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Rolling journal in Oz Well yet again I'm making my way down under to the land of Oz. The Openhand community is spread far and wide around the world. I've often marveled at that. There's definitely a special synergy that connects us, but it has nothing to do with geography! We connect in the space between the spaces, but it's also compelling to meet face to face where that's possible - it definitely builds the energy more strongly and ripples outwards ever further. So I'm greatly looking forwards to it (thanks greatly to Graeme, Megan and Katie for generating plenty of energy). So come join the rolling journal which I'll keep updating as and when I get "a moment". Hang on, isn't there always "a moment?!"... Here's the outline itinerary...

  • Five Gateways Activation (level 1) in Kiama: Nov 30th/1st Dec...Full info
  • Walking the Path (level 2) near Sydney: 2nd-5th Dec...Full info


Come join us for the journey of a lifetime! Blessings Open

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The prayer in my heart at this time is to keep clearing the clutter and allowing a clearer and clearer passage through which to be informed... All other mental tossing it about with what if this or that and how to physically prepare seems quite futile. I feel I can only empty the vessel of all that is unnecessary and listen. Tuning in!!


I look forward to your sharing, Open, about the 'shift into the higher paradigm'. Although part of me finds the whole thing quite scarey, its good to be prepared as can be.

with love Myra x


Wow. Wow! What a powerful week. Openhand Aus was truly cosmic and the resonance of unwinding interwoven group Karma was felt in my bones.

Thank you Open. Thank you. There is a beauty in the growing Openhand Kiama/Aus connection and your commitment and passion is deeply appreciated.

The beginning of the end-phase. That's what I feel. Take that as you will, personal, global, galactic! Probably all of the above.

I'm grateful to the other beautiful souls who are unfolding their truth and therefore helping me unfold mine. There's inspirational courage all around me (thank you mirrors!).

And Trinity.. thank you for all your work; astral, angelic and administrative :) can't wait to introduce you to the Openhand Aus crew.

Much love,


From Megan Smillie;

Dear Open,

Thank you for flying halfway around the world to facilitate back to back Level 1 & 2 courses in Kiama & Sydney, Australia.

Thanks for helping me shed a few tears and for showing me how distortions in the soul ray harmonics can make ones 'gifts' very difficult to shine through.

Thanks for holding a space that safely allowed expression, release, joy, transformation & healing for the souls on both courses. Kiama and Govindas will never be the same!!
Thanks for the music - your selection of songs touched my heart and helped me feel both joy & beauty and also sadness and pain.

There is pain in my heart as I write about my resistance to softening, fear of getting it wrong. I feel my self sabotage is coming through as I type. This entry has been typed, retyped, deleted etc because I so wanted to write something that was profound and 'conscious' and showed I got it.
The truth is I got some of it and so desperately wanted to get it all. So desperately want to soften, let go and say good bye to that karma, repressed energy whatever we wish to call it, that often has me striving, 'doing', creating then feeling sad, overwhelmed, out of control and so wanting to be someone else and somewhere else. The tightness has come over me again as I cant work out what is truth and what is fear and whether I am letting that little monkey rule the type writer.

I am sending love, sunshine and heartfelt thanks to you, Trinity, Lesley, Openhanders world wide and the Australian Openhanders who fastened their seatbelts and went for a ride down under.

XX Megan Smillie


Thanks for tuning in folks. This will be my last journal entry of the trip, as I sit here at Sydney airport about to embark on my 36 hr long haul back to Avalon - it certainly tests if there's any identity! So many things have happened during the last 10 days. Certainly the most prominent for me was a very powerful synchronicity. Since my incarnation back in 2002, I've always known I was coming in with a crucial message at this time - about how the shift into the higher paradigm is going to happen. I can tell you I've seen this "Great Purification" which is due to affect the whole of mankind (and indeed all life on the planet). It's been such a challenge to digest and embody, even before I could possibly begin to share it. And how to share? Just before the trip, I felt the time was fast approaching for me to begin this part of my divine purpose, and on the final session of Five Gateways last Sunday evening it fully landed for me, as an embodied knowing - a message. A final confirmation of a higher dimensional observation of the big picture, the direction of the underlying flow, how out of alignment mankind is, and so what the impact will be - a progressive and quite brutal breaking down. Yes, it will be a difficult message to share. It's something I've been very reticent about, but the universe supports you in the flow doesn't it? So that evening I'd been invited out to dinner by several members of the gathering. At the end, they wanted to carry out a ceremony which they do every time they get together. They ask someone to write a message for humanity and seal it in a bottle. This time they asked me. They had no inkling that just a few hours earlier this very knowing had landed for me - that I was to share with humanity a vital message...
    "I'll send an SOS to the world, I'll send an SOS to the world, I hope that someone gets my, I hope that someone gets my Message in a bottle!"

