5D Shift Update: confronting "Black Snake" energy (Dec 2018)

I felt to begin this Openhand forum thread to provide 5D Shift Updates and invite you to share what's going on for you at this time. It's always good to bring developing trends into consciousness. And most importantly, I'm not talking about the 'fizz' on top of the flow, the noise that often goes on at mind level. I'm referring to deep patterns of change.

I'm happy to offer higher dimensional intuitive reflections in response to your sharings. So what are you observing?

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Hi Megha - you ask a great question. And it's applicable to all who wish to create something from an expanded, free-flowing space of the soul...

So I guess my question is, really ,how do I balance the impulse to write a novel or build a girls community with the ability to ' let go' . I tend to contract down into linear thinking habitually when I want to birth something whether it is a paper or a conference or a write up.

They key is in your own words (it always it!) - the problem is "linear thinking". Which is a product of lower mind. Of course lower mind is essential to bring creation into being in this density. However creative action doesn't have to begin there - it can begin much higher up.

This is where we need to start to trust in destiny. In terms of beingness and that this will succeed. Most have shoved their souls into a box, where things tend to work within a system of logic. And when you start to step beyond that, the mind will fight for a while. For example, when I wrote the three Openhand books, I found that getting up at 4am before everything begins of the day was incredibly productive and helpful. I didn't try to constrain what I wrote - I'd just open up and let it flow. Even if some didn't make sense in the 3D, I'd just simply write. And then later in the day I would go back and edit - a more 3D skill.

It's really about beginning to trust in the knowing of higher mind and that this can still succeed here in this world - because it can, and the infusion of higher consciousness into this plane is growing day by day.

I'd say also it begins with a lot of practice of little things - taking as much time out as possible to free-wheel, to connect, to feel deeper. I remember when I built the original Openhand website for example, I was writing and editing content probably around 18 hours a day. Yet literally every 10-15 minutes or so, I would go and lie out on the lawn, feel the earth and look up to the sky, to feel the expansion again.

We can do it. There just requires to be an all-in commitment.

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Hi Alex, and all reading

Yes, indeed it's not just sitting in stillness where we need to liberate soul. It's got to be in creative flow too.

Soul is looking to be free flowing within creative expression. For me, meditation helps attune deeper aspects of the soul, but really its in the flow where it is fully expressed.

The challenge is to then get 'owned' within the creative flow. So you fix intention on doing something and ego takes over. It's also where Black Snake energy likes to hide and control the show - it hides in the inner shadows of your creative intent - in the fizzy energy. So we need to be very vigilant within our creative endeavours...

As you're moving forwards through life, if you're coming from fixed programs and behaviourisms that fit within society and you do all the time, then it's like as you move, you create eddy currents in the flow ("baffles" to use a submarine terminology - see below). But these eddy currents sink into your subconscious as white noise - you don't notice, feel or hear them, because they're a constant part of your reality. Yet they do cause suffering over time - tension, stress, frustration and worry, which lead to common diseases like cancer and heart problems to name just a couple.

Crucially, Opposing Consciousness hides in these eddy currents which you can't see - because you're releasing energy from which they're assimilating. In fact they created the very system that way, and Homo Sapiens within it, so as to manifest energy - as Morpheus in the Matrix says... "to create a battery".

To break this down, is about having ultimate flexibility in the movement. To give you some examples...

1. You need to get some food from the shops. So you decide to head out to your usual place and you buy the usual things. How much of this is programming? Because the soul tends to express uniquely each time.
2. You have particular regular appointments such as college or work, and you always travel the same way, at the same times, and prepare in the same way.
3. You've agreed to a particular engagement with friends or family, way off in the distance (even a week ahead), and now you feel completely obliged to attend, so you don't really question that you're going to do it.
4. You go down to the local organic store because it's 'conscious', but are you consciously choosing it, or is that just a pattern? Maybe you're supposed to go to the unhealthy supermarket so as to connect with someone?
5. You go to a particular restaurant because it's plant based. And maybe that's okay a lot of the time, but what about that particular time where you're supposed to go somewhere else for a learning experience?

