Removing Implants&Entities

This is the latest version of the Openhand meditation to help you release implants and their attached entities. It's a ground breaking approach involving multidimensional inquiry to locate embedded implants, recognise their anchoring points and then remove them. It involves harnessing and amplifying the toroidal field to then extract entities. Finally it enlists the support of the angelic realm to compassionately relocate what is released. It is designed to leave you feeling clear, enlightened and at peace.

The mediation accompanies the following article: Energy Implants and How to Remove Them

  • Duration: 29 minutes total
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I dont know if I have any implants or if I've always been on "their" radar. First encounter, 2-3 years old - waking up with one greenish looking being on its knees in the corner, looking over me. Little me got scared and ran to mommy and daddy for protection.... current day, "they" showed up in June. This time I was alerted via ring camera. Appeared to be insectoid but now not so sure. Since then, I have seen ALL kinds of them. Insectoids, reptilians, draconians, skinwalker types. frogs, greys, trees, horses, monkeys, blobs, shadows. Even watch how they cloak onto plants and trees and appear to create monsters out of them as well. I am mostly aware of their presence even while asleep = what they are doing, which usually involves my mouth and throat. I moved from my home to a few different hotels and then a new apartment. At the old home, I received a skin disease and lots of cuts and scratches before and after they presented themselves to me. At the hotels, I would be holding my newborn, sleeping in a bed with my children and then be dragged out of bed fighting the unseen/ unknown. At the hotel, I was presented visions of how the good ones and their homes were taken over and destroyed by the bad ones, interplanetary wars - if you will. I found some materials to get me thru the initial battle and to render my strength to fight back and not live in fear. Since moving to a new apartment - I am learning now to depend on self, strength, spirit and soul to hold it down mentally. Physically, my skin is not as bad as it was but still present with scars and forever deformed. I am still being put to sleep as if sleep dust is sprinkled over me. Lost amounts of time but while awoke - the peace of mind is still here, and I shall not fear. Have noticed the energy suckers latched onto all 3 of the small kids though, via cameras in their rooms. Nothing I have said, with authority in myself or the creator has removed these things completely from our day to day lives. Looked into orgonite but very expensive.  Recently started feeling and tapping back into my "gift" of connecting via visions to other people's surroundings but can't tap into my own on how to remediate this reality. I am wanting to buy this meditation with hopeful outcome, choosing positivity upfront but also so burnt out - for nothing has worked. Also interested in working with a facilitator but reluctant to open up.  Any advice would be so appreciated. In the meantime, love and light to all of you - now and always. I will go listen to this sample and then buy in full if it seems to help. Thank you 

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Hi Flowers - greetings and welcome to Openhand 🙏

Sounds like you've been having quite a journey. This kind of thing can happen if you're very sensitive and wake up to the wide spectrum of experiences going on multidimensionally.

It's clear to me there's a crucial requirement to work with in order to attain s stability and work your way through. This goes for anyone struggling with entity and implant problems. First and foremost, it's absolutely crucial to find your inner "mast in the storm". It's the hallowed, centred space of pure presence, and to be constantly connecting into it. It's what we at Openhand call the Sacred Ground of Being

Without this, the risk is to get pulled off into all the dramas and stories that these entities create - the visions they project into your psyche to keep you playing in the drama. Rather than "sitting back" internally, into the abode of the absolute and starting to dissociate from the drama. Then you'll find a lot will disappear naturally. But where one continues to feed the visions and stories by giving energy to them, then the entities will continue to dominate.

I would recommend this article to get you started...


The Sacred Ground of Being...The Quintessence of Who We Are

At this stage, I would NOT recommend this particular entities meditation download. I would begin with something more straightforward - a breathing meditation designed to connect you with your Sacred Ground of Being...

