5D Shift: New Phase Activated - Unwinding the Karmic Construct

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We're passing through the Inflexion Point between the Old Paradigm and the New. An influx of vibrant energies pull on the tethering of the old Karmic Construct. We'll find ourselves challenged mentally and emotionally as the internal relationship constructs break apart. New 3D/5D hybrid states will create as the light breaks through. You may feel as if you have one foot in the old reality and one in the new. This can be a time of great liberation, expansion and opportunity. It all depends on how you allow yourself to perceive it - in fear and contraction as the old way of living progressively perishes? Or with excitement and adventure?

(updated 17/09/2020)

The Karmic Construct

All reality condenses into form from the surrounding Quantum Soup, based on the need to explore various karmic lessons. Sentient life manifests a crucible, through which to learn, evolve and grow. Any such construct has great possibility for illumination through expression. And crucially, all reality constructs have inherent instability woven into their very fabric; they will inevitably decay over time, unleashing bound up consciousness, so it may shift to higher vibrations, thereby forming a new harmonic construct - it's how life progressively evolves.

Plenty of the karmic lessons each soul has set before them will be unique to the individual, but there will also be key ones that are common, and thereby connect sentient life into groups of inquiry. Here are some of the key ones that I see happening on Earth right now...

- How to stay connected to the divine flow, whilst in a strongly engaging physical density

- How to create and experience life's bounteous wonders, yet not to exploit or cause unnecessary harm

- How to mutually work together as a group, yet integrate personal soul sovereignty, evolving as an individual

- How to experience Intervention through the Field, and yet align with the souls evolving integrational path

- How to cherish and respect all sentient life, without judging, controlling or manipulating

A Crucial Key Stone opening a New Doorway

It's clear there's still much for humanity to learn in these regards, and that's entirely okay, life will always continue to present new opportunities for exploration and growth. However, here on Earth, I believe it's becoming increasingly clear that the reality construct were living in, within the lower densities (1st, 2nd and 3rd), is rapidly reaching an untenable state, caused by exploitative destruction of the biosphere. Although the controllers have been the instigators of this exploitation, I do believe they've also seen the writing on the wall in terms of its bankruptcy right now. And it is this, together with the progressive Ascension of Consciousness, that caused them to instigate the pandemic in the first place. It's a brutal attempt to marshall consciousness into a new high tech construct that they continue to manipulate.

Navigating the 3D New Norm in the Unravelling Energies of the 5D Shift

Ultimately they will not succeed. Plenty of people are realigning with their soul and reconnecting with the natural vibration of the earth. Together with galactic, solar and earth pole shift realignments, the old reality will be progressively broken down and a new one will emerge. Plenty of people are reclaiming sovereignty and developing new ways of living and being that will increasingly challenge the manipulation of the past.

As I've written previously, I do believe the restructuring of the financial system will be a crucial keystone in what unfolds. New Blockchain Technologies encourage decentralised connection, trading and information exchange between people, which is already punching holes in the old banking system. A new system that is pegged to natural resources (gold) will likely come into being, discarding the current method of paper money printing in order to foster excessive consumption to keep the money-go-round spinning.

Quantum Financial Reset to a 3D/5D Hybrid State Ahead

Increasing Global Cataclysm

Runaway consumption has been a key instigator of the current state of increasing environmental breakdown. I believe it's becoming increasingly clear, we're moving into a period in the shift of dramatic global cataclysm. The weather patterns are fundamentally changing due to the shifting jet streams effected predominantly by increased infusion of cosmic radiation. This is happening due to the lowering of the Sun's magnetic shield as it moves into the Grand Solar Minimum, and the Earth's Pole Shift culmination that also lowers Gaia's magnetic shield (check out "The Event", Galactic Superwave & 11:11 Synchronicity). The converging effect is causing biblical floods, droughts, destructive storms and wildfire; as global temperatures rise, staple crops in the food chain will increasingly fail, leading to food-price-hikes and shortages.

It means that besides technological innovation to create a more decentralised 3D/5D hybrid state, humanity will also need to come together in transition groups that are closer to the land, with increasing biodiversity and supporting each other through bartering and exchange. In fact in plenty of areas around the world, this is already beginning to happen.

