"Rise Eden Rise!" Openhand 5D Devon Retreat

Submitted by Open on Sat, 05/11/2019 - 05:38

It seems highly appropriate and synchronistic to be at the retreat centre "Eden Rise" at this phenomenal time in our history. This is the fourth in the sequence of "Living the Shift" retreats around the world, all of which have been superlative. With a wonderfully diverse group gathered, I can already tell this has all the alchemy for another amazing gathering. Once more I feel to share insights from the event with you all in the wider Openhand community. I invite you to tune in, be inspired by the energy, and apply some of the guidance to your daily life. Now more than ever, it's time for us to Rise!

5G/5D Illuminating Ascension Synchronicity

Of course the 5G/5D synchronicity hasn't escaped anyone here! There's quite a lot of shock and anger when people realise what 5G is really all about (check out this article here for an overview...
5G/5D: An Illuminating Synchronicity Signalling the Time of Our Ascension

But people are responding very courageously and positively indeed. Whenever something like this challenges at an existential level, that's when people become motivated to action. The whole of nature is the same. When on the brink, we shift gear into action. And that's very much the sense I get from the group here - they're ready to dive full on into the work. That's why I just know it's going to be deeply alchemical.

I often begin these kinds of retreats by asking a couple of questions. So I feel to ask those of you each tuning in now, to contemplate and even write down...

1. What's going on for you on your journey right now? What are the challenges, the density coming up and the opportunities revealing themselves?

2. What aspect of your life would you like greater clarity on?

Once you've contemplated these questions, I invite you to do this online Ascension meditation. Go into it with the sense of what we're doing here - "Rise Eden Rise", then let the energies connect you.

My recommendation is to tune in first thing in the morning, apply the guidances through the day, then tune in and share in the evening. That way you'll find the energy of the retreat can move through your life too.

So why not tune in. You're sure to gain some valuable insights and inspiration. It's always a pleasure having people join us.

Can you hear her, calling your name?...

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Powerful Anastasia - thanks for sharing - I trust all flows well, nice to see you here Heart



I woke up suddenly from a dream.
A recurring nightmare of loss, abandonment,
and trying to find my way through darkness.

The bright sight of an Angel
lit up my newly awakened eyes,

but despite my astonishment,
her face wasn't completely unfamiliar.
I had seen it as the occasional fleeting light
in the corner of my nightmare's eye.

"Who are you?"  I asked

"That is the wrong question."  She answered

"What is the Right question then?"

"Who is my true Mother and who is my true Father?"


I made sure to write it down so I wouldn't forget...


*** ***


It is not Me being awakened now.
It is Me awakening every other unclaimed sleeping part of me.
It is Me showing up in their dreams
as the reminiscent Light in the corner of their consciousness.

I am the Mother now
I am the Source
I am the Womb

I am the One calling my Children,
echoing their true names through the Whispering Wind.

Countless bridges of Light
emanating from my being,
encompassing the entire Earth.
Each landing in the wilted heart of an orphaned child
that once lost its will to dream.

They can hear me now.
Every single one of them waking up to the Call.
A thousand sparks ignited
by the resonance of Divine Memory.

I am no longer the one searching,
looking for guidance to give me the answers.

I AM the Answer
I AM the Guide

And I see them all rising now.
All beautiful parts of me,
opening their luminescent eyes,
unable to resist the pull.

They know their journey Home has begun.
Back to their true Mother.
Back to their true Father.
Back to where they Belong.

They dare to dream again
They remember
And they know


They are Loved



- Anastasia



This entire piece and the one before have set so much in motion within me that I can only respond by saying I feel our sisterhood more intensely than ever.

A warmth has spread in my heart . The betrayal ,by a man ,a lover . I have felt that and that pain has been reverberating withing me forming thick bars around my heart. I didn't know it at the time but throughout my adolescence and twenties I was physically afraid of men. I numbed out in their presence . Even with my own partner it took me a lot of time and processing to actually not be numb despite not having a conscious trigger . And now that I have processed some of  the pain ,I can feel their essences ,and their distortions . I feel into them as I do with animals and plants and other women . And they respond energetically ,delighted by my Presence. 

And yet the pain around my heart remains . Some of the ice is cracking though. The point that hurt the most was where a Lance was struck in jealousy that was unfounded. 

You wrote in the earlier post about persecution for being a witch. I am sitting here feeling the welts of a whipping and the blood trickling down my back . 

The Angel that saves us all . My heart feels full just feeling into that statement . 

Thank you for sharing this. I have also felt I to some more around this situation but will connect offline. 

Thank you so much ❤️



Today I celebrate the 4th  anniversary of my spiritual Awakening. It was an ‘awakening’ in every sense of the word as I was suddenly literally pulled out of sleep in the middle of the night giving birth to a premature stillborn baby. Apart from the shock and the obvious pain and grief of a Mother’s loss, one of the things I struggled with was having experienced not only carrying life, but also unknowingly having carried death inside of me - The dead body of my own child.  

A while back on this thread, I shared a dream about a fat unattractive girl who spoke to me as my own unloved and unwanted shadow self. I knew this dream would be significant, but I didn’t know quite how or how much. Looking back today I am stunned at the mysterious journey she has taken me on. In the last couple of days, all the pieces have suddenly been falling into place and I have been overwhelmed by the expression that has been streaming out of me that seems to have a life of its own. The recounting of these memories has been chaperoned by deep primal fears and I have been balancing on a knife-edge between the urge to stay under water and the unyielding emergence of a once drowned voice that will no longer stay silent.

The synchronistic timing of my Awakening day and the birth of this tale is what pushes me over the edge. The interconnectivity of my Awakening experience and what I have been blessed to understand today is just too rich not to share. (And I simply can’t believe the song that I chose to accompany my “fat girl” sharing all those months ago.)

This is Her story:

"I have dark hair, blue eyes and fair skin. I know because I’m looking down at myself from above. I’m a bit surprised because my shadow girl presented herself as ugly and overweight, but there is nothing unattractive about the young woman I see. On the contrary, she is well proportioned, endearingly frail, and stunningly pretty. 