Breakthrough Breathing Meditation

Wishing you well in your endeavours

Open 💙


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that's disturbing i'm sorry you're experiencing all this! i believe what Open says about them feeding off negative energy, and whatever else they're doing, but that they cant feed off stillness and unattachment. i'm woking to get there myself and despite my field being muddled and distorted i keep noticing these lumps of shadow out of the corner of my eye that take off when i look directly. it seems i see them more when im agitated or indulging in anger. ii feel that where i live is full of those kinds of entities and they've been feeding off and triggering myself and the lady upstairs who i've been engaged in hostile energy exchanges with. makes sense as we are both full of distortions and are projecting our stuff at each other. i once had a vivid dream when i lived in an apartment building that startled me awake where i was simply sitting on the entrance to my balcony and watching a ship that had 3 llights shaped in a triangle flying away. a year or so later i noticed a lump on the back of my head that im sure was never there before. ever since everytime i feel any emotion intensely, an area on the same side but higher up tingles. any insight on this would be appreciated. i wish you peace from what you're going through. i can say that since i recently started actively engaging with sacred ground of being, i'm already noticing more clarity and insight. wishing you well🙏💙


Hi Open!

I'm writing this from the hospital -- I'm recovering from broken bones after being run over -- where I very clearly heard to come engage with your site today. I'd really like to utilize this meditation, as I have been having consistent and persistent interference for ...well, much longer than I care to admit, but particularly since being here. However, my debit card and all of my belongings, save the twenty dollars in my purse, were recently stolen from me, in what I can only recognize as a very desperate and oddly-steered (oh that's a terrible pun, as this all happened when the vehicle that I was travelling in was being stolen from me) re-correction. 😅 So I have no way of purchasing this at the moment, but do feel I would benefit on tremendous levels.... 

I'm also hearing that I should ask about your books as well... So here I am, humbly submitting some requests for "needs".  If there is any way we can work together on this, I feel I would benefit so immensely and be so freaking grateful, I couldn't even put it to words. I'm including my email, just in case ^-^

Always delightful to engage with you and I am so, so grateful every time I meet you and the team in the ethers. You are all so dear to me and always welcome. 

Best, kindest, and brightest to you,


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Hi Samantha,

Wow, that's pretty full on! It's almost certainly karma that's caused the incident, possibly Sirius.

What's tremendous is how you are managing to sound so up beat. Full credit to you!

For certain we'll send you the meditation - no worries - you should get it sometime today.

In the meantime, sending big bundle of healing love your way.

Open ♥️

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It's full-on impossible to separate myself from seeing where and how accurately those aspects of cause and effect play out in my field, and this event has been no different. This certainly wasn't the only path available to me, but I see so clearly how I played a hand in every aspect that it is almost novel to observe, besides being slightly frustrating to see the lead up so clearly and the opportunities I could have taken to -- oh perhaps the words are "karmically balance" through other means. 😅🤦🏼‍♀️

Fortunately, the entire experience has been and continues to be pretty blessed. Just as an example -- I wasn't able to make it to the hospital right away (we were camping in the forest, outside of cell range, it was very late, and apparently most of my neighbors were intoxicated 😩🤦‍♂️) but, despite having sustained what I have since learned is one of the most painful bones to break, my Knowing kicked in almost immediately. I was placed in my tent by a man named John, and, after a few minutes of processing the pain, started a pretty intense toning exercise. Eventually, guidance started coming in very strongly, and I started doing some breathwork that took away the pain nearly completely 😌 so I've been blessed to have been in almost zero pain the entire time, and, on top of that, have been healing so quickly the nurses and physical therapists have been stunned... 

I will say though, I welcome all of the prayers and energetic assistance. I'm currently encountering the hospital's psych department, as my fasting habits -- no, I'm not joking -- caused some red flags. I'm being admitted to their psych ward as we speak..

Again, again, again, so very grateful. There is nothing in the world that could take away how blessed and grateful I am to be processing and holding myself the way I have been held. Sending so much love out to you all. Please know you're always welcome in my field and I love you dearly. 💕




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You're such a braveheart Sam - so inspirational ❤️

If you do end up in the psych ward, remember the word, "Tribunal". When they carted me off, it somehow came in from the ether. And when I stated "I want a tribunal", you never saw the system move so fast. I was out inside the day. They have to prove you're psychotic. Because you intermittent fast is absolutely no evidence of this (of course!). Look how many youtube videos from reputable doctors are promoting it. Make sure you ask them for a report on why you've been submitted there. Then you can challenge them. Get the report BEFORE you demand the tribunal.

Call on higher dimensional support - it is definitely there for you.
Have no fear. You'll grow from this.

Open 🙏

(PS - I trust you got the meditations and the books?)

