21 Symptoms of The 5D Ascension Shift - Are You Ascending?

Here are 21 classic symptoms that you're actively engaged in the 5D Ascension Shift taking place across the Earth as experienced within the Openhand work with evolving groups around the world.

What are you experiencing?

Do share - let's explore together what you might be feeling, because it helps to ease the path...

  1. Expansiveness, timelessness and peace: as you surrender and let go of attachment to the 3D world, then consciousness naturally begins to expand into higher dimensions, especially 4D and 5D. So you'll be having periods of time where you feel a deep sense of peace and expansion. There'll be periods where it feels as if time has stopped or somehow just slipped by.
  2. Interconnectivity, love for sentient life: you'll have times where you feel interconnected with other sentient life - other creatures and nature in general. The heart will regularly fill with love in appreciation.
  3. Signs and synchronicity: especially as you expand into 5D consciousness, and you're paying attention to the sense of flow through the moment, then you'll manifest, and pick up, more signs and synchronicity, attuning beingness, guiding the way and affirming you're on an aligned path.
  4. Density, karma and challenge: as you connect more into the mainstream of the soul, the flow within is going to pull on buried fragments of soul that are still stuck in karmic density and interconnected with the old paradigm. So you might feel light one moment, but then suddenly dredge up karma to be worked through.
  5. Pulled in two different directions: we're right in the middle of the "Inflexion Point" between the Old Paradigm and the New. Many around you will be stuck in the old densities and you may have threads of consciousness still holding into fixed relationships, yet the soul is wanting to realign them. Hence feeling pulled in different directions.
  6. Death of the Ego: you may well feel at times like you're dying, but this is usually as the ego begins to confront its immanent demise - the false self is being unravelled.
  7. Feelings of depression, disconnection and hopelessness: even though you're expanding into lighter vibrations, you'll still stir up inner density at times which will amplify feelings of disconnection from the expanded states. You may feel hopelessness with regards to the old paradigm and even at times depression.
  8. A sense of lostness and disorientation: you're making a fundamental transition of being from the old reality to the new. So at times you'll likely feel lost and disorientated - not fitting in or the sense of being ostracised (from the Old Paradigm)
  9. Feeling the need to purify: The likelihood is that you'll be feeling a need to purify your inner being, physically, emotionally and mentally. That will likely involve a more aligned diet, fasting at times, deep consciousness bodywork and plenty of meditation.
  10. Body aches and pains: spiritual work in the shift will be infusing soul through the bodymind and transforming the base matter, including DNA. You'll likely feel this as aches and pains in all areas of the body (including the head) with no apparent reason.
  11. Desire to change location and living circumstances: as you shift consciousness within, this will likely reflect into the outer world with a correspondent and authentic desire to change location to one which reflects the new beingness.
  12. Redefining and realigning relationships: you'll likely feel a strong tendency to more authentic relationships of honesty and truth. It will likely get increasingly difficult to spend time in light weight "chat chat" connections. 
  13. Increased creativity: you'll likely feel an increased sense of wanting to create just for the fun of it. This will likely manifest as a pull to change career path or job.
  14. Uncovering your divine purpose: they'll likely come a yearning to know your divine purpose and how to serve in the shift. This will manifest more as the revelation of your destined way of being.
  15. Increased Multidimensionality: You'll likely begin to feel as if you're living in two worlds not one. So there'll be the sense of connecting to the energy and spirit of life around you, plus picking up the higher dimensional flow more. The key is to keep attuning to these multidimensional experiences so their impact grows stronger.
  16. Activation of Kundalini: You'll progressively feel strong flows of energy within, leading, strongly moving body and emotions, leading to high creativity, streaming synchronicity and bliss.
  17. Higher Self and Twin Flame occurrences: prior to kundalini activation you'll likely feel increased connection with your higher self manifesting in synchronicities around you. After kundalini is flowing more strongly, this will likely switch to more occurrence of the Twin Flame phenomenon.
  18. Prophetic dreaming and visioning: you're likely to be having prophetic dreaming revealing how to process out density, what karma you might be dealing with, and steps to take to unfold more integrated soul and expanded beingness.
  19. Entering the Void: at times you may feel like you've slipped into a placeless, timeless, eternal presence, as if "there is no one here!". This is the sense of the Void, and the presence that you really are.
  20. A feeling of wanting to go home: there will often be feelings of "wanting to go home" but without fully understanding what that means. Usually it's about yearning to ascend to higher densities of greater harmony, alignment and peace.
  21. Yearning to find your 'tribe' or soul family: each soul belongs to a group, family or "Team" of souls who closely resonate on your vibration, who fundamentally understand you, who unconditionally love and support your journey. You'll likely have a growing sense to connect more deeply, here and now.

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Is it normal to experience the following also during ascension:

1. Ability to see your light body?
2. Daily synchronize and messages both waking and dreaming?
3. Ringing of ears?
4. Deep desire to know soul’s mission and desire to help the world?
5. Change in diet to more fruit.

6. Chills throughout the body/surges of energy accompanied by goosebumps?


i would really be grateful for your guidance.

With love



Thank you so much for the beautiful article. This all resonates, as I have been involved in my own personal and spiritual development when I was 25 back in 2006. I am definitely experiencing all of these 5D ascension shifts (except for 16 & 17 - the kundalini activations) from when (possibly years before, yet in smaller spurts) the COVID-19 Pandemic began since March. This all makes sense, as I lost my favourite uncle (he is now in the afterlife), and I also changed institutes to study IT, of which resulted in cheaper tuition and more time freedom to online learning. 

Have also had a strong pull to move house with a bath tub in the bathroom, right near a beach where I catch a ferry into the city, as opposed to the CBD. I love where I live, yet a move is on the cards. Have noticed that (as a whole) the 3D ego, struggle and stupidity is not bothering me at all (except on the odd occasion), and time flies both at work and during my leisure time etc. Money and bills have never worried me for a long time, as I love the flow in and flow out. I live in abundance/very well off - even working in an entry level retail/hospitality job part-time at present, as I undergo a career transition. Virtually everyone is nice to me, and vice versa. I feel connected to others, nature, and animals. 

Getting body aches and pains, as well as a bit of depression, yet these occasions are short lived, not requiring doctors and medication - yay! Have also noticed my hair and nails growing quickly, and some nights I sleep a lot, and other times I get insomnia. I crave meditation and plenty of water. My yoga practice is also strong. And a long-term relationship ended due to my partner having an affair with another woman...I know that I'll now attract a truly loving and honest man by letting go. Have also had a few strong progressive and regressive dreams. 