Above all, this is going to require bold souls to step out and step up to the challenge of global transformation. There are plenty here seeded for these exact times. It will be a marvellous shift for those who realise and actualise their higher self in the here and now. Destiny is being realised.

The Great Purification

This breakdown of the Karmic Construct is an essential aspect of the shift, which it seams to me, has thus far been largely overlooked in the spiritual mainstream. Yes, the shift into a higher paradigm of greater harmony, connection and at-one-ment with all life, is coming to the Earth, but not before this essential Great Purification - as the Hopi term it - whereupon the old construct is progressively broken down and ultimately, in the not-too-distant future, peeled away. It will be a fundamental, "earth shattering", aspect of the Shift. Let's first embrace it, then we can mediate the effects.

Crucially, we must confront and prepare ourselves mentally and emotionally for what is set to come. Ego-mind works to hold the status quo, and tends to struggle with dramatic change. For example, it's clear the Twin Towers and Building 7 were toppled by controlled demolition - the evidence is in plain view. It's clear the pandemic has been likewise staged and planned to restructure society. But the mind struggles to grasp the enormity of what that would mean, and so plenty continue to believe in the propaganda the system promulgates, desperately clinging to threads of the old 'normal'. We cannot afford to sleepwalk into what is now unfolding. We must come together in groups, and explore with each other, the magnitude of what is already beginning to take place. We must hold the space for emotions to be expressed and "equalised" with what is transpiring.

We must not bury our heads in the sand. Waves of great change are upon us. By sharing the impact and experiences of these within like-minded groups, you equalise with what is unfolding by normalising in it. What this means is that you're more relaxed and open to higher guidance. With each in breath the old consciousness within you is unwound. With each out breath and new higher dimensional construct forms around you with new flexibilty and possibility. Instead of being washed up by the waves, you find yourself riding them!

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In a Universe of Constant Change, Change is the Only Constant

Let's be clear, all life changes and moves on; in a Universe of constant change, change is the only constant. The challenge in society is that it continues to live today as if things will be just as they were yesterday - that's the dangerous sleep-walking-syndrome that as many of us as possible must work to avoid.

7 Ways to Help Humanity Ride the Waves of Tranformation

1) At its roots, humanity is tribal. When great catastrophe befell the Originals, they gathered together to discuss, share, express and support each other. This is exactly what I mean by "equalising" with the situation - you become as one with it, and are thus much more able to handle it. It's utterly essential spiritual people convene in this way now. We have an abundance of connective media possibilities, and in these groups, we must observe and share the effects we're clearly witnessing. Let's lose any fear of expressing the truth, because only the truth can truly set us free. Follow Openhand on facebook

2) Besides emotional and mental support in this way, we must also increase the practical physical support. Civilisation will become increasingly challenged by the upheavals set to come, yet plenty of resources are available, providing they are not mindlessly squandered. The Transition Towns network has risen rapidly across the globe, offering practical support and infrastructure, designed to deal locally with fracturing global resource chains, maximising sustainability and resilience. I'd strongly encourage as many as possible to get involved, for as I've expressed in the book DIVINICUS, there will be "Islands in the Storm", that will provide essential shelter and stability to maximise the shift window opportunity.
Discover more about the Transition Towns Network and Get Involved

3) Above all, we must learn to fully connect with the soul, and then ride its wave from moment to moment. The time for procrastination, and living in fuzzy half truths, is over. As the dam in the stream now breaks, the energy shift into the higher paradigm will accelerate. It will unleash many opportunities not previously available to those who can create in 5D Consciousness. We must commit to living the new vibration RIGHT NOW, and support as many others as possible in doing the same. For these people will become the pathfinders and way-showers to as many other people as possible.
Here's how to live 5D Consciousness in Daily LIfe