In my heart I felt the synchronicity as a clear signal I'm being sanctioned to begin. So in due course, I will be doing exactly that - sharing what benevolence in the higher realms is seeing and calling. I've known the message for some time, but how to share? Just stand up and say it? No. It didn't feel right. Apart from not being believed, it would only likely cause antagonism. Then I realised... "Share the message now only with those who have ears to hear. Share it with those who are drawn into the Openhand community and can resonate with it. Then trust it will ripple its way out when the time is right.
    How will you know if what I share will be the truth? You won't. But assuming I'm accurate, and I believe I am, then what I can say is this: for those that will hear my message, even partially, you will find yourself in the right place when the time comes and prepared with the right gifts. Although you may doubt what is offered now, the sewn seeds will ensure that you'll know exactly what you're given to do at the right time. It will become obvious. The time leading up to this is preparation time - as thorough as possible!

A big part of the preparation will be unraveling the Opposing Consciousness from within our own beings. The intervention is interwoven within the fabric of society and our very DNA. But it can be unwound with careful attention and persistent diligence - peeling away ego from the soul, watching carefully for those inner deceptions which lead people astray. That's what Walking the Path is all about and this course was no exception. I commend everyone for looking deep within, daring to feel into repressed pain, peeling away the sediment of life and coming up shining, revealing wonderful aspects of authentic being that truly touched the heart...
    "I see your true colours shining through, I see your true colours and that's why I love you!"....

From my heart to yours Open


Thank you all for sharing such heart felt experiences. Since this song has touched me deeply the past couple weeks I felt to share as well. At what point is the outer world a reflection to perceived consciousness versus ones consciousness being pulled to another's field to reflect.. Then noticing the field around that seems to pulsate as it melds one into the other. Prefer not to get caught in specifics, yet concepts thought to have experienced presence through and let go of came back magnified ten fold. Watching an innocent young soul in a human body that was failing truly feeling the physical suffocation knowing impending death of the physical shell, clinging to my being with such desperation.. Pleading for my being to just stay as this presence was felt within as the recognition of distress was felt, choosing to go into/with was a conscious choice, it was felt deeply by this other soul. Writing that one feels suffocation, gasping for each breath as no words can escape, just the look in the eyes holding me close as I caressed her back and went into that space with her and just took a breath.. In and then out.. In...then...out...In....out....In........out..........In.................Out...........................In............................ Out...................
Slowly moving synchronistically with to ease the perceived aloneness, the suffocation that truly gripped as the body failed as family sat on the sidelines. I went into that space with and what was felt..... so much is occurring that just when it felt divinely graceful, much was accelerated to the point of awkwardness .. Yet again. There are no words anymore, there just are no words to convey it all/nothing
Thank you all for "listening"
Now today, that song is right there. I felt challenging to all of it in some way over the past two weeks and told "them" its not soft that its when one can stand firmly in the swirling chaos of it all with the proverbial staff grounded firmly within this realm then the centeredness creates a neutral resonance that pulsates. I was thinking what a luxury it must be to meet like minded souls who have at least the longing for greater awareness. I was processing so much that had been mopped up and absorbed from within the matrix that for the past 2weeks I would physically run listening to the entire Meteora album by Linkin Park until my shirt was drenched and my legs ached. When Numb came on, it was the last song, I felt some relief. To me the song represents stillness within the ever moving matrix that pushes, presses, pulls upon yet within the centeredness ones field exudes with more awareness as the skin is shed of its superficial value that is no longer reflected in what is "seen" with human eyes. Then it was time to feel more and strain the muscles on through and beyond the perceived exhaustion, as I am coming to know it truly is eternal.