On this ascension and spiritual awakening, there are times when you feel lower than low; yet my vibration quickly becomes high again. I recently had a psychic reading, and the clairvoyant/medium said that I have just gone through an intense spiritual awakening/I am definitely ascending into 5D, as I am receiving more help from the divine, and loved ones from the afterlife - as if they're sitting down with me having a cup of tea with me. Doing the inner work and being quiet was hard at first, yet comes naturally to me, even working with the inner child. I am about to turn 40, yet I look like I am 20 years of age on the external, and my body inside is also a reflection of this. I also did a massive clean up/declutter of my home during quarantine (despite my house being clutter free prior), and have a pull to ideally make my own clothes and grow my own food/vegetables. Am also more mindful with my actions, and the karmic effects of them. 

Thank you very much again, and namaste. 

Justine x



Feel them all. I won't say this is uncanny, more like validation that again i am shifting or mostly living in 5d. What a journey this has been. Amazing and wish you all a shift into the right direction. Much love peace and positive vibes.


This is exactly the information that I was looking for.  I have been telling myself that I am a Lightworker and that I want to help ppl transition into 5D but the more I try to do that the more I find you cannot. Source is pulling each and every person towards their true selves every moment of every day, eternally, and there is no need for me to feel as if this is my responsibility. This realization has freed me to seek the information of "how do I go onto 5D"? I was very surprised to find myself here after a Google search especially with all the censorship everyone complains about. Wow! Something just hit me. I have been one of the people who has been upset by the high cost of spiritual information, higher vibratory foods, gatherings of like minded people because I am on disability and can't afford these things and I see everyone in the online spiritual community complaining of de-monitization and censorship yet I always find exactly what I need to hear with little to no cost. I understand that all these wonderful people need to make a living but this will no longer be necessary as we shift into 5D. To those complaining I would stop an accept and allow the transition as these articles suggest. I felt so guilty for thinking that spirituality and money do not belong together because it causes division and infighting in the community and because it prevents a lot of people from fellowship and learning but I have grown exactly as I needed to in the poverty I have experienced my whole life and in fact over the past 15 years I considered myself lucky to have had the peace and quiet of self imposed isolation that has allowed me to have the time to reflect and grow that most have not. I have been very lucky indeed. Thank you for this information it is exactly what I needed to hear. As usual my higher self is always guiding me towards the teachings I need in any given moment.


In love and light


In reply to by Farren Rohana (not verified)


Hi Farren - nice to have you join us. Slightly Smiling

Something to be aware of is that money is simply a form of energy. And that exchange of energy needs to happen in order for anything to manifest - I receive energy in some form that I may give it out and express it in another.

Money is not the problem. It's people's attitudes to it that is.

If you try to hang onto it, or if you identify with it, including having poverty consciousness towards it, then in some way you retard or restrict the flow of energy.

There will always be a way for the soul to express. And when we step into completely authentic being, then limitless energy becomes available (in its many varied forms) to support our expression.


Open Praying Emoji



 Hello, for the last 2 years I have a had unexplained face swelling, tongue swelling. All tests negative and benedryl does not work all the time. I am an empath and had lightwork and past life regression done. I have a lot of past karma with my throat chakra. I believe all this swelling is my ego dealing with the past especially now with the ascension of 5D. My husband does not believe in that stuff. I do. Any suggestions to teyto move my body with my soul to have this "reactions" be leas severe or discontinued altogether?


Anything info would be lovely. 

Melissa K

In reply to by Melissa Kinion (not verified)


Hi Melissa - the first thing to realise in all of these kinds of reactions, is that essentially, they are reactions at a consciousness level. In other words, where the consciousness of the soul identifies in some way with physical reality - where we make the illusion real.

Here's the essential point - it's NOT about curing the symptom. The symptom is a pointer to the deeper causality. The cause is where and why you (at a soul level react) to any given circumstance.

Okay, this may sound a degree gruesome, but I feel given to ask, "what does it feel like to have no voice, to have your 'tongue cut out'?"

Assuming it's karmic related (and they usually always are), the key is to regress into the reaction - to amplify it and let the feeling of it express. Until you can normalise with it. Meaning so totally accepting of it that you don't need it to go away. Then you heal at a soul level through it. Then the symptoms can go away. But crucially it doesn't matter if they do or don't.

We're here to realise at the soul level. And we create the physical mirrors to do that.

Open Praying Emoji


I’ve been going through a shift for quite a while and recently figured out what was happening.thank you


EXACTLY, how im feeling in life.

I just keep smiling thinking of life and with constant Gratitude and always yearning to go home! 

thankyou for this writeup. really makes lot of sense 


Merhaba kısaca açıklamak istiyorum.

Ruh eşimle 4 yıl önce tanıştık. 2 yıl önce başka biriyle evlendi. Ruh ailesi üyeleri ile destek bağlantıları aktifti ancak hiçbiri sürmedi. Dengesiz arkadaşlıkları bitirdim, ama yeni arkadaş gelmedi. Bir iş bulamıyorum, karmik aile ile çözüldü. Tüm bu yükselen semptomları ve gereksinimleri tek bir odada yaşıyorum. Tamamen izole oldum ve nedenini anlamıyorum. 2 yıldır. Nerede yanlış yapıyorum. Acı içerisindeyim. Daha hafif olmayı umuyordum. İşaretler ve eşzamanlılık çok fazla ama beni kandırıyorlar. Çünkü hiçbiri olmuyor. Hiçbiri tezahür etmiyor. Yaprak hareket etmiyor.

Türkiye 33 yaş famele

Here's the English translation...

Hello I want to explain briefly. We met my soul mate 4 years ago. She married another 2 years ago. Support links with spirit family members were active but none lasted. I have finished unbalanced friendships, but no new friends have arrived. I can't find a job, it was resolved with the karmic family. I experience all these rising symptoms and needs in a single room. I was completely isolated and I do not understand why. for 2 years. Where am I doing wrong. I'm in pain. I was hoping to be lighter. Signs and synchronicity are great, but they are deceiving me. Because nothing happens. None of them are manifesting. The leaf does not move. Turkey 33 years to FAMEL

In reply to by Liberta (not verified)


Hi Famel,

What stands out here is this that you said... "Signs and synchronicity are great, but they are deceiving me. Because nothing happens. None of them are manifesting."

I would say it's because you're hoping that signs and synchronicity point to some kind of manifestation, and that you're looking for that to happen. But the Universe doesn't work that way - this is quite a wide mainstream misconception. I put it to you that the Universe is working to reveal you as a divine being, interconnected with the Universe. Signs and synchronicity will first point to distortion - in this case, attempting to manipulate reality in some way, rather than aligning with the flow of it. And the flow then happens by attuning to authentic beingness of the soul. From there right action follows.

This is something I've shared the sense of in this video below...


