How Interdimensional Entities influence Daily Life

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Dealing with the concept of Interdimensional entities in the field that are influencing humanity has always been a challenging one. Where are these entities? Where's the evidence? The problem is that the majority are generally too focused on the external drama: trying to fix this or that; trying to control some kind of outcome. Since the world we see is defined (partially) by where and how our consciousness is directed, then most miss the subtle interplay between the inner world (the entirety of the multiverse) and the outer mirror. This is where and how the intervention reveals itself, and until we engage in it, we can never truly be free...

Dumbed Down

The problem is that the majority of people have become disconnected from the wider universe and closed down from the original state of multi-dimensionality. To me it is unquestionable that this was done by design; but yes, you could also interpret it simply as capitalistic consumption running away with itself and closing consciousness down in the process. Whatever the reason, the issue is that most people, even many awakened ones, only tend to perceive the lower realm of consciousness in which our physicality lives. Most people are still working daily towards various intended or desired outcomes in the physical drama of life. Of course the reality you perceive and therefore live within, is created by where your consciousness is directed. So if you're continually looking outwards for some desired outcome, that becomes the limit of your reality.

This Opposing Consciousness is exceptionally clever, advanced and deceiving. It works from a higher dimensional state, interacting with your thoughts and emotions. To give you an example: let's say you're taking a walk in nature, having a very peaceful, relaxing and expansive time. Yet suddenly you're thinking about work or something you have to achieve later today. Or you're in a relationship with someone and a basic misunderstanding suddenly escalates into a full blown and projectional row. Or else you're constantly worried about where your money is going to come from or how you're going to support you and your family. I put it to you that these things were not inherent to the Original Human, where we were trusting, aligned and at-one with the benevolence of the universe. Original Humans were expansive, multi-dimensional and free.

And so why did these entities choose to influence humanity - what's their purpose? We can discern that by the direction of their influence, by their effects: it's to get you to live a life which is not authentic to who you are, in which case you become enslaved within the system they've created and bleed energy; which they assimilate like you would food.

Seeing and feeling the patterning of your own behaviour

So this intervention acts within the very psyche, your physical and emotional bodies and your higher energy field. It works by the stimulation of emotion, thought implantation and by false reality filter creation. It's actually very easy to do that when you're coming from a higher dimension and the host is unaware of what's actually going on. So it's in your thoughts, emotions and feelings where this OC is acting. Many people have said to me over the time that they loved the Openhand work, but struggled with the concept of OC. Then six months later, exactly because they've spent more time looking into their inner world, suddenly part of this multi-dimensional landscape comes into view. It's about seeing and feeling the patterning of your own behaviour. It's about taking full responsibility for your actions and why you take them. It's about working to realign ones behaviour with the natural flow of the universe as supported by signs and synchronicity. When you're living this way - the whole time - then you begin to witness this extra subverting energy in the field trying to close you down in fear or denial and divert you from your path.

And trying to distance yourself from the influence by pretending it doesn't exist (whatever source you accredit the interference to), doesn't work in the end either. It too leads to a false reality - the false 'love and light' one - which is disconnected from the actual truth of this moment. It is yet another deception to be wary of.

Try this ground breaking meditation for removing Implants and Entities

Staying open to the possibility

The Higher Paradigm that everyone is speaking of is not elsewhere. It is here and now, within the confines of your very being. You don't have to leave the body to access it. And Once you've seen enough to want to be there the whole time, once you've fully experienced its expansiveness, liberation and authenticity, there'll likely come a point where you feel to tackle this intervention head on - the impulse may well-up from the depths of your soul. Life becomes all about making your highest choice, in every possible moment. It's then that the full landscape falls piece-by-piece into view. It's then that we appreciate the need to take back full sovereignty for our 4D field.

the Openhand 'spiritual compass' is specifically designed to help people access their inner world much deeper, and then unravel any distorting influence of the Intervention. Check it out here...Openway

So I would say to anyone who is skeptical, that's fine. Don't believe me nor anyone else until you actually have some of these experiences yourself. But I would also encourage you to stay open to the possibility that all on the surface may not be what it seems. Surely there is enough disharmony, exploitation and control going on for you to be suspicious of society's motives, which makes you want to delve deeper? If so, the place to begin is in your own inner world. What are your true feelings in response to external events? What makes you contract down and get fearful or worried? Above all, how can you penetrate these contractions with the light of your consciousness and expand outwards, taking full ownership of your being?

That's why I felt to write the book "Divinicus". It shares a perspective on where humanity has really come from, how his evolution has been interfered with through the field, but most important of all, to appreciate how the forces of Gaia and benevolence are working to realign the imbalance. We're being invited to make the bold step into the next evolution of man. The possibility and path exists, here and now, in each and everyone of us. Let's eject this intervention from our being, fully expand our consciousness, take back personal sovereignty, and become the divine beings we were always meant to be. If the subject interests you further, then you can discover more (including an intro video) here...Divinicus


In loving support
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Never have i asked myself these questions with such authenticity. Yes there is nothing wrong with sexual pleasure and longing, i thought it was obvious. Turns out it wasn't! My culture and family has tried to protect me from sexual distortion as a kid but never inspired me to find the truth in them. I can recall countless incidents where my sexuality was suppressed, constrained with a judgement of what's right and wrong.

Its Such a liberation. Thankyou open *ok*


A crucial thing Vimal is to find the truth at the core of the distortion. Because the distorted neural pathways will only have formed from the distortion - and crucially, the distortion is a distortion of truth. So what is the truth here. Do you perceive there's something wrong with sensual - sexual - pleasure? Do you perceive there's something wrong with sensual longing?

