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I've been out travelling around Britain during lockdown again, in my third Vlog series exploring the shift during these highly alchemical times. This one is greatly inspired by Tolkein's Lord of the Rings epic adventure. Come and join in by sharing your thoughts, feelings and favourite music. Especially during these challening times, let's inspire Fellowship of like minded souls and ripple waves of light around the planet...


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06/03/2021 Fellowship of the Rings Concluding Vlog: Dreaming Spires, Aspiring Dreams: Phew, after a mammoth effort yesterday I managed to weave the concluding video from Openhand's Fellowship of the Rings vlog tour. And very poignantly the tour was completed in the city of Oxford, where Tolkein wrote Lord of the Rings. What might that epic adventure have to tell us all about the situation in life on the planet today? That's what I worked to convey, together with signs and synchronicity abound. I trust you enjoy and are inspired...

Blessings to all

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Fantastic and deeply inspiring tour, tremendous work especialy with all of the vlogs being crafted and shared with us.

There's been much resonance with some of the entries, especailly elm trees have spoken to me to the level of tears. Number of synhronicities speaking to me, throughout 'story of the rings' and last videos is just enhancing a heartfelt connection to dreamspace. One of the biggest insights of my own tour in last weeks, is about accelerated 'recovery rate' in joining the ascending wave.

It seems that Openhand's energies assist me to process 'lower energies' at such a skillful manner, that immersion towards sheningans of society offers gold-like opportunities for opening the cracks into the crumbling matrix.

Dreaming this life into existence, there is the quality of hope within society, that is transforming into actual embodiment of divine beings starting to discover a way towards sovereignity. The pathway ahead, might be full of thorns, yet we've never been more ready than in current times.

Gratitude and blessingsπŸ’šπŸ™β€

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That's a deeply moving feedback loop Miha - much gratitude The Sun EmojiPraying Emoji

You got the point of this exactly - let's connect together, now more than ever, and reflect back to each other the growing energy of the higher 5D paradigm, which is accessed in the "dreamspace".

I still see plenty of people's energies as either quiet or too accepting of the veils of the "new norm". We can, and must, peel them from our consciousness - make the narrative you live about the shift out of the density.

Profound thanks from the heart for tuning in and sharing.

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05/03/2021: Fellowship of the Rings Vlog - Concluding Video to Come: I'm back in Glastonbury now after my Vlog Tour up the backbone of England, through the industrial Midlands and into the Northern Pennines. I don't mind telling you it pushed me energetically on many deep levels! BUT, a lot of energy was moved, a good deal of gaping holes punched through society's veils. I'm currently weaving my concluding video to share with you all, from the dreaming Spires of Oxford, where Tolkein wrote Lord of the Rings, and, as it happens, my soul exchange incarnation began too. So most definitely rings coming into completion!

Here are a few photos to whet your appetite...

In the meantime, we've just announced the latest Openhand events from Easter Till August. Come along and experience the amazing transformative alchemy of the Openhand work... Openhand Events Easter Till August 2021

Fond Blessings to all

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04/02/2021 The Singing Ringing Tree Video: Here I'm sharing a beautiful experience which felt light and expansive - exactly what was needed after the density of Stoodley Pike. It was my visit to the "Singing Ringing Tree", a man made sculpture on the northern edge of the Pennine mountains, the backbone of England. And the light of the sun-up was simply stunning. Enjoy and do share what you take from it....

Blessings to all.

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Faith, trust, letting go of the reigns...now more than ever I see the futility of hanging on to things that never mattered in the first place. And slowly starting to let myself see the gorgeous freedom of that. So much density to shed still but definitely noticing small shifts. Even as the old ego still tries to cling, a bigger part of me feels excited , and aches for the freedom and blessings coming. Oh glorious change! What a beautiful place and a beautiful day of hope. I could stay there forever. The hum of the tree is so powerful and hopeful, feels like anticipation; something big is coming. Thank you for the reminder to keep connecting with Gaia, I miss her so much with this late winter. Wonderful song and you have such a lovely voice. Beyond magical, thank youπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ

03/02/2021 Fellowship of the Rings Journal Update: I've been camped out next at a place called the "Singing Ringing Tree" on the northern edge of the pennines, with an altogether different energy - much more expansive and open. I'd heard about the tree from our resisdent shaman Tilly Budd, so felt to come up here. It sure is a beautiful site.