Hi Open,

Today at the Post Office, after I got back in the car, a woman had waited for me to get in, and then came up to the car.  I rolled my window down a bit to see what she wanted.  She said I had made her day because for a minute she thought I was her sister, but her sister had passed away a couple of weeks ago.  She said I looked exactly like her, same hair length, same way of wearing my hair, same body shape, everything.  She wanted so badly to give me a hug but with the virus scare we had to keep our distance.  I would have been thrilled to hug her as I'm a hugger and people are always wanting to hug me.  It was synchronicity because I'd come out to the car to leave and had the thought to go back in and talk with the postal lady at the counter about my mail.  If I'd not done that, I'd have missed the woman who thought I was her sister.  It was after I'd gone back to the car the 2nd time that she drove up and saw me.  So I was paying attention to the prompt to go back inside.

So what was this?  Could this have been a reflection? Angelic vibe? Twin Flame?  I don't know but she was crying and said she felt so blessed.  I'm happy I was able to make her day just by the way I look.  I got blessed by it too!  Who knew...  Angel Halo


Hugs to you too!  Heart Praying Emoji



Dear Open 

This is so much of how I am feeling..14 of these symptoms resonate with me.

Beautiful feelings of peace and being part of nature, amazing humming bird hawk moths and beetles in the garden, flowers, clouds...taking a decision to speak out and having the company boss walk past and almost ask what I was needing so I had to speak up...synchronicity I couldn't ignore...a video of Auschwitz appearing on my tablet so that I had to keep clearing my kharma....depression and hopelessness and insecurity which may be ego death...not being able to chat...wanting to move to Devon or Yorkshire and live in peace in the countryside...change jobs....wanting to know my purpose in the shift...then suddenly as today contentment and peace from nowhere....but wanting to be around soul family..

Thank you 

all my questions answered

Much love Heather


Hi Starry - i believe what you experienced was stepping into the interconnected field beyond the 3D where you perceive the real movement of the flow, what grace and serenity that is. And looking 'down' from there, you see the 3D 'cogs' of the world moving so slowly - the sense then of being in two places at once. And yes, it can be helped by locations. My guess is your innocence, and the resonance with your sister, greatly helped take you there.

A beautiful experience for sure

Open Praying Emoji


I've been following this thread with interest.

The comments on multi-dimensionality reminded me of my youth, when my twin sister and I used to experience something we code-named "the clear-cut feeling". It was a momentary experience of shifting into another state of awareness, where time seemed to not exist and the world was made of a series of cogs all inter-connected. Things moved in very slow motion and everything, the entire world, our existence, made complete sense. You could actually experience the concept of being completely connected to everything else. The experience seemed to last a few seconds, and whilst in that state one would continue walking, or whatever you were doing. It was literally like being in two realities at the same time. 

I wonder if anyone else has had anything similar? I've always wondered what it was. The experiences became less and less frequent as we grew older and seemed to only happen in the village where we grew up. 

Could something like that be related to an energy field coming from the earth?




Hi Allister,

Your post caught my attention and I’m also really glad that you find my remarks helpful.


The skull is a flexible structure and the changes in its shape might shift other structures as well. There might be lots going on physically as we move to a new level of consciousness, because the body is getting used to the new way of processing by adjusting hormonal secretions, creating/collapsing nerve connections, etc. 


As we are moving through waves of consciousness expansion we encounter unknown experiences that may trigger a degree of anxiety, bliss and everything in between. I feel it is very important to stress that no matter how those new experiences feel, a strong degree of discernment is always a great idea. Not all that feels pleasant is good for us and vice versa. 


The below is an example of a split-consciousness-implant experienced by one of my Clients:


The Client was feeling she existed in 2 places at the same time. She reported a pleasant sensation each time she allowed for the split, which after a few months from the initial experience was almost continuous. Her body was rewiring physically to accommodate this new way of functioning. As I was talking to her, the impression was that she was only partially present in the moment. She had no insights as far as where the “missing” portion of her awareness was located. In time, even though it still felt “good” and “peaceful” it began to affect her life in a negative manner. That is when she asked for assistance in exploring how can she maintain the split while still functioning well in the present life. Long story short – during one of the sessions the Client was able to focus on bringing her whole self in the moment and immediately noticed a “buzzing presence” pulling her consciousness into the split state. It felt sickening to her and she wanted to remove it. The effects were immediate. She reported immediate improvement in her eye sight, feeling of clarity. When she looked back at the previous state (all in the same session) it felt "creepy" and nauseating. She also noticed neglected areas of her life that she abandoned as the demands for the awareness split grew. Last time I talked to her she was totally present, but still occasionally experienced pulls to spread her consciousness. We figured she could refocus back by saying out loud the date, time and the location she was when the urges were happening. 


Conclusions: There was an obvious implant that created consciousness funneling possibly to some remote grid. The implant had a mechanism where the Client's consent was rewarded with an artificial bliss and peace. Because of how it was “installed” it appeared it wasn’t a benevolent structure.  


(Big thanks to my Client who agreed for me to present this case here)


What I’m trying to say is that not all that shines is gold and the best “judge” of what is going on is you.


Below are some useful questions to ask SELF when moving through a new experience:


  • What is actually happening (emotionally, physically, mentally)? (be the witness)
  • What is my interpretation of that and do I feel it is feeding the ego or any of its identities? (how am I engaging with that?)
  • How is it impacting what I’m doing? How might it impact me long term?
  • Is there a sense of an external presence that may be pulling the strings? (this you’ll feel when you meditate with an intention of connecting with your higher self. You’ll get a sense of energies that simply don’t belong)
  • Is this serving me?


Personally, I had some experiences with split consciousness as well. I call it remote viewing as I have clarity (full sensory input) of where I am as well as where I am physically. It is not a continuous sensation though. As far as I understand it at the moment, some of us have the ability to work energetically in different places of the world without the necessity of being there physically. However, it may not always be the right thing to do or the timing may be off. I’ve noticed that it requires a lot from me physically and there is a period of energetic recovery afterwards. I maintain strong discernment around how I manage my energy and whether I wish to engage in experiences like that. 


In La'kesh




In reply to by Margaret


Hi Margaret - this caught my eye and I felt to jump in. Although I've encountered many 'devious' implants thus far, of all shapes and sizes, I've not seen one that creates the effect you describe. So it's good information to watch for. I can imagine that at one level, OC could use it to remote experience into a reality. I've come across other instances of this but with a different approach (implant filters behind the eyes).

There is definitely another common thread though, which feels different, of 'existing in two places at once', which goes with a sense of 'deja vu'. My feeling is this is likely to be different - one aspect of the self catching up with the other as integration of being happens. That's definitely a general phenomenon.

So I guess the key is to acertain what the experience is doing to the being, is it constant (so perhaps an implant), or is it moving towards integration over time (more natural evolution). That's my initial take on it.

Thanks for sharing, it's good to hear about this. I'll definitely keep my awarness open to the possibility.