There is absolutely nothing wrong with these things - just when they attach to a particular form; only when you're not able to bring the energies, and complete them, back inside yourself. That's when the energy gets perverted and goes astray.

It's not about stopping the feelings. Enjoy sensual - sexual - pleasure yes, be it on your own or with a partner. But always know the source of the energy and bring it back to completion within. Then you're not left wanting for something in the external.

Wishing you well



Last time i read the book Divinicus along the chapter " The divine feminine " there was a powerful emotional upwelling from within, a cry for realignment ,i nearly cried into the book. I have expanded out of the self judgement now and the negativity it created. I got synchronistic confirmation that this happened and there is perceptible shift in energy. But some if not all parts of the perverted sexual expression still lingers on which creates senses like pleasure , longing etc. I have read in 5 gateways that these maybe created due to the fixed neural pathways in the brain and must be unwound. Can you offer some insights to work with these or will it be unwound with time and presence.


These are some good pointers for me to work with. I do experiene self judgement mostly guilt and shame. It took me a while to recognise the distorted expression is only an effect and i was trying to get rid of it. There is mainly a judgement of the expression itself and im now feeling very powerful yearning for change. Im re-reading divinicus now, lots of realizations happening. I feel utmost gratitude for the book and your insights. Thank you


Yes indeed, entities can and do inspire distorted - perverted - sexual impulses. The question is, how to deal with that?

As you correctly intuited, it doesn't help to deny the impulse, because that just builds inner frustration and tension.

    The key here is that entities are able to come into your field and stay there where they can distort or pervert an authentic expression. Basically, through unconsciousness, you release energy from which they 'feed'.

The antidote then is not to deny the sexual impulse, but rather to find the aligned expression of it. Somewhere in the expression - whatever that is - will be some form of self-judgment. You might experience shame for example. In the activation of shame, your awareness actually then becomes 'blind' to the inflow of consciousness - that's where the entities may come in and capitalise by further distorting the expression. They cause something which is then misaligned and can become an addiction.

So first don't deny the expression. But in the midst of it, look for any self-judgment. Explore why it would be there - at the highest level, everything has come from the infinite presence of the One. A sexual distortion in the microcosm of our lives, may have begun as a cosmic distortion in the creation of a galaxy for example. One is the minute - cellular - manifestation of the other. So it's important to realise it's not your fault that you're expressing it. Your soul chose to take on the distortion and animate it to bring light to it.

Once you've managed to let go of self-judgment in this exploration, it then becomes easier to explore what is the aligned possibility of the expression.

Open *OK*


Can the entities implant sexual urges or thought? This has been my biggest challenge for so long. Out of nowhere i get the urge to look at sexual content when im in my computer or where there is any possibility of such. I have learned suppressing these urges are of no use. But lately i can spot these thoughts or urges when they arise , i maybe even doing some soulful work and these pop out of nowhere. Im starting to question the authenticity of these urges. Are these really my own? Could you also describe some way of dealing with these. Is observing them just enough?


Open - Thank you so very much for your insights. I knew nothing about kundalini activation before coming to the Openhand site and agree with you that yes, I must have had an early stage experience. I've experienced this twice before during meditation however I seem to be a witness instead of the participant. For example, during meditation I saw an image of myself in the mirror and my face began to crack off in pieces and this enormous light burst forth and then shot out the top of my head. This incredible light seemed to shoot up to the sky and all I heard in my chest was "I'm free! I'm free!". And while that was a wonderful experience, there was a distance to it...again, I seemed be watching it all as the observer. Perhaps one day I'll get the opportunity to feel it in my physical body.

And I had to chuckle at your thoughts around relying on external guidance. I've been feeling the need to let go of that for awhile but I was afraid that if I stopped listening, the guides/angels would leave and never return. Add to that the fact that ascension can feel very isolating, I had this fear of being totally alone. So, long story short, your small note about this topic gave me the reassurance, the personal "permission" so to speak, to take a break from external guidance. I must say, it feels good and instead of my guides leaving me, I feel that they are hugging me tighter than ever...just in silence. Thank you again for all your words. The Openhand team and this site has been a steady squeeze to shoulders for me.


Hey Harmony - yes, sounds like some peak experience. It actually feels like the infusion of soul to me. Which when happens, is going to access all those layers within you that have been fighting the flow. So when you come home like this, it's going to feel very tiring. And yes, almost certainly Opposing Consciousness would have been mixed up in it maximising the negativity.

I should also say, the source doesn't purposefully create anything (like opposing consciousness). If it did, that would presuppose a 'something' - an identity - for the source, in order that it may have intention. If there was such a 'something', where did that something come from? (check out this article...

I put it to you that the source - pure potential - spontaneously subdivided (at the big bang) into flows of consciousness. As the energy slowed, consciousness con-densed into form (form is really just energy - consciousness - at a low frequency). Which creates eddy currents of energy, which for some period, disconnect from the source (like an eddy current forming in a stream). The eddy currents draw in souls by the law of attraction. Such souls ('fallen angels' so to speak) may take on the form and get lost for some period of time until they resolve out the density and reconnect to the source. Such is 'Opposing Consciousness'.

Opposing Consciousness has been drawn to humanity because of his own repressed - subconscious - his own density. Like most, you too had this subconscious density (and certainly many more layers to work through). As the light flows in, it stirs up the density and releases the 'dross'. Hence the nightmares. But now the light is coming in, especially through the chakras, which is why you felt energy in the spine. It would have been an early stage, partial kundalini activation.

