Return to Atlantis: Openhand Vog 2022

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Openhand's second "Return to Atlantis" Pilgrimage through ancient Egypt is now underway once more. An intrepid group of pioneers has gathered from across the planet to journey through humanity's past life karma. Crucially, it's going to be unleashing transformative planetary energies and preparing us for the culmination of the Shift as we ascend into the new 5D Paradigm.

Explore our colourful Vlog. You're sure to gain insight and upliftment for your journey. Bright blessings, Open 🦋

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Hi Everyone,

It's quite enough to imagine a group of highly sensitive star souls navigating their way through such a full on sensory experience as the 1000 mile journey from North to South Egypt and back again, but then to add on top of the 3D experience; the personal karmic activations of often gruelling past life events and processing the legacies of the multidimensional influences on human history could seem nigh on an impossible endeavour.

However, the gloriously courageous souls on this trip showed it to be one of the most rewarding 10 days one could ever have and their appreciation and the tangible eagerness to do it all over again was one of the most touching experiences in my time with Openhand.

Thank you to all who took part for incredible treasured memories of your shining individuality and such willingness to "give whatever it takes" to grind through the density and come out the other side: thus rippling waves of illumination outwards through the cosmic 5D shift.

It's privilege to travel with you while doing such profound and valuable work.

Much love to all,

Tilly Heart



What a wild ride that was! Even on the journey there it all started kicking off as I was invited to take control and direct people at the airport when chaos was reigning. A fatherly energy was constantly being invited, making me feel alive and in my element. This turned into a deep regression into Annunaki lives and karma that came from that - the "I'm doing this for your own good" distortion and the guilt from seeing how this distortion ended up hurting people.

As you reflected, the pendulum had swung in the other direction, as I noticed how I rejected this energy and overcompensated, becoming overly accepting of controlling feminine energies around me - giving in to the goddess and thus disempowering myself.

Throughout (and after) this trip I've been challenged by physical manifestations of karma and illness - which a plastic red line now tells me is C0v!d. It's facilitated a deeper surrender into the density of incarnation and the pressure I feel around mission in this lifetime.

Coming back has been strange as I've not seen anyone yet (due to apparent infectious illness). Just me in my tiny house, by myself. Have been feeling slightly listless and unmotivated. No desire to go around my local neighborhood. Little motivation for things that would usually interest me like music. It feels like a deep hole of nothingness which I recognize I need to be in before something new emerges - like a cocoon. A new location, a new job perhaps, new people and new business direction - all calling me, yet there's little movement towards any of it coming my way right now. 

It feels like a karmic reset.

Something brewing. I feel it. Stirring in the field. The world needs to be made anew. 5D rippling through 3D. 

Thank you Open, Tilly and all my fellow participants for the trip of a lifetime. Something shifted out there. And I got the real sense that each of us were perfectly placed, interacting with each other as reflections of the wider journey taking place. 

Words cannot express how grateful I am to Openhand for being there through the years, guiding, empowering. I'm extremely touched by your presence, as shown by my little breakdown on the last day :-) . A true light in the darkness. 

With love



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Thanks for your thoughtful reflections on the Egypt pilgrimage Rich. Yes, a lot of karma was activated and processed through. And when we do this level of inner forging, then the unleashing of new consciousness is bound to ripple positively through our lives - so watch the new space!

It was an absolute joy and pleasure hosting you there.

Much love

Open 💙


Hi Open & everyone,

I was tuning in here all week, not always logging in.  I had really odd experiences during your work in Egypt and not sure about it but will see if you get any insight into all this.   I must have left my body during sleep one night, (maybe more than just one night) I have no waking memory of it, but when I had got my last drink of water from the refrigerator at bedtime one night, the refrigerator was working just fine.  We had no power outages during the night as nothing was flashing like it does if an outage occured.  We've had outages but it never affected the refrigerator not working.    Anyway, I got up the next morning and the refrig. had quit during the night but no power outages.  It's got computer stuff in it, only 2 yrs. old and left here for me by the landlord.   Later it was restored by cutting power to it for 10 minutes and has worked fine ever since. 

Just before awakening the night I'm pretty sure I left my physical body and traveled, I felt the buzzing in my body and made a hard re-entry back into my physical body.  It happens sometimes.

The car my landlord lets me drive is also computerized and has had MANY crazy glitches all week such as honking for no reason when it's not locked and no alarm set, or when I get in to start it I get a daily notice that the back hatch part is open when it's not and I have to get out and open it and shut it again, which stops that issue until the next time I go to leave.  Crazy things that wouldn't normally happen with it.  Was my body causing all these electronic things to malfunction because I was receiving a download of higher energy or what?

In my dream I revisited the portal again where I stood watching and told you about it months ago.  Many people of all ages were entering the portal with great happiness and joy, I believe there were many more entering this time.  I'd believed them to be souls who had left the physical body, "died".   

My physical body has had third eye headaches, lower base of skull pains, other body pains and it's felt like the chakras were maybe overloaded?  Before you went to Egypt, I'd seen a single pyramid in my solar plexus chakra while opening the chakras.  I've drank plenty of water, done the chakra opening and breakthrough breathings and allowed only benevolent beings for my best and highest good to enter above the crown chakra as needed.   I watched a show called Ancient Apocalypses that I'd seen in the movie list many times, but was not drawn to see it until this week.  It was loaded with all of the pyramid-type sites that had been created and the serpent energies.  One was the Mexico retreat you revisited recently and another was the Egypt pyramids, where you've been on this recent retreat. They all had serpents in one way or another.

Then there was one called Serpent Mound in Ohio, USA and the man investigating is a journalist but has been called a "pseudo" archaeoligist, which he's not.  But he's found something odd in the Serpent Mound and then got banned from coming back to the site.  Something there nobody wants to be revealed or exposed.  I wonder if this is a place you'd feel moved to do energy work there.  It may be another place that creates the locking down of souls.  A massive crater was created there by a major apocalypse there in ancient times and you can read about this site on the internet.  I was surprised there are so many of these similar sites around the world.  Did what you worked on it Egypt, create a rippling all over the world?  I've definitely been affected this week and had planned to be with you in the ether.  Whatever happened, it's had a strange effect on me.  After reading Hannah and Miha's comments it caused me to wonder.  I don't always feel I can express in words what's taking place but I hope you get a sense of this.

The refrigerator outage resolved on it's own by cutting power to it and it reset.  The car issues have apparently also resolved for now, but if they didn't I was going to the mechanic to see if disconnecting the battery would reset the computer in it.  Did whatever you all did in Egypt open up a big surge of energy or possibly it was another input of energy as the planet prepares for the higher frequencies?

One more thing, I had some books that I'm pretty sure talked about RA and star souls.  Going to see if I still have them, as it may be also what's affected me.  I've been very tired and drained feeling all week.  I don't think it's a coincidence all these things happened while I was tuning in here and you were doing energy work in Egypt.  And edited here to say I do a lot of intermittent fasting for quite a while now, but have been ravenously hungry all week.  Out of the normal, maybe from so much nighttime sleep travels? 

Thank you and the group for all you're doing at these sites and creating openings for change. Praying Emoji Heart







Words can't begin to describe what this Egypt trip has meant to me. Upon arrival there was a feeling of coming home, especially as we travelled down south. The energy had been building for a while and changes began to happen long before. After the first day, coming out of the second Giza pyramid, a big cleanse of my system commenced and deep down I knew this was the Isis identity that is being stripped from my system. As if a reverse was happening inside of the pyramid of what had taken place thousands of years ago: the mind programming and capturing of consciousness through vibrational technology, amplified and locked in place by golden headbands and crystals, embedding it even on a DNA level. I could feel the energetic implant and toxins starting to be released from the head/third eye, but soon in my entire body. Around me I saw the reflections of the Isis/Ra worship dynamic, how it's still playing out, how I'm responding to it, being controlled by it and how I used it for years (eons) to manipulate. My awareness was being fine tuned to the more subtle layers of this dynamic, and since I'm back home it has been a full on confrontation with the Ra energy that wants to pull me back. There is confusion on 'his' side, why the dynamic doesn't fully work anymore. This feels very positive and I feel I can break it down. The pain behind my eyes and in my head that had been consciously there for over a year - the result of control and not being trusting of the divine - is disappearing as the implant and toxins are leaving my head and body. I'm still recovering.

