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Openhand is currently in Africa! I'm travellng up through South Africa and Mozambique to a wonderful retreat in the aptly named "Turtle Cove". Come and join the adventure 'through the ether', where distance is no object. I'd like to explore our Origins with you, as a deep internal feeling to help realign from the convolutions of the past.

Here's how you can join in...

Safari with Openhand through your Evolutionary Karma

Humanity has a pretty convoluted past, to say the least. We've only been told a snap shot of the story. The rest is contained within, in our DNA and energetic field. It's why life can be so challenging here at times, the karma keeps disrupting our inner sanctuary. But we can find alignment through it all, by connecting deeply with soul and integrating using Openhand's advanced spiritual processes.

What I find so powerful, is that when you 'call' the convolutions of what's happened internally, then people can more likely feel them and bring conscious awareness to them. Realignment naturally starts to happen.

It will take time of course, and so I can't promise that you'll dissolve all the Origins Karma in 10 days! But by understanding in a concentrated period how to work, and making some of the internal shifts, can kick start your karmic journey in a very positive way. Why don't we venture down that pathway, see what turns up and work through.

These 'through the ether' Openhand retreats are becoming increasingly successful in connecting people from all around the world. Come join the Safari!

What will joining the Safari Involve?

As previously, you just need to put aside some quality time during the day, beginning today, Friday 22nd and completing March 3rd. Each day I'll give some direction on what to inquire with and how to work.

Specifically there will be...

1) Daily Meditations
2) Internal Inquiries for you to explore
3) Higher Dimensional Intuitive Reflections on what you share

Besides being deeply insightful, it promises to be great fun!

Let's Begin: Your Power Animal to Accompany You?

I'm travelling with Openhanders Marije and Hannah, and as I write, we're about to cross the border into Mozambique. Of course what strikes here is the enormity of the continent and particularly the wild-life. So I felt for us to begin, by each doing a meditation to find your power animal to share your journey with you. A power animal can reflect the kind of energy you need to work with and will help you through.

So take yourself deep into meditation using something like the Openhand Breakthrough Breathing. Then let yourself journey through what you imagine as a typical African landscape. See as much detail as possible. Feel the earth under bare feet. Reach out into expansive skies. See the world more in its original form.

You then approach a water hole with trees around it.
What's the first animal that you see?

The first creature that I saw was completely unexpected. Of all that it could have been, it turned out to be the Kingfisher. A small reclusive bird, which pops up and darts out in a flash. Very focussed, very accurate, able to see through distorting and difracting water. It's inviting focus and accuracy.

So what did you see? And what do you think it's telling you?
Make sure you visualise how the creature is being. It can tell a lot.
Share your power animal below, and I'll happily offer a reflection.

Come join the fun and the inquiry!

In loving support

Open HeartPraying Emoji

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Hi Marije - you ask, "can we process karma while dreaming?" Yes certainly. If the soul is going into the karma and this creates lucid dreams, then you can process through it. In fact it's something I'd definitely encourage to look into. By relaxing the body at sleep time, we can work to come up more into the 4D astral body to speed things along. I'll write some specific things about this soon - it's something I've been exploring.

Open Praying Emoji

Dear Megha and Open,

Thanks for your feedback on my post! When I was writing down my dream I was mostly drawn to the sense of moving around with the white paper, without being able to draw anything on it, but had been wondering what the bit about ending up in a fancy 5 start hotel in South Africa in a room with just white people (and the uncomfortable feeling that a racially segregated grouping within a multi-racial environment tends to give me) was about. So your suggestions about persecution on the basis of race did somehow resonate, though it hasn’t exactly landed yet in what way. I guess that will require some further explorations into the feelings. I can feel a lot of sadness as well as anger around segregating and persecuting people purely on the basis of race.  

Open, it is not that I didn’t have dreams before, it is just that I usually don’t remember much about them. However, this dream did make me wonder what the relationship between dreams and karma could be? And whether one can be processing karma while dreaming without necessarily knowing it, or whether the dreams would only provide a pointer in the direction of the karma, which then still needs to be confronted in a more conscious state?

Hi Marje - we're there with you HeartPraying Emoji

Yes, I saw the race division aspect too. And you know that if something triggers this depth of tightness, then that's the place to inquire into - to work with. Gently and steadily though - it seems like it's highly volatile.

Much love

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Dear Marye ,

What I got from your dream earlier and ironically something I didn't express was persecution on basis of race. The part that you said where there are only white people in the hotel jumped out very strongly for me. Your subsequent sharing has me feeling the two are connected somehow . 

Do ignore if it doesn't resonate with you. I recognized how I was suppressing what I strongly felt by the way . Lots of love to you. This sounds like intense work ! 


Open, thanks for your response to my message. Interestingly, I got very triggered by the last part of your post ‘just express, no matter what comes out!’, like being punched in the stomach somehow. And the immediate association/image that came up was that of an executioner, of being persecuted for expressing myself. I assume that I must have some karma around this that I rather avoid, because I could see how I started looking for distractions and coming up with excuses how dealing with it alone would be too overwhelming and why I would deal with the feelings that it was triggering later. Moreover, there was a sense of having been forced to watch the executions of others who expressed themselves as a way of instilling fear in people to keep them from expressing…. Somehow there is an enormous fear of being persecuted and tortured for self-expression and at the same time I can feel an enormous grief for all those who have been persecuted for expressing, as well as anger towards those who punish others for their self-expression. What dawned to me is that I have unconsciously created this self-critic to keep me ‘safe’, to keep me from expressing myself in a way that could lead to persecution or imprisonment. As I write this, I can already hear you say ‘life is not safe’, which I can make sense of with my head, but my body contracts with the idea and would like to continue believing that safety is possible…. 

Even just the thought of sitting in meditation with the sentence 'just express, no matter what comes out!' brings up enormous internal resistance and tightness and a sense of wanting to run and hide. A fear that seems to be deeply rooted in my veins.... 

Hi Marije,

Our African 'Safari' was indeed a great pleasure and adventure - thanks from the heart for your great contribution to it Heart

With regards the dreaming - the great step is that you're having them and remembering aspects. It's a really good sign. Thumbs Up Sign

With the inrterpretation, it sounds like it's gettting stuck on the plane of mind. Perhaps instead of thinking 'how to paint' you could just start painting. Whatever it is. And let things just flow from there.

The same goes for creating circumstances and events. Instead of over thinking them, just watch things that arise and explore the possibility in a feeling/adventure way.

I recall when I've written songs or created music before, the self critic is something to get past - just to express, no matter what comes out!

Much love

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What an adventure the African safari to the retreat in Mozambique has been! I can’t believe that a week ago, I was still somewhere in South Africa exploring some curious stone circle and leaving some of my DNA on it Angel Halo! I somehow feel to say more about it, but it seems that no words would do justice to the overall experience… What was interesting though when I returned home is that the usual resistance against being in the Netherlands wasn’t there as strongly as usual and I was actually feeling quite upbeat, despite all sorts of strong energies moving internally, which already started on the plane somewhere above the Sahara. However, unfortunately I can feel that the feeling is slowly starting to wear off and I am sliding back into more ‘usual’ resistance patterns.