Open Praying Emoji

In reply to by Open


Hi Margaret/Open

Thank you for the interesting interpretations/insights regarding this particular experience, something I will have to reflect (and keep an eye) on. I would say that the deja vu and two places at once experiences began at the same time. Something else I've become aware of in recent weeks may also be relevant. I've had several conversations with close friends regarding shared past experiences, but interestingly my recollection has often been very different, and in one case I had no memory whatsoever of the event in question.


In reply to by Allister Haynes


Hi Allister,

The richness of the human awakening experience is just astounding. What we're chatting about here, the deja-vu, etc. is barely scratching the surface. There is tons of information on the OH forums and you may find some interesting explanations of your experiences here. But ... these are just perspectives and the discomfort of not-knowing sometimes makes us prematurely settle for a truth that may or may not be our own. 

What happens when we're unsure of our reality? We might feel a strong pull to look closer, to investigate, to analyze the details. The perception reshuffles to accommodate this search. We may even set on to seek a confirmation of a particular suspicion and if that is the case, find exactly what we're seeking, not necessarily because it was there, but because of the focus.

There is great wisdom in suspending the judgement of the experience, even just for a moment. This opens up the opportunity to observe what is, notice feelings that are beginning to arise. It may require some courage, to watch this mysterious landscape without interfering. But then, sometimes, the knowing just arises organically, spontaneously, without an effort. It's a beautiful feeling and it always opens doors to more mysteries!


In reply to by Open


Hi Open,

Yeah, it was surely a revealing case. I'm uncertain about the specific purpose of this particular implant, but perhaps that is not even of main importance. What is the key, is that all implants result in misuse of one's personal energy and they often create a synthetic reality. 

In the case I described, the client was convinced the experience was authentic in its expansiveness and bliss. She was determined to keep the split and make it work for her. And initially, it probably just consisted of pleasant sensations, then, in time, the destructive undercurrent that was masked by the bliss began revealing itself. As with many other interventions or implants, their toxic influence usually reveals itself after a while. They also get entrenched deeper with time, so it may be tricky to shake them off if they linger. Below are few things that I watch for in myself and clients:

- The first give away may be that the sensations induced by the implant are (in my observation) always addictive (you can also get hooked on the authentic feelings, in either case, if there is an addiction, there is surely work to be done!).

- Another thing one might observe, especially with entrenched implants, is that people often are very protective of the implanted reality. 

- Lost presence, lost memory of an event, sudden gusts of anger or unexpected sexual arousals - this may as well be something else too, but I've noticed that some implants/entities work like scramblers that activate in specific situations.

I think people who awaken are immediately vulnerable to deception as well as, as you described in your books, they may become a target of OC meddling. Therefore it is important to talk about the delusions, practical approaches to potential traps, implants, and a variety of OC shenanigans. It is also important to work through any fear one might have of these things and do not fall for romanticized stories about spiritual experiences, glorification of kundalini activations, etc.



In reply to by Margaret


Yes, these are all good observations indeed about the deception implants cause. As you say, I think there are good indications of an implant disguising itself as something positive, yet then being revealed through unsteady behaviour... - Lost presence, lost memory of an event, sudden gusts of anger or unexpected sexual arousals. Also I would add a disconnect from grounded reality.

I think it's also essential to honour authentic empowered spiritual experience too though - or else fear of distortion might prevent full expression of authentic being. So for example, once kundalini has activated fully, then the spirit light body can become active, and the Merkabah created by bringing the spirit light body down around and through the physical being. It can feel like floating in a bubble of light, very relaxed, surrendered and connected - but critically you're connected to a synchronistic flow, clearly a part of the deeper underlying "5D" movement. Yet crucially it is grounded too - here and now. I'll soon be introducing a new aspect of the Openhand work focussing on this as the vehicle of ascension.

I am aware, and see from what you've also expressed here, that the spirit light body/merkabah, could easily be confused by an implant creating a false bubble of love and light. The crucial difference being that with the merkabah, the feeling of lightness is deeply embodied, and there is no disconnect from the physical/mental experience in the lower densities. And it is clearly backed up by synchronistic flow.

Productive exchanges - thanks for sharing

Open Praying Emoji


Sounds like a tremendous experience Megha - thanks for sharing with the community Thumbs Up Sign

Wit regards the Bow, the benefit builds from accumulation. So for example, try practicing it every day in the morning for a few weeks and see what the effect is then. I vary my daily meditations but probably incorporate the bow about 5 times per week into a session. I'll usally do it three times in succession. I was doing it this morning for example at Phoenix Rising with the sun coming up. It can begin to feel like your whole body is dematerialising!

The other thing that occured to me for both you and Allister (and others), is how the tightness you're experiencing down the left side of the body might also relate to "Bloodline Karma". What is this?

You'll be carrying family specific conditioning within your DNA and cellular memory. When someone becomes consciousness within a particular bloodline, it becomes possible to heal that karma on behalf of the whole group. So there's an invitation to regress backwards through the sense and feeling of the challenges of your parents and ancestors. To feel it within your body, bring attention to it in meditation (like for example using the Openhand Bow, and then feeling the unwinding effect of that line of karma. If you connect up, it will most likely feel deeply healing.

Open Praying Emoji

In reply to by Open


Dear Open ,

That makes so.much sense. A friend and I were having lunch together on a whim . We had a deep detailed discussion on dealing with our childhoods ( hers was particularly traumatic) . Subsequently she has sent me a beautiful book called Complex PTSD by Pete Walker . I have spent the whole of yesterday reading and marvelling at the way he approaches psychological healing as a survivor and a therapist from childhood experiences. He talks about patterns of behaviour running in families and it's just so startlingly accurate ! The other book he has written is called the Tao of Feeling Fully . 

Abandonment of self ,of emotions, of ones truth is a massive karma in my family . As I am learning to feel it's impact ,it's freeing me up to be more vulnerable in so many situations . I love that these two experiences coincided 

Thank you for your insights ❤️❤️❤️ 



Hi Allister - greetings, welcome to Openhand Call Me HandPraying Emoji

More and more people are stepping forwards with these kinds of experiences now. On my journey they literally just appear out of the woodwork. I'm here in Australia right now preparing for a "Living the Shift" retreat here. I was sitting by the pool amongst the bamboo trees after a long journey, just resting, when literally someone popped out of the trees and a conversation started all about these kinds of symptoms. Lovely connections!

We are indeed living in two worlds not one. So at times you're going to feel the higher flow, and sometimes a kind of time warp in the lower one, which is moving much more slowly. Hence the deja vu experiences happening.

We just have to keep working through the inner density, living the higher paradigm now. Until eventually the old one peels off.