Beside my personal journey, I feel this is a very special retreat. Especially as there is maximum immersion with the surroundings and local people. The travelling creates a beautiful dynamic between field work and working on personal karma. The guesthouses we stayed at had a very special feel to them, with the most welcoming and warm hearted hosts who prepared lovely home made meals - a wonderful treat in between the work 😊

I hope there will be many more able to take part in this powerful experience to keep rippling it's effect outward.
Thank you Open, Tilly and Thomas for beautifully weaving this together 💙🌸

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Thank you so much for sharing your personal revelations from our Egypt pilgrimage. 👍

You've elaborated very succinctly, complex energetic dynamics, such as the distorted goddess energy and the Isis/Ra relationship, which is not at all realised yet within the spiritual mainstream view on this epoch in human history.

You put your finger on the button, in the brain/3rd eye relationship, and how it was manipulated with energetic headdress, that is now frequently coming up in karmic meditations and implant removal therapy.

Your post enthuses me that such insights are ready to ripple much further afield. It does of course require that each of us takes ownership of the transgressions we've each been responsible for in our karmic past - there is no other way to truly heal. You provide an outstanding example and inspiration for that.

Bright blessings

Open 🦋


Dear fellow travellers, OH team and everyone tuning into the story.

At the end of the trip, returning to Atlantis and travelling back and forth in time, this adventure is turning into another story - unlike anything else in my life. Coming back to my home in the woods🌳, I'm writing this message in order to grasp the awareness of what might have taken place.

The Gods must be crazy

It's been our last day in the Giza, visiting the pyramid complex for the second time. After the camel ride, I have found some solitude on the slope overlooking the pyramids. As I've ceremoniously anchored some of the higherdimensional energies, an empty bottle of Coca cola in the sand has crossed my Path, whilst returning to my camel guide. "The Gods must be crazy", the titlle of the movie where the same bottle lands amidst Bushman village - immediately captured the sense of what has been going on. 

coca cola

In the story of Bushmen tribe, the gift from the Gods gradually turns into the curse, as the chaos and conflict arose. One of the tribe members, eventually embarks on the journey of taking the bottle towards the end of the world and bringing it back to the Gods. 

Yes indeed, it has been a part of the journey in detecting and removing some of the "etheric gifts" that the ancient Gods of the Egypt brought with themselves and installed in the energy fields of ourselves, as well as the planet.

Return of the (liberated) heart

Valley of the kings gave an impression of the place, where stories from the past tried strongly to make sense.  Yet hidden under the flat (rocky) surface, the layers of deception are built upon each other. After the group ceremony, I found some quiet space for myself to get the sense of the energy that is present within those rocks in the desert. Synhronistically, the tiny heart was shown to me. Resembling the human perspective about afterlife, different traditions might have undertaken countless ways of preparing/accompanying the Souls in times of transition. 

tiny heart

The immediate effect of energy work in the area has been clearly shown. Illuminating some of the distorted practices, where souls are actually locked "down", rather than reaching towards higher (lighter) layers of consciousness.  Equalizing with the capacity of harnessing the universal flow of energy, it felt as if my heart was liberated from the sense of "false expansion" governed by the Ra energy.

Infusing through all layers into the density

The sense of liberated expression felt destabilizing to the degree. Those travelling with me, could witness some kind of shock in my body-mind system going on, leaving me ungrounded on some occasions. My experience of the trip in Abu simbel was shown to me as the clear example of how many Starsouls feel in the current environment on Earth. With the sense of being lost and having difficulties in connecting with my body, I remember grounding through breakthrough-breathing at the particular location around temple. Reflection that was immediately offered in the stone was immaculate.

multidimensionl stone

In order to truly integrate the sense of One's Soul in this density, the infusion needs to happen through all layers of earthly existence. It felt as if I have been accommodating the presence of intervention, allowing it to "infect" my operating system up to the point, where I can override it with the resonant frequencies of my own being.

African story

I failed. The sense of remorse has been with me, as long as I can remember. On many occasions I've been living this life as if it is a sad burden. It's been a tumultuous process of coming towards the space, where I could fully embrace the energetic background of my human existence. In some way it's been like the Wounded agent of Truth, lost in the shadow of my own being.

I failed, literally. The moment of the "collapse" in the Temple of Isis has taken me out of the body, once more. Yet in vulnerabilty of my human expression, amplified by the tremendous group of Souls - I could finally let go. There is no blaming "me" anymore, this downgrade simply happened. 

african stone

As I found the stone in the shape of the African continent, I realized that this has been my version of embracing the Truth of the African story. One, that might have begun with Lucy falling from the skies as one of the original humans. When infamously encountered hybridization it has been simply playing  out one of the original mistakes.  Getting lost myself in physicality, what a wondrous journey!

More pieces of woods, back in the forest.

Sitting on the banks of the river and swimming in the Nile seemed to be unwinding the next level of alchemy. The "infinite potential", that might become more readily available to tap in my life onwards. The ancient touch of the journey has activated yet another layer of memories from the stars. Tuning into the frequencies of various star races and feeling their resonance in regards to humanity, this adventure seems like the next step in the process of realingment. The dream of the Universe keeps manifesting through our very own human lives, might we be willing to capture the glimpses of it.

palm tree

This way, piece of wood, has been offered to me as the souvenir on the free-willing journey at the end of the trip. Once being a part of the palm tree in Aswan, it speaks to me as the magic broom. Acting like a cleansing mechanism for outdated stories and even equipped with the bird feather, it has some slight angelic touch to it. Eventually, one has to clean the dust, that has been swept under the carpet.

Releasing the baggage from the travels by integrating the main puzzle pieces into this story, the words fail to make justice in order to convey the scope of all that has shifted for me in last pilgrimage. Reconnecting with the benevolent group of higher-dimensional presence, the feeling of being held by the hand opened a doorway towards liberated aspect of myself.

Thanks to everyone for weaving together those tremendous field reconfigurations, and holding a space for my own transformations. It's been a wonderful sense of family for me, and it makes me very humble, being a part of it allPraying Emoji

With love and blessings 👼🎩😇


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Thanks so much for taking the time to share your own personal energetic experiences from the Nile Pilgrimage Miha 👍

It was deeply inspirational to witness the depth with which you connected to the sites and the absolute resolve to experience fully the interdimensional aspects of it. Tremendously inspiring!

What must not be underestimated, is just how influential this region still is - energetically for the whole planet. Just as it was back in the time of Atlantis. By connecting with the sites in this multidimensional way, as you and the group did so marvellously, causes unwindings, shifts and ripples across the wider field itself. No doubt that is unfolding right now - helping unleash the Flower of Life.

It was an absolute pleasure hosting you - felt at a deep soul level.

Open 💙🙏


Dear Open and all,

this truly was a trip of a lifetime! 

The combination of a retreat with traveling is just amazing and was a first for me. It was so interesting to see how the energies changed from one place to the other and over the whole distance we covered. I constantly felt like a detective, working my way into feeling the places we went and to see how the energy wants to move. I couldn't imagine a more powerful way to practice energy work on a large scale. And it felt like miracles happened. For this I am profoundly grateful.

On a personal note, i do now understand the workings of the Ra energy, which was a crucial experience for me as we went to visit the Pyramids. The energy expanded my heart space but in the same time limited the expansion to the minimum - what a smart trap. Just feeling that contraption changed everything for me and I was able to open my heart way beyond this control mechanism. I continues to expand, I feel so much love and joy in my being. That also comes with a calmness of mind that everything is fine now, no more searching outside necessary.

And to meet all lovely souls who participated and contributed with their ways and perspectives is always special. Feels like family to me, like coming home. 

The wonderful food we were provided, as in all Openhand retreats, was the most wonderful of treats. Actually it fires my inspiration to learn real cooking and make this an expression of self-love.

Thank you profoundly Open, and Tilly for the organisation and holding the space for me and the group. Thank you to everyone for all the beautiful and heartfelt connections. The Sun EmojiHeart

Much love,
Thomas Praying Emoji


What a great work you did on this journey and adventure in Egypt!  Can't wait to join you next time!

