, it looks like an incredibility that this could happen naturally, such that it propagated throughout the entire human race. Unless that is, the changes were engineered.

It's a fascinating exploration.


Hi Open,
After reading this article I had to do a little research. What you say here about down syndrome people being infertile, The National Advocate for People with Down Syndrome Since 1979,
Are Males with Down Syndrome Fertile?

Scientific information about the fertility of men with Down syndrome is limited. There have been at least three documented cases where the paternity of a man with Down syndrome was confirmed. It is likely that additional cases will be recognized - especially since more men with Down syndrome have an increased life expectancy, have the opportunity to live in the community, receive treatment for physical and sensory impairments, receive optimum nutrition, and develop intimate relationships. It is not known if the offspring of men with Down syndrome are more likely to have Down syndrome.

It does seem clear that, in general, men with Down syndrome have a significantly lower overall fertility rate than that of other men of comparable ages. An individual's status can be partially assessed by having a semen analysis (sperm count) done, but this may not be definitive. Contraception should always be used, unless a couple has decided upon parenthood.

This was the first of many articles I have found that says, DS people are fertile.
I do not look for reasons to explain things much any more and believe that there are more things, I will not understand, than things I will understand and that is OK too.


It seems my article has connected with star souls out there and those who can feel their Pleiadian connection - no surprises :-)

I wasn't going to write the article - it felt a little exposed - but the Pleiadians coming in through the ether asked me to do it. They could sense the wider struggle going on for souls here to resolve the consumptive raptor consciousness acting through the lower chakras.

Of course you're going to feel very little if you're still deeply engaged in the surface level matrix - your reality becomes what you focus on (heads up from the 'not-so-smart-phones'!). Paradoxically though you're still affected by the consciousness even if you're not aware of it - the raptor for example, because it's an integral part of Homo Sapiens vibrationary make-up.

This 'natural evolution from the apes' story is indeed incredibly pervasive and limiting. But the story is easily defeated by it's own science. If you imagine as a metaphor a human represented as a tree where the leaves represent our genes, then the twigs upon which they are hung represent the chromosomes. Each has 46, 23 pairs, half from your mother and half from your father. The Homonids from which we're supposed to have ascended have 48. To get to Homo Sapiens, mysteriously the 2nd and 3rd chromosomes have been joined - you can tell because the genetics of the chromosomes are still the same, they've just been joined together.

Now this 'joining', this mutation is incredibly complex and far more than just one simple step - as required for the Darwinian story to be true. Firstly there are no successfully breeding humans with 47 chromosomes, so the leap to get from Homonids to Humans must have been direct from 48 to 46. This is a very telling story...

First this mutation would have had to have happened in say an alpha male. But the problem is it is not just one mutation, but two simultaneous ones - the 2nd and the 3rd chromosomes on both the father/mother lineages would have had to join. Each step in itself is incredibly complex because to join chromosomes you have to switch off blocking 'telemeres' in each chromosome. And there is absolutely no natural evolutionary advantage - in fact it's a disadvantage because it creates genetic weakness such as infertility. Down's syndrome people who do have 47 chromosomes are infertile for example.

But the story goes deeper. Mainstream science postulates that despite this incredibly difficult and unlikely leap, that it did indeed happen in one alpha male. But here's the next problem for the mainstream - when the alpha male with 46 chromosomes breeds with a female of 48, then there's a 50:50 chance that the offspring would have 48 chromosomes. So where are all the modern humans with 48 chromosomes - there are none!

The only way for all Homo Sapiens to have 46 chromosomes is if this double mutation occurred both in a male AND a female (which is 4 simultaneous identical 'mutations') in the same space and time. Somehow they would just have to have met up, when both were fertile to have then propagated the entire human race. The odds are literally zillions to one. It's a farcical joke to even suggest it happened naturally through single step changes. The only way it could have happened was if done purposefully.
In Divinicus, I explain exactly what was the point of making these changes, who did it, why and how... Divinicus: rise of the divine human

When I share this with people in meditation, if they're not resisting and are open to the possibility, it's amazingly liberating. Because you actually start to feel the effects of the intervention, which then becomes possible to work with and realign within yourself. The chromosomes won't revert at this stage, but all the pent up trauma to do with humanity's convoluted past unwinds. You find a much deeper degree of peace and harmony within your own being.



This article is quite synchronistic and tangible for me. The realignment you mentioned I am feeling within myself and it is flooding me like a storm tearing apart the old paradigm. Also, I'm tuning into the "evolution" of human kind you are describing here, but it seems to be moving in reverse. In my reality the darkness is craving the light now, the control is being undone, the modifications reversed or destroyed.