Finally, sometimes it is really good to let go of the sense of external guidance. Ultimately it must come from within. Especially since there's a lot of deceptive energies in the fourth density posing as benevolent. You may find this article beneficial...…

Yes we can work with external sources of guidance. But a truly benevolent source will never tell you 'the truth', because that is disempowering. It will always invite you to figure out your own truth. Just as Openhand does that.

Wishing you well



When I first started reading information about these entities, I was very skeptical. After all, why would the source create anything that would oppose our consciousness and ascension? But I had a very interesting experience last evening that I would like to share.

For several days, I had been growing a negative state: lots of judgement, feeling sorry for myself, etc. I knew this wasn't "me" but I was so thick in the fog that I couldn't tell what was "me" anymore. It came to a head last night when I told my guides and angels that they were useless and I was done with them (terrible, right???). But I had just had enough. I went to bed in a sorry state and had nightmare after nightmare. Then, I saw myself in my dream and a huge bolt of light or lightening hit me and made me jump in bed. Before I had a chance to recover, another one hit me. While this was happening, I could smell the faint smell of sulfur or sewage. And even though this was all happening in a split second, I was having lucid thoughts of "what is that smell? That smell shouldn't be here? What is going on? Am I imagining this?". Finally, there was one last bolt of light and I woke up. I was quite shaken and absolutely exhausted and SORE (especially down my spine). I was too tired to think straight and finally fell back to a normal sleep. When I woke up, it took about an hour for the bone numbing fatigue to end and the soreness to go away. I was quite disoriented and confused at what happened. It was if some epic battle had been launched in my weird! Anyway, I finally got back to "me", got fully centered and at peace again. I think perhaps I was having an entity experience and my benevolent spirits were helping me clear it out. Any thoughts? Whew.


Hi Shalan,

I'm really glad the information and meditation helped :-)

We have to learn to trust in a new way of being - that life is all about infusion of soul and higher spiritual growth. As we eject the intervention, the soul can come in more fully, and as that happens, life is going to change for the better. Although no one can say what 'better' will mean in practice. Just that more inner harmony leads to more outer harmony.

So trust is the key. Keep working on yourself, keep opening up and infusing soul, keep ejecting anything that doesn't belong in your field. And growing rightness will infuse your life.


Open *OK*


I recently discovered the deceptive, opposing consciousness in my field and realized that I was feeding it unconsciously for years. My soul was trying to show that energy to me for a long time. However, 3 months ago, I wanted to find out what this dark energy in my energy field is. I came across your website and after reading the articles, everything fell into place. I did the entity releasing meditation. On the day, I felt the energy is gone from my field, my husband lost its job, which was giving him a lot of stress. I know that the entities were trying to limit our potential in our career and monetary life. We moved from east coast to west coast in the US and we always attracted the same kind of problematic jobs, spite of the fact that I and my husband are fearless people most of the time. We have two kids and no job at the moment. It feels like a new frequency without any interferences is on the way. We have a little fear for our children since we have no job and no money in the bank. However, I feel like the old frequency left and that reality disappeared. But now, will we be able to start another life, another job with the power of our soul without any interference? Thanks.


Hi Consciousness999,

I haven't come across the work of Drunvalo much, but I do sense he's doing some wonderful work, and I tend to agree with some of what you've posted here.

So as I go onto share in the new upcoming work Divinicus, yes, these entities are in a sense 'lost' souls and they are interdimenisonal - so acting through various dimensions. They've become disconnected from the Source, separated (for various reasons) from their original homes, and so now use their power to shape synthetic realities according to distorted desires and sense of lack.

Yes entities enter a being in the areas in which they're unconscious - yes it can happen during drug use for example (the use of Ayahausca is classic). But the full scope of this intervention is not being realised here. What we're looking at, is a 'theatre' manifesting universal unconscious aspects. Like Revelling in Physicality (being lost in the physical), or The Pain of Existence for example. The entirety of Homo Sapiens is a hybrid species designed purposefully to receive this intervention by the Opposing Consciousness. So unless the soul is fully self-realised, then all humans are effected.

It can work like this: a deceptive, false vibration of bliss for example (false love and light), takes the soul (to a degree) out of full embodiment. Although you can still feel the body and interact with it (you feel like you're embodied), there is not full penetration of all cells. So now a lower based energy (an entity) can begin to act through those frequencies of unconsciousness - through your being.

If you're still predominantly in the mind (and also higher vibrations through false love and light), then the mind tends to condense the various interdimensional experiences down into one stream of experience - the 3D for example. So most people are totally unaware of the various interplays that make up their daily experience. This is prevalent across the whole of humanity.

Removing the entities is not enough. Entities connect in through energetic implants - these must be removed too. But this is only the first part. Self realisation must then fully embody the soul, and sovereignty of the being must take place through that. Otherwise you can still be influenced through the field. We need to understand these entities are not separate - they act as a collective 'hive' consciousness and can move around freely at will - in and out of people's fields where there are unconscious blind spots.

I've also explained the activation of the Merkabah - the spirit light body - in the new Divinicus work (I know Drunvalo speaks about this). It's a higher etheric body, that which facilitates interdimensionality and essentially our Ascension into the higher paradigm. Yes I agree, when you can activate it, then draw it down into your lower field - around the heart - then it does protect you to a large degree from the intervention.