Then this morning I woke up from a dream and where I usually can’t remember anything of my dreams, this time I was still able to recall quite a bit of detail about the dream to write what I remembered down. I was dreaming of Africa… Actually in the dream I was at an Openhand retreat in South Africa and we were given a big piece of white paper and then the assignment to draw a kind of stretched out infinity shape on there and then to decorate it with drawings. Some of the other participants immediately draw the most beautiful artworks, whereas I was procrastinating to even put the infinity like shape down, remembering how drawing is one of the things I have never been good at and therefore never liked it. I was moving around somewhere in nature to find the right place to put my big piece of paper down to start drawing, but still my paper remained blank. For some reason the retreat continued in another town/venue and after a whole day moving around with the blank paper I end up checking into some very fancy 5 star hotel. The next morning I somehow end up in some formal conference in the fancy hotel and am surprised to find there are only white people in the room, which always makes me feel awkward in Africa. I manage to find my way out of the conference to go and look for the new venue where the Openhand retreat continues and from there I don’t remember what happened or I woke up…

As I was writing my dream down, some realisations of what it was about landed, particularly with regards to the big blank piece of paper and the feelings I used to have as a child about my (in)ability to draw (particularly how to translate what I could see in 3D into a flat 2D representation, never seemed to drop). It dawned to me that somehow the blank paper represents my life, that rather than expressing myself and drawing something on the blank canvas, I keep on procrastinating to do so, because I feel I don’t have the ability to produce anything beautiful on there, that I still need to better learn how to ‘draw’ first. Also in relation to putting my facilitation services out there, I can see how the paper mostly remains blank, because I feel I haven’t mastered the skills well enough yet, to start drawing. As I am writing this, I can feel the tightness around my inability to ‘draw’ my life’s expression and the frustration about the blank paper…..  

It is interesting how I could feel some aspects of the dream making sense, but as soon as I started writing it down and trying to make sense of it intellectually it all suddenly seemed less obvious than what it feels like. In some ways it feels similar to how the translation of a 3D object into a flat 2D representation in drawing never seemed to drop, that translating the feelings of what the dream represents into a linear story for another person to read, who didn't experience the dream themselves, doesn't seem to drop either. And as I am writing this, I am almost inclined to delete the whole post, which is starting to feel like just talking to myself, but I am going to leave it here nevertheless, who knows someone else might pick something up from it, if only the beautiful song/video below!


Anastasia your very welcome!!!  Sometimes its just nice knowing you are seen and heard and your not alone. I have been given that gift myself from spirit so I'm always more than happy to give it when I can.

I imagine though the little bird would just sing happily away and say I want for you everything you want for you and this or that moment in time is just merely that. That either way, it's going to be ok.  

It is funny you mention little birds though as I was remembering today a moment so long ago of my youngest son. My daughter wanted birds, so I got her some finches. One summer morning I was outside with my children cleaning the bird cage. I took the insert out of the bottom of the cage and as I was washing it off my young son lifted the cage up and there the birds went flying off. He stood there with this look of horror and happy on his face watching them and I just laughed so hard. Birds are not meant to be caged anyways! Fly birdy fly!



Dear Wyndè,

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I cannot really find the right 3D words to describe how your response/sharing makes me feel. But something about learning that someone out there (an actual human being) may have heard/sensed me cry is so deeply touching and comforting, it humbles me to the core. 

Just like you, I’ve been alone in that dark cold Winter Cave many times before and come out a stronger more resilient being, but this time my exit is marked by a clear change in season. You greet me like a little Spring Bird twittering those magic words I always longed to hear someone say in my solitary darkness...

You are not alone. I can hear you.

(And just as I wrote that I came to think of a dream I had a while ago. I dreamt I was at a small Openhand gathering and a little white bird came and ‘hung’ in the air like a colibri over my left shoulder. It was chirping incessantly into my left ear as if it had some really important message to give me, but I couldn’t make out what it was.)

Thank you Wyndè. Raise my glass right back at you. 

Cheers, Love!

❤️ 🕊



Hi Open,

Thank you for sharing your experience. The Convergence of those three energies is a very interesting concept, and when you mention it, it resonates deeply within me. A strange reflection that comes to mind is that of the holy Trinity, but on the unholy, “fallen” side.

I also suddenly see a connection to one of my dreams above - dream No 2. In that dream I leave ‘ADAM’ in the ‘care’ of a community of 3 families. It can definitely be seen as a metaphor for leaving the original human in the ‘hands’ of 3 different but converging influences. The only thing that doesn’t make sense is that in the dream, I felt very comfortable doing this. I was sure the 3 ‘families’ would be taking good care of Adam, which obviously can’t be said for what the Terrible Three ended up doing to Him.

Ever since I read DIVINICUS, I’ve had this secret wish to visit the Sterkfontein caves, to see what the place might unleash in me, but for some reason I never saw it as a realistic possibility. Even now my lower mind is already lining up a series of reasons why this wouldn’t be possible - Time, kids, finances, distance etc. But if I’ve learned one thing on this path it’s that  

if there is a divine will, there is ALWAYS a divine way.

So with that I accept your invitation and say

See you there! 👍



Hi Sindi,

Yes, it can be quite a shock at first when the multidimensional landscape we're living in comes into view. I've been introducing these concepts to people here in the virtual community and at events around the world for some 15 years now, so many are quite familiar with it.

Many of the archeological/spiritual sites do have this doubled sided coin to them. It always happens where a place can open into the dimensions. So it's essential to be aware when you vist them and to work to ground/realse entities, which comes over time with awareness and practice.

I do get the sense that there's a lot untapped about this in Africa. The country holds a special place in the Origination of man, and so it's bound to have been a hot-bed of intervention energies - as expressed at Adam's Calendar. And I think the spirit of Africa has been supressed quite heavily by this due to the Intervention and because of the impact of organised religion, which that energy actually feeds off. That's not to mention the slavery/aparteid periods through history.

So there's much to be done! But I also sense a great enthusiasm and commitment to delve deep now. I certainly would like to bring the Openhand work there further afield - and will be endeavouring to organise events with you guys for the months and years ahead.

Much love

Open HeartPraying Emoji


I can honestly say that I found myself holding my breathe as I read Sandra and Open’s conversation and I used to live down the road from Kaapsehoop so I’m gomsmacked!

It’s this conversation that led to me downloading the meditation on removing implants and entities having read this conversation yesterday. I did the meditation first thing this morning haha and I kid you not. And the fact that Africa has plenty such places and the world over is quite hectic. Is it as a result of a culmination of events in different dimensions over the same plain?

I’m not 100% sure how the terms implants and entities are defined in this context, but I sure can tell you that I have a good idea.

One of my main love and passions is Africa. How is it that we are most likely the one continent that’s lagging behind in terms of exploring philosophies such as Openhand’s 5D Paradigm shift project? Or are we not?

iYoh! My next question is, what happens to those of us who live within such areas, like Sibebe Rock, which is most likely, as we eluded to you, as we don’t cleanse? Nor did we know we need to, albeit it is a very African way to burn herbs to clear bad spirits.

What are the implications of not cleansing? Even the Catholic Church burns incense.

I read about a black crystal and some salt and pepper? I recall at the Yoga Shala in Tofo, that Open had such items right in the middle of the circle and boy was I keen to ask but with all the questions I had been bombarding him, I was like neh, I’m sure it will come up on the virtual community and I can learn from interaction on this platform.

How are people further affected by those carrying entities?

Also, what are some good ways to assist our young ones (children from 6 years on or less) to do these meditations. It doesn’t feel right to just do me.

And I would like to know how well Africans are accepting the importance of living consciously? We talk about Africa rising and I hope it’s also rising in terms of accessing this type of information.

Looking forward to hearing your inputs.




My heart goes out to you and I want to say thank you for sharing. I could sense somebody "out" there crying and it felt to me the kind of cry I have experienced so many times in my life, where your body and spirit start doing that convulsive stuttering when inhaling breath. Something I know very much of. I used to think surely I would die from sorrow, but death say's to me not today honey. You will pick yourself right back up again as you have done countless times before and you will be greater for what you have learned.