I had a fascinating evenining experience whilst resting up. I'd found a quiet little spot, tucked away of the access road, on a high rough track. When in the middle of the night, about 2 or 3am in the morning I was awakened by a white van reversing up the track. It wasn't till it got along side I could see it was a police van. I opened the side door as he wound  down his window, "what are you doing here?" in a pleasant way he asked. I guess he knew from my number plate that I was from Glastonbury. "I'm an Ordained Spiritual Minister (which I am), on essential spiritual business helping people overcome the negative impact of lockdown", was my reply. To which he responded, "Okay, no problems". With that he simply smiled, closed his window and drive off.

I reflected it as a "hang over" from what happened previously - that I hadn't been enough "off the radar" but that now, my connection into that energy was diminishing. And I guess that in being polite to them, they are now being polite to me - that would be nice to think. Life and the journey is a magically funny adventure indeed!

Anyway, here are a few pictures of my day at the singing ringining tree to wet your appetite for the video I'm weaving together. What might Gaia have to sing to us?...

Blessings to all,

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02/03/2021 Fellowship Vlog, Liberation of the Orions: In terms of what I see, feel and perceive, currently the greys are very much behind the lockdown of society and movement towards a synthetic reality. They're influencing the human psyche through the 3D/4D field and shutting down the carrier signals of the soul - to me, that's the principle reason for the "jibjab". However what I'm also witnessing is that there are big cracks in this collectivised consciousness too - plenty are ready to surrender and rejoin the light. So as lightworkers, processing this grey energy, transmuting it, and bringing the Orions (as they originally were) back to the brother/sisterhood of light is paramount to realignment through the shift and the liberation of humanity within it. That's exactly why the Openhand Facilitator Program helps release these entities from people's fields and the wider multidimensional landscape of key locations.

With this in mind, I was guided to this key fulcrum site, "Stoodley Pike", an obelisk high up in the Pennine Mountains (the backbone of England) that is energetically overlooking Greater Manchester and many of the surrounding suburbs. It's a hefty energy for sure. However if the polarity can be reversed so that's it's taking grey energy out, then that would support a strong shift in the balance towards the light for the whole area. The purpose being to help break the lockdown log-jam wherever possible.

Here below is my latest vlog of the experience that also shares a meditation which you can join in with to clear sites of dense grey energy that you might know of in your location. Let's ripple the light!...

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Dear Open,

Meditated with you through the video . I could feel he earth bounds as well as the really powerful oppressive grey energy in the 8th chakra . I could also envision the obelisk within myself and as I bowed into the really deeply dense energy I saw 2 things one was a change in its DNA -something about the direction of spiral changing in the crystals. And then as I was bowing to the right I could feel a wave of Plaedian energy coming down. 

This video gives me a good idea what to β€œdo β€œ in my hospital- rife as it is with grey energy. I have managed going into that place after the jabs only by managing to spend the least time in it . And also distracting myself ( I can barely think without putting on some spiritual music !) . But I am going to try what you just did with the hospital and will post later . 

( On a totally unrelated and slightly frivolous note ,I have the exact pair of shoes -my favourite pair . I go everywhere with them :))

Namaste !


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That's a fantastic Stoodley Pike feedback loop Megha - brillaint!
Especially the 8th chakra view and the Pleiadian energy coming in - there was definitely a positive sense to the site despite the greyness and all the people I met and spoke to were light and friendly.


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Wow, I've got a lot of density myself rn but I can say it feels weird there, no other way to describe it. Good reminder not to blame, I still find myself getting angry. Reminds me of this quote from Meister Eckhart:

" The only thing that burns in hell is the part of you that won't let go of your life. Your memories, your attachments, they burn them all away. But they are not punishing you, they're freeing your soul. So if you're frightened of dying, and you're holding on, you'll see devils tearing your life away. But if you've made your peace, then the devils are really angels, freeing you from the earth."