I’m lying in the Moss. It’s the same place in the woods where we always meet. A small open glade between two tall, majestic, almost identical looking trees. When you lie on your back looking up towards the sky, you see their two intertwined crowns breaking the light into a thousand sparkles of gold. It’s the most exquisite scenery, enfolding the most magical secret. It still tingles in the depths of my femininity where I have let him in so many times, offering my shore for his waves to crash into.

He is handsome, blond and blue eyed. Perhaps that’s why I’ve always felt slightly distrusting of that look in my present body. As if there is some secret danger lurking behind the angel like appearance. He is older and supposedly wiser. Knows so much more about the world than I do. I can hardly take care of myself. I’m freshly sprung, playful, creative, and very naïve. I don’t know any better than to worship the ground he walks on.

He’s on top of me, but he is not making love. His hands are pushing down hard on my throat, pinning my body, my breath, and my consciousness into a suspended suffocated moment of utter confusion and horror. I don’t understand. This can’t be happening! “Why are you doing this to me?” I look into the beautiful eyes of my lover that I have been lost in so many times and I don’t recognise what I see. Where is their colour? Where is their light? All I see is the black bottomless desperation of a cornered beast with nowhere to escape. 

I had to challenge him. I could no longer bite my tongue. I threatened to tell the truth and pop the bubble on his hard earned perfect immaculate world - wife, family, reputation. A noble, dependable, highly esteemed pillar of society. The epitome of good manners and decency. One word and it could all turn to dust. His life’s work shattered by the mouth of an uncomfortable truth.

His two physical hands are squeezing my larynx, but for some reason that’s not where I feel the pain. My attention is on the third energetic hand that is stabbing me over and over in the heart, tearing it to shreds. His knives are of all shapes and sizes, but the one that cuts the deepest comes from his razor sharp tongue as he repeatedly refers to our dance as “dirty”. The same dance he once called the honour of his life. 

Unheard, the broken voice of what is to become my unloved and unwanted shadow self sorrowfully asks

“Why would you kiss me like that if you didn’t mean it?”

Our dance was never dirty to me. Foolish perhaps, but never dirty. To me it was the most beautiful truth I had ever known. A love that came from the most sacred place inside of me - that of a wide open innocent heart. A secret garden that blossomed every time I opened the gate to it.

As he slashes my garden, rose by rose, I go into a state of shock. I’m paralysed, disorientated. My soul is traumatised by the inability to comprehend the incomprehensible - being eternally silenced by the hand of my own Lover. I fall into the crack between two conflicting realities I can’t bridge. Like trying to unite the repelling ends of two magnets that just keep sliding apart.

The most beautiful melody accompanied by the ugliest of lyrics.

I pass, but I don’t pass on...

I crystallise in my own unwillingness to accept that such a decent man can perform such an indecent act.  Like the mind of an immature child protecting the illusion of the perfect parent. “It must be me. I must have done something wrong. I should have known better.”

I watch him Hyde his mess, methodically tucking me away deep in the soil of inconvenient truths. My mouth is forever shut, but my lifeless blue eyes remain wide open staring into the blank space where my soul now lingers.

I’m frozen…

Frozen in time and space, unable to move in any direction. I try to make a sound but I no longer have a voice. I try to touch him but my hands run straight through his form. I have ceased to matter. His ambition is already fixed elsewhere, but my ethereal eyes are unblinkingly fixed on this scene, unable to let it go.

I don’t notice the Angel behind me waiting with a stretched out hand...

My battered heart needs to break. I need to let it fall apart into a thousand tiny pieces that the wind can catch and plant as seeds elsewhere. But the ice creeping into the cracks holds its broken shape together and anything trapped inside will now repeatedly view the world through its tinted distorted sheet of glass.

His job is done. He corrects his temporarily twisted features, puts his eloquent charms back in place, and rewinds the tape back to his perfect life behind the perfect face - a face that gets away with murder. As he walks away from my remains, he buries me deep into his subconscious. The beast in his eyes goes back to sleep, only to be disturbed by the moaning of an occasional nightmare. Soon I will be cemented underneath another dense layer of exemplary behaviour as the loyal loving husband and the cherished charitable member of the community. Before the rooster crows at dawn, he will have disowned me more than 3 times. As if I never happened. As if I never existed...

He will not turn around to repent.

Who speaks for the ones who have lost their voice?

Who aches for the ones with unbroken hearts?

Who reminds the one who has denied and disowned herself?

I am now long forgotten, but the Moss next to my grave still remembers. What was once a soft gentle sun kissed bed for our love is now cold damp and hostile, guarding my bones under a thick grey Shadow of Shame.

The mind of a Man may suppress and deny, but the womb of our Mother never forgets. Enveloping the lifeless body of her child within Her own, She holds its painful memory in the holiest of her spaces. Keeping, loving, protecting, calling... until one day the child feels the Echo in her own sacred space and begins to cross the Lake towards her Mother’s tender voice...

Then suddenly the trees begin to whisper. The wind picks up and points the way. The bees hum a strange familiar tune and the hare guides her steps further into the darkness of the woods.  There the blackbird finally ushers her to her seat and performs its promised Song of Spring. With yielding knees she lands with her forehead in the Moss and blesses the Earth with her tears. At her own grave, a daughter bows to her Mother and with a ceremonial wreath of dandelions her Mother blesses her right back. 

A ray of sun now escapes through the thick grey cluster of clouds and she is startled by the sound of  ice suddenly cracking in her chest. It is now that she begins to learn that a true Mother never abandons Her children, but tirelessly holds the space for them, patiently brooding, until they are ready to crack their own shells open. Then She lovingly pulls them into Her lap, cradles their precious essence, and chapter by chapter honours them with their own true story..."