4) Purification of mind, body and emotions is also essential. We must remove as many veils as possible to the higher consciousness, that we may feel and integrate it into our lives. Thus we feel the flow as a way of being, and it will guide us benevolently through the storm. Focus on increasing vibration through purification of the diet, more toward the higher vibrations of plant based eating. Emotional purification can happen by expressing fully, but not judging and projecting blame onto others - because ownership of the reality one creates is crucial to self empowerment.
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5) Learning to effectively process karma is crucial to the shift, because karma is the barrier, and learning vehicle, guiding people into the higher paradigm; it provides the keys that open the GATEWAYS. It's essential therefore to recognise when one's karma is activating, and to 'turn into it' - to actively embrace and work with it. The human causal body will have stored much trauma from humanity's convoluted past, which must be regressed into and worked through - in this way, there is nothing to fear from it. Only fear, denial or deflection stand in the way of effective and rapid processing. Once we've developed strong karmic processes, we can quickly breakthrough as safely as possible.
Openhand's 9 step process for dealing with Subconscious Trauma & Karma

6) To truly prosper and succeed in the shifting tides, we must commit fully to the development of strong spiritual practice. This needs to involve some form of deep self reflection on a regular basis thoughout the day, each day, whether that be meditation, deep consciousness bodywork (yoga for example), connection with nature or the plethora of other spiritual possibilities. As the Hopi said, there will ultimately be only spiritual solutions to the great shift ahead of us. Our spiritual practice must support the transformation of distorted behaviourisms in day-to-day life. Our engagements with family, friends, in society and spiritual groups, provide strong mirrors that we must each embrace and own. We can then work through them by continually seeking out our highest truth in regard to the exchanges. Where spiritual practice is integrated this way into daily living, great transformation can occur in small steps, and rapidly so.
Understanding the Incredible Power of Transmutation on the Spiritual Path

7) Like no time on earth before, humanity is going to need advanced spiritual facilitators to help them understand the shift, what's heppening to people internally, to process their ancient karma, eject intervention frequencies and to reconnect with the soul so that they may emerge successfully through what is now unfolding.
Explore what it takes to become an Accredited Openhand Spiritual Facilitator

A Golden Opportunity

In conclusion, it is essential that we embrace the seriousness of the situation that is now beginning to unfold. And at the same time, confront any fear that might arise by working into it. Thus we find acceptance, surrender and lightness of heart. Change is going to happen. Let's accept that and embrace it in our hearts as a golden opportunity - spiritual mastery and the greatest sense of divine interconnection is presenting itself, because the veils are becoming increasingly thin.

Now is the time, to look into the external mirror, and see the limited physical being that you are not! Let the veils of limitation fall from your eyes and from your being. Here is the golden opportunity to step out and become all that you can be. Spiritual beings were made for these times ahead of us. Your purpose and destiny for being here, is set to come fully into view. Honour, own and embrace it. Step courageously and fearlessly forwards into your divine role. And this wave you're about to step onto, will become the ride of your existence!

For all those seeking insight and illumination through the accelerating shift, come and join Openhand's World Ascension Summit over the 8/8 Lion's Gate opening in August 2021:
Avalon Rising: World Ascension Summit

In loving support

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So much gratitude for this post and the advice and links within, commitment is deepening, hope is growing, certainty is replacing fear, so much work to do but for once, my path is clear. Where would we be without you Open? No words but deepest gratitude💜



Dear Openhanders,

I am writing this to mark a realisation I have had recently had after what feels like a long time in both this lifetime and others. I also write this because this may link up to many other stories or impressions that others may be having at the same time .( It has taken me 2 months to write this ,so strong has been the resistance to acknowledging this publicly. )

I have over the last 2 years become increasingly aware of my karma. I went through feeling into lifetimes of pain and hurt from the patriarchy . I ,in a female body had always been at the receiving end of trauma ,pain and betrayal in different forms. In South Africa ,I saw clearly a spear piercing through my body on the left side of my heart as I started to push back against the control system and that is a deep hurt and pain that I was only recently able to feel entirely. 