Doggie love!πŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’š


01/03/2021 Fellowship Update Vlog: I've been travelling up the backbone of England, driven by powerful sycnhronicties and yet through turgid dense energy - I've never known it like this before, you can palpably feel the roll out of the synthetic reality. It's becoming much more a technocracy, that seems to envelop most people and especially in the poorest areas. I'm still working to weigh up the degree of acquiescence to the state narrative. In supermarkets just about everyone wears a mask, but having said that, there are clearly plenty of people on the roads or out at the nature spots that are not obeying lockdown. Despite the turgidity, the higher dimensional flow nevertheless speaks very strongly, but you have to be disciplined to stay in that vibration - to keep connecting, breathing and meditating, making sure your diet is high vibration and connecting with nature as much as possible.

Yesterday I was given to work up at sites high up in the pennine mountains, with energy centres that no doubt influence far and wide. Like this foreboding monument called "Stoodley Pike". Actually it was a great place to reverse energy polarity and get dense grey energies moving on. It felt highly successful and I'm currently weaving a video of the experience to share with you all soon. Meanwhile here are a few photos to give you a sense of the place. Don't be put off by the apparent density, I had a good deal of angelic experiences here too!...

It is dense out there folks, but we can punch holes through it all and get the higher dimensional flow moving. That's what's needed to help humanity now more than ever. High time to get alchemising!...

Blessings to all

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27/02/21 Fellowship of the Ring Vlog: Group of Nine: well I had to get rid of all that dense energy from Birmingham and travelling up through the Midlands of the UK - phew, I can tell you it's heavy. It means I've been getting through the work a good deal slower than on the last two tours - I trust you all have the patience, because it's kind of like unwinding through thick black treacle here!

Yesterday I took a welcome break at a woodlands I know to connect with a tremendous group of nine elm trees, who helped me channel the energy away. I also got a startling insight into what the "jibjab" actually does to people and those around them. Speaking of grey energy.

And just to be clear, any DNA changes through this can be reworked and realigned where there's commitment. Good breathing meditations like the Openhand Bow and the Chakra attunements through the different densities helps greatly. Praying Emoji

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Hi Open,

I love these vlogs and the releasing of the heavy density.  I'm shocked at how many people are so eager and desperate to get the jibjab.  Now a 3rd jibjab has been rolled out in the U.S. and talk of more variant surges, more jibjabs being created daily without appropriate testing, I think they plan to keep locking down everyone from now on, though nobody gets in trouble for being out or traveling here.  I can't see how this can continue for another 30 years.  They're even looking to jibjab the homeless...searching for them!  They say jib's not effective but then keep jabbing and rolling out in record time more new types.  Nobody even pays attention to the dangers of jabbing so many times, much less once.

The one bright spot in my town so far is the police have not enforced things since the 1st lockdown last year.  They only stop cars for speeding and erratic driving.  This town on the ocean is called city of light on the Oregon coast.  There are some vortexes and a lot of awake souls that have gathered here.  I wish I could get folks to see how they just want to push the jibjab repeatedly and that's it, but I know it won't register with them.  I will never get any of that crap.  I'll just shine on, release into the earth as density comes and keep tuning in here.

I can feel the density for sure.  I know some of my friends will get the jibjab and it saddens me, speaking out to them falls on deaf ears, even though they've never had flu shots over the years, they are drawn to get the jibjab.  I know I have to allow them to experience as they wish.  It's hard though.  I just give them hugs every chance I get!  

I'm hoping to get some massage work very soon, within the week I think, to get the angel energy moving in the area of my angel wings.  I keep seeing a vision of my angel energy and the angel wings opening wide and surrounding this town with protection.  I will stand as long as Gaia allows.

Sending you blessings and hugs, Praying EmojiHeart



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Dmaear Sherri - you're doing just great!
Excellent that you're clearly maintaining the positive vibe through all these density of the plandemonium HeartPraying Emoji
Yes rolling out the jibjab is the current big thing of the shadowstate, which will shortly be followed by trying to push through the innoculation passport for travel - they're already pushing that hugely across European states - trying to introduce them this summer.

If we keep the faith and keep working the field through our meditations, then I'm positive we can punch gaping holes in the agenda so the light may keep coming through and freedom of movement can be retained. That's really why I've been doing these vlog tours.