These regular activities do not compute with free flowing soul.

All of this builds rigidty, identity and ego. It contradicts/constricts the flow and it's exactly where Black Snake energy likes to hide - because you tend to release energy when you're going against the natural flow of the soul, which is totally free and spontaneous in the moment.

So in these creative endeavours, it's absolutely essential to stay conscious in them, and to work to be as flexible as possible. Most importantly, you can work to open out through them by applying something like these following techniques that I call "The Crazy Ivan" and "The Googly" (in conjunction with the "Top Gun" above)...

For example, if I'm going to the shops, or a petrol station or into town, it'll begin with an idea or an impulse that's what's meant to happen, and in some ways needs to happen for this lower reality. So I'll set off in that direction. But I will definitely work NOT to fix on the objective or outcome. Instead I'm constantly testing inner feelings against signs and synchronicity in the outer (the flow of traffic for example, car number plates, billboards, colours, symbols and also just the general sense of underlying patterns - and how my awareness spikes around them) - because everything reflects if we're being attentive. If everything is clicking in towards a particular objective, and there's a feeling of righness to it, then I'll continue - but, I always allow for the objective to change.

In opening out to this level of freedom, I'll apply something called "The Crazy Ivan" and "The Googly" (which I share mainly on the Facilitator Program). The Crazy Ivan is where you're heading toward a particular objective, but then pause suddenly in mid flow, and look at alternative possibilities and objectives around you - you could go to a different supermarket or petrol station (for example), so you test the feelings of that and watch for supportive synchronicity. You might even consider going to a different part of town. So you make a circle through creative possibility. This is likely to be most inconvenient, especially if you're in a hurry. No matter, that's exactly where you need to apply it, because it tests all your inner attachments, frustrations, doubts, worries and fears. These you must get into, and it's often where an entity will hide and can be ejected.

It may be then that you return to the direction you were originally headed in (The Crazy Ivan). Or else you're going that way, but 'swerve' right at the last moment and go somewhere else that was nearby the original objective. This I call "The Googly" after the cricket term where the bowler causes the ball to swerve right at the last moment, thus catching the batsman out.

I find them brilliant at catching Opposing Consciousness out, because they just can't handle that level of freedom and spontaneity - it drives them crazy!

This may sound like a bit of harmless fun (and in some ways it is), but however, in the bigger picture, it's how the soul creates. It doesn't tend to create in a straight line with a fixed singular objective. Higher dimensional creativity is more like swirling clouds that steadily take form and suddenly crystallise (hence the Crazy Ivan). Plus you're never 100% sure of the (authentic) creation until it lands (hence The Googly).

Here are some important techniques for watching your authentic and aligned creative flow. You might ask... "how does this fit with society where I have to make appoitnments and meet objectives?" The answer is the ray 4 diplomat aspect of the soul - so it is also looking to blend with a reality, for transformational/educational purpose. You just have to be clear with yourself that you're making an appointment because you're given to engage for a higher purpose/reason or a blending/bridging one, but to keep testing that, right up to the moment it lands. The ray 4 is all about compromise, but without compromising the soul!

Finally, here's where I got the term "Crazy Ivan" and "the googly". Remember, they're metaphoric - feel through the words...

And here's the "googly"...

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Dear Open,

In many ways ,I have weaned myself off a lot of rigid thinking. Deep surrender after witnessing my father's death after a protracted bout with brain cancer has left me in no doubt that ,like him ,I could be singing a song the one day and then hurtling through discomfiting ,distressing pain the next. I am therefore much more comfortable with 'hearing the wind ' and living life a moment at a time than before.I have given up trying to make grand plans ,but confess that often seems at divergence with doing all the creative activities I feel called to do ( Just like you Alexandros) 

All the examples that you have given before apply to me and I can clearly 'see'how I am feeding a given conditioned identity . And in fact the above examples are such beautiful opportunities to Break that up . 

I am going to start today ! Thank you !

PS . So I guess my question is, really ,how do I balance the impulse to write a novel or build a girls community with the ability to ' let go' . I tend to contract down into linear thinking habitually when I want to birth something whether it is a paper or a conference or a write up.