Rest in peace Shadow Girl

Rest safely in my loving arms

Rest assured that you were never alone, forgotten, abandoned or unworthy

I was the Angel behind you waiting to take you home…


Thank You Mother Earth  Praying Emoji

and a special thanks to Open, Scott, Apollonius, Kim, Megha, Matthew, Alex, and Thomas K, for providing me with the clues I needed. You don't know it but your help has been invaluable  Heart Slightly Smiling Heart

- Anastasia


I wrote a massive reply Anastasia,but the web ate it up ! I'm going to sit with this some more because you have triggered off something else again . 

I will respond soon as I have metabolized it into something resembling logic . 

Lots of love and etheric support as we process this shit 😄😄😄



Dear Sister Megha,
It speaks to me on so many levels, I can’t even begin to put it all in a post. Here are just a few of my thoughts.
Do you remember the exchange we had on my post about the Surrendering Shadow, shortly before Bruge? You mentioned working on ancestral karma and for some weird reason I felt to tell you about a past life regression of mine where my present female bloodline was reversed. I didn’t share any details then but I mentioned it was very tragic. Well...
I was the eyes of a mother looking upon the daughter she had abandoned now being burned at the stake...
Remember our first morning in Bruge? We went for a walk and I experienced synchronicity after synchronicity related to my experiences with EDEN and the Goddess Diana - the Goddess of Witches and Witchcraft. I was even wearing a shirt with deer on it, which was/is the sacred animal of Diana’s AND it was a full moon that night. Two days later, we spontaneously found ourselves with 3 other dear sisters in a witchy circle of 5...
But I feel the connection goes even further back than that - SIRIUS! We have connected several times over that on this forum. Both feeling we were messengers of an uncomfortable truth of some kind that was not kindly received. Something in your last post really spiked this for me on a new level -  your reference to the Gift of Sight!
The Gift of Sight is something I also have and have struggled with in many lifetimes, including this one. Seeing, intuiting, and ‘knowing’ things is a gift but also a real challenge when people don’t want to hear or believe what you naturally see/feel is the way a certain energy is headed. My strongest memory from Sirius is just that - Being a scientist who discovered a dangerous anomaly in the energetic field before everyone else did. For me the pain centers around not being heard/believed and supported by my closest, and because of that choosing not to disclose what I saw/suspected to a wider audience. From what you have expressed it seems you dared to go out with whatever information you possessed, but were severely persecuted for it as a result. Am I correct? Two variations, but they originate in the same challenge. Having access to information before others and what to do with it.
It is also a typical Gift that was associated with Witches. And definitely something one might have been persecuted and burned for at the stake for in the past. So my sense is we have both struggled with this for many many lifetimes. Add to that the eyes of a Lover who abandoned you (I can see myself in that one too) and you have yourself a karmic drama of gut wrenching proportions. (Your whole passage on 'Guts' and 'Intestines' btw, really spiked for me as well, since just then I was dealing with a situation with someone that literally felt like my guts were being carved out) Oh, the simple joys of karmic processing!
It is also really interesting that you felt this gift really take off for you in Bruge which is where you and I ‘officially’ reconnected. Perhaps our meeting sparked something in you. You sure sparked a lot of things in me 😉.
Or perhaps you just found yourself in an environment of accepting souls you felt weren’t going to shoot you down for your gift and therefore felt comfortable enough to unleash it.
There is so much more, but I’ve written enough already. I just want to finish by letting you know that I have been feeling you in my meditations lately. Like you, I keep Bowing and Bowing. When I go through really challenging times, there always seems to be a compassionate soul in the ether who comforts me and holds the space for me. Right now YOU are my supportive Angel, comforting me with sisterly Love. Thank You.
This morning, our two "fat girls" sat together and cried sweet tears of release and acceptance. It felt just like sharing a tub of heavenly ice cream, except it was made only of pure sisterly LOVE. Heart
In honour of our beautiful 'voluptuous' Goddesses, I want to share this song with you that was playing over and over in the background... Enjoy!




I’ve missed all of you so much 💙

Thank you, Rayko, dude, for swinging through and sharing that link. 


Yea, somehow you just know you are connected. Even though as of recent I have stopped coming to this website, I still felt that there was retreat going on in Openhand. Well most notably by the fact that the self-destructive tendencies of my mind were really obvious to my mind haha, and something about being calm and ok with the moment.

And then you could really see how an act of these two cool dudes playing some music just because they want to, without any other reason really changes the space around them. Could like almost sense some lovely vibrating around them ^.^


Sending love from some far-away place



We had a beautifully rich experience at Eden Rise this last week. Yet again another diverse group of travelled souls, all inquiring, unravelling and unfolding - a deep alchemical experience all around.

We didn't get too much time or attention for photos, but here's a glimpse to recall some of the magic...

Getting down to meditation - no I'm not texting, honest! Just looking for the next track LOL...

Rachel & Desi getting soulful...

Debbie & Heather - deep compassion...

Kev - you've got to break the lenses to truly see!...

Mathew, digging through the density and coming up shining...

Sam, dropping past the mind in the deep inquiry...

Andrea getting the energy moving in his deeply soulful way...

Meanwhile Tonya & Lisa having a hoot...

A very special thanks to our resident facilitator angels Elizabeth & Tonya, always offering a steadying and supportive hand...

We were all so loved up at the end we forgot a group photo - forunately a little angel has kept the camera rolling in the background...

What a magical week - bundles of love to you all who took part, including all in the ether.

Open HeartHeartHeart


Hi Anastasia - such a powerful dream and story - thanks for sharing.

Clearly you saw the unembraced shadow aspect of yourself in the girl. And the question then might arise, "so why can't I love that being just the same?"

I find this 3D existence here so dominated by how things appear on the surface - the idealisation of looks and beauty - such as in the video for example (great song by the way!). We tend to get so allured by looks. The question is can we see past the physical and really feel the soul. I believe this is the measure of true love.

No being is without distortion. Perfection is not possible in the relative. And so souls will embody with the expression of these imperfections too. Including amongst them the attachment to beauty - in a specific look. I often witness here that when people pay so much attention to how they look, it often conceals something they don't really want to look at within.