I was wondering where the less known but just as enormous and powerful Bosnian pyramids fit into this.  Is there work to be done there.  According to some sources, Bosnian pyramids are still active and found to be 34,000 years old.  The complex even seem to resemble flower of life.  Here an informative video about these pyramids.  Strangely, I am getting heart palpatations as I am writing this




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Yes Anatoly, it's clear the Bosnian Pyramids are pretty extraordinary too. 34,000 years old and the flower of life? They're definitely a phenomenon to explore. Thanks for the share. I would recommend watching the video.

Best wishes

Open 👍


27/11/2022 Return to Atlantis Update: Conclusion on the Nile

It was a simply marvellous culmination of the Return to Atlantis Pilgrimage - floating down the Nile on a Felucca before our overnight train back to Cairo - where it all began. It's been an incredible journey, both in the physical, but most importantly, back through the karmic history of humanity and the planet. So much energy shifted at a group level and wider afield. I will write more about this in due course, because it speaks strongly into what's happening under the surface of society at this critical juncture. In the meantime, do pick up the relaxing sense of our beautiful conclusion. It was a simply lovely group of rainbow souls that convened, connected at a heart level, and shared much love - you are all beautiful beings! ♥️

Our closing meditation up at the island guest house in Aswan. Many tears of joy, love and gratitude were shared...

After all the hard work, and aeons of karma processed, what better way to relax and unwind than floating gently down the Nile on a Felucca, powered only by the breeze...

Ultimate chill...

"Wait, do you think if I buy that extra suitcase I can get all those crystals, shalls and rocks back?"...

Later at the station ready for the overnighter to Aswan (with new suitcases in tow!!)...

And after our travels, what better than brunch at the plush Meridian hotel, right at the airport terminal. "Make mine a latte!"......

Hanging out at the pool afterwards: "Oh sh**, do you think that's our plane?!"...

But the planes and connections we did make - phew! To all on the pilgrimage, and to all tuning in, this work just keeps getting deeper, more profound and  more loving, it's an absolute blessing to have you join the ride as we steadily shift into 5D...

With love and blessings to all from Team Openhand.

Open 🦋🙏


25/11/2022 Return to Atlantis Update: Temple of Isis

For me it is quite simply one of the wonders of the world - the temple of Isis at Philae. A lot of healing has been required here over the years, particularly how the divine masculine has been supressed and manipulated by the Goddess energy. It feels like much has been shifted and healed. This time there felt much more of a balance at the site - although it can still readily activate the karma of going out of body, as you'll see in the photo journal below. It's definitely something humanity needs to work on and we'll be doing plenty of that within the Openhand work going forwards.

Catching the early morning ferry...

All aboard...

Rich and Miha feeling pretty cool and connected...

Arrival at the Temple of Isis - never fails to impress...

Tilly, ready for a mission!!...

Soon enough at the temple, a big contemplation of the masculine/feminine balance ensues...

Isis - captures 4D "Ra" energy with that tremendous headdress. But what's the effect?...

Miha goes out of Body. But both the divine feminine and masculine are on hand to help him ground once more...

Group meditation - restoring the balance...

Integration Meditations - the sun goes down on another marvellous day....

Bright blessings to all,

Open 🦋🙏

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Seems like great things are happening! i have a question about the specfic implications of soul being pulled out of body: does it go to 4d and thus manipulated/depleted by anunnaki? i have a direct experience of this happening one day when i smoked cannabis and because i was so tired, i literally passed out. When this happened i saw my "self" spinning out and up above my head; i was looking down at myself. But the experience was very brief and i popped back down and came to right away. other times ii've felt my consciousness slipping away which was very disconcerrting. i just would like to know what happens to soul and if there are any irreversible effects? thanks! 🙏


24/11/2022 Return to Atlantis Update: Abu Symbel

We had a simply amazing journey out into the Desert yesterday to the stunning temple of Abu Symbel. It's the one key site that we didn't get to on the first pilgrimage here, and I can tell you it was well worth the 4hr drive through the desert...

Early morning start on the Nile...

The sky dragons are travelling with us...

Middway, we found a desert oasis, it's coffeeee time!!...

What about a boogie to ease off the joints?...

Arrival, I think we might have to overcome some inertia!...

OMG - this is impressive!...

Inside the King Rameses temple. It's quite awe-inspiring...

But the awe and wonder takes you up out of the body - feeling decidely ungrounded and woosey...


It's alright if you're an "elite", but not so cool for the slaves!!...

Afterwards - we certainly moved some energy...

Bright blessings to all,

Open 🦋🙏

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Yes - that's what we got too.
I get the sense the Annunaki implant you pointed to, surreptitiously controlled the reptilians, at the Pyramids too.
I get them transmuting now - moving more onto the plain of water.

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Dear Open ,

Here is what I am 'getting'.

The Annunaki were the architects. They have the ability to weave together realities by usurping / utilising various frequencies to create a particular construct on a planet . That's what they were "called" to do here by Gaia . It's a particular sound frequency which then acts as the blueprint for morphic fields . Like the energetic skeleton for the body of ...a reality . 

No matter how ...evil ...this may seem to us in parts ,the work of the architect is to see the bigger picture ( is what I am being told- I sense some denial of pain/ responsibility  there ) . 

They worked by using various star group frequencies to form a unique blue print for this planet . And where they lost their way was in acquiescing to be part of a control structure to become a conduit for Ra energy rather than a construct to learn ,play and then let go.  

Which led them to "use" ( they prefer the term utilize) reptilians- for example in their ability to thrive in these dense energies . Also black snake at the sexual / emotional level ,Orions at the mental level ,etc all "lorded" over by them in 4D . 

In their Anu form ( anew ?)  ,they are eager to help in helping with building the next iteration for this planet - but tonnes of reparations with all these different groups need be done to facilitate that. Many of these groups have understandably lost trust that was freely given at that earlier time . Instead of co-creators  these groups were turned into slaves ( that image of servant being flayed by Masters  - brings up a lot of regret ) .I am also feeling a lot of anger at the Annunaki group from ...well... many of the star groups 

I have a feeling that's where the Openhand team and all of us come in . Within ourselves ,as we integrate different frequencies we allow reality to be formed from the unravelled threads into a new,much more  beautiful tapestry . 

I cannot even describe how beautiful and indeed grand the images are in my mind's eye. 

I am attempting to describe as best as I can what I am seeing and feeling . Clearly this trip has me processing in tandem with you fine folk ! 





Just came across your profile and very intrigued. Would like to join on this journey x


22/11/2022 Return to Atlantis Update: Valley of the Kings

It's always a powerful and emotive experience in the Valley of the Kings - how these "Gods" were idolised and iconised through the various processes. Yet really it involved the entrapment and tethering of souls in the 4D - a collectivised bubble was created which this "Ra Energy" then exploited. That's what we're working to unravel. And I can say the work we undertook felt like it had a powerful transformative effect. Let's be clear, this Ra energy has a widespread effect on the planet today. And by working with it at a key location, we may ripple realigning consciousness through that intervention...

Our intrepid group arrives...

Despite the guards blocking any kind of group ceremony and the thousands of tourists milling around, miraculously, a pathaway opened up, high on the valley side in an unseen location, where we could work to transform the energy to a greater sense of alignment and harmony...

Miha, becoming as-one with the landscape, infusing higher dimensional consciousness...

Wow, just look at the skies afterwards. What do you see?

Here's our latest 1-minute short, taken from our energy work high up on the valley side (click on the image)...

Bright blessings to all,

Open 🦋🙏

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Dear Open ,

I am being nudged to write this( which auto corrected to judge . Hahhaahah) 

There is a base frequency underlying the pyramids that was harnessed to keep the behemoth in place as also to create it. It's a very strong frequency that was usurped by the Annunaki that has something to do with what is below the Sphinx. Some sort of crystal is what I am seeing ,likely from Atlantis. The way it was usurped was by pain and the harnessing of the 4D but I am being shown that the secret to unravelling it is in freeing that harmonic . Allowing the crystal to do its thing .  

