21 Symptoms of The 5D Ascension Shift - What are Yours?

Here are 21 classic symptoms that you're actively engaged in the 5D Ascension Shift taking place across the Earth as experienced within the Openhand work with evolving groups around the world.

What are you experiencing?

Do share - let's explore together what you might be feeling, because it helps to ease the path...

  1. Expansiveness, timelessness and peace: as you surrender and let go of attachment to the 3D world, then consciousness naturally begins to expand into higher dimensions, especially 4D and 5D. So you'll be having periods of time where you feel a deep sense of peace and expansion. There'll be periods where it feels as if time has stopped or somehow just slipped by.
  2. Interconnectivity, love for sentient life: you'll have times where you feel interconnected with other sentient life - other creatures and nature in general. The heart will regularly fill with love in appreciation.
  3. Signs and synchronicity: especially as you expand into 5D consciousness, and you're paying attention to the sense of flow through the moment, then you'll manifest, and pick up, more signs and synchronicity, attuning beingness, guiding the way and affirming you're on an aligned path.
  4. Density, karma and challenge: as you connect more into the mainstream of the soul, the flow within is going to pull on buried fragments of soul that are still stuck in karmic density and interconnected with the old paradigm. So you might feel light one moment, but then suddenly dredge up karma to be worked through.
  5. Pulled in two different directions: we're right in the middle of the "Inflexion Point" between the Old Paradigm and the New. Many around you will be stuck in the old densities and you may have threads of consciousness still holding into fixed relationships, yet the soul is wanting to realign them. Hence feeling pulled in different directions.
  6. Death of the Ego: you may well feel at times like you're dying, but this is usually as the ego begins to confront its immanent demise - the false self is being unravelled.
  7. Feelings of depression, disconnection and hopelessness: even though you're expanding into lighter vibrations, you'll still stir up inner density at times which will amplify feelings of disconnection from the expanded states. You may feel hopelessness with regards to the old paradigm and even at times depression.
  8. A sense of lostness and disorientation: you're making a fundamental transition of being from the old reality to the new. So at times you'll likely feel lost and disorientated - not fitting in or the sense of being ostracised (from the Old Paradigm)
  9. Feeling the need to purify: The likelihood is that you'll be feeling a need to purify your inner being, physically, emotionally and mentally. That will likely involve a more aligned diet, fasting at times, deep consciousness bodywork and plenty of meditation.
  10. Body aches and pains: spiritual work in the shift will be infusing soul through the bodymind and transforming the base matter, including DNA. You'll likely feel this as aches and pains in all areas of the body (including the head) with no apparent reason.
  11. Desire to change location and living circumstances: as you shift consciousness within, this will likely reflect into the outer world with a correspondent and authentic desire to change location to one which reflects the new beingness.
  12. Redefining and realigning relationships: you'll likely feel a strong tendency to more authentic relationships of honesty and truth. It will likely get increasingly difficult to spend time in light weight "chat chat" connections. 
  13. Increased creativity: you'll likely feel an increased sense of wanting to create just for the fun of it. This will likely manifest as a pull to change career path or job.
  14. Uncovering your divine purpose: they'll likely come a yearning to know your divine purpose and how to serve in the shift. This will manifest more as the revelation of your destined way of being.
  15. Increased Multidimensionality: You'll likely begin to feel as if you're living in two worlds not one. So there'll be the sense of connecting to the energy and spirit of life around you, plus picking up the higher dimensional flow more. The key is to keep attuning to these multidimensional experiences so their impact grows stronger.
  16. Activation of Kundalini: You'll progressively feel strong flows of energy within, leading, strongly moving body and emotions, leading to high creativity, streaming synchronicity and bliss.
  17. Higher Self and Twin Flame occurrences: prior to kundalini activation you'll likely feel increased connection with your higher self manifesting in synchronicities around you. After kundalini is flowing more strongly, this will likely switch to more occurrence of the Twin Flame phenomenon.
  18. Prophetic dreaming and visioning: you're likely to be having prophetic dreaming revealing how to process out density, what karma you might be dealing with, and steps to take to unfold more integrated soul and expanded beingness.
  19. Entering the Void: at times you may feel like you've slipped into a placeless, timeless, eternal presence, as if "there is no one here!". This is the sense of the Void, and the presence that you really are.
  20. A feeling of wanting to go home: there will often be feelings of "wanting to go home" but without fully understanding what that means. Usually it's about yearning to ascend to higher densities of greater harmony, alignment and peace.
  21. Yearning to find your 'tribe' or soul family: each soul belongs to a group, family or "Team" of souls who closely resonate on your vibration, who fundamentally understand you, who unconditionally love and support your journey. You'll likely have a growing sense to connect more deeply, here and now.