On my own journey, I work to look externally only for reflections, which when you look, appear literally everywhere. There is 'beauty' in everything and 'ugliness'. What then is truly 'beauty' or 'ugliness'? Are these not also judgments of a deceiving mind?

Perhaps then what each individual soul is really looking for, under the skin, is resonance and alchemy? Does this other being resonate and animate something that you can feel in yourself? Is that then not true beauty, true love?

Open Praying Emoji

In the alchemy, somehow this song seemed appropriate to the inquiry...


Hi everyone,

Such interesting explorations! I’m really getting a lot out of reading all of them.

MEGHA! I am so moved by your sharing and I have so much I would like to say to you. We are connecting on so many levels right now, it’s blowing my mind! I really miss you!


OPEN – The whole Magdalene inquiry, including your response has triggered quite a wave in me. I’d like to share how it has flowed for me today.

I started my day by waking up from a very intriguing dream.
The dream revolved around an attractive man that I felt very drawn to and wanted to get close to. I went through a couple of social situations with this guy on a platonic level until finally we ended up on a couch together and kissed. It was a long, sensual, sweet and conscious kiss which felt unusual for a dream. The degree of consciousness that is.

When this incredible kiss came to an end though and our lips parted, the man was not a man anymore. Instead I was unpleasantly surprised to see a young woman sitting next to me whom I didn’t find in the least attractive. She had a cute face and short dark hair (like me) but she was grossly overweight and as I glanced at her with great discomfort, she could not avoid seeing the look of disappointment on my face.

She retreated back on the couch, looked at me with a sad expression and said “Why would you kiss me like that if you didn’t mean it?”
Behind her question was a whole history of feelings of unworthiness, being deceived, and countless situations where she had felt temporarily used and then discarded. As if she expected I couldn’t possibly love her or find her attractive just the way she was. 

The really interesting part is that both of us expressed some level of unconsciousness or delusion. I had no idea I was kissing her, since I was under the impression I was with a beautiful man, and she did not seem to know that I was completely unaware of her existence prior to the end of the kiss. So she assumed my expressed passion was a deception on my part to get some momentary pleasure from her. Needless to say it was an AWKWARD situation and it made me sad on so many levels. Sad for myself that my beautiful MAN was just a mirage and sad for her and her apparent lack of SELF LOVE.

When I woke up, I tried to stay with the dream in order to make sense of it. When I have clear poignant dreams like this I always try to explore the characters in my dream as potential aspects of myself. But I couldn’t really relate to this particular woman, mainly because of her physical appearance. I couldn’t see myself in her obesity. Also I felt a bit annoyed with her for revealing herself and ‘ruining’ my sweet fantasy. 

A few minutes after I got up from my dream, I saw Open’s reply to my question about distorted Magdalene energy. This passage spiked immediately…


“The distortion of the divine Magdalene comes when there's neediness involved in the giving. So from the place of lack of self love, the distorted sense of 'love' for self is taken by becoming the object of sexual desire. The energy presents as being exceptionally alluring - it works energetically to pull the divine masculine in, and then will try to bond around that forming reality constructs.”


…and I instantly knew my dream was related to this “lack of self love”. I just couldn’t really figure out how because even though the theme is abundantly familiar to me, I still couldn’t relate to this strange oversized woman.

I went about my day and the theme of my dream became a source of deep contemplation for me. I dove deep into this feeling of lack of self love, and before long I had this intense urge to comfort eat, which is something I rarely do these days but was a common occurrence throughout the greater part of my pre-awakened life. Ice cream has always been my preferred partner and suddenly, lo and behold, a tub of vegan Ben & Jerry’s magically appeared in my lap.

I was in full awareness of what I was doing and I swallowed each spoonful consciously to explore how it would make me feel. And Oh…My…God! As this cool soft smooth creamy substance glided all the way from my throat deep down into my abdomen, it felt like sweet LOVE itself slowly and softly caressing every inch of my being from the inside and out.

I actually allowed myself to enjoy it, even though I knew I was just trying to fill a void inside myself. And together with these non-judgemental silky strokes of illusionary Love, the fat dream girl’s figure suddenly appeared inside of me, and I realised she was the face of that old part of me that tried to treat her lack of self love with the empty promise of excessive consumption. Whether it be culinary, narcissistic, sexual, or romantic.

In my dream, I was completely enveloped by this alluring romantic illusion of the opposite sex, but when its glitter faded it revealed a sad and compromised young woman sitting in her full vulnerability and openly asking  

“Why are you doing this to me?”


Dear fat girl,

I see you now.
I see your pain.
I see your need.
I see the lack you think belongs to you.

Look into my eyes.
See my Light.
Feel your Strength.
You don’t need ice cream anymore,
for you have the power of my unconditional Love.

Get off the couch. Stand up!
Take my hand and dance with me.
When our hearts break, we open them wider.

When we fall, we rise again
and dance ourselves into our own infinite beauty.

“Nobody puts Baby in a corner!”




In reply to by Anastasia


Dear Anastasia ,

I felt that something is kicking off for me after I read your last comment. And it did. 

So firstly I have been down the whole route of not feeling my own beauty . I was the little vulnerable fat girl drowning her sensitivity ,that she didn't know what to do with,in fat and sugar. In many ways she is still there devouring chocolate when she needs grounding or an escape or Love. It's been a long road . And where I am now ,I can see her with compassion but I feel Real  Beauty in every inch of me these days . The next part is somehow related to you ,though I'm not sure how 

For the last three days ,I have learnt how random people had plantar fasciitis . A condition where there is burning in the soles of the feet . Interestingly I was just sitting by myself minding my own business when a neighbour came and told me about how her sister was in pain - she has a cyst in her brain. This caused her much anxiety . As also burning in her feet . My mom also sufferred from this. As I was leaving through a beautiful book( Belonging ,Tokopa Turner) ,the author also describes this condition and how ,in her case she traced it back to her grandfathers experience when he walked across glass during the war. Then another friend revealed also talked about it. I also was experiencing a twinge in the sole of my left foot by now . 