Glad to have you along

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Hello All

Feel I've arrived slightly late to this party, but glad to be here. I've been experiencing most if not all of these 'symptoms', some for several years now, and some only in recent weeks. I was particularly glad to see the comment from Margaret on 05/28/18, as I woke up one morning several months ago to discover the shape of my skull had changed overnight, something which I have not as yet discussed with anyone (how do you even start that conversation?) Going down the list, I guess it started back in 2011 when I became aware of an overwhelming desire to relocate to Scotland, because somehow it felt like going 'home' (I'm still in Cornwall, but I understand now that I still had a lot of work to do here before being ready for that move). I've also had the left-sided experience referred to by Megha, which for me started last October (a lifetime of lower density stuff to work through), but what's been most interesting for me in the last few weeks are the almost daily deja-vu experiences, and a sense of being in two different places at the same time. It's a difficult experience to articulate, but it's as if my conscious awareness is split between my physical location and somewhere else, a place I can't readily define as it's more of a feeling. In the moments when this happens I feel an incredible sense of peace and serenity, and also of possibility, something waiting patiently to come through, so close I can almost touch it. Interesting times indeed.


Love to All




Hi Heather,

What a journey you're having right now!

When travelling on the inner/higher planes, yes it's essential to let go of intention. Let the soul flow how and where it wants to. Which is why "show me" works so well.

As we travel on the inner through the higher dimensions, they may only be felt as subtle perceptions. But let's not be fooled. These subtle flutters of energy and movement cascade down into the physical reality - assuming the Lower Self lets them in.

So yes, meditate, meditate, meditate. Go ever deeper through the inner layers and then watch how the movement cascades beautifully into your reality now.

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Dear Open ,

I did the Openhand Bow meditation in response to a deep pain of abandonment that was triggered by an innocuous comment about someone. It's a deep pain in the heart . As I did the bow ,I actually saw how that pain spread to the left side of my being . Could see how the energy which on the right side is branching like a magnificent tree was coiled up and knotty. For the first time I really 'saw ' how this tightness that is old karma informed and caused so many of the circumstances in my life . I also felt.many of the sensations opening up but I need to work with the particular contraction much more . I was sobbing throughout . Also ,I saw the energy braiding together from my crown to my base ,in my base it reached lower and became beautiful iridescent roots . I saw the planet as well as the sun ,I felt their relationship . It was a beautiful experience and I really wanted to share . I have done the Bow before but it seemed to ' sink in' only today 

Lots of love !



Dear Open and all those tuning in ,

The last 2 days I have these almost electrical pulses on the left side of my body. It feels tight in my body and mind. The focus of internal inquiry has shifted so to speak from my hips to the left side of my body . I am seeing/ feeling waves of energy  moving into the left side. In my hips now I tend to visualize beautiful geometric shapes almost like a hologram . On the left side though I feel a lot of Fear. And it's a challenge to stay present with the sensations. In my external mirror I am currently inundated with premature children . I have 4 less than 900 grams which is extremely challenging.I find there is a sudden influx of preemies during energetically challenging time. This time I have a little 510 gram boy - my smallest one yet ! At a party which transformed into a women's circle a healer came up to me and basically said the entire purpose of her coming there was to meet me and help resolve my past lives . 

I was prompted to.do.the Healing dragon meditation. For.some.reason it's the only one I didn't have . Holey Moley ! I have started experiencing the fire in the pelvis . Strong waves of energy seem to go up into the heart centre regularly . I am also having headaches . I can feel energy moving up ,sometimes.down especially when I fall off the bandwagon with respect to diet . 

It's been a somewhat overwhelming and intense time in the last week. I am somehow hanging in there !! 


Hi Open

I have had a lot of change since starting the 5D meditation. I realised quite quickly that I had a very deep connection when I did this which needed a good 10 minutes quiet before connecting with anyone in the 3D as I was really somewhere else. I also went into the garden and felt as though the plants and I were one... something I had only felt previously with clouds. Very beautiful.

I feel very high quite often and had to find a grounding meditation that I could do anywhere as it would happen randomly ..."teal swan" have a very easy one that I have used.

Then last week I started to feel I was  becoming rather strange, and then I became very depressed and spent 2 days doing nothing as I had no energy at all ....I had been emailing Jean and asked him for his opinion as I couldn't get my head together..he thought it was very ancient kharma and suggested I did the usual "show me" ...it worked instantly and I saw  piles of dead bodies sliding into a pit. I realised I had been having slight kharma waves but I could see no trigger and dismissed it. But now I realised it was brought on by the Syria crisis and my realisation of what was happening...then going back to Sirius and Auschwitz ..the connection was complete and I soon felt ok again.

I also felt deserted and lost and wanted my twin flame connection, I surrendered this as it wasn't working and almost immediately synchronicity appeared on that front to my surprise so I felt I had my connection with the universe. Also a small child in work yesterday who kept coming and patting me very gently and a lady who was moved to tears by what I had done to help her very ill father all felt that I was being reminded that I was on the path.

The longing to be with people who understand has been strong and to know what exactly is expected of me and have someone to do whatever it is with...apologies for the poor grammar!

I had headaches which I think are crown chakra related and am meditating a lot which feels very good.

Much Love 





Its been about 10 days since doing the retreat in Mozambique. 

Like many others who landed on this page, I have felt loads of the symptoms you mention.... I can look back and see them reaching a "crescendo" just before Mozambique. A feeling of being on the cusp.

What a privilege to spend five days just allowing myself to look deeply into these sensations and thoughts I've been having. Also, to be surrounded by people who were willing and able to speak freely and consciously about their own similar "symptoms". What I loved about the retreat/workshop most is the free flow of ideas, and never having the sense of someone placing their own parameters on the process. 

Returning back to earth, a symptom I experience now is an overriding sense of air blowing through my heart, that makes me feel so peaceful and accepting of day to day life. I am no longer attached to any particular outcome. Or person, for that matter. 

Also, when I cry, it is no longer for myself or a particular person or situation. I can't imagine crying in that selfish manner anymore. Crying seems more intended for expressing  a realisation, like when the pain and beauty of existence make sense, for the first time, for just a split second. 

Lots of love and light, from the tip of Africa

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I felt to respost this forum thread again today - updated - "21 Symptoms of the 5D Earth Shift" (scroll to the top). Especially because I hear from plenty of you that you're going through challenges and turmoil at times. That's okay, by sharing we can increase awareness and understanding. It helps you mediate the effects, integrate and sail through.

So what of these 21 effects above are you experiencing? Are there any others?


Hi Tracy - I can empathise with you - a lot of people go through this place in the Shift.

It often happens when we hit an internal 'watershed' in how we create in life. I call it the 'Realignment' or REAL-lignment! So prior to this, there's a programming to achieve certain goals and gain resources by working to create things 'out there'. But then a realisation dawns that this is all illusion. What's really going on is that the Universe is inviting us to express beingness.

At this point, often things can fall apart in our outside lives. And people then need to get used to coming only from authentic beingness. It can take a while to adjust, before this new found beingness creates all of its own accord. Then manifestation begins to create around you.