Tess, I just felt to share with you (and anyone else reading the thread) why you might think sometimes Trin and myself come across as harsh. No one has anything against you - everything that is offered, comes from the soul, shared as compassionately as possible. But it is also the compassionate thing to do to call the truth as you see it. Of course there can always be an evolution of truth. But we do a disservice to each other if we're not honest. In you're postings, you're often being quite strong willed. Like when for example you were strongly telling the community to "walk the talk". Which is fine. No problems with that. But if you're going to 'put it out there' so to speak, you have to expect that you'll be challenged if others like myself feel distortion in what you're sharing. As lead facilitators, it is our duty to challenge material that's presented here on Openhandweb, particularly if it has the potential to be influential. People come here because they recognise the clarity of vision. It's constantly said, and thus we shoulder a responsibility to visitors. It's not to say we're the singular source of truth. We're catalysts and will call distortion as we see it and feel it through the ether. We both live by the same code, constantly observing where we too might be distorted. The reason we will seem so challenging to you right now, is that we both see independently a very similar thing: firstly that you're not truly going into your lower density. There's an avoidance of it. It's mirrored by the pattern that you won't truly contemplate advice (from us - even though you frequent this site). When something is seen, you'll quickly cover up the exposure with the intellect (or at least your shadow will). This was also the pattern on the courses you attended. Secondly, and probably much more importantly, you've said on several occasions you're blindly trusting in some higher guidance - some angelic being. This is something we certainly have to call. Because it just doesn't feel aligned in the way you're sharing what's going on and it has the possibility to be overtly influential. Of course there's always going to be differences of opinion. That's why synchronicity is so important. It's the objective mother tongue of the universe - when we are prepared to listen to it. So you posted the Dove Video, the dove synchronistically being symbolic of the angelic realms. Yet behind this Dove (advert) was something with an entirely different nature - something quite deceptive, malevolent even. Do you see the synchroncity? In my inner knowing, it's mirroring what's actually going on in your field. Which is why, for the benefit of you and the community, I spoke so strongly. The two issues are related. In other words, if we're not truly in the body (which in working with you I don't observe you truly are), then the risk is you don't feel fully if higher communications are authentic. Energy can easily be inserted into ones field. Visions and thoughts can easily be implanted. But if you embody soul consciousness into every cell of your lower being, as a vibrational feeling, then it becomes very hard to deceive. Star souls often carry the karmic issue of being deceived for this very reason. It happens a great deal. In many cases that's why they're here. To become fully grounded in truth. Which is also why the ray 3 "questioning authentic reality" is so important. So everything offered here is done from the heart. But where people are putting out forthright views and we feel that it's not completely aligned, then it is our duty to call it. And that could be felt harshly. But it's simply a direct response to the influential energy. It's a mirror. There is nothing personal. From the heart Open


We had such an amazing day yesterday here at Govindas. Our portal is strongly active, bringing to the surface much of the raptor energy that controls and suppresses. We shouted and screamed, let go to loud rock music, cried like babies! To find the real you, we cannot deny what's within, even if it might not look so pretty as its coming out. It's only in feeling it that you strip away that which is distorted and reclaim that which is really you. It's re-integrating the lost fragments of soul gold buried in the sediment of life, deep down, in the nitty gritty stuff. There's so much suppression in the human condition. So much placation. So much spiritual correctness. We have to break through that. Break through to break out...


I think you made a powerful point Heather - no matter how polished the lens is, we only see partially. There's always more to polish, there's always ever finer levels of focus. That's why no one here at Openhand will ever profess to lead anyone.