Also deep feelings of sadness and abandonment . As I did my yoga I felt deeply I to my calves and ankles and the lower half of my body . An image emerged . I was burnt on the stake. The flames licking my feet . And yet even that didn't hurt me as much as seeing the eyes of the lover that had abandoned me. I cried a lot and still I can feel much that wants to come up . I really HAD to tell you this even though it's not quite resolved yet. There seems to be many many threads in different lifetimes . 

Do let me know if something comes up for you . Lots of love 



We've had an exceptionally transformative time here at Eden Rise, which was reflected strongly yesterday on the final full day. It's where we put everything together from the "Openway" process and let it guide you into the landscape. You simply witness and feel the flow, allowing it to guide you through expression, then to witness the reflections you get back - I call it "free wheeling" and it's exceptionally transformative the more you follow it.

What needs to happen is a softening of the mind's judgment and fixed relationships with reality. What do I mean? The mind forms constructs of what it expects reality to be. In any given moment, we are irradiated with around 400 billion bits of information about reality, and this is only in the 3D! However the mind/brain (on average) can only cope with a paltry 2000 bits of information in any given moment. So what it does is watch for expected patterns and applies conditioned 'overlays' over the incoming information - filtering out what it doesn't recognise. And that's how people create limited reality constructs based on programming and what they expect reality to be. This is severely limiting and something at Openhand we're working to open up by directly challenging inside.

So instead, you simply allow the flow of the soul to move within and work to sense/feel the subtle perceptions. You allow more the flash landing of higher knowing (felt as that "aha" eureka moment) or the heartfelt pull simply to guide you. As it takes you to places, you're then looking out into the world but softening the judgments and labels of "this is this" and "that is that". Instead you look at the reflections presenting - a cloud formation for example, and allow the imagination simply to tell you what that might represent - a dragon for example, which came up yesterday. You then ask, "how does the sense of the dragon make me feel inside?" It might be speed, strength, boldness and a sense of magic for example (these might be a combination of the ray 1 and ray 7). Now if you embody those qualities, how does that energy inform how to act in your reality, how to be, and from that, the choices you now make? It leads much more to making choices from the sense of being, rather than from doing.

Now you shape a different landscape around you that is based more on the authentic you.

So if you're tuning into the work, here's how I would recommend you experience this...

Take off at least 1 free hour. Sit quietly in meditation for a short while - about 5 minutes to relax and connect up to the flow state. Maybe do some soulmotion movements. Then let yourself pose a question about your current reality. But not so much "what should I do about this?" More coming from a place of, "what is this situation now inviting me to be?" Then take off with the question, free wheeling, simply going with the higher knowing or heart felt pull. Let it draw you naturally to places and witness what you see there. Feel into what you notice. What might that be reflecting to you about how to be? Now work to embody that energy as a feeling sense. Then contemplate how you might now approach the situation you had considered but applying that new sense of energy into it. You don't have to imagine exactly what you're going to do, but more how to be in it. Then see how reality starts to change.

Above all, work to come from the place of intrigue and fun!


Open Praying Emoji


Hi Megha,

Yes, self doubt is often a distortion of the ray 3 inquiring principle of the Universe (but not necessarily limited to that).

So the ray 3 is that aspect of the soul which is constantly questioning "what is real here?" "where is the flow?" "what is authentic?"

It's questioning where the flow is heading so as to crystallise it into reality.

It becomes distorted when we allow it to question whether there is a flow or not. In other words, there's then detachment from the flow. This leads to distorted reality constructs forming (like the one we're living in), where things tend not to work out for plenty of people. There's a yearning of authentic soul to express, which doesn't necessarily get reflected back by those around. This is where the ray3 arising of energy through the soul might turn in on itself and create a self-doubting identity.

To unwind that is to allow yourself to 'make mistakes'. To let go of the need for a specific outcome and let the flow guide you naturally to circumstances where you simply express. Then watch for the supportive synchronicity simply reflecting your expression.

Wishing you well

Open Praying Emoji


Hi Anastasia,

Firstly, thanks for sharing your beuatiful expression of the surrendering divine feminine with your 2 year old son.
"The Divine Feminine is the Flower that sprays fragrence over the boots that have trashed it" - unknown
Which to me, says it all. Heart

You ask about the distorted Magdelene energy, which I have to say, has been quite an inquiry of mine to witness and experience in this lifetime.

I've found the Magdalene energy is a captivating example of the divine feminine. It's there to unconditionally love and accept the excessive distortions of the divine masculine. In the temple of Isis, there was an healing 'modality' that allowed for the masculine to freely express distorted sexuality in order to bring awareness to it - which of course leads to healing. And I witness this general dynamic working at large in society right now.

The distortion of the divine Magdalene comes when there's neediness involved in the giving. So from the place of lack of self love, the distorted sense of 'love' for self is taken by becoming the object of sexual desire. The energy presents as being exceptionally alluring - it works energetically to pull the divine masculine in, and then will try to bond around that forming reality constructs. Which is where "Black Snake" energy can creep in.

That's briefly my sense of it.

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Well it's great to have all you guys tuning in - wonderful to see you Alex, Apollonius, Ansastasia & Megha Heart

Alex, you ask about guidance and that if you followed the multidimensional flow, it would be pulling you off all over the place! I'd like to talk about two dynamics in relation to this. Firstly the 3D construct has so divorced itself from the flow, that if you've built a life that is mainly configured around it, then the flow will challenge many of these fixed constructs when it activates. So you can indeed expect that to happen.

On another issue, remember the flow is not trying to take you anywhere specific, but to animate authentic beingness, from which, reality then creates. So keep working on the revelation of beingness.

Remember also the ray 4 "Diplomat" aspect of the soul, which is all about bridging into different realities. But you've got to be really consistent with this one. Meaning if you find youself in a reality that is very out of the flow, then you'll need to pay special attention to honouring your own truth in it. In effect, you're already honouring the truth of the others there by being in that reality. So work to honour your own truth.