In the Openhand work, we do remove entities and implants during the courses - we facilitate people releasing their distortions and karma. Then we help them self realise and embody soul. Increasingly, this means they're less susceptible to intervention. The best way is to become 'as nothing in it all'. In other words, to unwind unconscious tightness, stress and automated reaction to the outside world - to the matrix. Entities cannot 'see you' if you're not bleeding energy and so they cannot attach.

Our facilitators are also training in how to remove entities. And yes, they can become attached within the facilitator as this happens. What we're teaching people though, is that this is nothing to fear. The entities actually serve a beneficial purpose - they spotlight the areas where we have unconscious blindspots. So actually when you can feel one, paradoxically you also get an indication of the areas in which you need to work.

I've also written about some of the advanced deception techniques used by the intervention in another thread - it's important that we bring increasing awareness to these subjects - this is what will ultimately heal humanity.

Wishing all well

Open *OK*


Thank you all for posting on this subject, it is much appreciated.

I took a course with Drunvalo Melchizedek. He spends a great deal of time speaking about entities. He says entities are “lost” souls from other dimensions who are stuck here and don’t know how to get back to their home. The entities then can go into a human host when the person is unconscious during anesthesia, during heavy drug use (i.e. heroin) or if a person has a persistent/compounding negative thought pattern.

He says that entities can be removed using his process and his approach is to remove them all. He says that if entities just leave the host they are in now, they can easily enter another host, so he “sends” them to their dimension immediately after removal. He says that there is a big problem with exorcisms because these entities are just floating around and soon after they will just enter another host. So the ideal thing to do is to send them to their home. He also says that if you don't know what you're doing when facilitating removal or if you don’t have this merkaba activated, the entities can enter into the facilitator or into other people.

In his course, he has students activate their merkaba and once this is activated, the merkaba can be programmed to keep these entities away from the person.

My question is, do you know anything about the merkaba and do you believe that once the merkaba is activated in a person, you are protected from entities? Also, Open, what do you personally do for yourself and for your clients once you remove an entity and do you believe that if they "linger around", they can enter other people or the removal facilitator?

Thank you very much.


Thanks for sharing stargate - it needs more of 'the sensitives' to share this. Once it get's wider acceptance, people are more empowered - there's a reason and a cause for their isolation and separation.

Our new project Divinicus is all about bringing more light to this, hopefully in a way that is also more accessible and palatable.



I've known about them on a subconscious level all my life, and in the past few years have come to a greater understanding of exactly what they are, where they came from, and how they interact with humans. Thank you for the very interesting article.


Hiiii everyone at Openhand and Openhanders ,
I am planning to watch this movie tonight ; it sounds in the lineage of the " Bourne Identity " trilogy and from the same director . I have been facinated by that trilogy because it shows a lot of metaphores about the ascension process . Thanks again for all the treats , articles , uplifting movies and meditations . I have been able to expand my awareness through those meditations and deeper explanations u provide in a way i never thought was possible . I am looking forward to come one day soon to Glastonbury ( this summer or for the release of " Divinicus " ) and meet u all with great pleisure .
Love to all ,


Ready to expand your mind? Our spirituality needs to broaden. Imagine you're in an interdimensional war zone - because when you connect deeply through all the layers you'll find you are! Imagine you're continually reborn until you find the completeness of who you are, with all your facets, gifts and skills. Imagine your twin flame is there helping you along the path. It's all there metaphored wonderfully in the new film "Edge of Tomorrow".

With mainstream media hopelessly limited and deceptive, so much of the real human story is now bubbling up through our consciousness and into the movies. With this one, if there's attachment to peace and bliss, forget it. But if you're also activating and unleashing the warrior in you, then you'll really enjoy it.

"Let me tell your a story. At first, it's going to sound ridiculous"....


Wow, it's so interesting to read all of your sharings about this subject. Thank you Yulia for all your long posts, I really got so much out of reading them. I really feel pressure in the chest, panic, fear and have trouble breathing - the way you describe karmic blockages. Perhaps that is what's going on with me.

I feel so strongly about this - Open, I really feel the "will of the warrior" in me when it comes to this. I want to tell the whole world about the existence of entities! I just know it is true. Although the concept is new to me. I feel it in my whole body and soul. My eyes even tear up from the feeling of "truth".

I recently came across a trailer about a new American movie about the food industry, called FED UP:

I am so happy that it has made it's way to the "broad masses", it's in theatres all over the place. Isn't the "food scheme" that we are all more or less tricked in to, to a huge part due to the work of entities? Thriving on our weaknesses for addiction, in this case sugar/wheat/fast carbohydrates? Making us "shrink", our auras weaker, our connection with the source/our soul/our path cut off??

Thank you Trinity for posting the link to your article about entities. WOW! It was so helpful. So important. Thank you!

Love to you all,



Thanks Open - I love that quote -your pain is where the light enters- just that in its self is helpful.

I think I knew what your answer would be - I was probably hoping there was an easier solution!!

Yes I will persevere. You are right about suppressed stuff, I need to keep at it - yes I do want to live authentically, its the only thing that makes any sense in this crazy mixed up matrix of a world.

Thanks again Open. You have given me inspiration to carry on with the work.

with love Myra x


Thanks Open - I love that quote -your pain is where the light enters- just that in its self is helpful.

I think I knew what your answer would be - I was probably hoping there was an easier solution!!

Yes I will persevere. You are right about suppressed stuff, I need to keep at it - yes I do want to live authentically, its the only thing that makes any sense in this crazy mixed up matrix of a world.