Grateful for all reflections ! 



I have a question. Most days I wake up early morning automatically about at 4 am. At these times I find that the conciousness is less centred in the body and deeply sucked into the mind. Even if I try to bring conciousness into the various parts of the body its only time before I get lost in the thoughts. At other times even if I have thoughts I'm aware of body, hence its easy to meditate. Any thoughts on this?

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Hi Vimal,

First of all, I would suggest exploring your routine for when you go to bed. Being sure to calm down and relax. Also to make sure you're protecting your space - intentionally creating a field around your room with feeling intent. Also making sure all electronics are unplugged. Another one is to sleep with your head away from the wall - where electrosmog resides. I would first work with these things and see what then changes.

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Hi Anastasia - so glad to see you're not departing the Openhand shores just yet!

To answer your question about the mind games, most people just aren't aware how their minds are being played in the first place - how most people live with the daily conditioning - even awake people. And so it's not until you start to actively challenge those in your consciousness that the interfernce becomes visible.

And the deeper you go, the more layers you find - and then are able to infuse aligned consciousness into. It's an ingoing challenge for sure, but one you can definitely come to master and to eject that energy.

Enjoy the cake, but not too much!

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Hi Open,

I’m totally with you on that one. As you can see I’m still here, so I realised that checking out completely wasn’t the way to go, but I am working hard to find the right balance.

You’re absolutely right that there is a strong resonance with Openhand on a soul level and the truth of it is that I just love the way I’m allowed and encouraged to express here. It’s so wonderful to just be able to BE just the way you are and SPEAK just the way I always felt was natural to me, with openness and vulnerability. I’m so grateful for that. Also the Openhand addiction experience guided me towards a karmic memory that involves addiction. But that’s another story.

 Your coffee example is very synchronistic for me, since it’s BS energy we’re talking about. The first time I became aware of the black snake entity was actually after I overdosed on black coffee one morning. I started to feel really split up and an anxiety built up in my stomach. I laid down to try and calm myself and that’s when I saw the black entity looking at me from inside my belly. I couldn’t really identify it at the time but shortly after, your article on the black snake was posted and I started to put 2+2 together. After that, coffee in particular has been a way for me to practice balance and boundaries as well.

In my experience, one way of working with the BS energy is bringing increasing awareness to the very thin, almost invisible lines, where aligned action or expression suddenly ‘twists’ into a distortion. Like having that extra little sliver of cake when you’re actually perfectly satisfied. Or you offer someone an honest opinion and reflection, but if they don’t accept it you might suddenly start trying to convince them or even argue. That which was meant as an open offering to begin with, suddenly becomes controlling and tight, attached to an outcome. That’s where I see it slipping in. Right before the shift. Right there in the ‘invisible’ space in between, where one thing turns into another. If you’re not alert or conscious of it, you easily get sidetracked, pulled in, even hijacked. It’s ever so hard to detect. 

I have a question. It seems many are experiencing this on the intellectual plane. ‘Mind games’ is coming up a lot for people. For me as well. The thing is that I only started experiencing these mind games after a particular breakthrough. Previously on my journey and in my processing, I really wasn’t bothered by my mind that much. So it almost feels like a step back, but I know it’s not. Is it that this breakthrough opened up access to a deeper layer where this energy was hiding? And now that I can see it, I also experience more of its effects?

Grateful for your insights as always. Thank you for bringing light to this ‘blackness’. 💡☀️💫

with love,



Hi Anastasia - yes one or two people have said they've gotten addicted to the Openhand site from time to time!

The point about an addiction though, is simply not to drop it like the proverbial hot coals. Because there will be a truth in the connection - I know you feel a resonance at a soul level (with Openhand). So simply dropping the addiction becomes an intention in itself and thus becomes self-defeating. Because mind-led intention simply creates identity, which then stifles the free flow of soul. It's just another condition that is imposed on your being, albeit a 'good' or 'spiritual' one. We must bust these conditionings too.

