Containing Sexual Kundalini through Tantra, To then Manifest Creatively

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On the spiritual journey, as kundalini starts to rise from the base, progressively due to the spiritual work you may be doing (chakra meditations for example), then the movement of energy can feel very sexual at times. And it can result in a strengthening of sexual desire that wants to be fulfilled. But that doesn't necessarily mean it's right for it to be expressed sexually, perhaps because the situation isn't right for it, or else a potential partner isn't available, or because the energy is meant to be contained and expressed in a different way, which can then become amazingly creative in your life. You may contain it and embody it, through particular practices of 'tantra'.

Released Kundalini that Feels Sexual

Released kundalini energy might feel very sexual, but there is often a fine dividing line between this and purely creative energy - the two are very closely related. So what you may well find, is that by working to contain the feelings within, without necessarily expressing sexually, that you start to draw all manner of reflective manifestations in the field around you: a beautiful bird for example or some other creature in nature; powerful life-changing synchronicities; you may witness clouds shaping synchronistically in the heavens; and 5D connections forming with new people and creative situations coming into your life. 

One essential aspect of activating kundalini and containing it, is that you'll likely start seeing plentiful reflections of your Twin Flame around you. In the Openhand Approach, the Twin Flame does not physically incarnate. Rather it is the other polarity of the soul, which takes shape near the source, as the soul starts to flow into form - as it incarnates. So at this point, the soul notionally subdivides into two, one part - the Twin Flame - staying close to the source, and the other incarnating. When the soul is active and integrated enough within the incarnated journey, the Twin Flame then begins to generate reflections in the field around the incarnated soul, thus acting as 'homing beacon', drawing the soul through life - through the Universal Torus - inviting deeper integration and therefore progressive 'ascension' back to the source (an inner journey which is reflected into the outer world).

The question is, how to master this movement when it might feel mainly sexual, but the sexual urges aren't necessarily being reciprocated or there are no immediate circumstances for full sexual expression?

An Outline Practice of Tantra

This is where the practice of 'tantra' becomes essential, which to me, is essentially transcending the physical experience by penetrating through it with awareness and bringing the expressed energy fully back inside yourself.

Essentially you allow the kundalini energy to flow, supported by daily spiritual practice (pranic breathing for example); you might then witness someone who activates sexual urges in you, but where there's not necessarily opportunity for that to be fulfilled. Nevertheless you may allow the feelings to flow, but being clear to bring the cycle of energy back within yourself. How to do this? It is the recognition that any kind of sexual fulfillment - orgasm for example - is generated by the sense of completeness that happens within you. It's as if the realised aspect of yourself is meeting and uniting with the unrealised aspect right back at the source - you're essentially having a unification process with your Twin Flame. Which is why it can feel so remarkable. But you do have to practice bringing the energy back inside and not attaching to the external subject. You let it flow out with the expression of your desire, but working to stay completely present and bringing the energy back to you in a cycle. You literally feel the embodiment of the energy within yourself. This can be practiced in actual sexual intimacy with a partner or by self pleasuring - being attentive during release to bring the cycle of consciousness back to the completeness of the source within. But as I've expressed, this tantric practice is not limited merely to sexual intimacy.

Please note: It's also essential to add, that if an external reflection in someone is generating sexual desire within you, but the person is not reciprocating, not to be imagining that you are sexually fulfilling with them through this tantric containment practice - the risk being that you generate unwelcome energetic connections through the field with them anyway, which would then be an invasion of privacy and the other person's sovereignty. But it maybe that the reflections you see create an imaginary vision not related to the subject, which can then be fine to express sexually, through self-pleasuring, in a divinely sacred manner - it not just being about sexuality, but deeply expressed sensuality, connecting widely through the senses, being gentle and sensitive with oneself.
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Where blockages created distorted Tantric Experience

This form of tantra is highly advanced, and the movement of energy is likely to reveal internal blockages, such as in the sacrum for example, where unrealised soul might be attaching in relationship. If you notice this happening, it's essential to strengthen your chakra attunement practices, but also being clear to work in daily life where attachment may be arising - it's about softening into the blockage, exploring where there might be subconscious need, bringing this into awareness and realising the completeness of the One that you already are.
Sample this Openhand Chakra Opening and Attunement Meditation to support your practice