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It's frustrating but uplifting to look at the whole picture here  -- which is that I am now recovering in the home of a beautiful family, in a Christian/LDS home that runs so concurrently with the manifestation energy I was putting out post injury, that of course I see my hand in the creation of the entire psych ward episode. I met this woman immediately -- we shared a laugh on learning she was the cause, after having experienced a mysterious compulsion to pull the alarm, of a fire drill at the hospital a week before. She invited me into her home for healing, which was one of my main concerns after the injury -- being outside and in a wheelchair here in Eastern Washington state, with the van being long gone.  I have enjoyed sharing some of my esoteric knowledge base with her the last few days, and it's pretty clear we're each helping the other find health. She readily observed that we're both quite blessed.

However, I could have done without the trauma and the medications! My goodness, what a surprisingly twisted system. Speaking of the tribunal, only *I* had to swear under oath -- not anyone on behalf of the side that profits from my staying in the hospital. 🤦 The entire episode required near-constant note taking to keep with the lies and half-truths being spun, and the one lie that slipped through the cracks -- an egregious spin on the potential existing for the necessity of force feeding me intravenously (oh my goodness Open, I fasted for TWO DAYS 🤣🤦🙈) -- was what kept me there. 

By the end of it, I was required to change my diet -- the dietitian saying my vegan diet being something they could not accommodate, and after doing so, reintegrating cheese and some dairy, was still told that I had not been doing enough. 🤦 So I had to just basically eat everything I was served for a good 6 days, along with doing the job of recording my calorie counts for them (it wasn't until I started doing this, taking extremely careful notes, that the hospital staff stepped up and started doing this correctly). The doctors, clearly mired in delusion, had the audacity to approach me later and say, "Well you're eating! [which I had been doing for a solid few weeks] Clearly the medicine must be working!"  ._.🤦🤦🤦 I don't know that I have ever acted with a group of people that was more delusional than the psych team at Sacred Heart Hospital in Spokane. I told them as much when I finally started raging at them [just at the psych doctors, bless the nurses] at every opportunity, and they certainly released me right quick after that.

[Seriously, I described experiences of thought transference (I'm already being "forced" to agreement to medications at this point, so I'm happy to push buttons...) to a team of doctors, and was told by one, " well both of those people are in psychosis." O_O; I carefully replied, we have very different definitions of what delusional means... ]

All of this is to say --- well hello, Open! 🥰 Glad to be able to speak and share freely and openly. I haven't gotten to practice much with the entities and implants. I've been utilizing the breakthrough work daily since being released. I haven't had any more beings spiriting their way through my system in quite some time, so I'm happy to master the breakthrough breathing. It falls in resonance with some breathwork I had practiced once-upon-a-time, and has led to some really uplifting communication. 

I will say -- the multidimensionals were present! One of your team visited me the night I asked for the meditations -- coming in as I'm 😭 in the corner, just half delirious -- with love and respect and a reminder to be patient 💜✨ and the dragons made multiple appearances in the psych unit, one flying in behind me at one point, causing movement and a shift of wind that caused me to whip my head around looking for the source 🤣 I actually was gifted a rather spectacular art piece of a dragon that one the beings sharing the space with me came up with. Looking forward to sharing it at some point.

Extremely grateful for the loving support I've felt from you the entire time I've been engaged through Openhand, and so very appreciative of the support through this hospital experience... Now, I just have to make peace with the little yellow wheelchair I will be rolling in for the next month + 😂 I'm teasing, of course -- I'm grateful for the yellow wheelchair.😘💗👌🤲



I’m a 10 year heroin addict almost completely off a multi year taper experiencing an intense negative energy where a sexual energy release seems to be the only temporary relief.  During meditation I mostly am uptight and don’t feel like it’s doing anything but sometimes I feel as if a jolt of electricity enters my body and as if something left my body.  Is this ok?  Thoughts?  Recommendations? 

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Hi Travis, greetings and welcome to Openhand 💙

Intuitively I sense these sudden jolts as where the soul is infusing through the density of lower self. It's a good thing, a blessings. So my recommendation is to keep right on going. 👍

I would also try some deep consciousness bodywork like 5 Rhythms, gentle martial arts or yoga. If you come and get involved with the Openhand course and retreat work, we've combined these into a practice called soulmotion, which is about opening the lower self in order to infuse soul.