The key is to confront the addiction by being in the activity that generates it. But then to bring full awareness to it. You start to see where you're crossing internal boundaries where you go unconscious on a certain level - perhaps the mind for example.

To give you an example, I love to drink coffee and just hang out observing life. But I have come to intimately know where my own boundary is - if I drink too much, then either there develops an addiciton/neediness for the stimulative up side, which means it becomes more difficult to sit in stillness. Or else it creates a dissonance in the brain and a pumping in the heart, which then can attract in external energies because it's hard to be fully conscious in other areas of the body. Or else the chemicals stimulate excessive internal activity and its hard to be attentive to all of them - thus you go unconscious in those locations, which is where external entities/energies can enter.

The key with any addiction is to access the truth of why you're engaged in that activity - what does it stimulate at a soul level? But then to work into the behaviourisms with keen attentiveness. At some point - where the addiction kicks in - there will be a blind spot, where you go unconscious. It could be because you judge yourself for example - as with many sexual taboos. Maybe (as with the internet) you get fixated at a mind level with visual imagery? It's essential to become fully conscious in these blind spots - by actually engaging in the addictive activity, not denying them, but then being clear to break the cycle by bringing full awareness into the blind spot. Because there you catch yourself before going into the downside. You realise you can enjoy the pleasure, but don't need to OD on it - because you realise that doesn't serve.

So now I carefully manage my coffee pleasure - I drink coffee just two or three times a week, and I'm careful to regulate the number of shots. Plus I'll drink it more in the morning so it wears off through the day and I'll drink plenty of water afterwards too, so as to release the caffeine.

It means I really enjoy my coffee break, rather than adopting some mind level discipline of getting rid of it all together.

So maybe not completely drop Openhand!

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For people who're fairly new to Openhand and also reasonably new to the path, I felt to say you'd be forgiven for wondering what on earth is all this "Black Snake" energy about? Perhaps you don't feel anything at all!

It's essential to say, you only really see such energy/entity intervention happening when you get really intimate with your own field of consciousness. The majority of people (even spiritually awake ones) are still tending to live very conditioned lifestyles, which are interrelated with society and the system. So if you're living a good deal in this mind/emotional/physical programs, then you won't see where this metaphysical energy we're speaking of is hiding. Essentially where the soul and bodymind are not in harmony, then this creates dissonance in your field, which is experienced as tightness - a sense of distraction on the plane of mind, a sense of fear or attachment on the emotional plane, discomfort in the physical when in stillness (for example). In society what generally happens is that there are distractions to placate - override - this pain. That's what the entertainment/mobile phone/social media industries are all about. So it's not until you start to confront this conditioning - this tightness - that at some point, you realise there are energies in the field which are purposefully trying to condition and addict you to these limiting lifestyles. Essentially in the dissonance between soul and your bodymind, energy is released and it's this that any entity is seeking to assimilate. And satanic, or "Black Snake" energy has wound these conditioning limitations into the very fabric of society. But you can't see or feel it until you begin to divest yourself of it.

I felt to explore some simplified ways of ejecting this energy from your field. First I would begin with the importance of stillness and solitude. So to take regular time out (at least once a day and ideally 3 times minimum). Then just to scan through your field and relax right down. If the mind is still busy in the beginning, just allow the thoughts to pass through - you could visualise them as clouds moving across the sky. Still the emotions - perhaps visualising waves on a lake or ocean gradually coming to stillness. If there's pain in the body, be aware not to shuffle and fidget, but rather to soften into the pain and not be goverened by it - become as-one with it, by not judging it or needing it to go away.

So if you suspect that you have such conditioning energies in your field, stillness is an essential technique for ejecting that energy. In creative manifestation I call this the "Top Gun" technique (yes a bit of humorous metaphor!). Essentially because if you're in a creative flow and you suspect you have interferring energy in your field, you simply "jam on the air breaks", meaning you consciously stop in mid flow and completely soften in stillness. The entity/energy then has to leave (fly on by) because it can't cling onto dissonance in your field.

However, it's not the only essential action to undertake - because (especially Black Snake energy) could then simply wait until you're active again and reappear in the psyche. So you also need to develop intimate techniques for ejecting distorting energies when you're in some creative flow aswell. I'll deal with effective approaches to this in follow up posts.