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Thank you for sharing this. I've been wandering around for months & happy to find a community. Amazing! 

Hi, I just started waking up in January this year and everything is coming to me pretty quickly but I'm still trying to understand it. I'm having pretty much all of those symptoms listed above. I have also been getting in touch with my guides more ( trying to ) and I have been spending more time outside and especially by one specific tree that I just feel drawn to and don't quite understand why. My question and I have a few are, I have 2 young children ages 8 and 6. My 8 year old is autistic and they have no idea what is going on in the world other than some virus going around and so I'm wondering what will happen to them in ascension? Will I still be their mother and care for them? My family are all stuck in 3D severely and it upsets me, but I'm feeling as if I can let them go if I have to is this normal? And if I let go of them, what happens to them if they don't ascend with me? We all live together so this is all a little hard to understand. When will we know the ascension has happens and will we feel anything or see anything happen? How do we live with the people stuck in 3D if we're in 5D? Just trying hard to understand. I'm enjoying the journey but just want to understand more.

In reply to by Mallory (not verified)

Greetings Mallory, welcome to Openhand 💙

Here in this community we're working to share the truth as we perceive it rather than what the ego might want it to be.

A great division is taking place through the pandemic, where plenty are buying into the controlling agenda of the shadowstate. At some level, my sense is they associate the control with security and so go willingly in that direction. This group is not going to ascend within this window - it may well take many more lifetimes.

You will certainly know that Ascension is happening to you in terms of a progressive consciousness shift, although that doesn't mean that you'd necessarily be able to define in words exactly what is going on. And that's not necessary. Someone with autism is just as likely to ascend as anyone else, perhaps more so than many, because the mind is less invested in the 3D. In many ways I see autistic people came here to embody expanded consciousness.

The key is always to focus on your own path, progressively integrate soul within, and that will naturally help those who are ready to be helped.

I think you'd find this film of Openhand's will help put things in perspective. Then if you need follow-up support, feel free to reach out...contact us

Very best wishes

Open 🙏

To transcend into 5D does this mean we leave/die our 3D body? I'm struggling with this no one will give me a straight answer. I have many 5D symptoms but what does it mean? Do we leave earth? Are we no longer? We are born again into 5D? It certainly sounds as if we die and become new. Very biblical. Please help me understand. 

In reply to by Chloe (not verified)

Hi Chloe, welcome to Openhand HeartPraying Emoji

The short answer to your question "do we leave the body on the shift into 5D" is yes, AND no!

Firstly the inner work (when conducted correctly) helps you transcend the lower densities, meaning to equalise with them, reclaim the lost fragments of your soul buried there, to integrate soul, then to emerge through - you embody in the lower densities in an aligned way.

From this process, you then start to connect up to the higher dimensional self, which includes 5D consciousness, which you also begin to embody here and now. You come into a hybrid state, where you're following the 5D flow, yet still existing in a 3D body.

As you follow this embodiment process, you create something called the "Merkaba". This is where your higher 5D self encompasses your lower 3D self (to put it simply). It's often depicted as two interrelating diamonds like in the photo.

At this point you're living in a multidimensional hybrid state. This prepares you for the final shift that will take place on the earth where the great purification happens - a convergence of galactic, solar and earth pole shift sequences which will cleanse the lower 3D world completely.

Your 3D body will fall away in this process, upon which, assuming you're already ascended, then you'll continue on in the 5D new paradigm in your 5D vehicle.

We produced this video about the sense of what will take place during that process and coming fully into the Spirit Light Body in 5D...

If you would like support with this phenomenal shift, do explore Openhand's 5D Ascension Program. It's an advanced spiritual program designed to help people through the process...
Openhand's 5D Ascension Program


Open HeartPraying Emoji

question for anyone , so we are making a timeline jump to ascend to 5D.  my question is do I have to have made all my decisions before hand or just have the intent on making them?  for example, I know I need to start my life all over but leaving my family is something I am struggling with due to the fact that we only have a few weeks left until the event.  So can I have the Intent in my head? do I have to tell them before? or do I actually  have to go and leave this life?