That's what I believe the taxi driver was conveying by "it's hard to follow the signs".

When you follow the pull and it connects you to the flow - is that a heart felt pull?

You might need to apply a different internal dynamic in order to follow the flow in a denser, closed down environment. It might be more watching for the landing of knowing, but then witnessing and hearing the signs which the lower mind is then interpreting.


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Dear Anastasia,

I read this as I was in my head composing a post recounting my latest experiences. Inevitably ,your post puts some things into perspective and also gives rise to new inquiries that were simmering inside me . So Thank you dear friend ❤️. 

After my intense experience of heartbreak I have been feeling many many things. First ,it showed me how instead of trusting the Flow of my feelings I was trying to control them and to make myself safe. I don't k ow why exactly but this seems related to the Magdalene energy ( or it's distortion?). In fact ever since I have decided to just let feelings for everyone especially romantic ones arise and find completion within ,I have opened up something in my heart. Waves upon waves of Love seem to be coming out . Like I have opened a portal through my heart. I can feel my heart a lot better . It's pulls and it's wisdom that was previously faintly and intermittently  heard . Now it's voice seems to be booming . 

The last two days all I am doing is sitting on a grassy knoll with my book and music and watching children play . Ahh the sheer pleasure of simple joys ❤️

In response to your earlier post Open . I was about to ask what is self doubt -a distortion of. Ray 3 it seems . I am seeing a lot of numbers in 3 s these days . Also I was in a situation just the night before where I had a really sick child - most children with her numbers die. I forced the child into OR despite being very ill( we took a death on table consent). My own husband who is very skilled doctor also doubted me as did the rest of my team( including the surgeon !) reflecting to me quite acutely how much I doubt what I intuit . Instead of retracting from it ,I felt quite deeply into it- it is a twist in my tummy that also has reverberation in my heart and throat .  .After the operation baby has dramatically improved and as I write this an image of being doubted and therefore not going on the path of my intuition and losing my way suddenly came to me. This is why for much of my life I have seen so much,intuited and completely blocked it out. Now ,in this very dramatic fashion ,I can see why . In fact this is one of the multitude of gifts the retreat gave me. The gift of accepting and believe in in my 'Sight' . This lovely incident happened after  I did the Chakra attunement meditation in the morning . Boy, does that shit work 😄😄😄. 

Apollonius and Jean  ,I hope you feel the love and regard I am sending to you etherically . Anastasia ,my friend ,I hear you deeply and I am.holding space for your feminine inquiries as they speak to me on many planes ,in many ways . Marye ,I just want to say that the pay off so to speak for deep processing, I am feeling now. It is well worth it sister . 

Lots of hugs all the way from India for everyone there  ❤️💕💕


PS The name of the child who was ill ? Karuna. Which is Hindi for deep compassion .So much understanding is arising AS I am writing this. The surgery was a gut surgery. This is the third such child I have seen who has a condition that isn't that common. In the first child ,because I didn't have the 'guts' to follow my intuition ,the surgery was delayed . And he died. In the subsequent two kids I have followed up on the numinous guidance as if my life depended on it and both of them have made it with their intestines and their lives, intact.  I recognize  that  allo this is reflecting back to me the guts I need to create my book . How amaxing life is ! How much there is to learn 






"Rise Eden Rise!"

A HUGE smile appeared on my face when I saw the title of this retreat, since just a day prior I was graced with the reappearance of an old friend – EDEN, the Green Snake!

She made her entrance through my base and I could clearly see and feel her RISE through my three lower chakras. It was a dear and joyful reacquaintance that sent tingles of divine feminine expansion all throughout my being.

A few days before Eden’s reawakening, I had been overwhelmed by this sudden rage that fired up inside of me. It was catalysed by my 2 year old son who would not respect my physical boundaries, despite my repeated attempts to make him back off. His typical distorted masculine aggressive manner and continuous disrespect for my personal integrity in combination with the fact that I am his mother and therefore bound to taking care of and nurturing him no matter what he does to me, made me feel so trapped and out of control that eventually a voice just screamed out in desperation inside of me. The situation intrigued me. What was it about this position I found myself in that had me feeling so completely powerless and victimised?

As I contemplated this question (whilst fuming inside with anger towards my son), a part of me deep within my inner layers began to break down and sob. I recognised it as the deep pain of the divine feminine, for not being allowed to be her soft, vulnerable, delicate, unconditionally loving self without being attacked and persecuted for it. It was the lament of that sublimely beautiful part of HER that should naturally be honoured, revered, celebrated, and raised. Instead, my son’s behaviour triggered deep wounds of repeatedly being suppressed, disrespected, discharged, used, raped, and belittled. Way down inside me I could feel her energetic compression. How she couldn’t stand tall in all her glory, but was continually forced to duck, dodge, avoid, bend, twist, and contort herself in order to survive the constant attacks on her natural state of being.

As I immersed myself in the pain of these energetic twists and contortions inside me, I suddenly remembered that this was exactly what EDEN, the Green Snake had been telling me about, back in October last year. I wrote quite an extensive recount of that experience here on the Openhand forum, and so I had to go back and reread what I had posted. I realised that Eden’s gift to me was the initiation of a profound exploration into the gifts and challenges of the divine feminine, that I was now experiencing firsthand.


Why can’t She just be allowed to Be and Blossom in all her glorious exquisite vulnerability?

Why does She constantly have to live in fear of the next hard distorted masculine thrust?

What does She need to do in order to RISE on her own terms?


Then it did RISE inside of me –The RAGE – like a sudden eruption of a volcano! The fire filled my whole being and it rooted my two feet deeply into the ground as I felt this UPRISING coming straight from the core of MOTHER EARTH Herself and up through my entire being.


What happens if I don't duck when the bullets come flying?

What happens if I don't shut down my heart after it's been broken or betrayed?

What happens if I stop trying to fix or save others and begin to nurture myself?


This rage, I asked the Universe, what is it, where does it come from?