In loving support

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This is the latest version of the Openhand meditation to help you release implants and their attached entities. It's a ground breaking approach involving multidimensional inquiry to locate embedded implants, recognise their anchoring points and then remove them. It involves harnessing and amplifying the toroidal field to then extract entities. Finally it enlists the support of the angelic realm to compassionately relocate what is released. It is designed to leave you feeling clear, enlightened and at peace...
Removing Entities and Implants Meditation

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Hi Open,

Thank you for reposting the "Removing Implants & Entities Meditation"!  as it was exactly what I needed at this moment.  A few weeks ago I became aware of an experience from a past life that explains much of the Karma and lessons to be learned in this life.  Feeling a little overwhelmed, instead of turning in to process what I've learned, I let the BS energy take hold and immersed myself in a Netflix Breaking Bad marathon!!  I've still spent plenty of time in mindfulness and meditation, but I haven't taken the time to understand the lessons and patterns that are repeating in this life.

When I returned home from the NY retreat, I downloaded 4 of the Open meditations, but distinctly remember skipping over this one!  I don't need it, I don't have any entities, my energy healer I work with would've taken care of them if I had any.  I realize now it was the BS energy working in plain sight within my field to prevent me from removing the implants & entities!  The first time I listened to the mediation I did as you suggested and let it play through, I immediately had a stirring in my sacrum and my solar plexus.  I realize it will take more time and effort to remove them and I plan on doing the mediation in a more open ended basis over the next few days/weeks in order to give the time necessary to work through removing the implants & entities.

Thank you again Open, for not only providing just what I need, but making it available to me just when I need it!

Much Appreciated!



Hi Anatoly - when you say "just dropping all mind level connections, would that be ditching the challenge?" I would say not - at least not in the way I understand you. To me, the mind is meant to be open, as a tool to be used, not an entity in its own right, that forms fixed connections and relationships. I witness it can be malleable, and that it's more in you, rather than you in it, although you can flow through it.

So I'd say the connections can be broken, yes. And then actions will arise through it again - connections made, but ideally they are more temporary.

Does that make sense?

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I see BS energy manifested in different layers for me and both of these are interconnected. It works with huge blind spots in consiosness developed over numerous lifetimes due to some traumatic experience.  It manifests during sleep with unconscious release (sometimes with some gruesome images).  Sleeping consciously is challenging and I am not into protection voodoo magic.  It seems to have intensified recently in sync with some energetic shits in the body.  Maybe some deep shit is coming to the surface to be processed.

It has already been mentioned but BS also manifests in distractions at mind level probably as a leftover from OCD behavior from childhood with distortions in sexuality. Sometimes, I feel like just dropping all the mind level connections and then just let them rebuild. Would that be ditching the challenge?  I have to sit with it.

With Love,



Hi Open and everyone,

This resonates. I see and experience what you speak of. 

Here’s one to watch out for: 

Lately I discovered a new ‘old’ behaviour that suddenly re-emerged. Over the past few years I have dropped many addictive patterns like comfort eating, and (like you Megha) excessive consumption of Netflix distraction etc. I took some pride in having the ability to kick these habits. But then it sneaked up on me, quickly and quietly. It took me a few weeks to realise it, but I found I had developed an addiction to the Openhand community itself, reading, writing, being a part of something that mattered to me, as opposed to all the mindless chatter going on in my life around me. For a week or so, I couldn’t put my phone away. Had to consume everything on here, new and old, as soon as I had a free moment. I’m almost ashamed to admit it but it completely owned me, to the point that I felt I might have to quit Openhand altogether.

Behind this addiction, I also became aware of another classic trap I have fallen into. While being busy uncovering and dropping 3D identities, I didn’t notice another identity creeping up and forming behind the curtains. The spiritual identity, of course. Same shit, different layer. And I almost have to laugh at myself and gently and lovingly say “You fool, did you really think this one wouldn’t apply to you?” 

So with this confession I call the BS energy and say  

Bring it on! This fool is ready for another round.