Thanks again Open. You have given me inspiration to carry on with the work.

with love Myra x


Hey Myra - there's a great quote: "your pain is the place where the light enters".

I've felt for quite some time that there's a lot you're not accessing within your lower bodily vehicles: stuff that's suppressed and blocked.

You see this is the point: if there's discomfort, why is there discomfort? And then what happens to you as a result of that? Do you immediately want to cure it or take it away? That's the usual approach in spiritual circles.

But our pain is the path to freedom. It is only by transcending it that we become truly free by becoming enlightened through it.

You asked...

    "Do you think its best just to leave off the meditation and do other things to chill out instead and then go back to the meditation when I am feeling a bit stronger?

That entirely depends on you. Do you want the pain to go away? Or do you want to be enlightened through it? In other words, would you prefer to become authentically you? The authentic you can work to the ends of the earth, work through your weakest moment.

When we reach the place of the latter, then there's only one approach: to accept the pain, and work with it by keep softening into it.

And let's be clear about entities - there's compassion, but that shouldn't mean weakness either. Acceptance that they're in the field and try to influence us, but not acceptance that they should always be there! We need to find the will of the warrior, to soften into our darkness and bring light into it. Then we can truly eject the intervention.

I trust this helps



Hi Open

I did Trinity's entity meditation last night and found today that I am feeling far worse, with my solar plexus being very uncomfortable.

I have recently had trauma in my life where I have been very stressed so obviously the entity thinks oh goody lots of food here! I say that with humour but really I am quite concerned that it made it much worse. I have done the meditation in the past before this recent trauma and it did help.

Do you think its best just to leave off the meditation and do other things to chill out instead and then go back to the meditation when I am feeling a bit stronger.

Thanks very much.

Love and hugs Myra X

ps - this might sound a bit mad but what do you think about me communicating with the entity with humour, not laughing at it but maybe humour with compassion?


This is wonderful Jen. There's so much on your sharing.
The universe begins to speak to us - it can become a constant, nurturing dialogue. You feel like you're being continually embraced with love. But most don't experience this level of intimacy because they're not open to their inner feelings and when they are, there's a trying to 'solve the problem' without understanding what you're actually being shown.

Interestingly, the solar plexus is where lower mind begins to appreciate this higher dialogue. And yes, that's why it's been a target for the intervention - entities come in through that place and close the interconnectivity down.

Sounds like you're doing a great job of opening it up again.

Wishing you well

Open *OK*


Just wanted to say I found your post incredibly helpful. I have aware of this shortness of breath, tightness in the solar plexus for 5 or 6 years now...though for the first 5 I focused completely on calming down on establishing a steady breath, on telling myself positive things etc...basically pushing it away and not seeing why it was there. I see that it comes up when I believe I need someone or I feel unworthy, and now it comes up when I am just totally by myself and in what would seem a comfortable and at ease place...making a smoothie, meditating, reading...all of a sudden I can't breathe and I feel a grip on my solar plexus and throat...I have been using what Yulia called zooming out over the last few months...basically allowing it completely and including it in the wider view without fighting it at all...this is so's funny because when I was completely getting sucked into it, it felt like I could not speak or move or do anything...felt totally frozen, but when I include it and allow it - and feel the wider field the feeling is still there, but the limitation is not.

Over the last few days, I have been experiencing a lot of pain in my throat, jaw and head and it has been intense and quite challenging to not get totally sucked into those feelings...I keep feeling for the deeper space and softening the resistance I feel to the pain. The releasing entities meditation is helping as well.

Thank you for sharing such great info on these feelings!!

Came back to add something that just occurred to me...a funny mirroring experience...My front burner on my stove went out (which seems to relate to the solar plexus...the sun...the fire) - I had just been letting it go because I didn't really use that one just been getting on with the other three. So I felt inspired to call someone out to fix it and found it would cost essentially half the cost of the whole stove to replace the one part...I asked the repairman if it is something tricky to fix on your own because of how the elements are all underneath the lid (very funny thing to say - since the feeling in the solar plexus feels like a lid) and he said no, you could totally do this yourself! It was such a great mirror of unravelling and releasing these entities by releasing our own distortions...that it is not something outside of us that is needed, that we can unravel this - it's all within ourself.




You said...

    "Looks like this decision to be constantly conscious can't be forced."

No it can't. When you're on the path, you can't avoid the feelings that arise inside. And the path leads to.... yes.... all our unconscious places. You reach a point - which you clearly have - where you even recognise you're heading into one, and there's nothing you can do - or should do - about it. All the time, just keep working to illuminate why you are there. Then the light flows into it and unwinds it.

And yes, eventually, it does bring you to the constant conscious stream. And no, there's nothing like it!



Hi Open

Interesting you mention it ;)

Because I have this inner question recently: why am I not constantly 'there'?

I still have blackouts. And it feels so strange. Why would I fall back into that degraded way of being if I can be in this state of rightness? I feel the contrast between two different states, where I get stuck on some thing, and then as if my vision gets blurred and I lose the sense of what I am.

On the other hand I accept it, as if there is no need to be 100% in the zone all the time.

Looks like this decision to be constantly conscious can't be forced. It is a shift, and it just happens when it happens. And till then, I have made peace with having consciousness blackouts. What is important for me is being aware of what is going on, and what pulls me out. If I lose it, I am aware, like "Ok, I am contracted into a dense experience now..." and I live through it.