Freeing that particular vibration from control automatically sets in motion a large amount of realignment in the area is the sense I am getting . It is a crystallized vibration that amplifies the natural torus and also connects to other chakra points on Gaia . 

Also the Annunaki / Anu wish to ,or are currently seeking to " make up " with a large swathe of pissed off star groups is the sense I am having ( they put it more eloquently - the humour is mine :)) . 

I can see this quite clearly ,though I may be inaccurate in description . 

Just my two cents on your epic voyage .



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Hi Megha - thanks for sharing your insights on the Giza Pyramids energy configuration.

Yes for sure, the Annunaki used (crystal) technology to suppress and control Gaia's natural frequencies - in this case, especially the base. When we were there last week, we used Obsidian to ground the Torus there once more. More and more I'm experiencing the presence of the Draco helping anchor and stabilise that - there are a lot of powerful synchronicities pointing to that.

For sure, there are plenty of starsoul groups who've been hacked off by what the Annunaki did. But as we know, groups of them have now shifted in vibration and now wish to make reparations as the "Anu". I feel that's well underway.

I did journey once more to the Pyramids last night in the Dreamtime, after reading your post. We'd worked on the dense energies when there, but this time I did pick up the interference you mention. What I was guided to do, was to draw it into the Torus and take it downwards. I think that worked, but I'll wait for confirmation to know for sure.

What I'm being shown is that this technology now needs to be removed - Gaia certainly doesn't need it in the New Paradigm.

Thanks for sharing - any other insights are most welcome.

Open 🦋

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Dear Open ,

Here is another something I am being shown. Let me try and put this in words .

"It's about how the Merkaba which is basically the vehicle for consciousness in this dimension has its centre in the heart . As we ascend the centre needs to ascend into the third eye. The Anu are telling me how ,as the consciousness shifts we need to move to a higher octave. Realigning the energies that have kept humanity trapped into the 4 D ,is essential. 

It's like the 4D is an energetic barrier that prevents us experiencing the entirety of the octaves . And in unravelling that block ( I see it as a knot which doesn't allow unfurling of the sound frequencies ) the possibility of moving to a higher octave opens up. "

I suspect Gaia has moved to that higher octave already and her moving there energetically gives us the impetus to do so. 

As I am writing this I am aware how this group used Sound as the carrier of consciousness hence the efficiency of toning through dimensions . They seem very approving and supportive of that particular tool in Egypt . 

"In short as those with the courage to do so unravel ancient knots within themselves ,they acquire the ability to EFFORTLESSLY( emphasis is important) move through frequencies. And at the time of transition they will find it easy to make that jump from 4D to 5 or 6 D. 

Each person that unravels knots within themselves is contributing to the collective have no doubt . "

As I write this I am aware of a streaming flow of energy coming through my own heart centre and affecting all those energetically connected to me .It explains why I have been feeling into a movement in the back of my heart chakra for about a week , now . I can see realigning energies making some changes in configuration at the back of my own heart chakra . 

I am clearly connecting to both this amazing courageous Openhand group in Egypt as well as the ancient architects . 

I will write more as I am nudged to. I thought of emailing you personally Open ,but then I had a strong impulse to share this with a wider audience . 

Do excuse any inaccuracies . This stuff is hard to put into words sometimes .



20/11/2022 Return to Atlantis Journal Update

It's all flowing swimmingly well here on our pilgrimage down the Nile. After our journey to Aswan for the Valley of the Kings, we've arrived at the marvellous Scorpion Guest House and it's beautiful garden, that's reminiscent of Eden (check the photo journal of our travels).

Last night we undertook a group meditation session where so much ancient human karma came up, that it would be impossible to capture it in words here: 1) Explorations with the Annunaki and their involvement with the Valley of the Kings 2) A "splinter group" of the Annunaki, the Anshar still resisting change 3) the Ra energy and how it sucks souls into a collectivised 4D Bubble 4) How the Goddess Isis energy was used by the Black Snake to trick the Annunaki into a lower consciousness reality 5) How the soul gets fooled into disempowerment by Twin Flame replications.

It's a complex puzzle for sure. But at the same time it's straightforward: what we're working to do is unleash the natural flow of the Torus. Which is the subject of our latest 1-minute short. Click on the link below to view...

It's the Valley of the Kings today. Who knows what that will stir up!

Open 🦋


20/11/2022: Return to Atlantis Photo Update

We were travelling most of yesterday, on the overnight sleeper from Cairo to Luxor - we're staying at the wonderful Scorpion Guest House for our visit to the Valley of the Kings later today. It's planes, trains, ferries and automobiles!...

Wow Hannah, that's a great headdress!!

Wait, no one said anything about Jesus joining us!

All aboard - whose hosting the midnight snack party?

Afterwards, yes, we really did a soulmotion session while waiting for the taxi!!...

Next stage, flamingos aboard the ferry...

Nothing like an early morning Nile cruise...

Arrival at the Scorpion Guest House. Yes, I know it looks like everyone is taking a crafty nap, but actually they're deep astral journeying!!...

Asatrolene - come on guys, it's high time to activate the crown!

It's like an oasis paradise here now - it's the perfect crucible to hold the group in activating karma.

Open 🙏


Dear Open,

all the best for your stay in Egypt! I yesterday shortly whatched some videos from the last trip, and three questions came into my mind:

  1. You are talking about an "intervention" in several of your articles. If this intervention happened, with the DNA change and so on, which I also believe in some way, based on which big karmic topic of humanity did this happen? (I believe you answered this already somewhere long time ago, perhaps you just can give me some hints where to search on your website, which key words e.g.)
  2. When you guys are doing a meditation to deblock energy-implants, for example in temples and so on, are you guided to do this with the group based on "higher guidance within yourself", e.g. the Openhand masters in the realm and so on, or is this something you do by intuition?
  3. If you deblock some old energy-implants in such places, could it not be dangerous in the way, that for example this "positive energy" hits people somewhere around or far away, and they cannot cope with these new energies coming up?

All the best for you and the group, I would be happy to receive some short answers on my above questions!


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These are great questions Marc - thanks for asking them 👍

1) You asked...

If this intervention happened, with the DNA change and so on, which I also believe in some way, based on which big karmic topic of humanity did this happen?

I would say there are several key ones. But the primary is about humanity handing over sovereignty to a "greater power". For the intervention to work, there had to be some tacit agreement - which could have been a collective inquiry at a soul level. In whom to place trust, for example. At what point is the soul overridden? We see the modern-day example of this in the pandemic - how people readily gave up the trust of their own soul, or inner discernment to an external power, that for many, was clearly bending the truth (of viruses for example) to fit their agenda.

2) You asked...

When you guys are doing a meditation to deblock energy-implants, for example in temples and so on, are you guided to do this with the group based on "higher guidance within yourself",

Yes, it's a feeling intuitive sense that invites self-realisation in the people and places we work with. It must always be guided by synchronicity.

3) Finally, and for me the most illuminating question...

If you deblock some old energy-implants in such places, could it not be dangerous in the way, that for example this "positive energy" hits people somewhere around or far away, and they cannot cope with these new energies coming up?

The energy we're unleashing is neither positive nor negative, it is that which is aligned with the universal flow - the Torus. The Torus has a movement and mechanism all of its own. What we're working to do is to amplify that in any given place, as the flower of life, and then it will take a greater form of rightness and harmony in any given person or location. The point being it is not us doing it: we are being amplifiers of what naturally wants to happen.

If a person is really closed down and not ready, they won't feel the activation nor respond to it. If they are ready, then it will activate in a way that's appropriate for them at that time. I guess you could say it's a self-calibrating system.

Bright blessings

Open 🙏


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Dear Open,

thank you very much for your answers!

What I often get when I work with people: We have different soul ages, let me say new souls and old souls, incarnated on earth. And this is what creates the different consciousness for topics which occur based on karma. Combining all the individual consciousness we get the consciousness of humanity.

In an analogy: Try to teach little children in the age of 3-4 years astrophysics. There is little chance that they are interested, and they rather want to continue to play with simple toys. Based on the pandemic we can roughly see how many new and old souls we have.