It's also essential to note, that distorted expression of releasing kundalini energy, which then sticks within particular chakras - such as the base for example - can allow in interdimensional entities, which then wish to exploit and harness the releasing energy. I've experienced them feeding purely sexual desire so as to harness this energy - which is one of the highest forms of divine energy - hence the risk of becoming a target. It's essential therefore to be vigilant, totally conscious and aware in your own field, and always looking for aligned expression - the feeling and sense of rightness within how you express, and particularly sexually.
If You Feel Entities Invading Your Field, Try this Openhand Releasing Entities Meditation

Practicing Tantra in Life

If we can master holding the rising kundalini, without necessarily having to express sexually, but then transmute inappropriate desire progressively into internal embodiment of the completion of the energy, then you'll increasingly find that the energy is integrated into your field and life, to be expressed magically in countless ways: when you eat food for example, you fully taste it, being fully present with it, yet again, the delight of actually tasting and fulfilling as consuming, is embodied by witnessing the sense of completion within you as you eat. And you'll find that the contained energy creates countless multidimensional reflections. It's highly manifesting.

If we practice this tantric approach, then you'll most likely witness reflections of your Twin Flame progressively all around you in life: in nature, in songs and music, in the twinkle of a persons eye, in the sign on an advertising billboard. You witness something, feel the arising of energy, but then embody it as a sense of fulfilled completeness in the moment. It feels utterly divine, like you're constantly living with divine presence - the fulfillment of you - all around you. Not only does it feel magical, but the contained internal potential, becomes a powerful creative manifesting engine in your life.

This embodied tantric energy is then 'normalised' within you. It becomes a way of living, where life is dancing around you, continually creating, and being fulfilled as a sense of completeness within. It can be expressed sexually, but doesn't have to be. It is simply creative. Simply divine. I encourage all who resonate with my sharing to explore along the lines I've expressed, but in a way that feels appropriate for you.

If my sharing resonates, consider an Openhand Event to Activate Your Kundalini through the Ascension of Consciousness:  Openhand Online & Terrestrial Events

In loving support

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Dear Open ,

This is a very timely post as I am currently in a new relationship . Transitioning into a sexual relationship from a previous one with a man who was quite repressed ( many lifetimes of wounding I suspect reflecting many of mine as well). I am attempting to be as conscious in the physical aspect of intimacy .I regularly experience conversing with his higher self and seeing sacred geometry during these encounters even though this gentleman is quite asleep to his own self .  There seems to be a pre existing " loop" of energy between our second and heart chakras which is very intense and there is a lot of kundalini releasing itself in these encounters . They are followed often by emotional reactivity as I suspect second chakra stuff including inner child wounding is stirred up in both of us . 

It is an intense learning experience I am going through - staying grounded and yet connected to the higher chakras in what is a very third dimensional phenomenon   . Yesterday ,I sensed a group of reptilians willing to be released and the torus between us seemed to be a bridge for them to ascend . I also invited dragons into my field .

As I am in this relationship new aspects of beingness seem to be showing themselves as I suspect the internal feminine and masculine energies are balancing out. Yesterday ,I felt into very firm boundaries in my energy . 

This is clearly an interesting part of my journey . Thank you for the article Open . It helps me work with the energy better .




15/06/2022 Openhand Journal Update

I've been hearing on the Openhand grapevine that one or two of the community have been experiencing sexual invasion of an interdimensional nature during sleep time. Actually I think this kind of Opposing Consciousness is quite prevalent in the field and a means by which possession takes place and a draining of energy. So I felt to explore and address the subject here today.

In response to the inquiries I'd been getting, the other evening before rest time, I asked the priceless question, "show me!" Sure enough, in the middle of the evening I became aware of a strange vibration that started to encompass my body, which was trying to create sexual arousal - implantation of imagery for example. The vibration became so intense it was kind of like a throbbing/pulsing that engulfed my whole body. I would say it had been exacerbated by the energies of the full moon too.

There was also a sense of white light about it, and I became aware that there was some relationship with the sun. As the pieces of the puzzle began to fall into place, I got the sense the invasion was to do with the Ra energy - an ancient intervention that was prevalent on the planet during Egyptian times but still very much active now. The question was, what to do about it?

I worked to eject the intervention by deepening with the Torus through the chakras. Surprisingly this didn't work for me, which was very unusual. I guessed there might have been a requirement for attunement of one of my chakras, probably the base, which could also have been the reason for the appearance of the Red Admiral butterfly in my landscape recently - we always need to pay attention to the reflections from the landscape I worked with various visualisations - Dragon energy to push the intruder away - but this was only marginally successful. But then another vision came to me - that of fire.