During my first retreat, I found myself apologising to Marije and I have previously written about her experience of being in a AI controlled bionic suit . Further explorations later have found myself as the perpetrator - apparently I was part of the system of control that put people into bionic suits and separated the left half of the brain from the right possibly in Sirius  An affliction that is common to most of humanity . And as I am feeling into the rage as well as the feeling of my left side being trapped ( karma is a circle ) ,many many layers seem to make sense. One is the feeling of I need to do something to atone for this. Also the feeling of deep horror and shame at what I participated in. I can also see that all the important people in my life ,soulmate’s all ,have this as a primary wound. The inability to feel into the part of the brain that perceive oneness and emotional connection .  And suddenly the repeated reflections within many lifetimes makes sense.  These have not been easy experiences to feel through . My intellect likes to spiritually bypass and say that is the experience that each of us chose to have to feel the separation consciousness,I am blameless. But except for milliseconds worth of that perspective ,it hasn’t landed entirely for me yet .I still feel deep self directed rage and shame and grief often projected onto different “ others”. That I am working with .  I feel that my writing this piece and publishing it is an important part of my journey. 

Deep gratitude to Open ,Marije ,Margaret Jen ,Michelle ,Kevin and Fulvia that have helped me be with this karma.  There is a feeling of a circle completing itself even though I may have to feel into many many more layers  .

Deep regards to all those reading this. I hope my sharing ties some threads for you too. Reflections as always are welcome !
Namaste . 


In reply to by iamdurga


Thanks for your honest and vulnerable sharing Megha. I feel similarly in some respects - especially with the spear piercing through the left side of the heart. I very clearly saw that in myself when we were in Bruges. I also had a vivid dream just after reading your post where those same inner undercurrents of deep shame and blame featured. I was accused of being a MANIPULATOR, and that "I pretend to forget in order to manipulate." Plenty to unpack there for sure. It's been more straightforward to go into the exploration of being victimized than approaching it from the victimizer aspect. But it's the same energy begging for rebalancing after all. 



The financial system is what underpins the old reality, based on excessive exploitation of the earth, natural resources and the population. We simply cannot continue by printing ever more paper money to maintain excessive consumption in the money-go-round. It's a system that's unjust and inequitable that exploits life on the planet.

I've spoken plenty recently about how I see the old system in the throws of breaking down. New decentralised ways of connecting and exchanging are springing up day-by-day - we are amidst a powerful revolution in Blockchain technology. One powerful indicator of that has just occurred with the first cryptocurrency exchange, Kraken, becoming a regulated bank. What does this mean?

It means you can hold multiple digital currencies, readily exchange them and ship them anywhere in the world, immediately, at the click of a button and with minimal exchange fees. It will mean you can pay a vendor anywhere in the world from a card that can immediately exchange into the required currency at minimal cost. We're in the early adoption stages right now, which is surely going to precipitate a wholesale change in the banking system itself in due course. Why would people continue to hold currency in the defunct old world banking system where you're in a fixed currency that is steadily losing value? Yes it will continue for a while as new services are introduced and people steadily adapt to the changes. But wholesale change is beginning to happen right now - it's important to be aware of what's going on, even if you're not ready to transition yet.

Ultimately the old system will hemorrhage and die!

Quantum Financial Reset to a 3D/5D Hybrid State Ahead


Another one to watch for is Mount Merapi in Indonesia, which has erupted strongly again, ejecting ash 38,000 feet into the air - many thousands live on its flanks.

Eruption at Mount Merapi ejects ash up to 38 000 feet

I wonder when the mainstream will start putting 2 and 2 together, accept the pole shift is happening and that this is all only going to accelerate, so that we may take precautionary action as communities and groups? 

Let's resonate that awareness through the field.

Open Praying Emoji



Well, we didn't have to wait too much to hear from Guatemala volcanoes.


Hi Jean - thanks so much for sharing your perspective..."Houston we have a problem" indeed! I know you as a keen reader of synchronicity, so I always pay attention when you share. I too have been drawn to a Guatamala connection recently - it'll be interesting to see what that unfolds.

And as for Jurassic World, "Fallen Kingdom", yes my attention has been drawn that way too. A couple of times recently I found myself sitting in a coffee shop, in the centre of town, just watching the endless treadmill of conspicuous consumerism, which is seemingly never ending, and totally regardless of the perilous situation our environment and climate have reached. Only yesterday, as I watched, the words... "Last Days of the Dinosaurs" flashed through my consciousness. It does seem increasingly that way.