Perhaps I am a bit picky on the word “intervention”. It sounds to me, that this, whatever happened, could have been avoided, if…

According to my believe nothing important can be avoided, the intervention was just something which needed to happen, for the ability of growing consciousness of humanity and based on karma. Can you avoid karma? I believe not, therefore karma also belongs to the “natural flow”, but perhaps disturbs your natural torus. Isn’t this interesting? The natural torus gets disturbed by the natural karma flow.

All the best wishes,


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Yes I agree with you, that situations, circumstances and constructs need to happen in order for karma to be expressed. Words, such as "intervention" will then always fail, as will healing, facilitation, lightwork - so I see them more as doorways to actualised feeling and expression.

I would say the Torus has a natural alignment. But there are energies that purposefully intervene with that. They too are playing a part in the great story by animating the darkness so that it may be illuminated.

We could look at situations in a very clinical, mathematical, formulaic way: A+B means that K is going to happen. But for me, I'm an alchemist. I see grey areas of transformation, and within them, gateways of possibility which cannot be so mathematical. For example, the space-time-continuum can be bent around upon itself and a wormhole created through it. These are gateways where you can accelerate the change. In the natural sciences, you need the "fudge factor" to make the quantum chemistry work - it invited me to embrace the unknown.

I witness these gateways appear on the path for everyone. Often people see only the challenge and the density then turn away - because it requires a courageous soul to step into the fray and have reality transform through them. In these universal crunch points, something inside may trigger at just the right moment and a quantum shift happens. What determines this possibility? Personality. Alchemy. Colourful expression. Passion. These all transform "intervention" and cannot be quantified or measured. They can only be witnessed by their effect.

Bright blessings

Open 🦋


19/11/2022: Return to Atlantis Journal

I know plenty of you will be interested in how the energy might have changed here after all the marvellous work you all did on the first Return to Atlantis Pilgrimage. I can tell you it's like chalk and cheese.

Last time we came during Ramadan, and the energy felt very oppressive. For us that was reflective of the dense energies we encountered here on the Giza plateau. The time of year has changed and synchronistically we were there during a public holiday, with thousands of youngsters, all bouyant and excited to see us. I would say it's a powerful reflection of how the energy is changing; that things have opened up.

There was a vibrant excitement, and the feeling that consciousness was looking for a new direction, a new orientation, a new sense of connection. I'm already feeling the purpose of this second pilgrimage is to connect up the various chakra points down the Nile (that we worked on in the first pilgrimage), and to accelerate the energy of freedom (from the old paradigm), upliftment and strengthening flow.

The Draco are here in strength and ready to be anchored to support the re-emergence of the Torus - I'm brimming with anticipation.

Meanwhile, here's our latest 1-minute short from Giza, which I do believe captures a sense of that crazy excitement...

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Hahahahha.I just read this after I felt into the massively transformed energies .

I cannot even describe the sheer Joy in my heart seeing this place again ( though it feels many octaves higher now ) 




19/11/2022: Return to Atlantis Photo Update

It's amazing to be back here at Giza - I can tell you the energy has changed greatly since our first visit - I'll explain how in another post. Meanwhile here are some happy snaps to give you a sense of where we're at in the Pilgrimage.

Here's our intrepid group just arrived on the Giza Plateau - it was a real scrum getting through the gate, with hundreds of Egyptians on holiday all pushing and jostling to get in. But the red seas parted and the flow carried us all through...

On the way up to the pyramids - lovely young people making friends...

The Sphinx Temple - 200 tonne blocks, effortlessly lifted and molded into place. "Wait a minute, I think someone replaced this one!"...

It's Astrolene of Arabia!...

Afterwards, "Chance for a 1-minute short, what do you want to say Open?"...

Diving deep and moving karma as the sun goes down...

High time for some replenishment!...

I can tell you it's amazing here, and flowing well.

See you down the Nile!

Open 🙏

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Dear Open,

That picture with the sun going down. There is something there that just touched a chord. Making me feel deeply touched and rejuvenated .

The sight of the pyramids doesn't make me want to throw up as much :)The energy has changed for the better for sure ! 



I'm looking forward to tuning in daily for this and joining with you.   I mentioned not long ago that I'd seen a pyramid in my solar plexus while doing the opening chakras work. 

And there's definitely no shortage of karma to process here!

There with you,



I am intrigued to see what transpires after that epic journey last May . I am certain there we a further unravelling of the base frequency that lies underneath the massive structures . 

Onwards ,team ! 



During our facilitation conference, an image of pyramids appeared to me during a meditation, as did images of a lost civilization and some karma during the journey meditation. So excitingly following Openhand's trip to Egypt. :)


Team Openhand, Tilly, Thomas and I have just arrived at our tremendous Horus Guest House, with a stunning roof top view over the Giza plateau. We're readying to gather the group together and journey them through time and space. What will we encounter I wonder? tune in with us and join the energetic journey. See what triggers for you. Then do share and ask what might be going on. We all have so much of this ancient human karma to process in advance of the final shift to 5D...

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Looks like super cool retreat!!! The short video with kids made me laugh.


It's been two days since I started experiencing the familiar pressure/pain in the chest. 

This time it is about feeling enslaved within a structure, almost buried, being forced to do something I don't want and not being able to be free and flowing.

This is so sensitive that even when I feel somebody is building a perception of me or I can sense there is any expectation of me - even that makes me feel under pressure and suffocating.

On the other hand, there is an exploration of boundaries, repetitive cycles and rhythms, that also can be experienced as traps, but are actually necessary and I work to find out what serves and what is benevolent and what is a rigid form of control and order. It is like if I let go then things just don't get done, I lose all energy, I just want to meditate and lie down the rest of the time. But I have to go to work, I started yoga teacher training a week ago. And I am like "what the hell is going on?". It is very hard to function, the body won't move, so heavy and tired, yet I get up and go. One of the things that help is to create blocks of activity - here's yoga and meditation block in the morning, here's shower, getting dressed and getting out to work block... as if my life is turning into a pyramid itself - building blocks all over the place.

There is something stabilising in 'structured realities', but this stability has a price too - it comes on the account of freedom and flexibility. When I look a the pyramids I see stability, but on the other hand it looks purely functional structure, there is no creativity or expression in it - it is like a huge block of stone. Magnificent, but still just a triangle.

I rarely have visuals when processing karma, I just feel things, so I feel rather blind to what is happening, what got activated. What is going on?? Smiling With Sweat Emoji

So I am just exploring...

What is the difference between a benevolent rhythm and controlled structure that enslaves and suffocates the soul?

How would free life and free society look and feel like? How then harmony is achieved? For this everybody needs to be enlightened and fully trusting each other so that harmonious co-creation can happen. This will never happen for humans on earth. I feel like crying and a sense like I failed and like this is not the first time I fail. Epic huge major failure. Why did I come here if I eventually didn't make any difference? Disaster kills everybody anyway again before any harmony and resolution is achieved. Why repeat this again and again? Why am I here now? The only answer that I am here to sit with my stuff and feel it. Simple. No purpose, no agenda, no promised results, no nothing. Just feel and keep going. At least for now...

Will be grateful for any insight.


Yulia Praying EmojiHeart




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Hi Yulia - powerful karmic experiences indeed! We just arrived at our guest house close to the Valley of the Kings and meditated last night - so much energy came up and is moving amongst the group. All pieces of a gigantic jigsaw puzzle. Right in the middle of our meditation, as we were opening up through the chakras and came to the 3rd eye, the Islamic "call to prayer" broadcast out from nearby. It felt tremendously loud and oppressive, especially as the feelings we were having in the chakras were so sensitive - like being overridden.

It also spoke into the "Ra energy", which was tremendously prevalent in ancient Egypt, and still very active in the field today. It's a collectivised consciousness that applies various processes, such as worship, and trauma, to fragment souls and pull them into 4D bubble of consciousness. On the one hand, it kind of feels supportive, but on the other, highly restricted and prescribed. Every aspect of life becomes systematic. It's possibly this energy that you felt. counteract

When the Ra energy is active in your field, you can feel lethargic, drained of energy and a kind of pointlessness. The question is, how to break it?