In reply to by David Murawski (not verified)

Hi David, Greetings and welcome to Openhand Praying Emoji

There is much misunderstanding and misinformation out there about the Ascension process. Whilst we may feel a heartfelt intention to begin the shift, it's not something we can magically click our fingers and it's all done in an instant. It is a lengthy process of self inquiry, self mastery and realisation over a long period of time through dedicated spiritual practice that progressively raises your energetic vibration.

Here is a documentary we produced on the subject several years ago called 5GATEWAYS. I suggest taking the time to watch it, because it details the various stages involved and the kind of personal commitment required. Then if you resonate with the approach, do get involved with Openhand's 5D Ascension Program, it's crafted to guide people progressively through the process...

Openhand's 5D Ascension Program

Very best wishes, Open Praying Emoji...

Getting there but by bit, everything you said is happening I'm blown away it's a miracle and I've only just begun! One symptom that keeps on cropping up for me and one of the reasons I still haven't fully weaned off weed yet, is hyperactivity. I think it's a symptom of anxiety what do you think? I'm really working on the breath in earnest now, never realized just important it is. Blessings💜

In reply to by barbfromkingston

Hi Barb - the key to the Openhand Approach is to recognise there's going to be some degree of soul in all distortions. If we try to simply dump the distortion or drop it like the proverbial "hot coals", then you drop the aspect of soul that was animating the behaviour. There are many times where I feel "hyper active" - however that feels like a fast vibration. The key is, can you slow down too? Or do you get locked in the hyper activity?

I find the soul ebbs and flows, sometimes fast and vibrant, sometimes gentle and peaceful. So in any activity, for me, it's about always watching how I'm being. Is there a conscious tuning into the sense of authentic beingness? Not getting lost in patterns but always watching for the next rhythm that wants to come through. And if ever there's unconscious automated behaviour, working to break down the attachment to that by getting inside the reactive loop, feeling where it's attaching, and opening that up.


Open HeartPraying Emoji

My symptoms just came out of no where like days ago, I was freaking out a little bit then O figured it wasn’t just awakening symptoms. how long do the symptoms usually last for?

In reply to by Chris23222 (not verified)

Hi Chris - did you also get expansive, connective and higher dimensional experiences too?

Certainly what you describe are some of the physical symptoms in how movements of consciousness affect people at these times. However, usually, when Ascension activates, then you'll have connections to higher dimensions too.

Best wishes

Open Praying Emoji

Info just started coming in since March 2020 through social media. Things that I've heard before throughout the years suddenly seemed all connected and I understood everything I was hearing. I got the feeling to stop eating red meat and also to finally meditate and have more discipline to connect to my higher self and my spirit guides even though I didn't know what they were at the time. Definitly the biggest part of it was meeting my spirit guides, I've had a huge transformation since then almost to the point that I don't really remember what I was like before all this. I do cry sometimes and feel exahustedand and overwhelmed with some downloads and I know we have still a long way to go but I'm so happy to be part of all this process :) 

In reply to by Mila (not verified)

Greetings Mila - welcome to Openhand and to the Ascension. Slightly Smiling

Yes, it's powerful when the process kicks in. These are extraordinary times for sure - lots of downloads and upgrades. We just have to keep riding that wave.

Stay tuned to Openhand as it's specifically crafted to help people during these times.

Do check out our 5D Ascension Program as it's designed to help process through...

Openhand's 5D Ascension Program


Open Praying Emoji


I began my awakening in May time when in lockdown with my best friends (who I believed at the time to be my soulmates, and I now know to be part of my soul family and fellow light workers) and we’re fortunate enough to have ascended together at similar paces, this has really helped that ‘I’m going crazy’ feeling! But I now live back at home, and I struggle to be around others that aren’t on my vibrational frequency. I reallllly struggle to sometimes even just have a simple conversation with people still in the 3D world, as it’s often a topic that I feel lowers my vibrations and I just seem to lose my attention span. Will this get easier to handle over time? Either way, I am grateful because for the first time in my life I really enjoy my own company and peace, but it becomes frustrating when people you love and care for aren’t seeing the world for the beauty you do.