If this does resonate, and you are in this kind of place, then what I observe best helps, is simply to continue to work to integrate authentic beingness and keep coming from that place - to take pleasure and joy in it, even if anxiety arises about how to live from this place.

Sure enough, the right things will start to create around you.

Wishing you well

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Nothing resonates. Money that motivated me my entire life has no more meaning at all. I don't care if I have money or don't have money. Motivation to work is not there. What I thought I was passionate about which was spiritual new age stuff is GONE! Completely my own teachings and everybody elses teachings are gone. Wiped out. There are no more outside tools. Only being and nature.

Doing anything out of alignment is excruciatingly painful and depressing to the soul. This is where I am at. In this inflextion point I guess. I've been here for a while as I don't know how to proceed in this new paradigm.

I still need money. I have bills to pay and need to work but I don't know how or what because nothing feels good. It is a strange place to be and requires complete trust that all will be ok.


There is so much light coming through these days and what comes to the forefront for me is the ability to be nimble (not attached to any status quo or version of reality). I am invited to be willing to meet brand new realities that reveal themselves with each wave of light. The guidance becomes increasingly clear and my soul and body are really coming into the new level of alignment (doing tons of embodiment exercises and meditation, but also hanging out with lovely people and just being). It feels a bit like I’ve been waiting for this particular time to assemble and anchor in my energy. I'm finally feeling like I'm home...

My energy wants to be focused and clear. There is lots of shedding of old beliefs still, but not as much through working with the density and getting to the bottom of the pain. Currently it is more about releasing the memories of old experiences that are obsolete. They played their role, were integrated well and there is no need to recall them anymore! My memories of events are changing and some are literally being purged (it feels like I do not have access to some anymore!). The reality is being replaced by a brand new one and I do not find any hardship in those changes. It feels more like a relief (perhaps it’s the clarity that feels really empowering?).


Some abilities kicked in and I’m very curious as to how they will be (or perhaps already are?) put to work eventually. There is a tremendous sense of compassion and lack of interest in tampering with what is. Also there is a sense of increased awareness as far as presence of different beings, universes, planets, entities of different origins and energy spectrums and how we all interact.


Another new thing for me is the sense that what is playing out has already played out before and it’s all an iteration of a past story. I feel I want to bring more consciousness in this time. At the same time the sense of time had changed with me now traversing through different moments in time as opposed to time passing by in a linear fashion. Few times I experienced being in a multitude different alterations of this life (past present future) and other versions of it where my consciousness just spilled through all of them at the same time and without time. 


Anyways, that’s my bit. Seems like it covers some of the shift symptoms mentioned above. Big hug to you Open and ALL Openhanders and anybody who is connecting. 


With tons of love! 











This is powerful Margaret - a moving sharing. This especially struck me...

Stay with the totality of your body, the wonder of it, recognize that it consists mainly of water, can you feel the fluids flowing within your systems? The fluids allow for the chemical processes to take place, they allow for the transfer of decoded information to your cells. Every thought, every emotion, what you were able to decode from the field eventually finds its way to your cells. The messengers of the nervous, endocrine and immune system interact with every cell of your body all the time. What are you feeding your cells?

Beautiful! I can feel another key, thankyou.

I find myself still fascinated at the moment by DNA. It's curious, because as I understand it, scientists don't fully know why the cells do what they do - what is it that tells them how to process? You could say DNA, and for sure that's where the cells get their information. But where's the information coming from? In nature for example, how does a nest of termites build underground chambers that create the perfect temperature environment for their offspring, where scientists with the most advanced computers could not? In my knowing, a highly evolved devic consciousness holds the 'knowing wisdom' for a particular 'branch of separation consciousness' - for a species. And to me, that holds a fundamental clue to how the body works - there's a devic consciousness that holds the intelligence, which is then channeled through DNA (a receiver/transmitter of frequency). 

I do know, that when the Lemurians first came here many moons ago, they were living on light. And that they helped seed the first 'hybrid' humans, who were able to process both light and matter. The inquiry/remembering continues.

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Very intriguing indeed. Interesting how this experience took you deep into the internal felt sense. Thank you for sharing that. You said:


I'm exploring dormant strands of DNA, how they might become activated during soul infusion and embodiment, and then how this might support the regeneration of internal processes by channeling energy from the field. It's a fascinating exploration for sure.


I've been curious about it as well. As I understand it at the moment, light is information, which is consciousness. The degree to which we can decode this information depends on the state of our body’s circuitry. Imagine your body being an electromagnetic decoding instrument with a complex bio-electric circuits, and antennae of sorts. We’re constantly bathing in the source consciousness, often unable to metabolize it. The nervous system receives the information, which is then translated by the endocrine system into the cellular language and circulated through the body. When the proper information reaches the DNA molecules its resonance awakens the dormant genes.


Our bio-circuitry is disjointed due to the intervention, social programming, pollutants, even excessive exercise, etc. All this is “designed” to subdue our ability to decode light to the minimum necessary only to our physical survival. To reconnect the individual circuits, working with the decoding instrument, the body is beneficial. Sometimes people experience spontaneous reconnections, rapid awakenings, great spiritual consciousness expansions. Notice how they are always followed by changes in the physical vehicle, be it dietary requirements, shifts of structures, especially within the cranium, etc. Most of us probably know someone who’s been through a jump of consciousness. Have you noticed how their face changed? People’s facial bones get rearranged as the result of expanded consciousness and they don’t even know that!


What I’ trying to say here is that when you pair your exploration of consciousness with the awareness around embodiment, the sky is the limit. There is a deep potent force within each of us that we are not even accessing, because most likely we are not paying attention to it.


So, how to reconnect with this wonderful bio-electric mind-blowing technology that we have at our disposal? 


Body meditations supporting the shift of consciousness

Meditate on your body systems. Pick one, any one and take a quick look at anatomical drawings, you may want to read up on physiology, if you feel drawn. The body is often blind to itself, due to our lack of awareness of it or dissociation from it. During body meditations it is important to maintain a gentle awareness as the body doesn’t respond well to a strong focus or intention. Just invite it to reveal itself. Nothing is separate from anything else in the body. It is a living continuum with the smallest unit, the cell, being sentient and so complex that it’s beyond our comprehension. Stay with the totality of your body, the wonder of it, recognize that it consists mainly of water, can you feel the fluids flowing within your systems? The fluids allow for the chemical processes to take place, they allow for the transfer of decoded information to your cells. Every thought, every emotion, what you were able to decode from the field eventually finds its way to your cells. The messengers of the nervous, endocrine and immune system interact with every cell of your body all the time. What are you feeding your cells? When you supply the right tone to your system, the right mixture of chemical ingredients, the DNA within your cells will react to it. Its dormant strands will wake up. 