That's why we would never encourage anyone to trust blindly - in anything. Within the Seven Rays of Divine impulse that make up the soul ray harmonic, is the "ray 3" - questioning absolute authentic reality. It's the questioning aspect of ones soul that is continually asking: "is this really real?" You'll be moving into a creation or feeling guidance through a landscape, but I can tell you from my own personal experience, and in working with countless others, that unless this questioning aspect is continually engaged, then you end up in illusionary realities. Which is why the Buddha said...
    Do not believe anything because it is said by an authority, or if it is said to come from angels, or from Gods, or from an inspired source. Believe it only if you have explored it in your own heart and mind and body and found it to be true. Guatama Buddha

That's why we believe in being catalysts only. We've worked hard to see clearly, and we are constantly refocusing the lens. So when we share a point of view or amplify some energy, to varying degrees, people find resonance, which is why they come. But it is always their resonance they're finding. From the heart Open


When I think about it Open , we always have a choice and that is how we respond , like an orange squeezer what comes out is the juice of what’s already within…… matter where we are on our spiritual journey.
I do feel communication is a challenge with the Openhand so often.I do feel topic area sometimes leads the show. I couldn't feel the connection coming from the heart. So often we only encapture a portion of written words. The dynamics and complexity of the space between the spaces and what is in the midst of landing for a person can so easily get misunderstood /distorted.….For example how often do we read a text a second time and the whole tone and what it is saying may seem completely different.? We can read from the gut, later the intellect through mind feeing into higher mind and emerging into the heart source feeling …Very often words are simultaneously meaning or appearing as two different things.Words in actual fact have become quite meaningless to me.

What I feel to be important myself when being open to the realms of illuminated truth/opening portals is focussing on what feels truly ‘’benevolent’’, and what resonates with my soul frequency .. One of the essential keys of divine guidance which I also have a deep inner knowing is that it always leads us into ‘’self empowerment’’ which means trusting what ‘’we feel’’, and comes in a form of raising questions to activate our own self realisation. It never speaks in the form of ‘’do this or do that’’…..there is total freedom of space within divine timing of the natural state of evolution.
Our divine self only seems to wants us to master of our own soul and take the responsibility of all the divine choices presented whether coming from the mind or heart space-it’s all one in the end in any case , it all emerges. It’s about divine unification.

I also felt clarify and get my point across; I don’t need any analysis thank-you, I can always get a physchotherapist for that. I have been here to be me, to self realise, like a flower I blossom my own petals in my own time at my own pace.. Perhaps my choice of words was not as accurate as they could have been, for example my actual words were

‘’Trust in the unseen is what I am being told. Blindy,fearlessy and passionately.’’

The trust in the unseen is the ‘’original message’’. The blindy, fearlessly and passionately are my own human interpretations and not what has actually been communicated directly, just to clarify in case there was an misunderstanding.
It’s a bit like the bible and how words can get fabricated /distorted through the ages and through word of mouth, and to serve a particular audience for a particular purpose.The original message can so easily get lost and interpreted through our own filters especially when presented with interference and yes there was some degree of accuracy in what you said about interference, and denial . That’s what was happening as I felt it, i.e the two conflicting energies but I still was being guided to trust in what was unknown, in the unseen. It was based around a conversation earlier on during that day about trust. Benevolence was working, I could also feel another energy working through another being , and in the cosmic field, and into my field and the greater field.
Interference is inevitable on planet earth.….but benevolence is here to help us through.I feel this, I know this.

I do feel it’s about my own soul interpretation and well I am trusting in that and discerning with what’s basically no longer needed in my field.
I don’t need any answers……..because I have full trust that they will energe from within, I always have.

‘’If the doors of perception were cleansed everything would appear to man as it is, infinite’’ William Blake


Ah Zac, that's BEAUTIFUL... especially the laughter! hurray! You express how you feel so wonderfully.

Two years ago, I was numb I had pain I couldn't process, I was a shell. Katie (my wonderful sister) sent me the link to The Five Gateways and I cried through the whole film. I felt it all, it was like I was remembering a love beyond anything I'd known but had forgotten, which filled me with elation then instantly the pain hit at the feeling of loss or separation as I now know.