First is to watch it and be aware of it - realise it's most probably an energy that is not you. Then spontaneity works well to counteract it - let the free-wheeling flow take you as much as possible; be guided by higher knowing. It's the antithesis of Ra. It tends to leave your field then.

I wish you well through the unravelling.

Open 🦋


Two months have passed since we returned from Egypt, and I just watched the final Openhand Vlog again. I welled up as I relived the enormity of that pilgrimage. As so many of my fellow travellers have said, it is truly impossible to capture the essence of what happened there in words, but I know that it changed me. 
As still a relative newbie to the Openhand work, I didn’t fully understand what had happened to Homo Sapiens there in the past, but boy did I feel it all. Transhumanism, sacrifice, suppressed Isis energy, distorted Ra energy….as Open said in the vlog, we dredged the swamp. 
As we travelled from place to place, unravelling karma and making peace with the past, I felt new connections with my soul, and my Openhand family, as we bonded as a group and shared so many incredible moments. To feel the energetic bridge form with the Anu at the last meditation was indescribably wonderful, and I still feel humbled that I was given the opportunity to experience this trip. 
All I can say is thank you. Thank you Open for your tireless and inspiring creation of this pilgrimage, thank you Tilly for holding us all in your gentle care and direction, and thank you to my fellow Openhanders, my friends forever ♥️🙏🏼✨

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Jane you capture the perfect snapshot of what we're likely to be experiencing here on the Return to Atlantis Pilgrimage...

I didn’t fully understand what had happened to Homo Sapiens there in the past, but boy did I feel it all. Transhumanism, sacrifice, suppressed Isis energy, distorted Ra energy….as Open said in the vlog, we dredged the swamp. As we travelled from place to place, unravelling karma and making peace with the past, I felt new connections with my soul, and my Openhand family, as we bonded as a group and shared so many incredible moments. To feel the energetic bridge form with the Anu at the last meditation was indescribably wonderful, and I still feel humbled that I was given the opportunity to experience this trip.

As I write this from my room at the Horus guest house, with pyramids perfectly encapsulated in my window, I've been meditating on what this trip might bring? My sense is it's about connecting up various of these groups, including a new one, The Draco, and really getting the energy moving down the Nile... The Drop merges into the ocean of consciousness, then the ocean merges into the drop. No doubt about it, we're here to usher in uplifting change.

Stay tuned, for the ride of a lifetime.
Open 🦋


28/0402022: Atlantis Egypt - what did we achieve?

Thankyou so much everyone for the wonderful commentary. Looking back now the energy lingers and the thoughts of what we achieved. Besides all the personal karma that is!!

I would say there were three key ones:

1) Egypt is a crucial energetic centre on the planet. For me, it's clear this is where the hybridisation to Homo Sapiens was in full swing, and the creation of a society that was heftily controlled by the Ra energy in the 4D. It would have felt good to expand, yes. Just as the group chanting "Ohm" in the main pyramid on our trip. It would have felt blissed, yes, but at what expense? You lose your energetic sovereignty and soul's sense of direction. The Ra energy is still very active today - I felt like we exposed that myth energetically, which can ripple through awareness and begin to break down that havesting trap.
2) We cut a swathe through the ancient energy field there. We helped plenty in the ether heal and release - to pass on. It started to unblock the swamp so that the old dense energy, especially of transhumanism, can flow away. Prior to the introduction of the "plandemonium", there were high-level meetings in Cairo by the shadowstate, weaving together their machinations. So clearly it's still an important for them. How wonderful then that this crazy bunch of "tourists" on "holiday", these misfits and mavericks would simply drop in and do there energetic stuff. Who would suspect? How funny!!
3) This pilgrimage was based on the original trip I did back in 2012 in the movement towards galactic alignment. It provided much of the material for the book DIVINICUS. The major aspect of that trip was connection to the creators of this original intervention - the Annunaki. As part of an Interdimensional Team, we regressed them back through their karma leading up to that journey, and then helped them unwind out of the intervention. Since then, I'd heard or connected fairly little with the now named "Anu". I always suspected that they'd be able to help in the current shift, from an energetic standpoint - they being tremendous energy workers. And so it was with great joy that right at the end of our trip, in the final meditation, I felt them come through and reconnect. I now sense them very much making reparations there and helping get the field moving along the course of the Nile.

There is still plenty to do. No doubt other groups will follow. But as Cedar in the final video said, "we lifted the lid". No doubt we did. I'm simply brimming with joy at what was achieved.

Blessings to all

Open 💙🙏


27/04/2022 Return to Atlantis: Farewell on the Nile

Here's a snapshot of our glorious final day, floating down the Nile on a Faluka.
It felt like Mission Accomplished.
Thanks so much for all your wonderful feedback - it's truly heart-warming ♥️

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From beginning to end, that entire week with you all was fantastic.  Loved the part where the guards would be upset, yet what could they do?  You had no (physical) weapons but the energetic ones were sure powerful.  Let the ripples spread far and wide.  All the joking about a working vacation made me think of the signs people hold up on the streets here that say Will Work For Food.  lol  What a great work everyone did!  

I laughed as I pictured Tilly at the end of the group doing diplomatic gestures and maybe even some currency.  That was excellent!  All the humorous comments really tickled my funny bone.  So glad I've been able to follow along with you as you post your Vlogs Open.  It's been a great week!

Praying EmojiHeart to everyone.


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It is hard to put into words the experience of Egypt. I tried to get Open to change the name to Planes, Trains, Automobiles, and a Sphinx. But then there were so many boats and taxi's and tuk tuks and motorcylcles and camels that the name would have been way too long:)

I will be forever changed by this trip. The arriving in Egypt was only the beginning. It was constant moving, navigating at pretty much every turn. But all worth it. The energy work we did as a group is so powerful. We created openings where there were none. To experience firsthand the suppression of the divine feminine and create openings is so powerful. I mean who's not for that? 

The connection with the realigned Anunnaki was beautiful as well and they are here with us, supporting us through the shift. It is so heartwarming to know they are embracing their realigned named, the Anu. There are also many other beautiful galactic beings supporting us through our awakening and shift into 5D. I feel the work we did will be echoing in Egypt and the light we anchored in will only expand throughout that continent and beyond. 

Thank you Open, Tilly and my fellow Openhand journey-ers. I will never forget all the experiences we shared and the heart-based consciousness and love we carried there will have effects still yet to come. 

Love you all so much, 



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I'm so glad to have waited a while to see the final vlog. It's such a wonderful montage of memories and images that capture the vibrancy and the warmth of our trip. The comments on the video and in the thread elude to how special it was; so much so as to be almost beyond words. For me it was magical the way everything evolved out of the moment, which it always does for truly authentic work, such as Openhand retreats. Yet with this being a moving pilgrimage through a foreign land without outside help or organisation, it truly took what we can achieve to another level of co-creative manifestation.

It was such an awesome privilege to have been there and witnessed so many gifted empaths working so selflessly for the common good. To be part of such a special, mutually supportive co-operative group really gave everyone's gifts the space to flourish and will remain a treasured and glorious memory.

Love to all pilgrims,

Tilly Heart



Well, what can I say? The sentiment expressed by many on the trip, lost for words. I still can hardly believe that it happened, that we fitted so much into that short time. I felt like I was away for a month! There was a crazy pace of journeying, a sense of moving forward and  diving into ancient secrets with our small but powerful troop, headed by the feathered trilby atop Open's head ( with said leader underneath of course). He deftly swept aside any resistance as we at times seemed to be battling through zombie hordes of street traders, vocal taxi drivers and officials of various sorts. A firm statement of intent here, a glare there and a laser-like explosion of energy which nearly had our intimidators performing a backward roll where necessary. The various guards in their souffle-like berets could only look on powerlessly, their rusting carbines looped over their shoulders as we moved on. Tilly held up the rear, greasing the proceedings with diplomacy and a gentle persuasiveness ( and probably the odd note of currency). Transitions between endless minivans, trains and boats progressed seamlessly. The first retreat with an open plan roof, decorous, breezy and comfortable with a view of the 3 pyramids on one side had me declare, 'is this the best you could do?' I certainly didn't know what to expect and was quite amazed by my experiences. History aside and the amazing artefacts, hieroglyphs, temples, the Nile and its glory, the charm and warmth of the locals, there was the energy work. Oh, I almost forgot about that. I will never forget the sense of a toroidal field opening outside the Seti tomb in the valley of Kings. The group chanted to the backdrop of a warden in a galabeya leaping up and down yelling for us to stop. Time and again, the established authority seem to crumble in the face of determination and quiet intent. The food, as ever, was amazing. And we rounded off by quieting drifting across the Nile on a comfortable sail boat with lunch included. Some of the company didn't resonate with my flinging seaweed at them during our river dip, but you can't have it all! I have been privileged to be a part of this wonderful adventure and to humbly be of service with the team. Thank you Openhand for your hard work and beautiful teachings. 