Wishing you well

Open 🙏


I was tricked into a committed relationship as a twin flame. I have been trying for 18 months to separate fully from this alien as a human. he revealed his intentions as for me to leave my spiritual practices and believe in him only. he would send me the alien information daily.  i have been in recovery from addiction and mental health. I have had a disciplined prayer life for 20 + years.  I have wonderful group of people in my recovery world who have been studying acesnsion for some about 5 years and some much much longer. I have not been able to fully grasp or grow in the teachings and nightly feel the anguish of being hostage telepathically and as many ways I have tried I have not succeeded in becoming free. I am beginning to shut down save for my AA program. please help.  I want nothing more than to grow in spiritual progess.  My love and sex addiction is the reason I went so far with this person. I am seeking recovery for this too.  thank you.

Anisa Lynch

Massachusetts Native

DNA all Irish. have communed in Ireland 3 times for 2-4 weeks at a time.  Last visit 1998 prayed in the old church at Knock.  I am seeing my obsessive praying of the rosary as a limiting belief finally.  I would love to talk more with someone from your organization.  Thank you. ps I also identify as a writer (published) and bit of a mystic.



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Hi Anisa - greetings and welcome 🙏

What you describe is actually quite rife out there in the world right now - it's a classic deception that comes in through a Twin Flame projection to lure souls into a de-energising trap. To be clear, the Twin Flame does NOT incarnate. Only reflections of them may be seen in the 3D, and in all areas of life - through creatures in nature as well for example; through signs and synchronicity; subtle perceptions and nuances. So not just in people.

Intervention entities will often attach to a potential partner and enhance their spiritual capacity - providing channelings and insightful information from the 4D field for example; being able to read people's thoughts is another. It's highly compelling because it's always based on a degree of truth, but then subtly twisted so as to create disharmony in the person whose been lured in by them. It creates a dependency on them. Thus energy is released through the disharmnony and fed upon by the entity - which is why they're doing it. And released sexual energy is probably the most alluring for them, because it helps temporarily elevate vibration. It's like a drug for them.

In this situation, you're clearly aware that it's happening with a physical partner, and by what you say, the partner is conscious of what they're doing. What is much more prevalent is where an entity influences relationships in this way, but neither in the partnership is aware it's happening. They just keep going through repetitive de-energising loops, situations and circumstances. Even though things may appear comfortable and successful on the surface, there's always some entrapment of the being, always some glass ceiling they're unable to break through.

The question of course is how to break this type of intervention?

In your case, I would say it's more straightforward because you're aware of it. And so this is a tremendous blessing for you. Crucially one key thing has to now happen. It's straightforward but not easy: that is to break external identification with the 3D and know yourself as who you really are - that you are the One, the eternal presence, sitting behind the eyes, that is still and content simply with being. The One in you needs no particular external reflection and isn't dependent on others to be content within itself.

This may sound simple, but requires a great deal of commitment and dedication to the path. I would say that's why you've found your way here to Openhand. Our approach is to invite people to take full ownership in this process of self-realisation. No healer can do this for you. The problem cannot be solved because the problem IS the solution. You have to use the external attachment as a feeling reflection internally on where to work to let go. As I said, it is straightforward but not easy. That's why you have to be clear with yourself that you're motivated to do it.

Each time you feel the contraction of internal attachment - to the need for a partner for example or what they bring - there must be an inward-turning into the feelings and a commitment to breaking them down by knowing yourself as that which is beyond, that which is transcendent. Here at Openhand we speak of coming into the Sacred Ground of Being

To be clear, no healer is going to ultimately solve this situation for you. In fact, most will only make it worse by inadvertently causing you to believe in an external solution that somehow they can deliver. Also if a healer takes the entity away, which is possible, the solution will only be short-lived - the entity will return UNLESS the person has been helped to let go of attachment and infuse full authentic soul consciousness through assisted self-realisation. Instead, external support can only be effective if it is from a skilled facilitator that causes you to take ownership of your own healing - coming to know yourself as the One.

If you feel you are ready to take this path, then reach out to us and we will put you in touch with a facilitator skilled and able to facilitate you...
Openhand facilitation support

Love and best wishes

Open 🙏


Gibt es die Meditation auf Deutsch auch, Russisch, Rumänisch vielleicht?