Example meditation

How might we want to connect to the thyroid gland (paraphrased from my cranio teacher, Ged): You’ll find your thyroid right at the centre of your throat, in between two powerful blood flows. Glands love being near blood supplies and energetic centers. Coming into felt  sense awareness of it is easy. Simply bring your awareness down from your mouth and jaw and glide down at the front of your throat. The throat is a mix of muscles, cartilage and bone, try connecting to all these different textures and elements… then, see if you can find a different feel, the feel of the glandural cells. They are completely enmeshed in a rich capillary network. Sit with the feeling of your thyroid. How active does it feel? The glands may feel soft and you may sense a pumping sensation from them. The main secretion of the thyroid is thyroxine, so the tone of the gland will be felt in conjunction of the level of secretions of that hormone. Feel the wholeness of your body and follow the circulation of thyroxine through the circulatory system to all the cells. This is the hormonal space of thyroid. Stay with it.


Have fun!






Hi Margaret - yes, the exploration of diet is very intriguing at the moment. Synchronicities are showing me the word "hybrid" everywhere. I feel like I'm in a hybrid state right now. Fairly recently I moved into 18/19 hour a day intermittent fasting. Which has been tremendous. It's allowing the body to rest internally more, rejuvenate more easily and allows for much greater expansion of consciousness - I find myself travelling astrally a good deal more.

However, it's moved into a new phase now. So before eating, I'm feeling very light and expanded, flowing easily. But after eating, more often feeling quite bloated, slow and heavy (even on plant food). Plus I can literally feel the various chemicals from the food channeling around my body - into the brain for example, it's almost like a cloud passing through it. 

I'm also exploring how the 'light' interacts with my body. You mention DNA - this feels like the key. DNA is a receiver/transmitter of frequency, of information, of light! I'm exploring dormant strands of DNA, how they might become activated during soul infusion and embodiment, and then how this might support the regeneration of internal processes by channeling energy from the field. It's a fascinating exploration for sure.

I get a sense from your sharing that exploring how the endocrine system works will be interesting. 

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Hi Open,
Yes, the body is our great ally and that is precisely why it was tampered with! Also, the changes to our bodily vehicles are a reflection of Gaia's shifts (all that lava brings up for me the sensation of the cerebrospinal fluid). 
You said:
“For me, what you describe, defines the body realigning itself from the intervention energies and configuration - the body wanting to return more to its Original Human form.”
Yes, I see that too. Totally. In my view at the moment the intervention feels like fragmentation, separation, and adding on heavy material (blockages). With that done to our DNA, no wonder our perception became fragmented as well. What you call the Original Human form I call the Original Blueprint. It is the part of us that hasn’t been tampered with, because it doesn’t reside on the same level. It is the force behind the current spontaneous realignments.
The body carries all the information encapsulated in the genetic coding, the wisdom we accumulated over the previous incarnation, the whole mystery of creation. It’s all there! I think that is why the whole “you are not your body” movement was created – to stir us away from the gift of embodiment... In my understanding at the moment, I’m not the body, but the body is an expression of my divine nature. It is the technology we’ve been waiting for, a potential gateway to a deeper awakening. So, what happens if we treat it this way? Incredible things can happen, my friends. I could probably write a book on the variety of shifts I witnessed in people who allowed their bodies to become their allies.  
Diet is another interesting topic… I’m very curious about your inquiry on harmonizing between light and plant diet. It is so wonderful that you feel the nourishment coming from light. It is touching for me. Like a memory of long time ago when that was the natural way we all were. Feeling into the endocrine system might be of support for that kind of shift (hypothalamus, pituitary, thyroid and adrenals), also, tuning into, feeling your DNA dynamics (the key to bringing consciousness to the endocrine system is tuning into the intracellular fluid space). I’m obviously a big body-geek, hahaha! I just can’t stay away from the opportunity to share about it. But I just see how much amazing potential we have by just checking back into our physical form and allowing for the transformation. Man, the sky is the limit!
PS: Enough momentum has gathered for me to write an actual coherent 1-piece blog post (an article) about embodiment, the hows, the whats, the wows, etc. I’ll send it to you and if you feel it’s aligned with the Openhand work at the moment, I’ll be happy to share it here.


Thanks for sharing these remarkable expereinces Margaret - and an essential addition to the 19 symptoms above - I can see I'll have to add that to my list! Thumbs Up Sign

Many of the changes you described happened to me too, just some considerable time ago, and so I'd forgotten about them. For me, what you describe, defines the body realigning itself from the intervention energies and configuration - the body wanting to return more to its Original Human form. Meditation - and especially the Openhand Bow - channeled light into all of the various places of the body and helped to restructure it.

Another thing that I do remember happening, was a realignment of the brain too. After completing a series of Bow's, I could feel the left and right side of the brain 'knitting together', the field between them regenerating itself. It was clear to me, that during the intervention, there had been a synthetic dividning separation encoded into the genetics - to separate the intuitive higher dimensional aspect from the logic based lower dimensional ones.

And there's another to come in regards diet: at the moment, I feel myself in a hybrid state between living on light and eating food. I can feel that my body is processing light from the field quite easily. I still also process energy from food, but it's becoming increasingly difficult to harmonise the two - because of the general toxicity in food these days, it's difficult to find a harmonious balance. I'm exploring that with intermittent fasting right now - a fascinating inquiry indeed (more to follow).

The shift intrige deepens!

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With all this energy that is floating around, with all this leap of Gaia's and the collective consciousness, it is only natural and inevitable that our bodies will begin to reflect that change.

The changes in our frequencies affect the hormones, the nervous systems, producing symptoms such as fatigue, flu-like conditions, etc. Well, that’s not all. With the energetic shifts and letting go of the old constructs your body’s structures would most likely want to shift as well. Yes, your bones, joints, muscle and fascia tensegrity, even your organs might be wanting to find a better position. In the last few weeks every client I’m seeing undergoes letting go, expansion, sutures decompression in their craniums. Literally everybody. It might be unnerving to suddenly feel your temporal bones move like gills or feel your facial bones rearranging. All this and more is an expression of health! Your head is not a fixed structure. It actually consists of a number of bones and joints to accommodate a variety of cranial rhythms. You actually want your structures to be flexible and mobile to allow for better fluid and energy flow. Since there is some fear around our bodies shifting around I’d like to list the sensations I’m aware of when a person’s cranium is gaining mobility and rearranging:


  • feeling of the temporal bones (around your ears) moving like gills
  • ringing, swooshing in the ears
  • feeling like your head is rhythmically expanding and contracting (these are usually 20s cycles)
  • sense of release – heavy energetic implants may be coming off or becoming more “visible” to you; if that happens, just orient your awareness towards it and follow the Openhand process
  • a sensation of moving face while at rest (remember, all your structures affect one another, so to accommodate your crown chakra opening the top sutures will possibly decompress triggering other structures to find a more optimal state of balance)
  • sensation of bulging of the eyes and third eye images
  • sensation of “brain kneeding”
  • pressure, tingling in the third eye
  • sense that the cranium bones are actually flexible membranes (if you are feeling this, you might be tapping into your embryonic consciousness -> it’s always a wonderful resource to feel into your original state and the process of your creation!