I watch and get to know what prevents me from being there all the time, fully. Or, actually, more precisely put, not being there. For example, one of frustrations I deal with is inability to communicate with people around me, when I am in the zone. I feel we are totally on different vibes, as if living in different worlds, speaking different languages. And the truth in it is that I am meant to communicate. I just still can't find the way, the tool for that. So I work with these things... as a part of ordinary every day life. It's just an example...

And it is truth, that in those places, entities kick in. Maybe I would be too comfortable with my distortions if there would be no enhancers, pointers and generators of really unpleasant sensations, making it really uncomfy to be disconnected? :D


Yes Yulia - those films were powerful metaphors indeed. These films weren't given to us simply by chance. There's phenomenal interdimensional reality in them.

In my new book Divinicus, I talk in detail about the Original Distortions - mistakes - as God became aware of him/her/self. How the 'dark side' was created by getting lost in the illusion of physicality and trying to control it. Thus all manner of distorted forms are created and situations to 'play out' in the theatre of life.

So we need to get very real about this - that's certainly Openhand's further path forwards through this realm now. We're going to call what we see (thanks for beginning the process!).

You make a very powerful point when you say...

    "So, as unpleasant as it may feel, we feel this because we are meant to work with this, with our own opposing side."

Entities are actually there to 'help you' - yes it's a paradox. There'll come a point on the path, when you realise there's just no point in any moment of asleepness, any moment of disconnection, any moment of control. They don't serve, and each has the capacity to stay alert, stay awake, stay in the flow. If you don't, the intervention will penalise you in some way. But really, all that it's doing, is highlighting your unconscious side and therefore..... it is doing you a service!

Thus you can actually embrace the dark side and grow through it. It is the most powerful teacher you're ever likely to come across. And that teaching came across so strongly in that sequence of films.

Thanks for sharing



I just felt to add there are all kinds of entities and all kinds of ways to release them, depending on the level they are hooked at (emotional, karmic, etc).

If you can't breathe, it means you resist, as if trying to hold them, so soften more :)

There are several ways to do that. Basically, all are the same, but work through different roots:

1. Focus out, zoom out. One of the ways it works is that it degrades you down to the feeling of tightness and discomfort. You as if become very condensed, small, your focus is pulled into the sensation and thought "oh, entity!" and then all of your being is as if sucked into this process. If you focus on that too much, you get locked and one of the symptoms is being unable to breathe. What I do is immediately unravel the focus to my whole field, so the sensations and feelings are only a small part of what I am holding within the field. Then it feels as if the clench is released. In other words, if you don't allow to lock on you, and keep opening into your field and spread your consciousness to its full potential, the locking mechanism won't work.

I have learned to look at it like at weeing or showering. One of the ordinary routines... So I don't get overly excited and swallowed in it.

2. Soften through the walls. It often feels as if there are walls suffocating you. Again, if you, in any way, get too consumed by the sensation, it intensifies to the point you can't breathe. So the idea is the same as in 1, only that you now feel the walls suffocating you and just getting into them, as if pushing yourself down ,very softly. It is like not trying to breathe up, which will pull you out of the body, but rather breathe yourself down, filling the 'balloon' where the walls are. But keeping softening all the way. It feels as if you are filling you field with your consciousness, softly soaking through the 'walls'.

3. Let go. Another reason why it can happen is holding on to an entity (because you are so used to it, that you got to identify yourself with it) or whatever it hooks you on. So watch where and what that is. Not necessarily something you can put into words or thought. It can be just some energy which you even don't understand what it is. You can talk to yourself, gently saying let go. Or reminding yourself it is only an experience, and finding that space where you are who you really are. And then there is a sensation of release, even some kind of death. The less you resist, the smoother it goes. I also often just totally expose myself to God. No agenda, no trying to even do anything, like release the entity or attachment. I just let absolutely everything go! And with that, what was meant to be let go of, also goes. It might feel as if nothing there anymore but consciousness.

4. When karmic blockages kick in, there is often (usually) a pressure in the chest and some sort of panic or fear accompanying it. It also can cause problems with breathing, So from there it can be watching the fear (form of resistance) and unraveling into it, and then watching the field, sensations and feelings where and what was activated, leaving the pressure in the chest in the background. If you try to solve the pressure in the chest, as if resisting the activation. it also can cause problems with breathing.

5. Another thing is that when experiencing past life death, breathing also can temporary stop. Don't panic or force yourself to breath. Relax into the experience. If you don't breath, then don't, Your body will breath on its own, don't worry :)

6. Resisting or fighting the entities. I think this is the last thing that might cause the breath getting stuck. I always make sure there is no need to get rid of the entity, or fight it, and that there is no emotional response to the event.

I mean, do you get emotional when you come back home, finding yourself all dirty? You just take shower and enjoy it, right? :)

Plus, usually it is not the entity itself you must watch, but why it is there, also without the need to see and let it go NOW. Sometimes you get a glimpse, but still are not in a place to release some old baggage. Some took me years to unload, bit by bit, until I got to the kernel, after 'training' on softening with much milder things.

7. Unravel with the entity. So, some think they are held and trapped by entities. One of the big jokes is that it is not true. You are trapped because you want to be trapped, you trap yourself. They just are manifested as an external force helping you with that.

I've had a big revelation lately why this whole intervention took place, and found that it was actually not all malevolent. Part of it is humans adapted to process some universal distortions, that express themselves through the entities. In other words, we had to experience the Opposing side of God, the anti-God. But it is another subject...

So, as unpleasant as it may feel, we feel this because we are meant to work with this, with our own opposing side.