Blessings to you

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Hey Sherri, so with you on this, these vlogs are my anchor rn, just watching sets me right again after being in the mainstream all day. And I agree, knowing people you care about continuously choosing the matrix is very difficult but one thing I'm learning as a chronic "helper" (finding out it's more about guilt and forced obligation) is what Open says, that you just can't interfere with others karma. And you can't teach them, only try and show them how to find out their own truth. Paraphrasing Carlos Castaneda: "you should never approach anything directly" so as Open says, all you can do is change yourself and be an example. But oh it's hard to let go sometimes. So happy for your wings, angel! Wish I could help you with massages. Hope we can meet someday!

Love to youπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ™


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I had the most interesting dream.  I was outdoors in Nature and saw this room like a cave or root cellar in the ground.  The door was wide open so I looked down inside and saw thousands of Monarch Butterflies sheltering in that room.  The interesting part was every single one had an extra outer part to their wings that was a beautiful purple color.  I'm not sure what it meant but pretty sure I was being shown something.  It was fascinating.

Namaste, Praying EmojiHeart


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Thank you so much for that connection ! Today I was able to really tune into this vlog and I could FEEL the energy of the tree . Grief is what I felt in my throat ,and there seemed to be a lot of messages for me personally in what they had to say. Inquiries about purpose and what the heck I am doing with my life. Also a  sense that I am meant to be doing energy work here .

Last weekend I travelled to a small village in the heartland of the Gangetic plain. The visit was ostensibly to inspire some young women to learn to stand their ground in the face of the immensely suppressing patriarchy prevalent in these parts. But it was so much more. The whole visit felt alchemical ,set as it was among fields of flowers and ancient mango trees . When we were returning we got β€œ lost” and I felt into a strong contraction in the throat through that six hour journey . 

Thank you for lighting the way 

PS . In the first video you showed a piece from the movie that showed Gandalf the White shining his staff. I feel to add that I think that’s the activated third eye that is capable of banishing the seemingly powerful grey energies 


Hi Open,

This is such a lovely vlog! Thank you! <3

Also, it looks like there is a ghost figure of a bulbous head alien gray behind the police car. And to counterbalance it, as always, a copious amount of angelic energy!! :)) <3

wishing you well on your journey,




26/02/21 Fellowship Vlog Journal: Hi to everyone tuning in, there's a wonderful inclusive vibe here - thanks so much for your energy. Yesterday I travelled up through the industrial "heartland" of England, specifically passing through Birmingham - wow the energy was intense and dense I can tell you. Torus the Bull was on Openhand's horroscope yesterday and I mannaged to shoot some great footage at the Bull Ring Shopping Centre, which was teaming with boys and girls in blue, like some police state. However everything flowed brilliantly including a respectful encounter with them where they tried to close down the shoot, but I applied the common law to turn them away. Unfortunately though, when I came to compile the footage, there had been a technical glitch and none of the sound came through!

Sometimes these things are sent to test us and I can tell you I did have to deal with a good degree of disappointment! Nevertheless, the show rolls on and I'll be travelling again today, first grounding and dispsensing with all that dense energy that I encountered - phew, it was heavy!

I do have a few pictures to share and I'll get back round to video just as soon as I can.

Torus the Bull on the Openhand Horroscope - time for some obstinacy!

Blue and yellow hornest everywhere!

With all due respect, I stand under the jurisdiction of God's natural law, and I'm afforded the right to freedom of movement, assembly and expression (clearly, judging by her shoulder number, she was an angel in disguise!):

The show rolled on, with some ever present angels wings in the background!...

End of the shoot, wow, it looked like huge angel's wings in the sky!


Blessings to all, Open HeartAngel Halo


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Yesterday I somehow slipped into a million years old sadness just to find how much my soul yearns for an eternal love. In this morning's meditation I travelled down into darkest depths of eons to remember and to find the strength to rise again up to the sun and even higher...

Thanks to the Openhand Bow - the brilliant tool to process the pain of body-mind Praying Emoji

This journal update reminded me of my obstinacy - Thank you! When I was finishing school many many years ago that I barely remember :) my teacher of literature wrote to me "I wish you that your obstinacy would help you in most difficult moments of your life". Yes, Bulls have that...