I hadn't watched the trailer for the new film, but it indeed a powerful synchronistic metaphor, with many elements to it. I felt to embed it here below. A hollywood movie it may well be, but so often our movies today contain metaphoric messages of the different flows of consciousness happening around us...


In direct  connection with the volcanic activities going on in Hawaï , the flow directed me yesterday evening to 

a wonderful BBC documentary about Mexico . I rarely watch TV but at times , important informations / signs & synchronicites appear over there as well - specially if related to the actual shift taking place and its new phase . The title of the Series is called " Mexico , Earth's festival of life " and part 1 was mainly focused on Mountain's rich diversity of plants & animals . It was exceptionally well done with amazing  aspects of Mother Earth treasures still well preserved - especially along that long Mountain chain that we may know as the Sierra Nevada/Snowy mountain range  or Trans-Mexican Volcanic Belt . It extends across Mexico for roughly 559 miles up close to Mexico City. This volcanic range boasts many peaks that remain snow-covered all year long.  It ranges from west to east from the states of Jalisco to Veracruz jutting northward and southward as it traverses the central country from the Pacific Ocean to the Caribbean Sea , Home to extraordinary forests and captivating views . The Trans-Mexican Volcanic Belt is made up of more than twenty volcanoes as well as hundreds of vents. The Trans-Mexican Volcanic Belt contains many different types of volcanoes such as huge stratovolcanoes and silicic calderas; in the south near the Guatemalan border, there are basaltic volcanic fields.  The belt, regarded geologically as a Neogene continental arc, likely began to form roughly twenty-three million years ago.

They showed how men (Local Rangers living in that Mountainous region ) nature and animals such as Black Bears learned to live in exceptional harmony all the time which is pretty rare to see on that magnitude . Breathtaking to watch . 

What struck me deep was when they came up with that specific unique Volcanic Belt - which is absolutely huge and indeed , at some point , surrounds the region of Mexico city  . I had never heard of it neither seen how that immense region looked like  but felt like there might be a subtle & concrete underground connection to the Hawaï volcanic islands . So i went to google maps and suddenly realized that indeed , it seems that The Mexican volcanic belt is exactly on the same latitude as Hawaï - how synchronistic !!! It may not mean that new volcanic activities will start on that long belt following Hawaii's recent eruptions  but it well might be the case later on . We will see what happens . I know i was not given to watch that documentary just for its sheer beauty but for something else . I often receive premonitory informations about whats about to take place .  A Great example of that is last Year's summer : while crossing London on my way back to Belgium , my attention was drawn to a very unique sign that puzzled me for a while . I had to wait until August to understand the premonitory deep sense of the message . The sign came in the form of a famous Phrase used by the Astronauts of Appollo 13 when they started to have a serious problem on board  which was  " Houston , we have a problem " . It was impossible for me to intuit what that was about until i saw the Huge floods in Houston taking place in August - one month later !!! 

Synchronistically , i stumbled up on the latest Trailer of the upcoming chapter of the Jurassic Park movie series called " Fallen Kingdom " out in June . The main theme goes around a **Volcanic eruption ** on the Island & they need to save some of the species left . 



In reply to by Jean Bluehopi


Wow Jean! This is VERY interesting!

The connection between the volcanic belt in Mexico and the Hawaii volcanic islands speaks to me about how interdependence exists on ALL levels. The landscape sounds SO epic! Especially the way you describe it. Its funny because last night, in the early morning hours I had a dream about the Amazon. I am dreaming a lot at the moment, partly I think because of the longer fasting window I am in. I had visions of harmony between animals, plants and humans and a journey (my own) facing death, surrendering and being loved by Nature and animals at the moment of death. Exquisite!

The way your premonitions unfold is fascinating. So much happening with Earth right now and a few environmental scientists are convinced there is no way back. Not only that but the collapse is multilevelled and interrelated (source: Scientific American):

Meadows (an environmental scientist)  holds that collapse is now all but inevitable, but that its actual form will be too complex for any model to predict. "Collapse will not be driven by a single, identifiable cause simultaneously acting in all countries," he observes. "It will come through a self-reinforcing complex of issues"—including climate change, resource constraints and socioeconomic inequality. 