Once you are ready to unravel and expand, you simply do it with an entity inside. Once you let the opposing part of you die, opposing forces have no power over you and the entity is released on its own.

A great metaphor of this process is Ripley in Alien 3:

I did't find the uncensored one, where during the fall, the alien bursts out f her chest and she is just holding him during the free fall and then disappearing with it in the fire.

So, just keep softening, and keep looking where you are still tight about it, where there is too much of your ego in the process... It is an ongoing letting go process, and every time you find new resistances and ways that were hidden from you before.


Thank you Trinity for this great meditation and also to you, Open for your insights on entities and how to handle them in everyday life.
Today I was guided crystal-clearly to this meditation which now i just did. It proved very powerful (having finished the meditation I could not move my legs for a few minutes because of numbness). At the end of meditation a picture came up with black birds flying away and into the sun...These guys are really EVERYWHERE...:) Again, thank you for your great work, Trinity and Open. With lots of love, Márk (p.s: Charlotte, I know exactly how it feels when you can hardly breathe during releasing entities....


This is so important what you share here, Open.

I don't think it can be overestimated.

It is so often that people try to fight control with control, resistance with resistance and tightness with tightness. It can never work.

And maybe some people find it hard to resonate and accept the whole concept of OC, so to them I always say it doesn't matter how you call them or the whole sensation of it. One thing is for sure: it always takes form of subtle control and effort.

So I say, ok, for whatever reason, you are experiencing THIS. What are you gonna do about it?

And many people come to the same conclusion from all kinds of experiences.

For example, I know one person who played it badly with drugs and got into a really horrible condition, a nightmare. He was given an advice, saying "if you fight it, it will eat you alive. Don't fight. Surrender." The advisor knew nothing about spirituality, but was very experienced with drugs and bad trips :D (unbearable suffering is one of the best teachers in life hehe) And later on this person learned it is always about this simple thing. You soften, surrender, and then just flow.

Things like NLP, affirmations, etc, they all come to fight the existing reality, the existing state of mind. Most techniques to take care of physical problems also say the same: fight.

From my experience, it just makes things worse. You can never achieve balance by fighting.

So I continually learn to step back, watch, spot where I resist or contract and just let go, allow things to be they way they are. And then, when I am no longer identified, they fall off on their own. So simple.

And I am so grateful. I learned a lot from Open and Trin. Since then things are very different.

Thank you very much <3 <3


Yes it's a challenge - and yes, practically everything is being monitored - within your thoughts and feelings.

But they have to have something to hook onto - a place where you're bleeding energy in some way. Otherwise they literally cannot see you. So you have to become as a 'ghost in the machine'. If you got ill for over a week, then it's because some part of you is resisting reality or else you're activating karma (which they also exploit). My suggestion is that rather than 'standing your ground', let them come fully into your field. Don't resist. But where the pain then happens, keep softening with it, keep softening into it. This is where your soul realigns through your being. Then you don't release energy and there's nothing for them to hook onto.

Benevolence is always working with you, but you have to recognise how true benevolence works. Firstly as you undoubtedly know, it doesn't tell you what to do - that's actually malevolence deceiving - like most of the channeled material that's being shared. True benevolence works by reflecting mirrors. So if you're ill, ask not 'how you can be healed?' - this just pulls in more Opposing Consciousness on the vibration of non acceptance. Instead learn to ask 'what is this showing me'? Then you'll begin to notice the answers reflected as synchronicities - they'll always show up as how to be, not what to do. Authentic doing then just happens as an effect of authentic being. And this, the OC cannot touch.



Thanks for the replies, Chris.

Indeed, it's not easy. And there's so much to this subject; it seems endless. BTW: in my first post on this page I meant myself as a subject, not the influencing in other people.

At this point I search for solutions for a few specific things:

Dreamscape Manipulation

A huge problem at this point is Dreamscape Manipulation. I practice Dream Recall (every day) and noticed how some beings seem to be able to keep me from becoming lucid in the dreamworld/Astral Dimension. So basically, I'm acting silly, like a fool, falling for stuff I normally would not fall for, being manipulated, etc. I assume this happens to many people, but probably especially to those who are 'waking up' and for other reasons (like monitoring).

Energy Corruption

I need to know how to really have protection against energy corruption. I can handle the 'normal' manipulation stuff, like sudden energy drains when reading an empowering book (so an unaware person would feel sleepy and put down the book; never finishing it or not 'getting it'), or a Mind Loop (at least when I'm awake), or some talking entities, but recently I was bombarded with something that totally corrupted my energy and after standing my ground for a while, I did got ill for over a week. I had to bargain (threatening with spreading a certain book around which exposes a great deal of these things) to make it stop. I can imagine that the continuation of the energy corruption I refer to now could cause death or at least constant illness; it's extremely severe.

You once wrote you can connect with Benevolence (I think in your Opposing Consciousness article), but what if you can't yet feel/do this? And would it help against what I experienced? I do not now.

It also sucks to realize that privacy does not exist - at all. Anything I do is monitored (I got verification of that several times).


Here's one that's going to shock some people: yes, entities can create synchronicity that makes it appear as though you're in the flow - when in fact you're not.

Here's a rule of thumb: entities are not flexible and find spontaneity very difficult to deal with. It's because their whole ethos is about control - controlling patterns of existence to fit within a false reality agenda.