Earlier in the day I'd be shown a presentation by one of the guest presenters at the upcoming Avalon Rising 22 (Openhand's World Ascension Summit coming up in August). It was about the 4 elements and when it came to fire, images of the Glastonbury consumed by fire had been used. This immediately resonated. And so I visualised my body and the surrounding field being steadily consumed by fire. You know what? The intervention disappeared in a few minutes - amazing!

That it was the Ra energy that had interevened made sense. There is a relationship with the Ra energy and the Sun. I got the sense that Ra considers itself dependent and crucially, subservient, to the sun. Hence the power of the visualisation. After that, it was a great night's rest!

I share my encounter to inspire inquiry into the kinds of interventions that go on in the field and how you can deal with them. It's the kind of work we do in Openhand's Extensive Facilitator Training Program.

I also felt to share Openhand's lead article about the subject of tantra (scroll up)...
Containing Sexual Kundalini through Tantra, To then Manifest Creatively

What experiences have you been having in this regard?
Do share if you feel to. I'll gladly offer a reflection.

Bright blessings

Open 💙🙏

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This is a story that is related to the above mentioned sexual energy invasion. So many times I've experienced this, laying down for a nap and waking up aroused for no apparent reason.

And strangely enough, it only happened during daytime naps. I would either dream of something erotic, by myself or with a partner (not always the same person).  Or just wake up feeling hot and as if in the midst of the act. The energy signature of the person showing up in the dream - wouldn't actually come in, only my own sexual response to the thought/presence of him. 

I would wake up and my first full-body thought would be: watch porn. Masturbate. I don't even watch porn; at least, have not for quite some time! I feel like there were some energetic residues from former partners that have been used as gateways into my lower layers of being. (lower as in denser) Almost like finding a bandwidth and tuning into that.

These mainly happened when I was single and unaware of how to channel the flow of creativity and sensuality in a healthy and balanced way. 

I have shifted a little from that mucky sexual energy. I have shifted by going through some challenging events, having to re-establish what is beautiful and true in different densities, starting with the physical body.

But yeah, I don't exactly know how, but maybe this Ra presence is somehow connected to emotionally repressed masculine, to numbness and porn. To quick fixes, haste and lower density fulfillment. To power over others. To sexual abuse. To using someone else's body as means of self-fulfillment. This is true for both men and women (to the degree that each has masculine repressed energies in their field).

I would say among others movement has helped enormously. And also, being a woman, just shifting the types of movement I did, from a brutish energy expenditure to a more fluid one. Going from hard-on sprinting and heavy running to dancing, and cycling. 

Thank you for bringing awareness to Ra. 

Have a beautiful day <3



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Hi Evangeline,

Thanks for sharing - it will help plenty reading. I know many are shy talking about sexual issues so openly, but as you're clearly aware it's very healing. And I hear from plenty through the grapevine that many experience similar.

This stood out from what you said...

I don't exactly know how, but maybe this Ra presence is somehow connected to emotionally repressed masculine, to numbness and porn. To quick fixes, haste and lower density fulfillment. To power over others. To sexual abuse. To using someone else's body as means of self-fulfillment. This is true for both men and women (to the degree that each has masculine repressed energies in their field).

Yes, the "quick fix sexuality" causes a debasement of the experience, which involves subconscious levels of judgment, oppression or victimhood. But when sexuality is expressed sensually, either with a partner or by oneself, then it can be divinely uplifting and help secure balanced and integrated flows of kundalini.

Best wishes

Open 🙏

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Thank you for sharing this, it's connecting a lot of dots for me. I can clearly feel the energy of the distorted feminine actually wanting to be a quick fix for this immature masculine energy and to be objectified and oppressed, how illogical it may seem. For me it feels really challenging not to engage in that, though I'm starting to break it down because I begin to see how heavy of a price I pay. Because of a deep karmic wound most of my life revolves around this theme, "obey, perform and look perfect" and the sexual energy invasion for me triggers this programmed behaviour. By not engaging with it I'm confronted with a deep ancient pain around not wanting to be here, and basically checking out of the lower chakra's. If not for this conditioning of "obey, perform and look perfect", there seems to be no reason for my existence. It's a very deeply ingrained and heavy program that's hard to break down. I have to keep engaging with the lower chakra's, even though right now that means I completely break down afterwards. 


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Hi Hannah - again another brave sharing. Again, one which I believe a lot of women would be able to identify with (some guys too for sure).