Ample of love Heart Heart Heart


25/02/2021 Having Fun with Gaia: Our blessed Mother Gaia was speaking to me strongly yesterday in a number of beautiful and profound ways. Especially she was talking about how she is in the process of "reclaiming herself". That's what was expressed most strongly and what I shared in my latest vlog, "Sacred Gaia"... watch out for the cheeky gaggle of Gaia's geese right at the end!...

Much love to all

Open HeartPraying Emoji

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Impressive! Freezing water baths! 

But the first thing caught my eye straight away was the length of video time 11:11.

The other interesting number sequence I got today was x8xx8 78878 - I continually seeing 7s everywhere and now 8s seem to be woven in. The availability of resources seem to be endless or something else - I need to figure out that combination 7s and 8s. 8s for me mean endlessness or infinity or eternity...

I would express my love to Gaia with this Song from a Secret Garden

Warmest wishes to all Star Emoji


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Man I love your spirit! That dip felt chilly yet invigorating! The countryside is so beautiful. I managed to bring my vibe up today and really do feel excited about the shift. I do feel deeply that this absolutely has to happen and despite the fears and sadness (for myself as well; the regret I didn't enjoy her to the fullest every single day) and worry I'll "miss the boat", I feel a sense of "at last, real change!". And for myself as well. So ready to reclaim myself! And I'm starting to feel like I am, and that I might make it after all. Some inquiring made me realize that I do still struggle with feelings of unworthiness and I believe that's one of the things slowing my progress, but I'm ready to dive into some rabbit holes and wander into some caves, so to speak. Thinking about the animals, it occurred to me that hey, maybe they already know about what's to come and have already accepted it. Maybe it's time I did too. That will be the ultimate surrender and I so want to get there. Thanks for another great one!πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ™

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Hey fellow Openhanders, in the spirit of fellowship and with Open's blessing of course, I was wondering if anyone would be interested in doing group meditations? Given that many of us are too far to connect in the physical, we could connect in the ether! If you're interested, give a shout-out along with when and how often you'd want to do it.


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Watching the "Sacred Gaia" Vlog, towards the end Open, when you're back in the vehicle: The river was visible through the window, with light and dark shading of reflections in the water. Sitting back and watching from a distance I saw the scene as a big waterfall cascading over a cliff edge. The energies (end-urges) flowing inexorably onwards, the 5D shift visible through the 3D. It's literally all falling off a cliff here! There is tremendous power and turbulence, but just beyond there lies a sanctuary; a pool of peace, comfort and beauty waiting to hold us while we bathe, cleanse and restore.

Now I've described that, I recall the vision I saw on Solstice 2012, as Gaia birthed her 5D vehicle, I saw the covered head and shoulders of Mother Mary holding the Christ child in her arms, only for the exact outline to morph into a mountain with flowing waterfall and enclosed pool at the base. The 5D earth was born. In your vlog I saw the transfer of energies gathering pace.

Tilly Praying Emoji


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Dear Open ,

I loved the whole.experience and could really feel the power in the Flow of the river. Today, as I saw the video I could really feel the 5D energy coming in strongly especially in the section where the rainbow emerges . Those orange clouds and that energy ,it just warmed my heart. Despite the insanity of all that's happening with the acquiescence to the jabs etc. ,it really makes me see the higher perspective . Thank you ! 



Hi Open,  

I really enjoyed your Angels video today and the others also.  Months ago I did a post on this website about being visited late at night by an angel who said he was Gabriel and was watching over me.   I've had people tell me I have a lot of angels around me.    Another person had mentioned that some people could grow angel wings.  I've had the strangest sensations in my back lately, especially inside the right shoulder blade area, like something was wanting to erupt from under the skin but I can't feel it physically with my hands. I sense it as an opening for something and it almost feels like a sharp poking sensation is the best way I can describe it.

Today as I watched this angelic video, that sensation returned strongly.  You said you sensed an angelic vibration in me.  Am I sensing angelic wings?  Crazy question I know....  There are people who call me an Earth Angel.   I do speak with my angels and guides daily.