I have just finished Level One in Kiama and am so profoundly thankful for the experience. The weekend has now illuminated my path. It was beyond words for me I find it hard to find the right ones... A realisation, no choice, I heard my soul speak. It was a protected space to get inside my pain and FEEL it. Still integrating it all now, but with light/love coming in:)... work in progress.

Open, Trinity and all at Openhand...Thank you.


I attended level one in Kiama and wanted to share how open has catalysed my ascension.
In order this is what has happened in TWO DAYS since the course:
I have confronted an ultimate fear for me again, death, the liberation from which surpasses all fear beyond comprehension.
I experienced the illusion of this reality as a means to realise my full potential, from which my laughter was beyond recognition.
I have remained in the void as the unidentified seer and have the privelige of witnessing the expression of this soul in all its magnificent beauty.
I have utilised a new found ability to cleanse my chakras,techniques I now find invaluable to turning up the volume of my soul.
I have become aware of a major block in my throat chakra which was distorting my verbal expression of authenticity. Now instead of controlling I may inspire by ..asking the question instead of telling the answer.
Through sychronicty and intuition I now have understanding of my disconnect from this place and my inner longing to return to my home a star within the orion constellation.
I am honoured and blessed with what is returned to me as a result of my new found expressions.
ALL THIS IN TWO DAYS since the course.
This is how open has catalysed my ascension.
May the gratitude I have be returned in full.
And may the vibrations from my elation be felt across the far reaches of the cosmos.
Onward we go!


Open, it never ceases to amaze me that your posts most always correlate to my current explorations and challenges. ...I get a real kick out of it! :)

These past two months, I have been struggling with identifying and removing attachments. I have been doing some big emotional and regression work in efforts to shed and clear myself emotionally (as well as clearing etheric implants). Just recently, it's been presented to me that my property (as well as surrounding properties) are hosting and attracting these energies, due to a malevolent portal.

I have been guided to live here and work with land, clearing these energies, but I have a hard time trusting myself--knowing that I'm being safe and connecting to the right guidance. I read your advice, but I have a very hard time DOING it. How do you "challenge" this energy to make sure it's benevolent?

Pleadian energy has presented itself, and I've been given the choice to work with it. I'm hesitant. I have been shown that I've transmitted in this life (as a voluntary pre-life contract) and also in past lives--doing much work for them. At this point, I feel like I'm being tested in "blind trust", as Teresa and you discuss. I go back and forth, as to what my answer will be from here. this the way Pleadians even operate??? I'm not sure it's in my best interest to continue. (?)

I know opposing consciousness is tricky--and could be preventing me from doing work to my highest potential. I feel like I'm doubting everything lately.

Open but always confused--lol,


''Learn to trust only in your inner integrity of experience. No truly benevolent source will ever tell you to blindly trust... only if you've first explored deeply the feelings through your own knowing, questioning deeply, unraveling deeply. If in any kind of doubt, dissolve the experience and watch if it reappears.

Especially in the higher dimensions, challenge everything. Keep challenging. Keep stripping apart. Only when the absolute core of it is felt in every cell of your being is it authentic''.

This is EXACTLY what I have been doing Open, and have been doing for quite some time !

Actually, contrary I am feeling much more like I am grounding consciousness into the hear and now and am not doing higher dimensionary work, just living life and letting it unfold..? What you are saying isn't something I don't already know,or wasn't aware of, it's like I have shifted........and I am out that box........

I will think and ''feel'' into your words, but if I feel inconsistency or anything else, it's truly time for me to move on and follow the guide within

With love and caution Tess


I feel strongly to caution you Tess. Here at Openhand we've been trying to do that for sometime but as yet, it's fallen sadly on deaf ears.

I have no doubt that you're a star soul and can open into higher dimensions. I have no doubt that you're being influenced through higher dimensions and that benevolence is trying to work with you and develop this. However I do feel you're denying a lot within. I don't feel you're truly grounding your consciousness in this realm, which becomes quite risky when doing the higher dimensional work - we become open to interdimensional influences which can't be felt fully. When I've worked with you, this is what I feel going on in your field. I say this with all compassion, even though I know it will likely push buttons.