So over the course of a few days, you may witness synchronicities - perhaps guiding you to a particular choice. Say three or four indications to go to a place spread out over several days or weeks. They might appear as thoughts. So you think you're given to do that particular thing. Contrary to popular belief, these are often implanted thoughts that might lure you into a particular frequency - intentional manifestation for example.

But the genuine flow is in the moment. Don't we always speak about there being 'one moment of now'? How does intentional manifestation fit with that? It doesn't, because you're intentionally trying to control something in the future. So there's one moment and when you're in it, the flow is spontaneous and synchronicities spontaneous. They're not telling you what to do, they're telling you that you're already in the flow. You observe them because you're a part of the co-creation of the universe. It's like surfing; if you're watching for where to go next as an idea or thought, then you'll be behind the wave and fall off. Or else you'll be steered into some kind of fixed eddy current.

When you're really surfing, you're standing on the wave and becoming a part of it. You flow with every nuance of feeling. You're not predicting what's going to happen next. Instead you just flow as one with it. So in authentic living, you let the higher knowing and feeling carry you moment by moment. Then you witness authentic synchronicity.

    Now of course this can only happen in the moments you've released distortions and density that get in the way. So the best place to begin, is to keep feeling for a flow, but witness where you tighten, where you resist what in your heart you know you should be doing. When you soften into that resistance, then you open the space through which the wave flows. Once more you're witnessing synchronicity - the authentic kind, not the controlling kind.

And just a brief word about the 'quiet inner voice'. If you're actually being spoken to as a voice telling you to 'do this or that', it's something to be very wary of. Often that happens as an intervention with thoughts being implanted as words. The real flow is the landing of knowing and a heart felt pull. There may be an internal commentary on this: "this is what we're doing now" as you're doing it. To me that's totally authentic. But again if you're receiving directives, be careful of those.

If you're unsure, the key is to test the guidance against inner feeling: how does that feel? Over time, you get to know the frequency of your own soul. It just feels right within the core of your being (and you get to know when it's not authentic - you start to sense the intervening frequency).

Yes the lid is coming off. No it's not easy. Yes you are designed to master this intervention!

Happy surfing



These are great questions Robisbe. And the very fact that you're asking them demonstrates you're going deeply and really getting into the essence of how the intervention impacts people (without them even knowing).

Firstly, yes, each situation is a co-creation. And the more sensitive you become, the more you feel the interfering influence of entities pressing people's buttons or applying filters in their field which they're unwittingly acting through. Yes, that can be very frustrating when you can see their issue whilst they're blaming you for the problem! How to deal with that?

Put simply it invites mastery of you. It's a bit like walking into a multidimensional boxing ring where you can't 'punch' back. But what you can do is soften and flow. You can also stand your ground "this is what I'm experiencing from you" - but done so without energy. You can call what you see and feel, in a gentle compassionate (but not weak) way. Eventually, if you're persistent, you'll get through.

The entities are coming in on different frequencies of beingness (they purposefully work distortions of each of the Seven Rays of the Soul). So someone could be speaking passionately to you but unaware of their distortion which brings the energy in with their expression. Or they could be denying their truth by taking the victim mentality - which lets a different kind of entity in. You have to keep calling what you see and feel - not the entity part because most won't be able to handle that - rather that their energy is distorted. All the while it will help to express that you might have distortions to look at too - this is never about just one side.

If you keep working at it, the distortions in the relationship will dissolve, in which case, the entities can't come in. If the other person is continually not able or willing to look at their stuff, and you've learned all you can from the interaction, then you have to ask yourself if it serves your evolution (and peace of mind) to continue. Maybe it's then time to move on. For me, this would always be a last resort. But I'd also want to be clear there's no neediness on my part that is hanging on. You have to be honest with yourself. You have to always be prepared to acknowledge your own stuff, and always prepared to let go - to move on.

Yes, this is what it truly means to be a 'warrior of light'. It's not just the fuzzy 'love is all there is' stuff. Because life - real life - is just not like that!



There's contradictions and other stuff I wrestle with:

- blaming others vs (inter-dimensional) manipulation (in the sense that there ARE others involved and I know some of their tactics, which aren't pretty and my HS actually does NOT like it that I am still in this situation; I know this).

- synchronicity vs false synchronicities & Mind Control
When you know which synchronicity is authentic? I have a truckload of number synch’s but I’m not getting anywhere with them. Some sources state this has to do with Mind Control (a huge subject in itself).

In other words: a problem of true discernment.


That's brilliant Charlotte.
It's only when people expand their consciousness that they can then feel the intervention. Otherwise people are just living quite blindly in the density.

Increasingly the lid will be lifting off this vitally important subject. It's one that's effecting all, yet when we become sensitive to it, then we're empowered to do something about it - just as you are now.

Wonderful *OK*



Dear Open,
Thank you for this article. The concept of entities, that I was introduced to when we met in April, resonates deeply with me. It did then and it has ever since. I see how we humans are fiddled with like string puppets, every day, all the time, through the way our surroundings and endless distraction possibilites in the city are designed: food, drinks, technology, tv, newspapers, stress ... you name it.

I saw this article via your post on Facebook (so technology is not just bad ;) and am so grateful for that.

Trinity, thank you for the Releasing Entities Meditation. It felt so good doing it. And you have such a soothing voice. I definitely felt an huuuge tightness in my stomach. I could hardly breathe through it. It felt very dense and "black". At the end of the meditation, I could breathe through it. I felt it "dissolve" and also "moving" upwards, through my chest and throat, almost affecting my breathing. I don't feel completely "free" of it now, but it is definitely much lighter and I will do it again.