It's being objectified but then appearing to gain something from that - some kind of love, and then resources from it. This "prostitution" (I use the word cautiously as a potential karmic trigger to work with) is as old as the mountains, which is prayed upon by the unscrupulous (not just men!). Indeed they can be deeply woven distortions wrapped into the lower chakras which understandably you don't wish to go into. But go into the behaviours we bravely must - denial is no solution. A degree of abstinence will help, interrupting some of the programs that make one susceptible - the kind of partner we might be lured to for example. But then progressively a deep inquiry into the behaviours and allowing oneself to drop right into the lower density feelings, no matter how uncomfortable. That's the only way we can break the conditioning down and come into alignment.

It's right at the moment you lose yourself, in sexual activity for example, where you need to become fully conscious - not to go out of body, bearing in mind that you'll still be wanting to connect into the higher chakras so as to complete the kundalini loop. So it's being earthed at the same time. In these expressions, is where we work to break the behaviours by transforming within them. Of course we must first break the karmic tie at the root of it all.

Remember, we're not getting rid of the truth at the core of these behaviours and karma, which might be loving surrender for example. It might be that you live and work in partnership where there's a healthy synergistic relationship with creating resources - you support each other in different ways. One might be more out there in the 3D whilst the other supports them doing it. It can be a very healthy relationship, providing each knows and respects what the other is giving, and each is empowered in their sovereign choice doing so.

Lots of growth potential for sure!

I wish you well in that - thanks so much for sharing.

Open 💙


28/10/20 Daily Journal Update: Thanks everyone for tuning in to yesterdays sharing on the wonderful Twin Flame dynamic. It's such an important aspect of your soul's journey to discover this phenomenon, and being clear that's it's union with an unrealised aspect of yourself. Here's a link to the main article for those who missed it, including some highly colourful personal sharings...

Twin Flames and Soul Mates: Understanding Their True Nature

I felt to deepen the inquiry today by looking at the related topic of "Tantra". Although this is often seen in the spiritual mainstream as a sexual phenomenon, that's actually far from the truth. Yes, it can be practised and experienced in sexual union, but tantra itself is a much wider dance with the universe.

Essentially tantra is about transcendence and union with the divine. You're being intimate with the outer world - sensual in many ways. Yet you're staying connected with the centredness of the divine source within. Crucially, whatever awareness is directed outwards into reflections around you, it is consciously cycled back inwards to inner completiion.

It's actually a great meditation to practice. Look up into the sky for example, at a sunrise or sunset, or birds floating across the heavens. Marvel at the landscape, enjoy the beauty of it, but stay connected within and bring the energy back inside.

I recall being out on the island of La Palma during an Openhand retreat, looking across the sky on the central volcano, with the light shimmering across the clouds. I could feel myself melting into the landscape, flying through it, as some mystical air dragon! And at the same time, I was working to embody the energy of the scenery and experience. It felt like I'd become the landscape, BUT, myself in it too. It was not long after that these pair of magical ravens came to greet me. It was for sure a magical Twin Flame experience.

So today I would encourage all of you to take some time out, read the lead article above, and then get a sense of the practice of tantra. See how it works for you. And then do share here your experiences - it helps activate consciousness no end. Here's the lead article...

Containing Sexual Kundalini through Tantra, To then Manifest Creatively


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When sexual kundalini is being activated and experienced, and you know it's right to contain, without actually expressing it through sexual intimacy, sensual music, movement and dance can help to integrate and embody the energy. It becomes a natural part of you which then becomes simply expressive and creative - the sexual aspect is tantrically transformed. To me, here is a song that conveys the sense of what I'm taking about. It's time to open up to the unexpressed "Twin Flame" aspect of yourself - let it flow in...

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I'm not has eloquent with words as yourself Open but would like to try to describe what I percieve as the same thing but from a different perspective or experience.

Void experience No1 - I was relaxing on the couch at home and partially awoke ? to lucid dreaming? I had found the location of the "void". 

My visual void - Imagine if you took a black sheet of paper, laid a ruler upon it and then sprayed cosmic silver.  Lift the ruler from the black sheet and you are left with the void inbetween the stars.

I repeatedly entered and exited that void (nothingness) just on the ruler line or rather the line between entry and exit and experienced orgasmic energy only on the EXIT? (x10)  

**My perception is that it is an hairs breath in experience (crossing that very thin line), sort of 'symbiotic' or that the brainwave state (nothingness) to achieve the experience of orgasmic energy or a bliss state (different feeling) is prerequisite to it **  

**This is taken from my diary entry at the time and i'm not even sure what that means anymore!!!

Void experience No 2 (2 yrs later) - Awoke feeling extremly relaxed and felt stirrings of energy which exploded somewhere within my lower stomach.  In my mind i was floating in darkness.  I asked where i was and the answer was " your at the void to which i said "again?"