I have a deep yearning for helping others see the world as I do, to spread this message of love and light, but I’m figuring out the means to do so. My soul family and I had the idea of a podcast (we’re all natural communicators/entertainers and quite frankly don’t shut up lol), this idea has resonated intensely with us. Do you think this could be the path we are destined for as all three of us resonated?

Anyway thank you, it’s amazing finding pages like this where there’s others going through the same as I am!! Wish you all the best in your ascensions into the 5D world! Love and light xxx


In reply to by Emily (not verified)

Hi Emily,

Yeah I know. I was so present and then heavy work and dull conversations shaded my sunshine a bit.

So, I pulled more into my being to experience all those good (no)things and kept most of them to myself unless other was interested truly.

So I keep this expanding lovely space to mySelf, and observe, witness my interactions with others when they are hardcore 3d; that is to say I don't tie myself up or engage with the 3ds as much. Hard though, my wife and sons are hard core 3d. I love them still, but they g=have to find their own path, so I let it be. Bless you.


This is it. Im one of you guys. Its getting harder to manage. I need to join. Upgrade. I can be a wayshower too

Can you go mental by going 5d ?

In reply to by Joseph Henninger (not verified)

Hi Joseph,

You'd have to define "mental". For example, we live in a reality where nearly 8 billion people live in a construct that is daily destroying their lives and the planet. And we call that "normal" or "sane".

When you step out of the 3D limiting container, it can at times look very different, maverick or odd to someone still stuck in the illusion of "normal".


Open Praying Emoji


Just came across your page. I have awakened since about April 2020 but didin't really know about 5D until July. I have made a great change, I have felt like my life was falling apart but also falling into place. I am finding my footing. I have recently been feeling random aches and pain in my arm etc for no reason. I have felt called to go Veggie/Vegan. I only struggle with that no one around me has awakened so I feel that being arond them pulls me back into 3D but when I'm alone I feel that I am vibrating higher. I am now learning to live in the now & I am feeling a sense of timelessness. I am also feeling distorted and disconnection as I am going through the death of EGO whilst doing the shadow work.

Thank you so much for this post. Hopefully I make the full transition in December!

Surfed into this site at the urging of 2 friends that said my symptoms are ascension. To be honest i never heard of it. 2 nights ago i dreamt my navel was,growing leaves, specifically the mother of thousands plant..when i pulled them all out i was,left with an eye in my navel that i could see out of.....i have quite a few of the symptoms i thought i was going crazy. What do you make of that dream?

In reply to by Tia (not verified)

Greetings Tia - welcome to Openhand Praying Emoji

A lovely dream indeed - how revelatory. I'm happy to offer a reflection, but should say it is only my interpretation. And it's so that you might inquire into it deeper - not take it as 'gospel'.

The meaning of the navel (I feel given to say) is likely to be pointing to the place where You (the real you) is born from. Meaning You as the source creator. The leaves of the plant are likely speaking about the emergence of your life's expression from the source - your soul and how the many leaves of it interact with the external world. But as you explore into these, then it takes you on a journey back to the source of you inside - the "Seer" of all things.

It's slightly on a tangent, but I would suggest exploring today's featured article as it might shed some more illumination...

The Flowing Path of Enlightenment and the "Non-Duality" Bubble

Best wishes

Open HeartPraying Emoji


In reply to by Ishan Singh (not verified)

Hi ishan,

Greetings, welcome to Openhand. If you're having plenty of these Ascension symptoms and are having a challenge to integrate, I would suggest gaining support from an experienced facilitator and getting involved with our 5D Ascension Program.

Connect first with our community coordinator for best advice and way forwards...

Openhand Contact

Hi sir.. your article is just simply amazing sir..

I also want to open and feel my 5d consciousness how to open up my 5d consciousness and manifesting?? Please can you help me. Thank you😇🙏

Thank you for sharing the article and I can so much resonate with it, through my experiences off lately. I realised that I wanted to become an energy healer but have no idea how can I get started. Any ideas or suggestions would be really helpful.

Thank you

In reply to by Neha (not verified)

Greetings Neha - welcome to Openhand Praying Emoji

Are you working with energy right now? For me the place where it begins is playing with energy, experimenting with it. Especially by working with plants, trees and the land - feeling the interconnection and how energy moves; noticing how shifts in you impact what happens externally.