I do agree with spirit though in regards to knowing the reality of one's moment at hand. What you learn from it and what you learn about yourself. I can't say I fully understand this "ether." But I do know my human spirit is very inquisitive and very curious which has led me down a larger path of sensations as well. So to this I commend you on your exploration's in mind body and spirit and just want to give you a hug for what you experienced. I pray it doesn't stop you, but makes you stronger inside. Personally I went from seeing a huge chasm on the continent, to going inside a cave, to seeing how I am literally comprised of everything and if this all - the dna sequences strung together in such a manner of everything had not happened, then I could not of happened. To which I accept, but within that there seems to be disdain I feel from something that is not myself. It feels like the puritan thoughtform trying to oppress me all over again and even that could not contain me so this disdain can just go pffft and know what it is that it does! I feel like I left that cave with more wholeness and freedom inside of me So I raise my glass of water to you in cheers for your explorations! May it bring you peace and always sate your inner inquisition and curiosity.




as a side note, while I was writing this I got the email notification reply and in it Open you talk about the Sterkfontein Caves. I wonder if this is not what I saw. Even I too felt as if there was some sort of entity thing trying to choke me last week so I just let it because my usual tactics wouldn't stop it. I feel like a great mystery has been solved here for me and I'm really thankful for that! Now I think I'm going to go delve deeper into why some people have really dark spots on them and how I can actually help with that. But yet at the same time this "spaceship junction" has me very intrigued.

Hi Anastasia,

It's clear indeed you were well tuned into the energy at Adam's Calendar - when someone has some kind of connected experience, yes you can connect to the ether with what we were doing there.

I experienced something much deeper this time than last - it seemed more a convergence between Annunaki, Grey and Reptilian consciousness - a kind of meeting point. A lot of grey energy was activated and released, so maybe you were feeling that.

With regards the throat chakra, it's likely to do with feeling the engineering that went on by the greys in that regard. Later this year, I'm already feeling to return to South Africa, but this time to the Sterkfontein Caves, where I believe the original benevolent seeding was instigated. When I visited last time, I felt a huge welling up and movement through my throat, which began as I passed the aptly named "spaceship junction" on my way there. I'll be putting a course on near there towards the end of October. You might consider coming. I already get the sense it will be a deep and profound experience.

Much love

Open Slightly SmilingAngel Halo

Hi Open,

What Sandra shared above is very synchronistic for me, and I feel I need to ask for some insight into what might be happening to me right now.

It seems I may have been more tuned in to your visit to Adam’s Calendar than I thought. That day that you were there something very intense happened to me that I think might be connected to your visit. 

That same day I did the Bow meditation. It was a very powerful experience and I cried almost all my way through it. They were tears of intense release but also tears of heartbreak. The kind of heartbreak you can feel when you realise that big chunks of your life were governed by other influences than your own and you suddenly see through the veils of illusion you have been operating behind. 

With every Bow, I felt more and more of the Orion energy detaching from my being, and with this release I witnessed a rewind and a review of certain aspects of my life, primarily relationships, where this energy has been dominating. It was a paradox of feelings. I could so clearly taste the sweetness of truth, but at the same time, I touched that deep place of sadness that comes when you realise you have to readjust your whole relationship to ‘reality’. Saying that though, I’m deeply grateful for this insight.

INSTANTLY, when my meditation was over, my throat swelled up to the point where I could hardly swallow. Yes, it literally happened instantly. I had no symptoms before I started meditating. I found this quite remarkable. Shortly after, I posted my sharing about Adam and the 4 dreams and right after, I felt pulled to pick up DIVINICUS and reread the part about your visit to Adam’s Calendar. I was astounded to find this as part of your experience there...

“And I felt a strong blocking sensation in my throat chakra too - a kind of 'woolliness'. For me, the throat chakra connects directly into higher mind, so it felt like some degree of reordering - downgrading - was taking place.”

A couple of hours later, I was hit with a really high fever that left me physically incapacitated for the whole next day. The fever has subsided today but my throat still feels like a thorn ball.

Now, I can’t help thinking this is connected to Adam’s Calendar somehow. 

Is it possible that if I was highly tuned into you guys, that I picked up some of the energies or sensations from there?

Or maybe the connection with that place somehow catalysed the release of all that Grey energy and what I’m experiencing now is some sort of cleansing process?

I would really appreciate some insight into what might be going on 🙏🏻


With gratitude,


Hi Sandra - yes, clearing energy at these sites is often essential - there's frequently such a mixed bag. It's something we do a lot of on the facilitator program - creating portals either to compost the energy or else realign it. I find obsidian works really well to help take dense energies away.  I use it to connect into the galactic core and take the energy there.

And yes - self cleansing is essential afterwards!

Much love

Open OK Hand SignPraying Emoji

Good morning from Siberian Kansas City! I enjoyed reading about the Adams  Calendar site.  It was not much talked about in Botswana.  But then, we have our own sites which I have found also have need of clearing.  Having traipsed to and through many archeological sites I find that all of them need clearing.  Some were so negative we actually could not do much....even the Bedouin in Arabia would avoid such places.  Oh the stories I could tell you about the manifestations of some of them!  I now don't go near historic sites without either stage smudges, salt and a black crystal or onyx stone in my pocket.  If I can't clear it, at least I won't be affected or infected  by the entities which still inhabit the place.

May I suggest you go through a complete self cleaning once you get home.  Whatever you are led to do, do it. Africa has many entities that are NOT HAPPY when we show up.  There are many many times I have had experiences with them. Africans know them well and know their powers.  To Westeners it sounds like mindless superstition., but those who have lived in such places know first hand of their retrivutions. Take very very good care of yourselves when you get home, and certainly before you go out again.   You dont want to be an unwitting carrier of the negatives.

In Light and Gold, 


Intirguing sharing indeed Anastasia - thanks for sharing, feels like you were well tuned into our exploration OK Hand Sign

Marije, Hannah and Myself are now winding our respective ways back to Europe, having had an epic conclusion to our African Safari. The last day we ventured out to Adam's Calendar, which many regard as being deeply significant in the human story here in Africa. Having been there before, I had a sense of what to expect, but wanted to see how Marije and Hannah also felt the energy. As it turned out, we were all pretty much in agreement: it's a highly significant site, with energy dating back probably to the early times of the intervention here at least 75,000 years ago. Although it's been used for benevolent initiation ceremony in more recent times, we could clearly feel how the polarity had been set up and used to bring Opposing Energies in - it felt like a key meeting grounding site - a stargate - for Annunaki energy, which in a way, ties in with Michael Tellingers thoughts on it.

For us, it didn't feel at all good - a contraction around the head, a tightening in the chest, nausea in the abdomen and a kind of whirling vortex that made us feel energetically whoosy. It made it hard to feel your full authentic self.

As we headed out for the calendar, Mother Gaia deluged the path with rain, feeling very much like a necessary cleansing. But the clouds parted sufficiently for us to hike there and complete what we felt given to - which turned out to be clearing some of the surrounding field and then reversing the polarity to take any negative energies out. It seemed to feel a lot more harmomious afterwards, which I can only imagine other visitors would gain from.

Adam's Calendar Escarpment commading impressive views east...

Arriving at the site - an impressive array of ancient rocks...

The whole site felt bedecked with fascinating forms and symbology...

We were warmly greeted by a mystical red bodied bird with blue head...