After this little conversatiin with myself I continued to be able to have multiple orgasm by regaining that previous level of relaxation (in a split second).  I was able to move conciously slightly 'out' where thought and my mind was questioning and then back again where the void and energy (orgasm) resided.  In and out I joyfully went.

Osho - "The centre is only one step inwards. The centre is the core of your consciousness and totally silent. When one reaches to the centre there is an explosion of light. When one reaches to the centre you experience the ultimate orgasm with existence. Your body vibrates with the whole. The silence is intoxicating. You feel yourself drowning into the silence. 

On each of these 'void' experiences i was a bit concerned as to why I should be AT or indeed visualising the 'void'.  This, thus far has been an unanswered question.  I really did not understand my experiences.

As a direct result of engaging with this enquiry that Open has initiated today,  I have come across this;

🌟🌟Void or core of creation🌟🌟
I found this text in relation to some research i was doing on corvids.  I seem to have a connection with either Crows or Ravens and what do ya know as i came to post I saw the absolutely wonderful photo of Open with the Ravens.

This is indeed an ahhh moment 😁


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Fascinating void inquiry Leela - tremendous!

The challenge of the Void, and doing anything that intentionally goes for it, is that when you hit it, there's often an expectation that something will be experienced - of the Void. Osho described 'orgasmic light', which is actually not the void itself, but what emerged (for him) from it.

Earlier in this journey I experienced a period of popping in and out of the Void. I realised that as I popped in, there was a sense of "Wow", that's awesome. Then a question, "how can I be in this the whole time?" The question would take me out! So I switched to something different. Instead I focussed on what was the emergent light at that time. Which of course is the flow (of the soul) itself, and in what ever guise that now wants to express in. I looked for, and centred in, what that thread was. Usually it was some flow of synchronicity. Now what happened was amazing. It was like a bubble burst and a sense of clarity emerged in the background of the experience. Like a complete transparency from which the experience was happening. I realised the experience of the Void was there in the background all the time.

A little further on, after it had remained a while, I asked the question, "what is being aware of the presence (of the Void)?" It became clear that there was a layer of consciousness very close to the source (the Void) that wasn't efforting to be connected to the source but naturally was. By resting in this layer it became like a lens looking into the Void. So there was a tangible experience of the Void - the paradox being is that you cannot experience the Void itself. But this layer close to the Void, around the Void is as close as you can get experientially, and it can hold the Void in the background of experience.

The Void disappears when you "look directly into it" because of a number of reasons: (1) it's so magnificent you want to be there the whole time (so you own it and it disappears!) (2) or there's fear of complete dissociation of oneself (a subtle layer of ego) and so again the Void disappears due to fear. It's only where you come to complete equanimity with it, that it stays and there's awareness of it in the background.

For all those interested, here's Openhand's Lead Article on the Void of Presence

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thank you so much, this helped clear up a lot of confusion 


Dear Open ,


That actually makes sense . When my very old soul daughter was to be born ,I read all the books and did all the yoga and prepped myself for a vaginal birth . However at the last moment my uterus went into spasm and my daughter also seemed to get afraid . Her heartbeat dropped and I experienced birth with a tube in my mouth and under general anesthesia . It took me a long time to get over the guilt and shame of not doing this 'properly' . Now that I look back that fits in nicely with me blacking out as memories of traumatic births previously flooded my system . 

Thank you for your insights 



Hi Megha - good that you're getting into that level of density. Great work Thumbs Up Sign

My sense is that what you're encountering is a widespread issue for women in general. And it's to do with the way Homo Sapiens was engineered. The intervention experimented with a progressive range of genetic hybridisations. It was very much experimental, and in my knowing, countless times 'mistakes' happened. I believe it was more a case of learning by mistakes. So many women who were abducted into the program suffered greatly around child birth. Clearly, when you witness the challenges of birthing today, although you could say the intervention was 'successful' to some degree, nevertheless there are still many challenges related to child birth.

I would say the majority of women on the planet today, are carrying that karma. And it manifests in the kinds of ways you describe - problems with the hips, lower abdomen, uterus, overies etc etc. It's not at all easy I know, but neverthless it can be worked through. There are many tremendous womens groups the world over who're getting into that karma right now, often without necessarily knowing the cause, yet effectively dealing with the trauma anyway.

An Openhander in Budapest called Réka, I know is working with hundreds of women around the whole karmic challenge of child birth.