Then a key aspect of energy healing is realising that what we're really doing, is acting like a tuning fork - as you resonate aligned authentic frequency of the universe, that encourages the same in those around you. What you really start to do is amplify the universal Torus, as I briefly pointed out in the video below.

And there must be a self-realisation aspect to it aswell. In other words, it's about helping people realise a deeper aspect of self - why did they get blocked in the first place? How were they attaching to reality in a particular way? This can happen through an effective inquiry technique - so it's not about thinking we have to tell people the answer.

I notice with plenty of people, myself included, that as you start to engage in energy practices this way, then people are naturally drawn to you to support their 'healing/illumination'. Best wishes with your endeavours - do stay tuned to Openhand because we're all about this healing/illumination/ascension of consciousness...

In reply to by Bre'ona (not verified)

Greetings indeed Slightly Smiling

Right now I'm camping in a field, overlooking a beautiful ocean as the sun begins to set.

Off to my right is a group of a particular type of camper wagon - as I passed them a short while ago, I thought, "ah yes, one family, one tribe". How lovely I thought. It immediately transcended me to my tribe in the ether. I knew it wouldn't be long before it was grounded with a feedback loop!

Nice to see you.

Open Praying Emoji

I would be grateful for guidance

Dear Open, 

That makes sense with the ringing ears = tuning into a higher frequency. Happens often in bed. 

Been getting chills as well, despite sitting near a heater, and wearing layers of clothes. 

Would these also be 5D ascension symptoms:

* Irregular monthly menstruation with no PMS or period pain/cramps? 

* Tooth aches (no pain, just aching an itchy) - wisdom teeth in particular? 

* More craving of fermented drinks and foods like kombucha and sauerkraut? (In tandem with drinking more water)

* Dehydration? (Despite drinking plenty of fluids)

* Wanting more rest (even though things are flowing, and I am working almost full-time)? 

* Would wanting to spend more time at home count as well? (Even if you live in a city with no lockdown at the time)

Still allowing the calibrations to take effect. 

Also appreciate your assistance here. 

Peace, love and namaste. 

Justine x


Is it normal to experience the following also during ascension:

1. Ability to see your light body?
2. Daily synchronize and messages both waking and dreaming?
3. Ringing of ears?
4. Deep desire to know soul’s mission and desire to help the world?
5. Change in diet to more fruit.

6. Chills throughout the body/surges of energy accompanied by goosebumps?


i would really be grateful for your guidance.

With love


Thank you so much for the beautiful article. This all resonates, as I have been involved in my own personal and spiritual development when I was 25 back in 2006. I am definitely experiencing all of these 5D ascension shifts (except for 16 & 17 - the kundalini activations) from when (possibly years before, yet in smaller spurts) the COVID-19 Pandemic began since March. This all makes sense, as I lost my favourite uncle (he is now in the afterlife), and I also changed institutes to study IT, of which resulted in cheaper tuition and more time freedom to online learning. 

Have also had a strong pull to move house with a bath tub in the bathroom, right near a beach where I catch a ferry into the city, as opposed to the CBD. I love where I live, yet a move is on the cards. Have noticed that (as a whole) the 3D ego, struggle and stupidity is not bothering me at all (except on the odd occasion), and time flies both at work and during my leisure time etc. Money and bills have never worried me for a long time, as I love the flow in and flow out. I live in abundance/very well off - even working in an entry level retail/hospitality job part-time at present, as I undergo a career transition. Virtually everyone is nice to me, and vice versa. I feel connected to others, nature, and animals. 

Getting body aches and pains, as well as a bit of depression, yet these occasions are short lived, not requiring doctors and medication - yay! Have also noticed my hair and nails growing quickly, and some nights I sleep a lot, and other times I get insomnia. I crave meditation and plenty of water. My yoga practice is also strong. And a long-term relationship ended due to my partner having an affair with another woman...I know that I'll now attract a truly loving and honest man by letting go. Have also had a few strong progressive and regressive dreams. 

On this ascension and spiritual awakening, there are times when you feel lower than low; yet my vibration quickly becomes high again. I recently had a psychic reading, and the clairvoyant/medium said that I have just gone through an intense spiritual awakening/I am definitely ascending into 5D, as I am receiving more help from the divine, and loved ones from the afterlife - as if they're sitting down with me having a cup of tea with me. Doing the inner work and being quiet was hard at first, yet comes naturally to me, even working with the inner child. I am about to turn 40, yet I look like I am 20 years of age on the external, and my body inside is also a reflection of this. I also did a massive clean up/declutter of my home during quarantine (despite my house being clutter free prior), and have a pull to ideally make my own clothes and grow my own food/vegetables. Am also more mindful with my actions, and the karmic effects of them. 