The inquiry is how do we dance this apocalyptic tune and why?...



Hi Open

Thank you for the inverse mirror. Indeed...Finding the middle line is always a bit of alignment within the deviations.

About humanity, empathy and compassion can be there. What I meant is that it can easily turn into intervention if it makes one lose center, identify with it and get lost in a savior complex. The point is that empathy can turn into a hook that pulls out, cause to interfere and create more turmoil, as well as diminish, lower, disempower and deviate people from the work they need to do on their own, as well as taking credit for the shifts.

In my feeling, if I just follow and make sure I do the right thing, internally or externally, it will contribute better than anything intentional or coming out of my personal reaction to what I observe or feel.

I use your tip a lot, the one that says that I can sit and feel the other person’s need, expectation, suffering. I can empathise, feel compassion or whatever else I feel, but then I watch the leaf moving or the sky and I stay still until the action arises or something to say comes out.

This is what I mean. Hope it is clearer now :)



Hi Lia,

It's always illuminating watching your process - clearly some intriguing inquiries.

You said...

Non-intervention. It is vital to not become another form of intervention, even if it seems benevolent and helpful (tricky piece of karma, old cosmic karma that is). 

Yes, a 'tricky piece of karma'. And there's an inverse mirror to that - "not doing anything at all". I see reality kind of like a cake - you need a good raising agent (a catalyst) and a good binding one (an empath). Without either, there's no cake. The metaphor invites each to be his/her own - who you are in the fullness - not denying anything. It helped me to remember the chemistry: a catalyst does not change the course of a reaction, nor the outcome, it only speeds things up. So fully aligned action, together with self-reflection to become increasingly aligned, will steer past intervention.

You then said...

Trying to fix things out there (including smoothening distortions in the field, saving or needing to correct humanity should be over at this point.

I find it the natural and authentic to want to help humanity and to help release/smooth distortions in the field - it feels a natural part of my being. Maybe you're not appreciating that possibility behind the lens that you're personally looking through.

Open Praying Emoji


Great list! I can add a few more points that I am seeing popping up and following:

1. With all this quickening, still not forgeting to relax, trust, surrender and enjoy the ride (the tough one too), because otherwise there might be too much tightness that will create friction rather than lubrication. To me, when things get tougher, these are more of use than pushing it forwards. Slower is somehow always quicker (and there is muuuch more time in a minute than a rushing mind is used to think).

2. To take the necessary steps, including those that may look "spiritually incorrect", and, in general, remove agendas, ideas, ideals, rigid recipes and cookbooks, because maybe where the work and the gift and the service are (all of them in one) is actually where the taboo is, and there is no taboo that doesn't request to be blown, in all aspects, and now especially, and especially spiritual ones. All means can serve, if worked with in a right way and under higher guidance.

3. To not forget to move out of the way and let the universe do its thing through us and do our thing to serve the universe. Because if we're too worried about our own "skin" and acting out of that, we might miss the idea that being ready, willing and open to perish can open doors that are closed otherwise. While it is vital to stay alive to serve, it is rather inhibiting and possibly detrimental to fight for survival only for the sake of survival itself.

4. In my personal work, I am invited to make sure I don't own "it" and don't take credit for "it", whatever it is, as well as not being overtly dramatic or "action"-driven. It all comes from something bigger than me. So all the heroism kinda fades away and I find myself back in simplicity, openness and humility. I guess for me "loud words" are over. I'd rather bow, in all ways and senses. So to me this one is something to remember at every moment, to give in and make myself always smaller than the big thing. The point is working to NOT OWNING the path or the soul or the light or the process or how I deal with it or not or energies or realisations or... whatever. None of it is mine.