It's definitely something to work through.

In loving support

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I'm going through a lot internally recently in the last two weeks( awake regularly at 230 am etc.)  . I have shared earlier that I have been feeling deeply into my hips recently . I couldn't ''see" them earlier ,but several session using deep stretch and crying and feeling into them later ,I am able to identify that there is still some density in the ball of the hip joint . I can see it very clearly and now attempt to connect with that ball of very densely tight energy .I was mulling over the fact that so many women have fractures in that area in old age and how that is perhaps the only way to release the crystallized energy in that bone  A friend called just the next day asking for advice about her mother who had an accident and broke her hip .

I am attempting to harness the Kundalini energy as you describe. I think a great deal of fear and repression often derail my efforts ,but recently while self pleasuring I tried to bring the energy back as you put it. The surge of energy that went from my base to my heart chakra was off the charts . For the whole next day I was zinging. And the next day suddenly rediscovered my copy of Magdalene manuscript the sex magic of Isis by Tom Kenyon . 

In the last week I am pushed into some deep density . I am feeling very disconnected and foggy and overwhelmed. So much stuff seems to have come up. I have to let go of the farm I was harvesting organic produce from  in March- it wasn't feeling aligned for a while . Maybe it signifies other avenues to grow in inside and out . I have restarted my dance class as vigorous dance helps to ground the energies so much better ( and plus I love to dance !) 

Just feels like I'm walking n the middle of what I like to think of as growth spurt complete with growing pains and all . 

Insights welcome ! Thank you all in advance ! 





I'm having a loving and honest interaction towards someone through the internet. We have met a couple of times but are physically apart since she lives in a different place. First I thought this was a disadvantage but now I see differently. It helps me to go beyond the body and looks etc and feel the presence inside of me. Its as if the souls are interacting in the heavens as you speak about. I'm not sure if this is a mutual experience or my relative experience. But when I interact in the physical dimension I also have pain and fear - fear of being loved maybe or fear of family(again!) complications from both sides. Fear of losing sovereignty. Some karma for sure. Pain in the sacrum. I'm also experiencing a lot of emotions sexual mainly but I feel to contain it. Kundalini dance was a great idea. I put on a different song and danced to it integrating some of the energy inside of me.


Hi Anatoly - good to see you.

Yes I'd say sexuality is a big lifetime inquiry for many. But it does seem that you're progressively working through the issues and realigning through them well.


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I feel like this an important subject of sacred sexual energy being discussed here.  Thank you for opening to that.  At the same time I know this to be sensitive and taboo area even to the evolving souls because there is so much distortions/karma around it accumulated in this lifetime, stretching to other lifetimes and beyond.

For me, this is also an important subject for exploration and growth as it is challenging and offering opportunity for evolution.  I started exploring sexuality from my early childhood and for obvious reasons that created a lot of distortions around it which fear, guild, shame effecting other aspects of life including OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) which is still subtly effecting my life but to much lesser degree.  For example, I am still having those night visitations (unconscious release) but with less frequency and effect.

I feel like bringing alignment to the expression of sexuality (sensuality) is one of my main lessons in this life.  By bringing the alignment in my own field, the effect can have a ripple effect in the surrounding field as well which is great and needed at this time.

With Love,



Let the energy express Vimal - let it flow through you - is it fear of the movement of sexual expression? Might there be some karma in that? Don't hold back - release and feel through.

There with you.

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Hi Open,

Thanks for the questions. Yes it's most definetly karma - probably persecuted in a past life for a sexual expression, forced against my will or something like that

In this life time I experience the karma as conditioning from parents, my mother mostly and our culture in general. I was told from an early age not to fall for a girl or somethibg bad might happen. My sexuality and self pleasuring was shamed. So I kept shoving it in in order to avoid judgement. I'm afraid to openly express my feelings, needs and love to my parents. I can't definetly blame them because I have heard from the stories that she was conditioned even more intensively by her mother. So the blame wouldn't end anywhere.

I see the universe has perfectly crafted the right situations in my life to experience these constrictions now. Here you either don't talk to each other or you get married. Anything in between is met with disapproving look.  I'm afraid of the sexual movement because I'm afraid of hurting the other person, giving false hope. So if the movement doesn't have any future why express it at all. It would have undesirable consequence like taking away my freedom. There is also attaching to physical form, perfectionism etc.