Regarding the false narrative, the news claims the vaxx will create herd immunity, yet say it won't protect you from getting the VIR.  So nobody questions what is the real purpose behind the vaxx.  Our news says ones who got 2 vaxxes then got the VIR 2 weeks later, are now having dna sequencing tests performed.  No flu shot ever required that so I'm wondering if they're looking to see how broken the dna is yet, or how blocked.  I too am shocked at how many want to be vaxxed!  I also see how the immensely powerful storms here in the U.S. are causing vaxx sites to be closed and vaxx to be delayed in shipping.  I celebrate out loud every time I hear that!  Maybe those delays will give more people time to wake up and decide not to subject their body to that sinister vaxx.

I'll keep tuning in to see these awesome videos, and thank you for sharing them!

Namaste, Praying EmojiHeart


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Hi Sherri - I'm so glad these pearlers keep coming out.... Strange feelings under the shoulder blades or back?
People who've had some previous incarnation in angelic form often feel curious sensations there - and no, it's not stupid or crazy, as soon as you mention, "oh, those are your angelic wings", it seems to open a doorway, ease the pain and allow integration of that energy. A good thing to do would be to get massage in those areas.

And then begin to accept your angelic role in the world!

This one's for you....

Much love

Open Angel HaloPraying Emoji

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Thank you Open that was awesome and gave me chills.  A man dressed in black coat like on the video has visited my dreams in the past.  I have a friend who has been a massage therapist for 35 years and they would be happy to massage me and have before.  I feel the sensations near my shoulder blades on my back.  I have a lot of flying dreams too... and the one where I was standing at a portal watching people go into it.  So I will work on the angelic role in my life more!

I was put in facebook jail today for 30 days based on something I shared last Nov. 2020, or so they claim.  So I cannot post or comment on facebook anywhere for the next 30 days at least.   I'm glad I can still see the posts and such on there and can come here and be able to comment.  I may have angelic energy but I'm certainly a very strong willed one.  lol  

Praying EmojiHeart

Thank you,


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Dear Sherri ,


Feeling the warmth and occasional itching at the back of my back as well. As also the very strange feeling that I venture into different places during sleep ,and occasionally before sleep and β€œ work β€œ those sites . The last was about a week ago where I saw myself in the Taj Mahal and helping a LOT of earth bound souls leave into the ether . Strange dream ,that  !





Thank you Open - this was such a powerful vlog it gave me chills!

Did anyone else see the energy round Open in yesterday's offering when he was moving against the sky?

This looks like being the most powerful odyssey yet - go Open!


PamPraying Emojivoltage emoji iconHeart

24/02/2021 Fellowship of the Rings Vlog: Hi everyone tuning in. Thanks so mcuh for sharing all your feedback loops, responses and music. Good to see you Rich, Barb, Daniel, Bonnyboots (love the name!), Asya (great Bliss track!) and Megha - I'm glad someone is picking up on the Morgana energy too, aka Morgan Le Fay, who is the female equivalent of Merlin. How about all you white witches out there, what are you experiencing?

My connection on Feb 22nd was very much with the Arc Angels, and especially St Michael. That's what drew me to this highly alchemical chapel at Brentor on the edge of Dartmoor, with a fabulous stained glas window featuring him. I managed to weave together this vlog to share with you all. When you watch it, do take a few moments beforehand to breathe and get that sense of angelic connection. It was blustery and stormy, which added a more powerful, masculine feel to the energy...

May the angels be with you all Angel Halo

Open HeartPraying Emoji

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This is so beautiful sharing, Open. I can sense that subtle angelic vibration, I feel inner excitement and tenderness while watching.

But really today I sense a bit different energy - something slightly wilder... I experienced weird perception of movement in the sky around the sun which impossible to put in words but I'm sure that was only me who could see those various subtle colours there. I could see skies bleeding in red, sun changing from blue-white to yellow light, grey-violet clouds trying to cover the sun and something more - all kinds of weirdest things :) And all that was in a constant movement, like a vortex in front of the sun. I could feel like some battle is going on on the energetic level, but not too aggressive, rather gentle and at the same time powerful play. Though it's just my own perception after all.

Can't wait to see what will come with tomorrow's vlog video... Praying Emoji

<3 I would like to dedicate the following songs to at least two powerful ArchAngels that I feel their presence and support through my life <3

With love to all and everyone Heart Angel Halo Heart


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Yes, indeed. That's my favourite, both - the Angel and the song. It's being said, and I do feel that, that Gabriel brings more divine feminine energy while Michael's energy feels more masculine.