Thank you very much again, and namaste. 

Justine x


Feel them all. I won't say this is uncanny, more like validation that again i am shifting or mostly living in 5d. What a journey this has been. Amazing and wish you all a shift into the right direction. Much love peace and positive vibes.

This is exactly the information that I was looking for.  I have been telling myself that I am a Lightworker and that I want to help ppl transition into 5D but the more I try to do that the more I find you cannot. Source is pulling each and every person towards their true selves every moment of every day, eternally, and there is no need for me to feel as if this is my responsibility. This realization has freed me to seek the information of "how do I go onto 5D"? I was very surprised to find myself here after a Google search especially with all the censorship everyone complains about. Wow! Something just hit me. I have been one of the people who has been upset by the high cost of spiritual information, higher vibratory foods, gatherings of like minded people because I am on disability and can't afford these things and I see everyone in the online spiritual community complaining of de-monitization and censorship yet I always find exactly what I need to hear with little to no cost. I understand that all these wonderful people need to make a living but this will no longer be necessary as we shift into 5D. To those complaining I would stop an accept and allow the transition as these articles suggest. I felt so guilty for thinking that spirituality and money do not belong together because it causes division and infighting in the community and because it prevents a lot of people from fellowship and learning but I have grown exactly as I needed to in the poverty I have experienced my whole life and in fact over the past 15 years I considered myself lucky to have had the peace and quiet of self imposed isolation that has allowed me to have the time to reflect and grow that most have not. I have been very lucky indeed. Thank you for this information it is exactly what I needed to hear. As usual my higher self is always guiding me towards the teachings I need in any given moment.


In love and light


In reply to by Farren Rohana (not verified)

Hi Farren - nice to have you join us. Slightly Smiling

Something to be aware of is that money is simply a form of energy. And that exchange of energy needs to happen in order for anything to manifest - I receive energy in some form that I may give it out and express it in another.

Money is not the problem. It's people's attitudes to it that is.

If you try to hang onto it, or if you identify with it, including having poverty consciousness towards it, then in some way you retard or restrict the flow of energy.

There will always be a way for the soul to express. And when we step into completely authentic being, then limitless energy becomes available (in its many varied forms) to support our expression.


Open Praying Emoji


 Hello, for the last 2 years I have a had unexplained face swelling, tongue swelling. All tests negative and benedryl does not work all the time. I am an empath and had lightwork and past life regression done. I have a lot of past karma with my throat chakra. I believe all this swelling is my ego dealing with the past especially now with the ascension of 5D. My husband does not believe in that stuff. I do. Any suggestions to teyto move my body with my soul to have this "reactions" be leas severe or discontinued altogether?


Anything info would be lovely. 

Melissa K

In reply to by Melissa Kinion (not verified)

Hi Melissa - the first thing to realise in all of these kinds of reactions, is that essentially, they are reactions at a consciousness level. In other words, where the consciousness of the soul identifies in some way with physical reality - where we make the illusion real.

Here's the essential point - it's NOT about curing the symptom. The symptom is a pointer to the deeper causality. The cause is where and why you (at a soul level react) to any given circumstance.

Okay, this may sound a degree gruesome, but I feel given to ask, "what does it feel like to have no voice, to have your 'tongue cut out'?"

Assuming it's karmic related (and they usually always are), the key is to regress into the reaction - to amplify it and let the feeling of it express. Until you can normalise with it. Meaning so totally accepting of it that you don't need it to go away. Then you heal at a soul level through it. Then the symptoms can go away. But crucially it doesn't matter if they do or don't.

We're here to realise at the soul level. And we create the physical mirrors to do that.

Open Praying Emoji

I’ve been going through a shift for quite a while and recently figured out what was happening.thank you

EXACTLY, how im feeling in life.

I just keep smiling thinking of life and with constant Gratitude and always yearning to go home! 

thankyou for this writeup. really makes lot of sense 

Merhaba kısaca açıklamak istiyorum.