Looking out East - under the grey clouds were 3 pyramid shaped hills, set out as Orion's Belt and on the same longitude as the Great Pyramids...

Hannah inspecting a ceremonial location of intriguiing significance...

The Illusive Marije, mostly to be found behind the camera!...

Hi Open and everyone else,

Your journey to these different African sites, especially Adam’s Calendar, is definitely stirring something in me. Also, the title and theme of the virtual retreat - ORIGINS - is highly synchronistic with the themes my soul is circling around and exploring right now. I believe I have some deep karmic roots in the whole seeding and emergence of the Original Human. I have had some powerful regressions suggesting that, and my consciousness has almost been a bit obsessively attracted to the topic whenever it has appeared in my life. When I first read DIVINICUS, I practically sped through the whole thing just to get to the part about the original seedings, and then I read that part over and over.

What spiked for me now was the name ADAM, in Adam’s Calendar. When I read that, I suddenly remembered a series of dreams that I had about a year ago. It was 4 dreams that all came right after each other in a sequence on the same night, with me waking up between each of them. All dreams were very vivid and charged with strong feeling. That’s why I could recall all of them in detail in the morning. I have since managed to unriddle some of the themes and metaphors in these dreams, but I still haven’t figured out all of them, especially dream 2 and 3. I’m also still trying to find the common thread between all of them, because I feel they are all interrelated somehow. Any reflections/interpretations are sincerely appreciated Praying Emoji




1) The Lesser Twin

I saw my Twin Flame and I went up to embrace him and connect with him, but he pushed me away. My Twin Flame was represented by a man I met in real life many years ago whom I felt a really strong connection to, but who rejected my feelings.

Sad from the rejection, I looked around and saw another man. He was the twin of my Twin Flame, but a ‘lesser’ one, and my attraction to him wasn’t as strong. He, on the other hand, opened his arms right up to me and invited me straight into his loving lap. He wanted me, and after the harsh rejection I had just suffered, it felt really nice to be loved and cared for. So, I assumed this was who I was meant to be with and not the one I had originally set my sights on.

But as soon as I settled with him, a group of people came up to me and said, “WOW! We just saw the sparks between you and that guy. The energy between you was just amazing!” I thought they meant the lesser twin, whom I was now with, but they firmly said “No, no, no! The other one that we saw you with. That’s the one!”

I was highly confused by this, since that guy had so clearly rejected me. What did they see that I had missed?



There were 3 families with kids in some kind of residential community. My college ex-boyfriend and his family were one of them, but I didn't know the others. They were all really tight and helped each other out to take care of the kids. I needed to run some errands, but I needed to go alone and I had my son with me. I securely and comfortably left my little son with them to look after him while I was gone. But here is the strange part; I didn’t call my son by his name. I called him ADAM.

As I was leaving, I turned around and firmly said to his temporary caretakers “Take good care of ADAM!”

I woke up right in that last sentence with the name ADAM still on my tongue. I immediately knew this was related to Adam – the “original human” somehow, but I still haven’t figured out the connection


3) The Trust Fund

The same 3 families featured in this dream as in the second one. Except this time, I was not involved. I was just witnessing. The 3 families were in a business meeting. They had all agreed to set up a Trust Fund between them for the benefit of all their children. Each family went in with the same amount of money. If anything were to happen to any of the parents from any of the 3 families, the collective money would go to the children of that particular family that was in need. As a witness, I was really moved by this collective community action, and also a little jealous that I wasn’t a part of it.


4) The Fig Tree

It was winter and everything was withered and dead on the dull residential street where I was walking. Suddenly, I took a turn into one of the backyards, a hard cold square space with little charm. Far in one of the corners of this backyard, a sad looking twiggy bush caught my eye. When I went up close, I saw it was actually a small, strangely shaped tree. And not any tree. It was undoubtedly a fig tree, for there were several huge, perfectly ripe figs hanging from its thin brown leafless branches.

I felt a sudden leap of excitement in my heart, as I decided to pick two of these unimaginably succulent figs to share with my husband. After I had picked them, a man met me at the gate. I assumed it was my husband, but strangely enough I couldn’t see his face, so I wasn’t sure. All I could see was intense bright light. How would I know who it was if I couldn’t see his face? I understood I had to use other senses than my eyes in order to recognise him. So, I closed my eyes and started smelling him instead. He did not smell like my husband, but I never figured out who he was before I woke up...


If any intuitive clues land out there, please share…

Much love to everyone,




For several weeks I have been led to renewing my newsletter  "The African Ring" which I began shortly before I moved to Botswana in 2011 and ended with one or more letters when I unexpectedly returned to The States.  But I have thought it needed a new name with a new focus, reflecting "the shift" we are now experiencing.

I have the name...and this particular Open newsletter confirms it for me.  Adam's Calendar and many of the sites I saw in Botswana indicate an original "shift" in which the home sapiens emerged. 

Now we are shifting again, since 2012, and are witnessing the 6th Mass Extinction which will certainly include the demise of the human race and all its constructs. A new evolved species is emerging even as the extinction of the old takes place.  

My new writing is to be called


Does this not reflect what we are all experiencing?  The borthing of anew species with it's new and permanent aura as we enter the higher dimensions?  To me it does...

So the formal retreat has finished, but the Safari goes on. Today Marije, Hannah and myself will journey back south to a mystical site called "Adams Calendar", which is believed to be a site of very special significance in the emergence of Homo Sapiens. I wrote about a previous visit in my book Divinicus.

The Alternative Archeologist Michael Tellinger who I met back then, has done some quite fascinating research on the site, that suggests it does indeed have some important significance to the emergence of early humanity. Here's an overview in the video below. I'd like to highlight though two points of difference I have with his (and others) views: (1) while this might be linked to the emergence of early Homo Sapiens, I do believe the other site he refers to as the area around the Sterkfontein Caves relates more to the emergence of Original Humans. So there were TWO emergences - one, the Original Humans who were benevolently seeded on Earth between 4million - 1million years ago, leading to a multi regional introduction, which the fossil record supports. Secondly, aferwards, an intervention by the Annunaki with the Orion Greys introduced Homo Sapiens around 250,000 years ago, which went on to populate the world and effectively stamp out the Original Humans. (2) I also disagree that whilst the Annunaki may have mined for gold when they came, their purpose was more to 'mine' human DNA, to recreate the civilisation they lost when the constellation Sirius went through it's dramatic shift 120 million years ago.

So here's an intro to Adam's Calendar by Michael Tellinger. We'll be journeying there and seeing what we experience...

On the closing day of the retreat of our Openhand Africa Safari we opened a deep connection with Gaia and the energies of the shift. We worked through the sense of forgiveness and aligned ourselves with the realigning flow. It was deeply moving all round.

Our photos from the closing day...

Starry connecting with a tree, and into the stars!...

Meegan feeling the Pleiadian connection?...

Nelia and Perriwinkle, who just loved to join us in meditation...

Heidi, feeling serene...

Contemplations outside the studio...

"The Sisters"...

Closing lunch by the pool...

The Africa "Crew" - deep heartfelt connections. This is not goodbye - this is "namaste"..

Hi Sindi, it was absolutely heart-warming to connect with you guys and journey together. It opened for me a deep resonance spanning back aeons - it moved me deeply. Thankyou for making me feel so welcome and at home in Africa. I can feel this has opened many portals for Openhand work in Africa - bring it on!

Open HeartPraying Emoji



Sanibonani, with love from Africa.

The Openhand Project for me is puts forward a philosophy that puts my thoughts and questions into a perspective that helps me to break down societal constructs that have mostly served to confuse me and make me feel guilty, fearful and cautious.