I'm glad you like it  <3

Blessings Praying Emoji


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Hauntingly beautiful place. I felt such a deep peace watching. Archangel Michael is someone I've called on many times, and I even got a glimpse once during a breakdown and my clairvoyance, or clairaudience, opened up unexpectedly and I had spirits speaking to me. But I wasn't ready for it and got so scared I called for him, and I saw his light coming through!!! I hid from it though because I was so scared at the time I didn't realize it was him lol! I will never get enough of these tours you do, thank you!!! Happy trails!


Dear Open,

So many things spiked for me in the video ,I don’t know where to start . But especially the feeling that one needs to establish β€œ islands in the storm β€œ that’s a recurrent feeling I am having . While I feel I am still needed here in this dense city ,I also feel the wisp of an opening about a new home ,a new base . 

I am feeling the Morgana  energy ! And also since early morning today a burning at the centre of my back and neck as karma burns ...to give way to new frequencies ?I am planning a trek in March and am looking forward to sharing pictures and videos . 

Lots of love to you and all those tuning in !


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Hi Megha, I feel that too, to find an island in the storm. I'm champing at the bit to get out to the country, had enough of city life. But I must be patient and allow right action to arise from stillness. I'm excited for your trek and to see your posts!

Love to youπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ™

OMG I'm having the most incredible breakthrough!!! I finally processed all the stuff I've been holding onto from my father. Lots of anger and humiliation and fear. He died a year and a half ago and I hadn't spoken to him in some time after a fight we had. My anger towards him had been growing for some time. So I was thinking about all the ways he had hurt me and let me down and suddenly I got an image of a picture I had seen of his father, and how miserable he looked. And suddenly it all clicked. IT WASNT HIS FAULT!!! Or mine!!! I wasn't wortlhess and hated and stupid. Like his father and most likely his father before him had made him feel. And carrying that amount of pain around all the time is exhausting and sometimes needs an outlet, especially when triggered. As I well know. By the way, I think he would have loved you too Open😊. I immediately began weeping with chagrin that I had not only blamed him for so long but never saw him before he died. Because it wasn't all bad and I realized that he was my best friend whom I could talk to about anything. Now even though I'm finally in grief over his loss, I feel lighter, freer, less physical pain, and everything just looks better. Like a cloud has lifted and the sun came out! It feels amazing not hating him. I test it some more and realize there's more to work on, but I don't hate him anymore, and realize my own part in his later behaviour, I'm not so innocent in this. wow, that was liberating!!! I have hope again and I'm starting to understand what real freedom is! I hope I get to talk to him again some day. I'm so glad I have somewhere I can finally share this stuff with, than you.πŸ’œ

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Wow, what a breakthrough, it feels so intense, like a big flash flood. Immediately I got kind of deja vu, there was similar feeling when Castaneda got his realization, here's from his book:

I took off my wet clothes, covered myself
with a poncho, sat in my bed, and veritably wept my head off, but not for myself. I had my wrath,
my unbending intent, not to let them eat me. I wept for my fellow men, especially for my father. I
never knew until that instant that I loved him so much.
"He never had a chance," I heard myself repeating, over and over, as if the words were not
really mine. My poor father, the most considerate being I knew, so tender, so gentle, so helpless.

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That is so beautiful and particularly meaningful as my father had been a big fan of Castaneda and Don Juan! He passed on a lot of his books to me. My dad had a big heart but the way he was raised, he indeed didn't stand a chance. He stuffed his sensitivity and feelings down with alcohol and it made him mad in the end. The way he was raised and being male, he wasnt allowed to show sensitivity. The toxic male syndrome of our lovely society. My anger and resentment and pain wouldn't let me see that. Or I should say, ego and pride. I just hope wherever he is, he feels my regret and forgiveness. Thank you Danniel, this means so much!