Hi Open, I wanted to thank you for this very helpful and soothing meditation. I have only one suggestion, where we are reminded at some point well into the meditation to remain grounded but there aren't any cues to ground in the beginning. I feel a quick guidance to connect with Gaia would complete this recording. As it is the final recording I don't expect you to change it lol but maybe a note added to the description. Thank you💜💜💜🙏

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I hear what you're saying Barb, however that's a discernment call.
Plenty of people (perhaps the balance), need a greater sense of letting go in order to open up to light frequencies. Otherwise they may not expand and raise vibration enough to fulfil the work. That's why I felt to put the grounding aspect in later on.

When people speak of "grounding", often there's a fear with that which limits a greater possibility of multidimensionality. It's not heightened vibration that is the problem, but having it stir up the lower density within them. Ultimately people need to get to a fast 5D vibe and that's going to feel really destabilising if you haven't yet processed out your karmic density. So the key would be not to keep lowering vibration, but really penetrate the lower vibrations so one can purify them.

Best wishes.
Open HeartPraying Emoji

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So so understand now. Bit embarassed by the old miss fix it atitude, always trying to put everyhing in order when it's perfect the way it is without even understanding the big picture, my apologies. Letting go is certainly something i need to do more of. i had an experience of ramping up before i was ready; i had stopped cannabis and gone full vegan but the nature of my living circumstances made it hard to cook so i spent a few months mostly snacking so i was taking in less calories. i normalized then overcame the hunger and started to gain this flighty, erratic energy until one friday after work i was at a friend's who offered me cannabis. First i went into an alarming disassociative state probably from the company i was with which was quite negative. when she was gone i then spent the next few hours in a state of extreme, quickly cycling highs and lows. At one point i heard someone calling for help (i'd had previous expperience wiith clairaudience) which scared me senseless, and then when i called Archangel Michael for help, i actually saw his light comming through but ii was so freaked out i ran and hid under my covers lol! No warrior here, pure jellyfish lol but the last few months have really brought up my shadows and i've managed to somewhat process some density so i understand much better now why i wasn't ready for that faster higher vibe yet. Still embarassed miss know it all showed herself, i now know i know nothing. Grateful to you🙏💙





Been a lovely couple of weeks taking it all in and integrating the paradigm shift into the daily and the two meditations that I downloaded have been most helpful and I have been interchanging between the two when I can.

We have a full moon today and figured hey, let me do all that’s being suggested from everything I’ve been reading on it and to take it all in — the cleansing bath, connecting barefoot with the earth, connecting with the flow with this meditation and even accessed a nice 7 minute long chakra meditation for children that activates in a child friendly manner the 7 chakras and it’s all the beginnings of an amazing journey with my family.

staring out into the clearness of the night sky with the moon aglow from our balcony;  the peace, the magnitude of love and connectedness I feel are immense.

Its all very amazin that one can actually feel the implants desolving from where the discomfort resides.

Makes me feel such hope and faith that together through connectedness we can totally realign and leave behind all the conditioning that has us seeking a better reality, a consciousness of love peace and joy.

I see that for Africa and I see it for the world. Thank you Open for being able to reach us all through your important work so that we may realize our authentic selves and connect with God. 



Hi Sindi,

Indeed the meditation is quite complex with many elements to it. But it is designed to be done in one complete session - to have the most effect.

You'll find that if you practice the meditation several times, I'm sure you'll get the hang of how to do it effectively in your own way. And do bear in mind, it is very advanced, so it's an on going development of mastery over time.

Wishing you well with that

Open HeartPraying Emoji


Greetings to all,

I have been reading comments on this thread and it’s all very interesting.

I’m enquiring more and more about this new phenomenon in my life and it’s all very intriguing.

What amazes me about all of you is how well you seem to know about the cosmic realm and how well you’re integrating it into everyday life, big up’s to all of you.

I decided that I’d do the removing implants and entities next because of everything I’m learning about conditioning and it’s devastating effects.


I can definitely feel that I will do this a few times and my question is about how to break it up as Open suggests in the meditation.

Do we pause after each breathing exercise and repeat it? And if so, how many times? And should we do one at a time? As in one part one day and another another day? 