Ruh eşimle 4 yıl önce tanıştık. 2 yıl önce başka biriyle evlendi. Ruh ailesi üyeleri ile destek bağlantıları aktifti ancak hiçbiri sürmedi. Dengesiz arkadaşlıkları bitirdim, ama yeni arkadaş gelmedi. Bir iş bulamıyorum, karmik aile ile çözüldü. Tüm bu yükselen semptomları ve gereksinimleri tek bir odada yaşıyorum. Tamamen izole oldum ve nedenini anlamıyorum. 2 yıldır. Nerede yanlış yapıyorum. Acı içerisindeyim. Daha hafif olmayı umuyordum. İşaretler ve eşzamanlılık çok fazla ama beni kandırıyorlar. Çünkü hiçbiri olmuyor. Hiçbiri tezahür etmiyor. Yaprak hareket etmiyor.

Türkiye 33 yaş famele

Here's the English translation...

Hello I want to explain briefly. We met my soul mate 4 years ago. She married another 2 years ago. Support links with spirit family members were active but none lasted. I have finished unbalanced friendships, but no new friends have arrived. I can't find a job, it was resolved with the karmic family. I experience all these rising symptoms and needs in a single room. I was completely isolated and I do not understand why. for 2 years. Where am I doing wrong. I'm in pain. I was hoping to be lighter. Signs and synchronicity are great, but they are deceiving me. Because nothing happens. None of them are manifesting. The leaf does not move. Turkey 33 years to FAMEL

In reply to by Liberta (not verified)

Hi Famel,

What stands out here is this that you said... "Signs and synchronicity are great, but they are deceiving me. Because nothing happens. None of them are manifesting."

I would say it's because you're hoping that signs and synchronicity point to some kind of manifestation, and that you're looking for that to happen. But the Universe doesn't work that way - this is quite a wide mainstream misconception. I put it to you that the Universe is working to reveal you as a divine being, interconnected with the Universe. Signs and synchronicity will first point to distortion - in this case, attempting to manipulate reality in some way, rather than aligning with the flow of it. And the flow then happens by attuning to authentic beingness of the soul. From there right action follows.

This is something I've shared the sense of in this video below...

Hi Open,

Today at the Post Office, after I got back in the car, a woman had waited for me to get in, and then came up to the car.  I rolled my window down a bit to see what she wanted.  She said I had made her day because for a minute she thought I was her sister, but her sister had passed away a couple of weeks ago.  She said I looked exactly like her, same hair length, same way of wearing my hair, same body shape, everything.  She wanted so badly to give me a hug but with the virus scare we had to keep our distance.  I would have been thrilled to hug her as I'm a hugger and people are always wanting to hug me.  It was synchronicity because I'd come out to the car to leave and had the thought to go back in and talk with the postal lady at the counter about my mail.  If I'd not done that, I'd have missed the woman who thought I was her sister.  It was after I'd gone back to the car the 2nd time that she drove up and saw me.  So I was paying attention to the prompt to go back inside.

So what was this?  Could this have been a reflection? Angelic vibe? Twin Flame?  I don't know but she was crying and said she felt so blessed.  I'm happy I was able to make her day just by the way I look.  I got blessed by it too!  Who knew...  Angel Halo


Hugs to you too!  Heart Praying Emoji


Dear Open 

This is so much of how I am feeling..14 of these symptoms resonate with me.

Beautiful feelings of peace and being part of nature, amazing humming bird hawk moths and beetles in the garden, flowers, clouds...taking a decision to speak out and having the company boss walk past and almost ask what I was needing so I had to speak up...synchronicity I couldn't ignore...a video of Auschwitz appearing on my tablet so that I had to keep clearing my kharma....depression and hopelessness and insecurity which may be ego death...not being able to chat...wanting to move to Devon or Yorkshire and live in peace in the countryside...change jobs....wanting to know my purpose in the shift...then suddenly as today contentment and peace from nowhere....but wanting to be around soul family..

Thank you 

all my questions answered

Much love Heather

Hi Starry - i believe what you experienced was stepping into the interconnected field beyond the 3D where you perceive the real movement of the flow, what grace and serenity that is. And looking 'down' from there, you see the 3D 'cogs' of the world moving so slowly - the sense then of being in two places at once. And yes, it can be helped by locations. My guess is your innocence, and the resonance with your sister, greatly helped take you there.

A beautiful experience for sure

Open Praying Emoji