You said... "Trust in the unseen is what I am being told. Blindy."
No. Absolutely no.
This is the path to interference and intervention by unseen entities that may appear benevolent but are not. When I tune into your field remotely, that's what I feel is going on.

Learn to trust only in your inner integrity of experience. No truly benevolent source will ever tell you to blindly trust... only if you've first explored deeply the feelings through your own knowing, questioning deeply, unraveling deeply. If in any kind of doubt, dissolve the experience and watch if it reappears.

Especially in the higher dimensions, challenge everything. Keep challenging. Keep stripping apart. Only when the absolute core of it is felt in every cell of your being is it authentic.

I offer this in love



I just wanted to say Thank-you Open from my heart for these really in depth explanations of how the Openhand work by opening portals and with respecting and working with the guides, soul families of people from all walks of life.This is very clarifying and reassuring to me.

I feel that portals are being opened inside of me through benevolent higher dimensionary intervention guides, blue ray energy, (not in a detached 4th dimensionary state like how I can so often feel with many fellow humans). But this is different, very different, amazingly different,where the light is descending within the density and change feels it is working in and through me and's a powerful energy that comes and goes. I see energetic knots being unleashed.Trust in the unseen is what I am being told.Blindy,fearlessy and passionately.

''Basically the universe is within you - all aspects of it, all dimensions. But mostly of course, the soul is in a particular density to learn some key aspects of self realisation. So you'll look inside and be working with physical, emotional, mental and eventually karmic density - of your individuated self. This consciousness is reflected into the outer world for you then to work through''.

This is exactly fitting the energy with words, I can't find

Thank-you. What a wonderful evolving journey even through all this dark heavy density. Light can indeed be found even in the darkest of realms, if only we open our eyes and trust we can find the lightswtich. It sounds like a wonderful place that these evolving souls are residing in amongst many portals in Australia and within oneself.

We are coming home, that's it. We are only ever going home.
And sending the energy fully felt through being shown distortions back to their home, that somehow it no longer serves..their game/purpose is over.
Love and light.


It's turning out to be a deeply profound trip here in Oz on literally many levels - which is why I've not had the chance to write much, but it felt appropriate to share one key aspect that's happening, especially as you've been talking about releasing entities here on the site. At a macrocosmic level, that can be done by opening portals - literally removing that consciousness from the Earth and at the same time, you could also be opening channels for evolving souls into new dimensions. It's immensely exciting work. Some star souls are here to open such portals. It works like this: basically the universe is within you - all aspects of it, all dimensions. But mostly of course, the soul is in a particular density to learn some key aspects of self realisation. So you'll look inside and be working with physical, emotional, mental and eventually karmic density - of your individuated self. This consciousness is reflected into the outer world for you then to work through. If you've already worked through these internal convolutions, then your consciousness expands and opens up to higher dimensions, where you begin to unfold and integrate finer experiences and subtlties. I'm not talking about leaving the body here - an "out-of-body" experience. This is where the soul takes a physical - external - journey on the astral planes mostly in the fourth density. I'm not talking about that. I'm talking about opening up internally and locating the densities and dimensions, various cosmic locations, inside of yourself. When you can do this, you become a 'bridge between worlds'.
    So one could be sitting in a room, but accessing three realms of existence simultaneously. If one's able to master the internal convolutions and be calm, even though you're opening into all manner of moving energy, then you can start to ripple the energy of that higher realm out into the room. It's like one's own higher vehicles in the higher densities become active, here and now, encompassing the room and all in it. This is what I mean by opening a portal. Then according to the degree of internal sensitivity the occupants can access in their own fields, they're being activated to touch the aspects of higher self in those higher dimensions. It's utterly magical!