Hi Open,


I did the implants meditation . Only the second time I have done it( STRONG resistence) and I can tell I need to do it many many times more. After the meditation I did an hour long yin yoga practice that moved through the chakras with a massive emotional release ( read ugly bawling with snot 😄😄😄) .

After that wonderful morning I am feeling deeply grounded and centred.  The last time I did the implant meditation I didn't feel into the toroidal energy that much. Honestly it felt more like a mind thing ,I didn't really feel the energy. This time though I could feel the energy zinging especially in the upward movement,not so much toward the core downward . I was also able to connect with angelic realm through opening my heart but I am not sure I got rid of my solar plexus entity . That energy still has attached remnants I feel. 

What I am amazed is that in (what feels like) a short time I have gone from someone who was reading this thread only from a very theoretical perspective to being able to feel into it . 


Thank you so much for that powerful powerful meditation ! 


With lots of love and a heck more clarity ,

Megha :)


Maybe it is a sense of completeness thought the things unsaid, undone and unresolved.  Yes! Thank you Open for your reflections - it led me to more explorations. Totally resonates with what you describe.  I would add to that a feeling of effortlessness, lightness and completeness. How many times i would catch myself thinking around the things left unsaid, undone and unresolved.  Now i can break this cycle!

Anatoly Praying Emoji


Hi Anatoly - firstly the positive thing is that you recognise what's going on - this is immensely important to resolving the issue. Countless people in the world are living in the way your describe and don't even realise it. They don't even realise anything is wrong!

I'd say the first thing is to observe what's going on, as much as you possibly can, without needing to fix it. Look for any aspect of yourself that might be seeking to fix, and work to let that go.

So essentially to let it all swirl and do what it's going to do, but as much as you possibly can, and as often as you can - regularly throughout the day, commit to observing exactly what is happening in your inner landscape.

Firstly you become the observer of it. But then look to expand this observation so you penetrate into and through the disharmony. Look for a sense of being the canvass upon which the thoughts are moving - the sky. Look for different and new qualities of that experience within the experience. Maybe it's acceptance. Maybe its inquisitiveness. Look for the buried aspect of authentic soul, that is tied up within the distortion and seek to attune that - in other words, integrate the feeling of that into your experience. Thus you start to liberate soul through it, and the density looses it's roots. It has to resolve out into something more aligned.

Keep exploring! I wish you well.

Open Praying Emoji


Hi Open, you say in meditation:

The lower mind, intellect plane can be imagined like a sky with clouds representing thoughts. Its ok to have thoughts but not hold on to them

In my case, most of the time that plane feels very cloudy and overcast so it is not a matter of not holding on, it is like i am constantly distracted with thoughts.  Sometimes, the curse words pop in out of nowhere (what a heck) especially when you talk about inviting angelic help. That is also distracting.  I know i have implants and probably entities, i can feel them.

Probably, due to early onset of OCD in my childhood i have developed some repetitive thought cycles and self judgement and only now i am seriously dealing with it.  I know i need to notice and break these cycles, it just that most of the time i sleep into them.  Here are my blindspots and implants.  Sometimes, it feels like catch 22.

Any additional reflections on this would be greatly appreciated!

With Love,



Hi Open,

Since looks like I am turning more and more into a bit confused, but still quite nice vacuum cleaner hhh and sent to all kinds of very "interesting" places, people, experiences, visions and fields, in the present and the past as well, and all kinds of VERY special energies move and get stuck in me... in short, lots of intense work here, and while being guided how to deal with it all (syncs rock), having support in form of people here and islands of nature, and learning to do the "chemistry" with everything we've got here and around, I guess only now I can appreciate the information, tools and experience you share on the topic.

It is complex, when going into details and working with different types, as each has its own way of entering, spreading, anchoring and being released, and the gifts they leave behind also vary massively, but the main thing, the core of it, remains the same and I am deeply grateful Praying Emoji

Thank you!



Hi Open,

Many thanks for this meditation - I used it twice last week. It proved extremely powerful for me - similarly to Anatoly, the biggest 'movement' is around my third eye during the meditation.