I came to the OpenHand Retreat in Tofo, many, many kilometers away from my home, the beautiful mountainous Kingdom of eSwatini (Formerly known as Swaziland). I came to the retreat to learn more about the Paradigm Shift. I have not only learnt quite a lot, but i have lived it too, or rather experienced aspects of it.

Everyday we live the love we live it by being our true selves. Learning how to not only unlock my truest potential but also learning to live it out has always been important to me. The retreat has assisted me in many ways that made me go deeper into me and finding out more about what is my groove, how i connect to the flow, and the courage to keep on pressing in terms of not compromising.

Why would i like to stay connected? To stay connected inspite of the busyness of life is not necessarily the most easy accomplishment, but its imperative. I have struggled to prioritize "me" time in its most authentic sense; always being  busy making sure everything is going well for everyone around me. It's wonderful being of service but even more important to be of service to self so I can be of more service to others.


Open, Marije and Hannah have been amazing. Our hosts, Nick and Nelia are the bombdiggidy and the team of participants the best collective to have had this amazing experience with.


As with any philosophy that has its basis in being altruistic and a whole bag of chips, it gives a clearly conceivable breakdown of what the Flow means and why its important for us to keep BEING.




Today is the final formal day of the retreat here in Mozambique, which has been tremendous. I've felt such a warm and loving connection from our African sisters, and I know this is just the beginning of the Openhand work here. It's been a level 1 retreat, and yet we've explored deep into many areas that would usually only be covered in the later work. I believe there's a growing thirst in the world to truly explore the truth, the reality of what's been going on and where we're heading.

Today I will regress people into Gaia's past history. Why exactly did she draw the intervention here in the first place? And how will she unravel it as she ditches the karmic baggage. It will likely bring fear, but we'll work with it in the usual Openhand Breakthrough Approach. But it's also sure to bring up expansive liberation as people let go of the fears, let go of the karma, and expand into the sense of the New Paradigm - a world without rules and limitations, borders and controls.

So I invite you to join us. Check out the Paradigm Shift film below - specifically chapter 4 "Goddess of Humanity", which starts at 35 minutes in. Watch it, and then take yourself into meditation. Feel your deep connection with Gaia and the journey she's making. What fears does her shift bring up? What karma? If it does, then work into it by expressing it, becoming as-one with it, totally accepting it, and then expressing the soul as it emerges out. Then please do share your experiences. I'll happily offer a supportive reflection. Slightly Smiling

It's a powerful sharing Paul - moved me deeply over here in Africa today. Thankyou The Sun EmojiThumbs Up Sign

What you're describing is a truth that's been hidden from humanity, karma that many are beginning to wake up to, and it's depicted so well in the Matrix film. Humanity has been downgraded - genetically hybridised - to fit within a system of control, which he can't see, smell or touch. It's the veil that's been purposefully pulled down over our eyes. The point being though, it's much more than an intellectual control - DNA has been modified to receive the matrix frequency - which is why so many continue living the way they do, even though a part of them knows it doesn't serve.

When you waken this aspect deeper and fuller, then your every step, your every breath, becomes a challenge to the consciousness that is holding you back - a limitation which is to be located in all the inner tight spots, where you close down in life and become small, where you choose the conditioned pathway, the programs of obligation and fear, instead of the expansiveness of the soul.

Thankfully more and more people are waking up to the calling of their soul. And from here, anything becomes possible!

Open Praying Emoji

I don’t have much time to post but wanted to share right quick. :) Instead of a cage I felt guided to lie down and found myself strapped down on some kind of gurney in a sterile laboratory environment. 

Felt pitted dread and an “oh no what happens next” in my gut and then extreme pain in my head. I didn’t see images but it felt like a hole being bored into my forehead in an attempt to turn me into a mindless puppet.

Afterward I was lying in the dark alone, still strapped down. Then I just... decided to sit up. I looked down at my body and it was me as a little boy. 

Then I got up in 3D with my eyes still closed, and embodied the feeling from this scene and song from The Matrix: Sunglasses cool emoji

Africa is a rich and colourful continent - I'm sure Openhand's work here has only just begun. There's so much history relating humanity's seeding, convoluted past, and the emergence from supression and slavery, which of course in a sense, we've all suffered at the hands of the matrix. It's definitely a topic that's been bubbling to the surface here for the group to work on.

And just across the cove, is this incredible monument, which would seem to depict the emergence of empowered beingness from the pyramid, from the matrix. At least that's how I'm interpreting it!...

So for today's inquiry, I felt to share a meditation I did with the group, about the emergence from suprression.

Here's the meditation...

Reflect on situations where you feel like you feel like you've been repressed, subjugated or disempowered. It could be a physical subjugation of a past life, or it could be an emotional mental one from this life. It could have origins in the intervention, where people were abducted. See the images in as much detail as possible. Then feel the contractions inside in your field. Express the feelings through an appropriate position - I got people to imagine they were caged. Contract into it. Express with sound how it feels. What is it like to be controlled in this way?

In the midst of it, realise that everything exists within the One, and as the One, there is nothing that can contain you. Open a doorway through the contraction and exand out.

Now feel the density of the contraction and visualise/feel it breaking. Begin to breathe deeply and move the body, slowly at first, but with increasing strength and vigour. Put on some empowering music and feel yourself breaking apart this energetic cage.

Rest in your empowerment.

So see how you get on, and do share your experiences. I'm sure this kind of disempowerment sits in just about everyone's karma.

I wish you well with it.

Open HeartPraying Emoji

Marije has caught some nice photos from our African Safari to share with you all - to convey the sense of the energy we're working in. "Origins" indeed was an apt title for the work, because there's clearly a collective yearning to dig deep into the karmic convolutions of the past and to find more authentic human beingness.

Our photo journal so far...

Africa, a continent of colour...

Rustic buildings - high tech can "vamos!"...

Big media intruding, but it's okay, Openhanders are there!...

Main retreat building - back to the future!...

Totally natural eco-friendly accommodation...

Early morning meditations outside my delightful cabin...

Fresh and vibrant food...

Hanging out before a session...

Cultures converge, Cindy & Carol...

Down to meditation - the perfect studion with natural vibes...

The group digs in...

Our tremendous hosts, Nic & Nelia, with deep heartfelt gratitude for bringing Openhand to the continent of Africa Heart...

Hi Everyone following the retreat,

We have a technology issue today, which blocked making comments for several hours - so I wasn't able to post an update. But now 'normal service is resumed' (as they say!). So I'll post the latest update in the morning.

Love to all

Open Praying Emoji

Hi Vimal - the symptoms your describe would see to point to that - an entity exploiting those distortions. So the key is to let the distortions animate and work to progressively realign them. Then at some point, you may well feel the energy detach, at which point it can be released. Praying Emoji

Hi Wynde - yes I feel that from Dragon energy too - it's both protective and also enjoys its own freedom Thumbs Up Sign

Hey Hey!


for me this reptilian/dragon energy is protective and yet seeks freedom as well. Its not something I ever really thought to have an interest in until about four years ago when they started showing up everywhere including a photo I luckily captured of one that "looks" like a dragon. I see them alot in my paintings as well without ever actually intending to paint something as specific as that.

I guess it say's to me to find more balance between myself. To be kind yet firm in what I want for me, instead of just happily going along with the flow of things which if I'm honest with myself isn't always in my best interest. But something I learned recently through this tundra meditation is so simple I cant believe it didn't occur to me before. I learned that it is ok to be the protector/guardian of another person's story. That the change I bring is sometimes necessary and may not be looked upon as the most positive thing ever, but in the long run it helps.   