5. Whatever the process is, grounding is always important, and now I feel it becomes super-important. All kinds of energies flus in and will flux in more when the field will go into turmoil. So there is a gym opening now, a gym of critical grounding, clearing energies and placing nice defences (no fear), more than before. Everybody is invited hhh

6. In addition to tribe, I feel there is an invitation to more love. More love than ever. Love for benevolent, for malevolent, for life, for death, for people, for evolved, for not evolved, for construction and destruction, for everything and everywhere. As if it all intermixes and asks to go back to the oneness at least in my own heart. Whatever else I still didn't make peace with in my heart, whatever else I can't justify and feel love for and can't connect to the source, is calling to do so. If I can love what is happening, despite feeling whatever it is I am feeling and go back to smiling and seeing the light in it, if I can open to it and stay open and innocent with it, then something, again, bigger than me, can flow in and do its thing. LOVE combined with openness and humility, to me, is the only thing that ever did the trick.

7. With that, despite the direction of condensation into tribes (individualism is seemingly over), but at the same time, establishing more internal sovereignty on the soul level. No clinging, bending and betraying the soul, especially not out of fear or any need (this trap opens wide open). It is okay to need things, but it is not okay to sell the soul for them, not even for life itself.

8. Welcoming and embracing the process, appreciating the beauty, even if it is fading. This kind of process happened a lot already and it is happening again, so... be it. We're cooperating with and celebrating what is (including the dark and sad stuff we cry and feel sorrow about). It is still beautiful, the destruction and death are too. Singing in unison with it is a better eulogy than dramatic and anxious whining, to me, plus, it lets the light in, that always does a better job in aligning, unwinding, comforting and seeing off than any of my human mumblings.

9. Non-intervention. It is vital to not become another form of intervention, even if it seems benevolent and helpful (tricky piece of karma, old cosmic karma that is). What I use is the law of response to never interfere unless I am directly asked to and the action flows through without needing to intentionally force or think about it. In other words, good intentions suck. Not knowing and being ready to not interfere, save, reach out, all that stuff... It is a lesson of not letting compassion drive us too much or swallow our consciousness, and not get lost in our seeming roles and purposes. Residing at rest within to me is the ultimate state of being before action. But that means containing a lot of tension and energies and working through them until something comes out of silence, contentment, peace and love. Intervention, in whatever form, means not being in peace with what is happening. We see and can feel it all and still not interfere and let the job be done through us. It is an old lesson of non-identification while fully feeling and acting.

10. Remembering that all the work is done within rather than without. Trying to fix things out there (including smoothening distortions in the field, trying to kill entities in it, supporting the earth, saving or needing to correct humanity, and, in general, any kind of projection of internal darkness onto external reality) should be over at this point. If I see darkness to "clean", clear, change, etc out there - I see my own darkness to work with within, period. It will not be solved by fighting windmills out there that were created to reflect where I fail to see the purity of the origin so it can melt back into oneness in love. Time to get real. And, anyway, this is the only thing that really unites the polarities back into one and lifts and clears the field, clearing my own blindness and bullshit which is.

11. Being sure of not being sure. There is one thing I've learned in my process so far - is that I never know 100% and things can turn and twist in every moment in the direction I couldn't foresee. So with everything that I may feel and think I know and am sure of in the moment, I work to not let the mind build patterns and extrapolate it into the future, because the future is ultimately always unknown (reality proved it many times already).

In general, in my feeling, it is time to move out of the way...

These are some of the things that I see and work with.

There are more, but that will do for now :)


Thanks for sharing your Hawaii adventure Margaret, Thumbs Up Sign

As soon as I saw the rock, it looked like a burning mouth - Gaia speaking to us!


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This article just helped me connect some meaningful dots... Here is a short recap of what's happening:

Few months ago I felt a longing to go back to Hawaii. I used to vacation there quite a bit and the islands feel like home. But the issue was that there were no funds available for a meaningful trip and I sadly let it go. Few days later, an unexpected inflow of a substantial amount of cash made it possible for me and the family to book one month on Oahu. Some time later I was at a bookstore and met an author who was signing her autobiographical book called "The Girl in a Golden Bikini". I approached her and opened the book on one of the chapters. It was about islands hopping in Hawaii. I struck a conversation with her and she said I must go to the Big Island and actually gave me a contact information of a private pilot who could take me there from Oahu with his Cesna. Around the same time, a lovely person I met during one of my voyages reached out and asked if I wanted to pay him a visit, if I'm in the neighbourhood. He lives just few kilometres from the recent explosions, on the opposite side from the lava flow (the lava flows away from his house). 2 weeks after that, the volcano on the Big I was activated.