It's something that comes natural to me, having developed it for eons. So when you're sitting in a room and other star souls are beginning to open up to that too, it's so fulfilling. Very challenging though! Imagine opening up and suddenly being deluged with information and energy like an endless raft of internal tornados and tsunamis. The tendency is to want to close down again very quickly! (and most do until they can integrate the process over time). And there's still another fascinating dynamic going on here. It's all to do with the continued Earth Ascension. I do believe this location in Australia is playing a key role in that. Especially since original humans were seeded here (and other key places) with help from the Pleiadeans. It's also a location that quickly drew the controlling intervention (the Opposing Consciousness). The surprise here at the retreat centre, is that we're experiencing some of the lower density consciousness out in the rain forest. It's very heavy - first density. What I call 'raptor consciousness'. In fact the forest has a very 'Jurassic Park' feel to it. Of course this would be enough to (understandably) freak many people out! It's not what you'd expect at a retreat centre. But we need to realise that this energy is a part of our DNA. It is within us, no matter how one would like to suppress and deny it. It's the over consumptive aspect that revels in physicality. The sanitised version of it is what's driving the merciless destruction of the planet right now. And it's there, buried within, subconsciously shaping the choices that one makes until you actively work with it. Then it can be unraveled and stripped away to reveal your sovereignty once more. So that's what I'm doing here with the group (gulp!). Activating the raptor consciousness aspect within an opening, multidimensional portal. Getting them to feel it inside of themselves, to notice the impact it has on their lives. Not to fear it but to embrace it. To penetrate deep into that consciousness. I'm getting them to soften with the choices people often become addicted to. To acknowledge that, not to judge oneself. To embrace it. Then, and only then, can we transmute it into something more humanly authentic (it ultimately will lead to the divine being Divinicus). So what's happening here, as we're doing the internal work, that raptor consciousness is activating, but also being drawn into the portals that are being set up. Then the energy is being relocated elsewhere in the cosmos - it's original source location in the constellation of Draco. Yes I know, it's a bit 'out-there', a bit challenging to get ones head around, a bit "Doctor Who-ish" but nevertheless, it's exactly what's going on. So as these energies get stripped away from this realm and earthly location, it will mean that the 'playing field' becomes more leveled. It becomes easier for humanity to look inside and work with their own distortions caused by this energy. Assuming they want to of course - it's always a choice! Thanks for tuning in. Open


Yes we did some powerful soulmotion - thanks for the reminder! Five Gateways is always exciting, emotional and deeply revelatory - this one in Kiama was certainly no exception. It was a fantastic group, wonderful souls, exploring the true nature of reality, breaking the internal references to illusionary states that the false self so often dwells in. I didn't get a chance this time to take any photos. At the conclusion, we were simply captivated by the energy that was flowing between us. Taking photos can sometimes pop you out of that loving flow. So you'll just have to imagine! (or come join us on one). I did feel to share this wonderful picture though (that I found on the web) of the Kiama bay, just a stones throw from where we were working. It's a stunning coastline.
And yesterday the group arrived here at Govinda Valley for the level 2. I can tell you it's already kicked off with some powerful realisations, not just as individuals, but also a group purpose, which I feel given to share with you all in due course. It's quite simply a Message for Humanity - a "Message in a Bottle". Here's a snap shot of Govinda's. A stunning location with a very rainforest type feel. Love to you all Open


Today I'll be setting up and getting myself ready for Five Gateways to commence. So for those who've not previously at attended one, what's it all about?

Essentially it's a journey through layers of inner consciousness, but it's so much more than what you might consider formal 'meditation'. It's an exploration. We set up the space through a deep and profound connection to the majesty of the source. It could best be described as opening a 'portal' to the source. By holding centre within this all-encompassing void of infinite potential, we then ripple that energy down through the dimensions and align the field in the working space. We become one with it. It's like we step into the source. It feels like home. This is the main aspect of the setting up - perhaps the most important part of the gathering - it's what makes the magic happen.

Then the main work with the guests is to invite them - encourage them - to progressively surrender into these various layers of consciousness. It begins subtly, softly, at the level of the intellect - where so many people experience life, where there are so many traps and illusions to ensnare souls. We'll present a model of reality, through the various levels of consciousness and cause people to explore purpose - why are we really here? What is the true purpose of the moment? Any moment? Through various self realisation exercises, and the continual unravelling of out-dated, distorted truths, the inner reality for which people have been variously attached begins to unwind and unravel.