I had a dream yesterday in which I'm travelling through air in a chair. I kept avoiding the various bolder and breaking down many barbed fences when they stood in my way. I finally reach a house and I'm thinking how to stop this journey. It comes to mind that I don't have to because it's just a dream. And I wake up. My first thought was that the fences might be boundaries im violating. But I think it might be the various conditioning that I'm breaking down inside and I don't have to stop at all. Because it's all an illusion anyway!

Another intriguing and unusual thing happened today. A relative came to visit who was always disapproving of my ways from the beginning. He was telling my apparent in the other room that I must be taken for consultation and he would arrange for it. I was meditating in my room and my heart kept beating wildly. I kept breathing and opening into it and could really only feel love for them who has come together in various ways to provide me with this opportunity of karmic exploration. I don't know if I have broken through the pain but I feel light and relaxed now. This relative kept saying in the conversation that I need to convince others that I'm right!! I guess he was trying to prove himself right. I was laughing inside remembering what you said - "being you might rattle the cages of those around you". Well I agreed to visit the psychiatrist or consultant, it would be fun. But I hope I don't get injected with anything against my will! 😁

Thanks for reading
Lots of love ♥️🙏


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Hi Vimal,

It's great that you're having the deep and continued exploration Thumbs Up Sign

A few strong alarm bells are ringing though, which I felt to reflect. Firstly, in many of your posts, it seems to me that you tend to refer and involve your inquiries with your parents a fair deal - is that right? Yet at the same time, you also express how they don't necessarily support your spiritual journey or inquiries - is that right? If that's the case, I feel to ask... why do you feel the need to consult with them and involve them so much? (as it seems to me you may be doing).

I do understand there's strong cultural connections in your environment, but I do get the sense you're potentially involving them too much in a journey which they're not probably able to fully get, understand or fully empathise with. 

The second alarm bell is allowing others in the family group to then recommend you see a psychiatrist - for what purpose? Because you disagree with their version of reality, because you follow a unique path? My experience of the 'system' is that it can be quite dangerous to those on the spiritual path - there's frequently little or no recognition of soul, and so practices often tend to try to reconfigure the mind, which can be limited, conditioning and dangerous - and yes, often prescription medication is recommended in a lot of cases where people don't conform.

I feel a strong sense to urge you to take more sovereignty with your journey - especially where your family is concerned.
And to set more positive boundaries in terms of who you let into your process - the risk being to take you down pathways that really don't serve your soul.

Wishing you well

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Open, I think you have misunderstood some of the things I said. But you maybe right I allow them into my field. I wonder if its a need for approval? . Ofcourse I understand its my unique journey and none of family can relate with it. I don't talk with them about spirituality at all. But in this particular case if it allowed me to confront with a tightness I had in my heart. How is it necessarily giving away my sovereignity. It maybe diplomacy. Maybe there was a risk on elaborating my 'story' here. I said it as something funny which doesn't affect me at all. I can say No anytime, the power lies within me. I just thought it would be fun! Didnt you we the smiley at the end?! 😁
Yes most of my exploration are where my family are involved. That is because I live and love amongst them and I'm confronting a lot of childhood conditioning. So how would it be positive not to involve them? . I feel that I'm continuity exploring and creating firm boundaries with them and have plenty of space. And I don't consult with them at all! But you maybe right I maybe pulling them in in order for more connection.



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Open another thing I wanted to say is the need for approval from paternal figure. I feel this is a big exploration of mine and its karmic. I have experienced in this lifetime as rejection from father figure upon incarnation here. I know I project this onto you and maybe you can see it too. When I come here I'm pulled in two direction, either I become temporarily high or down into despair. I'm been exploring this for a long time and I really want to get out from this. I'm only sharing and becoming vulnerable here in hope of an opening into this pain. Ultimately that's all I'm looking for even though I walk into blind alley sometimes. When I write here it is tainted by this filter. Even in day today life i tend to conform unconsciously to the likes of my father - someone who is unnaturally calm. There is a tightness in my throat when I write this down.


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Hi Vimal - it's great that you're opening up and being vulnerable - a sure way to progression HeartPraying Emoji

I have to say I didn't respond with the family perspective because of just this latest post - to me, it's been a constant theme there in the background for some considerable time. I find myself often asking... "why are you still so concerned about family and what they might think?" It's just a general impression that's come across through the ether. But if you genuninely feel I'm mistaken, then it could be the case. Although usually when I 'see some smoke', there's a degree of fire behind it.