Addicted or not, I love you guys! ❤️

Anastasia (Getting back up again)


That sounds like a great approach Rich - along the lines I've experienced.

Playing with fire (by going into it) - I think that's exactly why we're here! I think that's what the Kung Fu video above is trying to depict - we have to get into it. At times it will take you over. But then as long as you keep reminding yourself to come back into alignment then you can align the energy too. It's kind of like getting a train to change direction - you can't just stand directly in the way of it - you have to blend with it and progressively change it inch by inch.

As you're experiencing, I think being connected in the base is essential - but it will also hide there. So I've experimented with shifting centre into different chakras - so moving more into the heart for example - to bust mind loops.

Great that we're illuminating it - it's exchanges with people like you Rich, especially in the early months of this year, that have really brought this to light.

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Hi Open,

Interesting what you mention about the black snake energy and stories/patterned loops. I often find that when some karma gets activated I can go into these mind loops. It's easy to get stuck in them - I've certainly been guilty of "if I can just make sense of it on a mind level, then I can fix the problem". 

However, recently with this new exploration of BS energy I'm finding that I can cut this off at a certain point.  The thing is though, I actually find it useful to a certain extent to really stir up the deep feelings from the bottom of the barrel. So I'm using it for a while, then consciously breaking the loop by bringing the focus to the body and base chakra and working on it at an energetic level. 

I've noticed the energy will try to hook me back into the mind loops again. Sometimes it succeeds but I try to keep cutting it off as I become aware of it. 

Sometimes I can't help but feel like I'm playing with fire doing this. What would be your perspective?

Much love



"Thou shalt not bullshit thyself!", what an awesome guide to the path. And thanks so much for sharing the distortions here - I can imagine many suffer similar. Comfort eating and entertainment distraction - I've had to deal with those too, and at times, still do. So thanks for illuminating the inquiry Thumbs Up Sign

Awareness, awareness, awareness. It's always the key to busting a distortion. Not to judge oneself, to let them express, but inquire deeply into them at the same time.

When these two distortions (over-eating and distraction) have plagued me, yes, it's mostly because so much energy has been flowing, not knowing where to channel it. For me it usually happens after a course. You'd be surprised perhaps that the way I 'come down', in the past, has been eating and action movies!

So what is it that is being sought?

For me, over-eating is the need for some sort of completion by the soul. So in a workshop, I'm completing through the energetic engagements I'm helping others with. And afterwards I need to meet that level of intensity with an appropriate entertainment. But what if you don't immediately have balanced and aligned connections on this plane?

The key is to go higher. What do I mean? For me the movies create a connection, a dream-like state, that actually mirrors the higher dimensional connection - a language that's engaging you. So when you feel you need distraction, can you look for the higher connection through synchronistic interplay? So "free-wheeling" for example and picking up on the signs and synchronicity - digesting those instead.

When this becomes more of your daily dialogue, then you start to see how lower dimensional distraction and completion diminish the higher connection.

So see how the free-wheeling goes. And in meditation, look for the higher dimensional subtlety - let this integrate into your reality. I can imagine this would help. It has for me.

Much love

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The first thing I wrote when I started meditating as a pretty desperate 21 year old was write my first commandment for myself - Thou shalt not BS yourself. 

It has been difficult to stay true to that as more and more foundations fall through and new reality is revealed about myself. The last three days I haven't been myself.I have been relentlessly overeating and over consuming Netflix ( Usnt it strange that I have been drawn to Stranger things whose basic premise is a monster in another dimension) . I feel like I have done a lot of energy work recently and need to deflect the energy somehow as I am unable to integrate it. Having very strange dreams as well in which a problem presents itself and is then solved in the dream itself. 

Feel embarrassed to write this (deleted it and then decided what the heck ) but in a meditation saw a couple of beings in deep blue - their faces we're just a sphere and they wore capes . They conferred with me and imparted some information . I can't recall what exactly . 

Again apologies for the disjointed nature of what I am sharing these days ! 