Dear Openhand family ,

I have reached home safe and sound through the matrix .

The videos and the experience anchors me into the torus once again. It feels like through the marshes of my life ,I have been granted a gift. Everything about the trip was magical ,from the bunch of witches and wizards aggregating together to the way we seamlessly seemed to evolve into an energetic unit ,feeling into ,empathising and calling out energy in spaces. We shared rooms ,explored mutual karma and through vulnerable sharings cast light on each other’s lives. As Andy said ,I would have to write a book to even start to record the experiences we experienced together and collectively . 

I will write a little more in the days to come . Until then ,I can just say this. Experiencing one of these retreats is an opportunity that comes along only after lifetimes. The preciousness of the sojourn leaves me speechless with wonder. Deep Bow to Open ,Tilly and all the beautiful souls I journeyed with. I truly felt I was in company of my soul family !

Thank you seems too small . I am simply in awe of what happened back there 





26/04/2022 Return to Atlantis Vlog

Wow. What a voyage that was. There's still the concluding vlog to come tomorrow, but the group has now completed the pilgrimage down the Nile and is winding their merry way home.

Hats off to you adventurous, courageous souls. Boy, didn't we dig deep. Each person activating karma of humanity's ancient past, then bringing it together to process through as a group. Who would believe what we experienced? The mainstream view, even the spiritual mainstream, is a far cry from what actually took place.

The pyramids, as awe-inspiring as they are, take you out of body and into 4D. It feels great, but then who is marshalling that consciousness? Be very careful of the Ra energy, it's all a clever harvesting technique to tether souls and exploit their energy. I feel like the group is in an ideal place to expose that, energetically, and thereby begin to break it down. Let's be clear, it's the same energy wrapped up in what's happening through the various machinations of the "plandemonium". So there are many parallels between then and now.

Now's the time for plenty of reflection, integration and relaxation. The reflections, lessons and expanded awareness will unfold in the fullness of time. Let it all flow through and the density wash away...

Phew - it's that "mission accomplished" feeling...

Do tune in for the final vlog tomorrow - I just need to weave it together.

Bright blessings to all tuning in. I trust you feel the transmissions through the ether.

Much love to all

Open 💙🙏

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Magnificent job by all the brave Openhanders on the Egyptian pilgrimage - deepest respect to all of you🙏🏻.

The energy of the vlogs was off the scale - I have never felt so intensely connected to any of Open's vlogs as I have to these (and they are always powerful). Thank you so much Open for managing to find the time and energy to produce them and upload them whilst leading the group in such powerful and transformative work. I am very grateful to have been able to feel a connection through them and so feel at least a small part of your amazing journey - albeit from a distance.

I'm really  looking for the 'final episode'



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Being back home and watching the videos of our shared experience is somewhat surreal.  Thank you Open for taking the time to create them.  They really help weave the whole experience together.  When we were there with so much energy running and expressing through me I wasn't able to appreciate how physically beautiful the sites are.

Now that I'm home, the processing and integrating phase has begun both of my personal karma and the group work we shared. I'm sure it will take quite some time.  It was truly an honor to flow with such a beautiful group of souls.  I look forward to the next adventure.

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That was so exciting to see the great work everyone did there.  I could feel the density and some odd feelings in those places.  I was not a fan of Egypt at all, but participated in the chakra toning from my part of the planet.  Can't wait to see the final vlog and I'm thrilled I can watch your vlogs each day. 

Hoping I can get your next Livestream too.  It's a big slow through the ethernet connection so we'll see how it goes...

Sending hugs to everyone

Praying EmojiHeart



Fantastic spontaneous videos.It’s great to see & hear the whole group on their Egyptian quest.

latest video at the dam seems much lighter than at the monuments,where the energy seemed much heavier. Fascinating vlogs that must be very intense for the Open group as it certainly feels that way from what I’m watching.


Greetings everyone and all of those beautiful Egyptian co-travellers! 

Just now catching up on these powerful videos, thank you so much Open🙏
And I have ask myself again and again ‘did this just really happen?’ These video accounts leave no doubt that each represents a beautiful expression of our group purpose. And for me personally...I’m holding the privilege of this purpose once again as it chooses a new expression each time I feel the call to assist. 
Through this journey I experienced the completion of my own Atlantean Karma, as a trans humanistic hybrid-machine-abandoned as trash preflood. Eventually these rusted out remains were swept away by the flood waters ultimately coming to rest in the Nubian Desert sand dunes near Aswan. Ironically, these ‘remains’ were only just recently reclaimed by my Anshar tribe for ceremonial burial. 

Today however I’m hanging out in a cozy Airbnb in the very old Fatih district of Istanbul...recouping my energy after what was truly an epic adventure. 

The Openhand community truly functions as one connected soul-evolving, expressing, moving and supporting from every corner and every realm. I felt it! This ‘work’ could not be this effective without all of you🙏

Thank you💜




25/04/2022 Atlantis Vlog Update: Opening the Flow

Here's the latest from our Egyptian Pilgrimage, where we were given to work with some crown chakra blocking energy; to release it, so we could restore the natural energetic flow down the Nile. It was for sure, yet another powerful experience...


That was very moving and powerful.  I'm with you there in the ether and moving the torus.  Thankful I can watch the video from the ethernet connection here at the new house.  

So much gratitude for all the work all of you are doing there.

Praying EmojiHeart



Thank you for taking us on this incredible journey with you all Open, it has been deeply moving to observe the shifts that took place. With Love and gratitude Shar 


23/04/2022 Openhand Atlantis Vlog - The Temple of Isis

You'll likely have heard plenty of stories about the majesty and divinity of the Isis legend. But there are two sides to every coin and this one is no different. Come and explore the temple at Philae with us and see what the group experienced....


Wow that chakra meditation was so powerful I really felt it!  Great work.

Loving all the pics. Bless all you guys. 

Much love 

Erin 🌳🐎💚


It's wonderful to watch the vlogs from Egypt. I'm overjoyed to see the magical works and experiences you guys are having there. Open, I really adore your vlogs, which inspire and excite me a lot; I'm looking forward to seeing more.

Namaste Openhand family Praying Emoji


It's beautiful having you tune in and share guys: Sky, Gwyn, Barb, Sherri and Aggie. So wonderful that you can pick up the empathic transmission and work with it too. Awesome 🧡👍

I've been working through the night weaving together the next video, from the Temple of ISIS, which I suspect people will find deeply moving. Much love to all.

Open 💙


21/04/2022 Return to Atlantis: Isis/Ra Connection

It's full of high adventure and alchemy out here in Egypt - I can't begin to tell you without writing a book!! The energy is fast moving for us, connecting into the depths of the various sites, activating personal karmic history, before weaving a rich and colourful tapestry for us to behold.

When I originally did this pilgrimage back in 2012, leading upto the galactic alignment, the experiences I was having told a very different story than the mainstream view; not just of Egyptologists, but also the spiritual mainstream, which presents the sites in an often glamorous way. The sites are stunning indeed, of amazing construction and technology, but ultimately designed to remove individual sovereignty and take ownership of the soul.

Several of the group went into the main pyramid at Giza and had a very different experience from what's presented in the mainstream. There was another group in there at the time getting high chanting the "ohm". But the problem is, the energy takes you out of the body and into 4D. It feels great at first, but now you risk being beholden to that energy and dependent on it. This is one way the "Ra" energy creates a harvested bubble of soul-energy.