"Feel it. It is THE WRATH OF ISIS!"


The Wrath of Isis…


What does that mean? The Wrath of Isis?
What is Isis so angry about?


Naturally, I went on an exploration into the story of Isis and Osiris and also Open’s recount of Isis in DIVINICUS, and I discovered what her wrath is about for me. But that’s another story, and besides I find it more interesting to leave it as an open question for anyone who might feel intrigued by it and may wish to explore it for themselves.

What is Isis so angry about?


… …


The Rise of Eden
The Wrath of Isis
The Uprising of Gaia



Yes. I do!

And if this wasn't enough, at the end of last week I was struck by a personal unpleasant turn of events that had MAGDALENE written all over it. At first I felt completely floored by the situation, but then I saw the clever ‘wink’ of Magdalene so skilfully woven into it, my pain turned into a smile. And I know I just have to RISE again and keep going.

I don’t know where it will take me but I have to keep exploring. And my next stop is distorted Magdalene energy, which I don’t feel so knowledgeable about. SO…

OPEN, since you’ve asked us to explore distortions, I’d like to ask if you would aid my exploration by sharing more in depth what you know about distorted Magdalene energy. For example…

How does it play out in romantic relationships?

What are the typical traps the distorted masculine might fall into when in contact with typical distorted Magdalene energy?

For some reason, associations with the mythological SIRENS come up for me. Is there a connection between the Sirens and Magdalene energy?

How might it distort a Mother-Child or family relationship?

How does Magdalene energy differ from Isis or other representations of the divine feminine?


In honour of the sweet synchronicity of EDEN – the Green Snake  and the title of this retreat “Rise Eden Rise!” I will conclude with Eden’s own words as she poetically transferred them to me at the end of our last adventure back in October


For I am part of you, and you are part of me, and there is nothing that I have done unto you that you haven’t done unto yourself.

As I Rise, you will Rise, and as you Rise, I will Rise.

And so we will dance back into the Garden of Eden together.


With divine feminine Love,



thanks Open, this list with the distortions also on it is highly appreciated. 

I was talking to Jean a couple of days ago and we could clearly feel the processes this group is working through form a distance. It seems that since the retreat I'm plugged into the Openhand energy or team and can no longer escape its grip.....shaking things loose when needed. The weekend was pretty intense and now more 'mainstream' of soul comes through. Until that hits the density again.....🙈😆




Yesterday here at Eden Rise we worked on the 'Transmutation of Distorted Behviours'. What do I mean by this?

People learn on the spiritual path that certain behaviours are not 'spiritually correct' and therefore would want to distance themselves from them. Behaviours such as manipulation and control, timidity and the victim mentality, inflexibility or lack of compassion. Being aloof and ungrounded, being frustrated and angry.

I agree, such behaviours don't serve deep sense of peace and rightness of being. But it is also self defeating and derailing simply to intentionally 'ditch' the behaviours by trying to manifest some other way of being. Or by overriding them and dissolving them out. Why is this self derailing?

A 'distortion' is exactly that. It is a distortion of truth. Or rather a distortion of a turthful soul expression that just came through in a distorted way. For example if you get frustrated and angry, it might be that a strong willful energy of the soul is wanting to come through, but is not finding an accurate way to express. Maybe there's reticence and self-consciousness about letting it through in a positive way?

By paying close attention to the kinds of distortions people exhibit and express, it's been possible to detail typical distortions and how you might transmute them into a priceless soul gift. Priceless because this is pure alchemy, like changing base metal to gold. And it will have a powerfully positive effect on your beingness and then your life.

Plus you no longer have to beat yourself up about having spiritually unacceptable behaviours. Neither do you need to supress them. You let them come through and express, but then work to transmute them into something positive.

So what are the typical distortions and there corresponding soul gifts?

Here at Openhand we work with the 7 rays of consciousness as being the constituent frequency vibrations of the soul. The typical distortions will each be a distortion of a particular ray. So what you're actually looking to do with any distortion is unleash aligned expression of that particular ray.

Here then are the 7 rays, their corresponding distortions and the gifts that you can work to transmute them to instead...

Ray 1: purposeful creative will Ray 1 is the driving sense of purpose to create. It is the manifestation of the divine masculine principle throughout the universe. From the place of separation, it is that undeniable inner will to find and create a higher level of harmony both within ourselves and between all sentient beings. It causes us to challenge and break apart the status quo which may be holding us in a lower level of realisation. The Ray 1 inspires life’s motivational leaders.
Distortions: controlling, manipulative, frustrated, anxious, up tight, lacking trust
Gifts: passion, commitment, courage, will power and tenacity

Ray 2: surrendering unconditional love Ray 2 initiates the impulse of unconditional love for life. It is the manifestation of the divinely feminine principle of surrendered acceptance throughout the universe. It is the empathising compassion that willingly embraces, does not judge nor need to change the inherent imperfection in all sentient life and situations. Ray 2 strongly inspires the selfless servants of life.
Distortions: dissolving, dithery, timidity, ineffectual, clinging, victim mentality
Gifts: unconditionally loving, acceptance, non-judgmental, empthaising, supportive, community building

Ray 3: interpreting authentic reality Ray 3 harnesses and processes higher abstract wisdom delivering it in a form to provide a clear interpretation of our current, authentic reality. In other words, it’s how we know what’s really real. People with strong Ray 3 influence notice the natural patterning in life bringing the formless into form in such a way that can be understood and appreciated by many. Ray 3 inspires life’s translators, creative artists and mathematicians.
Distortions: intense, self absorbed, complex, self doubting, strongly vascillating
Gifts: observant, aware, articulate, astute, attention to detail

Ray 4: harmonising through right resolution Ray 4 is the divine rationalising energy which helps us find right resolution with our environment and other sentient life. It is the ray impulse which blends passion with compassion. It provides the discernment to confront unjust situations in a non judgmental way. Its purpose is to break apart the lower harmony to find a more equitable higher one. People with highly active Ray 4 tend to be life’s diplomats, politicians and teachers.
Distortions: hypocritical, dissolving, dithery, procrastinating
Gifts: Compromising, truth honouring, bridging, altruistic, patient, persuasive