In general what I do in the case of a physical reorganization is to allow it to do what it needs to, despite the temporary discomfort (it doesn't have to be uncomfortable, sometimes our concept of change carries a belief that with a change comes pain). There is an inherent wisdom in our bodies that always seeks the optimal balance for us. Arrange for a quiet time for yourself, slow way down, come into the present moment. Welcome all sensations as the emissaries of your aliveness. Then bring in more awareness about the structures that you feel are shifting, at the same time connect to the oneness within you, hold your attention on the body as a whole, feel its outline, the weight, the sensory input, feel how everything is connected. You may be interested in looking at some anatomy drawings and feel into the quality of different systems, without needing them to shift, just observe. There is usually fear present when we feel our physical structures shifting without manipulation or our conscious intention. There does not need to be. Trust your body and allow the process.


2 nights ago as I was trying to fall asleep I felt my head changing its shape, opening so wide. There was no stretching or tingling, it became open wide, just like that… it just transformed into a chalice (for 2 days I’ve been walking around with a chalice, not a sphere on the top of my body… so weird). The first impression was that the surface of that chalice was a starry sky, then it became a calm surface of a deep lake reflecting the starry night. A rather wonderful experience that brought in pressure along the temporal sutures and the top vertebrae, but it’s all good.





Alex - Fox energy is also about "blending back into the background", so as to be unseen, until sure footed action is once more required. Wink Emoji

Vimal - it sounds like you're listening to your soul and the various inner movements more and more - awesome Thumbs Up Sign

Synchronistically I've had some similar changes this last week, and felt to curl up taking some time out today. Here's a great video I came across on another post to inspire that...

Calm in the Storm - stunning Desert time lapse photography

Wishing you well Vimal

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Im feeling quite dense and heavy for the last couple of days. Part of the reason is that i had too much family time, get-togethers and i also played football in heavy rain after a long break. So my body is also reacting back which leads me to the question Is the feeling of density due to the shift or because i behaved a certain way in the 3d? Or does it overlap? Of course there is no way to know the consequence of my action prior ,so its largely unavoidable. I feel the need to sleep all the time or just curl up in bed with a book. Yesterday i was reading a book and contemplating about this and the next page of the book synchronistically opened up to the sentence "Vulture is a bird of patience". Just what i needed to hear. Today i remembered what Open talks about in the book Breakthrough how the mind wants to form an idea around illness and thus stay in that place. SO i took all my willpower to do an hour of yoga whist honouring my body which meant doing only light exercise like suryanamaskar ,pranayama etc. The opening up of blockages and density was very palpable. At exactly 11:11 i received a message today which read : Bring peace, love and success in your life. 


Yes. I can relate to most of these.  As for synchronicity, just this morning my work mac computer wouldn't start and then at lunch, I saw this chinese proverb at restaurant which goes something like this: Wise men let it go, letting go means you are open to receiving, receiving abundant happiness.

With Love,





 Hi Open, as you know I've mentioned that I have difficulty putting thoughts to paper. I'm trying this new program that showed up in my email when I arrived home after the amazing 5 day retreat with you lovely Souls. I will have to do this one at a time. 
1.Expansiveness, timelessness and peace: This I experience all the time. I do experience this out in The Matrix when I meet somebody that I feel is connected, when driving and all the time when I am out in nature. 
2. Interconnectivity, love for sentient life:This is an easy one for me. My feeling does includes all matter on this planet and if I allow it, it extends far and beyond, there is no limit. 
3. Signs and synchronicity: For me the signs create the questions and the synchronicity is the Wow, when it makes sense. 
4. Density, karma and challenge: This one is a tough one for me. Family and close personal friends that are not open to my experience seem to be  trying to pull me back into the Matrix. I feel this is because I am resisting being pulled back. I feel here I am back in University trying to answer one question when answering more than one. 
5. Pulled in two different directions: I sense I have answered some of this one above. I do feel this pulling both directions and know that the new paradigm is the stronger pull and the one that just feels right. I guess the problem here for me is the letting go of the old me. I am not sure if this is a need to be right or wrong or controlling. I sit with this one and keep it close, awaiting an answer but maybe that's the wrong thing. Just let go. 
6.Death of the Ego: I will have to sit with this one. For when I am alone or around people who are awakened to the shift the ego seems to be  non judgmental most of the time. The feeling of dying is when the ego is activated. If that makes sense. 
7. Feelings of depression, disconnection and hopelessness: I sense a candle in the window with this one, not knowing what that means. 
8. Feeling the need to purify: Fasting and meditating are things that I have done in the past, not knowing why but with a feeling of rightness. Deep consciousness body works, I feel I need to work on. 
9.Desire to change location and living circumstances: I remain open to this one. I have been feeling a need to relocate for some time now and have been asking myself, am I running away or running to something. 
10.Redefining and realigning relationships: For me this one here comes to me quite clearly, there is a tightness in what is called Chit Chat and feels to me like static and very uncomfortable. It seem to be getting easier to be with this as the uncomfortable feeling eases. 
11.Increased creativity: Having an awareness of the pull made this one easier for me. Creativity always one of my strong suits. The difference now is, it is all made with love. 
12.Uncovering your divine purpose: Yes at first there was a yearning to know my divine purpose and now I am it. 
13.Increased Multidimensionality: There was an awareness of 2 worlds not 1. Since the retreat however it feels like there is an unlimited amount of worlds, if that makes sense. 
14.Activation of Kundalini: This one is very strong with me. 
15.Higher Self and Twin Flame occurrences: I do feel a connection with my higher self and as for twin flame occurrences I feel this one will be revealed when it is time. 
16.Prophetic dreaming and visioning: I am somebody that dreams a lot and can have several dreams in one night. I believe that the answers to these dreams will come when the time is right or not. 
17.Entering the Void: I felt this one with no understanding, until being at the retreat and for the first time embraced it with no questions just pure rightness.  
18.A feeling of wanting to go home: Yes yes yes yes 
19.Yearning to find your 'tribe' or soul family: For now I feel I have found my tribe and my soul family and it is here within the Open Hand community. 

Much much Love and gratitude 

PS; Just a drop in my proverbial bucket
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Great to hear from you Sallie - and no, you're not going crazy! Heart

Yes, definitely, at this time it's essential to be in both worlds - which also means fully accepting our higher dimensional truth, no matter what others might say or think.

Wishing you well

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