Also, right from the beginning, I couldn't help but think of the recent eruptions as adjustments and realignments of the tectonic plates. All this felt like cranium plates finding a better position to benefit the energy flow in the whole body. BTW, this is what I do, biodynamic craniosacral (a gentle touch therapy that facilitates body's intrinsic realignment, no force applied... I mainly supply my awareness to the other's body by following its systems and craniosacral rhythms with my consciousness). Also, for the last few weeks when I meditate, my energy wants to expand and become aware of the whole planet. It keeps happening outside of my conscious intention and feels like stretching exercises, where I have to maintain a strong focus to allow for my field to be rich enough to be able to expand more. This is what I do as a craniosacral therapist, I hold the awareness of the detail as well as the whole of the client's body (The body is a bit like a fractal and the tiniest element energetically contains the information of the whole). I'm not sure if I can hold a whole planet like that. I'm feeling some fear of experiencing the pain of what is going on around the world. I'm also afraid of failure and of being self-empowered. It sometimes makes me want to cry, all this keeping myself smaller than I am. It is so confining... Aside from that, when in meditation I'm seeing 3D sacred geometry figures and some golden symbols that look like digits, but are not understandable to my mind. They seem to be familiar to my energy that really sharpens and spikes in a focused way as a reaction to these visions (BTW, is anyone experiencing sacred geometry imagery?).

Yesterday I went hiking and my attention was drawn to different rocks near a river. I saw one very different than the slate and granite surrounding it. It had a rusty orange elements in it... I picked it up and immediately knew it was a message. The pattern on the rock looked just like exploding lava on the Big Island and very similar to the picture/video Open just posted in a comment. 

A message from Gaia

The darker pattern in the middle also reminds me of a mouth. I wonder what it will lead to... I better pay attention. I'm flying out in just few weeks.

I shared all that felt relevant. If you guys picked on anything in my post, please share. My life feels like a movie, like being in a Matrix that consists of symbols and meanings. Part of me wants to be blind to the full picture still...


PS I also have a sense that the "full picture" is ever-changing and as long as I'm aware in a moment I'll know how to be with what is. This makes the fear subside a bit and (almost) all is as it should be and I'm curious again. After all isn't it all about self realization anyways? Perhaps my higher self just decided to go on a little expansion excursion and it picked Hawaii as the perfect energy to do so ;-)


Wow! I find it really interesting that the explosive sound happened as he said "ash cloud"...brings up image of what that would be like around the globe and the sense of an unbreatheable environment . Also poignant that he said people aren't going to go until Mother Nature forces them too. In my sphere, I have also had the mirror of a huge glass bottle plant catching on fire and destroying half of the structure and it's contents. This is connected to how my family earns our money presently, so causing some deep reflection. Thanks for sharing! <3

PS for some reason it originally picked up an old post I entitled "reflections - Erica" - how are things in Alaska Erica?? 


I felt strongly to put this article out today, and was given to do so in conjunction with Gaia and all those in the realms working toward the shift.

I know that very recently my own Ascension back into the Higher Paradigm has begun. Whilst running the 5GATEWAYS retreat in Halifax, I was staying in a basement room, which was partially underground - I felt a deeper sense of connection to Gaia and what's happening with the shifting tectonic plates. And then my own shift to 18 hour a day intermittent fasting triggered an expansion of consciousness, which was reflected strongly into the outer world through synchronicity.

I incarnated 16 years ago in 2002, drawn from the higher dimensions to help illuminate these crucial transformations that are taking place on the Earth. I have no idea how long it will take for Gaia to complete the shift into 5D, but I know my journey is closely connected to that timeline (more an event line). I would say it's unlikely we have longer that a few decades, so it's essential that the journey of soul integration and evolution becomes our daily focus.

Everyone in the Openhand Team is there to support the shift, and will do so as long as possible.

Open Heart