It's also good that you're honest about projecting the paternal figure onto me. I don't have a problem with it, that kind of thing happens all the time. The important thing is that you're owning it. And I think it's really positive to feel both attraction and a degree of 'repulsion'. I'm happy that we're probably reflecting both sides of the same coin - an invitation to stay connected, yet draw clear boundaries about what exactly is your truth.

I say this to you and to everyone, Openhand 'intentionally' (because it tends to naturally happen) acts as a mirror to bring things into awareness. It is NOT saying 'this' or 'that' is the truth. What is offered is more a framework for inquiry - a perspective in which to explore.

Wishing you well

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Open, it's very synchronistic that you put the commentnow because I was going to reply something along the same theme. Which is
Now that I have gone through the pain a fair deal, in retrospect I see how all of this is perfectly configured by the flow to reveal the various attachments. It's beautiful. It means we can never be wrong. So trust in the flow is essential. Open if I'm not invading on your privacy could I ask out of curiosity, can you read where the flow is heading beforehand? Like in this case for instance. What can you possibly learn from these simple conversations.?
I'm amazed by the timing of the flow.

I still think you may have misunderstood somethings I have written and it's probably because I eloborated a single day's story without what was leading upto it. But you were also right on this concern about what my family thinks specially in my sexuality and to whom I'm engaging with. The smoke has been lifted, I can see a bit more clearly. I will be more aware within family interaction where I'mosing my soveigrenity.

I was a bit doubtful of inviting you into my stuff but apparently not. Though I don't understand what you mean by two sides of the same coin

Thankyou 🙏



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Can I read the flow beforehand? No. Not exactly. But I am 100% committed to being in the flow in this moment, all the time. I don't let ANYTHING stop me. Because I've journied enough to know that everything else is illusion. Wherever there is any tightness, that is ignored, it leads to living in the illusion and I can't see the point of that - except as a means to discover there is no point to it!

I don't think about what I write, nor do I use logic to ask the questions I do. They come out of the ether and I recognise them as the inquiry of the moment - what's being invited to be explored. When you do this, you align with the magic and mystery that is connecting around us and clicking in around us. You and I - plus others - have ALREADY aligned this inquiry 'in the heavens'. Now lower mind is simply catching up - that's why it may look like one is reading the future. What you're actually reading is 'future-landing-now', in this moment, without any time delay or warping of lower mind and distortion (or relatively little at least).

That tends to be how it works for me.



OK adding a bit more. In opening up my feeling honestly suddenly I'm thrust with fear. Fear of not being able to stand my ground. Fear of being forced against my will by people around me. What if I end up resenting making a choice that I did not want to take. Fear of taking my independence and soveigrenity from me. Pain in my sacrum. 

I put on a song by snow patrol - run. The energy passes through  the whole of my body. 

Light up, light up
As if you have a choice
Even if you cannot hear my voice
I'll be right beside you dear
Louder, louder
And we'll run for our lives
I can hardly speak I understand
Why you can't raise your voice to say



Hi Vimal - I'd say the exploration of sacred sexuality is one of the leading ways in which we can develop spiritually - it brings up many distortions that invite internal alignment and really teaches one the application of tantra in life: being in the physical, but not of it or attached to it.

In sexual union, or even when contemplating the potential of it with another, energy fields can begin to be connected. That's why I felt it important to express the be careful about invading someone else's field where the feelings are not reciprocated. Essentially you probably wouldn't want that to happen to you - energies cam get entwined in your field if your not being careful to continually cleanse your field and align it with your own vibration - being fully sovereign. Ultimately it's our own responsibility to be that, but where someone isn't fully conscious and integrated in this way, it just risks imposing on their field. Maybe that's why you experienced the synchronicity of her moving away.

Wishing you well

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Hi Open, 

I'm so glad that my simple comment inspired you to write an entire article. I feel I'm taking baby steps through these but still I could resonate with most of what you shared. It also helped me to have an overview of what I was already dealing with

Like you say in the article, I feel this sexual urges towards someone who is reciprocating. But the situations are not at all favourable. I openly and honestly shared with her which revealed a lot of attachment she was holding onto which stems from a lack of acceptance of her situations. It also showed me some expectation because of a lack of trust in the divine. I guess the relation transformed from something merely sexual to something more meaningful, divine. Though I would have liked the emotions to stay. I guess this is what you mean by bringing the energy back into oneself. 

I have also experienced in the past intimacy towards others who Im sure where not reciprocating. I don't understand how it can be a breaching of one's privacy and soveigrenity. But one time, this particular girl surprisingly unintentionally moved away from my landscape. And I felt I may have violated some boundaries but within my mind.

Much love ❤️