I felt to add to my post above by sending the resonance of encouragement out to you all. The Openhand communty has grown in its alignment and integrity throughout what's been a challenging year - that's how challenge can help us!

But you've seized the opportunity to integrate and grow with the shift. Especially with the understanding of not shirking from difficult situations or deffering and deflecting (like with the Black Snake energy for example). What we're doing at a community level, is normalising this energy and thereby equalising with it - becoming as-one with it. Thus we're taking the energetic "sting" out of it. In effect, you close the gap with it and so the polarisation of fear can no longer hold you. Therefore the energy can't land within your field - it has nowhere to strike.

You're doing great out there - awesome. The community gathering around the Openhand work grows daily and warms my heart.

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So this is my first Shift update of this new forum thread. I felt it would be good for the community to have these regular updates and 'tune-ins' as to what are the trends being witnessed out there in the field.

I'd say the key trend that's really dominating and influencing the movement of energy in the shift right now is the exposure in the field of what we're calling the "Black Snake" energy. To put that into context...

"Black Snake" energy is an ancient metaphysical energy, an 'elemental' with the purpose of weaving the karmic construct together - but one which has become distorted over time and is ensnaring people in the lower three densities: the physical, emotional and mental planes. It's able to weave between densities appearing and disappearing acting on distortions and animating them - it's trying to lock consciousness into them. Like for example on the plane of the intellect within social media - the exchanges are light and frequent - they keep you on the surface level.

Back at the beginning of 2018, it first became visible on the plane of the emotions. From my perspective distorting true empathy into sympathy and then distributing the sense of vicitmisation around community. It spreads the pain and distracts from the true underlying karmic source. And thus locks people into limited reality constructs. In this case I witnessed it as the avoidance of presence - resistance to the Void itself.

Awareness is always the key. And even though you might not necessarily have an intellectual understanding or vision, nevertheless, awareness at a soul level is the key to confronting the energy and unwinding it. I believe enough of us saw how this energy was manipulating on the emotional empathic plane, and that resonated a wider vibration through the field. To me this was met synchronistically with the upsurgence of divine feminine empowerment and sovereignty on the surface - a very welcome sign.

During the last three months, on the Paradigm Shift Tour, I've witnessed the BS energy acting in a different way - on the plane of the intellect, creating endless loops of mind stories and games, so as to prevent true penetration into the karmic source pain. I see this at large in the spiritual manistream, frequently it seems, getting locked into endless stories and machinations of the complex reshaping matrix that we're living in. I believe it's important to engage, yes, but it's still as shuffling deck chairs on the Titanic as she's going down - they're distractions.

The question is that if you recognise these limiting mind loops, how to deal with them?

I'd say you have to be anchored in places beyond the mind - either in the base, or the heart or both. And then from there, whilst anchored, to penetrate through the plane of the intellect - witness the stories, yes, but quickly break the loops as they acitvate - bring attention back into the heart for example.

So the Black Snake energy will dance in and out of different planes within the bodymind field. If you stay present and aware, and look right at the distorting tightness when it arises, then the entity will disappear again. At some point though it has to leave your field altogether, because it can gain no more energy there. Or else by concerted sovereign action, it sees the reflection and itself realigns. Then it starts to work positively in the field.

I know this may all sound a touch metaphysical - apologies if so! The point being that plenty of people are actively confronting this deceptive energy. More and more people are attuning to the directive of their soul. And thus as distraction or deferral kick in, the soul itself (often through the ray 3), is simply choosing alignment. Even without intellectual understanding, alignment is happening and the intervention is being ejected.

So what I'm witnessing now is quite a realigning shift on the plane of the intellect happening out there in the field - a definite freeing up of intellectual inertia. People are breaking apart conditioned stuckness. And this ties in with a resurgence of the Earth's Toroidal flow, especially on that plane. So we can definitely expect to see this reflected more widely through the field and within society. I get the sense there'll be a resurgence of integrity, honesty and especially authenticity. I get the sense we'll see the 'old guard' of political/system leadership challenged. We'll see if that comes to fruition.

So do feel free to share what you're witnessing and how you resonate (or not!) with what I've shared.

In loving support

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