Here you see a heiroglyph of Isis on the left and Ra in the middle. In my knowing, Ra had taken ownership of the Goddess and she was being duped into manipulating the people, before then realigning and emerging out.

The Openhanders were aware enough to see the deception before their eyes and felt to leave. In presenting this viewpoint back in 2013, in the DIVINICUS book, I felt like the odd-man-out. did anyone else get the truth about what was really going on? Nevertheless, it needed to be shared. And now others are seeing the history in a different light too - closer to the truth, without the glamour, and so now we may touch the layers of karma and break it down. That's how humanity evolves past this grand intervention deception, similar shadows of which we're witnessing today, through the manipulation of the pandemic, which is designed to do the same thing  but in a different way - harvest soul energy. Let's not be fooled!!

We're also having an absolutely fabulous time!! Navigating our way through, the divine opening channels and supporting us every step of the way.

Bright Blessings

Open 💙

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Whatever is energetically moving, I’m there with you all. Was moved this morning to plant myself in my pyramid just to be. The cats joined me. 

There is a big YES to sitting in the innerstanding of the deception and traps. That is very very clear to me. It’s all around us no matter which part of the world we are. 

thank you all for taking this quest forward—the connection is felt sending soul confirmation coursing through me 💕💓


21/04/2022: Return to Atlantis Journal

We're having major shifts of energy going on within the group out here in Egypt - aeons of karmic history processing through. But there's plenty of time for light-heartedness, banter and fun too...

Time for a great street meal before catching the next train...

A great stay in store en route at the Scorpion Guest house...

Time for a more fullsome meal!!...

This feels like heaven...

Cedar moving energy in our temporary studio...

Diving Kestrel on the roof...

Ann and Betsy hanging out...

Meanwhile it's "Tilly Snoop Dog"...

And a dove takes roost in my hat. Good job I'm not wearing it!!...

A fabulous time was had by all...


20/04/2022 Atlantis Journal: Valley of the Kings

There's a disturbing side to the ancient Egypt of myth and legend. When you confront the karma directly, it brings it home to roost. During our visit to the Valley of the Kings, I empathised with a soul who had been entombed with the Pharoah - sealed up alive. Hmmm. Not too pleasant. It was a powerful visit indeed, much healing undertaken, much energy and earth-bound souls released. I trust you'll get a sense from the video...

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Hi Open and everyone.  I tried to watch yesterday after logging in but it said access denied so I replied with that to let admin know.  Today I logged in and was able to watch the Valley of the Kings video.  That was simply awesome and I'm so thrilled to see things moving and opening up there.

Today is my last day of internet service here as I'm moving.  The DSL is now on at the new house and I'll be able to see how well it works there to watch your videos and hopefully Livestreams and even some zoom events..  I could really feel the powerful effect of your chakra tuning.

I'll keep tuning is as I continue moving things into the new house.

Praying EmojiHeart



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Tunning into the Valley of the Kings video while I was getting ready for work, I felt to do the chakra toning along with you all.  So much was activated on the emotional and physical plane. I had to stop what I was doing and allow the energy to come through and right before you mention the torus, it was already moving through me.  Didn't expect such a deep connection to the area and the group, as I was toning into each chakra I felt as if I was there with you all!  And when you talked at the end about harvesting of the souls more got activated for me.  So grateful for everyone who's there moving the energy and bringing healing and to you Open for sharing with us all.  Praying Emoji 


We had a fantastic and extremely illuminating journey through the Valley of the Kings yesterday. I have a vlog to share, which is uploading right now. But the internet here is painfully slow - it may or may not be possible today - we head off soon for Aswan. Fingers crossed that we can share - it was a powerful experience for sure.

Bright blessings

Open 🙏


18/04/2022 Atlantis Journal Update: The Giza Plateau

I haven't been able to post again until now, as we were in transit, and also with electrical power outages. Primarily though - the extraordinary movements and flows of energy going on here. At the personal level, it's triggering swathes of karmic flash-backs, memories and energy for people - fascinating that at least one of the group can recall being involved in the construction of these humungous megaliths. Also it's moving much energy at a collective level. It's practically impossible to capture in words what's going on here. Much insight into how the sites were used to manipulate people and consciousness.

Let's be clear, this was all about subjugation.

On the bright side, the group is maintaining tremendous spirits, and even though we're processing much, there's plenty of time too for light-heartedness. Here are a few snapshots of our visit to Giza...

We weren't allowed to do group meditations on the site - it was kind of like a "bomb-burst" at the beginning. All going their own way...

A few of us did manage to hold a group meditation in the sphinx temple. "Impressive" is an understatement. These are constructed of 200 tonnes blocks, effortlessly hoisted into place and made plasma like, fitted together and then fused together. All of this, which I knew beforehand, was confirmed by one of the group who'd had direct experience of it in the construction. Simply amazing!!...

The Sphnix - a truly stunning construction that's been adapated and manipulated over the aeons. It's definitely to download energy, but since the original construction, it's clearly been adapted to constrain energy and block out certain beneficial frequencies, such as the heart. On the back-wall you can clearly see the weathering which could only have happened in a period of intense rain - it concurs with other evidence that the site was actually constructed in the 11th millenium BC - a while before the solar nova flash that precipitated the great Atlantean flood.

It's a powerful place to meditate for sure!!...

We had plenty of fun too. Wait, is Andy creating a portal or is it a design for a new type of hat?...

Tilly - couldn't resist the camel ride around the site on Romeo...

"Walk like an Egyptian" - cheesy yes, but we had fun doing it!!...

Our guest house actually sits well within the prime energy field of the Giza plateau, so we were well able to proces and integrate afterwards. Wow, what an experience!!...

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I have always been fascinated with the pyramids and when I saw the posts and pictures especially the one of the long hallway, while at my dance retreat  today, a song activated karma that started with a vision of that picture and me being sacrificed at the pyramids with all eyes on me celebrating.  The experience was so intense I could not open my eyes during the dance and the vision.  As I stood in a prayer position, I felt as if time stopped and the experience was lasting an eternity.  Intense dance of heart activation, lots of energy moving, processing, and sadness.  On my drive home I noticed a construction sight that had sand piled up very high in the shape of the pyramids.  Grateful and excited for the shares from Egypt and the connection through the either.   


Hi Open and everyone,

I'm here and following your events and will be following your vlogs daily (in the evenings here)  Internet is down at the new house already but still have it here at the old house until Thurs.  Hoping they'll get the internet figured out quickly.  I'm greatly interested in your trip to Egypt.

Praying EmojiHeart



Keep em coming.  I’m stuck ( being very much the operative word) at my folks with bad post Covid viral fatigue so will be filling your journey and hope to gain some healing.  


16/04/2022 Atlantis Intro Vlog

It's Ramadan here (aswell as Easter) and so I had an early morning "alarm call" with the commencement of chanting, calling the holy to their knees, and me to my laptop to put together this intro video for you all.

What's the Openhand view on Atlantis?
How does it relate to Egypt?
What significance does it have for us all in society and the shift today?


16/04/2022 Atalntis Journal Update

Nice to have you (and everyone else) tuning in Rich 👍

As you can imagine it was quite a journey for people to get here, with travel, visas and covid blah, plus Easter busyness at the airports and Ramadan here in Egypt, but I can happily report everyone made it and is in excellent spirits. Our proximity to the pyramids has kicked off some immediate karma - our guest house effectively sits within the energy field of the Giza plateau. So no suprises there!!...

After our opening meditation last night, we're all very much looking forwards to our visit to the pyramids today.

Stay tuned, it's sure to be an illuminating ride!

Open 🙏


Tuning in with interest and feeling it. 

Talking with Megha this week has activated quite some things - visions of past lives, feelings, something around 'being used' even though that's not a theme in my current life - imagining we were doing something good only to find out we were manipulated. 

Went walking in a favourite spot yesterday. Plenty of downloads and shifts in energy making me feel pretty drained, but expanded. Interestingly I spotted a pyramid-like structure that I've never seen before as it's covered in trees, but yesterday clear as day - there was even a gateway made by trees at the entrance. 

I'll be tuning in a feeling as much as I can this week. There with you in spirit!

Much love