I never really accumulated many things before either yet lately I have found myself collecting different kinds of rocks, gems, minerals. I understand the energy they bring but for me its more like ooooh treasure! Kind of satisfying my own internal dragon I suppose.



Hey Zee, crocodile - an interesting power animal indeed. So I could share some reflections from what I perceive for you and everyone tuning in - see what resonates.

What I'm about to share may seem a bit 'out-there' to some, and if so, work to consider it more simply as an 'energy'. We can clearly see the evidence of unconscious consumption at large generally in the world today and it's something just about everyone has to work with.

Understanding Raptor Consciousness

Of course a crocodile is a reptile! And to me, a physical form of the Reptilian energy or Raptor Consciousness here on earth that was around long before man. Although I maintain that the DNA config came from elsewhere - from Draco, carried on a meteor. Of course people will have heard lots of negatives about the Reptilian consciousness - very controlling, overriding, little respect for other species and other sentient life, it's all-consuming.

But there are very positive attributes too.

They animate the darkness, the density. It's like their form helps weave together a consenses reality, a karmic construct for the benefit of experience. If you eat meat, it tends to lower your vibration and bind you into the physical, and that's essentially what they do - bind the physical.

They are born survivors and exceptionally resilient. They will thrive in the most challenging, acidic and toxic environments. They're strong team players and acquiesce to a hierarchy that works for them. They're amazingly focussed, and won't easily be drawn from their purpose. You see a lot of this energy in business.

Releasing the Energy

The Reptilians here are now increasingly realigning. They're being extracted through interdimensional portals back to Draco by their original soul family there. Although some are incarnating in human form. And there's another realignment that one can explore, which is dragon energy. If you sense that a Reptilian entity might be with you, then you can work to realign it. The first thing though is how to identify it? You can get to know it by the heavy feeling in the gut, kind of like indigestion or constipation, a bloated feeling. Another aspect of it would be a feeling of something in the throat (a tentacle) and a tightness around the head. If you feel any of this, you can start exploring and bringing awareness to it, challenging it,  being clear that you won't be controlled by it. You might start to feel the energy getting jittery and moving.

At this point it's important to then bring awareness to your own consumptive behaviourisms: what you eat, how you physically exercise the body, how your awareness is in sexual intimacy. If we become unconscious in these activities, that's were the Reptilian entity can hide in the density and consume of the energy released. So by working on the energies in oneself, the entity will start to detach. If you wanted to get rid of it at this point, you could use something like the Openhand Releasing Entities Meditation which channels them out of your field.

Getting the Energy to Work With You

Alternatively, if you're feeling courageous and intrigued, you could open a dialogue with it. Basically you could invite it to work with you. As you realign your own behaviours around the physical, you're sending out a resonance of realignment, a communication. Be clear in your mind what does and doesn't serve you. You have to become quite focussed and direct about this or else it'll feel any form of doubt and weakness, which it will then try to exploit. But if you can be firm and clear, the balance will swing in your favour. Martial arts, Meditation, Tai Chi and more rigorous forms of Yoga. But it's essential in all of these that you're not simply repeating mindless repetitive exercise where there are blind spots of unconsciousness - because this encourages and animates the Reptilian energy.

Progressively then, you start to feel the power of this energy begin to work with you. It has many excellent attributes: (1) the 'gut-feeling' intuitions about the matrix greatly increase (2) there's an intelligence in the gut that can weave through life (3) focus and commitment greatly increase (3) the energy can literally bend the consciousness of the surrounding lower densities around your creative aligned action (4) you pick up flows in the lower densities of the matrix more strongly.

I had to smile when the film series came out "How to Train Your Dragon!" How much truth there is in a cartoon! Here's an Openhand Video I made some while back called "Healing the Wounded Dragon" which explores some of the ways in which to realign the energy within...

So I offer this exploration for everyone today. At the very least, it would be worthwhile exploring the physical consumptiveness within your behaviours and working to realign them. If you felt you had an entity of this kind (many do), then by bringing consciousness to it, you can release it. Alternatively, you could explore working with that energy to help you in the lower physical densities, to help pave pathways through the matrix.

A fascinating inquiry indeed, and also very relevant to our Safari here in Africa.

In loving support

Open HeartPraying Emoji

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Very interesting...I had to switch to "filtered HTML" so that the comment box would appear.

I found this sharing so fascinating! I understand the realigning of the raptor consciousness now differently...and as I was reading about some of the attributes of the raptor consciousness, I could see this energy's expression in some close relational dynamics - and it shed some light on things - some great gifts in those qualities as well - so thank you for sharing that!

About 10 days ago I felt prodded to explore some ways that I am giving into consumptive patterns - the beautiful thing is that it's arising very naturally from within...gently but it's not like tackling everything at once...but I feel very supported in confronting one aspect at a time and feel so centered and committed without forcing anything. Synchronistically, the words "Dragon Rising" spiked for me over the weekend and have been sort rolling around within me since.

Imagining the land and skyscapes of Africa and tuning in...sending love <3 Jen

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While reading this I wonder if my issues associated with indigestion relates to a reptilian entity in my field. I have realigned to a great degree what I eat mostly because of these issues. But I Woudnt say I don't consume dense foods. It also challenges how and when I eat,how and when I sleep etc. I can also see distortions and consumtive behavior within sexual Intimacy. When I have close sexual intimacy, I have a heavy tightness in my sacrum. I had the reflection that it's because of a neediness in relationships. Tightness in the temples is something I have most of the time I sit in meditations. Any reflections are welcome.

Aloha everyone!

I did the meditation and saw the following-

I was at the water hole at dusk taking in its beauty and stillness when a huge croc lauched out of the water at me!!!! Scared the **** out of me! I jumped back and called my reg power animal to protect me but it just stayed by my side and didnt attack the croc. 

I didnt want a croc for a power animal at first, but I realized the wisdom of the universe is in many forms, so as I did a bit of research on the meaning I gained some insight. I haven't fin exploring yet so any thoughts are welcome.

Much love


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Hi Open - Though I admit there is some embarrassment around saying yes, it feels like a twin flame reflection, but yes it does. I had a funny synchronicity around this the next I was drawn to go sit at sunrise, on this peninsula that jutted out into the lake. I noticed there was someone already sitting out there, but I was drawn to go anyway. I sit only a few feet away from him and we end up in this intense and beautiful exchange...not the intensity of the stag in my dream but a reflection of something similar. Anyways, it's something I am working to embrace....which is very much about self-embrace and willingness to let in the sense that I am not deserted. <3 Thank you for reflecting it back to me Open.

Jen Praying Emoji

Wow - such colourful sharings. Thanks for joinging us Sandra, Wynde & Jen Heart

Clearly your sharings reflect the richness of the land, the history, the culture and the vibration here which is pretty spectacular - it's wonderful that it's inspiring so much. It's bringing to the surface all manner of feelings, about our convoluted past, the challenges of the present and where we're coming too. I can feel this is going to be a deeply transformational week.

I have a feeling I introduced the left brain/right brain meditation a little too early - apologies if so! It can be pretty full-on when you get into it. So I'll bring it up again later in the week. Also there's plenty of newcomers here on the retreat, so I'll have to take it steady from the beginning. Don't want to phase anyone out!

Today is the first of the formal retreat. We'll be gathering in a couple of hours with people from Europe (Marije & Hannah) and then the rest are either local from Mozambique or others who've travelled from across Africa. I'm pleased to say all races! It will be intriguing to see how they take to the work. Can we find a common Divinicus amongst our varied journies here? I'm sure we can!