Love to youπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ™

A greatest paradox is that exactly with the beginning of endless lockdowns an incredible magic started unfolding in my life and it doesn't seem to stop yet. But this long story is for my diary... Just to mention one episode that since March or April of last year somehow happened that I was able to make few times more new beautiful connections with the kindred souls as opposed to any kind of connections made during past ten years. Thanks to this place and wonderful Openhand community! Heart

After very stormy last night and the power outage caused by strong winds this morning an interesting message landed through my mind - FORCES ARE UNITING. I have no idea yet what this exactly means but, as Open says, will look for the reflections in the external. So, will see... Actually, I asked the question within "how long yet the humanity will allow to be mocked on itself?" and that response landed immediately. It was subsequent after my sister's sharing this morning how tough and mad life becomes within the family living in a remote area and, in particular, with the teenager member. People are losing their patience, saying "f*** Them all and Their rules!", jumping into their cars and going somewhere they want. Also, in some countries people are finding beautiful ways to express their disagreement with locks&downs - I saw video filmed in my home country on Independence day, while mass gatherings of people are not allowed, a beautifully organized huge gathering of vehicles with nice trucks in front line, all carrying flags, peacefully driving on streets. It is not ambiguous what they mean by that. There is no limit to expression when people come to the unity. So, how long yet it will take?  

Meanwhile, enjoying the music and sharing with everyone. Much love from my heart to yours Praying Emoji


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Thank you so much for this! I got chills reading that. Part of my sadness is that so many ppl still choose the matrix. If enough of us united, their power would diminish. But a deeper unity of like minds is on the horizon and despite my clinging to the old fears, I have great hope in that. Thanks for the music.

Love to youπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ™

I have been severely challenged throughout all the events of recent times. A lot of my worst fears are surfacing which has taken me to some very dark places. Keep learning to let go, let go of the control & the fear. Trying to have the courage to stand up for my beliefs in the face of aggressive opposition. For someone who is a quiet person holding that place within me when so many round me don't share my views is difficult. But I know inside myself that in my world this is right for me. Love your travel vlogs Open!. 

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Hi, you are not alone, I've been processing so much and it seems as though it's never ending, and at times I need a break. But I get back at it, and I start to see small shifts. Staying present has been so important too. And I also very much feel a "stranger in a strange land", the actual meaning of my name lol! It is going to be hardest for us sensitives. We are getting to the hard part of the mountain, but we have to keep on, the summit is close! Please know you are not alone. 

Love to youπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ™

I miss road trips! Thank you for letting us live vicariously through you. Weather is definitely unusual here. Last year or so I keep feeling like there are two seasons happening simultaneously. I also noticed the sun doesn't set in the same place as it had in last few years. I imagine Gaia's wobble is her trying to shake off the infestation of parasites lol! Anxiety and doubt keep cropping up for me, as well as old attachments. My island rn is this page; hard to find like minded ppl where I landed myself but I remain hopeful. Going through the five stages of grief for 3d Gaia mostly because I love animals and nature so much, and don't yet have an anchor to the higher. on a personal level I struggle with regret that I wasted most of my life being afraid and not following my heart. I would have done things so differently, but at least I'm finally realizing who I really am. Working to keep connected to my higher self in every moment. Still struggling to not keep getting pulled into all the pointless drama and my own alarmist thinking, ie "omg I just saw the number 911 does it mean something bad's going to happen?!?" lol. Vestiges of past trauma. But presence is making a difference. I also need to keep working on surrender and acceptance. I can't wait to shed the old crap and join with her, my true self, she's so much more fun to be with than little me! I'm hitching a ride with you on the next one!πŸ˜‰ Happy trails brother!πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ™

Great Vlog again Open!

The Merlin energy holds a special place in my heart I must say. To me it's a protective energy - the barer of light flowing through the darkness. It feels truly alive, weaving the higher vibrations into the lower ones in a very grounded way. 

With regard to the jibbery jabbery - interestingly, the care home I'm employed with, which has almost 1000 employees, told us that 60% of employees have consented to having it. I was pleasantly suprised by this, expecting the number to be much more. It's still a significant number, but it's encouraging to see that the majority is not that large and that so many people aren't simply blindly doing what they're told. 

Much love


Well, it was an all-out effort, with plenty of Merlin magic necessary, but I managed to weave the intro video for the latest Vlog tour together, and find a new platform to host it on (Brighteon) after the video was rejected by youtube (I wonder why? LOL!).

I invite everyone in the community to come together, in Fellowship, to help break through the density and ripple some loving light around the planet. God knows humanity needs it!.

Blessings to all

Open HeartPraying Emoji