A deep penetration of the moment ensues. With profound softness and deep inner intimacy, we expand through previously limiting layers and into the core of the soul. It's profoundly moving of course when you relocate a lost aspect of yourself. It feels like coming home after a long and tiring journey away. There is nothing more fulfilling, more completing than this.

People will surrender to varying degrees - depending on how willing and ready they are to let go of the fabrications upon which lives have been built. The portal will interrelate with their own guides, guardians and soul families, plus the angelic realms. Very quickly, the room is positively packed with spirit! We work with these angelic energies that participants may experience a deepening connection, resonance and trust with the truth that they begin to feel. In this 'vehicle' - an 'Arc' really - the journey progresses through the various densities, letting go of much unwanted baggage along the way. Fragments of beingness - lost soul 'gold' - are relocated and integrated as a deep sense of "aha, that's me!"

I love each one of these Activations. No two are ever the same. It's a privilege to meet new people venturing down the path, sharing the beauty and uniqueness of their being, working together, experiencing together and going deep into truth. To me, this is truly living. It's what I'm here for. Bring it on!

Love to all



Well after a humungous journey I've arrived here in Kiama for the first stage of the Openhand events here. To me traveling is important because it gives deep insight into what's going on in the world. Can it really be this out of alignment? Yes!

What happens for me is it stirs energies deep within. Yes there's the challenge of the travel of course, but you have to really see this and feel it that it may evoke energies of realignment and transformation. It's this which inspires the work for me in many ways.

And of course there's the beauty too, intermingled between all the craziness. Kiama has some breath-taking, natural scenery and a few minutes sitting close to rolling waves cleansed a good deal of my travels away.

Tomorrow will be a day of rest and preparation, building energies, opening deeply with the source, feeling the inspiration for how the work 'wants' to be presented. I'm greatly looking forwards to meeting the group.

Much love



That's one beautiful song, I think when I first heard it I played it till the record broke. We await you Open - with much much love and gratitude x


Well it's deep into the Matrix once more - how 'wonderful' Terminal 4 is at London Heathrow - yes it feels pretty terminal! As I sit here watching the flights departing for faraway destinations, I often feel the same way - smiling inwardly, I wonder just how on earth this all keeps going? But it does - a while longer anyway. It is indeed a total afront on sentience. Yet I've discovered a neat way to 'be' in it - as a 'ghost in the machine'. Become as nothing and float right through. Works everytime. The matrix is curious isn't it? So far removed from alignment - every choice one makes, no matter how conscious, still ends up damaging the eco-system in some way. And yet what a mirror too. Everywhere you look, you see exactly what you are not. In so doing, you see exactly what you are! That's why (in some ways) I love it too. Sort of! What really inspires me, is the prospect of meeting like minded souls in far away places, who are also reading deep between the lines and seeing the flow of the divine - not just the divine, but the flow too. That's important - you can either be a bystander in this spiritual revolution or a catalyst of it. And when the flow is coursing through you, where else is there to be? So I'm greatly 'looking forwards' (with centre firmly in the now!) to meeting 'the crew' down under. I love the Aussie energy - and there seem to be so many Plaedeians down there too... "fasten your seat-belt Dorothy!" Speaking of which, I'll be boarding soon for a long flight to China. Oh if I could only take some of those cheap, plastic goods back! Loving you Open PS - it's not going to be to everyone's taste, but Radiohead sure gets the matrix. You've got to own it to break it down. You've got to pierce it to it's core with a deeply inquiring consciousness. If we keep doing this, one fine day will come when we just stand back and laugh at it. How did we all live like this? It can't be true can it? Then we'll smile to each other and the bubble will simply burst before wide open eyes...


Thanks for setting the tone guys, it's exciting to have a new Openhand Australia diary up and running. Hard to believe level 1 Byron Bay was this year! Seems like much energy has been moved and revealed.
This work is truly beautiful - I can't wait to reconnect with the Openhand Australia crew :)


That's amazing Kd - so moving, it really made my day and gets me thirsting for beautiful Australia.

Thank you!


Thank you for heading over here . It will be 'awe' some. Feels like the right timing ;) It will be great to meet everyone.... A song: xx