So today, to connect with the group here, I'll be beginning with the Breakthrough Breathing and an inquiry as to the nature of the self - we'll likely use the bow, but this time to feel the contrast between True Self and False Identity. So it works like this...

Begin with the Breakthrough Breathing. Then contemplate your journey at this time. What's coming up for you? What's animating? What are the patterns and bockages, which can be felt as tightness? Think about them, visualise them. And then when you have it clear in your mind, feel deep into them. Where do you locate the tighness? Feel it, notice it, experience it.

Now undertake the bow (see the Transmutation Video), feeling into the density and becoming as-one with it by becoming totally intimate with it. When you finally sit up, feel yourself expanding through the density - feel the lightness of your core self breaking through. After a few minutes of feeling this, explore the difference between lightness of the True Core Self and the Identity tightness. Get to know the difference.

Afterwards, some while later, write down what's animating your journey right now. And look at how the density you feel in the meditation might be having an influence on that.

Do please share what you experience here, and when I tune in again, I'll happily offer some reflections

Much love to all - this feels very magical!

Open HeartPraying Emoji


Hi all! Loving these invitations to dive in with you all. 

The meditation seemed to open to a number of animals though none actually felt for me... there was an elephant, a cheetah, a tiger, a lizard, and a meerkat 😊. That night, after the meditation, I dreamt I was walking in the dark and came across two female deers and could feel there was another energy there that brought up some anxiety... out of the dark came a huge dark colored stag with very large antlers... at first, I felt afraid that he would trample me and instead he approached me and kissed me.   Normally deer give me the feeling of alertness and gentleness, but this large dark male deer brought something else like virility, something like pride and presence... also something otherworldly and transporting about him. Very curious about it. Having some interesting reflections as I am in the woods for the weekend. Thrilled to tune in with you all!

In reply to by .Jen

Hi Jen,

Love your dream! I’m a bit amazed actually, and I will totally concur with Open. The Stag - definitely a Twin Flame vibe in my experience. 

I’m amazed because ever since my Twin Flame started coming through to me a couple of months ago, The Stag has been appearing everywhere. I’ve been fully aware of its presence, of course, but I didn’t know there could be an actual connection with the Twin Flame also appearing. Thank you so much for sharing and bringing me more clarity in this matter. For some reason, I feel really excited for you, my deer ☺️.

Much love



While I was living in Botswsna it was the elephant.  And it still empowers me as a big high brother would his/her small and fragile human relation.  I actually learned to call them,  which I find incantations still do when visiting the Kansas City zoo as long as there are no human distractions not interfering

I cannot physically make.the sound of their low frequency  but I can think/feel it and it is enough.  The matriarch turns her head in my direction and heads my way, then rest of the herd following.. ..unless there are newly born calves present

Try it, Open....

I am so delighted to see you in South Africa.  The culture, people, country and wildlife are incredible features that are to be found nowhere else. It is also my spiritual 2nd home...Saudi Araboa being my first and where I found I had spent untold numbers of incarnations within the Bedouin tribes.  But it is well known that the actual cradle of the human race  began in Africa and some of the earliest known are within the southern tribal territories of the continent. I was in s monthlong fast and retreat in Botswana during December 2012 and experienced change over of the dimensional frequencies that ushered in the prophesied "Ascension'". I know now that is the reason I was led to   Botswana ..specifically for that purpose .  You are sojourning through a  both magical and mystical land.  The ancestors,  both human and animal, are pleased to to have you there, and are hosting you well, as are the current manifestations of both

Namaste beloved brother 


Hey Hey!

I saw a Golden Lioness. Together we walked upon the sandy tundra and came to a tree where someone was screaming focus at me, I wanted to be more rooted into the earth. I tried to just go into the tree and then free my spirit through the roots but for some reason I could'nt do it so I just watched and tried to listen.

Then I looked and saw people dancing around a fire and normally I don't participate when I see things such as this, I have a loner tendency, but the rising of my spirit felt so free at seeing this dancing and soon I joined in. The dance ended with me shouting KA...Alot.

The Lioness and I walked again towards a chasm and the moment I saw it is the moment I stopped and said no. I had a dream a long long long time ago about this, about seeing it being ripped apart. The anger, despair and frustration of earth and its people. This is what I need to focus on, this is where my attention needs to go. I think even there is a cave deeper inside this chasm and something inside will bring light to a black hole inside of me. This will be no easy thing for me though because there is so much I feel about it and it seems no amount of softening into it releases this huge storm of emotions inside.

This that you say here Open about the right brain and left brain makes so much sense to me now. I can and have actually felt that separation and all I can say now is thank you for the meditation.

The Lioness says to me to participate, but maintain myself. Keep rooted but free. Be for earth and everything else, stand my ground yet remain my humble human self.


They're beautiful sharings Anastasia  & Jean - heart warming. I love how descriptive your sharing is Jean - took me right there.

Have you seen the film Alpha? It's a wonderful story of early human/animal connection in which wolf features highly, with a lovely twist at the end.

By the way, the 'guided meditations' are all about inspiring your own journey. Not necessarily telling you where you 'should' go.

Had a great restful day here in Turtle Cove - the studio is fantastic so I enjoyed a few hours setting up and meditating in there. The earth walls and reed roof connect right into the energy of the earth. It has an awesome vibe. I'm sure it will carry well to all those tuning in.

Here's the Alpha trailer...

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Thanks Open.

I’ll be watching that TONIGHT! 👍



Hi everybody , 

I took on the invitation to tune in a bit late as well but it felt truly empowering & inspiring . I first started with the Bow  exercice ( watching carefully how the breath can deeply connect both brains together again ) to initiate a first deep connection to Soul followed with the breakthrough breathing meditation . They complement each other perfectly well. Than , took a pause to scan the whole body /mind and let the energies flow naturally ...and gently started to walk through the natural African landscape . As i was burn in Uganda in the late 60's and often traveled with my parents during the 8 years of that Original beginning of life , it felt pretty easy to picture the Savannah out there . It felt very energizing  !!

As i felt a bit heavy lately to move through some inner blockages  , no wonder why a Big Hippopotamus appeared from under the water while i was approaching the water pond surrounded with trees . Wow !! never had this animal totem coming into my inner landscape before  . One week ago , the Cheetah appeared once again inviting to develop more Patience , persistence and spending more time in the outer & release pend up energies . And so i devoted way more time in gardening ( preparing a big garden for spring time ) . Yesterday , while gardening the Robin came to great me gently as he always does , this time just one meter away . He symbolises clearly : " Sing your song out into the wider world & be Bold enough to dare being more of your True Self " .

Anyway , what stood out clearly from the investigation into the Hippopotamus symbology & main characteristics are the following :

* Standing up for One's Soul Path vision with strength & coherence * 

* As they spend lots of time into the water : invitation to be full on with creative ideas ( Fertility symbol for many African countries ) and also staying grounded as much as possible ( they also spend time on land when necessary ) + The Capacity to swim through the watery realm of emotions with more vulnerable openness * 

* Their Big mouth & Jaws might well represent : Strong ideas to be spoken out & shared with the wider world + opening to more authentic Expression * 

* Their Big bodies ( up to 4 Tons in weight !!) might suggest stronger grounding of any Inspired new way of living , ideas , projects , vision  . Indeed , i was feeling a certain lack of stronger grounding as i am entering a totally New life cycle *

* They also seem to be helpful in : Innovation & new techniques , Curing ability ( Deeper self healing capacity & transformational skills ) ,  connection to the emotional & spiritual worlds , ability to stay calm in difficult periods , connection to the very old realm of" Origins "-  maybe a bridge to the Origins of Homo Sapiens and its convoluted patterns or to the Original Homonoid that came into incarnation well before Homo Sapiens - to be explored more deeply within the next few days ... * 

* They also help to connect with the refreshing innovative energies of a second Life cycle & Build new personnal Self integrity & strength moving forward . 