Ray 5: realising abstract higher wisdom The Ray 5 enables us to hold the infinite complexities of the universe as pure knowing within our beingness. This ‘science’ is abstract, all encompassing and rather than realised, is more sensed, as an art form, like poetry in perpetual motion. Ray 5 enables us to attune to the universal flow and harness it for co-creative exploration, deeper understanding and further evolution. The Ray 5 animates life’s scientists and creative business leaders.
Distortions: Box like, limited, rigid, inflexible, lacking imagination
Gifts: logical, business like, intellectual, all-knowing, intelligent, solution finding

Ray 6: yearning self expression Ray 6 inspires us stay continually focussed on our life’s purpose: to realise, unfold and express who we really are. It generates commitment and devotion to our cause, radiating our soul in all its brilliant colour. The Ray 6 provides the unquenchable driving force to express our innate qualities and inspire others to shine their inner light too. Humanity’s philosophers, spiritual leaders and performing artists are all driven by the Ray 6 influence.
Distortions: aloof, egotisitcal, self-righteous, narcissistic
Gifts: expressive, liberational, idealistic, charming, charismatic

Ray 7: shaping synchronistic magic Ray 7 provides the ingredient of pure magic on our life’s journey. If we are able to master our inner distortions and pause just long enough in the drama of life, then we can open up to spontaneous, synchronistic and co-creative magic. Thereby we catalyse and initiate the surrounding field for the maximum benefit and upliftment of all. In this way, Ray 7 inspires life’s ‘magicians’ and entrepreneurs.
Distortions: ungrounded, disconnected from 3D reality, New Agey
Gifts: spontaneous, trusting, risk taking, entrereneurial

So if you resonate, I urge you to explore some typical distortions that you might be expressing and work to transmute them into their corresponding soul gifts. For sure, you'll find it deeply alchemical!

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We're having a tremendous time here at Eden Rise, spurred on enormously by the weather too - blue skies and plenty of sunshine from our Solar Logos. It's making it very easy to transcend and become as-one with nature.

The last two days we've been working with the Openhand Meditation Techniques to soften the ego, and break down this 'point source identity' that is fixed in time and space - the illusion of the false self. When you really dig deep, and the nature of the self is questioned and reflected, then the identity starts to unravel. It can feel a degree confusing or destabilising at first - the way you related to the world starts to transform. At this point, some will hang on temporarily, grasping to a degree of control. But control in itself is an illusion - you can't control the Universe. Literally everything is moving, shifting and reshaping in time and space. Even if society seems rigid and fixed, it is only temporary in the grand scheme of things.

You've got to open up and let it all go!

So that's where we're at here at Eden Rise right now. The group is progressively letting it all go and coming into a greater sense of softness and openness.

This song featured in one of the deep letting go processes yesterday. You could palpably feel consciousness releasing.

Today's Inquiry: So take some time today. As you go about your daily life, watch where tightness and constriction come into mind and body and emotions. What outcome are you needing? Can you completely let go of needing to control the moment?

In preparation for the day, take a few moments to breathe, let go within, work to relinquish control, and then feel the sentiment in this beautiful song...

In loving support,

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Great to have you tune in Megha. The Sun EmojiThumbs Up Sign

Yes, lots of karma is coming up for people here at Eden Rise - just as it is meant to be doing. It can be very challenging at times, but it's all necessary and keeps leading to these progressive breakthroughs.

Keep unfolding through, keep unwinding through, keep unleashing the light.

Much love

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Dear Open ,

I have been in the throes of deep karmic processing the past three days . And yesterday something settled within. It felt like I was dealing with the pain of being abandoned and of loneliness with no ' family ' to connect to. It was extremely painful experience triggered off by a very innocuous comment and prospect of change . 

Yesterday after the Bow ( which has been my life saver in the past three days ) I felt a little more settled . And I lay down and did the Ascension meditation after a long time 😄. I read your post after I felt a tug on my heart and decided to see what was new on the website . 

As far as challenges are concerned : 

Staying with the clarity that Bruge gave me despite the density I am immersed in . Working through karma and showing up more authentically 

Gifts : I am overflowing with Gratitude today morning ( after processing I am hugely humbled by the opportunity to do this in human form )  and I don't even know where to start. The scary opportunity that has come my way like a miracle is that I have been asked to submit a book proposal. The book itself is supposed to be a feminist treatise on how capitalism destroys the medical system and how it hurts women the most in the Indian perspective.  I will confess openly - I am shit scared . Of writing it ,of it being out there . Of showing my true self. Just yesterday though I think I may have found a bread crumb - a woman who is an obstetrician herself who is into looking at things differently . 

I am going to Bhutan soon. A nation steeped in spirituality and Trees . Here too an opportunity has come up . To help with their challenges in handling newborns . 

Lots of love and support through the ether to the souls doing this brave and important process. 

Lots of love ,



The first part of these retreats is all about breaking through and beyond the internal relationship to fixed and limited identity. The ideas and subconscious beliefs that keep people limited in some kind of box; a box that then requires some kind of fulfillment within society that then draws you into lifestyles that constrain. So we're working within to challenge all of this, break down the limitations, and feel interconnected again as a flow within the Universe. In other words we're connecting with the soul outside of the box (and through the box).

It's always amazing when you witness people liberating themselves in this way. That's the process which we began the first day here at Eden Rise.

Essentially we applied 3 meditational techniques to do that...

Breathrough Breathing - which you can sample and download here
The Openhand Bow - which you can watch a free video of here and download here
Openhand Soulmotion - which is movement designed to liberate soul. Explore soulmotion here

Essentially, we're applying allchemical 'magic'. And that's exactly one of the pieces of music that animated the soul yesterday. Soften, breathe, how does it want to move your soul?

What gets you in that magical flow state? Do feel free to share.

Love to everyone tuning in.

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