Like you, I feel the Christ consciousness and the Pleiadian presence quite strongly. This consciousness seems to want to hold the space for the fear that is coming more to the surface now. I just finished reading B.Marciniak's book about the Pleiadians and it brought me to tears several times. I've also been feeling very strong "light waves" since August. These "waves" seem to be affecting my physical constitution as well as my consciousness. Is anybody here feeling that too? (I know 3 other people that do)

Internally, the new consciousness is permeating into the sense of how I welcome some experiences and resist the other. All experiences and feelings begin to feel of “equal in value” and I am finding more capacity to welcome what is coming at me recently with open arms. My loneliness, the extasy of intimacy, sense of loss, sensation of dew on my skin, betrayal, chilling wind on a rainy day at the Pacific coast, belly laughter shared with a friend, my life and also my death cannot be replaced, all are essential, perfect and required.

Few days ago an unexpected question popped up: “would you welcome your death as an experience?”. I held this question for some time and felt through the resistance, fear, tears, loneliness, unworthiness, loss and felt the threads slowly becoming undone. Then, it all just let go, just like that, without fireworks. It collapsed and left. For the first time in my life I felt absolutely no fear and my body felt like bunch of fast vibrating particles, not solid matter… I went for a walk to the river. The world was flowing through my open heart. These experiences usually don't stay in full bloom beyond few days for me, but usually produce a shift in perception. There is a sense of rightness now and I have a stronger sense of “this is what I came here to be”.

You said: “But you don't fight the dark. That simply creates more darkness. As much as practically possible, reconciliation needs to happen.”
This really speaks to me, Open. There is darkness within ourselves and I’ve learned from you to not shy from it, but to allow it to come to the surface, so it can be held and transmuted. The light is waiting, even now, no prerequisites needed, all is perfect as it is. Trust it.

With love.


PS As far as the evolution theory is concerned, I do not see how the mainstream theory would be more believable than the one presented by Open. It may seem so, because it’s been around for so long. I resonate with the possibilities raised by Open. They are connecting to the inner knowings and faint memories from long ago.

I felt to post my Facebook comments about Open's article here on the OH forum. Increasingly, I trust my inner knowing, my sense of what feels true in the deepest parts of my being. It doesn't matter to me if I have all the details or if someone in the scientific community can prove it's true. What matters is how I feel about it. It's important for each of us to honour what rings true for us. I appreciate the honesty of each person's sharing here.

I feel a strong connection to the Pleiadeans, Bringers of the Dawn. The sense of connection has been building inside for several years. I ignored it at first because it felt too fantastical. Now it simply feels true.

Here are the comments I posted to Openhand's Facebook Page yesterday about this article:

"Thank you for this, Open. I'm feeling connected up to the Pleiadeans and have for a while now. I feel them as my star soul family. Pleiadean energy does feel very dolphin like as you describe: light, joyful, and playful. I resonate with the Pleiadean message that light is information and the more we return to our true essence, pure light, the more we access the wisdom and knowledge of the cosmos, the light library. All things are revealed. Everything and nothing. I am finding this to be a very challenging time, burning through deep and ancient wounds. In that regard, your point about not making the denser energies wrong is something I needed to hear today. All my life I've felt an affinity for Christ consciousness so will work consciously to infuse this beautiful energy thru my heart. I resonate so much with your article and in a way longed to hear it."



Indeed this article is truly hard to grasp. It creates all kinds of questions about destiny of one's true being, in the faith of the planet and all that inhabit it and their purpose. Is it not ego in all of us that lays blame, in order to distract us from being in the present? Things that I do know, when I remain present and aware, in my mind I see rays of light illuminating from the flow of life and brings me great peace. My awareness is not there yet neither Joann. The more I learn the less I know. If that makes sense. We do know, that change is constant and will never stop. We also know that nothing changes in the past or the future, it all changes in the present and awareness is key. Can we really save mankind? and the Planet? I do not have the answer but believe the change has to come from inside one's self.
I do know that openhand has introduced me to a group of people that show love and kindness and sharing that makes the journey that I'm on so much easier to understand without truly understanding.

To infinity and beyond,

Indeed...I have no doubt...just saying my awareness isn't there yet and hoped to reflect others who may not want to actually admit this message is hard to understand...and also reflect openness to it. Thanks Hannelore

Joann, there are other authors out there with similar messages.
Barbara Hand Clow - Pleiadian
Amorah Quan Yin - Pleiadian
Barbara Marciniak - Pleiadian
Patricia Cori - Sirian
Drunvalo Melchizedek - Opposing Consciousness through sacred geometry
David Icke - Reptilians

It is not that any of them have the truth but it does open ones mind to other possibilities.
Hannelore from Ontario Canada

I feel to share that this is a "strange" message for me. At the same time I can be open-minded as I know the only thing I know for sure is that I know nothing. I have been with Openhand for years and worked personally with Open, Trinity and many beautiful souls from OH. The content is less important as the message...if that makes sense. While I may not resonate with the actual story yet...I feel the work I'm doing is closely related to the message...recognize, feel, confront, go through, clear away. Thank you for your courage to spread information that seems "out there" even to regular followers of OH. I know for sure that I don't know even a quarter of what is truly going on....and I know I trust you Open. Thanks and love from Canada. Joann