I will probably be practicing at least one more Bow breathing exercice ( One of my all time Favorite Kriya exercise ) & tune in again later through the day . 

Thank you Open for these " Through the Ether " deep explorations together , it sure helps us all with our Soul evolutive  inquiries & inspires us to continuously dig deeper . Much love to everyone tuning in . 

Jean  Bluehopi 


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Dear Open and Jean and all those tuning in ,

I actually missed the start of the virtual retreat as I didn't rune in to Openhand for a day or two . A colleague when asked for holiday plans said South Africa and that instantly spiked for me. I know why ,now 😄

I very quickly was able to see myself as a Massai warrior woman .Very alert and fierce and the cheetah was the animal I perceived . The cheetah seemed to radiate fierceness ,swiftness and a lithe presence that I do seem to be feeling these days . 

I am so looking forward to this virtual retreat as well as the Belgian one in person ! I am so grateful to and for everyone. Warm hugs across the oceans ❣️




I’m a bit late in, but felt to add another power animal.

I have to admit these guided visual meditations are oftentimes a challenge for me, because my visions seldom want to completely comply with a predetermined direction. Quite often I have to let go of the instructions and just go where my consciousness wants to take me. For a long time, I’d always feel like I was failing at the given task, but then a voice kept telling me “It’s not failing. It’s following.” - meaning I wasn’t failing at following the instructions, but rather I was listening to my own inner guidance.

This time I made it out onto the Savannah. I felt my bare feet against the ground and I took in the clear blue sky. I saw some trees in the distance and I figured that’s where the water hole might be. I tried to walk there, but it was like one of those dreams where you try to get somewhere but your feet just don’t move. So I had to just give up trying to get there. When I let go, an energetic force swept in underneath me, lifted me up, and took me off the Earth altogether. 

All of a sudden, I found myself sitting in my Soul Mother’s lap somewhere in another dimension. I guess She was the water hole I was looking for. We were also graced by the presence of a Female White Wolf, whom I have been comforted by a few times before, especially at times when I felt abandoned by my mother. 

To me She represents strong leadership in combination with the nurturing qualities of a Mother. The spiritual path is quite relentless and demanding of me right now, and I struggle with feelings of inadequacy as a parent, often feeling like I can’t properly take care of my own children. The White Wolf is a supportive reminder that I CAN be a Spiritual Warrior and a Mother at the same time, even though it feels like an impossible task sometimes...

Reflections always welcome,



Hi Everyone - great to have you all tune in. Rhino, Elephant and Tiger - tremendous energies! When you imagine the animal that comes to you, what does it remind you of, what does it activate in you? That's the key - to feel it and then embody the energy. It can help greatly on the journey OK Hand Sign

And yes Alex, the numerology is speaking greatly. After 3 days travelling this is a rest/prep day for the work to begin tomorrow. It didn't escape my attention it's the 23/02. What's the significance? Well I was given to call the retreat "Origins" - it popped in from the higher dimensional team. To me, the 23 immediately pops out as relating to the 2nd and 3rd chromosomes being joined on both (2) the paternal and maternal lineages. As I've explained in Divinicus, there's no way this could have happened by chance, because it's actually 4 simultaneous changes to get from an Original Human with 48 chromosomes to 46. In fact it's more than that because on each chromosome there are connectors called 'telemeres' which all had to be configured for the chromosomes to be joined. And why was it done? To create speciaition. If/as genetic modifications to the Original Human configuration were made, then amending the chromosome number would prevent successful interbreeding with the stock, Original, species - hence the hybridisations could not be bred out over time.

So why is this relevant to you now?

Because an explosion of the genetics happened at various periods during the last 250,000 years. Like for example 50,000 years ago when there was what's termed a 'big bang' explosion in changes to the brain. I know for sure that the left and right hemispheres were separated more strongly - isolated. It disconnected the right brain intuitive side from the left brain logic side. It seems to make people less ready and able to accept higher dimensional guidance.

The good news is you can strip out some of the separation through meditation. Which I'll come onto at the end.

What was truly wonderful about driving up here through Africa, as opposed to flying, was to exprience the culture. Of course the people have a very basic way of living, what we term "Third World". And there's a striving to join western 'civilisation' - shacks are 'kindly' painted with Vodocom logos, who're clearly spreading the mobile phone culture far and wide. Yet the tremendous paradox is how relaxed everyone appears to be and living totally in the moment. They'll walk miles and hours each day just for the very basics. Kids will be playing football in the middle of nowhere, and people waiting hours by the side of the road for a lift. Yet there's a great relaxedness to it, surrender and acceptance. I also feel great resilience. If western civilisation collpased tomorrow (and I feel we're quite on the edge these days) they'd carry on regardless.

I feel much more of the Original Human Configuration, the Original DNA here. It's all been changed, yes, but it feels much closer to source here. And I find that tremendously inspiring.

We can be inspired by it.

So today at some point, I'd encourage you all to do the Openhand Bow meditation (if you don't know it, you can see a demo of it here in this film... Transmutation).

When you do it, pay extra special attention to each hemisphere of the brain as you bend to each side - bring full awareness into them separately. But then when you come back to the centre, positively feel the integration of left and right. You may well feel a tingling and a vibration. Go with that. Feel it. Let it integrate. And do the bow several times.

Be aware also, it might well kick off some dreaming tonight when you go to bed. That would be a good thing - no worries, it would help the regression through karma and the realignment.

So I'll leave you with that work to begin with today. Do let me know what you experience.

I look forwards to having you all tune in.

By the way, I'm living in the absolute ideal - an earth building with reed roof. Totally awesome!

Open OK Hand SignPraying Emoji

Hi Open,

Thanks so much for creating another virtual retreat!   My power animal was a Tiger!   She was laying down by the watering hole purring.  The message I’m getting is to stay strong, but soften.

Looking forward to a wonderful week with your insights from Africa!


Hi Open and Retreaters

I have not found I accepted a power animal before but the elephant I met at the water hole was perfect ...a symbol of strength and power, having a cooperative spirit , loyal and a symbol of eternity. It felt so right. Hope you have a great retreat.

I am finding the activation meditation very powerful and the spiral breathing is useful during difficult moments throughout the day.

Much Love


Greetings Paul - thanks for tuning in. We just arrived in Turtle Cove after three days travel, and plenty of the culture traversed - lots of immediate impressions and I'm sure plenty to share, which I will in due course.

Just briefly, ant medicine, it's all about patience - so patience on the 'safari', patience on the journey. All will unfold itself!

So how might you apply patience at this time and how might it be necessary?

Open Slightly Smiling

Hola retreaters,

Honestly I haven’t been very trusting in my own imagination lately but said F it and went at it anyway in meditation this morning.

With some patience and perseverance, I looked down and saw my bare feet in red clay, then looked up and scanned the savannah horizon - just saw a couple of stunted trees - and no animals. 

But I never made it to or even saw a watering hole; I sensed a sudden movement right back down by my feet. And it was a fricking ant. The Safari Ant to be exact 😂

From there time sped up and I saw the red clay formed into several giant mounds by an army of them. 

Ha - My spirit animal from childhood is the Cardinal - and just now one showed up and is calling to me outside my car window!