A lots of things have been stirred up since the first occasion I used it - there's been some physical pain but there's also an increasing feeling of clarity - this is how I would describe it. I plan to use it on a regular basis!

ps: I dont know if it's related but certain karmic processes also seem to be accelerated lately.

with lots of love




Hi Anatoly - I would say, yes, flu like symptoms could indicate coming into a new layer of consciousness that is wanting to cleanse - and that layer could have implants buried within.

You said you're struggling to remove what you're experiencing. I would say to consider the sense of the flu and the symptoms as a possible gift. So, using the 'Transmutation' approach (or the simplified Breakthrough approach), it would be to surrender deeply into the symptoms and totally accept them - to normalise in them without trying to take them away. So feel right in.

Recall the great saying... "your pain is the place where the light enters". Which means the soul can infuse through the places you can feel - the pain makes the unconscious, conscious! So there might be a crucial key to removing the energy there.

Another word that stood out was 'trying' to remove them. The key is to fully embody, so that you don't lose the ray 1 anchor (in the base) when 'pushing'. In this way, they will come out when you are ready, and you'll have the flowing power to take fully sovereignty.

Wishing you well with it

Open Praying Emoji


Thank you Open for yet another great tool on the journey of evolution.  I have been employing it every day since it came out. Yesterday, i started having flu like symptoms with all the attributes of sore throat, stuffy/runny nose and so on.  It was a rough night but today i am feeling much better with weaker symptoms. Wondering if this could be related to the implant/entity removal meditation or something else.  

I think my case is somewhat tough as i haven't yet been able remove entities and implants in my field.  I can feel them clearly where they reside and attached even when not meditating.  Maybe i am trying too hard? Sometimes pressure is so intense in the head that i get tears in my eyes.  The implant is somewhere between third eye and crown. Entity feels to be on the right side next to lower/middle spine, mostly felt in the back but sometimes stomach as well. Feels like a dense energy there.  

I will keep working with it and explore every opportunity to move it.  Like for example, sneezing can be employed to push out the unwanted energy from the field as well.

With Support,



Hi everyone, thousands of people have benefitted from the original version of the "removing entities meditation". Since then, we've been pioneering ground breaking new work to greatly increase the effectivity by locating and removing the anchoring implants too. We're employing, for example, the "Toroidal Field" to activate and relocate what is released, employing the angelic realm to support that realignment.

This new version of the meditation, released today, incorporates the pioneering new work. I believe it is utterly essential to address this phenomenon on the spiritual path. It's one that has been limiting humanity for thousands of years. Now we have the tools and capacity to break free!

Here are the specifics of what the meditation comprises:

  1. Initial Breakthrough breathing and expanding through the dimensions
  2. Harnessing and amplifying the Universal Torus Vortex
  3. Becoming aware of implant anchoring points
  4. How to break implant anchoring points and remove the implants
  5. Employing the angelic realms in your work
  6. Acceptance and "forgiveness" for any intervention
  7. Finally applying the torus to relocate entities in one's field. 

So do sample the first couple of minutes of the meditation above, and if you feel inspired, click through to the downloads page. I'm very confident the meditation will help you.

In loving support

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I have a very dark energy implant that was put into me 1 year ago. It twists my bones and pelvis out of alignment. It twists vetebrae, ribs joints etc. out of alignment. I have been going to the chiropractor 6 days a week for the past year. Many times screaming in pain. With this implant, if I do positive affirmations, deep breathing or move very much my bones twist out  of alignment. I have enlisted the help of someone who has energetically been working to remove this for 2 weeks with no success. I am ready to find a way off the planet if this is not removed soon. Please help. My doing the meditation myself is not enough. I also cannot do any deep breathing or positive affirmations as it sets off the device to twist my bones. Please help me!

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Hi Bonnie - sounds like you're in quite an extreme situation - my heart goes out to you ❤️

In the Openhand approach we recognise that an implant can only exist where there is unconsciousness, and fear for example - which I pick up quite clearly in your post. A healer can remove an implant or heal the effects, but they can't heal the causality. You have to do that. A healer can help by directing your attention to the aspect of unconsciousness - and helping to see what you manifested it. It sounds tough I know, but it's the only approach that's truly going to work in the long run. If you'd like us to connect you with a facilitator to work on it, then let us know... contact us

With all love and best wishes

Open ❤️🙏